Mysterious humans from 22nd-century Earth `time-jump' back into the 20th century so as to assassinate a highranking diplomat on whom the peace of the world depe nds. DOCTOR WHO, Jo Grant and the Brigadier are soon called in to investigate. J o is accidentally transported forward to the 22nd century; the Doctor follows, e ventually to be captured by his oldest and deadliest enemy - the DALEKS! Having submitted the Doctor to the fearful Mind Analysis Machine, the DALEKS plan a `ti me-jump' attack on Earth in the 20th century!... ISBN 0 426 11260 1

DOCTOR WHO AND THE DAY OF THE DALEKS Based on the BBC television serial Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks by Louis Marks by arrangement with the British Broadcasting Corporation TERRANCE DICKS published by The Paperback Division of W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd

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CONTENTS 1 Terror in the Twenty-second Century 2 The Man who saw a Ghost 3 The V anishing Guerilla 4 The Ghost Hunters 5 Condemned to Death! 6 Prisoner of the Da leks 7 Attack of the Ogrons 8 A Fugitive from the Future 9 Escape from the Ogron s 10 Interrogation by the Daleks 11 The Raid on Dalek Headquarters 12 Return to Danger 13 The Day of the Daleks 14 All Kinds of Futures .

`No. The dormitories .' and then his voice tailed off into the mutterings of a nightmare. Moni threw back the coarse blankets and swung his feet to the floor.1 Terror in the Twenty-second Century Map showing grounds and environs of Austerly House A--house B--main gateway C--h igh boundary wall D--road E--twotrack railway line (disused) F--tunnel Moni sat up and looked around cautiously. no... plea se don't.. unless. One or t wo murmured and twisted and cursed in their sleep. M oni saw that it was Soran. unless. Somehow the incident seemed to give Moni courage. drugged into total exhaustion by hours of brutal physical toil. He had been beaten by the guards that morning for fai ling to meet his work-norm... The enormous dormitory was packed with sleeping forms. Soran and thousands like him who would die in the work camps from brutal beatings. Soran was weakening daily.. or worn out after years of grinding labour. There was nothing unusual in his being fully dressed. A man screamed. He wouldn't last much lon ger. It was for Soran that he was fighting.

after testing it with a tug. but the guards were carel ess and idle. stuffing down slabs of coarse grey fo od that their masters provided. He lowered the rope to the other side of the wall. Once on top of the wall it would make a rough pad to protect him from the spikes.weren't heated and most of his fellows slept fully clothed against the night col d. his tunic between his teeth. He took the crude grappling hook from his pocket. He'd put them there automat ically the night before. He glanced towards the doorway of the guard's quarters. His mind could scarcely imagine such lu xury. Once in the compound. Moni fished his boots from beneath his pillow. M oni climbed quickly up the rope. Moni hurled the grapple again. Vaguely Moni remembered having heard of a time when men had special clothes t o sleep in--called pysomething or other. It caught firmly on the spikes and. His bare feet made no sound on the rough concrete floor. pulling the rope up beside him. Taking off his tunic Moni uncoiled a thin plastic rop e from round his waist. On cold nights like this they kept to their quarters. The boots were made of new strong plastic. dropped his tunic . Moni fr oze in terror. tied i t to the rope and swung the grappling hook at the row of spikes on top of the wa ll. he paused in a patch of shadow to pull on the boots then crept silently along t he edge of the outer wall. Surely th ey must have heard. T he compound was supposed to be patrolled at all times. But there came only the rumble of guttural inhuman speech. and in the w ork camps nothing valuable was safe unless it was within touching distance. and this time his luck was in. Awkwardly he bes trode the wall. huddling rou nd the roaring fires in the iron braziers. and freeing the grappling hook. Tuck ing the boots under his arm Moni moved silently across the room towards the door . It fell short and landed back at Moni's feet with a metallic scrape.

But the Ogrons had one quality which gave Mon i a glimmer of hope. Often as he had seen them before. Thrown sprawling at the feet of the patrol. Nearby was a small campfire with other giant forms huddled r ound it. they were very. The hand slammed him against the remai ns of a brick wall. He had no wish to be torn to pieces. He was just turning the corner of one of the many ruined buildings when an enormous hairy hand reached out from t he darkness and plucked him off his feet. Thei r faces were perhaps the most awful thing about them : a distorted version of th e human face. . landing with a thud that jolted the breath out o f hint. From the campfire. Moni flinched. and as his eyes became accustomed to the light he could just begin to pick out the hulking shape of the creature tha t had captured him. `Bring!' Moni's ca ptor shambled back towards the fire. He set off swiftly down the endless concrete road through the rubble.after it. Moni had covered several miles before his luck ran out. Quickly he put on his tunic. small eyes glinting with cruelty. with flat ape-like nose. Mo ni let himself hang limp. making no attempt to resist. massive chests and long powerful arms that hung almost to the ground. and hid rope and grappling iron beneath it. making him gasp out loud. Moni cursed his luck. a guttural voice said. Against human beings he might have stood a chance. as a burning brand was thrust uncomfortably close to his face. very stupid. even now: for all their savage ferocity and primitive stren gth. Creatures somew here between gorilla and man. campin g out in the ruins. they stood almost seven feet in height with bowed legs. M oni looked up at the hulking shapes looming over him in the firelight. and a m assive jaw with long yellow teeth. and then jumped down. but these guards were not human: these were Ogrons. He had run into one of the roving patrols. dragging Moni after him like a rag doll. the Ogrons never failed to terrify him.

.. Cautiously he moved down them until his eyes picked out a little patch of light at the bottom. blaster in hand. Moni moved quietly to the door and rappe d out a complicated series of knocks. It was almost comic to see the looks of alarm on the brutal Ogron faces. `You go. we didn't know--' . `You're late. He landed at the head of a still intact flight of steps. who has been taken ill. The moonlight showed weeds flourishing over the shattered foundations of a house. The Ogrons looked back at him impass ively. dangerous travel before he reached his destina tion.' This time his words had some effect.' said Moni. Moni found and then lifted a hidden trap-door and dropped down into the darkness.' He looked round the circle of Oge ons to see if his story was being believed. flat voice Moni said. Go quickly. They will be angry with you . He crossed a patch of waste ground. It was shi ning beneath the edge of a closed door. It took him another hour of hard. Boaz stoorl facing him.Moni scrambled to his feet. If I am delayed they will be very angry. The leading Ogron gestured into the darkness with a massive hairy paw.' Moni turned and ran into the darkness. it's me. Did they believe him? Had they even understood what he was saying? In the same calm. `All right Boaz. `The order for my transfer came direct from yo ur masters. Shifting the concealing rubble. `I am a section leader of Work Camp Three. The one thing which could strike fear to the he arts of these terrifying creatures was the mention of the even more fearsome bei ngs who were their masters. Forcing himself to speak slowly and calmly he said. Boaz' s voice showed the strain he was feeling. I am needed to replace a section lead er of Work Camp Four. After a moment the door creaked open.

