Legal Basis • The Philippine Constitution of 1973 (Sec. 5, Article VIII) created a special court, known as Sandiganbayan, with jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases involving graft and corrupt practices and such other offenses committed by public officers and employees, including those in governmentowned or controlled corporations, in relation to their office as may be determined by law. Presidential Decree No. 1486 (June 11, 1978) supported the creation of the Sandiganbayan as provided for under the 1973 Constitution. Presidential Decree No. 1606 (January 10, 1979), revised PD 1486, elevating the Sandiganbayan to the same level as the Court of Appeals. Presidential Decree No. 1861 (March 23, 1983) amended pertinent provisions of PD 1606 and Batas Pambansa Blg. 129 relative to the exclusive original jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan over cases involving violations of RA 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) and other offenses or felonies committed by public officers and employees in relation to their office. Executive Order No. 14 (May 7, 1986), as amended by EO 14-A (August 18, 1986), defined the jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan over cases filed by the Philippine Commission on Good Government (PCGG) involving the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcos family and relatives. The Philippine Constitution of 1987 (Sec. 4, Article XI) provided for the anti-graft court known as the Sandiganbayan to continue to function and exercise its jurisdiction over graft and corruption practices provided by law. Republic Act 7975 (March 30, 1995) strengthened the functional and structural organization of the Sandiganbayan. Republic Act 8249 (February 5, 1997) further defined the jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan, amending for the purpose PD 1606.

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Mandate The Sandiganbayan (SB) tries and decides criminal and civil cases against government officials and employees accused of graft and corruption and similar other offenses.


Subpoenas. Monitors Status of Cases Conducts Court Trial/Hearing of Cases Serves and Implements Court Warrants. Issues Copies of Decisions. Employees and Accomplices P/A/Ps P/A/Ps Plans. Writ of Executions. Maintains and Updates Statistical Data Manages Information Systems. Resolutions and Orders 762 . Implements and Evaluates Programs for Systematic Management of Judicial Records Processes Requests for Statistical Data. Court Orders Renders and Promulgates Cases Adjudicates Cases Prepares Entries of Judgment.LOGICAL FRAMEWORK (SB) Societal SocietalGoal Goal A Just. Peaceful and Progressive Society SectoralGoal Sectoral Goal Rule of Law Organizational Organizational Outcome Outcome Expeditious Adjudication of Cases Involving Graft and Corrupt Practices Committed by Public Officials. Employees and Accomplices Major Final Output Major Final Output Adjudication of Cases Involving Graft and Corrupt Practices Committed by Public Officials.

815 37.PERFORMANCE MEASURES AND TARGETS (Amounts in Thousand Pesos) FY 2007 Actua l/ Am ount FY 2008 Ta rge t/Am ount FY 2009 Ta rge t/Am ount P a rticula rs M FO A djudication of c as es involving graft and c orrupt practices c om m itted by public officials.883 P 308.02% P 322.627 308 11.25% PS 37.394 136.767 528 14.307 P 322.824.815 119.824 FY 2009 MFO BUDGET ByMFO/ By Expense Class (Total Budget = P322.64% 763 .73% P 308.64% 136.72% P 264.615 66.11% 66.824 322. em ploy ees and ac com plic es P 264. of Cases Rec eived/P roc es sed No.000) CO 42.824 100% 100% 100% By Expense Class (Total Budget = P322. of Cases Dispos ed Dis position Rate Tota l 2.941 541 13.11% MOOE 20.25% 322. Employees and Accomplices TOTAL % Share PS MOOE CO TOTAL % Share 119.824 3.000) Particulars MFO Adjudication of cases involving graft and corrupt practices committed by Public Officials.394 42.307 3.883 No.824.615 20.

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