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25 food icons and their favorite recipes From page 6

Boy Vazquez
A doctor by profession but a
Norbert Gandler the sauce piquant around the
meat. Garnish with fresh herbs.
pers in olive oil. Add eggplant,
zucchini, marjoram and thyme. great cook at heart, he knows
Talk about exceptional culi-
Green Beans with Walnuts: Add tomato paste and sauté his food well and has success-
nary trainer and Norbert Gan-
0.5 k green beans, fresh briefly. Add stock. Cover with lid fully run Café Juanita for
dler is the man. As Mandarin
0.06 k white onion and stew. When veggies are ten- some time now. He showcases
Oriental Hotel’s former executive
0.03 garlic, chopped der, add tomatoes and basil. Sea- the best in Philippine cuisine
chef, Gandler mentored the likes
0.01 k iodized salt son with salt and pepper. and presents food in the most
of award-winning chefs Ariel
0.02 k butter Potato Gnocchi: innovative way.
Manuel, Humphrey Navarro and
0.15 roasted walnuts 0.6 k potatoes The hardworking foodie-
Tonyboy Escalante. He founded
Wash, sanitize and cut onions 0.15 k corn starch doctor is proud of his Pinoy
the International School for Culi-
into brunoise. Cut garlic into 2 pcs egg dishes, such as the chicken rel-
nary Arts and Hotel Manage-
brunoise. Roast walnuts in frying 0.05 k butter leno intriguingly presented as
ment (Iscahm) which provides
pan and chop. Wash, sanitize 0.015 k parmesan cheese a ball. Like a seasoned sur-
world-class training and educa-
and trim green beans. Blanch Salt, pepper, nutmeg for sea- geon, he claims: “I could
tion to budding chefs.
green beans in salted water for soning debone the chicken even with
Roasted Pineapple-Glazed eight minutes until tender. Drain Boil potatoes with skin in my eyes closed.”
Australian Lamb Rack and beans in colander. Melt butter, salted water. Peel potatoes
add onions and garlic. Sauté un- when still warm and mash right Café Juanita’s Chicken
Blue Cheese gratinated til translucent. Add green beans. away on clean working table. Relleno (Chicken relleno
Lamb Loin, served with Season to taste. Season with salt, pepper and ball)
Potato Gnocchi, Green Ratatouille Vegetable: nutmeg. Add egg, parmesan 2 pcs 1.3 k whole chicken
0.15 k onions cheese and mix quickly. Add For stuffing:
Beans, Ratatouille and 0.02 k gar- cornstarch and work it into the
Sauce Piquant 3 tbsp seasoning
lic, peeled potato-egg mixture. Form gnoc- 3 pcs calamansi
1.3 k Australian lamb rack, 0.3 k bell chi into desired shape. Coat the ½ k ground pork
Frenched peppers, red gnocchi with cornstarch and 1 pack sweet ham, chopped
0.2 k pineapple juice and green boil in salted water for five min- 1 can sausage VAZQUEZ’S Chicken Relleno
0.03 k garlic 0.25 k egg- utes. After boiling sauté in but- 1 pc chorizo Ball ROMY HOMILLADA
rosemary plant ter and season to taste with salt ½ c butter the stuffed chicken into a
0.05 liter olive oil 0.2 k zuc- and pepper. 1 c sweet pickle relish round shape.
0.03 k mustard chini For Sauce Picante: ¼ c raisins Preheat the oven and set to
Salt and pepper to taste 0.005 k 0.8 liter brown veal stock 2 tbsp catsup maximum temperature.
1 k lamb loin marjoram 0.1 k shallots 6 pcs green olives On baking pan, place the
Salt and pepper to taste 0.005 k 0.1 k bell pepper red/green 150 g cheddar cheese stuffed chicken into the oven
Blue-cheese crust: thyme, fresh 0.03 k green peppercorn 1 tsp ground white pepper
GANDLER’S Roasted Pineapple-Glazed Australian while keeping the maximum
0.15 k blue cheese or dried 0.05 k olives 6 eggs
Lamb Rack and Blue Cheese gratinated Lamb Loin heat setting for half an hour,
0.05 k butter, soft 0.02 k 0.1 k tomato ½ c cornstarch
ROMY HOMILLADA then reduce heat to 375 °F and
0.05 k me de pane, fresh bread fresh basil 0.05 k butter Debone the chicken by maintain for one and a half
crumbs without crust Lamb rack: Season lamb with 0.12 liter virgin coconut oil 0.015 k salt opening the skin at the back. hours. Be sure to turn chicken
1 pc egg mustard, salt and pepper and iodized salt 0.005 k pepper Remove the meat and bones regularly. Check if the chicken
Salt and pepper to taste sear quickly on each side. Roast white ground pepper 0.2 liter Porto wine or red through this opening, leaving is done by using a meat ther-
0.4 liter sauce piquant the lamb rack in the oven at 170 0.3 k ripe tomatoes wine behind the intact skin. Season mometer. One should achieve
0.5 k ratatouille °C until desired doneness. When 0.05 k tomato paste 3 sprig thyme the deboned chicken with cala- a temperature of 170 °F. Once
0.6 k potato gnocchi cooked, glaze the lamb rack with 0.35 liter chicken or vegetable Cut shallots, olives, bell pep- mansi and seasoning. Chop the done, set the oven to broil just
0.5 green beans pineapple juice. stock per and tomato into brunoise. chicken meat and mix with the to brown the surface of the
Mise en place: Marinate the Lamb loin: Season the lamb Wash and rinse all veggies and Sauté in butter shallots, bell rest of the stuffing ingredients. chicken.
lamb rack with olive oil, garlic loin with salt and crushed black herbs. Blanch and peel tomatoes. pepper, peppercorns and Put the stuffing mixture into Collect the drippings and
and rosemary. Portion the lamb pepper. Pan roast or grill loin un- Peel onions and garlic. Chop gar- olives. Deglaze with wine, re- the deboned chicken through use it in preparing the sauce.
loin into 100 grams each. Prepare til desired doneness. Place the lic finely. Remove seeds from duce by half and add thyme. the opening at the back. Once Sauté the drippings in butter
me de pane. Whip the butter and blue-cheese crust on top of the peppers and tomatoes. Cut pep- Add brown stock and simmer done, sew the slit at the back and red wine, then reduce to
cut blue cheese into small cubes. beef and gratinate. Arrange rata- pers, eggplant, zucchini, toma- until the sauce reaches the de- of the chicken while molding make the relleno sauce.
Blue-cheese crust: Add cheese touille, green beans and gnocchi toes and onion into macedoine sired taste. Add tomatoes. Sea-
into the whipped butter and add on a plate. Place lamb loin on top size. Chop marjoram, basil and son to taste and brush with
egg yolk. Mix well and add me de of the green beans and the rack of thyme. butter. If necessary, thicken
25 food icons and their favorite recipes
pane, season with salt and pepper. lamb on the ratatouille. Arrange Sauté onions, garlic and pep- with cornstarch. continued in regular Lifestyle section