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It's almost as if they don't want to solve it….












To get that far, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had helped invent what was virtually a new
science, microbial forensics, the use of biochemical clues to track a germ weapon to its source.

The bureau sponsored research at a score of government and university laboratories intended to
estimate the age of the anthrax, tracing the water used to grow it, assessing how it was made into
an inhalable powder and, perhaps most important, taking its genetic fingerprint.


A number of the recent articles on the anthrax attacks have remarked on how the various targets
seem curiously unrelated: the phrase "little in common" is often employed. And yet – and yet…

To begin with, targets Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy aren't just any old U.S. senators. They're
Democrats, and, what's more, they are – or, in Daschle's case, were – leaders of the congressional
Democratic caucus. Daschle was leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, and Leahy was
– and is – head of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, a post he used to his party's
maximum advantage.

Both of these men, in addition, were major obstacles to the passage of the PATRIOT Act, with
Daschle refusing to grant the administration the unlimited power it sought. Together with Leahy,
Daschle led the opposition to the original version of the bill, which had no expiration date. The
Democrats, particularly Daschle and Leahy, argued in favor of a two-year expiration date, but
after their Senate offices were targeted by the anthrax killer, both thought better of it and
compromised on a four-year extension.

Far from having "little in common," as the conventional media spinmeisters would have it, these
two men shared their staunch opposition to the Bush administration's brazen attempt to trample
the Constitution underfoot and seize power for themselves.

Yes, but what about the anthrax killers' media targets? NBC one could arguably describe as either
centrist, or mildly liberal, but what about the New York Post and the National Enquirer, one a
rightist daily owned by Rupert Murdoch and the other an iconic gossip sheet whose name is a
synonym for journalism of the yellowest sort? These two targets seem to have nothing in
common, aside from a certain tabloid flair.

Yet they do, indeed, share a certain focus, at least when it comes to one very particular subject,
and I owe this insight to the anonymous "Allie," posting on the Web site. The
Enquirer has published a lot of photos of celebrities caught-in-the-act, so to speak, and one of
these was of Jenna Bush, falling-down drunk and rolling around on the floor with another female
for the delectation of the attending fraternity boys. The New York Post was another source for this
specialized genre. As "Allie" puts it: "If you go to their search page and do a search for Jenna
what you come up with is a plethora of articles on the Boozing Bush Twins. More and worse than
anything published in The National Enquirer."

"Allie" then goes on to list the Post's prolific output of bad-girl-Jenna pieces, with such lurid titles
as "Busted Bush Babes Make Different Booze Pleas," "Double Shot: Bush Twins Both Nailed,"
"Jenna Comes 'Clean': Beer Bush Babe Faces Garbage Duty," and a little editorial comment to
stick the knife in all the way: "Reign in These Bush Leaguers," by Linda Stasi.

As "Allie" shows, all of the intended targets of the anthrax attacks did indeed have one thing in
common: in some manner or other, they had crossed the Bush family, either in a very personal
way (the first victims at the Enquirer and the Post), or else politically, in the cases of Daschle and
Leahy. As far as the latter two are concerned, it wasn't just their status as Democratic Party
leaders, but their active opposition to the Bush agenda during the PATRIOT Act debate, that

As for Tom Brokaw, "Allie" points out that, prior to receiving the deadly anthrax-laden missive,
and as the country was still reeling from the impact of 9/11, Brokaw had been approached by
administration insiders not to run an interview with Bill Clinton, but he went ahead and did it
anyway, thus incurring the Bushies' wrath.

Yes, there were many more victims of the anthrax attacks, with five killed and 17 injured. Leahy
and Daschle were unharmed, as was Brokaw, but the Enquirer was hit hard, and – given "Allie's"
thesis – right on target.

In any case, a certain pattern of the intended targets emerges. I can't paraphrase the passion
behind Allie's analysis, so I'll let him speak for himself:

"Who had a motive? Who had a grudge against The Enquirer and the New York Post? Who had a
grudge against Brokaw? Who wanted to frighten or manipulate Congress? First to get it to
adjourn indefinitely, leaving Bush with the power of the purse. Second to get the PATRIOT Act
passed in all its fascist glory, without even being read. Who?

"It's as plain as the nose on your face. Why is the major media pussyfooting around it? Are they
still terrified?"

I have to say I don't see any real evidence for any of this, beyond the wildly circumstantial – and,
in that respect, the basis of "Allie's" thesis is no different from the "evidence" marshaled by the
FBI against Dr. Ivins. Except that, of the two narratives, the FBI's tale of a porn-obsessed
sorority-house lurker and mad scientist is a lot less believable.

What is all too believable, however, is the abuse endured by Ivins and his family, as related by the
New York Times:

"They had even intensively questioned his adopted children, Andrew and Amanda, now both 24,
with the authorities telling his son that he might be able to collect the $2.5 million reward for
solving the case and buy a sports car, and showing his daughter gruesome photographs of victims
of the anthrax letters and telling her, 'Your father did this,' according to the account Dr. Ivins
gave a close friend.
"As the investigation wore on, some colleagues thought the FBI's methods were increasingly
coercive, as the agency tried to turn Army scientists against one another and reinterviewed family

"One former colleague, Dr. W. Russell Byrne, said the agents pressed Dr. Ivins' daughter
repeatedly to acknowledge that her father was involved in the attacks.

'"It was not an interview,' Dr. Byrne said. 'It was a frank attempt at intimidation.'

"Dr. Byrne said he believed Dr. Ivins was singled out partly because of his personal weaknesses.
'They figured he was the weakest link,' Dr. Byrne said. 'If they had real evidence on him, why did
they not just arrest him?'"


The chief suspect in the anthrax attacks now dead, the Justice Department is expected to decide
within days whether to close what had been one of its most high-profile unsolved cases.

