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The majority of the desktop and mobile Core 2 processor variants are Core 2 Duo with two processor cores on a single Merom, Conroe, Allendale, Penryn or wolfdale chip. These come in a wide range of performance and power consumption, starting with the relatively slow ultra-low-power Uxxxx (10 W) and low-power Lxxxx (17 W) versions, to the more performance oriented Pxxxx (25 W) and Txxxx (35 W) mobile versions and the Exxxx (65 W) desktop models. The mobile Core 2 Duo processors with an 'S' prefix in the name are produced in a smaller µFC-BGA 956 package which allows building more compact laptops. Within each line, a higher number usually refers to a better performance, which depends largely on core and front-side bus clock frequency and amount of second level cache, which are model specific. Core 2 Duo processors typically use the full L2 cache of 2, 3, 4 or 6 MB available in the specific stepping of the chip, while versions with the amount of cache reduced during manufacturing are sold for the low-end consumer market as Celeron or Pentium Dual-Core processors. Like those processors, some low-end Core 2 Duo models disable features such as Intel Virtualization Technology. Details can be found at the list of Intel Core 2 microprocessors.

Codename (main article)

Brand name (list)

L2 Cache Socket TDP
10 W BGA479 17 W Socket M Socket P 35 W BGA479

Mobile Core 2 Solo U7xxx 2 MB Mobile Core 2 Duo L7xxx Merom Mobile Core 2 Duo T5xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo T7xxx Core 2 Duo E4xxx Core 2 Duo E6xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo SU7xxx 3 MB Mobile Core 2 Duo SU9xxx Penryn Mobile Core 2 Duo SL9xxx 6 MB Mobile Core 2 Duo SP9xxx BGA956 2 MB 2 4 MB 2 MB 4 MB

Conroe and Allendale

LGA 775 65 W 2 4 MB


17 W 25 W

Initially. forming a quad-core processor. Codename (main article) Kentsfield Brand name (list) Core 2 Quad Q6xxx Core 2 Quad Q7xxx L2 Cache Socket 2x4 MB 2x1 MB 2x2 MB TDP 95 105 W LGA 775 95 W 65 95 W Yorkfield Core 2 Quad Q8xxx . but later Penryn-QC was added as a high-end version of the mobile dualcore Penryn.Mobile Core 2 Duo P7xxx 3 MB Mobile Core 2 Duo P8xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo P9xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo T6xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo T8xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo T9xxx Mobile Core 2 Duo E8xxx Core 2 Duo E7xxx Wolfdale Core 2 Duo E8xxx 6 MB 6 MB 2 MB 3 MB 6 MB 6 MB 3 MB LGA 775 65 W Socket P 35-55 W 25 W Socket P FCBGA6 35 W Core 2 quad Core 2 Quad processors are multi-chip modules consisting of two dies similar to those used in Core 2 Duo. The Xeon 32xx and 33xx processors are mostly identical versions of the desktop Core 2 Quad processors and can be used interchangeably. Kentsfield derived from Conroe and Yorkfield from Wolfdale. While this allows twice the performance to a dual-core processors at the same clock frequency in ideal conditions. so the performance for single-thread workloads would be worse on a Core 2 Quad. all Core 2 Quad models were versions of Core 2 Duo desktop processors. this is highly workload specific and requires applications to take advantage of the extra cores. high-end Core 2 Duo processors often operate at higher clock frequencies. Also.

which makes them especially attractive for overclocking. The same processor is also available as Core i5 and Pentium. 2010. usually with a higher clock frequency and an unlocked clock multiplier. following the retirement of the Core 2 brand. often $999 or more. The Core i33xxM processors are based on Arrandale. Core 2 Extreme processors were released at a much higher price than their regular version. the mobile version of the Clarkdale desktop processor. They are similar to the Core i5-4xx series but running at lower clock speeds and without Turbo Boost. The first Core i3 processors were launched on January 7. This is similar to earlier Pentium processors labeled as Extreme Edition. The first Nehalem based Core i3 was Clarkdale-based. Codename Brand name (list) L3 Cache Socket TDP (main article) Clarkdale Arrandale Core i3-5xx Core i3-3xxM 4 MB 3 MB LGA 1156 73 W µPGA-989 35 W I/O Bus Direct Media Interface. Integrated GPU Core 2 Extreme Core 2 Extreme processors are enthusiast versions of Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors. with slightly different configurations. Codename (main article) Merom Conroe Kentsfield Brand name (list) Mobile Core 2 Extreme X7xxx Core 2 Extreme X6xxx Core 2 Extreme QX6xxx L2 Cache Socket 4 MB 4 MB 2x4 MB TDP Socket P 44 W LGA 775 65 W LGA 775 130 W .Core 2 Quad Q9xxx Penryn-QC 2x3-2x6 MB Mobile Core 2 Quad Q9xxx 2x3-2x6 MB Socket P 45 W Core i3 The Core i3 was intended to be the new low end of the performance processor line from Intel. with an integrated GPU and two cores.