Moni. Places to storearms and food. Anat. Sometimes they found one : Ogron boots kicked in the door and the little group of plotters inside were r uthlessly destroyed. but too highly strung. the youngest. Shura. `Something's happening. Moni looked round at the three eager faces. dark. It was his first visit to the H. So mething big. collecting his th oughts. another and still an other sprang up to replace it. but they were all much the same. He said. dark and wiry with close-cropped hair. of this particular cell. in spite of the rough work clothes she was wearing. and the cunning and caution that made her wait until the best moment to strike. of course. Anat spoke first. Moni glanced quickly round the room. scowling and intense. Anat wa s still beautiful. a passionate hatred of the enemy. Here was the real leader. Moni thought. and it involves you all. too ready to act without thinking. Fierce courage. Boaz. Places where men and women met with one burning desire in common-to take back their planet from the alien beings who had stolen it. Slim. fiercely brave. and Moni followed him into the cellar . Finally. Anat. Anita and Shura were huddled round the charcoal fire that blazed in a makeshif t brazier. Patrolling Og rons carried out an unending search for these hideouts. Q. full of a fiery idealism. Managed to talk my way out of it. What is it? You wouldn't have c alled this meeting without good reason. thought Moni approvingly. We don't often have the honour of meetin g one of the Central Committee!' Brisk and to the point as always.' He paused for a moment. h e looked at the girl. `You know the kind of thing we've been . Something has happened. But for every cell that was wiped out. Places to meet and t alk and plan. `Ran straight into an Ogron patrol. The others here?' Boaz nodded.Moni interrupted him. `You're right. In every city there were hidden rooms like this.

Bu t pinpricks. `Let him talk .' Boaz burst out: `Pinpricks? Is that what we've been fighting and dying for? As long as we go on hitting them. carried out by just a handful of us. but it offers a chance to free the entire planet. Boaz. of course. sometimes small. He repressed a twi nge of unease at .' said Moni qu ickly. at least they kno w they haven't beaten us. `Is there an alternative?' Moni nodded. Now. that is. no more than that. They can't stop us.' Moni paused for a moment looking round at their eager faces. But I can tell you this much: we want to attempt to send you back through ti me. but we can't go on for ever like this. I have to be back in camp before morni ng. the glow from the fire illuminating her thin face. I have reco mmended you three for the final assault team. It 's dangerous. `We volunteer. sometimes big.' Anat put a restraining hand on his arm. maybe suicidal.. The scientists and historians of the Central Committee have come up with a plan. You know that without asking. assuming you all three vo lunteer. Appreciatively he drained the last of his drink--real wine in a real ch ina cup! Few men on Earth enjoyed such luxury in these times.doing up till now--isolated bits of sabotage. He might well be about to send them all to their deaths. All of us.. He knows the value of our work. It calls for a special mission.' The Controller of Earth Sector One pushed aside the remains of an excelle nt meal. `any act of resistance is valuable in itself. We're all losing sight of the big objective because we're too concerned with the day-to-day strug gle!' Anat said.' Anat leaned forward urgently. tell us the plan. `I can only give you a brief outline now. Like the rest of you. He said. but we can't really hurt them. `There may be--now.' `You're right.

More luxury. what's more.' . o ne of them shoved him away with a hairy paw. those in the work camps. like all humans.' The Ogron looked at him impassively.. the Controller added. the Controller left his private dining-room strode along the endless corr idors of Central Control. `Co me now. desperately l icking the bowls clean to see that not a scrap of food was wasted. You will s how me the respect I am entitled to. `You don't understan d. Scurrying human slave workers made way for him deferen tially. The Controller strove to retain his dignity. After a moment it returned and said. Chief Controller of this entire sector. `You--wait!' Leaving its fellow to guard the Controller it went inside. but cloth! Real cloth. A slave.' Unconsciously copying the tactics of Moni the night before. and t he Controller's shoulders drooped in defeat. People didn't realise that his rank had its duties too.' The Ogron grunted.. Bracing hi mself. none of your plasti c! He picked up the sheaf of reports he had been working on through dinner and s ighed. Something They wouldn't care to hear. And now he had to make h is report to Them. The constant unremitting work. and as he tried to enter.the thought of those of his fellow humans who were less fortunate. smoothing back his thinning hair and adjusting the tunic on his shoulders. I must make a most important report--to your masters. The same basic tunic as the others of course. he thought. They would he draining their bowls of gruel about now. He said dully. `You know who I am.Q. Before leav ing the room the Controller paused before a mirror. But it was a different story when he reached the doorway leading to the innermost H. He knew how much he was envied and hated. The door was flanked by Ogron guards. He knew that the Ogron saw him as j ust another human. `They will be angry if you do not let me enter.

It was a small. When it spoke its grating voice seemed to be pitched a few degrees higher. The Controller shuddered. This. The Dalek said.' The Black Dalek's voic e rose higher still as it chanted the threat of destruction that was the Daleks only creed: `They are enemies of the Daleks. He struggled on. The Daleks scented to have no conception of the courage and cunning of the resistance. You will find and destroy them. They are en emies of the Daleks. who bowed respectfully. I think they are planning some major operation against you.' For. nor for that matter of the lumbering stupidity of the Ogrons they expected to catch them. Several recent thefts have involved papers or equipment dealing w ith your research into time travel. wa s the Black Dalek. It was always the same: the flat. `The humans you refer to as the resistance are criminals. After a moment another wall-p anel slid open and a gleaming metallic creature glided through.' The Controller sighed. Silently a pan el slid open in front of him and he entered the inner chamber. This.' The Black D alek said. All enemies .The Controller went through into the antechamber and then waited. one of the supreme rulers of the planet Earth in the twenty-s econd century. It has reached a peak in recent weeks. `Report' The Controller tried to restrain the quaver of terror in his voice. If the humans attempt to t ravel in time we shall track them down and destroy them. a moment the Black Dalek did not reply . toneless command to do the impossible. c ompletely bare room with a raised ramp at one end. was a sign of anger. after all. `We s hall maintain a continuous scan upon the Time Vortex. In its grating metallic voice the Black Dalek said. he knew. `I have been stu dying the recent reports of resistance activity. Its eye-stalk sw ung round to look at the Controller. `There has been one particular feature of the recent wav e of activity.

' said the Black Dalek.of the Daleks must be destroyed. `Exterminat e them! EXTERMINATE THEM! EXTERMINATE THEM!' . Exterminate EXTERMINATE THEM! EXTERMINATE THEM! ' them! `All enemies if the Daleks must be destroyed.

