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The mediais beingdrivenby thosew F€i lwas born and bredon a farm and f. Animalshave alwaysbeen two part of my life. For over five years I ay and nightjust metresawayfrom lionsand tigers.I see and experie oh every day. Havingbeenthe person livingon site duringthe terms of(hq p it is me who has had muchof the responsibility the nightsand for th first-hand cat experience, big what I don't have is physical con It bi at is no longera requirement. I too am very responsib Thereis an assu fbm a differentzoo is the experton combining gers are goingto be in a stressedstate.I suggest tigers,There is a that we know our ie put into den boxes and lock offs dailyoften together, whilst in 'iced.The triplets questionhave neverbeenapart,that is why all three loan together. With them all beingon the sametruck I am hopingthey one anothereventhoughthey will be in separate boxes. We have ad I together beingKahliand Indira; Laduma, lmvula and Amfu; Khan;T and Shanti;Tshakaand Abdullah;so I don'tknowwhy it is an issue of concernlatertoday.


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