FReLL sg micheal 2010/SEP/21 Forgive yourself and forgive those who have hurt you.

Release your angers, your fears, your pains, and your frustrations. Let go your expectations of others. Love any chance you get. The only two analogies of a human life that came to my mind were: a regularly squeezed pipeline and a river. In the pipe analogy, you are the water inside the pipe; your life is the water from one squeeze to the next. When you reach a squeeze, you die and are reborn into your next life. It’s difficult to get through the squeeze. Don’t ask me why there are squeezes (why we die); there just are. One molecule of water squeezing through represents your spirit passing from one body to the next. All the variations in the pipe represent your varied experiences but you cannot retain any of those toward the next life. Just like ‘the why of dying’ – I cannot explain why we cannot retain memories/experiences. The only thing that appears to happen is a changing of that one molecule – somehow, our experiences in one lifetime and our reactions to those experiences – color/change our spirit. The river analogy is more detailed. You are now the water in the river – from source to end. Sediments get stirred up by turbulence and are redeposited further downstream. There are sections of white-water, calm, rapids and perhaps a waterfall. Sediments and living things in your waters are your feelings, thoughts, and reactions to experiences. Sometimes feelings or ideas ‘take on a life of their own’ – these are the fish, crabs, lamprey, and algae that lurk in the shadows of your streambed. Sometimes they are the duckweed that covers calm corners for seasons at a time. The whole point of an analogy is to elucidate understanding. Why do we live and die? What’s the point? Is there ever an escape from the cycle of death-rebirth? There must be or surely this is Hell. What are the most difficult things in life? To listen, to care, to forgive, to make an effort to understand,.. Not that simply being difficult makes them worthy candidates for the release mentioned above. Walking through a briar bush vs a cleared trail is not easy, but try it someday. It might make you appreciate the cleared trail every time you walk it. Analogously, listen some time you feel impelled to dismiss; you might discover something worthy of your attention. These are just guesses of mine – slightly inspired guesses. The coward’s way out is to put a gun to your head. The heroic way is to take the harder path. Now let’s imagine there’s a waterfall at the end of the river. Water is transformed into mists and they rise above to the heavens. Perhaps this is the only nirvana possible. Perhaps this is the only escape from the cycle of rebirth-death. Some of you might

automatically say “I don’t have a waterfall in my river.” This is an escape from the responsibility of your own life. I say: “MAKE your own waterfall!” :) Forgive yourself and forgive those who have hurt you. Release your angers, your fears, your pains, and your frustrations. Let go your expectations of others. Love any chance you get. From the avalanches of pain and karma I have experienced in my own life, this seems the only way out.. You have only one thing to lose in this endeavor: your ego. Would it be such a terrible loss? ;)

can we know Truth? sg micheal, 2010/OCT/06 As readers might be familiar, when I capitalize, I indicate the archetype of something. So understand as typed in the title of this essay, Truth has a special meaning - an ultimate truth above and beyond all truths. If you are Christian or Muslim, I suppose you'd call it Divine truth, but you might not capitalize it. ;) If you have time, patience, and somewhat of an open mind, please read the article at: before continuing. I admire Jay as I do Dimitrios Sengos - a super-intelligent historian from Michigan State. Dimi and I once had a discussion about Truth - can you know it? Does it exist? His answer was no to both. (Incidentally, one of his past-times was MUDing; if you don't know what that is, please look it up; one of mine is Perfect World - a 3D version of the old MUDs.) More on that later. Back to truth and Truth.. If you read the article above by Jay, you'd get an insight into what I mean by Truth. If it exists, Truth is something most certainly hidden and not easily discovered. It is elusive and seems almost fluid/alive/constantly changing. But this perception contradicts the nature of Truth. Truth, if it exists, is equivalent to a Divine Perception - seeing as with God's Eyes. Unless God changes It's mind, Truth cannot change. It is only our perceptions of it that change. Another discussion about Truth I had with Birmania Bello - yet another super-intelligent person but this one is from Venezuela. Her perception of Truth is that we have difficulty knowing it. Each person has a version of it that we try to make clear in our own individual mind. I'm not sure if she believes knowing Truth is possible by 'mere humans'. But I believe she is spiritual and is sure we each have our own 'truth' we carry around with us (perhaps what we'd like to believe). But to me, this is not Truth nor anything resembling it - that is our wishful thinking, prayers, hopes, and beliefs. You could say part of my religion/faith is belief in Truth. Not only do I believe it exists, but it is knowable and mandatory for any sentient being. Let me copy-paste a section of my latest letter to Jay: "i hope, pray, and wish someday we can arrive at the Truth (when i capitalize, i indicate the archetype) globally - for our human civilization. not just post it on meagerly read web bullitens. i am one who craves Truth like a junky craves their fix. and i also desperately need for all sentient creatures to recognize that Truth. for what is the point if we live our lives in clouds of fathomless ignorance? how can we have any lasting Civilization if we are floundering in delusions?" 'Finally', let me surmise a discussion with my late father, W. Jean Micheal, that continued over many years with him. From my understanding of this deep thinker, Truth, in our modern age, is only knowable presently by spiritual means. Our level of technical and cultural sophistication is presently limited at best - as is our global spiritual maturity. So I believe he believed that our only recourse at present is a spiritual endeavor - a spiritual path to Truth.

