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Family DECEMBER 2010

Army Family Action Plan Conference
Article by John Mapes
AFAP Program Manager

On 4 November 2010 the Fort Hamilton Garrison

hosted the Army Family Action Plan Conference at the
Fort Hamilton Community Club. Fifty-nine issues were
considered by the Delegates.
The Delegates prioritized 23 issues for the Garrison
Commander, COL Michael J. Gould and the AFAP
Steering Committee to review. Some of these issues have
the potential to effect the entire Army Family and could be
elevated to the highest level of consideration by the
General Officer Steering Committee.

Below are just a few of the issues that will be

reviewed by the AFAP Steering Committee:
1. Survivor Outreach Services support for Casualty
Assistance Officer (CAO) family visits.
2. Career/College Fairs on post
3. Motorcycle Safety Classes
4. Bottle/Cans Recycling Machines
5. Housing Recycling Program
If you are interested in becoming a Delegate for next
year’s Conference or would like to be a volunteer for
the AFAP Program. Please contact:

John Mapes Phone: (718) 630-4498



137-C POLY PLACE, 1st Floor Director’s Corner………………………….2
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FORT HAMILTON ACS Directory..…………………………....2
PHONE: 718.630.4754 Financial Readiness...……………………....4
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WE’RE ON ACS Resources...……….………………...8/9
FACEBOOK! Want to contribute? Need to advertise an event,
playgroup or activity? Submit your composition now
for next month!
Director’s Corner
Happy Holidays, Military Family Week activities during the month of November were a
huge success. ACS gave away tickets to the “Christmas Spectacular”; many families
were able to enjoy the event this year. As December rolls on, we will be having our
annual Holiday Party for Families on the 11th of December at the Fitness Center, join
us, from 1500-1700, immediately after we will also host the annual tree lighting
ceremony. We at Army Community Service want to wish you and your love ones
a wonderful Holiday Season. Until next year.

Carmen E. Borrero,
ACS Director


ACS Director Family Advocacy
Carmen Borrero
Vincent DiMaira
Ft. Hamilton?
Come to our Newcomer’s
Army Emergency Relief Financial Readiness
Miguel Morales Miguel Morales Orientation
718-630-4471 718-630-4471
January 27, 2011 beginning at
Army Family Team Information & Referral
Building Magda Lawrence 0830
John Mapes 718-630-4754
At the ACS Conference Room
Lending Closet Building 137C, 1st Floor
Army Family Action Plan Madeline Pastorella
John Mapes 718-630-4462 Call Maddy to reserve your seat!
Outreach Program 718.630.4754
Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (No Newcomer’s Orientation in December 2010)
Joseph Gamez Carson Schefstad
718-630-4756 718-630-4467

Deployment Readiness Relocation Readiness

Madeline Pastorella Madeline Pastorella
718-630-4462 718-630-4462

Employment Readiness Sexual Assault &

Joseph Gamez Victim Advocacy
718-630-4756 Vincent DiMaira
Exceptional Family
Member Program Survivor
Vincent DiMaira Outreach Services
718-630-4460 Carson Schefstad
Army Family Team Building
John Mapes, Program Manager

Why Should I Attend AFTB?

AFTB can help you to not just cope with, but The training is available to Soldiers, Family
enjoy the Military lifestyle. Many of the courses Members of all Service Members, Department of
can be applied towards resume and career Defense Civilians, and Volunteers.
building, self-development and leadership skills.
Starting January 19, 2011 and every 3rd
Active duty Soldiers can earn promotion Wednesday of the month afterward, we will
points for participating in the training. conducting AFTB Training in the ACS Conference
Room. Call to reserve your seat.
AFTB provides the knowledge and self-
confidence to take responsibility for yourself and
your Family.
Please Contact the ACS office at 718 630-4754 or come by:
137C Poly Place, 1st Floor for more information
John Mapes, AFTB Program Manager


