This is a great site. I was browsing and found little discussion on Medical Education on Ukraine.

Hence this note. I am a counselor and I recently visited Ukraine; went to 3 cities –Kiev, Ivano and Ternopil and met 2-3 medical schools there with the objective of guiding students. The following are my views. There are 23 medical Universities in Ukraine About 5 or 6 are "National Medical Universities" - highest rank by the Ministry of Health / Education of Ukraine in terms of ranking. The next ranking is termed “State Medical University” followed by "Medical Academy" and "Medical Institute". In many Medical Universities of Ukraine they offer Medical education in English medium for ALL 6 years for international students. The medical course is also offered in Ukrainian and in Russian for local students. International students who choose to study in the local language first enroll in a one year local language course & then study medicine. English medium MD / MBBs / Medical Education is offered in Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ternopil State Medical University, Odessa, Lviv and several other medical Universities. Surprisingly the National Medical University in the capital Kiev – which is acknowledged as the “BEST” in Ukraine does not have a course in English - but it offers medical education in FRENCH and Russian & Ukranian. If a student enrolls in the English medium course, the University teaches you the local language in the 1st TWO years of your education as part of the course so you can talk to patients. The Medical Course takes 6 years (5 years and 10 months.)

Entry requirement is 12 years of schooling with science or “A” level or equivalent. If you have "O" level then you join a preparatory course for one year and then join the 6 year medical program. The Degree offered is MD or “Doctor of Medicine” which is equal to the MBBS Degree in India, UK, Australia and other commonwealth countries. Tuition Fees range from US $ 3000 to 4500 p.a. - depending on the University and city. Which is really low as compared to the rest of Europe and certainly much cheaper than the West.Hostel cost is between US $ 500 to 700 per annum. Food & cost of life in the smaller cities is about 200 $ a month and US $ 300 to 400 in a big city like Kiev or Odessa or Lviv. A cost estimate of studying in IvanoFrankivsk National Medical University in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk or Ternopil State Medical University in the city of Ternopil in Ukraine is given below: (2009). Fees = US $ 3000 Hostel = 550 $ Insurance = 100 $ Food etc = 2000 $ Total = 5650 US $ p.a. p.a. p.a. p.a. p.a.

Grand Total = 33,900 US $ in 6 years. Put in some extra cost for holidays and travel and visa, airport pick up etc - your total expense in 6 years should not exceed 45,000 US $. This includes - fees + hostel + food + visa + pocket money etc Hostels are pretty basic. 2 or 3 students share a room. You can keep a TV / fridge / microwave etc - but you have to pay an extra charge. The University provides bed, chair, table and a cabinet and a mattress and pillow and blankets and a weekly change of linen. Rest you have to buy yourself. I visited some rooms in the Hostel. A few students had purchased carpets, curtains,

you pay a fine & make up the class on Saturday. Students had many negative reports on Lugansk. Sri Lanka etc. A few of them who spoke English were especially helpful and took me out and showed me the city. Arabia.BogomoletsMedicalUniversity – as they teach the medical course in French. And students in Bulk from these two countries are not there – well not YET anyway. If you miss a class or if you are late . Nigeria. Students are expected to read up on the next day’s lesson and go to class prepared and actively participate in the class. Most students do self cooking. But if you cannot speak the local language then it is difficult to interact with the locals.which happened to a few students). I spoke to many students from Asia there & they were happy with quality of education in Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University. You can move to a private apartment after one year -after you get used to the country and after you pick up the local language.the fine is US $ 15. Ternopil has free laundry with 10 or 15 washing machines in the basement – the students give their clothes and washing powder and a Hostel employee washes it and the students pick it up next day. I found the local people quite decent in Ukraine.O. Classes are held from Monday to Friday. The class size is small – about 6 to 10 students in a study group so quality is maintained. The younger may . Pakistan. Malaysia. If you miss many classes you are liable to be expelled ("Chislenya" . In the 3rd year and the 6th year a national level external exam (KROK) is conducted by a central authority. India. In KievNationalAviationUniversity there were a LOT of students from mainland China. those girls from Poland!! There is central heating in all the rooms. I also understand that students from FRANCE are studying in Kyiv in the NationalO. I think quite a few East European students are studying in Ukraine – esp. Ivano does not have this facility. from Poland and neighboring countries. All students have to pass this exam in order to get a Medical Degree in Ukraine. They have semester exams in each subject. So this is a great incentive not to Bunk classes!! Most International students were from Poland. Flats cost more than the hostel about 150 to 300 $ per month for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment – but if you share the apartment – the cost will come down.wall paper and done the rooms up very well – esp. In Ivano you have to pay a fine of about US $ 8. They insist on 100% attendance. In Ternopil if you miss one day’s class without a medical certificate . Odessa was reportedly good – but the city is expensive. Teachers do help the enthusiastic and hard working student. Apparently Ukraine has not been ‘discovered’ as yet by US and UK students. Canteens and restaurants are available in the study centers / hospitals / hostel. In Ternopil I saw a few students from US. The University holds a class test every day (either Verbal or Written) and you get marked on that. Most teaching Universities over over 50 years old and have facilities like Electron Microscopes. But if you go to class without any preparation don’t expect the teacher to rebuke you or spoon food you. Ternopil State Medical University & in Lviv in Ukraine. There is no “spoon feeding”. Quality of education is GOOD. MRI scanners etc.