Five people died and 17 others were sickened when anthrax-laced letters began showing up at
congressional offices, newsrooms and post offices soon after Sept. 11, 2001.

After wrongly investigating Army scientist Steven Hatfill, the FBI more than a year ago began
looking at another suspect: Bruce E. Ivins, who worked at the same military lab. Ivins, a
decorated scientist who was working on an anthrax cure, killed himself last Tuesday.

David R. Franz, a former commander of the Army's lab biological warfare labs at Fort Detrick,
Md., where Ivins worked, said Saturday he thought it was "very important that the FBI present
their case against Bruce and not just state that the investigation was over because it was him and
he's gone."

Franz added, "I'm concerned about what closing this case without conclusive evidence might do
to harm our life sciences enterprise. ... I think we as Americans need to see the proof."
Prosecutors were mulling this weekend whether to tell a grand jury investigating evidence against
Ivins to close the case. If that happens, court documents outlining the government's evidence are
expected to be unsealed.

Two U.S. officials said victims and their survivors could be briefed as early as Tuesday on the
final piece of the bioterrorism attacks that confounded the government.

The Justice Department attributed the break in the case to "new and sophisticated scientific
tools." Investigators said the science focused, in part, on how the anthrax strains were handled
and who had access to it at the time of the mailings.

Had the same process been used years ago, it would have cleared Hatfill, according to two people
familiar with the FBI investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is not
officially closed.

FBI profilers said they probably were looking for a loner with a scientific background. Maybe he
had a grudge against the lawmakers and news organizations. Investigators also considered
possible links to al-Qaida, the terrorist group behind the 9/11 attacks.

Intensive focus initially settled on Hatfill, who for years accused the government of unfairly
targeting him. In late June, the government exonerated Hatfill and paid him a $5.82 million

With that, the government seemed no closer to solving the "Amerithrax" mystery. But, quietly,
investigators were closing in on a different scientist, Ivins.

A murder indictment and the possibility of the death penalty would have produced a high-profile
climax to the case. Shadowed by the FBI, Ivins died Tuesday from a Tylenol overdose, leaving
the probe in limbo and a nation seeking answers.

"It's a shame the man is not here with us. We might have known more," said Maureen Stevens,
whose husband, Bob, was the first anthrax victim.

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, said "I think the FBI owes us a
complete accounting of their investigation and ought to be able to tell us at some point, how we're
going to bring this to closure." Daschle's office received a letter containing the deadly white
powder in 2001.

Among the unanswered questions is why the anthrax was sent. The FBI was investigating
whether Ivins, renowned for his work developing anthrax vaccines and treatment, released the
toxin to test those cures. Ivins was one of several scientists named in an application for a vaccine
patent 18 months before the attacks.

Another puzzle is what finally led the FBI to focus on Ivins a year or so ago. Ivins attracted some
attention for conducting unauthorized anthrax testing in the six months following the anthrax
mailings, but the FBI focus stayed on Hatfill.

As Ivins' name emerged, so did a portrait of a conflicted, troubled man. His friends knew him as
the man who played the keyboard at church, a Red Cross volunteer who was an avid juggler and

Others saw a darker side. Police recently removed him from work, fearing he was a danger to
himself or others. Social worker Jean C. Duley filed for a restraining order in a Maryland court.

"Client has a history dating to his graduate days of homicidal threats, plans and actions towards
therapists," Duley wrote in court documents last week, adding that his psychiatrist had described
him as homicidal and sociopathic.

Ivins' brother, Tom Ivins, said he had not spoken to Bruce Ivins since 1985, but acknowledged the
possibility his brother may have been the anthrax mailer.

"It makes sense, what the social worker said," Tom Ivins said. "He considered himself like a god."

Ivins' lawyer, Paul F. Kemp, asserted the scientist's innocence and said he would have proved it at
trial. Kemp said his client's death was the result of the government's "relentless pressure of
accusation and innuendo."

Maryland's chief medical examiner, Dr. David Fowler, confirmed Saturday that Ivins died
Tuesday morning at Frederick, Md., Memorial Hospital; that the cause of death was found to be
an overdose of acetaminophen, the active drug in Tylenol; and that it was ruled a suicide based on
information from police and doctors.


Associated Press writers David Dishneau and Chrissie Thompson in Frederick, Md., Ben Nuckols
in Baltimore, John Pain in Miami, AP researchers Susan James and Jennifer Farrar in New York
and AP Television contributed to this report.

Why does it always lead back to the same people....

Daschle and Leahy were holding up the Patriot Act and Stevens was holding up pictures of
another Bush Act!! hmmm...
WHAT IF??...What if the FBI was actually doing a real investigation and was getting close to
the Bush Sr operative (Mr Bruce Ivins was well rewarded with the National Department of
Defense Service Award (the highest DOD award a civilian can receive) in 2003) who might
spill all the beans if called to testify (he was negotiating a plea bargain)....hence a "necessary"
non-self-inflicted suicide...and now the case is to be immediately closed??? huh??

Robert Stevens died from anthrax on October 4, 2001. Stevens was a photo editor for The Sun, a
supermarket tabloid housed in the AMI office building in Florida. According to media reports, the
Florida anthrax letters carried a postal paper trail showing it was sent to the National Enquirer at
it's former address, but then got forwarded to the American Media, Inc., office in Boca Raton.
The AMI offices housed both the National Enquirer and The Sun. The question arises: who would
wish harm to this photo editor? Well, it seems that the National Enquirer had run photos of
George Bush's daughter, Jenna, falling down drunk. Four to six months before 911, these
tabloids were having a field day with publishing photos of Bush's daughters and their
drunken escapades; papa Bush wasn't too happy. Of course, all that stopped with the
anthrax attacks.
As for Daschle and Leahy? They were the two Democratic senators who were trying to slow
down the passage of The Patriot Act so that people could have the time to study it and
access its impact on civil liberties:
From Wiki: At the time Daschle was the Senate Majority leader and Leahy was head of the
Senate Judiciary Committee* Both were identified in the media[6] as holding up the proposed
Patriot Act because of concerns that some parts of it would violate civil liberties*