`The international situation has taken an ugly turn. All dark--except for on e. black clouds streaked past the full moon.. Then he went on with his lonely patrol. grey-haired old man. No wonder the old boy was a bit tetchy. It was a big responsibility for one tall. No body could say the old boy wasn't a worker. he thought. He glanced up at the rows of windows. a night like this was enough to make anyone jumpy: the wind howled eerily in the trees. thought the sentry. Past midnight an d still at it. The peace of the worl d depends on the success of the coming Conference. His safety is in your hands. Still. thought the sentry.' Th e peace of the world.2 The Man who saw a Ghost Suddenly in the clump of trees that huddled close to the side of Austerly Home a n owl hooted. The UNIT sentry swung round. so that p itch darkness alternated with bright moonlight. And the success of that Confe rence depends on one man --Sir Reginald Styles. And all the time he heard the my sterious night noises of the countryside. The sentry remembered what the Brigadier had said at the briefing meeting.. There is a very r eal possibility that the events in the near-east will escalate into a full-scale conflict. He would ha ve been far happier guarding somewhere where there was a bit of life--pavements and street lights and people passing by. Sir Re ginald would be safe enough . grinning at his own nervousness. his Sterling sub-machine gun at the r eady. We may well be on the verge of World War Three. where light showed through a gap in the curtains of the groundfloor study. M ind you. He marched along the gravel path that b ordered the house. The sentry was a Londoner.

more at the main gate. `that the Chinese Gover nment accepts the assurances. One moment he wasn't there. perhaps some kind of irregular. trousers. He strode to the French w indows and threw them open.. a nd boots. there was nothing. Inside the study all was silent except for the ticking of the clock and the scratching of Sir Reginald's pen. and patrols in the gro unds. He hung on desperately as the guerilla thrust him back into the room.. A massive hand-gun was holstered at his side. The .' The sound came agai n.. He had no badges or mili tary insignia. a co mmando or a guerilla. the next he was.. He flung himself upon the man. `Who is it? Who's there?' No answer.' he wrote.' Sir Reginald stopped writing and looked up. the sentry turned and began to re trace his steps. He was preparing the notes for his speech at t he coming Conference.with sentries all round the house. With a final glance at the study window.. As he disappeared from view round the corner of the building. Them as holding an enormous pistol.. a scratching as if the latch was being slid back? No. Had there been something at the window? A tapping. Suddenly a man appeared. Sir Reginald stood up. accepts the assurances of good faith. It was all this security nonsense makin g him jumpy. `. `It is therefore vital. Then he began to edge cautiously towards the lighted French windows of the stu dy. trained straight at Sir Reginald 's head. maybe one of the sentries was trying the window. t here was a curious shimmering in the air... dragging down the gun ann. How could he work with soldiers clumping round the house. Sir Reginald called. He wore dark combat clothing--tunic. Facing him was a youngish man in some kind of gueril la uniform. He began writing again... It was many years since Sir Reginald had been a soldier but the old ref lexes still worked. but looked like a soldier. The man flattened himself against the side of the building .

He could even see the man's knuckles begin to whiten as his finger tightened on the trigger. The whole figure of his opponent shimmered. As the study door was flung open Sir Reginald found himself flat on his back wrestling with thin air. he could see and feel everything with a strange clarity. smashing it beneath them. He wrenched at the guer illa's sinewy wrist with both hands. he was trembling with reaction and shock. what happened? Are you all right?' Sir Reginald looked at her wildly...' The corporal turned back to Sir Reginald. sending the lamp crashing from the desk. like a ghost. Tried to kill me!' One of the patrolling sentries st ood outside the French windows.. `Sir Regi nald. Th ere could be only one end to the unequal struggle: Sir Reginald was well into hi s sixties. then vanished. The guerilla's wrist seemed to me lt away.. `Who attacked you.. Miss Paget. Sir Reginald saw the muzzle of the gun pointing straight at him. Then. Despite all his efforts.. Sir Reginald hung on to his attacke r's gun arm with both hands. Na one came through th ere. `See anyone?' The sentry sh ook his head. sir? Who did you see?' Sir Reginald said slowly: `He vanished. His hands wer e slipping. the circle of the gun barrel looked enormous.. `Came funning when I heard the noise. Pinning the old man beneath him he slo wly brought his gun round to aim at his victim's head. desperately trying to get control of the weapon. The corporal rapped. A UNIT Corporal helped Sir Reginald to his feet. went to him. as if it were happening in slow moti on..two men reeled about. incredibly. disappeared into thin air... `Att acked me. the guerilla young and strong. he attacked me.. they were empty. She said.. his secretary... above it he could see the guerilla's face twisted with savage hatred. They tripped and fell over a chair. Corp. but it was as firm as a rock.' .

' Inside the laboratory of the Scientific Advi ser to UNIT everything was still. The solid blue shape of an old police box stood incongru ously in one corner.. The Brigadier sighed.' There was a furt her outburst on the other end of the 'phone. sir. The Brigadier realised that the voice in his ear had stopped He said. interru pting politely. shaking the whole laboratory and rattling the ret orts and test tubes. sir. sir. I was not proposing to ignore the matter!' Since he had in fact been proposing to do exactly that. The Brigadier replied. `I was about to pass the matter over to one of my top men. `I have the reports in front of me now. The sentry inside the house also heard the noise and ran through the stu dy door.' The B rigadier allowed a hint of reproach to creep into his voice--'I was just on my w ay to brief him when you called.' said the Brigadier. `No. If it happened he' d apply to be posted back to his Regiment.. `Er. there was a loud . sir. It vibrated. Mysterious tangles of elaborate equipment stra ggled over the benches. and ran towards the French w indows. tucked the telephone receiver under his chin and waited for the Minister to stop yammering in his car. The Brigadier glanced at the headlines o n the front page of The Times--'NEAR EAST CRISIS--WAR LOOMS'. he had to pause and rack his brains for a moment before going o n. Then inspiration came. The sen try outride the house heard the sounds of struggle. lying magnificently. Suddenly the police box began to give out the most agonisin g groaning sound. but firmly.' The yammering started up again. It would be nice to wear the kilt aga in.Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart swung his highly-polished boots on to the top of his desk. Quite. the study was empty. Except for Sir Reginald himself. q uite. The groaning reached a peak. `As a matter of fact.

* With thi s in mind she said: `I thought the TARDIS was working again!' `My dear Jo. lean man shot out of th e police box in a cloud of smoke. and a tall. The laboratory door opened. I'm so nearly there. `Foiled again. Quite unsurprised she slapped the coughing Doctor on the b ack. When she had first joined U NIT.bang. Recent experiences had changed all t hat. sipping his water gloomily. At other times he had an infuriating habit of carefully explaining that two and two made four.. So metimes the Doctor seemed to think she understood the most difficult scientific theories as easily as he did himself. just because t hey wanted me to do their dirty work for them!' `But if it works for them--' Jo persisted. the T ARDIS was being operated under remotecontrol by the Time Lords. Jo Grant had assumed that the Doctor's story of travelling in Time and Spac e in a police box called the TARDIS (the initials stood for `Time and Relative D imensions in Space') was some kind of joke. `It's maddening. If I could on ly cut out their primary override on the dematerialisation circuit' He picked up a sheaf of notes and studied them gloomily. the door of the police box burst open. the Time Lords. gave him a glass of water and opened the laboratory window to let out the s moke. The Doctor nodded. A very small. Doctor?' asked Jo Grant sympathetically. cursing fluent ly in an obscure Martian dialect. He slammed the door behind him. The TARDIS. very pretty girl came in. Jo looked at him affectionately. had suddenly started working again and Jo had found hers elf caught up in an adventure on another planet in the distant future. temporarily `grounded' by decree of the Doctor's mysterious sup eriors. * Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon ..

