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2019-06-17 04:25:18 PM
Jacqueline Bryant
Clerk of the Court
EXHIBIT 1 Transaction # 7325688 : csulezic

Plaza Property – Fact Sheet v2 5.17.18
Property is located at 121 West Street, which is located in the heart of Reno’s new
downtown RIVERWALK District, the hottest Urban growth area of Reno!

Website –

Plaza Resort Club Association represents the 5,253 deeded owners who are the owners
of the building.

Total Building Info:

175,475 SF Total of 17 Stories

105,285 SF Parking -6 floors each approximately 17,500 SF,

consisting of approximately 236* parking spaces
148** Spaces leased to Arlington Towers Homeowners
Association (minimum of 141 to ATHOA at all times)
Up to 20 Spaces leased to Nevada Loan Services, LLC, owner of
3rd floor Arlington Towers (leased with restrictions***)
68** Spaces available for Plaza Resort Club guests

70,190 SF Lodging Space for 100 Guest Rooms on 10 floors-approximately 480 SF


7th floor includes:

3 Guest Rooms
2 Sales Offices
Outdoor Sundeck
Conference Room
Banquet Room
Guest Lounge
Workout Room
Bar Facilities
Kitchen Facilities (not currently in operation)
Indoor Swimming pool – subject to ATHOA easement (no fee)

DEF 0290
Of the 547 Original Transferred Deeds from PRC INC to PRC LLC on 9/30/16, Approximately 137
were original Declarant never sold units

Batch 5 Foreclosure Notice of Lien to be filed week of May 21st – 173 +/-

Comstock Title Company Trustee is shown on the Tax Assessor and Treasurers Office records
due to the original structure of time shares which required a Trustee for Time shares.
Documentation showing termination of the Trust will be provided

Accrued Vacation Pay details to be provided

*141 spaces are leased to ATHOA, with additional spaces paying at double rates – if ATHOA rents more
than 15 spaces beyond the 141 minimum, parking converts to open parking per Court Approved Parking
Lease Agreement

**Based on spaces leased by ATHOA as of 5/16/18

***CURRENT PRC LLC OPERATING AGREEMENT states that “NLS to rent not less than 20 weekday daytime
parking spots (self-park or valet) and up to 30 weekday daytime parking spots (if available) in its parking
garage for the use of its offices and tenants located in Arlington Towers. Further 2 of such spots shall be
allowed full time (overnight and weekend) use of the garage. These parking spots shall be leased at a
price of not more than that charged to others leasing such spots. If NLS sells their interest (currently 50%)
in the 3rd floor of Arlington Towers, then this right shall be able to be terminated by PRC LLC after 3 years
after such sale.”

DEF 0291