The Patriot Act was introduced to Congress on October 2, 2001*

http://www. newswithviews. com/Devvy/kidd259. htm


The tape shows that, at 8:40 pm, on January 23, 1992, Lt Col. Philip Zack was let in by Dr.
Marian Rippy, lab pathologist. Zack, a former employee, had no legitimate business being in that
lab. As the Courant reports:

"Zack left Fort Detrick in December 1991, after a controversy over allegations of unprofessional
behavior by Zack, Rippy, [lab technician Charles] Brown and others who worked in the
pathology division. They had formed a clique that was accused of harassing the Egyptian-born
Assaad, who later sued the Army, claiming discrimination."

If the FBI is now interested in who sent the Quantico letter, then wouldn't Zack, Rippy, and the
other members of the "Camel Club" be prime suspects? And if the letter's author had
foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks, then wouldn't the "Camel Club" fall under considerable
suspicion? You would think so, but the Washington Times reports that law enforcement is still
"stumped," and cites Assistant Director Michael A. Mason as saying:

"Despite our very, very, very best efforts, we still might not be able to bring it home. This would
not be the first case in the FBI's history that remained unsolved. It simply happens to be the first
case that has received this level of publicity that has not yet been solved."

Oh well, sorry guys, but you can't win 'em all. It's a strangely casual way to treat the investigation
of an attempted mass poisoning – one that occurred, you'll remember, weeks after the worst
terrorist attacks in American history – but Mason's pessimism is merely the capstone of an inquiry
that has to set an all-time record for lethargy.

Raw Story - U*S* anthrax suspect commits suicide: report

A top U*S* biodefence researcher apparently committed suicide just as the Justice Department
was about to file criminal charges against him in the anthrax mailings that traumatized the
country in the weeks following the Sept* 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a published
The scientist, Bruce E* Ivins, 62, who worked for the past 18 years at the government’s
biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md*, had been told about the impending prosecution, the Los
Angeles Times reported for Friday editions

The laboratory has been at the centre of the FBI’s investigation of the anthrax attacks, which
killed five people*
Mr* Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick (Md*) Memorial Hospital* The Times, quoting an
unidentified colleague, said the scientist had taken a massive dose of a prescription Tylenol mixed
with codeine*
Tom Ivins, a brother of the scientist, told The Associated Press that another of his brothers,
Charles, told him Bruce had committed suicide*

Read More

jerm: rant in j-minor


those mailings took place a couple of weeks after 9/11* Only three people received the
“weaponized’ version of the anthrax (that was proved to have come from the Army lab in
Ft* Detrick, MD)* Those people happened to be Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and
Senator Patrick Leahy, and Robert Stevens, who worked for the tabloid “The Sun” in Boca
Raton, Florida* As for Daschle and Leahy?
They were the two Democratic senators who were trying to slow down the passage of The
Patriot Act so that people could have the time to study it and access its impact on civil
From Wiki: At the time Daschle was the Senate Majority leader and Leahy was head of the
Senate Judiciary Committee* Both were identified in the media[6] as holding up the
proposed Patriot Act because of concerns that some parts of it would violate civil liberties*