For myself, i have clearly outlined above what i believe - Truth is knowable and mandatory for all sentient beings. If we refuse, it is a kind of insanity - perhaps best described as spiritual insanity. If we cannot communicate with whales, let us imagine what they might be thinking. "How can humans be so stupid?" is one my imagined whale thoughts. Or "We pity them." Or "How can we help them from destroying themselves and this planet???" What do whales do? They live, they eat, they mate, they sing, they die,.. Can we not learn anything from the whale-way-of-life? Why must we control and subdue everything - and from petty egos? If there is any 'drug' i can recommend, it would be ayahuasca. If you're too timid to try, read about it. Try The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby. So finally we return to MUDing and virtual realities. Dimi was a creator in his MUD; he'd create text illusions of 3D landscapes. What am i in Perfect World? i have several characters: one is a beautiful magical healer, one is an agile and quick monster destroyer with fighting pets, another is a powerful white tiger with incredible constitution.. What we cannot do in real life, we do in games and virtual realities.. We are 'gods' in games and virtual realities we create. We play because we cannot do in real life. It's sad but true. i end my letter to Jay thus: "my bottom line is this: lets live Meaningful lives by creating an enduring Civilization based on Humility, Trust, and Respect. let's expose, cherish, and revel in the Truth."

The Golden Rule and Basic Human Rights sg micheal, 2010/OCT/21 These come from a letter i wrote my old supervisor and essay on world empire. The latter will be published later. Do not talk to me unless you can respect me. Do not look at me unless you can smile at me. Do not smile at me unless you can kiss me. Do not kiss me unless you can love me. Do not love me unless you can love me forever. Basic Human Rights: freedom to live and work in any location free access to premium health care free education for all levels freedom from subjugation, exploitation, and conflict freedom of equitable access to all world resources freedom of religion except when violating others’ rights freedom to trust and respect each other freedom to live without nukes, bio-weapons, military, and money It's my basic premise that we do not have true Civilization until we have these rights for everyone. Otherwise, it's a mockery of the word and concept. All items in the list are doable including lines five and eight if we apply our ingenuity, develop our curiosity and compassion, and focus on trust, respect, and humility. It has taken me half a lifetime to develop this plan for humanity. It may take two centuries for us to disengage from our egos and materialism, but i assure you it can be done. All we require is a step-by-step approach, genuine willingness, and commitment. If we work together, we could do it within one generation. i'd like to say that i'm a visitor here on your planet Earth. i'd like to say that i'll not return here until you have Civilization. But it sounds too much like a threat and who would care. ;) But let me say we are all visitors on this planet Earth. The planet does not belong to us. We don't deserve to be here without establishing a genuine Civilization. We will pay the price if we do not. That's not a threat; that's a guarantee. i don't need to take ayahuasca to Know this. Anyone who can See just a little knows this. We must get our act together and we must begin now. i don't know how much longer i have here on Earth.. i will 'fight' for a brighter future for my son and his family. If you read only one essay/letter, read this one. If you pay attention to only one, pay attention to this one. If only one piece of paper survives the 'end of the world', let it be this one. This is your personal ticket to tomorrow.

If we believe and hold that faith in our hearts, we can do it. We will do it. We must do it.

snail-mail, email, and h-mail sg micheal, 2010/NOV/12 Everyone should know what snail-mail is: postal mail. It was actually a kind of revolution in communications at the time of implementation. Email further revolutionized communications making it unnecessary for any physical transfer of material as snail-mail required, cutting the time delay from a matter of days down to a few seconds, but still requiring a physical/wireless connection to the mail-servers. H-mail is the next stage in communications but requires a kind of spiritual readiness many may not have.. H-mail stands for heart-mail. The reason i chose the prefix heart is because i have not been able to send/receive actual data other than emotional content. Perhaps further development will allow images or more complex data structures. There are two ways to send h-mail: one involves a kind of meditation/relaxation prior to an attempt to send. Perhaps it's best to lay down in a quiet room. It may depend on the individuals involved. When you want to send h-mail, relax and focus on the receiver. Put them in the center of your heart. Focus all your energy and will on them in your heart. Try to communicate the emotional message you wish to impart. Focus on the feeling/desire you wish them to comprehend. If they are unoccupied, they will likely sense this feeling from you - if it's genuine. I believe the transfer of feeling is instantaneous regardless of distance. They may experience a lightness of heart, a feeling of bliss, perhaps ringing in the ears, or a floating feeling.. It depends on the individuals involved and the desired feeling to be imparted. If it's love, the receiver will likely experience several of those mentioned above even simultaneously or perhaps more.. The other method requires some privacy. It involves masturbation. If your loved one is far away, it is indeed possible to project energy to them via masturbation and h-mail. The procedure is similar to above but obviously involves self-stimulation. You need to visualize them as your sexual partner in your mind as you masturbate. It's critically important to focus on them as you climax so that they receive full benefit of your h-mail. Many reading this may chuckle at the ridiculousness of the concept but i assure you - the process is valid and verifiable. Try it yourself if you doubt me. Over the last 24 hours i have received several h-mails. The only way to verify this is to call your loved one(s) and ask them "have you been thinking about me?" i can guarantee a positive response. H-mail may be the next revolution in communications but requires a kind of spiritual readiness that many may not possess.. If you desire to send h-mail but cannot seem to send (if your receivers do not seem to get your h-mails), don't give up. Practice makes perfect.

