THE STORY OF OT VIII The original story of OT VIII dates back over three decades ago, when LRH was investigating the original OT Levels. At that time LRH was spending a significant amount of time researching, mostly on himself and by himself, and he came upon a number of stumbling blocks that prevented him from getting the results that he wished to accomplish. The foremost of these stumbling blocks is that all that research, no matter how well intentioned and technically expert it may have been, could not be conclusively be applied uniformly to others, since it had been tested on no one else. A close second among those blocks are unhandled auditing errors. In over 20 years of auditing, (much of which was done solo and as self-directed research), errors were made. We are NOT talking about occasional flubbed commands or out-ruds, but we are talking about major issues such as O/R, over-restimulation, or unflat levels and processes. LRH had no map, no directive, no supervisor. His stubborn pride would have made him refuse those, should have one offered them anyway. The sad result is that his own perspective as a PC has tainted the Upper Bridge. The laws of auditing do not call for an exception if your name is LRH or you are Source. Important auditing errors will inevitably reflect upon somebody's outlook, whoever he is. FIRST TRUTH REVEALED The first part of OT VIII is designed to unmask LRH for what he was: a Man with both greatness and flaws. Truth is not always palatable. Truth is simply: what is. This is no attempt to demonize LRH, or degrade him. His contributions to the development of the Human Mind and Spirit were colossal. Those who seek to demonize or degrade him simply have no business continuing Scientology or the Bridge, since they do not believe in it. They should be sent on their way. Just as we wouldn't want them to interfere with our own beliefs, we shouldn't interfere with theirs. For many, the rubbing away of

LRH mystique may come as a shock, just like the toppling down of the Statue of a Hero. One should run be prepared to run any loss, shock or resulting out-ruds. D/Ling the first inkling of the realization should finally blow any remnant charge on the matter. It is a very simple exercise in logic to reach the conclusion that it is quite impossible to attain the TRUTH, while studying in the presence undisclosed and accepted lies. The first Truth revealed comes with the realization of the actual true background of the Bridge to Total Freedom and the truth about LRH. SECOND TRUTH REVEALED The second part of OT VIII consists in the running out of LRH 's own case and how his own misconceptions may have affected one's case. The lower bridge should have raised someone well above the level of Humanoid, The OT levels I to VII, when thoroughly done should have removed the reasons why someone cannot reach OT. OT VIII is the final stage on the bridge before the actual OT levels. The second truth revealed is someone's case untainted by anyone else's misconceptions. THIRD TRUTH REVEALED The third truth revealed is about the genus of Scientology. Some people still naively think it is the bolt from the blue and that out of nowhere, in spite of 5,000 years of thinking Men, that LRH is the first one to have discovered meaningful answers to any subject in the entire History of Man. The answers did not miraculously appear in his lap, but the gullible and the neophyte still fall for this. Scientology is not a Revelation from Divinity such as the Bible or the Koran. What makes these Holy Books True, at least for their followers is the firm belief that they were dictated directly by God or Allah Himself. Scientology is the work of a Man. Assuming the Status of Complete Source and giving oneself all the attributes of perfection is the very definition of Megalomania, according to Level VII Technology (Power Processess). The truth is that LRH inspired himself on countless works and Authors. Because he never bothered to write them down does not mean they do not exist. Sigmund Freund, Lao Tzu, Immanuel Kant, the Gnostics, Aleister Crowley, even Lenin are only a few among hundreds whose knowledge was used in some way.

The third truth revealed is the realization of the true meaning of Source. FOURTH TRUTH REVEALED The state of OT can only be accomplished under the light of Truth. This means that an organization who is dedicated to the rewriting LRH works and Scientology materials to make them either "politically correct" or align better with "current Policies" is no longer capable of producing OTs. According to the very Axioms of Scientology: something based on an obsessive alter-is will NEVER be able vanquish an is-ness (such as the things preventing the achievement of True OT). The only possible end result from such an organization is well described in George Orwell's 1984. An organization who discard an is-ness in favor of an alter-isness is guided by an ignorant or inept Management, or worse, by individuals who seek something else than spiritual freedom for their fellow men. It has guaranteed that the bridge under its "protection" is actually a dead-end despite endless side-trips and distractions. The fourth Truth revealed comes with the realization that Truth is an absolute, which cannot be contemplated while being under the effect of ulterior motives and lies. FIFTH TRUTH REVEALED Achieving a true state of OT is quite impossible in the presence of PTSness and PTS phenomena. Oppression and entrapment have been the lot of Man for virtually as long as this Universe has been around. Because someone accepts Oppression and entrapment does not mean he is free of them. On the contrary after enough suppression occurs, an inversion takes place where the PTS individual appears to have now become dependent for his "survival" on the actual source of his misery. One can see this phenomenon in battered spouses or in cults. Given enough ruthlessness any authoritarian system can eliminate defections and even a lack of contribution from its members. But it will never be able to conduct its members to freedom by putting shackles on their limbs. The fifth Truth revealed comes about with the realization about the true core root of PTS conditions and how to avoid them. SIXTH TRUTH REVEALED Though he did made some important discoveries, LRH was actually a stranger to Scientific Methodology. His University Grade in analytical Geometry (one of the best measurements for logical reasoning), had been an F. While I

