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Sheet1 Crushes itMayBe Media LLC Slideshows RockYou! Visual Bookshelf Hungry Machine LLC Chuck Norris Jia Fighters'Club Atif Instant Messaging Digital Standard Inc. PuzzleBee Sue and Markus Countdown Calendar PAPERADE Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Watercooler iDescribe Yazeed HotLists HOTorNOT Addicted to Sex and the City Watercooler Addicted to Scrubs Watercooler Inc. My Personality David Drink Recipes Jia Hangman Tournament Donelo Night Market (夜市) Cardinal Blue Software Twisted Trick or Treating Jared and Mark HOT or NOT Emote Jia and Jian Friend Grid Surojit Bible Verses Jia Famous Quotes David and R. Tyler Crowd Cloud Tribün Gokhan AceBucks Buddy Media Inc. Chess Jamie Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Pluckysoft Inc. South Park Character Creator Lindsey and Peter Magnetic Words Adam (London) Addicted to Friends Watercooler 10 Second Interview Grant Kevin and Scott Which Vegetable Are You? Karl Define Me Alan What Drink Are You?! Tetris Game Play Family Tree iFamily Inc. Harry Potter Magic Spells Social Wizards Addicted to The Office Watercooler Inc. Holiday Gifts Trippert Inc. Rosa Bandet Cancerfonden Montreal Canadiens Fans Watercooler Hockey Pool Ben Buckeye Nation THE Ohio State Fans Sneakers Sneakers Raymond and Raymond Make A Baby Ben and Linus LeapTag LeapTag Inc. Which Brain Are You- Right Left? FaceDouble Celebrity Look-alike Facé Sudoku Dan Love Ice Cream David Page 3


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I Kick You Pictogame St. Louis Cardinals Fans Watercooler iMap Power Tarot Virtual Drag Racer Addicted to The OC Watercooler Inc. Addicted to Gossip Girl Watercooler Superlatives Joe Love Calculator Alloy Minnesota Wild Fans Watercooler Send A Smiley X-Ball Fungineering Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU Fans Water Fight! Steven Bobblers Trippert Inc. Double Dare Esgut Which Harry Potter Character Are You?! Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Watercooler Scrubs Quotes kickflip Beachball Game Hungry Machine LLC Daily Bible Verse Romantic Gifts Chantelle and Hoan PersonalDNA ATTAP Technologies The Bad Girl Test So you think you’re a bad girl? A bad girl does what she wants when she wants. She’s the one t SpringCaster : Video Adam Daniel and 2 other people Trips SideStep Inc. Baby Predictions Kavin Calendar 30 Boxes Say-it-with-Flowers Briac and Isabelle Optical Illusions Solomon and Vurdlak The Dutch Oven A Dirty Frenchman Album Rack Hungry Machine LLC Numerology You’ll Never Walk Alone PicksPal UK Jackpot Rana #1 Messenger Tony OkCupid Dating Test OkCupid The Compass Audio Jake Emo vs Hardcore Alan Addicted to Seinfeld Watercooler Inc. Philadelphia Eagles Fans Watercooler The Simpsons Car Enthusiast Simon Fantasy Football Sport Interactiva Inc. Top Photos Esgut Fresh Prince Watercooler Inc.