The Superficiality of Life on this Planet sg micheal, 2010/NOV/15 As i have come to know it, human life on this planet is grounded/attached in/to superficiality. This is an untenable situation. We need to correct it as soon as possible. Our bodies, no matter how substantive we think they are - are like makeup. What do ladies do in the morning? They put on makeup. At night, they take it off. The intention/reasons can be many.. But the fact is: our bodies are like makeup: before we are born, we enshroud our spirits with this flesh; when our bodies die, our spirits shed the body - it is NOT the other way around. Our bodies do not release our spirits - it's important to know the difference and truth of our existence. Again, when we die, our spirits shed the body. Our bodies are superficial; our spirits are eternal. So, in hand with this perspective - we must realize nothing on this planet is real except what is in our hearts. This is the essential Truth of our existence. NOTHING ON THIS PLANET IS REAL EXCEPT FOR WHAT IS IN OUR HEARTS. i loath typing in all-caps. It's repulsive to me. But there is an occasional need.. And this moment is one such .. My consistent readers know something incredible has happened recently in my life. i cannot not share these events with them. It would be wrong for me to hide these experiences. Conversely, "don't throw your pearls before swine" can mean: don't love the wrong person. Don't give your heart to the wrong person. Sure, they might "feel good now" like they are your "destiny". But don't let the illusion of adoration confuse you. Adoration is not the same as love. And love is only a glimmer or shadow of the blazing glory of true love. True love is patient, kind, giving, enduring, faithful, loyal, consistent,.. All these things and more. True love endures the illusion of death .. In truth, none of us know how many days/hours/weeks/months/years we have on this planet. None. But all of us have an obligation to grow in our spirits. Otherwise we waste our chance. What is the purpose of life on this planet except for our spirits to grow??? My ex and others may think i'm crazy/stupid/pie-in-the-sky-dreamer. This was our most huge difference: i Know there is a spiritual side to our existence; she ignores it. She pretends there is no spiritual side. She believes when we die, there is nothing. No continuance. But events in my life have shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt there Is a spiritual side to our existence. You can torture my body (as she frequently did), but there is nothing you can say or do which will convince me otherwise - my personal life experiences have convinced me (an amateur scientist and engineer) there is something more than what our eyes see.. For lack of a better expression, i call this 'the spiritual plane' (plane meaning space or dimensionality). i'm not an expert in this .. i can only identify it presently. i have studied time and space and am convinced matter is little bits of 'frozen time' - temporal 'singularities' (not true singularities) if you will. Again, matter - the stuff we see around us

- is simply little bits of frozen time. So matter itself is an illusion as the Buddhists realized long ago.. Matter is an illusion, death is an illusion,.. If we realize the Truth of our existence, we have an obligation to stop obsessing with the superficiality of human life and refocus on what is in our hearts. Again, if we realize the truth of the illusion around us (including our bodies), if we can acknowledge in our hearts that death is yet another (albeit vivid) illusion, then our spirits have a chance to grow. If we attach ourselves (our egos and reasons for living) to this illusion, we have no hope of growing. It might be fun to enchant, adore, fuck (please forgive the expression), and otherwise wallow in the illusion of the body, but it is no substitute for true love and no substitute for spiritual growth. i refuse to fuck; i can only make love; i can only give myself completely. At the risk of 'beating a dead horse', i must repeat this essential truth of our existence: the only Real thing on this planet is what is in our hearts. If we hate, if we resent, if we focus on negative things, we die spiritually. In so doing, we torture our own spirits. i beg you all - please do not walk that path. To Know that path is to condemn your spirit to an 'eternity' of being a cockroach. Is that what you really want? To live as a cockroach??? Why take a huge step backwards? What is the joy/point of that??? i cannot threaten you with any substantive consequence of living an evil life. You Know in your heart-of-hearts that living an evil life has its own 'rewards'.. Every action (or even thought) has its consequences.. i'm not here to preach 'fire and brimstone' - that is not my path/destiny.. My mission in this life is to: inform, protect, love,.. i cannot waste my life preaching the consequences of living an evil life - if that is your path, you must follow it. If it is your destiny to 'jump tracks' (leave the path of an evil life to follow one more blessed), that is your true path. Only you can find your true path. The best i can do in this life is to inform others around me the basic/essential truths of our existence. i did not not learn these things from a book. i learned them from my personal life experiences. i learned that what we see around us is only an illusion, that our bodies are a kind of illusion, that physical gratification and attachment to illusion is temporary/superficial and has no lasting benefits, and 'finally' that death is an illusion. Physical death is an illusion. The only thing Real is what is in our hearts. The only thing real is what is in our hearts. i beg you - put love there.

Death is an illusion; in our hearts is the only true reality. Don't be afraid of disease. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Don't be afraid of your enemy. Don't be afraid of death. Don't be afraid of anything. The true enemy feeds off your fears. Much of our technology is poised to avert physical death. But what about spiritual death? We don't spend much time thinking about that.. Spiritual death happens in one of two ways: giving in to an evil life - one where we subdue others or attaching ourselves to this illusion we call human life. Conversely, when we cultivate true love, we grow our spirits. Why is it so hard to focus on a growing spiritual life? Because the illusion is so compelling.. We are frightened by death because we don't know for sure what's 'on the other side'. We are frightened by disease because it attacks our physical bodies and we feel lessened. We are frightened by the unknown because there could be many things to hurt us there. We are frightened by our enemies because they could destroy us. But i say to you truly: if they destroy us - they only destroy our bodies - not our spirits. In addition, they destroy their spirits in the process. When someone gives in to anger, hate, spite, revenge,.., they destroy themselves. The true enemy is what Jay Weidner calls Archons .. Perhaps they exist only on the spiritual plane or perhaps they have bodies somewhere but probe our society from a distance.. Whatever the case, they are the true enemy - not some religious sect or murderer of our brother/sister/mother/father.. The murderer is not the enemy - their hate is the enemy. And whatever feeds off their hate and your fears - that is the true enemy. Don't ever let that enemy win. Not on this planet - not here on this precious planet Earth. The 'Archon trick' is the illusion around us including our bodies. We are fooled to think our bodies are the real substance of reality when it is our hearts, what is in them, that matters. The illusion is so convincing because we see in the mirror - our bodies grow and change with the passage of time. The food we eat, the exercise we take, our mental health,.. - these all affect our bodies and we see the effects directly in the mirror. If we don't get enough sleep, we see circles under our eyes. If we don't eat right, we see the effects on our bellies and hips. If we are stressed and let that affect our bodies, we feel it in headaches, stomach aches, or various other physical ailments. Our consciousness is so fully attached to our bodies, we can scarcely imagine a reality where they are not.. But suppose i propose a reality 'parallel' to the one we see.. Suppose there is a 'spiritual plane' where beings exist that coexist with our own spirits - which are attached in a way to the physical plane via our bodies .. Of course, i did not invent this concept. i only try to describe it in a fresh and believable way. When we fall asleep, we are in transition. It is in