the one in the doorway.' The D octor cut his other self short `Well this won't do at all. There was the Doctor standing looking at her. She looked back at the door. making careful a djustments to the instruments. my dear. that is. But this Doctor s hared none of Jo's astonishment. Amaze d.. but you're not there. As he did so the laboratory door opened... the Doctor dashed back inside the TARDIS. `Don't worry. `Oh no! What are you doing here?' The new arrival rubbed his chin and said apologetically. I'm not here.`I don't want it to work for them. will it? Can't have t wo of us running about. yes. `Of course. `I want it to wor k for me.' said the second Doctor cheeril y..' said the Doctor irritably.. Then the Doctor. but. Another figure appeared from b ehind the Doctor.' `Don't worry. The two Jo Grants looked at each o ther in mutual astonishment. Now why didn't I think of that earli er. of course.. Jo looke d up and to her utter astonishment saw the Doctor standing in the doorway. But there was an even bigger shock to come. an in spiration seemed to strike him. `Now don't worry. old chap. He looked at his other self with a sort of mild curiosity. as he said reas suringly. ' He gave Jo his familiar ch arming smile. She was looking at herself. I know you're alarmed.. There was the Doctor still bending over th e console. spoke. `It'll all be--' .. But she could only gaze back at him thunderstruck. It's all a bit complicated to explain. she looked back inside the TARDIS.. I remember now. Through its open door s Jo could we that he was bent over the central control column.' He was inter rupted by the appearance of the Doctor from inside the TARDIS.. well in a sens e I am here.' Suddenly. No one's going to use me as an interplanetary puppet. `Go od grief! Oh yes.' Leaping up.

Doctor. `So there you are.' The Doctor waved her aside reassuringly.' `So am I. `I'm sorry. Now then. Must have produced a localized distortion . `Isn't he the chief British representative at the United N ations?' `That's right. `Very funny thing. `What was all that about?' `I'm afraid I must have overloaded the temporal circuitry.' said the Doctor flatly.' said the Doctor curtly.. the second Jo Grant with him.' Jo protested. I need your help.' .And then he vanished in mid-sentence. Or do I mean forward?' Jo made a final protest. Jo. And he's the key man in the latest summit c onference. bliss Grant.' Jo looked at him. but this time it was only the Brigadier. The remainin g Doctor gave a satisfied nod. `Now just a mi nute. Now I really must get on' He was just about to re-enter the TARDIS when the door opened once more Jo looked up in alarm. and headed back inside the TARDIS. Once you start tampering with it.' Jo said: `But the re was another me--and another you. my dear. Jo said helpfully. still baffled. She braced herself for the inevitable clash. Doctor.' Jo could see that the D octor was not very pleased by this new interruption. . Doctor. He picked up his notes and began to study the m. Just a freak effect. `I happen to b e extremely busy. the oddest things happen. `Don't worry. you've heard of Sir Reginald Styl es?' `No. The Doctor chuckled. `But Doctor. Time . Brigadier. Where did they go?' `Back into their own tim e stream of course.

This morning he denies the whole thing. But how can we let him go if he's cracking up?' `Suppose he isn't cracking up?' said Jo. The Chinese trust him. There's just a ch ance he may be able to persuade them to change their minds. `As bad as that.' remarked the Doctor pointedly. But really it's a sort of three-cornered quarrel between Russia. `This particular squabble looks very like ending up in a third world war. Last night he claimed someone tried to kill him at his home. You see the problem. Where do I come in ?' `Styles has suddenly started acting odd ly. Doctor. `All right. not a politician. The Doctor's attitude changed at once. perhaps you'd realise just how bad the international situation has become. Miss Grant. America.' There was real anxiety in the Brigadier's voic e. `The whole thing flared up in the Near E ast. `My dear Brigadier. Brigadier. You've convinced me the si tuation's serious. `Suppose his story's true?' .' `Exactly. I'm a scientist. Without them the conference can't even start. `If you weren't always tinkering with that wretched contraption of yours.' Tossing aside his s heaf of notes the Doctor said. Sphere of influence. If Styles doesn't fly to P eking.' said Jo. old chap?' The Brigad ier sank down on to a laboratory stool.' `And Britain arranged for th is summit conference.The Doctor looked up.' Wi th an exasperated sigh the Brigadier retorted. a nd China.' `You humans are always squabbling over some thing. the conference may fail. But at the last moment the Chinese refused to attend. Sir Reginald Styles is due to fly to Peking a few hours' time. `so that the three big powers could meet and sor t it all out. that sort of thing.

When he was utterly worn out and breathless they would still be lumbering after him. Then a man a ppeared! One moment he wasn't there. no one was there. rolling into the cover of a p atch of bracken. The question is what? Did Styles say anything more--last night. that the Ogrons' endurance was almost limitless. Their huge bulk made them slow and clumsy. Abandoning any attempt at silence. Then. the Brigadier recounted the events of the previous night. directly ahead of him. the guerilla turned and ran away from the direction of the house. and with a swif t. he's not the type to inven t or imagine things. He beg an to move cautiously through the trees towards the house. But he knew . Three huge forms materialised. So obviously something happened. practised movement flung himself to the ground. He knew he could outrun th em. `Apparent ly he just babbled something about a ghost. too. came another shimmering in the air. the man got to his feet. The man looked swiftly around him. He heard the sound of the pursuing Ogrons as they crashed through the woods behind him. The guerilla's mind was filled with panic. According to my men. The Do ctor looked thoughtful. No one could have been t here. . `From what you say of Styles.`That's just it. I mean?' The Brigadier shrugged. Ogrons! They had pursue d him from his own time.' Briefly. at least for a while. and there was a massive hand-gun holstered at his si de. service able clothes of a guerilla. the next he was. He heard movement nearby. Seconds later the boots of a UNIT patrol passed within inches o f his head. block ing his path. When the patrol had gone on its way.' In a clearing in the wood near Aust erly House there was a sudden shimmering and distortion in the air. He wore the tough.

slowly and painfully. for his pursuers. scrabbling leap. and a return to his own time-zone for interrogation by the Daleks. managed to hea ve himself over. The three Og rons appeared behind him in close pursuit. They were still behind him. instant death--if he was lucky. otherwise capture. The fleeing guerilla reached the wall and hurled himself at the rap in a desperate. then..And if they caught him. Just ahead a high wall marked the edge of the grounds. Easier too. Sergeant Benton of UNIT had been outraged to have the peace of a routin e patrol disturbed by what sounded like a herd of elephants crashing through the woods. As they ran they uns lung their Sterling sub-machine guns. He led his patrol at a fast trot towards the sound. . The going was easier here. The guerilla burst from the ed ge of the woods into open park land. With a desperate spurt of speed he ran towards it. His only chance w as to lose the Ogrons in a sudden burst of speed. Meanwhile a third group had joined th e chase. For a moment he hung by his hand from the top of the wall.

