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MarathonTrainins ScheduleAdvanced I
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duringyour warrnis Warm Up and Cool Bown: Stretching important But stretching it blood flow to the muscles. up, beforeyou run, because increases your cool-downmay be evenmore important."After running,stretching during muscle helpsto removelactic acid from the muscle,which in turn reduces afterwards betterflexibility." Stretching saysPitchford."That promotes soreness," alsowill helpyou relax. too can While stretching promoteflexibility,stretching Dantt Overstretch! form an the far actually candamage muscles-particularlyif you're recovering up injury. "A healthymusclecan elongate to 1.6times its length,"suggests By well to that much stretching." "but generallydoesn'trespond Pitchford, the myotaticreflex that actuallywill cause you overstretching, createan automatic while don't bounce to muscle recoilto protectitselffrom tearingand injury.Also, Holding your stretchin a staticpositionworks best. stretching.

time Combine Stretching and Strengthe*ing: A good to doyour
training. is exercises while restingbetweenlifts during your strength stretching your flexibility, saysPitchford, training wrll not decrease (See:Strength.) Strength as long asyou do it properlyand performyour lifts throughtheir full rangeof motion.

professionals frequently Use MICE Rather Than RICE: Health
and promoteRICE as oneway of treatingan injury: Rest,Ice, Compression This is because promotes MICE. "Move it," shesays. But Elevation. Pitchford If blood flow andmuscleatrophy. immobilizinga musclecanleadto decreased that recovery. from an injury, you can speed you stretchproperlywhile recovering believes a myth that agingis the only factorthat it Resist Aging: Pitchford showthata she loseflexibility."It's lack of exercise," says."Studies usto causes flexibility than aging."If you lifestyleis a biggerfactorin decreasing sedentary maintainyour flexibility, you will look to stayactiveaerobicallyand usestretching of and feel youngerbecause the way you move.

presented below is to maintaingood form. Don't Finally, the key to the exercises The 90-degree anglesfeaturingstraightbacksand carefully look sloppystretching. promotedby personal trainer exercises positioned limbs that work in the strength promotedby exercises well in many of the stretching CathyVasto alsowork follow. (Hold each stretching exercises DebbiePitchford.Pitchford'sfive fantastic repeating times.) l0 for stretch 10 seconds,

is 1. Quadriceps Stretcht The quadriceps the musclein the front of the your speed. is the "quads" It thigh, importantfor lifting your kneesand increasing the runnersto comeshuffling across causing that often go at the end of marathons, they havea hardtime lifting their feet off the ground.To do this finish line because with objectfor balance simply grabhold of a stationary while standing, exercise handto graspthe leg aroundthe ankle,lifting it the opposite onehandand use form faults: "You want to keep Pitchfordpointsout several towardyour buttocks. leg. aheadof the stance your back straightand not allow the kneeto drift for"ward the lot of runnersslouchforward,which effectivelynegates stretch's A " effectiveness. however,is lying on a bench, An evenmore effectiveway to do this exercise, pull your foot towardyour buttocks. usinga towel wrappedaroundthe ankleto You shouldpositionyourselfon the edgeof the benchwith the foot of your As exercises, danglingleg forward,kneebent,leg relaxed. with the otherstretching and stretchfor 10 seconds repeatasmany as 10 times for eachleg. hold each

Positions Strstch Quadriceps

that Stretch i This is the exercise got me readyto run the 2. Harnstring by Klondike Relay.Most runnersdo this exercise puttingtheir foot on a waist-high object(or a hurdleif at the track) and slowly leaningforward,reaching stationary The hamstringis the down the shinuntil they feel a stretchin the hamstring. just below the kneeup into the buttocks. the musclethat It's musclethat runs from lifts the lower leg andbendsthe kneeafterthe quadshavelifted your knees. even runners, as I discovered, but pull this musclemorethan distance Sprinters your ability to run fast. strainingyour hamstringcan limit however,is not with your foot on a stool,but The bestway to do this exercise, ratherwhile lying on your back.This is how Pitchfordtaughtme the hamstring upward. Lie stretch. on your back,keepingthe back flat andyour eyesfocused the back of onethigh with both your handsand (leg bent)pull that thigh into Grasp your knee.After you've position the floor. Thenslowly straighten vs. a 90-degree you can achievea betterstretchby pulling your gottenusedto doing this exercise, thigh closerto your chest-but don't overdoit!