this moment that we have a chance to perceive this other plane. One Asian religion is called Dzogchen. It explores this avenue of meditation. It proposes that we can step around death in much the same manner we can step around the sledgehammer of sleep. i cannot verify the death aspect of their beliefs, but i can support the sleep aspect - we can use this transition period to investigate the spiritual world. Try it: try to remain aware as you fall asleep. Don't let sleep overcome you as if someone hit you in the head with a hammer. Stay aware. Try to stay aware as you slip into sleep. Try it many times. You will succeed eventually. Something extraordinary will happen. You will explore parts of your mind normally inaccessible and perhaps something more.. Sometimes fiction mirrors future reality .. Another way to say it is: reality is stranger than fiction. If you've read any of LeGuin, especially any of the Earthsea Trilogy, you know about one way of looking at magic. Perhaps magic is only the deeper talents of our minds expressing themselves.. We know for sure that we only use a fraction of our minds. Sleep-meditation may allow further development of these hidden talents. What i propose is a holistic approach to developing the human being/spirit. Cultivate true love, develop the powers of our minds with whatever meditation technique works whether it's sincere prayer, sleep-meditation, or some other more traditional form of meditation, and keep good things in your heart. Everything else will 'fall into place' such as: that truly desired job, that mate that 'would complete you', or any other personal objectives you truly desire in your heart-of-hearts. Sure, we're lazy about brushing/flossing our teeth. Sure, we're lazy about exercise. Sure, we're lazy about eating the right things.. But there is one thing we should never be lazy about: our spiritual growth/development. Focus on true love, focus on unlocking and developing our potentials, and focus on keeping good things in our hearts - we cannot go wrong. True love, develop your mind, and keep your heart clean - we can overcome any adversity with this approach - even 'the end of the world'. ;) If you do only one of those three, i recommend true love.

Love, Respect, and Trust Love is the most valuable precious thing in our universe. But respect and trust are more important because you cannot have true love without them. Remember, the enemy is NOT the person who resents/hates/spites/disrespects/mistrusts you; the enemy is the resentment/hate/spite/disrespect/mistrust itself. This is an important distinction and can win/lose a battle for you. It's similar to how the spirit cloaks itself in flesh and not vice versa. If you focus on the person as the enemy, you are trying to subdue their ego with yours - that's wrong. If you focus on the battle with their hate, you've a chance of actually winning. And actually, it's not you that's winning - it's your love. Overcome hate with love, mistrust with trust, disrespect with respect,.. The only thing i cannot fight is apathy - the true enemy of love. With apathy, there's no toe-hold - nothing to position yourself against. If someone you love is indifferent toward you, all you can do is express your love - do not use your love as a prison - that's not even love anyways. Express your love and set them free. If they're truly yours.. Please try to remember the foundation of any enduring relationship is trust and respect. i've been told respect must be earned but it can also be a gift .. i'm in a precarious situation here in Thailand as a guest in my ex's house.. i can only stay here as long i demonstrate acceptable behavior.. A very small part of me is curious about Pattaya - a place infamous for parties and nightlife.. But i've just enough money right now for my son and his Thai family - or some stupid trip to Pattaya.. Try to guess how i'll spend the money. ;) My commitment is to my son's village and Thai family because of the incredible genuine love and care they have shown him over three years of his wee life.. For the longest time, my dream was to garner support for a public swimming pool here but watching some other village children - how they treated my son so indifferently, makes me wonder if i have my priorities straight.. i'm coming to the conclusion 'a weighted return of love proportional to that he's received' is perhaps the best solution to my prioritization dilemma. What i'm trying to say so obliquely is that i need to return the priceless love he's received mostly from his Thai family - over village concerns.. Maybe someday later, i can teach at the temple - the contents of these latest essays.. Later, i can garner support for a public swimming pool.. Later, i can open an aviation school and teach flying.. i have faith that - as long as i'm needed, my heart will beat. So i have some time for these other dreams.. First things first. ;) Arthur.

