Gujarat Tourism A Case Study

thus growing at a CAGR of about 20% (much higher compared to 11% growth in tourist numbers for India) • International tourists arrivals to Gujarat grew at a much higher CAGR of over 45% during the same period • Ahmedabad. the point to be observed here is that international tourist arrivals to Gujarat is growing at a CAGR of over 45% • The total flow of tourist during the year 2006 – 07 was 12.5% was observed in the tourist flow from foreign countries during 2006-07.34 million and recorded a growth of 15% over the previous year. compared to less than 8 million in 2004.75 Lacs in 2005-06. With a number of more than 2 Lacs foreign tourists in 2006-07 and around 1. Ambaji and Dwarka are the most important tourist destinations – they alone account for over 30% of the total tourist flow in the state • Almost 80% of tourists in Gujarat are from within the state itself – this in effect implies that the demand for tourism products in the state is likely to remain highly stable without ever getting adversely affected by events outside the state or country • Amitabh Bachchan is the Brand Ambassador for Gujarat Tourism • Almost 2% of tourists in Gujarat are international tourists (higher than the 1% figure for India) – moreover. Growth of 18. .Tourism in Gujarat: Facts and Figures • Total tourist number for Gujarat almost touched 16 million tourists in 2008.

are Gujaratis who are prosperous as professionals and traders. The government of Gujarat has unveiled a tourism promotion strategy which consists of the following methodologies: • • • • • • • • Event Based Tourism Tourist Circuits Infrastructure development Innovative Marketing and Promotional Tools Human Resource Development Private Participation Facilitating Govt. This untapped resource can be motivated to become prospective tourists and investors in this sector and the GDP level can be improved considerably.Scope and Targets: The current world tourism contribution to GDP is 11%.8% and it is targeted to reach 6% in the next decade. A majority of the 2 crore NRIs. . The current Indian tourism contribution to GDP is 1. If this can be retargeted to reach 10% an additional 1. Tourist Circuits and Innovative Marketing and Promotional Tools. Policies to ensure rapid Growth Active Participation of District Administration In this project an attempt will be made to analyze three of these methodologies viz.2 crore jobs can be created. Event Based Tourism.

llayangllayanghave come from Indonesia. Since 1989. kite innovators from the USA have arrived with giant banner kites.Event Based Tourism In order to promote tourism in the state special fairs and events shall be organized. master kite makers from Malaysia have brought their wau-balang kites. and the latest high-tech modern wonders. from box kites to high-speed sport kites. bringing master kite makers and flyers from all over the world to demonstrate their unique creations and wow the crowds with highly unusual kites. Gujarat government gives this festival a high priority and invites people from all over the world to participate. and Japanese rokkaku fighting kites have shared the skies with Italian sculptural kites. Chinese flying dragons. Navratri: . from windsocs and spinsocs to hand-painted artistic kites. Some of these are: Utsav: The International Kite Festival: The kite flying festival on Makar Sankranti day in the month of January is a riot of colours with colouful kites soaring the skies of Gujarat in varied shapes and sizes. A kite museum has been set up in Ahmedabad where kites from various parts of the world are displayed. the city of Ahmedabad has hosted the International Kite Festival as part of the official celebration of Uttarayan. A master kite maker and famous kite flyer Rasulbhai Rahimbhai of Ahmedabad trains of up to 500 kites on a single string have come to be a classic attraction. Almost every known variety of kite can be seen in the skies over Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. In past years.

This peerless temple space acts as a grandiose backdrop for the vibrant expression of dancers and aesthetical ethnicity of the country. the temple of the Sun narrating the history and grandeur of its patrons. Moreover Navratri is branded as the World’s largest dance festival and is also promoted through the incredible India campaign. This is a festival dedicated to the Mother Goddess celebrated by Gujaratis all over the world.Come Navratri nine nights of fun frolic and fiesta wherein young girls and boys in their most colorful traditional attire dance to the rhythms of drums and dandiyas. two singers from Vadnagar who were Naagar sisters. The three day festival of Uttarardh Mahotsavis is organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL). is an architectural marvel. It is said that . the Solankis. Tana Riri Festival: Tana Riri festival honours the story of Tana and Riri. Booking of tickets and planning the itinerary has become easier through the online service. Under the Vibrant Gujarat label. the government of Gujarat holds giant Garba celebrations at various locations every year. to venerate and celebrate the inherited treasure of performing arts of the country. Moreover tourism packages have been exclusively designed for the Navratri season. Modhera Dance Festival: Modhera. The performers blend in the ambience and bring life to the sandstone figurines carved on the edifice of the temple. Dance troupes and performers from all regions of the nation bring along a panorama of varied dance forms and styles. interlaced with the essence of their origins. singing and narrating legends of times bygone.