Postions Hamstring Stretch

for Stretch! The piriformismuscleis responsible lateral 3. Piriformis who haveto change rotationof the hip. It is particularlyimportantto athletes direction,suchastennisplayersandrunningbacksin football.But thoughrunners keepingthe piriformis musclelooseis importantfor overall run straightahead, flexibility. Lying on your back, crossyour legsjust asyou might while sitting in a pull the kneetowardyour chest the chair.Grasping "under"leg with both hands, until you feel the stretchin your buttocksand hips.

Position PiriformisStretch

is 4. Castroc Stretch: tnis push-offexercise the oneyou mostoftensee runnersdoing beforeraces.Typically, they leanagainsta wall to stretchthe calf muscles-but they don't alwaysdo it right, claimsPitchford.The gastrocmuscle, is alongwith the soleus, locatedin the back of the calf. It is the calf musclethat your grounded foot while running.Lean againsta actuallypropelsyour leg across the object,both palmsagainst object.The leg you want to wall or otherstationary on feet from the wall, your heel firmly positioned the floor. stretchis back,several your back leg andthe wall. Start leg is flexed abouthalfivaybetween Your other with your back straightand graduallylungeforward until you feel the stretchin your calf. "It is importantto keepyour back foot straightand angled90 degrees from the wall." savsPitchford.

Position Gastroc Stretch

forget,"says that mostrunners 5. Soleus Stretch: "This is the stretch (as muscles above)without realizingthere'sa Pitchford."They stretchtheir gastroc The soleusis the othermajor musclein the calf, similar stretchfor the soleus." It locatedin front of the gastroc. is importantfor plantingthe foot on the ground pushoff. Positionyourselfsimilar to the gastrocstretchwith back beforeyour is the straightandpalmsagainst wall. The difference that you startin a "seated" Gently leaninto the wall until positionwith your legsbent,your buttocksdropped. you feel the stretchin your lower calf.

Position Stretch Soleus

it is Stretching important,saysPitchford,not only because will makeyou a better lesslikely to get injured,but it canalsohelp you to maintainflexibility to runner, do all the otheractivitiesin your life.

Q Cop.vright 2000 b-vtlal tligdon. all riglrtsreserved.

Go High/tr Ow: If you'retrainingfor a racelike the GateRiver Run,you don't want to bulk up. Extra weight will slow you down. To avoid putting on high. Vasto pounds, keepthe poundsof the weightsyou lift low and the repetitions lifting 50 to 60 percentof the maximumweight you can lift in a setof recommends later.For Two setsof 12work well for mostof the lifts described 12 repetitions. trainingtwo or maximumbenefits,without wastinga lot of time, do your strength threetimes a week,after you run, not before. injury. Keepyour form-not for vanify,but to prevent [-OCk GO*d Lifting: partsareat right angles: lifts Most seated work bestif your body Think 90-degrees. the feet flat against floor, trunk erect,chin up, eyesforward.Practice legsstraight, the the pelvic tilt whereyou pressyour torsoback against chair,or floor, to keep your back from slumping."Good form works in lifting as much as it doesin running,"saysVasto. you canmakewhile lifting is to hold your tsreathe Right: The worstmistake Inhalewhile the that That simplytightens muscles you wantto keeploose. breath, while it, inhaling agarn to you prepare lift the weight,then exhalewhile lifting saysVasto,"sothatyou're not is loweringit. "Thebestway to breathe naturally," you're doingit." evenaware to don't rush Whenmovingfrom exercise exercise, Rest by Stretehing: your workout by with friends.Stayfocusedon and don't wastetime chit-chatting trainingto havea in stretching between."It's very importantwhile strength routine,"warnsVasto."You don't want to loseyour flexibility, which stretching (which occurwhen Eccentriccontractions canhappenif you forgetto stretch. while strength loweringthe weights)actuallycantightenthe muscles."Stretching trainingprovidesa doubledoseof conditioningin a minimum of time. (For six see: exercises, Stretch.) stretching sensational presented below is to go slow and remainin Finally, the key to the exercises control."You're not trying to seehow fastyou can get in and out of the weight room,"saysVasto."You're trying to win your raceon the road."Vasto'ssix follow. exercises strength spectacular

but l. Bench Pressi This is a basiclift, usedby all bodybuilders, you canuse you can also (although Lie and speed. on your back on a bench it to build strength Keep your back flat, your usethe floor). For weight,usea barbellor dumbbells. kneesbent.Your palmsshouldbe facing forward,your handsshouldbe equal Lift distantand over your shoulders. the bar or dumbbellsstraightup (think 90workout and lower slowly. Do tuzosetsof 12 reps.For an alternate degrees) triceps deltoids, (Strengthens pectorals, the without weights,do simplepush-ups. andbiceps.)