The Patriot Act was introduced to Congress on October 2, 2001*

tpzoo. wordpress. com/2008/08/01/remember-those-pesky-a

Dead Army Vaccine Scientist Eyed In Anthrax Probe

Friday, August 01, 2008
WBAL Radio and Associated Press
An Army scientist committed suicide as federal prosecutors readied an indictment alleging he
mailed anthrax-laced letters in 2001 in what authorities said Friday may have been a bizarre
attempt to test a vaccine for the deadly poison.
The scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, worked at the Army's biodefense labs at Ft. Detrick, Md., for 18
years until his death on Tuesday. He had a long history of homicidal threats, according to papers
recently filed in local court by a social worker.
The developments marked an unexpected turn in an episode that rattled a nation shaken only a
few weeks earlier by the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Letters containing anthrax powder
turned up at congressional offices, newsrooms and elsewhere, killing five and sending numerous
victims to hospitals with anthrax poisoning.
Ivins' attorney asserted the scientist's innocence and said he had been cooperating with
investigators for more than a year. "We are saddened by his death, and disappointed that we will
not have the opportunity to defend his good name and reputation in a court of law," said Paul F.
For more than a decade, Ivins worked to develop an anthrax vaccine that was effective even in
cases where different strains of anthrax were mixed, which made vaccines ineffective, according
to federal documents reviewed by the AP. In his research, he complained about the limitations of
testing anthrax drugs on animals.
Several U.S. officials, all of whom discussed the ongoing investigation on condition of anonymity
because they were not authorized to speak to the media, said prosecutors were closing in on the
62-year-old Ivins for the 2001 anthrax attacks.
Authorities had been investigating whether the anthrax was released to test new drugs. They were
planning an indictment that would have sought the death penalty for the attacks, officials said.
For years, the only known suspect in the investigation dubbed "Amerithrax" had been Steven
Hatfill, a colleague of Ivins, who has since been exonerated.
The Justice Department released a brief statement Friday afternoon saying, "substantial progress
has been made in the investigation by bringing to bear new and sophisticated scientific tools."
The statement did not identify Ivins. It said investigative documents remain sealed but the
department expects to release more information soon.
Prosecutors have not yet decided whether to close the investigation, officials said, meaning
authorities are still not certain whether Ivins acted alone or had help. One official close to the case
said that decision was expected within days. If the case is closed soon, one official said, that will
indicate that Ivins was the lone suspect.
White House press secretary Dana Perino said President Bush was aware there were "about to be
developments" in the case but did not elaborate.
Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland. Tom Ivins, a brother of the
scientist, told The Associated Press that his other brother, Charles, had told him that Bruce
committed suicide and Tylenol might have been involved. The Los Angeles Times, which first
reported that Ivins was under suspicion, said the scientist had taken a massive dose of a
prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine.
Kemp said his client's death was the result of the government's "relentless pressure of accusation
and innuendo"
Friends, colleagues and court documents paint a picture of a brilliant scientist with a troubled
side. Maryland court documents show he recently received psychiatric treatment and he was
ordered to stay away from a woman he was accused of stalking and threatening to kill.
Social worker Jean C. Duley filed handwritten court documents last week saying she was
preparing to testify before a grand jury. She said the FBI was involved and that Ivins would be
charged with five capital murders.
"Client has a history dating to his graduate days of homicidal threats, plans and actions towards
therapists," Duley said, adding that his psychiatrist had described him as homicidal and
Dr. W. Russell Byrne, a who worked in the bacteriology division at Fort Detrick for 15 years, said
police forcefully removed Ivins from his job recently because of fears he had become a danger to
himself or others. Byrne said he said he did not believe Ivins was behind the anthrax attacks.
Ivins, who received three degrees including a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati, co-
authored numerous anthrax studies, including one published in July that described efforts to treat
mice deliberately exposed to anthrax. The scientists complained of the limited supply of monkeys
available for testing and said testing on animals is insufficient to demonstrate how humans would
respond to treatment.
The Fort Detrick laboratory and its specialized scientists for years have been at the center of the
FBI's investigation of the anthrax mailings. In late June, the government exonerated Hatfill,
whose name has for years had been associated with the attacks. Then-Attorney General John
Ashcroft called him a "person of interest" in 2002.
The government recently paid Hatfill $5.82 million to settle a lawsuit contending he was falsely
accused. Hatfill's lawyer, Tom Connolly, said he would not discuss the case until the FBI has time
to speak with the family members of victims of the anthrax attacks.
Unusual behavior by Ivins was noted at Fort Detrick in the six months following the anthrax
mailings, when he conducted unauthorized testing for anthrax spores outside containment areas at
the infectious disease research unit where he worked, according to an internal report. But the
focus long stayed on Hatfill.
Investigators have been watching Ivins for some time. His brother, Tom Ivins, said federal agents
questions the scientist about a year and a half ago. Neighbors said FBI agents in cars with tinted
windows conducted surveillance on his home. A colleague, Henry S. Heine, said that over the
past year, he and others on their team have testified before a federal grand jury in Washington that
has been investigating the anthrax mailings.
In occasional letters to the local newspaper, Ivins discussed his strong religious faith. He played
keyboard and helped clean up after masses at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in
Frederick, where a dozen parishioners gathered after morning Mass to pray for him Friday.
The Rev. Richard Murphy called Ivins "a quiet man. He was always very helpful and pleasant."
Five people died and 17 were sickened by anthrax powder in letters that were mailed to
lawmakers' Capitol Hill offices, TV networks in New York, and tabloid newspaper offices in
Florida. Two postal workers in a Washington mail facility, a New York hospital worker, a Florida
photo editor and an elderly Connecticut woman were killed.
Key dates in the investigation of the anthrax attacks:
October: Anthrax is mailed to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and members of the news media in New
York and Florida. By November, five people are dead and 17 others sickened. The victims
include postal workers and others who came into contact with the anthrax.
January: Senate office building where anthrax-tainted letters were sent reopens after three months
and fumigation. FBI doubles the reward for helping solve the case to $2.5 million.
June: FBI is scrutinizing 20 to 30 scientists who might have had the knowledge and opportunity
to send the anthrax letters, a U.S. official says.
August: Law enforcement officials and Attorney General John Ashcroft call Steven J. Hatfill, a
biowarfare expert, a "person of interest" in the investigation.
June: FBI drains pond in Frederick, Md., in search of anthrax-related evidence. Frederick is the
home of the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, one of the nation's main
anthrax research centers. Nothing suspicious is found.
August: Hatfill sues Ashcroft and other government officials, accusing them of using him as a
scapegoat and demanding that they clear his name.
December: Postal workers begin moving back into Washington's main mail center, almost two
years after anthrax-laced letters killed two employees. The Brentwood facility underwent more
than $130 million worth of decontamination and renovation.
February: A white powder determined to be the deadly poison ricin is found in an office of Senate
Majority Leader Bill Frist.No one is hurt and no arrests are made.
August: FBI searches homes of Dr. Kenneth M. Berry, who founded a group to train medical staff
to respond to biological disasters, as part of anthrax investigation. No charges are filed.
July 11: BioONE, a company founded by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, begins
fumigating the former headquarters of The Sun, the Florida supermarket tabloid that was the first
target in the anthrax attacks.
July 12: Testing determines The Sun's former headquarters is free of anthrax.
July 13: Hatfill sues The New York Times for defamation, claiming the newspaper ruined his
reputation after it published a series of columns pointing to him as the culprit.
March 10: Sensor at Pentagon mailroom indicates possible presence of anthrax.
March 14: Alarm at second Pentagon mail facility also sounds possible anthrax presence. Post
office in Hamilton, N.J., that handled anthrax-laced letters in 2001 reopens. Further testing
determines no anthrax in Pentagon mailrooms.
March 27: The Supreme Court declines to block Hatfill's suit against the Times.
April 11: It's reported that Hatfill's lawyers have questioned at least two journalists and are
subpoenaeing other reporters, seeking the identities of their confidential government sources.
Oct. 23: A federal judge orders The New York Times to disclose a columnist's confidential
sources as part of a libel lawsuit filed over the newspaper's coverage of the 2001 anthrax attacks.
Dec. 2: The New York Times asks a federal judge to dismiss Hatfill's lawsuit.
Jan. 12: A federal judge dismisses libel lawsuit filed against The New York Times by Hatfill.
Feb. 2: Explaining his ruling, the judge says a New York Times columnist did not act with malice
when writing about whether a Hatfill was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks.
Aug. 13: A federal judge says five journalists must identify the government officials who leaked
them details about Hatfill.
Oct. 2: Hatfill asks a federal judge to hold two journalists in contempt for refusing to identify the
government officials who leaked details about the investigation into the attacks.
March 7: A federal judge holds a former USA Today reporter in contempt and orders her to pay
up to $5,000 a day if she refuses to identify her sources for stories about Hatfill.
March 11: A federal appeals court blocks the fines.
June 27: The federal government awards Hatfill $5.8 million to settle his violation of privacy
lawsuit against the Justice Department.
July 31: Bruce E. Ivins, 62, dies of an apparent suicide at a hospital in Frederick, Md., the Los
Angeles Times reported, after being informed by the FBI that charges likely were being brought
against him in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-07-03 20:08.

