com/doc/26761348/Comparative-Study-of-Top-5-Mutual-Funds Introduction to Mutual Funds 4 Mutual Funds Industry Phases 21 Company Profile 24 Research Methodology 30 Introduction of AMCs 32 Performance Measures of Mutual Funds 36 Limitations of the study 46 Suggestions 47 Conclusion 47 References 49 Annexure

HYPOTHESIS The Hypothesis of the study involves Comparison between following mutual funds that we offered in motilal oswal securities ltd. Nagpur 1. SBI Magnum Global Fund-94 2. Reliance Growth Fund 3. Birla SunLife Equity Fund 4. HDFC Top-200 5. ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan-Growth

NEED OF THE STUDY: The project s idea is to project Mutual Fund as a better avenue for investment on a long-term or short-term basis. Mutual Fund is a productive package for a lay-investor with limited finances, this project creates an awareness that the Mutual Fund is a worthy investment practice. Mutual Fund is a globally proven instrument.

. To compare the schemes based on different parameters and show which scheme is best for the investor based on his risk profile. Sharpe s Ratio. Thus. 2. Mutual Funds schemes are managed by respective asset managed companies sponsored by financial institutions. Treynor s Ratio. each Mutual Fund has a defined investment objective and strategy. Returns Portfolio structure. To project Mutual Fund as the productive avenue for investing activities. (Beta) Co-efficient. through the study one would understand how a common man could fruitfully convert a pittance into great penny by wisely investing into the right scheme according to his risk taking abilities. based on factors like NAV Trend. The various schemes of Mutual Funds provide the investor with a wide range of investment options according to his risk bearing capacities and interest besides. Mutual Funds offers an investor to invest even a small amount of money. ICICI Mutual Fund are analysed according to its performance against the other. plus the added advantage of capital appreciation together with the income earned in the form of interest or dividend. The study is basically made to analyze the various open-ended equity diversifies schemes of different Asset Management Companies to highlight the diversity of investment that Mutual Fund offer.The driving force of Mutual Funds is the safety of the principal guaranteed. they also give handy return to the investor. A Mutual Fund is the ideal investment vehicle for today s complex and modern financial scenario. HDFC Mutual Fund. banks. private companies or international firms. by explaining its 3. Reliance Mutual Fund. OBJECTIVES: 1. Birla Mutual Fund. To show the wide range of investment options available in Mutual Funds various schemes. SCOPE: The study here has been limited to analyse open-ended equity diversified Growth schemes of different Asset Management Companies namely SBI Mutual Fund.

Reliance Capital Ltd. A)NAV(Net asset value) B) Fund fact C) Portfolio structure Portfolio attributes Style box Sector allocation Assets allocation D) Returns E) Risk Sharpe s Ratio Treynor s Ratio Fama model (Beta) co-efficient. The registered office of the AMC is situated at Ramon House. 1999.02. 1. and ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies. In terms of the Investment Management Agreement. the Trustee has appointed the HDFC Asset Management Company Limited to manage the Mutual Fund. 169. and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for the HDFC Mutual Fund by SEBI vide its letter dated July 3. 1956. The paid up capital of the AMC is Rs. 5.4. HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC) HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd (AMC) was incorporated under the Companies Act. stock broking and other financial services.30 Lacs. Mumbai . Backbay Reclamation. Churchgate. 2000. while considering the inherent risk factors. Reliance Capital Assets Management Ltd Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) is one of India s leading Mutual Funds. is one of India s leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies. 3rd Floor. Parekh Marg. To understand the recent trends in Mutual Funds world. with Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) of Rs. life and general insurance. private equity and proprietary investments. has interests in asset management.T. in terms of net worth. . The comparison between these schemes is made based on the following factors.161 crore.730 Crs (AAUM for 31st May 09 ) and an investor base of over 71.400 020. H. on December 10. To help an investor make a right choice of investment. "Reliance Mutual Fund schemes are managed by Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited Reliance Capital Ltd. 25.