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Make a difference on Facebook! Causes on Facebook lets you start and join the causes you care about. Donations to causes Tired of just poking? X me opens up a whole new world of action-based communication for example 'Hug Her Slap Him Tickle How well do your friends know you? Ask them a bunch of true-or-false questions some true some bogus. See who can separa Save time and show your friends some love. Add a box of up to 32 of your BFFs to your profile. Now they are one click away y Each week pick the winner of each Premiership match with a twist. Each game has a favorite an underdog and a goal spread. Why just poke when you can pinch hug tickle pwn or even throw sheep? Find out who you're like! Compare yourself with friends and movie stars like Angelina Jolie Jessica Alba Keira Knightley and m Facebook Video enables you to publish personal video and tag your friends on Facebook by uploading files sending video from From the makers of Zombies comes Vampires! Kind of like Zombies. Except that the vampires are hot. VERY hot. Also - you c Add some FUN to your Wall! Let your friends post photos videos slap funny pictures on pictures -- and more! -- on this replace Bite your friends and make them zombies! Mmmmm... Brains! Also - you can fight Zombies Vampires and Werewolves now! Each week pick the winner of 15 top college football games with a twist. Each game has a favorite an underdog and a point sp iLike lets you add music to your profile and find your favorite concerts (not to mention see who else is going!). Bonus: Use it to Instantly find out what your friends think of... your new flame your haircut or where to go out this weekend. My Questions is a f A Premier League Fantasy Football game exclusive to Facebook Users. Choose a squad of sixteen players with a maximum o Free gifts with a twist; give your friends a gift that hatches! From the makers of Zombies and Vampires comes Werewolves! So howl at the moon baby! Also - you can fight Zombies Vam Everybody runs in different circles. Maybe they're your best friends maybe you have similar interests...or maybe they're hot an FUN application to see who is interested in YOU! Are you a charming eccentric or a weirdo? Fill out details about your answers and invite family and close friends to do the sam Free gifts with a twist; give your friends a gift that grows! Tired of those annoying bites from Zombies Vampires and Werewolves? Do something about it! Become a slayer and attack th Graffiti lets you draw on your friends'profiles. Your mom is in my TOP FRIENDS. You looked hotter online. Thank You For Pot Smoking. What wouldn't Jesus do? I don't de Honesty Box lets users send each other anonymous messages removing any inhibitions and letting people be completely hon Choose your warrior train them up take on your opponents be the ultimate fighter champion. Do you have an Entourage? Yeah? Well then show them off on Your Profile! Is he the one? Does she have a crush on you? Should you take that job? The Fortune Cookie knows and tells all. May all your Nickname your friends! 'nuff said. 153 266 daily active users (4%) It's the greatest game ever about a yellow circle man who eats pellets fruit and the occasional ghost! Have fun like you did in t Don't like to pay for gifts? Free Gifts allows you to send gifts to your friends for free! At least one gift added every day! Show your friends some love. REQUIRED: BE FUNNY! BE CREATIVE! What are your friends most likely to do? Who will end Send your friends a drink (or even a round of drinks) on Facebook. It's like giving gifts in liquid form. Plus if they feel inclined th Create a quiz to find out how well your friends know you. Put Photos on your profile. Choose from your Photos Photos of yourself of your friends or directly from the Web or your Deskto Get into the Christmas spirit! Add a tree and Xmas music to your profile page and send gifts to your friends for Christmas that Play Texas Hold'Em with your fb friends. Get 200 free chips and another 500 free chips for every friend that you invite. Get a car for your facebook profile! Invite your friends to get a car too and you'll win points that you can use to trade in your ca The classic game of Rock Paper and Scissors now with improved formula for extra fun ! Fight your friends for points and impro Create an interactive travel map to pin all the cities towns and even suburbs you've visited...not just countries! See which of yo Win a Madden NFL 08 game by predicting outcomes of pro football games each week. Compete with friends and fans by joinin Sticky Notes lets you leave personalized messages on your friends profile. Try it it's fun! Get Naughty. Send very naughty gifts and very naughty messages to all of your friends. Rise through the ranks and become a Start your own virtual aquarium! Send fish sharks and even octopus to your friends for free. Let them send items to you as wel Play Super Mario Bros. On Facebook! - a Fun Favorite for all. Invite your friends to Oktoberfest. Drink a beer send beers to your friends and enjoy! Bored with your profile picture? This app draws an artist's pencil sketch of you based on your profile photo ! Meaning is hidden within the letters of your name. The ultimate in Sports Bets! Come bet on football baseball basketball hockey and soccer games. Challenge your friends! Colle Page 8