By Steve Watson
Is it possible that the anthrax attacks were launched from within our own government? A former
Bush 1 advisor thinks it is.

Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert who worked under the first Bush Administration as
a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s, has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks
that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S.
government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to
post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration tried to ram the USA
PATRIOT Act through Congress," Boyle said in a radio interview with Austin-based talk-show
host Alex Jones. "That would have set up a police state.

"Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont)

were holding it up because they realized what this would lead to. The
first draft of the PATRIOT Act would have suspended the writ of habeas
corpus [which protects citizens from unlawful imprisonment and
guarantees due process of law]. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere,
come these anthrax attacks."

"At the time I myself did not know precisely what was going on, either
with respect to September 11 or the anthrax attacks, but then the New
York Times revealed the technology behind the letter to Senator
Daschle. [The anthrax used was] a trillion spores per gram, [refined
with] special electro-static treatment. This is superweapons-grade
anthrax that even the United States government, in its openly
proclaimed programs, had never developed before. So it was obvious to
me that this was from a U.S. government lab. There is nowhere else you
could have gotten that."

Boyle's assessment was based on his years of expertise regarding

America's bioweapons programs. He was responsible for drafting the
Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that was passed
unanimously by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President
George H.W. Bush.

After realizing that the anthrax attacks looked like a domestic job,
Boyle called a high-level official in the FBI who deals with terrorism
and counterterrorism, Marion "Spike" Bowman. Boyle and Bowman had met
at a terrorism conference at the University of Michigan Law School.
Boyle told Bowman that the only people who would have the capability to
carry out the attacks were individuals working on U.S. government
anthrax programs with access to a high-level biosafety lab. Boyle gave
Bowman a full list of names of scientists, contractors and labs
conducting anthrax work for the U.S. government and military.

Bowman then informed Boyle that the FBI was working with Fort Detrick
on the matter. Boyle expressed his view that Fort Detrick could be the
main problem. As widely reported in 2002 publications, notably the New
Scientist, the anthrax strain used in the attacks was officially
assessed as "military grade."

"Soon after I informed Bowman of this information, the FBI authorized

the destruction of the Ames cultural anthrax database," the professor
said. The Ames strain turned out to be the same strain as the spores
used in the attacks.

The alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames,

Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant
destruction of evidence. It meant that there was no way of finding out
which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax
used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led
directly back to a secret government biowarfare program.

"Clearly, for the FBI to have authorized this was obstruction of

justice, a federal crime," said Boyle. "That collection should have
been preserved and protected as evidence. That's the DNA, the
fingerprints right there. It later came out, of course, that this was
Ames strain anthrax that was behind the Daschle and Leahy letters."

At that point, recounted Boyle, it became very clear to him that there
was a coverup underway. He later discovered, while reading David Ray
Griffin's book on the 9/11 attacks, The New Pearl Harbor, that Bowman
was the same FBI agent who allegedly sabotaged the FISA warrant for
access to [convicted co-conspirator] Zacharias Moussaoui's computer
prior to 9/11. Moussaoui's computer contained information that could
have helped prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the
In 2003, Bowman was promoted and given the Presidential Rank Award by
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote a
letter to Mueller, chastising the organization for granting such an
honor to an agent who had so obviously compromised America's security.

During the anthrax scare, the House of Representatives was officially

shut down for the first time in the history of the republic. Once
opposition from Leahy and Daschle evaporated in the wake of the
attempts on their lives, the USA PATRIOT Act was rammed through.
Testimony by Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) revealed that most
members of Congress were compelled to vote for the bill without even
reading it.

"They were going to move to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, which is
all that really separates us from a police state," Boyle said. "And
that is what they have done now with respect to enemy combatants [in
the Military Commissions Act of 2006]." Boyle added that lawmakers are
now arguing that Amendment XIV, which guarantees due process of law to
all Americans, does not mean what it has been taken to mean and that,
under the Military Commissions Act, any U.S. citizen can be stripped of
citizenship and be labeled an enemy combatant.

Continued Boyle: "In other words, they have taken the position that at
some point in time, if they want to, they can unilaterally round up
United States native-born citizens, as they did for Japanese-Americans
in World War II, and stick us into concentration camps." Boyle asserted
that top officials, such as White House legal advisor John Yoo and
former Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith (now a professor at
Harvard Law School), are pushing for the legalization of torture as

"The Nazis did the exact same thing," said Boyle. "They had their
lawyers infiltrating law schools. Carl Schmidt was the worst, and he
was the mentor to Leo Strauss, the [ideological] founder of the
neoconservatives. So the same phenomenon that started in Nazi Germany
is happening here, and I exaggerate not. We could all be tortured; we
could all be treated this way."
Boyle stressed that it is vital to keep up the pressure on Senator
Leahy, who now chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving him
subpoena power. Since Leahy was himself a target, he may have
sufficient motivation to get to the bottom of the attacks. The FBI and
the Justice Department have so far refused full disclosure to Congress.