sit ?, Rowin$: Grippingdumbbells, on the edgeof a benchor firm chair. with your arms Hold the dumbbells (Remember keepyour back straight.) to to your knees.Raisethe dumbbells just palmsfacing inward against extended, your chest,then returnto the startingposition.Do two setsof 12 reps. opposite keepingyour kneesbent at a 45while standing, You can alsodo this exercise angleandyour torsobent forward.Anotheroption is to usea singleweight degree the grippedin both handsandbring it up to your chest.(Strengthens rhomboids.)



Position Finishing

saysVasto."You cando it Putl: "This is an easyexercise," 3. Ovgrhgad of flour, or a waterbottleif you don't bag can with a 16-ounce of soup,a 5-pound havea dumbbell.The anglemultipliesthe effectof evenlight weights."Takethe elbowsforward,back straight,kneesslightly bentto objectand hold it overhead, while seated.) pressure your back.(You can alsodo this exercise off takethe Lower the weight behindyour headtowardthe back of your neck,thenreturnto the position. two setsof 12 reps.(Strengthens triceps.) Do the starting


back, in, 4. Thg Curl: Sit in a chair,feet flat on the floor, stomach shoulders your waist aboveyour hips,your palmsup headup. Your elbowsshouldbe against angles.) Raisethe what we saidabout90-degree holdingthe weights.(Remember loweringslowly. Do two setsof 12 reps."Two cansof weightsto your shoulders, claimsVasto.(Shedoesn'tyet havea aswell asbarbellsor dumbbells," soupwork but to CampbellSoupendorsement go with her Asics shoeendorsement, she's (Strengthens the up. can working on it). This exercise alsobe donestanding biceps.)


Curl Down

Curl Up

a 5" The Crunch I AlthoughVastodoes400 sit-ups day,sherecommends muscles. it the "The absare to crunches her clients,because isolates abdominal saysVasto."They supportyour upperbody, importantat the your coreof balance," off (A crunchis a sit-upwhereyou stop afterraisingyour shoulders end of a race." the the floor.) In the startingposition,your back shouldbe flat against floor, your headup, eyeson the ceiling,handsgrippingthe back of your neck,your knees relaxedand bent,feet on the floor. Raiseonly to the point whereyou feel your returningyour back to the floor. tightening,hold then release, muscles stomach startingwith 3 setsof 15 and working up to 4 setsof 20. A Vastorecommends lifts. on pointingtowardyour "love handles," alternate variationis to tilt sideways, muscles, referredto asthe "abs."The love-handle (Strengthens abdominal the the variationstrengthens obliquemuscles.)


the exercises strengthen upperbody,often 6, The Lunge: The five previous of several the muscles the of The lungewill help strengthen by neglected runners. apart.If you usea your feet shoulder-width with lower body. Startthis exercise your shoulders behindyour neck.If using and barbell,it shouldrest across hold them besideyour thighs.Take a long stepforwardwith one leg dumbbells, with the thenrise.Bring the leadleg backandrepeat to anddescend a low position, to otherleg forward.Form is very importantin doing this exercise avoid injury. warnsVasto.In the forwardposition,your kneeshould "Again, think 90-degrees," angle.Allowing your forward kneeto move be over your feet, forming a 90-degree stress. Similarly,the backknee unnecessary too far aheadof the anklecauses ground.The back lower leg shouldbe parallelto the ground, shouldnot touchthe many of the musclesof the angle.(Strengthens 90-degree forming still another glutealsand erectorspinae.) hamstrings, legs,includingthe quadriceps,


for is Strength important,saysVasto,not only to improveyour speed running races, it will makeyou feel good and look good and improvethe quality of but your lifetime. your life, throughout

How to Design:Interval Training
efficiency/ increase mechanical threshold, VO2,increase anaerobic Increase Benefits: rate metabolic (up to 12 hoursafterexercise) resting increase pace perl/zmileEx:7 min milepace= and 3 Step1: Perform miletimetrial calculate 3:30perhalfmile. perform fasterthan slightly interuals warmup andstretch, Step2: After10-15minute Ex: by racepace 5 seconds 3:25per halfmile jog easy for recovery 3-minute Step3: Perform jog with 3-minute mileintervals a Step4: Repute totalof 3 times:(3) 1/z Step5: Add 1 every2 weeks cool Step6: Do a 10-minute downafterintervals time in showhugedecrease mile/minute Step7: Should