Jetman is a simple yet ridiculously addictive game where you jetpack through a winding cave in an attempt to top your friends' Be your own hedge fund manager with $50 million starting portfolios! FSX is about one thing - making investing fun! Investing Discover your reputation. Your friends will (anonymously) rate your reputation on several of characteristics such as your Trustw How well do you know your friends? How well do they really know you? Rate your friendships and see how well you score. Wh Who would win in a fight: Pirates or Ninjas? Recruit your friends and join the Pirates vs. Ninjas battle! Take a free 15 minute intelligence test to find out what your IQ is and what it means. Compare your IQ with friends and find ou World Series!!! Display your membership of the Boston Red Sox Nation like a badge of honor. Cowboy up with the greatest fan View your Daily and Love Horoscopes select your Sun Sign image create Compatibility Reports with other Facebook users an Tarihin gelmiş geçmiş en büyük halay zincirini kurmaya and içmiş insanlar arasına sen de katıl. Sadece katılmakla kalma arka Play Scrabulous within Facebook using this cool application. Invite your friends and play simultaneous games. It's the best wo Lets you show a collage of all your friends on your profile. Throw water at your friends by various means such as water balloon squirt pistol super soaker etc. A detailed interactive world map show everyone where you’ve been lived and where you want to go. It includes a zoom tool an Whats in store for you? Will today be the day? Find out by adding a RockYou horoscope to your page and get updates every-o Create and decorate your own zoo. Play with fun animals like tigers hippos and giraffes. When you're bored tip over cows :) Se Each week pick the winners of key NHL matches. See how your weekly and overall scores compare against your friends and a What's your stripper name? Find out with this fun application! Click on your frog to lick it. The more you and your friends lick the more stuff happens. Take poking further: add 40+ actions to your profile including 'Tickle Him!' 'Kiss Her!' 'Buy Beer For Them!'and more - or make Each week pick the outcomes of all the Top 25 NCAA football games. Compete with Facebook friends in private matchups. Se Generates a colorful wheel showing all the links between your friends for display on your profile. The Hot Potato game is simple. Toss the potatoes at your friends. Watch their progress as people toss them around the world Add all you your friends profile pictures to your profile so you and your profile visitors can see all of your friends. An app from T Create a profile for your dog tag your dog in photos and video find and interact with pets in your area and much more! Search Biz rakı içeriz. Öteki bütün içkilere rağmen. Belki de hepsine inat "asıl"içkimiz rakıdır. Ama rakının tadını çıkarmak kolay değil. Share your affection with friends significant others mistresses and secret admirers by sending them a virtual kiss. WARNING: Birthday Alert sends you email alerts for upcoming birthdays. It shows you which friends have birthdays coming soon and lets GlitterBox lets you send sparkly messages and graphics to your friends. Totally awesome. How cool are you? How well to you dress? Are you smart? Score and be scored! It's too weird to explain. Play listen and share your entire iTunes library within Facebook add songs and music videos to your profile and display all you How pure do your friends really think you are? Do they think you're pure like an angel or naughty like the devil? Compare your Join in the epic battle of Jedi vs. Sith. Sign up as a Jedi and make a stand against the Dark Side. Or join as a Sith and work to Use your gift of love by sending friends Free Hug like Mummy Zombie Dracula Hug for Halloween Pooh Bear Mickey Hug for l Play against your friends in the classic Hangman game. Win challenges to work your way up the World Wide Rankings. Stop sending boring and lifeless gifts to your friends on Facebook - send animated ones! See what your name looks like in Japanese. The people cry out for a hero! Show your support for your all-time favorite (Democrat/Republican) political candidate Stephen Grow your own virtual garden! Send flowers to your friends for free and let them send them to you as well. Put your virtual gard Keep track of your fraternity or sorority genealogy. If your chapter has a website with Chapter Communications you can link yo Compete to find where famous places cities and travel destinations are located. Your Traveler IQ is based on how close you c Enter the Halloween world of Facebook! Wear some of the scariest and sexiest costumes enough to scare your friends into giv TRICK OR TREAT! Who says you can’t trick or treat any longer? Put on your favorite Halloween costume and go trick or treati Picnik is the perfect solution for editing your photos without ever leaving Facebook. Crop rotate resize. Fix colors exposure and play attack! it’s like Risk for the facebook. Up to 6 of your friends can compete to conquer the world. Also get extra armies for i TV Show Trivia Polls and Gifts. Test your TV show knowledge. Stump other TV buffs. Join your friends'and compete against o Watch Greys Anatomy? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the Fight your hobo friends. Train and beg to be the best hobo around. Invite friends to Trick or Treat! Throw candy at them! Happy Halloween!!! Send interesting gifts to your friends and earn Gold that you can spend towards other things! Rank your friends based on their sexiness. Play the elimination game and pick your sexiest friend. Invite your friends to play a Page 9