cannot personally claim possessing a Ph.D. in Science, I have had significant scientific training and exposure and I always did get an A+ in Analytical geometry. One case, one success, one anecdotal evidence do not make a new Science stand up to Scientific scrutiny. Quite on the contrary, it opens the door to it being attacked as quackery. LRH thought that cancer could solely be explained away through 2nd Dynamic aberrations (albeit at a cellular level). This has led the uneducated teenagers dictating the launch of the first OT VIII course on the Freewinds to freely expose public to large quantities of known carcinogens such as Asbestos without any qualms whatsoever. The Seventh Truth Revealed is the realization of the actual relationships between each Dynamics and the state of OT SEVENTH TRUTH REVEALED For millennia, Man has always imagined Mythical Superhuman achievers. From Sumerian Gilgamesh to 20th Century Superman, from Hercules to Batman and Spiderman, people have always wished for a Hero to save them from harm. Today, most fervent zealots within the Sea Organization are quite uneducated, by any standards. The concepts they have of LRH bear little resemblance, even to approved texts on the subjects. Many believe that something unless it is discussed or discovered by LRH it is of no value or consequence. Perhaps the most formidable weapon that exists today against the current Management of CSI, can be found in the form of "False Data Stripping the Subject of LRH or Sea Org Management. The Seventh Truth Revealed is that only someone who is the low end of the effect scale desperately feels that he has to be rescued by an all-powerful creature. A true OT is capable of recognizing that LRH in spite of his flaws was capable of showing the way up. Only someone who is profoundly low on the effect scale (PTS) is incapable of acknowledging as source anyone who is less than perfect. The more desperate an organization, the more frantic it will be in reshaping its Hero to an unrealistic degree of perfection. A truly OT organization will be unfettered by imperfection. EIGHTH TRUTH REVEALED The third part of OT VIII is made of new processes designed to get the individual to stretch his legs as an OT. The prerequisites for New OT VIII are very flat OT VII and earlier OT levels. Ideally the candidate will be Class IV or equivalent. The untrained individual is prone to Q & A, violations of the auditor code, finding wrong items and committing basic

auditing errors, and therefore messing himself up thoroughly, unless he is willing to have a trained auditor do the steps for him in session. This step will result in the Truth revealed about one's own Dynamics. The Eight Truth Revealed is the subjective realization of what OT truly means. MISSING EARLIER STEPS The main obstacles to getting the expected wins on OT VIII are either unflat lower levels, case not cracked or unflat earlier OT Levels (in particular OT VII). In the Autocratic organization, the current OT line up and mad pushes for statistics, lower levels are too often quickied and therefore OT levels run shallow. Finally the OT I-VII line up suffers from a set of major flaws whereas core areas of the case are bypassed. The answer to why so many people did not make it to OT is simple as to almost burn one's eyes: earlier steps were quickied or major rundowns were either omitted or left unflat. The "official OT VIII" is currently under its third revision. I haven't seen the third revision yet (though it is only a matter of time before I do, judging by the continuous exodus of OT VIIIs from the "Autocratic Faith". PTS BY PROXY Someone having the kind of moral fiber that makes them gloat when they cave in defenseless widows and orphans compiled the first edition. The same person's creed apparently also encompasses dispossessing legitimate heirs and committing flagrant injustices to cadge the favors of a known usurper. In other words, someone PTS wrote and compiled the original OT VIII. It is little wonder that soon after attesting, the original Freewinds OT VIIIs were dropping like flies, either dead, or seriously ill. With its ambiguous procedure, and covert listing for past identities, the true EP of that Rundown was overrestimulation, unflat identities and wrong items. Some of the key attributes of most Sea Org Members who survived it were vainglory and intolerance. That earlier version of OT VIII even suggested a C/S 53 as the first audited action on OT VIII. The author of that bulletin had completely forgotten that a C/S 53 is a Repair Action, designed to Crack cases, not the First step of a Major Rundown!!!. The Only Rundown a C/S 53 has ever been made of is the Flag Case Cracking Rundown. Anyone who still needs his case cracked is nowhere near ready doing the Upper OT levels. ULTIMATE ARC RUNDOWN

The Second Approach, written by someone who had a stronger grasp of Standard Tech than its predecessor sought to correct its mistakes. Lacking any real materials and being denied the opportunity to do "research", he created the second OT VIII out of a mish-mash of the only known authentic OT VIII Bulletin written by LRH, materials from the 8th ACC lectures (which form the base for the Book The Creation of Human Ability) and a lightweight approach to some of the L-10 and L-12 materials. A far more clever approach, far less deadly than its predecessor, it still fell short of the expected gains and accomplishments. I have nicknamed it the "Ultimate ARC Rundown", since it mostly deals in increasing ARC with between the 7th and 8th Dynamics. The Rundown was not created by LRH, but can run successfully on many people at various points on the bridge..

THIRD OT VIII APPROACH The correct approach to teaching a Solo level is a thorough explanation of it with a sufficient number of examples to get the students to grasp. Indoctrinated and mindless zealots may be jolted in running processes they do not understand. (Or that are incomprehensible), but normal people do not. In both cases, the results will be only slightly better than through a placebo. The technical steps and details of the rundown will follow. -----Pierre Ethier Class XII and C/S