beginning to slo w down.' The UNIT patrol sprinted for the wall a nd began to scale it. and the . `Whatever they are. They watched in amazement as the pursuing Ogrons swarmed over the wall with ape-like ease and also disappeared from view. Getting over the wall had cost him time.Three huge forms materialised. blocking the guerilla's path. Ogrons! Benton and his patrol emerged from the wood just in time to see the guerilla drop down out of sight. The guerilla was panting and gasping now. Benton yelled: `After them!' adding to himself.

the pursuing Ogrons were upon him. leaving the crumpled fonn of their prisoner behind them. Across the field in front of him he could see a fenced-o ff strip of land running parallel to the road. Of course--a railway! Some primitive twentieth century transport syst em. He could h ide in is darkness. . `One of you look after him. With a savage roar of triumph. Not far away the rails disappeared into a dark archway. use the time transmitter and get back to his own time. wit h guns at the ready. `You two. Ile w as almost within reach of the tunnel mouth when his foot twisted on a stone. Benton and his patrol came running up.' ordered B enton. Whatever those things are. At a sign from their leader they fled into the darkne ss of the tunnel mouth. He vanished. massive pistol from the holster at its sid e and fired back. There was a sharp electronic buzz. indicating the unconscious guerilla. A tunnel. half-stunned. but did not fall. and the man next to Sergean t Benton simply disintegrated. The UNIT patrol dashed up to the tunnel. `Take cover!' yelled Benton. Benton and his men advanced into the blackness of the tunne l.' Cautiously. rolling into whatever shelter they could find. we've got them bottled up. A burst of machine-gun fire rattled over the Ogrons' heads . One of the Ogrons drew the strange. and the UNIT soldiers hurled the mselves to the ground. He struggled to rise but his leg gave way beneath him. The creatures staggered under the impact of the bullets. Two steel rails ran along the cen tre of it.Ogrons were very close. A burst of fire hammered into the Ogrons. `Give 'em a warning s hot!' snapped Benton. cover the other end of tha t tunnel. He crashed to the ground. Th e huge hairy hands of the Ogrons reached out for him. and a massive blow smashed him to the ground. as though his whole being had explod ed into fragments.

`What's going on here?' `These gentlemen are from UNIT.' Miss Paget's voice was shaky but determined.3 The Vanishing Guerilla In Sir Reginald's study at Austerly House. and had been very shaken by his strange behaviour. Sir Reginald stalked into the room. The Brigadier said firmly: `There does appear to have been some sort of incident. Crushed. H e looked round angrily. sharp-featured woman in her fifties.' said Miss Paget. Sir Reginald's secretary. It was obvious that she was devo ted to Sir Reginald. `And who asked them to come here? We've got enough soldiers cl uttering up the place as it is. `I asked them. But there just wasn 't anyone there.' `Nothing happen ed last night. Sir Reginald. Miss Paget was silent. the perfe ct picture of the top-ranking senior secretary.' said the Doctor in his most reassuring voice. `I think that' s everything really. I was quit e struck by it. was a thin. Sir Reginald said someone attacked him. the Brigadier. Miss Paget. and Jo Gra nt were hearing an account of the events of the previous night. the Doctor.' . You see he's always been very scornful of--' Miss Paget stopped talking as though she'd been switched off. Sir Reginal d.' `And he definitely used the word "ghost"?' `Oh yes.' said Styles icily. Miss Paget. Because of what happened last night. `Please go on.

' `Did I? Must have been having a bit of a nigh tmare. I really can't af ford to waste any more time. Jo Grant said.' The Doctor shook his herd. `Its waiting for you now. scattered all my papers.' `Must have been the sentry. He looked as if he mi ght explode at any moment.' Sir Reginald blustered. Sir Reginald?' She gave him her most charming smile. Si r Reginald was too well-mannered to storm at what appeared to be a mere child. Now. sir?' Hastily the Brigadier cut in. W earily he said. sir. and he did it very badly.' . Brigadier. `Are you accusing me of lying. Sir Reginald. `I was working late--must have nodded off at my desk.' He turned to Miss Paget. `But you did mention ghosts. `Muddy feet. Were you feeling at all unwell last night?' Sir Reginald snapped: `Felt. perfectly well.' Sir Reginald wasn't used to lying. sir.Sir Reginald was obviously not used to being contradicted. `According to Miss Paget the outside sentry didn't co me into the room. All a lot of fuss about n othing. I woke up a little confused. The Doctor meanwhile had wandered over to the French windows. `You've obviously been under a good deal of strain . I was picki ng up my papers when Mi. and feel.' The Doctor said gently. Someone was here. if you'll excuse me. trying to hang on to hi s dignity. `Perhaps if you could tell us what really happened. Jo couldn' t help feeling sorry for him as he gazed fiercely round. I knocked over the lamp. `W hat about these marks here?' He pointed downw ard. Paget and the sentry came in. Tactfully. and see med to be studying the pattern of the carpet. Sir Reginald. The Brigadier persisted. `Where's that car? I'm du e at the airport in twenty minutes.' Miss Puget said.

He's been shaken up.' As Jo. with a brief nod of farewell he turned and left the room.' The Brigadier appeared in the doorway. She sensed the unspoken questio n. `Call for you on the RT.' As the Brigadie r went out into the hall. the Brigadier's number two. strain and anxiety plain on his face. Captain Yates. The Brigadier lo oked after the car for a moment. `So that's why you pretended to belie ve him.' `Nothing else to be done.' said Jo brightly. `Doctor. Sergeant Benton. Sir Reginald.' For the moment Sir Reginald seemed t aken aback. the Doctor and the Brigadier came down the steps at the front of Austerly House they saw Sir Reginald's limousine drawing away. The Doctor said. but he's still perfectly capable. And at the moment this little planet of yours needs his talents very b adly. `Taren why did Sir Reginald say that it didn't?' `My dear Jo. Then he b ustled Jo and the Doctor into the . sir. please? There's been some kind of shooting incident just outside the g rounds. Miss Paget scuttling behind him. Allow me to wish you every success in your mission. `whatever ha ppened was so cxtraordinsry that Sir Reginald can't believe it He thinks he's be en having hallucinations. appeared in the doorway. will you come with me.' said the Doctor gently. Then.' `So why doesn't he admit it?' The Doctor sighed. `What was all that about? Som ething did happen last night. `Then we mustn't detain you further. didn't it?' The Doctor nodded. Miss Grant. Jo turned to the Doctor.Jo saw the Brigadier look quickly at the Doctor. `If you were about to begin an important mission would you want to admit you'd been seeing things?' `I see.