Got a crush? Add your crush and start sending anonymous messages. If your crush has a crush on you you'll both be notified. Bring your Facebook photos to life with an animated Slideshow or show them off directly on your profile with a Photo Strip. Ton Millions of books added! Catalog your books and reading list * See what your Friends are Reading Write Reviews and Recomm If you don't know what this does your life may be in danger. Team up with your buddies on others over random issues or just FightPoke friends to smithereens! We've got manatees dogs Instant Message your friends on Facebook. Create your own jigsaw puzzles! Use your own photos and share your puzzles with your friends. Add Countdowns to your profile for any events. Also see what your Friends are waiting for or browse our Popular Countdowns Are you a Maple Leafs fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to s Describe your friends in 5 words from a fixed list of words that we've selected for you and let them describe you back! Are you Hollister or American Eagle? Heroes or 24? Canada or USA? Show people what you are all about. Better than Facebo Watch Sex and the City? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the applicatio Watch Scrubs? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application you'll b What are you like? Shy? Outgoing? Trusting? Answer some questions from a real psychological personality questionnaire (use Display drink recipes on your profile for exotic cocktails or classic favorites. Expand your knowledge of mixology. Join the Hangman Tournament and play against other facebook users currently online all over the world! Want Bubble Tea? Soup Dumplings? Welcome to the Night Market where you can have delicious Taiwanese snacks and shar Halloween is coming and this year you can go trick or treating on Facebook! Choose a character and visit your friends. Will the The FASTEST way to FIND HOTTIES on facebook! Have fun rating other facebook users 1 to 10 and meet some too ;) It's your status message on steroids! Show off how you feel with a billion icons. (Maybe a bit less than a billion) Put a GRID of your friends in your profile! Pick and choose WHICH friends you want to have displayed! Friend Grid automatica Hand-picked verses from the Bible to choose and display on your profile. Impress your friends and learn something new with an inspirational educational or goofy line from the world's foremost minds. Fun! Discover what you and your friends have in common. Whether its your friends or colleagues Crowd Cloud will showcase Tribün ile takımınızın tezahüratını herkese duyurabilirsiniz. Takımınıza bağlılığınız kazandığınız puanlar ile belirlenmektedir. The AceBuck is the underground currency of Facebook. Use this application to manage your AceBucks - earn 'em by playing f Play Chess against your friends! Discover your Chinese Zodiac Sign and learn accurate detailed information about your personality who you are compatible wit Ever wonder how you would look as a South Park Character? This is now your chance! With only a few simple clicks anyone c Stick Magnetic Words to your profile and you or your friends can rearrange over 400 words to make funny naughty or poetic m Watch Friends? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the show an Asks you a random question about yourself -- some are funny some are serious some are bizarre. Enhance your profile -- It's "Which Vegetable Are You?"looks at information in your profile to determine which vegetable you're most like. Disclaimer: you Define Me allows others to anonymously list words that define you. The words are then displayed on your profile in a cloud wit Answer six simple question and find out what drink best describes you! Courtesy of and comedian Steve Hofste Can you beat your friends? Play against your friends see who's the best at this classic Tetris game. Build your family tree and include your relatives both on and off Facebook. Showcase your genealogy on your profile and use From "Accio"to "Wound Healing Spell" we have gathered all of the Harry Potter spells for you to use on your friends. All of the Watch The Office? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the show Holiday Gifts allows you to send free gifts for all the important events in your life. From Halloween to the Rakhi Festival Hannu Detta är en applikation från Cancerfondens Rosa Band som låter dig bidra till svensk cancerforskning via Facebook. Are you a Canadiens fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to sho It's fun and easy to join this hockey pool but it's hard to win! Your team competes in a pool of your friends pools for each of you O-H-I-O! Fans of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes unite to celebrate one of the greatest college football programs in the n SNEAKERS is an application that allows you to cop all the kicks to your heart's content and send it to your friends. You can als Make babies with your friends! Fill in your skin color eye color etc. and see if your baby gets those looks. You can also make a "World according to you"A personalized news / blog reader and discovery tool that learns what your interests are and lets you Have you ever wondered which side of the brain are you? A very interesting fun personality quiz to know if you are left brained Find your celebrity look alike using your Facebook photos or camera phone! * Find friend's Facedoubles * Vote on matches * G Get your Sudoku fix here! Use numbers and reasoning to solve this addictive numbers grid. Earn AceBucks for installing and p Send absolutely delectable totally unique ice cream sundaes and other icy treats to your friends! Add a personal message as w Page 10


