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25 food icons and their favorite recipes

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Bok choy Quail eggs
Garlic chips Mushrooms beef on a rack and onto a roasting
Fried Mini Buns (for garnish) pan. Place in oven. Cook for four to
For the sauces: five hours or until tender. Important:
Soy and slab sugar reduction Oven temperature must be this low to
Ginger and green onion break down the connective tissues of
Fresh chili in oil the beef, resulting in a melt-in-your-
Plum chutney mouth roast beef. Test for tenderness
Wash duck and remove excess fat. Rub with a kitchen fork after four hours.
the inside of the cavity with salt. Smash gar- Once done, remove from oven and
lic and ginger with the flat of a knife. Tie GAMBOA’S rest for at least one hour before slic-
scallions into a knot. Place garlic, ginger Slow-Roasted ing. Serve with horseradish sauce.
and scallions inside the duck cavity. Bring Beef Belly You may cook the beef up to two
water to a boil in a pot large enough to hold ROMY HOMILLADA days before and keep in refrigerator.
the duck. Add duck, breast-side down. Cov- To reheat, slice beef while cold into
er and simmer for 30-40 minutes, turning Gamboa is a second-regeneration since the price of prime rib and sir- 1/3-inch-thick slices. Arrange beef
duck halfway through the cooking process restaurateur, son of Julie Gamboa of loin nowadays is nothing to cheer slices overlapping each other in a
(juices from the thigh should run clear Milkyway Restaurants. His mom at, I offer you the alternative—beef baking tray, pour one-half cup of
when the thigh is pricked with a fork). was one of the pioneers of fast-ser- belly! Just as tender, and even more stock or water over the beef. Cover
Carefully remove duck, draining liquid vice food in the country. flavorful than the old standards. with foil, and bake in a 350 °F oven
from body cavity back into the pot. Reserve Chef J has done numerous food And at only a fraction of the cost!” for about 15-20 minutes or until
the stock to make duck foie gras rice. promotions and judged culinary heated through. Serve. You can
Plunge the duck into ice water for five competitions here and abroad. He is Slow-Roasted Beef Belly serve this dish with steamed aspara-
minutes to stop the cooking process and the director for education of Les To- 1 pc US boneless beef belly or gus and zucchini, roasted tomatoes.
tighten the skin. Drain, rub with sesame oil, Jay Gamboa ques Blanches Philippines, an asso- short plate, about 3-4 kg (available For the sauce:
and let cool to room temperature. To serve, He’s one of the coolest chefs in ciation of chefs. at SM Supermarket) 1 c prepared horseradish, avail-
chop duck into bite-size pieces and arrange town, talented, award-winning and “Roast beef in our house is serious ½ c whole peppercorns, crushed able at delis and supermarkets
on a platter with condiments and sauces. passionate in bringing pride to the business,” he says. “Meaning, it’s ½ c rock salt 1 c milk
To make duck foie gras rice, wash the rice country. The executive chef of served only during very special oc- 2 heads garlic, peeled and minced 1 tsp chopped parsley
and drain in a colander. Let stand for half an Cirkulo and Milkyway Restaurants casions, like Christmas, New Year, or Preheat oven to 280 °F. Combine Salt and pepper to taste
hour to dry. Heat oil in a wok. Add shallots and general manager for AzuThai birthday celebrations. It is very hard crushed peppercorns, salt and garlic Combine all ingredients. Mix
and garlic. Stir-fry until fragrant. Add rice and Tsukiji Japanese Restaurants, to resist a great roast. However, into a paste. Rub on top of beef. Place well. Serve with beef on the side.