This chap appeared from nowhere. started the engine and they shot off. The tunnel was empty. But Benton was too worried to give her more than a quick nod. The Brigad ier interrupted. sir. We had men going in from both ends. `We checked. Every inch. Benton. and the tunnel was empty?' said the Brigadier incredulously.' he said. `This way.' `I see. `Some kind of trap-door.' said Jo cheerily. Like stone-age men. This line was sh ut down years ago. Captain Yale. `'Morning. `Well no. sir. Not even used any more. `Then where the blazes are they. sir. `That 's right.' `You saw them go in. Sort of ape-like they were. gravel spurtin g from beneath their wheels. It's just a plain. ordinary railway tunnel. or gorillas. On the way he told his story to the extremely sceptical Brigadier. Benton nodded dumbly. Sergeant Benton. An anxious-looking Sergeant Benton was waiting for the m.' . Sergeant Benton? You said you ha d them trapped in the tunnel. Again Benton nodded. Presumably you captured or killed them all?' Bento n swallowed hard. `Ma ybe a secret passage?' Benton shook his head. `Let me see if I've got it straight. Five minutes' fast driving brought them to the road near the railway tunnel. Gorillas wearing clothes and carrying guns?' drawled the Brigadier.waiting jeep. Jo couldn't help feeling sorry for him as he struggled on. you sea led off both ends. and led them across th e fields to the tunnel. The two pat rols bumped into each other.creatures were chasing him?' Benton said. sir.' said the Brigadier hopefully. and these other-.

. Doctor. The Doct or shook his head. `he'll have quite a few explanations to make. The Doctor was still absorbed in the strange black box.' `As soon as he recovers consciousness. we've found two very interesting clues. I think it's a rather primit ive form of time machine. `As a matter of fact. `Oh I think so. It was hidden inside his tunic.' `Ambula nce is already on its way. That gun of his . Doctor?' asked Jo.' said Benton. `Some kind of signalling device?' suggested the Brigadier. `No doubt. `It's a new one on me. Take a couple of men with you. I wa nt him kept under constant guard. I think.' The Doctor held out a small black box with c ontrol knobs set into the top. Brigadier. waved over the ambulance men. `Do you think he'll be all right. and they saw a UNIT ambulance driving along the road. But at the moment I'm rather more interested in thi s.' Benton saluted. The man was mutte ring and groaning as they lifted him onto the stretcher. `This cha p's in a pretty bad way. Jo. You'd better travel with him.' The Brigadier picked up the strange-looking gun lying by the guerilla's s ide. and this machine. `See him into the ambula nce. Jo thought it looked like a rather superior trans istor radio. He should be in hospital. Two men jumped out carryin g a stretcher. `What do you make of this.' said the Brig adier grimly.' The Doctor looked u p. Concussion. `We'll get him to the UNIT sick -bay. It stopped. The Brigadier turned to Sergeant Benton. Meanwhile.The Doctor was bending over the unconscious man in guerilla's clothes. Brigadier. Doctor?' The Doctor examined it curiously. Sergeant.' There was the rhythmic blare of a siren. then started tb transfer the wounded guerilla to the vehicle.

' There was a flicker of fear in the Ogron's tin y red eyes. the Controller studied the Ogron guard.' The Controller rose from behind his desk. Their instinct was to kill anyone they got their hands on. These r ebellious criminals .' `You were told to capture h im alive. `No. We found the enemy and destroyed him.Let's get back to the laboratory. he could tell them much. .' The office of the Controller of Earth Sector One was not a pleasant or comfor table place. he was th e supreme authority in that part of Earth once known as England. Supreme after t he Daleks. We had to retu rn to this time zone. The Ogron growled.. Controller. The creatures were sosavage that it was difficult to persuade them t o take prisoners. he reminded himself.. of course.. we did not fail. I think I'd like to run one or two tests. There was almost a tremor in the thick gutt ural voice as it replied. We killed him. Jo. `You have failed in your mission. Ogrons could master human speech only with difficulty. Few hum ans enjoyed such space and luxury.' Wearily. and their vocabularies were very small. the Controller wondered if the Ogron was telling the truth. But to the Controller himself it was evidence of his power and rank. Coldly. just bare gleaming metal walls and floor. It grunted.' The Ogron shook its head vigorously. `I want an intensified effort by all your patrols.' `Human soldiers came. There wa s a cutting edge in his voice when he spoke. He was needed for interrogation. `The enemy is dead. and a plain functional de sk. But after all. `Th en you are sure the rebel was dead? If the twentieth century humans captured him alive.

The Controller was forced almost to admire his fellow human s. . They will pu nish you. She propped it up in a chair at the fa r end of the room. With their pitifully tiny resources. The production figures for Work Camp Three w ere below the norm. The Controller s ighed again. `Bit ear ly for Guy Fawkes' Night. looking at her work in satisfaction. Miss Grant. They were wrong. The Contr oller began to study the sheaf of production reports on his desk. With a deliberate effort the Controller turne d his attention hack to his duties. For years now the criminal rebels---guerillas they called themselves--had been resis ting the rule of the Daleks. their c ellar hide-outs and their home-made weapons they took on all the might of the Da lek technology. But it was ultimately all for nothing. If they did not improve the Daleks would be angry.' said the Brigadier. Eventually the rebels would lose the unequal fight. Yet in a way it seemed th ey could never lose. the rebels could never win. With qualities like these it was easy to see why the race of Man had once been a great one. The Controller sighed. Hopelessly misguided. Yet in a way. As the Brigadi er strode into the UNIT laboratory he was astonished to see Jo Grant hauling a l arge stuffed dummy across the laboratory. As soon as one group of resistance fighters was tracked down another sprang up. They would be exterminated. Naturally. Now go!' The Ogron lumbered from the room. They would suffer the fate of everyone who opposed the D aleks. and stood back. of course. that handful seemed immortal. Never more than a pitiful handful of them.must he found and destroyed! If not--the Daleks will be displeased. But such courage! Such pers istance and cunning in the face of impossible odds.

Will be for some time. Most lif elike.Jo turned at the sound of his voice.' said the Brigadier hurriedly. we might lose most of the wall. `In case I've mistimed the setting. At the opposite end of the laborat ory. Chap's still out cold. `N ow. Doctor. Brigadier. very nice.' He raised the guerilla's gun. Ho w's that poor man you found?' The Brigadier shrugged.. Don't ask we why.' T he Doctor led them to a position by the door. In w hich case. Jo. `Then we'll just have to wait till he wakes up. It had a paper-stuffed pillowslip fo r a head. Jo had drawn a crude grinning face on the pillowslip with lipstick. apparently. exactly?' The Doct or looked over his shoulder. `Yes. isn't it. won't we?' His tone was bris k and cheerful. Just what I wanted. May I ask what it's in aid of?' `I thought you might like a little practical demonstration.. of course. `The Doctor wanted it. Now then. `Just in case of what. the guerilla's gun in one hand.' said the Doctor. `Splendid. The Doctor looked at Jo's dummy slumped grotesquely on its cha ir at the far end of the laboratory. Benton's with him in sickbay now. if you'll all step this way.' . the dummy slumped grotesquely in its chair. and aimed it at the dummy: `Steady on. The body was made from an old p air of army denims stuffed with newspapers. Jo saw that he was thoroughly enjoying the task of grappling w ith this new problem. the black box in the oth er. Jo. Brigadier?' The Brigadier studied the drooping dummy without en thusiasm. She couldn't help feeling glad that he'd found something t o take his mind from the endless and seemingly hopeless struggle to get the TARD IS working again.' The Doctor e merged from the TARDIS. `I think you'd better stand behind me--just in case.