The fund offers a large range of investment option.(BSLAMCL). SBI mutual funds SBI mutual fund (SBI MF) is one of the largest mutual funds in the country with an investor base of over 5. 65. The Company manages a comprehensive range of schemes to meet the varying investment needs of its investors spread across 230 cities in the country. ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company. fund of fund scheme. SBI MF brings forward its . has forged a position of pre-eminence in the Indian Mutual Fund industry as one of the largest asset management companies in the country with average assets under management of Rs. Limited. a wide range of debt and treasury products and offshore funds. Investment Manager: Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company enjoys the strong parentage of Prudential plc. of Canada. Trustee: Reliance Capital Trustee a joint venture between the Aditya birla group and sun life financial services inc. With over 20 years of rich experience in fund management. one of UK's largest players in the insurance & fund management sectors and ICICI Bank.576. Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Birla sun life asset management company ltd. This joint venture brings together the aditya birla group s experience in the Indian market and the sunlife s global experience. Since its inception in 1994 birla sunlife mutual fund has emerged as one of India s leading mutual fund manageing assets of a large investor s base.Sponsor: Reliance Capital Limited. a well-known and trusted name in financial services in India. in a span of just over eight years. which include diversified and sector specified equity schemes.64 Crore (as of May 31. 2009).4 million. hybrid and monthly income funds.

Reliance growth -growth The primary objective of the scheme is to achieve long term growth of capital by investment in equity and equity related securities through a research based investment approach.expertise in consistently delivering value to its investors.26(13 years) 327. index and non index stocks.31(7) 195.66(11) 35. PCDs and FCDs from high growth potentials and Bonds. ICICI prudential dynamicplan-growth ICICI prudential dynamic plan is a diversified equity fund that could be your ideal choice to make most of dynamic changes in the market. Scheme objectives HDFC top 200 -growth To generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio of equity and equity linked instruments primarily drawn from the companies in BSE 200 index. large mid cap. Birla Sunlife Equity fund-growth Birla sun life equity fund is a diversified equity fund enabling investors to capitalize on the immense growth opportunities provided by the stock market while at the same time minimizing the risk. On the flip side it also has ability to move into cash as market gets overvalued. It is backed by India s largest bank State Bank of India. SBI magnum global fund-94-growth To provide the investors maximum growth opportunity through researched in Indian equities. Comparative study of mutual funds based on different parameter(data taken up to 8th aug 2010) NAV of Mutual fund HDFC top 200-growth Reliance growth-growth ICICI prudential dynamic plan-growth Birla Sunlife equity fund-growth SBI magnum Global fund-94 140.97(15) Fund facts .38(12 years) 69. It has the ability to capture upside opportunities across value and growth.

15 43 EXPENSES RATIO Expenses ratio is defined as the ratio of expenses incurred by a scheme to its average weekly net assets. Portfolio Portfolio attributes Scheme name P/B Dividend yield Market cap(Rs. In crores) No. If the fund manager churns the entire fund twice in single year then we would say that the portfolio turnover is 200% churned once in every 6 months. of stocks .91 2. It means how much of investor s money is going for expenses and how much is getting invested.00 108 168 Open ended 950.83 2.43 1.16 188 SBI Magnum Global fund 94-growth Open ended Sep 30 1994 1116.89 HDFC top200-growth Portfolio turnover ratio (%) 81.Scheme name Type of scheme Open Ended Open ended Open ended Inception date Sep 11 1996 Fund size in Rs. Portfolios turn over Portfolio turnover is the ratio which helps us to find how aggressively the portfolio is used.33 Expenses ratio (%) 1.95 2.41 Reliance growthgrowth ICICI prudential Dynamic plan-Growth Birla sun life equity fund-growth Oct 8 1995 Oct 31 2002 Aug 27 1998 5235. This ratio should be as low as possible. 3314.

Thus when a stock is trading at a historically low P/E multiple.62 as on Apr-09 60 P/E ratio P/E Ratio stands for Price Earnings ratio.07 as on Apr-09 1.44 as on Apr-09 67 Reliance growth-growth 30 ICICI prudential dynamic plan-growth 48 Birla sun life equity fund-growth 18. It is also known as Price Earning multiple.53 as on Apr09 52.HDFC top 200-growth 16. A fund which invests in stocks based upon their P/E ratios.91 as on Apr09 4.72 as on Apr09 1.636. Style Box HDFC Top 200-Growth .83 as on Apr-09 1. This is a ratio of the current market price (CMP) of share to its earning per shares (EPS).75 as on Apr-09 18.84 as on Apr-09 1.135.404.905 as on Apr-09 58. and when the P/E is at the upper end of the band.56 as on Apr09 74.697.52 as on Apr09 1.93 as on Apr-09 16.75 as on Apr-09 40. the scheme will sell the stock. the fund will buy the stock.62 as on Apr-09 51 SBI Magnum Global fund 94-growth 11.