grains and stir-fry three to four minutes, un-
til glossy and fragrant. Transfer to a
saucepan. Add duck broth and salt. Bring to Vic-Vic Villavicencio
a boil over high heat and boil until the liquid
level evaporates to the level of the rice and
Colin Mackay Give it up for the brain be-
The amiable Scottish chef-restaura- hind the phenomenal “eat-all-
steam holes appear. Turn heat to low. Cover teur Colin Mackay enjoys critically ac- you-can” but “no-leftover”
and simmer for 40 minutes. Toss foie gras, claimed, award-winning restaurants restaurant. It was he who start-
pumpkin seeds and spring onions, adjust which have set a benchmark for excep- ed buffet meals. That’s so typi-
with salt and pepper if necessary. tional cuisine served in cozy ambiance. cal of Villavicencio, who’s a ge-
To make soup: Using the same stock, He’s been at his culinary best for the part nius when it comes to innova-
blanch noodles, mushrooms, quail eggs 25 years now. The highlight was in 1996 tion and uniqueness. As a seri-
and bok choy. Arrange in soup bowl, in- when he opened Sala restaurant in ous angler, he has a penchant
cluding the shredded duck meat. Pour over Malate. His most recent feat is the re- for seafood. His favorite dishes
duck stock and sprinkle with garlic chips. laxed European restaurant Sala Bistro, include freshly caught tuna and
Garnish it with deep-fried buns. which stands alongside his very popular dulong, which is seasonal.
Thai restaurant People’s Palace in Green- These days, Kamayan, Saisaki,
belt, Makati. Dads, Something Fishy and
Triple-V Express remain indus-
Marmalade Steamed Pudding try leaders.
150 g fresh brown bread crumbs Whisk the eggs until frothy and beat gen-
120 g soft brown sugar tly into the mixture until blended well. Cajun Yellow Fin Tuna (Pan-
30 g flour sifted with 1 tsp baking Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in one grill fresh tuna marinated
powder and a pinch salt tablespoon of cold water. Stir this into with butter and spices)
120 g fresh butter, plus extra for greas- the pudding mixture, which will increase 250 g Yellow fin
ing the bowl in volume as it absorbs the bicarbonate
tuna loin (fillet 1½ x
180 g coarse cut marmalade of soda.
1-inch slice)
3 pcs large eggs Spoon the mixture into the dishes and
¼ c melted butter
1 tsp vanilla essence place in deep food pan. Add boiling wa-
2 tsp mixed spices
1 heaped tsp bicarbonate of soda plus ter around cover with foil and bake at
1 tsp cayenne
tbsp of water to mix 170 °F for an hour. Remove from oven,
For serving: keep covered and
1 tsp paprika
1 pc pudding allow to cool.
1 tsp chili flakes
2 tbsp cream Once cooked, re-
1 tsp salt
anglaise move from the
1 tsp garlic
1 scoop vanilla ramekins and serve
1 tsp pepper
seed ice cream hot with fresh egg
1 pc aluminum foil
Gene Gonzalez 1 pc orange gal- custard made by
Dip tuna fillet in
An ingenious chef popular for his lete warming three egg
cold melted butter
classy, innovative restaurants and un- 15 ml Grand yolks and three ta-
slightly. Roll the fillet VILLAVICENCIO’S Cajun Yellow Fin Tuna
conventional food books, he is the Marnier blespoon of sugar
into mixed spices until
brains behind Café Ysabel and founder Butter eight ce- with 500 ml of ANDREW TADALAN
coated. Wrap in alu-
of the Center for Asian Culinary Insti- ramic ribbed soufflé pouring cream till
minum foil. Set aside. that tuna meat is raw inside.
tute. His favorite recipe reminds him bowls. Place the slightly thickened.
