There’s Power in Prayer Peter and Cornelius, Linked by Prayer Even though Cornelius was not a Jew, he believed

in the one true God. He gave offerings and prayed regularly. In fact, he prayed and gave so much that his prayers and offerings built a memorial before God. Every time Cornelius prayed, another block was added to his memorial. Each day Cornelius got up and started his daily routine. He stretched, yawned widely, and walked over to the window. He looked out at the beautiful day God had given him, and he knelt to pray. He thanked God for the day, asked Him for directions, and praised Him. Then he arose, put on his sword, and went to work. Perhaps on his way to work, he stopped by the Temple and gave an offering. Or maybe he saw a hungry, homeless person and gave him money to buy food. Day after day Cornelius prayed and gave, prayed and gave. Every time he prayed and gave, his memorial in heaven grew taller and taller. Week after week, month after month, year after year, Cornelius prayed and gave. He did not know it, but his memorial was getting bigger and bigger. One day an odd thing happened. About three o'clock in the afternoon, when Cornelius was praying, he had a vision—sort of like a dream. An angel of the Lord spoke to him. The angel told him that God had noticed his prayers and his offerings because prayer gets God's attention. The angel told Cornelius to send men to Joppa to Simon the tanner's house. There they would find a man of God named Peter, who would have special instructions for Cornelius. Then the angel left. What an awesome experience. Cornelius immediately sent two of his most trusted servants and a soldier to Joppa to find Peter. God always works on both ends of the line. As the men traveled to Joppa, Peter was praying on the flat room of his friend Simon's house. In the middle of his prayer, Peter had a vision. Remember when Cornelius prayed, he had a vision. Then when Peter prayed, he had a vision. Prayer got God's attention. Then God got both men's attention. Peter saw heaven open and watched as a sheet was lowered to the roof where he was praying. Peter heard a voice, "Rise, Peter; kill, and eat." He was shocked. "Oh no, Lord," he cried. "I could never eat those creatures. I have been taught all of my life not to eat those animals. They are unclean for food." But the vision would not go away. In fact, Peter saw it two more times. Peter was puzzled. What could this vision possibly mean? Why would God tell him to eat meat that was unclean for Jews to eat? As he wondered about it, the men Cornelius had sent knocked on the door. At the same time, the Holy Ghost spoke to Peter, telling him to go with these men because God had sent them. So Peter ran downstairs. Peter walks downstairs in place. He found the three Gentile men Cornelius had sent. They asked him to go with them to Cornelius's house. Before he had his vision, Peter would not have gone because Jews did not visit in the homes of Gentiles. But suddenly, Peter understood his vision. God was telling him that no race or nation of people was better than another. Peter, a Jew, was not better than Cornelius, a Gentile. All are equal in God's sight. . While his men were gone to find Peter, Cornelius invited his friends and family to come to his house to wait for Peter. Peter and Cornelius shared the stories of their visions. They marveled at how God had worked on both ends of the line, telling Cornelius to send for Peter and preparing Peter to go to Cornelius. Prayer linked Peter and Cornelius together. Peter preached Jesus to Cornelius's family and friends. As Peter preached, the Holy Ghost fell on all of them, and they spoke in tongues. Then they were baptized in water in Jesus' name. What a mighty revival, all because Peter and Cornelius prayed.