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This method statement is to lifting boiler steam drum on 1x 600 MW Suralaya

Power Plan Project, Banten, Indonesia.

This procedure is to describe all activities to be performed in the lifting of Steam
Drum to ensure that all works are properly planned and executed in accordance
with all the requirements of the contract document, carried out on erection works
of Suralaya 1x600 MW Coal Fired Steam Power Plan Project

This procedure covers the methods, equipment, tool and materials for the lifting
of Boiler Steam Drum prior to pressure part.

4.1 Site Manager – Responsible for ensuring that all works are performed in
accordance with this procedure.
4.2 Chief Engineer – Responsible for the overall planning, coordination and
control of the erection job.
4.3 Field Engineer – Responsible for field erection work implementation and
maintaining acceptable quality standard.
4.4 Field Superintendent and supervisor – Responsible for the actual
performance of the erection crew and actual checking of the work Progress to
make sure that it is drawing specification and standard.
4.5 Safety Engineer – Responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out
in a safety manner and compliance with the established safety procedure.
4.6 Quality Control Engineer – Responsible to monitor and inspect the cyclone
erection ensuring it is being done in compliance with this procedure, ITP
(Inspection and Test Plant), Drawing, Project specification and other reference
standard document and procedure.
4.7 For these activities will support by material control, welding section, and other
section related these activities.
5.1 Basic Requirement

5.1.1 Reference drawing & Vendor Document To check all drawings intended for steam drum lifting, and make sure that
is complete. All the information required is completed and drawings shall be
current revision. Check Equipment and Materials The Steam Drum and its accessories such as hanger rods, drum
internals, etc. Has to be check before lifting. The temporary materials such as
steels, anchor housing, eye bolt and others that will be used for lifting need to be
check also. Drum Support The drum support structure erection completion has to be check including
the leave out steels which should be erected only after the drum is lifted. Hence
all steels members other than leave out steel has to be installed, aligned, bolted
and inspected before drum lifting commences Lifting Plan, Method statement and procedure of lifting Boiler steam drum
shown at attachment –


6.1 Hydraulic Jack 150 ton capacities : 4 Pcs

6.2 Wire Strand 50 ton capacities : 10 Pcs
6.3 Skid Roller 100 ton capacities : 8 Pcs
6.4 Skid Roller 50 ton capacities : 16 Pcs

7 STEAM DRUM LIFTING (see attachment )

7.1 Preparation

7.1.1 Ensure the direction of steam drum is correct since loading on the port
7.1.2 Before Installation of steam drum ensure all of the bolt have been
7.1.3 Install barricade on the exclusion zone to prevent workers inside to lifting
zone area
7.1.4 Safety tool box meeting must be done to explain dangerous condition that
may be occurred and how to prevent.
7.1.5 Install temporary jack support on the top of boiler steel structure
7.1.6 Install 4 Pcs Hydraulic jack and it‟s accessories such us frame to support
jack, skid roller etc.
7.1.7 Prepare all of rigging tools to be used
7.1.8 Clear area from first tire until top tire, ensure there are no obstruction that
may obstruct during steam drum lifting
7.1.9 Confirm to CNTIC site in charge and all sub-contractor in suralaya power
plan project inform lifting area preparation and explain dangerous condition that
may be occurred
7.1.10 Ensure that ground condition stability is enough to support transporter to
transport steam drum to lifting area.
7.1.11 Prepare concrete block and soft wood as temporary saddle in order as
temporary placement of steam drum for cleaning and repair of steam drum if
there are any damages.
7.1.12 Drum and hangers The Drum is hung from the main structure by two „U‟ type strap hangers.
To easier of lifting operations and facilities the erection of hangers, the „U‟ rod
hangers shall be assembled at ground level or the drum in order to be lifted
simultaneously. Before assembling the „U‟ rods the following should be taken
inconsideration are : The spacing of the „U‟ rods corresponds to the Drum diameter The bolt circle diameters of the bearing boxes correspond to the
diameter of the „U‟ rods, its mean that: The hangers threads are clean To check the nuts onto the rods Joints of „U‟ rods – attention on the threads The threads are protected to avoid all damage during lifting of the
Drum and are also well protected where the steam pass through the structure
and bearings Then the „U‟ rods are fixed as per the dimensions and the drawing

7.2 Lifting Sequences

7.2.1 Transporter come to erection area, initially the Drum is positioned in the
ground floor 2 meters away from its required Original position to avoid touching
with boiler steel structure during inclination process of steam drum .
7.2.2 Install lifting tools to the steam drum.

7.2.3 Lift up steam drum around 3 meter height then hung “U” hanger on the
steam drum from side of steam drum by using 45 ton Rough crane and tie in with
wire sling
7.2.4 Lock jack 3&4 and Lift up jack 1&2 to decline steam drum position until 30
degree until steam drum free from any obstruction
7.2.1 Lift up both of jack watch out if any obstructions during lift by radio (HT) and
communicate to the jack operator.
7.2.2 After steam drum lifted until final elevation approximately El.77.80 lock jack
1&2 and lift up jack 3&4 to straight steam drum in horizontal position.
7.2.3 The Drum lift and positioned at the elevation approximately El.77.80
meters, and operation of hydraulic shall be locked.
7.2.4 The trucks are moved towards to front boiler direction (to line E1) by slide
steam drum in temporary rail until final position.
7.2.5 After completion of lateral movement of drum and the trucks, the trucks
shall be locked.
7.2.6 Each „U‟ rod to be lifted by crane 600 T guided by spreader bar to install
easier through the hole and lock them by nuts
7.2.1 Adjust the drum at its final elevation by means of lifting device
7.2.2 Confirm that the „U‟ rods are in contact with the bottom generating line of
steam drum
7.2.3 Adjust the bearing orientation and plates as per drawing
7.2.4 Tighten the nuts of hangers in order to reach perfect contact of all parts
7.2.5 Simultaneously release the hydraulic jack systems and dismantle the lifting
7.2.6 Do the weld operation after completion of inspection
7.2.7 On completion of positioning the drum, the confirmation of tension on the
„U‟ rods is necessary. The tension on the each strap must be equal to the down


1.1 It is necessary to record all inspection during various phases of erection

progress an to verify inspection sheets are in compliance with drawings