Materialism Versus Spiritualism We all have a choice - whether or not we want to acknowledge that choice: choose to believe or not to believe.. By not believing we automatically subscribe to the modern and most predominant religion on our world: Materialism. And yes, unfortunately it's the most populous religion of the world at this time.. Whether you're Korean Christian, Thai Baptist, American Christian, or other form of 'Christian', you're most definitely a Materialist. i'm not saying every single one of them is false - just most of them.. You tell me how an American 'Christian' can advocate war. That is against Christian values: the core Christian value being - love your enemy. i hate to say this but my observations of Korean 'Christians' are not much better: they use their religion to augment their Western values so that they can become more successful they're 'Christians' because they want to be more materialistically successful. The same can be said for Thai Baptists but from a different angle - most of them become 'Christian' out of abject poverty. If you ask them why they're 'Christian', they give you a materialistic reason. i will get labeled a 'hatemonger' after this essay but i must call a spade a spade: most 'Christians' are NOT Christians. They don't have the slightest idea IN THEIR HEARTS what true Christianity is. As an example, if you're proud of your 'Christianity', you're not really a Christian. Above all else, Christ was a HUMBLE man - it is the train of writers who have glorified and glamorized him. He never claimed himself to be God - only those weak followers of him have done that. Again, Jesus never claimed to be God - only his weak followers do that! So if you glorify or glamorize Jesus, you are no better than the 'heathen' you try so hard to 'save'! You really want to know the mechanics of 'salvation'? It's your ego dominating those less fortunate: you're forcing a religion down poor people's throats to satisfy your own insecurities. Your 'salvation' is really an ego-fest to salve 'Christian' insecurity. You cloak your weakness in 'good deeds' but the best deeds DON'T HAVE AUTHORS - the best deeds are done by people who refuse to be recognized by their deeds. That is why many True Christians refuse to author their good deeds - they do them anonymously. Thai Buddhists are no better.. In a religion who's core premise is: all we see is illusion they most certainly are the most rabid Materialists on the planet! When will people understand: owning something makes you owned by what you own! (If you own something - that thing eventually owns you - not the other way around!) For instance, if i own a Lexus, i must clean it and wax it and adore it and show it off - so everyone can see my affluence. It's pathetic.. Materialism is insidious - it creeps into every crevice of our lives and ends up dominating us. Monks here own things - it's a contradiction in values! How can a monk, who supposedly follows Buddha, own anything! IT'S WRONG! i've held back in my comments so far but after seeing the same thing in every country i visit, i can no longer remain silent .. Look, this is what i tell my ex: everyone wants comfort - that's natural. But to obsess with Materialism is just as bad as letting Satan ____ you from behind. (Not that i believe in that persona - most of Satan is simply the evil in our hearts.) i'm not asking you to give up your possessions - i'm asking you to recognize they own you - your possessions own you.

When possessions become obsessions, they own you. It's very simple and easy to understand. Money is not the root of all evil - the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Selfishness and ego gratification is the root of all evil. Think about the next time you 'save' someone by convincing them to come to church with you.. Is it really your sincere desire to introduce Christ to them? Or something else? i'm beginning to think the horse-and-buggy Amish have it right all along.. When you limit your materialism - you limit its ownership of your life. i'm not saying you must become a Better Wayist to become Spiritual - i'm saying: recognize your materialism and religious insecurities. What is the first premise of AA? Recognizing you have a problem. Materialism is not just an unrecognized religion - it's an addiction just like anything else: sex, alcohol, drugs,.. We simply don't realize it's a problem until it's too late (when it's taken over our lives). i'm also saying most of our ideas about Christ are WRONG: Jesus never said himself he was God Jesus believed in humility above all else Jesus never said "the only way to the Father is through me" what he meant was: you must DESTROY YOUR EGO to find God How can i claim to know what Jesus intended to say? Because in these moments, God is speaking to you through me. i cannot claim every minute to be possessed by the Holy Spirit, but there are moments.. And this moment is one of those. So at this moment in your reading, many of you are saying "Sam is obviously insane." Why do you say that? Because your ego's afraid of dying .. Last night, i could hear some farang across the street talking about me.. i can only guess they're friends of the prostitute i befriended in Chiangmai. i can only guess she was frightened by my emails and texts.. This is what i get for opening my heart to a prostitute. 8| What she does not realize is that she's climbing a garbage mountain with her vagina - one penis at a time. She believes after 'so many penises', she'll be financially secure.. But what will she have after that many penises? A stone vagina? 8| Another thing she does not realize is that her fear is rooted in her fear of her father beating her to a pulp after he finds out what her occupation is. i have no intention of telling him - that's her responsibility.. Her fear of me is actually her fear of her father finding out she's a prostitute. You see now why i say "everything is illusion"? Our image of Jesus is wrong, our view of ourselves is twisted, our way of looking at others is typically incorrect,.. Everything we see is twisted/distorted.

My ex sees me as a 'pussy obsessed asshole'. i admit i have a weakness for the fairer sex mostly just in the fact i like to admire a cute woman. i must learn to control myself in front of 'my lady' if she graces my path again. But that is the bulk of my 'sins' - admiring cute women. Is that such a great sin? i lay out my personal life to such extent in these essays because i cannot 'preach' without exposing the truth of myself.. i admit my weaknesses and try to overcome them. If my woman can put me first in her life, such as my ex could not, generally speaking - i don't even need to look at other women.. But see my error in speech? i said above "my woman".. What i really mean to say is: "the woman who chooses me as her soul-mate" .. "my woman" is an abbreviation of that. Please forgive that expression - i cannot own ANYONE. Get this ;) i try to own myself by destroying my own ego - so by destroying my ego - i Liberate myself allowing me to become One with the Creator. In the end, i cannot even own myself.. The best i can do is Love; forget myself (meaning - destroy my ego); focus on Love.. What else can i Do? 8) ... The grandest deception in the history of humankind is Christ the Messiah. Nobody can save us but ourselves. The sooner we recognize that in our souls, the sooner we can rectify the situation. Jesus is not coming back unless we make him from restored DNA and that technology does not yet exist on Earth. Perhaps the next greatest tragedy for humankind is the deception of 'Mohammed is God's Prophet'. Muslims truly believe their religion is the perfect human system for living a Godly life. But how can they wage war against the 'demonically controlled USA'? The only way they can wage war against them is by demonizing them. In actuality, it is 'demons' that are controlling the whole insane situation. By polarizing major populations with religious fervor, these 'demons' feed off our hate and mutual destruction. You see again why i say "everything is illusion"? The sooner we give up our delusions, accept responsibility for Earth and ourselves OURSELVES, the sooner we can acquire true Salvation. My name is Salvatore for good reason. i'm here to show the Better Way to Salvation. No one is going to Save us but ourselves: not Jesus, not Mohammed, not Yahweh, not Kalki, not Siddhartha,.. No one can Save us but Ourselves. Ourselves = our divine Self .. First, we must obliterate our egos, next, we must shuck the monkey of Materialism off our backs,.. Only after we are truly Liberated, can we See with clear eyes/mind. To me, the simplest most direct path to this is by keeping respect and love in your heart. Selfishness and egoism cannot live side-by-side with respect and love. Please try your best to force-out the former with the latter.