In addition to his credentials as a government advisor, Boyle also

holds a doctorate of law magna cum laude and a Ph.D. in political
science, both from Harvard University. He teaches international law at
the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Boyle also served on
the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-92) and
represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court.

Boyle alleged that due to his activities as a lawyer, he was

interrogated by an agent from the CIA/FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in
the summer of 2004. The agent tried to recruit him as an informant to
provide the FBI with information on his Arab and Muslim clients. When
he refused, according to Boyle, the FBI placed him on the government's
terrorism watch lists.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

The government is trying to bury the 2001 anthrax attack scandal (the anthrax came from a U.S.
military base) by claiming that one of the key suspects - Bruce E. Ivins - was a "lone nut" who
committed suicide. The government claims that the anthrax letters were an innocent mistake
which was "part of an Army scientist's warped plan to test his cure for the deadly toxin". Case

There are just a couple of loose ends:

• Ivins "was actually part of a team that helped the government investigate the anthrax
attacks after Sept. 11"

• "The attacks were not entirely unexpected", according to a journalist, who was urged
soon after 9/11 to take Cipro by a high-level government official (confirmation that
government employees started taking Cipro before the Anthrax attacks here). As Michael
Fury put it, "So even if Ivins was involved, how would 'a high government official' know
that a rogue bioweapons scientist was going to 'go postal' with anthrax if that 'high
government official' was not himself involved?" (and see this comment by Atrios)

• If Ivins was trying to "test his cure for the deadly toxin", why did he only send anthrax to
the members of Congress most likely to say no to the Patriot Act and to people within the
media? (I guess the Unabomber's lawyer should have argued that his client sent bombs to
certain specific people involved in the technology field because he was testing defenses
to bombs). And why didn't Ivins send his "cure" to the targets before he mailed the
anthrax? How could that be a "test [of] "his cure"?

• Why did the anthrax letters attempt to link 9/11 and the anthrax attack and pretend to be
from radical Muslims and be anti-America and anti-Israel, if they really came from an
American with a warped plan but good intentions?

• Why did the U.S. government - including, apparently, the people responsible for sending
the anthrax letters - falsely claim (and read this) that the materials in the anthrax proved
that it was manufactured in Iraq? Would a disgruntled "lone nut" be motivated to concoct
a false justification for invading Iraq?

• "The FBI has completely shut Congress out of its now five-year investigation into
anthrax attacks on Capitol Hill and around the nation". In other words, Congress -- which
legally has every right to know what really happened, and which was the main victim of
the attack -- is being kept in the dark. Why is that?

• An entirely different guy was actually caught on tape entering the storage area where the
anthrax used in the letters was stored, without proper authorization and after being fired
from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker. But instead of
investigating him, or Ivins, the FBI spent years wasting time and falsely accusing an
innocent guy

• The lawyer who had been representing Ivins in connection with the anthrax investigation
categorically maintains Ivins' innocence

But its only crackpots who think that these loose ends point towards anything sinister, right?
Well, the bioweapons expert who actually drafted the current bioweapons law (the Biological
Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989), says he is convinced that the anthrax attacks that killed
five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The
motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation
such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

July 31, 2008

Statement by the Director of National Intelligence
Mr. Mike McConnell
On July 30, 2008, President Bush signed a revision to Executive Order (EO) 12333.
Originally signed in 1981 by President Reagan, Executive Order 12333 has been the
of the Intelligence Community (IC) for over a quarter of a century and has served
Community well. Although amended previously in 2003 and 2004 before the passage
of the
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Action (IRTPA), the Order had not
been revised
to conform to the Intelligence Reform Act.
With the rise of new national security institutions and to improve our ability to
address the
national security threats of our day and into the future, it was time to update this
policy document to reflect these new realities and to take the next step in
intelligence reform to
strengthen our collective ability to support our country’s security efforts.
The revised executive order addresses four main objectives:
• Align DNI authorities with the requirements of IRTPA.
• Respond further to key findings of the 9/11 and WMD Commissions.
• Strengthen the DNI's ability to lead the IC as a unified enterprise.
• Maintain or strengthen the protections for privacy rights and civil
liberties. All current
EO12333 procedures governing collection, retention and dissemination of
U.S. person
information remain in effect.
Under the leadership of the National Security Council, and with the support of the
leadership, we produced a draft Executive Order for the President that will
strengthen our
Community, and most importantly, serve our nation.
This Executive Order is the next, necessary step in intelligence reform and upholds
the key
themes of intelligence reform, namely: that the sum of our parts will produce better
than each intelligence element individually; that we need a dedicated official – the
DNI – with
the responsibility and authority to lead and integrate this Community; and that the
structure of the Community should remain intact, with most IC elements remaining
embedded in
cabinet departments.
This is truly a historic day for our Community and the nation. I believe
wholeheartedly that this
revised Executive Order will have a real and lasting effect, fostering a true

Terror In US As Revenge Enacted Over 9/11 Attacks


Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are describing what can only be described as wave of terror that is
overtaking the United States as its War Leaders have begun enacted revenge over the intelligence network
believed to be behind the September 11, 2001 that killed over 3,000.

In a swift move that has angered US lawmakers, President Bush this week changed the entire intelligence
structure of his Nation with the creation of the greatest spying apparatus in history, and modeled upon those
enacted by the German Nazis, and which as many have known, had created the American intelligence
organizations after World War II in the first place.

The new Executive Order which Bush unveiled puts the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
in control of all 16 US intelligence agencies, sapping power mostly from both the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) and the Pentagon.