The tourism authorities of Gujarat organize events in Kutch to showcase the rich culture of this district. Rann Utsav This three to four day carnival organized at the various locales within Kutch takes one around the natural grandiose while introducing the visitor to the indigenous cultural and ethnical flavor of the people. he headed for Vadnagar where Tana and Riri sang for him and brought him back to health. Akbar summoned them to his court but owing to the conservative norms of the community and society. these two sisters immolated themselves at Vadnagar. Inspired by this quality of singing. . sang Deepak Raag so fervently that the unlit lamps were lit and he was affected with a burning fever. Tansen. The colorful fairs held near the beach or the banks of a lake swings one with the spirit of festivity. rather than refusing or disobeying Akbar’s summon. one of the largest in India. Knowing that only hearing the pure rendering of the Megh Malhar Raag. A samadhi is created in Vadnagar called Tana Riri Samadhi and the annual classical music festival is held near this Samadhi The Government arranges a special one day tour which includes a heritage walk of Vadnagar and a Classical music concert. fervor and flamboyancy while the organized tour around Kutch is an ideal occasion to be part of the region and experience the zeal and uniqueness of the people. This Mahotsava under the tutelage of Vibrant Gujarat has been a unique opportunity for people around the world to visit Kutch and experience the true flavor of the region. Semi parched Grasslands of the Banni hosts the most magnificent display of vernacular architecture as the exhibition platform for the varied range of arts and crafts of the region. While an array of folk music and dance performances organized in the shimmering moonlit landscape provides the most enchanting experience.the famous court musician of Emperor Akbar.

Private participation and adequate planned investment will make these projects viable propositions and can attract international tourists. Health tourism shall also be encouraged with special emphasis on Naturopathy. The Lion Sanctuary: Gujarat is the only home of the Asiatic Lion . Water sports of all varieties will be encouraged at these beaches and a clean environment.The wild life tourism of Gujarat also has attractions like the only wild Ass sanctuary at Little Rann of Kutch. Yoga and other indigenous therapies. Birds across the seas regularly visit to nest in Gujarat at Nalsarovar and Kutch. Indian Bustard and other animals. Competitive rates and timely medical attention and five star facilities at polytreatment group hospitals have been regular attractions for NRIs from across the globe. . Health Tourism: Gujarat with its high-tech medical facilities and highly qualified medical professionals is fast becoming an important player in Health Tourism. Good safe eco-friendly accommodation with five star facilities and security arrangements will be other important aspects required along these beaches. leopards. Black Bucks of Velavdar . The policy proposes to identify 9 different beaches in Gujarat and work out detailed action plan for the development of these beaches to attract tourists.Beach and Adventure Centric Tourism: The vast potential of 1600 Kms coastline in Gujarat offers excellent potential for tourism development. sloth bear. These are promoted through various exhibitions in India and abroad.

In all its advertising campaigns. Special package tours can be arranged by private tourist operators with adequate and active support from the government to promote this circuit. Flamingoes. Pelicans and Falcons. the Lion Sanctuary has been a focal point. The religious fervour and piety can be found in the temples at Dwarka dedicated to Lord Krishna. offerings and oblations. Recent excavations at Dholavira in Kutch and Lothal near Ahmedabad. The desert safaris of Kutch are a tourist attraction already and further improvements are to be promoted and implemented. The tourism policy proposes to develop these sites as tourist destinations. The Jains have their own pilgrim centers with exquisite architecture and sculpture. The numerous temples at Palitana and the Hutheesinh temple in Ahmedabad are fine examples of Jain architecture.The important species that visit are the Siberian Crane. The Policy envisages an improvement in the tourist traffic of wild life enthusiasts and ornithologists by providing adequate infrastructure and accommodation which is suitable at various forests and deserts. Guided tours have been made available by the government.The Policy aims to preserve and maintain these places of worship and . showcase the rich socio-cultural heritage of our ancestors. the Ambaji T emple and the Pavagadh temple dedicated to Mother Goddess Ambaji are finest examples of Hindu religion. Pre-historic Tourism: A rich civilization once existed on the banks of river Indus called the Indus Valley Civilization. Religious Tourism: The spiritually inclined Gujaratis have always worshipped their Gods and Goddessess with regular pilgrimages. The Somnath Temple with one of the 12 Jyotirlings.