Heat the skillet pan up to Unwrap grilled tuna and slice
of the old folks of his childhood in bread crumbs, flour You can add a gen-
medium heat. into ½-inch thick. Serve with
Sulipan, which is not on the map today mixture and sugar in erous shot of Grand
Pan grill wrapped tuna both wasabi mayo or soy sauce on
but was situated somewhere around large mixing bowl. Marnier or brandy
sides for five seconds. Make sure the side.
the Rio Grande de Pampanga. “It’s Melt the butter with to this sauce. Add a
comfort food for me,” says Gonzalez. marmalade in a scoop of vanilla ice
“Every time I cook and eat it, I couldn’t saucepan on gentle cream on top and a
help feeling nostalgic.” heat. Pour the melt- dried orange slice Señor Anastacio de Alba
ed ingredients and MACKAY’S Marmalade Steamed Pudding for garnish if you’re The esteemed maestro of Span-
Menudo Sulipeña mix thoroughly. out to impress! ish cookery in the country, he has
1 k oxtail, cleaned and washed made jamon serrano, chorizos,
2 tbsp butter paella and lengua popular to the
4 tbsp olive oil Filipino palate. He has taught lo-
1 head garlic, chopped Ed Quimson cal chefs authentic Spanish cook-
1 medium onion, chopped Chef extraordinaire, Quimson has ing including the intricate
3 pcs red pepper, seeded and roasted made a name in local dining for his ad- preparation of tapas. Through
½ tbsp paprika picante venturous flair. There’s really no stop- the years, he has loyal diners
½ c ham, cubed ping this chef. Even after he had two who have patronized his
½ c chorizo bilbao, sliced heart attacks and a quintuple bypass, meals since he came to Manila
½ c tomato sauce he still goes around cooking luxurious in the ’50s. He put up his own
1 tbsp tomato paste dishes. As corporate executive chef of Spanish restaurant, Alba Cuci-
½ c cooked garbanzos the Jaka Group of Companies, he is na Española, in Malate, and the
3 tbsp brandy working harder than ever in the very popular Las Paellas. Today,
Salt and pepper kitchen to come up with a wide range Alba’s Restaurant is being oper-
Pressure cook oxtail 20 to 25 min- of innovative dishes for clients, partic- ated by son Miguel.
utes or simmer with enough water to ularly of Petra and Pilar, Ladera Grill
cover until tender. Set stock aside. and Ladera Golfer’s Lounge in Tagay-
tay. Tuhod y Batoc (Stewed 1 c brown sauce or gravy
In casserole, heat butter and olive oil. Cut beef into cubes or serv-
Sauté garlic and onion, add red and ox-knee cap and chuck ing portions. Mix all ingredi-
green peppers and paprika. Stir-fry for
Chicken and Pork Adobo in brown sauce) ents in a pot. Boil until done
two to three minutes. Add oxtail, ham, with Liver Sauce (Serves 5-6) or until beef is tender. Sepa-
chorizo, tomato sauce and tomato paste. ½ k whole chicken, cut into 10 pcs 600 g beef chuck rate beef and strain sauce.
Add stock and simmer over low fire for ½ k pork-kasim, cut into cubes 400 g beef shin/shank Bring beef and sauce back to
about 10 minutes. Add garbanzos and 1 c soy sauce 3 tbsp olive oil heat. Simmer for 15 minutes.
brandy. Season with salt and pepper. ½ c vinegar 3 pcs medium onions, Note: Potatoes, mushroom
3 pcs laurel quartered and red and green pepper
100 g garlic, minced 2 pcs garlic head can be added.
0.50 g rock salt 2 pcs bay leaf
0.50 g ground black pepper ½ tsp ground pepper ALBA’S
¼ c vegetable oil 1 tbsp vinegar Tuhod y
400 g chicken liver 1 c white wine Batoc
½ gallon water 1 tsp paprika
In a pan, sauté garlic. Add pork, soy Salt and pepper
sauce, laurel, black pepper, vinegar, to taste
salt and water. Bring to a boil and let 1 pinch cumin
simmer for 30 minutes. Add chicken 1 pinch thyme
and simmer until fully cooked. Remove 1 pinch cinna-
pork and chicken from the sauce and mon
set aside. Boil chicken liver in adobo 2 c beef stock
sauce. Mash liver thoroughly, then
GONZALEZ’S Menudo Solipeña strain, add pork and chicken to sauce
QUIMSON’S Chicken and Pork Adobo with Liver