Short Business Plan

Picture Perfect, Inc. 900 Remington Road Philadelphia, PA Phone: (215) 976-4000 E-mail: Fax: (215) 976-4001 Website:

Business Description:
Picture Perfect, Inc. (the “Company”) was founded by an experienced management team to develop and market new types of consumer products in the picture frame, photography products and photo album markets. The Company has applied for patents on several of its new innovative products.

Industry and Market Description:
The picture frame, photography products and photo album markets have annual sales in excess of $15 billion, expected to grow to $20 billion by 2001. The picture frame industry is dominated by three large players (Burnes, Fetco and Carr) and smaller niche players (Malden, Advent). Photo albums are made and distributed by many of the same companies. Large retail chains as well as specialty boutique stores are the primary purchasers of picture frame and photo albums. The photography products industry consists of numerous companies large and small (Kodak, Fuji, Arrelle). The Company, however, will be focussing on photography products for general consumer orientation (as opposed to professional photographers). The Company plans to develop and market comprehensive innovative product lines to intelligently compete in all three areas, with the goal of obtaining significant and profitable market share.

Company History:
The Company was formed in August 1997 by four individuals with significant experience and contacts in the various relevant industries. Since that time, the Company has (1) designed four new picture frame products, (2) designed two new photo album products, (3) lined up several distributors, (4) made product demonstrations to Macy’s, Nordstroms, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, and other major retailers, and (5) implemented manufacturing contracts.

The Company’s Products:
The Company’s products are intended to be innovative and interesting. The Company has designed a new series of frames, the DateFrame™ picture frames, which incorporate a feature that displays the date when the picture was taken on a built-in mechanism in the frame. The Company has a patent pending on this product line. The Company has also designed picture frames and photo albums, samples of which are available on request. The Company plans to develop a broad based product line to penetrate the market.
Form D03701

000 (277.000) 2000 $1. 10 years of operations experience with Carr Frames. 15 years of industry experience.. Inc. and Fetco International.000 218.000 700. The Company founders have extensive relationships with major prospective chain stores and distributors.000 690. Vice President of Operations: Vice President of Development: Chief Financial Officer: Vice President of Marketing: . 15 years of industry experience.000 2001 $3.000. Marketing Manager at Digital Albums. Inc.900. Big 6 Accounting experience. 12 years of industry experience. 10 years of industry experience. Inc.000 1. and Burnes of Boston.210.625. Jill Buckley: MBA from Penn State.000 Management Team: President: Tim Sanders: Previously Head of Product Development at Burnes of Boston (the largest picture frame company in the United States). Joe Bledsoe: Previously Chief Product Designer of Arrelle (consumer photography products) and Product Manager at Macy’s.000 707. Confidential Candidate: CPA. all as further detailed in more extensive projections and underlying assumptions available upon request: 1999 Revenues Cost of Sales Gross Profit Operating Expenses New Income (loss) Before Taxes $450. which should facilitate marketing.Marketing: The Company intends to use a combination of employees and distributors for marketing its products. formerly Marketing Manager at Eastman Kodak. Projections: The Company projects that sales and profits will be as follows. 20 years of industry experience. Terry Davis: Previously Office Manager at PhotoExpress. The Company has also been developing distinctive packaging and logos to achieve brand recognition for its products. Controller and CFO for consumer products companies.100.000 1.000 225.000 225.000 1.000 452.000 925.

Over $400.Funding: Amount Needed: Funding History: $3-$5 million of funding is needed over the next two years for development. . marketing. manufacture. sales and personnel.000 has been raised from the founders of the company and angel investors.