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December 2, 2010

Dear NAME,

Of the many blessings I have to be grateful for, one is the opportunity to continue working on
behalf of the people of New York. Thanks to your support this year, I have been able to do just
that through New York Uprising, the government reform group I am so proud to lead.

In under a year, New York Uprising has grown from a room full of citizens with shared concerns,
into a robust political action committee that is able to influence leaders and make headlines
around the state. Our message is resonating:

A couple of days before my trip to Buffalo, where I stood with supporters and named the local
“Enemies of Reform,” we heard from a State Senator there, wanting to sign our pledges before he
saw me on the news yelling his name. In another case, I heard from a very prominent member of
the Assembly who was berated on the street in his district – the constituent was yelling, “You’re
an Enemy of Reform!”

The New York Times, in its Nov. 13 editorial, reminded Governor-elect Cuomo and lawmakers
that 54 of 62 senators and 85 of 150 members of the Assembly signed a pledge to us that they
would enact our reforms.

Momentum is on our side. I never expected we’d make it this far, but we’re not yet at the finish
line. Our three causes of independent redistricting, responsible budgeting and ethics reform are
attainable, now that we’ve established the political will. And in order to hold people accountable,
it is important that we maintain this effort through the next legislative session, which concludes in
June. We must write these pledges into law.

My pledge to you is this: I will continue to travel the state, take out targeted advertisements, and
generally rankle our leaders until they get our reforms done. But I can’t do it without you.

Last year you helped get us this far with your generous contribution of $####. Will you consider
matching it again this year? I contributed $10,000 to our PAC last year myself, and this year I’m
matching it with another $10,000 contribution.

NAME, your continuing support of my efforts and New York Uprising is why I remain confident of
our success. I hope the new year brings renewed health and success for all of us, and for our


Ed Koch

PS: After the election I delivered a progress report to our Trustees. I’ve attached an excerpt of
the presentation for you here.


233 Broadway, Suite 850 | NYC 10279 | |
Yes! I am pleased to support New York Uprising with a contribution of

Please make check payable to NEW YORK UPRISING PAC, and mail with this completed form to:


Jim Capalino, Treasurer
233 Broadway, Suite 850
New York, NY 10279

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donate via PayPal. Reach Adam with any questions at 212-616-5815 or

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Contribution limits and guidelines for New York Uprising PAC: In accordance with New York State
law, New York Uprising PAC will accept no more than $150,000 per calendar year from individuals, sole
proprietorships, and limited liability companies. Partnerships that make contributions in excess of $2,500 will
be required to specifically identify the partners responsible for the contribution, and not exceed the
individual contribution limit per partner. Total contributions from a corporation may not exceed $5,000 per
calendar year aggregate to all New York state and local candidates and committees. It is strictly prohibited
to reimburse another individual’s or entity’s contribution. All contributors must be either US citizens or
permanent resident aliens (green card holders). Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.
By signing below, you hereby affirm that your contribution does not violate the terms specified above.

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