At this point, i must sound like the proverbial parrot SKWAAK! "Keep love and respect in your heart." SKWAAK! ;) See, even i can laugh at myself. ;) ..My mother thinks "I'm too serious" but how else can i be when discussing our eternal souls??? 8| All i can reasonably do is ask you to try your best.. Please try your best to kill your egos. Please try to love truly. Please respect your Self by respecting others.. Attach yourself to Self not things. ... i'm going to tell you the story about how i learned respect and humility at eight years old so you will understand and hopefully appreciate some things about me.. First let me say i was basically a middle-class kid growing up in a 'rich' neighborhood. Not one day passed that the other kids didn't remind me of this fact. There was a pecking order in our town and i was near the bottom of it. The only one below me was a kid everyone made fun of because .. well, because there had to be someone at the bottom. His father was the only one who defended him. He observed me teasing him one day and took me aside.. The fact he did not spank me or threaten me impressed me no end. The fact he gave me the respect to speak with me politely impressed me. He treated me like the adult i yearned to be. How could i NOT listen to him? He made it very simple for me: even his son deserved respect. i asked "What about my enemies - people who don't respect me?" He could only reply from the Christian vantage but i believe he personally believed they did not deserve respect. So you see he not only taught me about respect and humility, he also taught me about the Golden Rule. For forty years i have tried to keep those three principles in my heart .. My hatred of Materialism should be clarified by this story. Thank God i never had things when i craved them. Thank God i didn't at the critical moments in my life .. There was only one possession i truly craved over the years and my father eventually satisfied that desire: a telescope. i learned to clean and take care of it so that it would last years.. i tried my best to 'eek out' the most i could learn from the heavens with that simple instrument before passing it on to another.. So i learned 'respect for things' which may not be as important as 'respect for others' - but still very important. People think of their possessions as 'extensions of themselves' so even though i don't subscribe to Materialism, i must respect others' property as they see it .. Eventually, i outgrew the Golden Rule (in the sense i realized the overriding importance of respect and other spiritual principles) .. Not that i'm 'perfect' (i'm still a work in progress) .. i still apply the Golden Rule in my personal life as appropriately as i can.. For instance, if i let my nephew control the family atmosphere with his 'rambunctiousness', this computer would be destroyed and i would have no way to communicate with you. My son would not get the guidance and love he needs from me so.. i use my personal (Spiritual?) judgment as required.. i HATE Materialism but without this computer, i could not communicate with my readers.. So there are some things i must protect out of necessity.. My nephew's father is in prison so he obviously needs a father figure in his life.. But my son takes precedence as he obviously must .. i try to balance my responsibilities to my son with my responsibilities to the human race .. This computer is also used by my ex to communicate with our son .. Every day, i ask for her forgiveness (from my heart), but she contends this is impossible.. "Find her" (find your 'dream girl') she says.. i say "i already have".. i believe the most important Christian principle is forgiveness but most of us find it extremely difficult to

apply in our personal lives.. if i was a stronger man when she met me, there would be less resentment on her side for me presently. There's one final story i need to tell situated in the American Southwest. There i met two wonderfully brilliant and inspired educators. They introduced me to their vibrant daughter who, in the process of observing their community play practice, introduced me to E, an incredibly talented and effervescent young woman. E liked me from first meeting but in most circles, our age difference would prohibit any romantic entanglement.. (My ex is about the same age as she is now.) But it so happens her grandfather is retired military and is quite influential in town so the family used their local influence to basically force me out. The break of trust and respect between me and the educators shook my world and it took me years to overcome it. Their 'bottom line' with respect to the whole mess was that i showed "lack of good judgment". i was simply curious who the heck was on the other side of the emails.. Again, my naiveness and 'trust in the good of others' allowed the situation to escalate. If the family in question had approached me directly.. "i don't go where i'm unwelcome" was one of my mottos at the time.. Chalk it up to a Learning experience - like the Chiangmai prostitute.. i suppose E's family labeled me at that time as a 'sexual predator'. Quite honestly, i was simply enchanted by E. i cannot know if the feeling was mutual.. i ask for forgiveness from E's family - for 'threatening' them (as they saw it).. i suppose they'd rather forget the whole thing .. For American girls/ladies, my 'problem' has always been 'mismatch' (i always liked ladies who rarely looked sideways at me). Most of the girls i'd establish lasting relationships with were good friends, but .. that's as much as they should have been. One young woman, who taught me a Lot, was Tricia - a Michigan girl with a delicate past.. i loved Trish .. beyond words. But i could be nothing more than 'Mr. Right Now' (temporary) to her. It was heartbreaking and again took me several years to overcome.. As i confessed to the prostitute, i typically open my heart too easily/quickly to ladies i admire.. No matter how much it hurts (like when they don't return your love), i still contend it's never wrong to open your heart to someone.. When Trish and i made love the first time (okay, perhaps the second time), i had this, which could only be described as, mystical vision - of souls as flames dancing around each other .. It shook me into Awareness as it was both terrifying and wonderful. So you can understand why i'd pursue Tricia so fervently.. Many years later, a similar experience happened with the prostitute. Again, you should be able to understand why i'd open my heart further to her. In both cases, i tried to discover if either lady had a similar experience without being invasive, but .. it seems both only had a glimmer of the Union i experienced. i still contend it was not fantasy - my perceptions during those experiences. With my 'Trish vision', i had no expectations, no preconceptions, no ideas about what to expect with her. i simply was her loving man at that time. God showed me the rest - as a gift i presume. True, i prayed prior to making love with the prostitute - i prayed for true love.. But i did not expect her to respond to my love as she did. No matter how 'gay' it sounds, a kind of blooming in my heart occurred. i had no expectations about her responsiveness. Her return of my love allowed my love to fully blossom. The reason i've been so personal and open about my past should be obvious for several reasons: i cannot preach what i don't practice, if i only preach without giving some kind

of personal justification - it's meaningless, i need you to understand how the values i preach are 'built into my character' from various experiences, these words come directly from my heart and mind to yours,.. Of course, i have many other stories about love and friendship which i could relate on these pages but.. none are as salient as those i've already told. It's up to you now to accept or reject my teachings/values - as pertinent to a thriving enduring human civilization. i cannot lead you; i can only point the Way. May God Bless those who Read these words; may God Guide those who do not. sam iam