How to Design:Hill Training
benefits will to of and Hills that havean incline 5-7o/o take1-3minutes climb showsimilar training to interval leg VO2,economy/ power, and legturnover Hillsimprove into Hills alsobe phased the run itself can mayinclude intervals to a 600yd hillwiththejog downas the 5 up hill Sample workout recovery per is for timefor hilltraining Boston 1 Vz- 3 minutes hillat a moderate Note:Optimal incline

How to Design: Faftlek Training
play in speed & originated Sweden is Fartlek a wordthatmeans terrain at speeds usually grassy over of Fartleks consist running varying workout intensity is to exertion used gauge Perceived & benefits intervals hills to that similar workouts show Fartleks great are less who for Good runners prefer structure x Interuals, per one HillsandFartleks havea similarbenefit. Perform of these week. all for maybe hrlls/interuals.* specifically Boston Theidealcombination


exerciseduring training Refersto using different modesof cardiovascular or whilemaintaining improving injury the Reduces riskof overuse fitness of cardiovascular from injury,evenif you cannot whilerecovering fitness Maintains run for 3-6 weeks performance that muscles will helpimprove Strengthens skating all are trainers, inline and elliptical bike, Track, Stairmaster, waterrunning, Nordic goodmodes cross training for performance in decrements limits on showthat cross-training a bikeor elliptical Studies who individuals havehadto taketimeoff fromrunning handle cannot bodies whowouldliketo run 5-6daysperweek,but whose Idealfor runners the stress you it thanrunning, allows to go for a longer has cross-training muchlessimpact Because workouts thanyourrunning intensity and duration grater impact calories whileminimizing Expends for Excellent weight-control.

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Runners Nutritionfor Marathon

*note: moreon Nutrition be givenat the Nutrition or Lecture can be foundby contacting will Joa n n e Ke av eney ,R D 6l T-375- 5 6 0 0 x . 2 5 7 o r e m a i| jk e a v e n e y @ f it c o r p .co m fo r i n d i vi d u needs nutrition is: runner years - 2800-3000 caUday old 20-50 Males 20-50yearsold - 2400calldaY Females of 55 Carbs: o/o 650/o totalcalories per grams pound totalbodyweight of Protein: 0.5-0.75 Fats:25% of totalcalories vitamins minerals & morethanenough consume mostathletes indicates Research theirdailyintake though any website answer questions: to Nutrition and for FDACenter FoodSafety Applied Supplements then on www, click Dietary you run! before Eatsomething trial & errorwhatworkswith your stomach through Learn of 0.5 t hourpre-exercise grams carbsper poundof bodyweight Recommended: Try to eat on a schedule sametimeseachday of 4-Boz fluidfor every15-20minutes hardrunning than60-90minutes longer for drinks gelsrecommended sessions & Spofts replacement for Needed electrolyte




Mile Pace 10:00 10:20 10:40 11:00 2 Mile 20:00 5 Mile 50:00 51:40 10 Mile 1:40:00 L:43:20 t:46:40 1:50:00 1:53:20 1:56:40 2:00:00 15 Mile 20 Mile Marathon 2:30:00 3:20:00 2:35:00 3:26:40 2:40:00 3:33;20 2:45:00 3:40:00 2:50:00 3:46:40 2:55:00 3:53:20 3:00:00 4:00:00 3:05:00 4:06:40 3:10:00 4:L3:20 3:15:00 4:20:00 3:20:00 4:26:40 3:25:00 4:33:20 3: 30: 00 4:40:00 3:35:00 4:44:40 3: 40: 00 4253:20 3:45:00 5:00:00 3:50:00 5:06:40 3:55:00 5:13:20 4:00:00 5:20:00 4:05:00 5:25:40 4:22:00 4:30:44 4:39:28 4:48:32 4:57:t6 5:06:00 5:L4:44 5:23:28

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12:00 L2:20 t2:40 13:00 13:20 13:40

2:06:40 2:10:00 2:I3:20 2:1640

5:40:56 5:49:40 5:58:24 6:07:08 6:L6:32 6:25:16 6:34:00 6:43:24 6:52:08 7:0I:32 7:t0:L6

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