Fifth Avenue Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Care Felton Veterinary Services
(718) 748-1066 (718) 388-1172
Hope Veterinary Services Pc Fifth Ave Cat Clinic
(718) 852-4219 (718) 398-1187
Banfield the Pet Hospital Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital
(718) 448-5558 (718) 782-8387
Windsor Terrace Veterinarians Battery Park Veterinary Hospital
(718) 431-8950
Carroll Gardens Vet Group Pc (212) 786-4444 (Manhattan) Brooklyn Veterinary Group
(718) 875-7007
Vincent George Veterinarian (718) 331-7775
(718) 444-5151 Central Brooklyn Veterinary Center
(718) 338-9600
The Sneakiest New Shopping Scam
The Rip-off Stripped Gift Cards
Article from Shop Smart Magazine
Submitted by Miguel Morales
Financial Readiness Program Manager

How it works! Thieves look for gift cards that are displayed on grab-and-go racks, such as in
grocery and department stores. They use a handheld scanner—which you can buy online for
just a few hundred dollars—to read the code behind the magnetic or scratch-off strip on the
back of the card. That, combined with the card number on the front, gives them everything
they need to steal the value of the card. Then they put the card back on the rack. Later an
unsuspecting buyer purchases the worthless gift card. Even if a card isn’t preloaded, a thief
can steal the card number and security code, then call the 800 number shown on the card
every few days to check the balance. Once a shopper has purchased the card and loaded it
with a dollar amount, the thief can spend it before the purchaser does.

Prevent it! Buy cards that are behind a customer-service desk, says Tom Browning, vice
president of corporate compliance and chief security officer for Allied Barton Security
Services. Inspect the card; if the magnetic or peel-off strip on the back isn’t pristine, the card
might have been tampered with. When buying a preloaded card, ask the cashier to scan it to
make sure the full value is on it. If you’re buying from a third-party gift-card site, look at the
refund policy. And always hang on to the receipts. If something goes wrong, it can help
you—or the gift recipient—get a refund.
For more information on New Shopping Scams, please visit the following websites:

Federal Trade Commission -

Better Business Bureau -
Shop Smart -

PCS Financial Class INVESTING 101

December 14, 2010 December 15, 2010

1400 to 1500 6:00 to 7:30
ACS Conference Room ACS Conference Room

Call (718) 630.4471 or (718) 630.4754 Call (718) 630.4471 or (718) 630.4754
To Reserve a Seat! To Reserve a Seat!
CONUS PCSing Entitlements
Relocation/Mobilization and
Deployment Program
Article from
Submitted by Madeline Pastorella
Relocation Readiness Program Manager

In addition to your basic pay and BAH allowance,
there are several allowances paid to service third vehicle necessary. Family members will be entitled to
members ordered on CONUS assignments. Below MALT if they are authorized to travel by car to the next duty
is an overview of these allowances. Consult your station without the service member. Service members may
local finance office for more specifics and to find request an advance up to 80% before the move, which will be
out what allowances pertain to your orders. paid by travel voucher.


Per Diem is paid to reimburse service members for DLA is paid to military members to help them pay for all the
lodging and meals associated with travel to the incidentals of moving, such as paying deposits, connecting
new duty station. The government divides the utilities, etc. An advance of 100% of DLA may be requested.
distance between duty stations by 350 to get the In the event the service member is single or is not moving
allowed number of days. If the remainder is more dependents, the allowance is paid if that service member is not
than 50 miles, an extra day is tacked on. Per diem assigned Government quarters at the new duty station.
rates for car travel are based on a flat $50 rate. For DLA is not payable if:
Family members over 12 years of age, the rate is
$37.50 per day and a flat rate of $25 for those • The member has been assigned to government quarters
under 12. The total per diem reimbursement is the at the new duty station without their family members.
sum of the allowable per diem for each Family
member. • Has been transferred to a nearby station without
authorization for a local move of household goods
Paid for CONUS moves only, TLE is designed to • Is separating or retiring from the service
help compensate the service member for the cost
of lodging and meals while the Family is staying in • Is reporting to his or her first duty station
temporary lodging. TLE is paid for a maximum of
10 days and is not authorized on a service ADVANCE BASIC ALLOWANCE
member’s last move. FOR HOUSING (BAH)
Advance BAH is an advance on monthly pay that helps the
MONETARY ALLOWANCE IN LIEU service member pay for off-base rental housing. It is generally
OF TRANSPORTATION (MALT) limited to three months BAH CONUS.
MALT (also known as “mileage”) is paid when a
service member or his Family drives to a new duty ADVANCE PAY
station. Based on the Official Military Table of Advance pay is simply an interest-free loan using your future
Distances, this allowance may be paid for two military earnings as collateral. Up to three months pay may be
vehicles without special permission. The rates vary authorized and is usually repaid over 12 months.
from 15 to 20 cents depending on the number of
people in each vehicle. A third car may be For more information about your CONUS entitlements, visit
authorized if special conditions exist making that on the Web
Family Advocacy Program
How to Cope With Holiday Stress
Article by Vincent DiMaira
Family Advocacy Program Manager