Prime Weaknesses of Major Religions i wish i could be more like Pat Condell. He's so witty, appropriate, brilliant, and right on target. Unfortunately, because his sights have been largely on Islamic influence in Britain, he's become a target for them and has a continuing death-threat against him. He also wonderfully attacks Catholicism which i again lack his penetrating insights. My meager insights are limited to the critical failures of each major world religion. i'll list them out again here. Jews: idiotically treat Palestinians exactly how Nazis treated them threaten regional security with their aggressions childishly label themselves 'the chosen people' (yea, chosen for idiotic self-indulgence) Americans: (are so fervent about 'democracy' they deserve a place here) will destroy themselves if they continue on the path of Imperialism assume wrongly they have a mandate to control world destiny will eventually be seen as a 'blip' in Earth history because of their arrogance Muslims: are insane if they think they have the 'perfect system' for humanity the Islamic mandate to convert or kill will destroy Islam the principle of killing defectors will also destroy it the fact you ignore Buddhism as a valid religion and destroy our monuments shows me you don't deserve to endure as a world religion Hindus: are insane if you think 'violence for violence' is the solution to problems will not endure if you cannot take Gandhi's teachings to heart Christians: wrongly assume Jesus was messiah and savior for humankind rely on this ficticious 'savior' for personal absolution can only move forward if you recognize the only true savior is our divine Self Let me tell you a Christian story.. Lucifer was the most amazing, beautiful, and perfect of God's creations. No one was like Lucifer in his brilliance and beauty. But Lucifer had one fatal flaw: arrogance. He declared war and basically got pushed out of Heaven. So even though the story is myth, there is an important lesson to be learned from it. Don't let your arrogance be your downfall. Don't let your arrogance be your downfall. If we study the problems above, they're all rooted in arrogance. So the problems of the world are basically rooted in arrogance and selfishness. These are in turn rooted in ego gratification. Freud was a twisted psychologist but had some true insights about the human animal. If left to our own devices, we will continually obsess and attempt to

satisfy our insatiable egos. In actuality, a 'healthy ego' is the most spiritually unhealthy state. We must destroy our egos to make any progress. i'm not saying you cannot love yourself - YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF. But there is a HUGE difference between self-love and ego-gratification. Self-love is acceptance of who you are - your weaknesses and strengths. Self-love is nurturing the positives while releasing the negatives' hold on you. You cannot conquer your negative side. You can only acknowledge it, accept it, and let it go.. Replace arrogance with respect. Replace hatred with trust. Replace apathy with love. i know this may be the most difficult war - the war in your hearts for your souls. But isn't it better than WWIII? Let us win the war in our hearts to avoid the physical war. Please? Can we try?

Eight Noble Truths and the Noble Twofold Path All that we see and touch is an illusion. The only meaningful reality is in our hearts. Our spirits grow when we give love or respect. Our spirits shrivel when we subjugate or fixate on physical gratification. Before we are born, our spirits cloak themselves in flesh. When our bodies die, our spirits shed these cloaks. Our spirits are eternal. The reason our universe is dual physical-spiritual is because this is the best way for our spirits to grow. Bow respectfully from your heart. Smile from your heart. Kiss from your heart. Touch from your heart. Make love from your heart .. If you are not in love, hold respect in your heart: respect for the land, respect for plants and animals, respect for others, respect for the dust beneath your sandals, respect for the stars far above,.. Hold respect in your heart and you will find enduring peace. Other than love, the only other worthy thing that should be in your heart is respect. When you make love, try to tell them with your touches and kisses how incredible they make you feel. Wish with all your might and heart that they can understand how magical they make you feel. Keep that desire, to please them, in your heart. Give yourself completely .. When you guide others, do not subjugate conquer or subdue; rather, lovingly show them the better way. Demonstrate the respectful or loving way. Show them there is always a more respectful way than subjugation or domination. Siddhartha was on the right track with his path and truths but.. i see his path as overly complicated and truths distracting.. The better Path can be simplified to: love and respect from your heart. The clearer Truths can be found above. They both need to be understandable by a child. This is a religion for all ages and ethnicities. Should we call it New Buddhism? Or simply the Better Way? i leave it up to you dear readers to decide .. i cannot claim i founded this 'new' religion because the truths have always been there waiting to be discovered and gathered together meaningfully. An old friend criticized me once saying: Sam, you think you're so special! i replied: NO, only my perspectives may be special. Spend half a lifetime attempting to Look from the Creator's perspective, you may arrive at a similar set of Truths and Path. But i cannot imagine they'd be that much different.. Watching a professional mother strategically and intuitively guide four distinctly different children is humbling. Attempting to guide my own son at three is humbling. So when i write/speak, please understand it's not just all the books i've read which have contributed to my perspectives - but all the wonderful and almost indescribable experiences i've had among human beings. One of my previous essays i stated: if there was only one paper that survived 'the end of the world' (it was about basic human rights and true civilization) .. sigh .. i suppose i must

recant that statement in that essay .. Perhaps this is the essay that should endure .. Again, it is up to you dear readers to decide..