Saurashtra circuit. Kutch circuit. and South Gujarat circuit have been chosen as the important circuits and all promotional and infrastructural facilities will be developed to boost tourist traffic.develop religious tourism as a major promotional campaign. . Circuit Tourism: A focused approach along the guidelines of Govt. Central Gujarat circuit. North Gujarat circuit. Special events on festive occassions are to be organized at Somnath and Dwaraka to attract tourists. of India has been adopted to develop and promote tourist circuits.

Analysis of the campaigns effectiveness: The Positives: • A sense of familiarity is instantly achieved in the case of celebrity endorsements. This was done in a bid to gain credibility. It features Amitabh Bachan in a series of ads covering the various tourist locations in Gujarat such as the Somnath Temple.Khushboo Gujarat Ki Khusbhoo Gujrata Ki is the name of an audio visual tourism promotion campaign shot by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited. Dwaraka. . This is the reason why Cadbury used him as their brand ambassador immediately after the "worms in chocolate" controversy. His widespread popularity guarantees instant recognition value. Gir Forest. Amitabh is one of the most popular actors in India. The Gujarat Tourism ad is made on the assumption that Amitabh's image and consequently his perceived qualities will be attached with the "Gujarat" brand. • Amitabh Bachan enjoys popularity amongst all generations. Advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather has been finalised for this Rs 30-crore venture (including airtime cost) with adman Piyush Pandey preparing the concept and script. Porbandar and Lothal. • Amitabh's public perception is spotless. Kutch. Pandey is famous for several ad campaigns including the Zoozoo series of ads for Vodafone in recent times. A different celebrity might have alienated sections of the society.

• Consistency in Values: Amitabh's Image is unlikely to change in the forseeable future. A sudden turnaround in the celebrity image like the one in Tiger Wood's case is unlikely. • By hiring Amitabh as a brand Ambassador. • People believe that Amitabh is unlikely to damage his reputation by appearing in ads for brands who are suspect in terms of quality. • Gujarat is a relatively new tourist destination when compared with tourism heavy states such as Kerala. Research has shown consumers have a higher level of message recall for products that are endorsed by celebrities. Gujarat Tourism is signalling wealth. • A single advertisement with a celebrity may create greater impact than multiple ads without one. The Hindustan ka Dil Dekho advertisement manages to grab eyeballs at a much cheaper cost. Goa or Rajasthan. This may save valuable money spent on airtime.e the tourist spots. In that respect Amitabh is a safe choice. A firm rich enough to hire Amitabh is rich enough to provide proper facilities to tourists. Amitabh's dominating persona may divert from the real focus of the ad i. • Sometimes the celebrity becomes the centre of attraction rather than the brand. The Negatives: • Large amount of money spent on the celebrity could instead have been utilized for buying more airspace. It can attract the customer’s attention and inquisitiveness to see what product is being endorsed. . Case in point is the ad campaign for Madhya Pradesh Tourism. A new brand can benefit greatly if a celebrity endorses it. thus enhancing the quality of the brand.

Nerolac paints. D'damas. Cadbury chocolates. would have been cheaper and more sustainable in the long run. Dabur. The Pillsburry Dough Boy etc. . Emami. ICICI.Maruti Versa. • Studies published by Cyber Media Research studies indicate that ads without celebrity had a good a chance of working as one with them. For instance. Parker and Luxor pens. • Creation of a non celebrity icon such as the Amul Girl. • Marketing have felt that once the brand rides the back of celebrity it becomes difficult to promote it without the star as it becomes difficult to separate the role of message and the role of the celebrity in selling the brand. Hutch ad did a better job of building a brand than coke which had many big celebrity names associated with it. Nobody really believes that Amitabh actually uses all these products. Eveready. Sahara City Homes. hence casting his credibility in bad light. The celebrity activity becomes an addiction and the task to find substitute becomes more and more difficult.• Amitabh appears in advertisments for BPL. Binani Cement and Reliance.