Reliance Growth-growth ICICI prudential dynamic plan-growth Birla sun life equity fund-growth .

SBI Magnum Global fund 94-growth .

67 Rubber & Tyres-0.45 Electricals & Electrical Equipments1.97 Fertilizers.82 Steel -4.15 Power Generation.59 Tobacco & Pan Masala-2.51 Miscellaneous-14. Transmission & Equip 0.79 Trading.34 Breweries & Distilleries -1.47 Banks -20.15 Engineering & Industrial Machinery-1.38 Personal Care-1.77 Transport & Travel -0. Transmission & Equip-2.94 Printing & Stationary. Pesticides & Agrochemicals-3.76 Entertainment Oil & Gas.34 Current Assets Electricals -16.39 Food & Dairy Products -1.42 Mining & Minerals1.82 Telecom -7.75 Current Assets-3.03 Current Asset-6.95 Paints -1.60 Oil & Gas.24 Power Generation.75 Electricals &Electrical Equipments -6.37 Tobacco & Pan Masala -2.12 Power Generation.1.10 Packaging.24 Diversified -2.2.18 Consumer Durables-1.25 Steel-1.19 Engineering & Industrial Machinery -1.08 Pharmaceuticals-8.56 Steel-1.18 Finance -1.2.01 Housing & Construction-1. Transmission & Equip-1.51 ICICI prudential Dynamic plangrowth Auto & Auto Ancillaries. Pesticides & Agrochemicals-1.98 Miscellaneous.15 Personal Care.0.1.HDFC Top 200-growth Reliance growthgrwoth Auto & Auto Ancillaries.96 Cement -0.13 Telecom. Petroleum & Refinery.71 Engineering & Industrial Machinery.45 Metals -0.32 Computers Software & Education -6.5.72 Consumer Durables-3. Petroleum & Refinery-10.15 Computers Software & Education-7.15 .81 Current Assets 16.36 Telecom 3.22 Chemicals.10.63 Mining & Minerals0.06 Diversified.19 Pharmaceutical-5. Petroleum &Refinery6.82 Glass & Ceramics -0.20 Food & Dairy Products -2.6.14 Housing & Construction-3.62 Fertilizers.16 Current Assets -17.47 Plastic-2.72 Engineering & Industrial Machinery-8.51 Electricals & Electrical Equipments-5.1.85 Computers Software & Education -12.6.88 Banks-6. Petroleum & Refinery-3.63 Pharmaceuticals-2.21 Oil & Gas.69 Housing & Construction -5.38 Metals -3.49 Paints -0. Transmission & Equip -10. Transmission &Equip-2.1.37 Miscellaneous-0.96 Sugar -2.66 Fertilizers.21 Finance. Pesticides & Agrochemical-3.38 Electronics -0.70 Entertainment-0.64 Oil & Gas.89 SBI Magnum global fund 94-grwoth Auto & Auto ancillaries-4.79 Fertilizers.82 cement -6.02 Metals-0.37 Power Generation.62 Power Generation.28 Engineering & Industrial Machinery -3.33 Paper-0.62 Pharmaceuticals-6.01 & Electrical Equipments-4.83 Metals -1.30 Paper -1.9 Pharmaceutical12.22 Entertainment-2.13.07 Finance-6.32 Breweries & Distilleries -1.13 ComputersSoftware&Education3.94 Banks -9.43 Tea -1.54 Housing & Construction-5.90 Tobacco & Pan Masala -2.05 Cement -0.69 Cement-1.47 Paints -0.45 Steel-0.13 Plastic-4.42 Computers software education-9.29 Auto & auto ancillaries-4.48 Entertainment-3.33 Finance-1.51 Birla sun life equity fund-growth Banks -13.47 Telecom -3.64 Textiles -1.88 Chemicals -1.39 Housing & Construction-12.38 Oil & Gas.10 Paper -2.89 Banks-10.37 Rubber & Tyres0. Pesticides & Agrochemicals-4.02 Diversified-0. Petroleum & Refinery.

Shipping.1.14 Steel -4.72 .

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