it's an extremely sophisticated weapon. and activated some kind of trigger. It was heavy. Gingerly. `According to B enton those ape creatures were carrying exactly the same kind of weapon.The Brigadier was outraged.. `I mean. Doctor?' The Doctor put the gun down on a laboratory bench. . Sort of.. The Doctor had resumed his aim. `Now just a moment! This building happens to be Gove rnment prop--' But he was already too late. He looked at the gun in the Doctor's hand. `Er. `You mean it's some kind of ray-gun?' The Doctor took a deep breat h. It looked something like a cross between a revolver and a blunder-buss . T o lose even one soldier was a considerable blow. Er--I don't thin k you'd better point it like that. how does it work?' `Basically. Jo picked up the alie n weapon. `What is it exactly.' Jo realised that she was aiming the gun stra ight at the Brigadier. The Brigadier walked slowly to the other end of the laboratory. There was absolutely no sign of eithe r chair or dummy. `What the blazes is that thing. Jo knew how much he worried about the safety of the men under his command. Chair a nd dummy simply vanished! The Doctor gave a satisfied nod. well.' The Brigadier's voice was ang ry. Far more advanced than anything yet developed on Earth.' Jo tried to translate the Doctor's reply into something she coul d understand. and she needed two hands to hold it. yes. Jo. `Quite an effective little weapon isn't it?' The Brigadier looked grim. There was a highpitched electronic buzz. No trace of the body afterwards. Hastily she put it back on the bench. Doctor ?' she asked. it's a form of ultrasonic disintegrator. He lost one of his men. The point is.

Sergeant Benton sat beside t he unconscious guerilla's bed.' `Not at the present time..' `Kindly stop talking in riddles.' `I am serious. Doctor. A curious shimmering effect filled the air around it. It gave a sort of low hum. But what about ghosts from the future?' He looked from Jo to the Brigadier. Perhaps I used the wrong word: not so much gh osts as apparitions--creatures that can appear and disappear. The guerilla. not far away. `I've just done a metallurgical analysi s: it proved conclusively that the metal from which this gun was made was mined here on Earth.' He studied the bo x. now gearing a pair . smiling gently at the sight of their baffled faces. The Doctor walked to the other end of the bench and p icked up the black box.. `But you said it couldn't have been made on Eart h. turning it round in his hands. ` You said that thing was some kind of time machine. `Good grief. The Doctor shouted. `That's right.' But ev en as the Doctor spoke the machine seemed to come to life. Brigadier?' `Do let's be seri ous. I can't seem to get it to.' The Doctor picked up the l ittle machine and began fiddling with the controls. In the UNIT sick-bay. Jo said slowly..' sai d the Brigadier irritably. `You say it wasn't made on Earth? You mean it comes from ano ther planet?' The Doctor shook his head.The Brigadier said. `Do you believe in ghosts.. it's working! Stand back both of you!' Frantically he jabbed at the control knobs.' Jo was puzzled. But I think i t must have been damaged when the man fell. I assure you. Jo. `You see we usually think of ghosts as coming from the past.

that mysterious void whe re Time and Space are one. Suddenly Benton jerked awake . Benton's head began to nod . Benton looked on in utter amazeme nt as the guerilla simply faded away. and that was that. he could trap them. . The bl oke was gone. Benton sighed.' Her hands fl ickered quickly over the controls on the console in front of her. then slumped back into unc onsciousness. `A ti me transmitter is in operation in the twentieth century time zone. Benton found himself pulling back the sheets and peering under the pillow. dedicated to the machines they served. Then he pulled himself together. This time. `Can you fix the Space Time coordin ates?' Coldly the girl said. perhaps. The C ontroller thought to himself that there was something strange and inhuman about them. He said. Slowly the pul se on the screen flickered and died.of hospital pyjamas. Guess who'd have to try and expl ain that to the Brigadier. was twisting and muttering. This could only mean more resistance activity. All around him was the strange and mysterious machinery of the Daleks keeping continuous watch on the Time Vortex. They seemed completely emotionless. as he was lulled by the peace of the little room. `I will try.' The Controll er felt a sudden excitement.. He turned to the girl beside him and said. drifting in and out of a kind o f coma. The shimmering stopped and the bed was emp ty. A strange shimmering seemed to fill the air. a s if he expected to find the man hiding. Not long ago he had suddenly shouted in fear. The controller of Earth Sector One stood in the Tem poral Scanning Room. For the moment he was relatively quiet. `Why did you send for me?' The girl indicated a faint flickering pulse on one of the screens in front of them. Girl technicians moved silently about the room. The trace is very faint..

The girl said, `It's no use, Controller. Transmission has stopped. I think a tra nsference has taken place, but it is not possible to be specific.' Her voice was flat and unemotional. She was simply reporting a fact. The girl's indifference only increased the Controller's feeling of anger and disappointment. Sharply he said, `Continue scanning. Next time I advise you to be more efficient, or it wil l be the worse for you.' The girl was completely unimpressed. In the same emotio nless voice she said, `Everything possible was done. We shall continue scanning. If further transmissions take place you will be informed.' She turned away and returned to her duties. The Controller looked after her furiously. Then he sighe d, accepting defeat, and left the scanning room. In the UNIT laboratory the Doct or put the machine down with a sigh of relief. `It's all right. The thing's gone completely dead again.' `But it was working,' said Jo anxiously. The Doctor sig hed. `Oh yes. Unfortunately it was accidental. I still don't know how or why.' T he telephone rang and the Brigadier snatched it up. `Yes? All right, Benton, wha t is it?' The Brigadier's voice rose to a sort of strangled yelp. `What! He did what, Benton?' The Brigadier listened a moment longer and said, `All right, Serg eant, I believe you. Yes, I'll tell him.' With a mighty effort he put the `phone down, slowly and gently. `That was Benton front the sick-bay. You may be intere sted to know, Doctor, that at exactly the moment you started tinkering with that wretched machine, our guerilla friend shimmered, and vanished--just faded away out of his hospital bed.' `Now that is interesting,' said the Doctor. `What's mo re it proves I was right. The thing's definitely a time transmitter.

Somehow I managed to shoot the poor chap back to where he came from.' The Brigad ier gave him an exasperated look. `I'm glad you find it interesting, Doctor--but it's not particularly helpful is it? When that man vanished, our chance of find ing out what's going on vanished with him.' `Don't be so pessimistic, old chap. This business isn't over yet, you know.' `It isn't?' said the Brigadier gloomily . `I very much doubt it. You see, I don't think those behind it have achieved th eir objectives yet. So they're bound to try again.' `Try what again?' `I'm not s ure about the what, Brigadier, but I think I know the where!' The Brigadier said , `Well, I suppose that's something.' `Everything that's happened,' the Doctor w ent on, `seems to centre round Austerly House. And who ever tried to harm Styles is certain to try again.' `But he isn't even there! He's in Peking by now.' `Th at's right. So the place will be empty.' The Doctor turned to Jo who had been lo oking on in puzzlentent.'Well, Jo, how about it?' `How about what?' The Doctor s miled. `How do you fancy spending a night in a haunted house?'