Give your friends a fun doodle face that expresses their unique personality and build a collage of cool doodles on your profile p I’m Romanian and German. What are you? Take pride in your roots and share your heritage with friends. Display small flags o Love is blind &nothing beats a new hot sexy blind date. Dating with gifts like iPhone or iPod movie &burger is fun! M Woohoo! A Simpsons photo quotes and trivia app for Facebook. Get this app to show your Simpsons'fandom. Don't be the one The funniest quotes from Dane Cook. Get ready to laugh your ass off! Watch Family Guy? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application yo Any sport in the world. Any team in the world. Discuss sports see who your friends like and get the most fans to your team..... Take a seat we have some questions to ask you! Here you can take a custom interview to further reveal your personality. This fun application will pick the ideal sexy Halloween costume for you... PLUS - look up the costumes of your friends! Tell your friends more about yourself by answering a few questions. Only the questions you answer will appear in your profile; Boombox is a song sharing application where you can add as many songs you like to your profile browse your friends'music a Show your favorite people that you care! Add people as BEST friends (BFFs) heroes and more; call someone a dork or the co Wear your ribbons on your profile! Add as many ribbons as you like. Choose from 300+ causes. Ribbons link to Wikipedia so p Join the party! It's Mardi Gras on the book! Invite friends to the party and distribute your beads wisely! It's a hangman game duh. FINALLY!! Profile Song lets you add a song to your facebook profile. Let your friends easily hear which is your favorite song or Fling poo at your friends! Poo fight! Verily 'tis the sport of kings! The Official 100 Question Sexual Purity Test – Facebook Edition is the easiest way to find out how you rank sexually among y Football Pick'em. Each week you pick who you think will win. Compete in leagues with your friends to see who is the best! Che The Expecting application allows pregnant women and their partners to keep friends and family up to date on their pregnancy Add your favorite team’s helmet and schedule to your profile choose which games you’re going to and invite friends make pred Show quotes from Calvin and Hobbes on your Facebook profile. It also allows you to post the quotes on your friends'walls or t Who are you like? Find out who you would be from your favorite TV Shows Movies Sports Teams and much more. We are add Come play the most addicting sports game on Facebook. See if you can make it to the top of the Leaderboard! Compete again Show your Hogwart's school with pride by adding a house badge to your profile! Chat with your friends in the common room! E How well do you know the EPL? Pick the outcomes each week of English Premier League games. Compete with friends and f Show your Starcraft pride put your favorite unit on your profile and build your way from SCV to Battlecruiser! Choose from Terr Happy Halloween! Start your own graveyard! Send pumpkins zombies and even the devil himself to your friends for free. Let th How well do your friends know you? Find out by making some claims about yourself and letting your friends guess if they are t Send a picture message or reminder. Choose from different styles colors and fonts. Play tetris against your friends and see if you can beat their top score. Wishabi is the Ultimate Wish List and helps you discover what you want. Use the Wish Assessment to see how well your friend Accurate horoscopes updated daily. With this application you can also view your natal chart biorhythms numerology report and Get a list of all the funniest quotes from Family Guy on your profile. Laugh your ass off. We're giving away REAL condoms! Not a useless picture of a condom but actual quality Durex condoms delivered to your doo A versatile box for adding next to anything! Now includes a generator for YouTube GoogleVideo Flash Media and dynamic ima There is a global war brewing. Recruit your friends and skill up with them in battle. Soon you will battle other teams side by sid Add unlimited big photos to display directly on your profile. Easy to use. 40 234 daily active users (14%) Display a wallpaper in your facebook profile. Display beautiful quotes photographs holiday scenes and many more on your pro Do you love sports? Show your love for your favorite teams by adding them to your profile. All sports all leagues… thousands This application will get a list of all your second degree friends and count who appeared the most. You can then use the applic Six Degrees is an experiment using Facebook to see how the 'six degrees of separation'theory works in practice. Add the appl Express your romantic side and add love quotes to your profile. 3 092 daily active users (49%) Serial Killer: For when poking just isn't enough. "Kill"your friends with KFC Sporks Sharks with Frickin'Laserbeams Black Holes Her güne özel Ulu Önder Atatürk'ten bir söz! Üstelik haftanın gününe göre değişen Atatürk fotoğrafları. Tüm bunları profilinizde Are you one of the New York Yankees Faithful? Display your Pinstripe Pride and celebrate the greatest franchise in sports whi Are you a Canucks fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to show Start your own virtual solar system! Send aliens rockets and even planets to your friends for free. Let them send items to you a Graduate from old school happy-faces to modern moody icons that truly mirror what’s up with you. Simply choose and send th Page 11