Upon assuming their new role this week, the DNI has been swift to begin dismantling the internal factions of
those US intelligence networks believed to have been the masterminds of the 9/11 terror attacks, to include:

Former Top US Air Force Brigadier General Thomas L. Tinsley, who was in the North American
Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on September 11, 2001 and failed to alert American Military
Forces to the ongoing attacks was found dead with a gunshot to his chest and stated in the US propaganda
media to have been a suicide.

Top US biodefense researcher Bruce E. Ivins has also been reported to have committed suicide with a
massive drug overdose and was said to be behind the 9/11 anthrax attacks that terrorized US media
members and lawmakers.

US Naval Air Forces are reported by Russian FSB sources to have put under arrest the commander of the
US Navy’s nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington, Captain David C. Dykhoff, and who on 9/11 was the
commander of the US Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters located at Patuxent River Naval Air
Station outside of Washington D.C. and failed to protect the US Capital from being attacked. [Note: US
propaganda media sources are not reporting Captain Dykhoff’s arrest and are only stating that he has been

It should be further noted that these actions are coming at a time that the US Defence Secretary, Robert
Gates, has warned his Nation that their wars are going to continue into the future, and as we can read as
reported by the Washington Post News Service:
"Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates says that even winning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not
end the "Long War" against violent extremism and that the fight against al-Qaeda and other terrorists should
be the nation's top military priority over coming decades, according to a new National Defense Strategy he
approved last month."

One would be hard pressed to find any objections in the US propaganda media organs to this ‘Long War’
and its lasting ‘decades’, and which is surprising as the American Nation has, literally, fallen off an economic
cliff which is destroying their entire way of life.

To the suppositions of Russian Intelligence Analysts towards these events, the most disturbing points
towards the complete destruction of all the freedoms of the American people after any new attack upon that
Nation, and which many in the World believe is soon to come.

Though this is not in our knowing, it is troubling that the American people themselves, and like their German
Nazi counterparts from last century, continue to remain ignorant of the powerful forces being unleashed
among them, and with that being so fail also to see how Total War is soon to be coming to their very

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the
United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are
not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or
their sources, to protect their safety.]


The FBI knows of a man who was caught entering the lab where the Anthrax
used in the letters was kept, after he had been fired for a racially motivated
attack on a co-worker. So, why is the FBI wasting its time with Steven Hatfill?

News Story identifying Dr. Philip Zack as the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area at
Fort Detrick without authorization.

In this story, it is reported that Dr. Zack was caught on a security tape making an unauthorized
entry into the Anthrax storage area.

Foreign press picks up story that Anthrax letters were sent by American bio-war scientist ... and
that the FBI is dragging its feet on the case.


dragging their feet.

Salon's story of the attempt to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian, for the Anthrax letters

Already the hate email is pouring in insisting that coverage of this story is "anti-Semitic".
Clearly, a certain nation is terrified of this story getting wide coverage.

The time has come to face the unpleasant fact the citizens of the United States may well be the
victims of the most incredible hoax in history regarding who is really behind the attacks on the
World Trade Towers, the mailing of Anthrax letters to political and media leaders, and even to
doubts that Daniel Pearl's killers are actually who we have been told they are.

The fact is that evidence presented to the public as to who was behind 9-11 is largely faked
while evidence that links the Israeli Spy/Phone Tapping Ring to the attacks has been classified
by the US Government itself, as reported in Carl Cameron's four part story on the spy ring on
Fox News (subsequently erased from the mainstream media's web sites).

"reports that Israel was conducting spying activities in the United States may have a grain of
truth Note the of second paragraph from the bottom of this story in which a US official admits that even if the
Israelis were running a spy ring in the United States, the information would be kept from the American people.

The time has come to seriously consider that the American people are being tricked into a war.
Such things are hardly new. Recently declassified documents prove beyond al doubt that Pearl
Harbor was not only NOT a surprise, but was the desired result of an 8 step ONI plan written by
Arthur H. McCollum and implemented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in order to trick the
people of the United States into a war against Hitler, via the back door of Japan. And according
to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, the bombing of Libya during the Reagan
administration was the result of a trick played by the Mossad in which a radio transmitter was
smuggled into Tripoli and used to create fake radio messages for the US to intercept. The motto
of the Mossad is, "By way of deception, thou shalt do war".

The Israeli government has a history of tricking the United States into attacking their enemies
for them. A classic example is the Lavon Affair.


In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United
States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse
would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to
capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.
Some of the spies were from Israel, while others were recruited fro the local Jewish population.
Israel responded to the scandal with claims in the media that there was no spy ring, that it was
all a hoax perpetrated by "anti-Semites". But as the public trial progressed, it was evidence that
Israel had indeed been behind the bombing. Eventually, Israeli's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon
was brought down by the scandal, although it appears that he was himself the victim of a frame-
up by the real authors of the bombing project, code named "Operation Susannah."

So now we have the present situation. Ruined buildings, dead people, Anthrax in the mail.
There is a constant hue and cry to try to blame Arab Muslims by the Israeli government, which
seeks to enlarge its territory (Israel has invaded every single nation it shares a border with since
its creation) and by the US government, which seeks to grab control of what remains of the
world's oil reserves. Either through this mutually reinforcing agenda, of perhaps because of
blackmail of our officials by Israel, the US has become Israel's partner in this hoax, which leads
us to the reason for the US to classify evidence that links Israel's arrested spies with the events
of 9-11.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has
been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.

History teaches us that since the dawn of the industrial age, all wars have been started with
deceptions and manufactured provocations. Hitler staged a fake attack from Poland to start
WW2. FDR maneuvered Japan into attacking the fleet at Pearl Harbor then presented the attack
as a total surprise to the American people.

Evidence that 9-11 is another such deception mounts every day. Almost a year ago, in March
2001, long before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, while the American people were
being distracted by "All Condit, All The Time", the United States Government was already
informing other nations of plans to invade Afghanistan in October, 2001. And, in October 2001,
the United States did in fact invade Afghanistan, right on schedule, which means that the
attacks on the World Trade Towers occurred at just the exact moment when the United States
needed a population angry enough to support a war.