It is positioned between the mainstream Core i3 & Core 2 and the high-end Core i7 & Xeon brands. The same processors with different sets of features (Hyper-Threading and other clock frequencies) enabled are sold as Core i7-8xx and Xeon 3400-series processors. together with Core i7-6xx and Core i3-3xx processors based on the same chip. 2009. Lynnfield Core i5 processors have an 8 MB L3 cache. the desktop version of Arrandale. while the Core i5-6xx will use the full cache and the Core i3-3xx will have no support for Turbo Boost. Codename Brand name (list) Cores L3 Cache Socket (main article) TDP I/O Bus Core i5-7xx Lynnfield Core i5-7xxS 4 8 MB 95 W Direct Media Interface LGA 1156 82 W Clarkdale Core i5-6xx 2 4 MB 73-87 W Direct Media Interface. .Penryn Penryn-QC Yorkfield Mobile Core 2 Extreme X9xxx 6 MB Socket P 44 W Socket P 45 W LGA 775 130 150 W Mobile Core 2 Extreme QX9xxx 2x6 MB Core 2 Extreme QX9xxx 2x6 MB Core i5 Core i5 is a brand name used by Intel for several microprocessors. Intel released the first Core i5 processor: The Core i5 750. On September 8. which should not be confused with high-end Core i7-9xx and Xeon 3500-series processors based on Bloomfield. Clarkdale. Apple Inc. a DMI bus running at 2. They were released in January 2010. The L3 cache in Core i5-5xx processors is reduced to 3 MB. which is a 2. began using the Quad Core Lynnfield processors in their premier iMac computers in mid-2010. the first of which were introduced in late 2009.5 GT/s and support for dual-channel DDR3800/1066/1333 memory. Arrandale processors have integrated graphics capability but only two processor cores. is sold as Core i5-6xx.66 GHz quad-coreLynnfield processor with Hyper-threading disabled. along with related Core i3 and Pentium brands. The Core i5-5xxx mobile processors are named Arrandale and based on the 32 nm Westmere shrink of the Nehalem microarchitecture. It has Hyper-Threading enabled and the full 4 MB L3 cache.

was officially launched on November 17. "Core i7" is a successor to the Intel Core 2 brand. though the Oregon (PTD. In 2009 the name was applied to Lynnfield and Clarksfieldmodels. and upcoming Sandy Bridge microarchitectures. Fab D1D) plant has moved to the next generation 32 nm process. The "Core i7" brand is marketed for the business and high-end consumer markets and is intended to differentiate these processors from Core i5 processors intended for the main-stream consumer market and Core i3 processors intended for the entry-level consumer market. Core i7. first assembled in Costa Rica. Intel representatives state that the moniker Core i7 is meant to help consumers decide which processor to purchase as the newer Nehalem-based products are released in the future. and the Gulftown Core i7-980X Extreme processor which has six hyperthreaded cores. New Mexico and Oregon. . The name continues the use of the Intel Core brand.Integrated GPU Core i5-4xxM 35 W Arrandale Core i5-5xxM 3 MB µPGA-989 Core i5-5xxUM 18 W Core i7 Intel Core i7 is an Intel brand name for several families of desktop and laptop 64-bit x86-64 processors using the Nehalem. all models were quad-core processors. the name was applied to dual-core Arrandalemodels. 2008 and is manufactured in Arizona.The Core i7 identifier was first applied to the initial family of processors codenamed Bloomfield introduced in 2008.Prior to 2010.Westmere. In 2010.

Codename (main article) Logo New Logo Brand name (list) Min. L3 Socket TDP feature Cache size I/O Bus Release Date Gulftown Core i7980X Extreme Edition 12 MB 32 nm Mar 2010 Bloomfield Core i79xx Extreme Edition LGA 1366 130 W QuickPath Nov 2008 Core i79xx Core i78xx Lynnfield Core i78xxS 8 MB LGA 1156 95 W Sep 2009 82 W 45 nm Jan 2010 Core i79xxXM Extreme Edition Clarksfield 55 W Direct Media Interface Core i78xxQM µPGA989 45 W Sep 2009 Core i77xxQM 6 MB Arrandale Core i7- 4 MB 35 W 32 nm Direct Media Jan 2010 .

6xxM Interface. Integrated GPU 25 W Core i76xxLM Core i76xxUM 18 W Submitted toNiranjan Shrivastav Submitted ByNiyati Chawla Disaster Management 1st semister .

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