"Nuri Alço Türk sinema oyuncusu. Genellikle kötü adam ve tecavüzcü rollerini oynamistir. 80'li yillarin erotik simgelerinden Ahu While Tarot is usually used to explore personal issues through readings it is also possible to combine Numerology and Tarot to Add a counter to your profile to count how many users view your profile! Watch Heroes? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the show an Yeah sure you haven't. Embarrass your friends and learn more than you ever wanted about each other with the Facebook ver Are you a Red Sox fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challen Let your friends try out your profile picture with a new pair of glasses a new haircut or a whole new face! Are you a Steelers fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challen hoose any photo from your photo album any URL or upload from your computer and display it BIG on your profile! Hiqh quality Make words by starting at any letter and going up-down left-right or diagonal to an adjacent letter until a word forms. The longe The LOTTO is a weekly contest that allows you to WIN money! As The Lotto grows in users so does the jackpot! You can get Compete in the World Cup Tournament. First to score 7 goals wins the game and advances. Earn AceBucks for installing and Buy and give your friends designer handbags. Choose your favorite to carry and display on your profile. You create fashion gifts - then give them to your friends! Its the perfect way to give your friends the latest in Fashion. Ever wondered what the origins of your first name are? Time to find out! NEW! Now you can post and rate AMATEURS! Get a Daily Guy/Hunk on your profile page 7 days a week!. Features include c Watch Entourage? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the show Music turns your Facebook 'favorite music'into a playlist. Listen to full-length tracks of your friends'favourite artists sho This application adds countdowns to your profile. You can create your own countdowns automatically create countdowns for y Are you a Packers fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challen Watch Gilmore Girls? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application y Are you an Oilers fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to show e Are you a Flames fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challeng Everyone has a Chinese name. What's yours? Find out with this application plus.... you'll get to find out the Chinese names of Got an important decision to make? Need some advice? Ask the Magic 8 Ball! Are you a Colts fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challenge Get in the Halloween spirit and start trick or treating! Ring some doorbells send your friends some candy and scare your roomm This is a Schrute Buck. When you have done something good you will receive 1 Schrute Buck. 1 000 Schrute Bucks equals an Like Superbad? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application you'll b Choose from an ever-expanding list of audio lines from your favorite movies and send them to friends. Nothing is better than tu Take some quizzes make some quizzes add the results to your profile and see how your results match up with your friends’. O Do you bleed maize and blue? Michigan Wolverines fans unite to celebrate one of the greatest college football programs in the Watch One Tree Hill? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application y See if you can break out of prison without getting spotted by the guards. Send very naughty gifts to your friends. Over 40 gifts to choose from including: Spank The Monkey Special Brownies Underpa Love Baseball? Show off your favorite team/players in your profile. Read customized news scores &chat with other fans. Buy a Cheesecake chocolate chip cookie or Mmmm. DONUTS! from the Bakery and give to facebook friends! From the folks t Zamazingo; Türk usülü poke. Yurdum insanına özgü bilimum sevgi trip artistlik kıl olma seçenekleriyle fuzuli aplikasyonlar kerv Ever wonder when your friends will get off from class? Looking for someone who's free for lunch on Tuesdays? Weekly Sched Are you geekier than your friends? Take the Official 100 Question Geek Test and find out. Discover how you rank compared to Are you a Cowboys fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challe Are you a Bears fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challenge Display on your profile current weather conditions 5-day forecast sunrise/sunset times and the chance of precipitation. Weathe Create countdowns to birthdays anniversaries holidays and major events and display them directly in your profile. Also browse Throw something putrid or nasty and gross someone out! Choose from our eclectic collection of items or suggest one to us tha Share what you did today and stay up-to-date with your friend's activities. Make your photo albums more fun! Create awesome slideshows and turn your profile into a more interesting and attractive one Are you a Red Wings fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to sh Are you smarter than your friends? Prove it. Test your intuition judgment and memory with a fun game of Smart or Not; and se Hello and welcome to the Halo3 service record application. The Halo 3 Service App allows you to display your Halo 3 Service The most-featured Garfield application on Facebook with every Garfield comic strip ever and the ability to control exactly which Page 12


