Top toys for 2004 1) Playstation 2 2) Xbox 3) Barbie 4) Bratz 5) Yu-Gi-Oh!

cards 6) Transformers 7) Nintendo Gamecube 8) Care Bears 9) Legos 10) Beyblade 11) Zoids 12) Gameboy Advance 3 Great Inventions There are three things invented in my lifetime which, in my opinion, have had a huge impact on the world. These three items are DVDs, Cell Phones, and iPods. DVD (which stands for Digital Versatile Disc) was a new medium for the storage of video. A DVD has an expected lifespan of up to 250 years and can store more video at a better quality than a VHS cassette can. They are a few mm thick and 8 cm in diameter, so they're considerably smaller and easier to store than a VHS cassette is. Cell Phones that have a battery that will last for days, but are smaller than a deck of cards have enabled one to travel around the world and still contact anyone else in the world in seconds. This among other things has had a huge impact on businesses around the world. An iPod is a hard-disc based music player that enables the user to carry up to 15,000 songs around in a package that is about the size of a deck of cards. iPods are considerably easier to transport than both tape and CD players. This is mostly due to the fact that all you need to carry your music around is the iPod, itself, no CD's or tapes stacked 20 feet high.
1955--TV REMOTE CONTROL 1955--MICROWAVE OVEN 1958--JET AIRLINER The Boeing 707-120 1959--FLOAT GLASS There's a reason old windowpanes distort everything: They were made by rapidly squeezing a sheet of red-hot glass between two hot rollers, which produced a cheap but uneven pane. British engineer Alastair Pilkington revolutionizes the process by floating molten glass on a bath of molten tin--by nature, completely flat. The first factory to produce usable float glass opens in 1959; an estimated 90 percent of plate glass is still produced this way. 1961--CORDLESS TOOLS Black and Decker 1962--COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITE Telstar is launched

1962--LED General Electric, light-emitting diode (LED), STATS 1962/VIDEO GAMES MIT programmers write Spacewar; 43 years later 89 percent of school-age kids own video games. 1955/POLIO VACCINE The year Jonas Salk finds a way to prevent polio, there are 28,985 global cases; by 2005, the number drops to 1200. 1957/THREE-POINT SEATBELT According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 15,000 American lives are saved in 2005 by Nils Bohlin's device. 1964--MUSIC SYNTHESIZER

1969--SMOKE DETECTOR 1970--DIGITAL MUSIC James Russell, a scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, invents the first digital-to-optical recording and playback system, in which sounds are represented by a string of 0s and 1s and a laser reads the binary patterns etched on a photosensitive platter. Russell isn't able to convince the music industry to adopt his invention, but 20 years later, Time Warner and other CD manufacturers pay a $30 million patent infringement settlement to Russell's former employer, the Optical Recording Co. 1971--WAFFLE-SOLE RUNNING SHOES Bill Bowerman, the track coach at the University of Oregon, sacrifices breakfast for peak performance when he pours rubber into his wife's waffle iron, forming lightweight soles for his athletes' running shoes. Three years later, Bowerman's company, Nike, introduces the Waffle Trainer, which is an instant hit. 1972--ELECTRONIC IGNITION Chrysler 1978--GPS The first satellite in the modern Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) is launched. 1984--DNA FINGERPRINTING

1958/LASER BEAM Whitens teeth, removes tattoos, corrects vision, scans groceries, tracks missiles. 1978/GENETIC ENGINEERING Produces insulin, creates vaccines, clones sheep, increases shelf life of tomatoes, manipulates human cells to prevent disease. 1958/SUPER GLUE Repairs a broken taillight, reassembles a vase, strengthens knots on a hammock, closes wounds, lifts fingerprints. LIFESAVERS 1998--MP3 PLAYER 2002--IEEE 802.16

Play-dough 1956 Slinky 1943 a beautiful Monopoly game Magic 8 Ball Rubik’s Silly Putty. Scrabble, Pedal Cars, Pogo Sticks, Sleds, Train Sets, Slot Cars, Etch-A Sketch, Slinky, Wee-Lo…even Wooly Willy!