visa processing and airport pick up etc. get the documents completed and then go to the Embassy for a visa interview. At times the University does need to write to a MedicalSchool in Ukraine or to one of their agents with a scanned copy of your marks and your passport. Sometimes a visa gets rejected if the they feel that you are not a genuine student. Alcohol is cheap and Girls are amazingly BEAUTIFUL!! So as a student get your priorities correct. All Medical Universities are owned by the Government of Ukraine and are listed in the WHO and IMED directories. If you go there . two photos & pay fees. Ternopil and Ivano – two small cities are much more lower cost as compared to Ukraine borders the willing to adjust. Original class 12 mark sheet . Apart from this other documents needed for visa issue are: a. They will arrange a "letter of invitation" for you. You must get someone to meet you in the airport and take you to the school and show you the place. Translation of your birth certificate to Ukraine language. Local cops are question you and inspect your if you don't have it with you have to pay a fine. This is a document which goes to you with an email copy to the Ukraine embassy in your country. Translation of your class 12 mark sheet to Ukraine language. f. So some Students do come from the EU and study in Ukraine for 2 or 3 years and then transfer to another EU country. They are trying to weed out potential immigrants to the EU . Students interested in working in US or UK or in India are eligible to give the USMLE or PLAB or MCI Screening test after . your school and your subject and then give you the visa or reject the visa. The embassy has an authorized medical officer for medical check up and a list of translators who will help you with the translations. Original of birth certificate (or an affidavit in a court) You go to the embassy with all these documents. Ukraine is part of the 41 countries with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer Scheme) and it is possible to transfer your credits to another college in Europe. date and time of arrival so that they will inform the immigration to let you through the border / port of arrival. Complete the form. 15th in order to join in the current year. d. Medical Insurance for your travel to Ukraine. In the interview they will ask you questions on Ukraine. get a visa form. The Fee & documents needed for visa is usually displayed in the Embassy notice board. Or they have appointed agents who can do this for a fee. If you are a genuine student. Most Universities have appointed agents to assist in admission. pay the fees. You will initially feel lost without knowing the local language. Once you learn the local language it is much easier to move around and make friends. Kiev is an expensive city. place. have complete documents and answer the questions properly – you need not have any worry about the issue of the visa. After you get your visa . You have to cross the border by Nov. Visa processing begins from the 15th of August in all embassies of Ukraine. Inform the University of your flight number. Medical test as prescribed by the Embassy b. To get a visa . Others complete their entire 6 years in Ukraine. e.know English – but not all know English and it is difficult to move in without language skills for the traveler.before you fly to Ukraine. c. Carry your photocopy allowed to papers and you may passport at all times and keep a in your bags.certified by the Govt / embassy of the country of issue. 1st year Admission begins from 1st of September to Nov. 15th.

Singapore.graduating from Ukraine. The QUALITY of education Good and you are getting a GREAT DEAL because these Universities are owned by the Government and not the private sector. UAE etc. . Ukraine is a GREAT destination.000 $ a year!! Both Ternopil and Ivano are lovely cities and you can fall in love with the place. For the Budget student seeking low cost Medical education – MBBS or MD. Supermarkets are good for packaged food great salads. The same University in Western Europe would cost you 20. Lovely churches. The buildings are old and have lovely architecture. The local bazaar and wet markets offers shopping at lower prices. A central lake & parks are there. By the same token they will be eligible for the competency tests in Australia. They have broad footpaths in the center of the city. Canada.

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