Join the largest butt-kicking spree on Facebook! Pick one of your friend's pic and in three clicks you'll be ready to kick! Are you a Cardinals fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challe Show the world which countries youve visited.Add trips which show exactly where youve been with comments on each destina Description: Three-in-One Tarot hooks you up with the secrets you crave:>Check the Deck: Ask a question - get advice! Da Pimp out your very own ride and drag race it! Play "Drag Racer V3"now! Watch The OC? Show your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Find out which friends watch the show a Are you a Gossip Girl fan? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the applica Superlatives has finally arrived! Find out who is the hottest girl or who is most likely to become president in this fun easy to use The Love Calculator is about to get all mystical on your Facebook friends. See who truly matches up with you just by typing in Are you a Wild fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to show eve Send A Smiley is a great way to send over a Smiley. Choose from hundreds of different options including talking and customiz Rock! Chalk! Jayhawk! Display your allegiance to Kansas like a badge of honor. Celebrate with KU faithful from around the wo Soak your friends and get drenched back! Why waste your time with boring gifts when you can Bobble? Send a Friendship Bobbler to your friends for their birthday. Or b I Dare You! Dare your friends to do crazzzzzzzzzy things! REQUIRED: BE CREATIVE; BE DARING! Ever wonder which Harry Potter character you're most like? Take this quick quiz and find out! Are you a Penguins fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall upload your favorite photos and take the Trivia Challenge to show If you are addicted to Scrubs then this app will change your life. Here's how it works. Throw a beach ball in the air to your friends. They have to pass it quickly before it touches the ground! Th Display a new Bible verse on your profile every day. Passages are taken from the NIV and were carefully chosen to be encour Send flowers chocolates and other romantic gifts! Who has earned your love? PersonalDNA is the best personality test on (or off) the web. Our 20-minute test gives detailed feedback &provides a uniq 3 581 daily active users (23%) Display all your favorite videos on your profile page. You can add videos by using your web cam uploading them from your har Trips is the ultimate travel app for Facebook. Plan trips with your friends. Find others who are planning trips to the same place Put two of your friends together and predict their baby! Do you think he or she will produce the next Bill Gates Angelina Jolie o Your personal calendar and to do list for facebook. Share all or part of your schedule. It's your life. Send your friends beautiful flowers that convey fun hidden meanings... The Language of Flowers with a twist. This application shows the optical illusion of the day in your profile including explanation. Let your friends know how you really feel with a gift that truly stinks! Each fart has its own distinctive animation and authentic fa Catalog the Albums you enjoy * See what your friends are listening to * show others what's in your real collection * Clean low-t People have studied the relationships of numbers to dates and names for over 2500 years. Find out what your numbers say ab Are you a Liverpool FC fan forever? Prove the Kopites are the best fans in the world while going against the Manchester Unite Jackpot is a free lottery application where users can win money and prizes. You can pick new numbers everyday. The jackpot "#1 Messenger"is an online messenger based under facebook for MSN Yahoo Gtalk My Space and AIM (AOL). Its your messe The OkCupid Dating Test will gauge your heart and brain and classify you into 1 of 32 dating types. Among other things we'll b All in fun The Compass has you answer a 10-question survey to get a general gist of your political leanings. Once the survey i Share your favorite song on your profile page for all to hear! This is a legal replacement to one of Facebook's first applications This is so scene it hurts. Watch Seinfeld? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application you'll Are you an Eagles fan? Taunt your opponents on their Wall put your favorite photos on your profile and take the Trivia Challen Play as homer and wreck stuff! Warning: Addicting! Show off your cars and the cars of your dreams! You can also check out all of your friends'cars and the most popular cars on F NFL Salary Cap game exclusive to Facebook. Manage your team each week and compete with your friends. Create your own Pick out your favorite photos show them off on your profile! And Submit them to the Top Photos Photo Contests! Like Fresh Prince? Give some love to your favorite characters pictures &quotes on your profile. Inside the application you

