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1. To perform experiments on Linear system simulator.

2. To draw characteristic curves for the response of temperature controlled process for On/Off, P,
PI, PID Controller.
3. To perform experiments on stepper motor kit.
4. To study the design and application of lag compensator circuits.
5. To study the design and application of lead compensator circuit.
6. To study process simulator.
(a) To perform experiments on P, PI, PD, PID controller with Process simulation.
(b) To study the effect of loading the process.
7. To study the operation of linear & equal percentage type control valves and determine the
following characteristics:
(i) Valve flow coefficient
(ii) Hysteresis of control valve
(iii) Rangeability of equal percentage control valve.
8. To study Ratio Control Scheme and Cascade Control Scheme.
9 . To plot and analyze step/impulse response of a first order system in
(i) Non interacting mode (ii) Interacting mode.
10. To study the characteristics of air purge system and measure the level and liquid density.


1. For PC based pressure control system

a. Study of open loop response (manual mode).
b. Study of close loop response using PI & PID controllers.
c. Optimize the system performance by tuning P & PI controller using SCADA software.
2. For PC based temperature controlled system
a. Study of open loop response (manual mode).
b. Study of close loop response using PI & PID controllers.
c. Tuning techniques of PID controller (open loop method & closed loop method).
3. To configure and study the following advanced control schemes for a PC based multi parameter
a. Cascade control
b. Feed forward control
c. Ratio control
4. a. To study working of a PLC controlled process.
b. Study of ladder logic for the above process.
5. Speed control of induction motor using digital signal controller MCK 2812 using MCW in 2812.


1. To measure pH value of given solution using pH meter.

2. To determine suspended particular matter using right volume air samples.
3. Find out concentration of (Na or K) by flame photo meter in the given sample.
4. To measure transmittance and absorption of a solution using Single beam spectro photo meter.
5. To study water analysis kit & measure pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved O of a given solution.

6. To measure the conductivity of solution indicator controller.

7. To study the analysis of flue gases.
8. To study ion selective electrode.
9. To study pH monitor and controller.
10. To study silica analyzer and zirconia based oxygen analyzer.
11. To study gas/ liquid chromatograph.