Have we been hoaxed? Would someone really sacrifice some buildings (as FDR sacrificed
some ships) to start a war? Against the $5 trillion worth of oil under the Caspian Sea, the price
of a new World Trade Center in New York is just pocket change, a cheap price to pay indeed for
control of such vast oil reserves, and an even better deal if the oil under Iraq can be added to the
prize package, especially for a government too deeply in debt to get out without massive
conquests of someone else's resources.

The fact that the Anthrax Letters were NOT sent by an Arab Muslim but by a Jewish gentleman
with the intent to FRAME an Arab Muslim strongly suggests that the entire sequence of recent
events has been one gigantic frame-up, which would explain again why the US Government is
itself classifying evidence that links some of the arrested Israeli spies with the events of 9-11.

History may be repeating itself again. We cannot afford to dismiss the possibility that, once
again, Americans are the victims of a hoax designed to trick them into sacrificing their wealth
and the lives of their children in a war of someone else's making; a war of the worst kind, war
for profit and empire.
One more lesson from history needs to be repeated. Since the dawn of the industrial age, the
overwhelming majority of wars have been LOST by the side that initiated them.

Just one more reason for caution.

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war" -- Motto of Israel's Mossad

A pathetic attempt to shift the focus on the Anthrax letters

As most readers are already aware, the Anthrax contained in the letters sent to Congress was
determined to be from a US military laboratory. This raised the question in the public's mind as
to who, inside a US facility, would be playing games with Anthrax. Suspicion focused on Dr.
Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian scientist working at Fort Detrick, based on an anonymous letter.
Because Dr. Assaad's race fit in perfectly with the agenda of sparking a war into Arab lands rich
in oil, the media ballyhooed that the FBI was closing in on the "Arab Anthrax Terrorist".

Ah, but the best laid plans gang aft aglay, and the FBI discovered that the end of the hunt for the
sender of the Anthrax letters was NOT Dr. Assaad the Egyptian, but Dr. Zack, who is Jewish. At
this point, both the FBI and the mainstream media stopped making any public comments on the

The above BBC article is clearly another step in the plan to try to shift the suspicion for the
Anthrax letters further away from the Dr. Zack, to spare Israel further embarrassment in what
appears to be a modern day revival of the Lavon Affair. However, the claim that the Anthrax
letters were simply an experiment in mail delivery that went awry is discredited by recalling
that the envelopes and their contents were written in a way to cast suspicion for the letters in a
specific direction, at Arabs! This clear evidence of a deliberate frame up proves that not only
was this not simply a test procedure, but that the Anthrax in the letters was intended to kill
people, while the letters themselves pointed the finger of blame.

It would appear that even the BBC is not above spreading a little bit of propaganda.

Proof of a deliberate frame-up is before your eyes - someone INTENDED for Arabs to take the

Assaad said he was working on the Saturday before Easter 1991, just after the Persian Gulf
War had ended, when he discovered an eight-page poem in his mailbox. The poem, which
became a court exhibit, is 47 stanzas -- 235 lines in all, many of them lewd, mocking Assaad.
The poem also refers to another creation of the scientists who wrote it -- a rubber camel
outfitted with all manner of sexually explicit appendages.

The poem reads: "In [Assaad's] honor we created this beast; it represents life lower than
yeast." The camel, it notes, each week will be given "to who did the least."

The poem also doubles as an ode to each of the participants who adorned the camel, who
number at least six and referred to themselves as "the camel club." Two -- Dr. Philip M. Zack
and Dr. Marian K. Rippy -- voluntarily left Fort Detrick soon after Assaad brought the poem to
the attention of supervisors.

CIA Had Killer Anthrax

George Washington's Blog
Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

We previously heard that 16 labs possessed the RMR-1029 anthrax used in the 2001 attacks. It
appears that we should now add the CIA and its contractors.

A December 2001 Washington Post article states that the CIA had Ames anthrax.

Indeed, the articles states that "The FBI is focusing on a contractor that worked with the CIA".

The contractor could very well have been Battelle Memorial Institute, a long-time CIA contractor
which had carried out anthrax experiments for decades. As the BBC noted:

"CIA is in this [anthrax] business too, though presumably only through contractors. But we don't
know how many contractors. One contractor is now publicly disclosed, Battelle, that did one of
those projects."

And as a September 4, 2001 New York Times article notes, the government had hired Battelle to
engineer a new, more potent form of anthrax.

In addition, Battelle ran the army lab at Dugway Proving Ground which originally created RMR-
1029 (so Battelle undoubtedly had the killer strain. And Battelle has offices throughout the United
States, so it easily could have shipped killer anthrax to the appropriate mailing location).

So the CIA contractor under FBI suspicion could have been Battelle. But as the BBC article
notes, "We don't know how many contractors [were working on anthrax projects for the CIA], we
don't know how many projects."

A classified 1999 report commissioned by the CIA also discussed responses to a hypothetical
anthrax attack through the mail very similar to the one which actually occurred (confirmation

And "Dr. Barbara Rosenberg - an acknowledged authority on US bio-defence - claimed . . . there

could have been a secret CIA field project to test the practicalities of sending anthrax through the
mail - whose top scientist went badly off the rails..."

Is it more likely that vaccine scientist Ivins did it? Or that the dirty tricks boys at the CIA or one
of its contractors - with experiencing in weaponizing anthrax - did?

As noted by the Washington Post in December 2001, "CIA officials have said they are certain the
anthrax used in the mailings did not come from their work, that none of it is missing and that the
small amount in their possession was not milled into powder form."

That's good enough, right? If the CIA boys said they didn't do it, then we should believe them,

Interestingly, the CIA did not even address whether one of their anthrax contractors did it.