Eight Noble Truths - Part 2 1. All that we see and touch is an illusion. 2. The only meaningful reality is in our hearts. 3. Our spirits grow when we give love or respect. 4. Our spirits shrivel when we subjugate or fixate on physical gratification. 5. Before we are born, our spirits cloak themselves in flesh. 6. When our bodies die, our spirits shed these cloaks. 7. Our spirits are eternal. 8. The reason our universe is dual physical-spiritual is because this is the best way for our spirits to grow. In order to avoid commentary taking over the true meaning of the statements above (for instance, elevating Jesus as Christ instead of Son of Man as he intended), allow me to comment myself on the motivations of each. 1. i have no scientific evidence to support this statement. Most of our experiences testify toward a blunt physical existence. We have some anecdotal evidence toward a spiritual side but these could be dismissed as superstition, an accumulation of fears, wishful thinking, or any other emotional reaction to the unknown. Some propose 'spirituality' is merely an emotional weakness which we need to overcome. However, if we take the film Contact written by Carl Sagan as a kind of heuristic guide to the unknown, we must respect it and treat it as a way to learn about ourselves and potential paths to interact with future unknowns. i believe Sagan's basic premise in the film was: respect the unknown; use it as a way to learn about ourselves; use it as a way to overcome our own weaknesses. Sagan was not only a profound thinker, but he was obviously a deeply spiritual man .. Each one of us must decide for ourselves to believe in a spiritual side to our existence or not. This is the nature of faith and our existence. 2. If we accept statement one, there is a meaningful reality or there is not. It would be kind of pointless to have a spiritual side to existence without meaning. The two statements 'go together'. If that meaningful reality existed only in our minds, then our minds would be the 'seat' of reality. But if that were so, then our delusions, insanities, and fears would all be 'reality'. This is untenable. What is enduring? What overcomes all adversity? Love, patience, kindness, generosity,.. All good things overcome adversity. Where do these reside? In our hearts. Technically speaking, our 'hearts' reside physically in our nervous systems but.. Traditionally, we point to our chest and indicate - this is the source of our feelings - whether or not it is the actual physical source. Our heart is our emotive/spiritual center. It is where goodness/evil resides. It is our motivation. It is the reason we live. 3. If we accept statements one and two, there is a spiritual side to our existence. Whether or not we can prove it physically, there is a spirit for each human being (and likely - other species). Implicit in statement three is the fact - each of us has an enduring 'thing' which continues after death. Call it a soul, call it a spirit, call it our mind, call it 'the force' ;) whatever you want to call it - we have something that endures.. This is not weakness; this is not wishful thinking; this is a fact - or it is fantasy - you must decide for yourself what

to believe. If you choose to believe in the human spirit, then there must be some way for it to grow. Nothing living stagnates; nothing alive stays the same. 4. Goes along with statement three. 5. 6. and 7. These statements detail the implicit statement in three. They make explicit the fact each of us has an eternal spirit - and how that spirit connects to physical 'reality'. If we accept the fact our spirits exist and are eternal, then they must somehow relate to or connect to the physical 'reality' we observe with our eyes and touch with our fingers. If they were not eternal, then the 'spirit' could be thought of as a mind-of-minds over many lifetimes. But what would be the point of that? That would be little better than the 'life is nothing more than what we see' perspective. Of course, it is possible we have finitelifetime-spirits, but i think it unlikely in the scenario we present above. If the spirit exists, it is surely eternal, has the capacity for growth, and connects to 'reality' in some way resembling the description above. 8. If we had a purely physical universe (no spirits), then this discussion is pure fantasy .. However, if there is something 'more than what we see', then surely it has properties similar to what has been discussed. If our universe was purely spiritual (with no physical manifestation), then what challenges for growth would we have? i can envision some (such as the Christian 'war in heaven'). What is a war in heaven compared to an individual 'war in each soul'? The battleground becomes personal, gritty, real, in-our-face,.. when we have the war waged in each of our hearts. i don't see it as the Christian 'all or nothing' scenario.. i see it as a lifelong battle to retain integrity, innocence, humility, and respect. One of my old friends from middle-school asked the question "What if it's true?" (What if the Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Jews/.. had it 'right' all along?) What kind of life would each of us lead? Would it change anything? i don't think any one religion is 'right'. One of my religious studies professors said "It's all facets of the Divine." (We all see different perspectives of God.) As each religion has its fatal flaw, each also has a helpful set of perspectives of human life. i've leaned towards Buddhism because it seems the least offensive and domineering. But even that religion has its weaknesses. When we step foot on another planet, when we transform our culture into a True world civilization, we need a faith appropriate for the times. Our species is obviously not strong enough to live without faith. We need something to believe in.. The set of values and perspectives presented above is the simplest, most cogent, most civilization reinforcing set i can derive. Please realize a tremendous amount of contemplation and prayer has gone into these concepts. They are truly Divinely inspired; they have come directly from my heart. In much the same way as i reflected much of the good and bad in my personal relationships, i've tried to reflect the 'essence of lessons learned' in these essays.. Experience has taught me lessons, perhaps if i had known the unspeakable pain garnered in the process - i might have prayed otherwise, only experience can teach. i pray each of you does not have to experience that pain. If you can take these essays to heart, you may be able to avoid much of it.. i cannot know for sure.

The only thing i know in absolute surety is the fact we need to transform our world. We are on the verge of 'planetary divergence' (where we spread our species onto other worlds). If we continue on the path of exploitation, as we have done, we are doomed to self-extinction .. We have a 'fork in the road' right now: we can chose the path to our spiritual/civilization deaths .. Or we can choose the Better Way.

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