Stress is defined as the pressure and tension you feel when faced with a new situation that’s new,
unpleasant or threatening. Not all stress is bad. However, too much stress can affect our mental and
physical health and damage relationships with friends and family. The Holiday Season, while meant to
celebrate joyous occasions can also unfortunately bring a great deal of harmful stress to individuals and

Here are some basic tips that can help us with stress:
1. Paying attention to how we talk to ourselves. Every time you hear a negative message play in your
mind, erase it and record a new, positive one in its place. For example, instead of saying “I’ll never be
good at this task” change your self talk to “I’ll keep practicing and do my best.”
2. Exercise is “MEDICINE”. Exercise can reduce tension and improve your overall health. For those who
don’t like the “gym” you may consider walking, dancing, raking leaves, or just general household
chores. Please note for those who have not exercised in a while, it is recommended that you consult with
your doctor before beginning an exercise program.
3. Taking breaks, especially when you begin feeling overwhelmed.
4. Get proper rest. Most people need about 6-9 hours of sleep.
5. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing for about 20 minutes a day. You can do this by
sitting or lying in a comfortable position. When beginning, take a deep breath through your nose, and
SLOWLY exhale through your mouth. When performing relaxation techniques, you may want to listen to
a relaxation CD to enhance the effects.
6. Pay Attention to Good Nutrition: Don’t skip breakfast, choose a low fat-high fiber diet, cut back on
caffeine, and watch your sugar intake. (We all know this can be difficult during the holiday season
especially with all those tasty desserts, that so many of us enjoy cooking).
7. Finally, please note that STRESS MANAGEMENT is a LIFE LONG PROCESS which requires practice.
Therefore, if you don’t succeed with a particular technique, DON’T GIVE UP and KEEP TRYING.

For those having an especially difficult time, don’t hesitate to call Army Community Service at
718-630-4754 and one of our staff can point you in the right direction. You may also want to consider the
Chaplain’s Office at 718-630-4969 or Military One Source at 1-800-342-9647.

ACS Family Advocacy Program is pleased to announce its first Stress

Management Class on Monday December 6, 2010 1600-1700 at the ACS
Conference Room.
Holiday Traditions for
Your Military Family
Article from
Submitted by Magda Lawrence
Information & Referral

