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Practice NAB Answers and Hints

Question Answers Hints

1 (a) i 50 metres
1 (a) ii 037O from North
1 (b) 2.5 ms-1 Average velocity =

2 (a) i Initial vertical velocity = 8ms-1

2 (a) ii Horizontal velocity = 18 ms-1
2 (b) Max height = 3.3 m Remember to set initial vertical
velocity = 8 ms-1
Final vertical velocity at max
height is 0ms-1
Acceleration is -9.8 ms-2
3 (a) 4.9 N
3 (b) 80.2 ms-2
3 (c) Fuel is being used up
→ mass decreasing
→ acceleration increasing.
4 (a) 6 ms-1 to the right
4 (b) i 12 kgms-1 Must draw the diagram to see
the change in trolley B`s
4 (b) ii 30 N

5 (a) 0.276 kg 1 cm3 = 1 x 10-6 m3

So 240 cm3 = 240 x 10-6 cm3
Just be careful of the
conversion factor.
5 (c) Molecular spacing for a gas is ten times that for a
liquid. So it will be 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 for the
6 (a)



6 (b) Upthrust is due to a pressure difference between

the top and bottom of the fish.
Pressure at the bottom is greater than the top
because P is directly proportional to the depth.
Because Force = Pressure x Area
This gives rise to a force difference = upthrust
7 (a) Use and for each entry on the table gives a value
of 0.07
This shows that = 0.07 = constant
Provided T is in the Kelvin scale.
7 (b) The water should cover the air trapped by the
mercury bead to ensure that the air is heated to the
same temperature throughout.