Mosio is a mobile community enabling you TEXT ANY QUESTION from your phone and have it answered by real people. ASK Allows you to answer questionnaires surveys votes or petitions and display your answers on your profile page. You can create Description: Three-in-One Tarot hooks you up with the secrets you crave:>Check the Deck: Ask a question - get advice! Da Are you a charming eccentric or a weirdo? Fill out details about your answers and invite family and close friends to do the sam Page 13


See how well you know your friends'Facebook profiles by matching them to their answers. After every 10 questions you answe dNeero pays you to take surveys and share your answers with your friends. You also get paid to recruit friends up to five levels Every Monday Weekly Inquiry will ask you a thought provoking question about yourself. Your answers will be displayed on you Survey Master is an application that allows you to take surveys show off your answers create surveys share surveys with your This Toy Has all The answers and more from the Original toy we all Love! Ask Away and it will predict your future What is your adult film star name? Enter a few simple answers and get your porn on. Free for All never answers the phone so leave us a late-night message on Facebook! Instantly gratify your need to share your Who are you? Take the inkblot test with your friends then compare and discuss your answers. One thousand fun &interesting riddles right on your profile. Get that rust off your brain cells :) Do you prefer cats or dogs? Mary-Ann or Ginger? boxers or briefs? Find interesting correlations in the answers to these and o Love trivia? Wanna impress your friends? The application serves up fresh information each day. Ask questions and get quick answers. Answer questions and earn points. See how you rank against other Facebook experts! Ask the magic 8 ball... it knows ALL the answers. (and the answers are supplied by YOU!) Every Thursday Weekly Quirk will ask you a question to examine a detail about yourself. Your answers will be displayed on yo How do I find a date? Is he cheating on me? How do I know if she likes me? What's the best way to break up? Get answers to The tastiest quiz application out there! Create quizzes view results and take friends'quizzes! Allows for any number of answers Yedda Questions &Answers lets you share your personal knowledge with friends and friendly strangers and to tap their p Ask questions and get fast answers from the Answerbag community or anyone on Facebook! Help someone else and you can Instant Gratification. Quick Answers. When you can't wait. AskMeSomething gets you responses from your friends or just anyo Get fast answers about using Windows Microsoft Word or Excel or even on building computer systems in Computers Q&A AnswerBook is a community within Facebook where you can ask questions on pretty much any topic serious or entertaining an Dapper lets you add any content from the web to your Facebook profile. Add your favorite YouTube searches To Get help with your favorite games trade strategies or get cheat codes to give you that extra edge! Get answers from your Frien Gusto is about friends asking friends for feedback on things to do and places to go. The Gusto Facebook application shows th Ask shopping questions and get answers and product recommendations from the community. Displays your last 5 questions from Yahoo! Answers Ask your friends for advice or advise your friends. Create your own questions and get public or anonymous answers. Don't go Get fast answers about car maintenance traffic tickets insurance or anything else related to your beloved car. Or if you're a pro Make money on Facebook from answering questions and get answers to anything from help with homework to help with your t Ask Eve anything but be prepared for her total honesty! (nb: computed answers bring your sense of humour with you!) "If I were"allows you to create your visual profile and make your friends try to guess your answers so that you will see if they kn Allows you to ask questions and get instant answers from within your profile page. The answers are pulled from a community d

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9 437 daily active users (7%) 2 414 daily active users (12%) 777 daily active users (8%) 6 550 daily active users (6%) 1 822 daily active users (27%) 6 571 daily active users (7%) 7 528 daily active users (21%) 18 630 daily active users (1%) 1 724 daily active users (62%) 2 094 daily active users (23%) 1 225 daily active users (57%) 1 450 daily active users (33%) 1 102 daily active users (7%) 7 602 daily active users (9%) 13 975 daily active users (1%) 2 949 daily active users (2%) 1 997 daily active users (12%) 2 623 daily active users (3%) 4 870 daily active users (5%) 2 626 daily active users (1%) 7 559 daily active users (20%) h me feature. 3 335 daily active users (5%) 3 642 daily active users (1%) 2 974 daily active users (16%) 2 086 daily active users (2%) 2 956 daily active users (17%) 796 daily active users (76%) 2 113 daily active users (17%) 5 965 daily active users (5%) 10 654 daily active users (2%) 4 083 daily active users (17%) 1 582 daily active users (31%) 1 712 daily active users (10%) 4 555 daily active users (8%) 2 729 daily active users (1%) 1 785 daily active users (63%) 1 226 daily active users (51%) 3 549 daily active users (7%) 1 451 daily active users (4%) 1 886 daily active users (14%) 4 001 daily active users (4%) 1 642 daily active users (6%) 6 521 daily active users (2%)

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