The military is incredibly rich in customs Christmas Eve Pajamas

and courtesies. So, it was no surprise when I On Christmas Eve everyone gets a brand new pair of
started asking military spouses for their holiday pajamas. This is great for the kids as they are excited to
tradition ideas that the thoughts were bountiful. get in their pajamas and head to bed to wait for Santa
The holidays offer many times to get together Claus.
with family and friends. From holiday parties to Stockings
attending holiday programs at local churches or Whether they are filled by you or by "Santa" stockings
organizations, there is always something to do. are a lot of fun. You don't have to fill them with
Here are some great ideas from fellow military expensive treats. You can pick from small everyday
spouses that they do with their families: needful things like office supplies, toiletries, or even
Countdown Calendar fruit and nuts. But of course, they're fun when filled
Your countdown calendar can have a theme for with candy and games.
example a "tree" with a new decoration to add Holiday Parade
each day. You can purchase a pre-made holiday You'd be hard pressed to find a city or town that doesn't
activity calendar or use a basic one with a have a holiday parade. Chances are you can find at
magic marker and stickers. The point is doing least three or four near where you live. Take the family,
the countdown together. You could also add a pack up some goodies like popcorn or hot cocoa, and
fun prize or candy for each day. "vote" on the best parade float or display.
Sleep Under the Christmas Tree Picture With Santa Claus
The day you put the final decorations on your Most malls or large retailers have a Santa Claus on
Christmas tree have your family camp out hand during the holiday season. Make sure you get
underneath its branches. Add something extra your children's picture each year. It's a great thing to
special and have hot cocoa, play games, and look back on as the years go by.
read holiday stories. Holiday Music or Ornament
Holiday Light Tour Every year purchase a holiday ornament or holiday
Each year tour the neighborhood with your music CD. It's a wonderful way to build your
family in search of the best holiday light collection and the hunt for the perfect one each year is
display. You can each "vote" and pick a family a lot of fun.
favorite. Spice it up by giving the winning Christmas Eve Activities
family's display a plate of holiday goodies. Families are usually pretty talented. Each year have
Christmas Cookies your family showcase their talents in a Christmas Eve
Our family definitely has our favorite cookies. program. You can sing together, have a special feast,
Each year we spend a weekend baking up a showcase each other's talents, or even play a game. It's
storm. Have everyone put one of their favorite a wonderful holiday tradition in which to incorporate
cookies on the list and bake up a batch. Cookies most all of the traditions above. What fun.
can be used as great homemade gifts, too. You
can even share the "secret" family recipes with
each other.
WAITING FAMILIES Military Family Life Consultant

Holiday Party
Chuck E. Cheese’s
December 18, 2010
Departing from ACS @ 2pm
School Adjustment
Deployment and Separation
Reunion Adjustment
Sibling &Parent-Child Communication
Behavioral Concerns
Madeline Pastorella Fear, Grief and Loss
Daily Life Issues
Deployment Readiness Program Group sessions, education presentations, and
Manager individual meetings can be arranged. After-
hours and weekends appoints are available.
(718) 630-4754 MFLC Phone (718) 630-9408
Employment Readiness Program ARMY VOLUNTTER CORPS

The Employment Readiness Program office operates

as “your office” while Get Connected!
you are developing your job search campaign. You will
have use of our computer lab, printer and fax.
Become A Volunteer!
-Meet new people
Come into ACS today to get help with: -Make new friends
- Resumix -Learn new skills
- Job search
- Interviewing Skills -Gain work experience
- Career assessment -HAVE FUN!
- Education and volunteer information Contact: Joseph Gamez
- One-on-one assistance on resume writing
(718) 630-4756
Joseph Gamez @ (718) 630-4756
Survivors Outreach Services Information & Referral

SOS Holiday Party!

Saturday, December 4, 2010
12:30 - 4:30
Fort Hamilton Community Club
RSVP by Monday, November 29th  Civilian Resources
718-630-4467  Military Resources
 Local Attractions  Welcome Packets

Contact Magda Lawrence


Family Advocacy Program Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a
mandatory program designed to meet the needs of
Family Members with physical, emotional,
developmental or learning difficulties that require
special medical treatment, therapy, or education.

To enroll your Family Member in EFMP, please contact

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Provides: Ms. Brenda Shea, Occupational Health Nurse at
Abuse Education & Prevention Ainsworth Clinic, phone number 718-630-4471.
Domestic Violence Intervention
Child Abuse Intervention The next EFMP Family Member support meeting will be
Parenting Classes Thursday, December 10, 2010 from 1100 - 1200 at the
Exceptional Family Member Program ACS Conference Room, Building 137C, Poly Place.
To report Child or Spouse Abuse, please contact
Department of Emergency Service (DES) at All Service Members and Family Members with Special
718-630-4456 Needs are invited to attend.
For Confidential Reporting of Domestic Abuse
or to report Sexual Assault, please contact the
USAG Victim Advocacy Hotline at 347-452-4302

Services are available to Service Members and

their Families. If you would like more
information or schedule an appointment, please For any questions concerning the Exceptional Family
contact Vincent DiMaira at 718-630-4460 Member Program, please contact Vincent DiMaira,
Family Advocacy Program Manager at 718-630-4460
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Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad

Happy Hanukkah Happy Kwanza Mele Kalikimaka

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