NEWDEW ORGANISATION ± THE WORLD¶S FUTURE INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION Introduction: Newdew Organisation is a Big planned Project.

The Project is being developed.We have brought this Project because ² Today we see / face many difficulties in this misterious world.There are many poors & they have no enough facilities for themselves.Many disasters are taking place & so there is a great / huge loss of people & economy.Also today many factors like Corruption,Terrorism,Inflation,etc. are increasing.On the whole,the world lacks in huge & many quantities & qualities.This world is not even safe. The objective of Newdew Organisation is to settle all the problems above and more. Some people may have thought that like Governments of the Country,there should also be the Government to control world.So,whoever may have thought this,their wish is coming true.The idea of this kind of organisation was somewhat developed from the idea to govern the world.But the real / true ideology of this Organisation can be seen some page down.

Ideology: The ideology of this organization emerged from a simple natural thought. ³If a drop of water can give a birth to a crop from the seed,why we humans cannot give a new birth to this earth.´ As the drop of rain we are new creatures on earth & the new born plant is our earth.This was the actual thought which stands as the Origin of this organization.First,when there emerged a thought he blog came into existence.It was only blog of inspiring thoughts & was published to understand the real meanings to the people and to generate Humanity.But later,the idea was developed & the idea to start such kind of organization was thought.Later,idea was modified to a high level.Everything regarding - how the organization will be,how it will run,who will run it,what will the organization do for the world,etc. is being thought & developed.Some of the plans for above questions can be seen in this writing. Brief info: No kind of political power in the world can put any kind of restriction on the complete organization by some specific rules and power by governments & peoples over the world. The organization will be powered and supported by people.Many International relations will be joined.Many official plans,products,laws & rules (under authority) will be launched for help.The organization will give people a way to give their opinions,thoughts,& µwhat they think how the world should be?¶ to us.Everything will be done to make the world completely pure.All the complains made by the people over the world will be taken into consideration.Any people can approach to this organization for justice & help.All are authorized to approach this organization if they do not get justice in any court .The organization will run as people want.This organization will be the daily source of people.We will undertake all the needy factors of the world.This is a long run process & will surely prove a successful revolution to the world.

We will contribute in all fields which will be of quality & mostly we will contribute in providing help to poors freely.Our plans will result in multifactors.Plans will be published so as to reduce unemployment highly.Many factors causing depreciation to the world will be removed completely (It will be as computer is scanned & viruses are deleted).It will be done with the support of people & with their powers.We will contribute in all educational fileds,products,laws & rules,protection plans,etc.Almost all kinds of subjects performed by governments will be undertaken by us & more.We are not taking out the powers from the government instead helping them in smooth administration.This organization will prove fedral for countries democratic government & a new set of government for fedral countries.The organization will run with no economic loss of any person / country.Organisation is responsible for itself. The plans that will be contributed by NORG will result increase in the following factors:        ,etc. Plans: Many plans have been thought & developed for NORG.People too can contribute their thoughts.All people in the world can give their opinion,views,suggestions,complains,etc. to us & surely all of them will be analysed and taken into consideration.  NORG SUPPORT PLAN Norg support plan is established to support our organization.There will be the donation by the people over the world.This donation will only be used in helping & not at all to run our organization.There will be a separate plan to run our organization.Not even in the need of emergency we will use any part of donation by people. All quantities are assumed as per less quantity*. Employment Standard of living Education / literacy Quality facilities Stability ± peace Maintenance Protection

NORG SUPPORT PLAN Countries People per country Months in a year Donation per people

(Assume) 10-30

(Assume) 1,000,00


(in a month) 100/- Rs.

Donation by support of 10/30 countries.
Countries People/country Total people Donation per month Donation per year Donation by total people per month Donation by total people per year 10 1,000,00 10,000,00 100/- Rs. 1200/- Rs. 10,00,000,00 (10 crores) 1,20,00,000,00 (1 Arab 20 crores) 30 1,000,00 30,000,00 100/- Rs. 1200/- Rs. 30,00,000,00 (30 crores) 3,60,00,000,00 (3 Arab 60 crores)

More plans will be described in future«.. More to come. Coming Soon«.

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