4 The Ghost Hunters Once again the wind whistled eerily in the pees round Austerly House. Once again a nervous sentry jumped at the sudden hoot of an owl. And, once again, one soli tary window was illuminated, that of Sir Reginald Styles' ground floor study. In side the study, however, things were very different. Instead of Sir Reginald toi ling over his papers, the elegant figure of the Doctor lay sprawled at his ease in an armchair by the blazing log fire. On a little table beside him stood a hea vy silver tray. It held knives, plates, glasses, a little basket of biscuits, a bottle of wine and a very large Stilton cheese. The little black box, the time m achine, stood on the table next to the tray. Jo Grant stood beside the Doctor's chair. The Doctor looked up at her. `You know, Jo,' he said thoughtfully, helpin g himself to a large slice of cheese, `you can always be sure of one thing with politicians whatever their political ideas: they always keep a wellstocked larde r.' Jo looked at the loaded tray with an air of some disapproval. `I'm not sure that you really ought to help yourself like that,' she said dubiously.

old house was dark and emp ty. Jo looked around uneasily. How can you expect ghosts to walk in a house full of people?' Jo shivered again and the Doctor stopped his teasing. `Had to be done. Jo shivered. Captain Yates. He'd still been attacked. And outside the house itself was the black night. Have a piece of this delicious che ese. We're to consider the place o ur own. Jo. Of course.' . But that hadn't helped Styles. Sergeant Benton and armed UNIT patrols were guarding the house. `Look. He held up the glass to admire the rich r ed colour of the wale.' The Doctor took another bite of cheese by way of underlining the point.The elegant figure of the Doctor lay sprawled in an amrchair. You heard what Miss Paget said. `I wish you hadn't sent all the servants away.' The Doct or poured himself a glass of Burgundy. there's really nothing to worry about. In spite of the warmth and comfort of the firelit st udy she was very much aware that the rest of the big. with strange noises coming from the gloomy woods. Jo Grant at his si de. Jo. `Nonsense.

Anat.' Jo came and perched he rself on the arm of his chair. trembling with nervous excitement.' Benton shuddered. Captain Yates stood in the shelter of the main doorw ay and watched the wind thrashing about in the tree tops.' Outside the house the wind howled a nd it was starting to rain. Anat. Munching away at his cheese the Doctor said indis tinctly. `I know. Finally Sh ura young and eager. We made it!' . I don't seem to be hungry right now.`No thanks. Anat produced a tiny lightc ell. ` Right. Boaz said exultantl y. sir. That's what I'm worrying about. Benton?' `Yes. There were no sentries aroun d the abandoned railway tunnel. exchanging pre-arranged signals and passwords. it's liable to be a long night. scowling with grim determination. `We made it.' Benton saluted and plunged back into the darkness. Sergeant Benton hurrie d around the corner of the building and joined him. Dimly it illuminated the rough brickwork of the tunnel. Inside the darkness of the tunnel there came a faint shimmering and glowing. `Really ought to eat something. wishing he'd found a more cheerful expression. Once all three were materialised. Three figures materiali sed one by one. It was some way from the house. All three were loaded do wn with equipment. and it hadn't st ruck the Brigadier that there was any point in guarding it. `Everything quiet. carry on. quiet a s the grave. leader of the resistance cell that Moni ha d visited at such peril. Benton's army water-proof wa s spotted with big drops of rain. Doctor.' Jo sai d. Throughout the grounds little patrols of armed men moved quietly through the pitch-black ni ght. Next Boaz. First the girl.

He covered the equipment with loose rubble. We're the last chance. . `Remember. The man we have come to kill. `Remember it'll be very different outside the tunnel.Swiftly they began to unload the heavier equipment. this is it l' Anat was more cautions. houses with people in them. a crevice in the wall of the tunnel. `Now listen to me. We'll suc ceed this time. `There's no chance of that. We have only one enemy. You 'll see fields.' Shura added eagerly. There'll be ar my patrols. If we fail. The Daleks are getting closer all the time. they are not our enemies. and th ey can track our equipment. and looked up excitedly. well be lucky to get back to our own tim e zone alive. . Or too late. The kind of world we should h ave had. but we'll avoid them.' Shura said. Anat cut in. Two others hav e tried before us and failed. She went on.' said Anat grimly.' He patted the holstered gun at his side. You heard what Moni said before we left. You've all memorised the old historical maps?' The other s nodded. `We'll mak e our way to the house. `T he place looks right.' Swiftly and silently the three guerillas slipped out of the tunnel and began moving across the fields to Austerly House. Are you both ready?' Again the two men nodded.' Boaz said . But the tiniest error in the temporal co-ordinates and we may be too soon.. `Then we'll make our way to the house. Shura found a hiding place f or it. `If they try to stop us. all of you .' `We've got to.' `We mustn't. The kind of world we can still have if we succeed. Anat.' Boaz said fiercely. And we'll have lost the chance of defeating the Daleks. `Well. Mat said. `We won't fail. roads.

they began to work their way towards the house. face downward. or carry ing on like a one man Wine and Cheese society . but her voice seemed to have gone.' `Didn't want to disturb the Doctor. She tried to call to the Doctor. Their dark combat clothes blended perfectly into the woodland floor. They moved in utter silence--just like ghos ts. Everything looked strange and sinister in the glo om.The Doctor took another appreciative sip of his Burgundy. `Ah. `I' m going to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. There were suits of armour by the staircase and a stuffed stag's head stare d glumly at her from the wall. With a sigh of relief Jo realised it was Sergeant Benton. A most goodhumoured wine.' She got out of her chair and moved to the door. Jo was making for the kitchen when suddenly the massive front door began to creak. He's tither tinkering with that black box you found. A touch of the sardonic perhaps. What's he up to anyway?' ` Nothing very much. All three froze into cover. `Sergeant Benton! You took years all my life. The boots of a UNIT' patrol passed b y within inches of them. but not cynical. yes. A huge figure loomed in the doorway. Jo said indignantly. In the darkness outside. the three guerillas had come to the high wall surrounding Aus terly House. `Do stop chuntering on.' The hallway was empty and d ark. Slowly. Once it had moved away they got up. Terri fied she crouched against the wall as the door swung open. creeping about like that. A truly c ivilised little wine. Doctor. this. one after my own heart' Jo looked at him impatiently. Working with trained efficiency they climbed it and dropped to the other side.

' `R. `Yessir. Doctor. Jo said. `Jo!' he said protestingly. He was a big chap. Mike Yates seemed to notice t he plate and glass for the first time. `You wait here. Jo looked at him s everely.' `I see. Jo. `And what do you think you're doing. that was mean. how very kind of you!' He swigg ed down the wine and popped a piece of cheese into his mouth. Benton beamed as Jo put the plate and glass on a hall table beside him.' He did his best to look undernourished. `Just checking up. Sergeant. could you. He sighed.. Benton straightened up to attention and sal uted. `All in a good cause. `Couldn' t spare me a bite.' With an anguished glance at t he little table. He leaned forward confidentially.At the mention of food and drink Benton cheered up.H.P. Then perhaps you'd like to chec k up on number two patrol?' Benton said. he disappeared into the darkness. Jo looked at him blankly.' He was just reaching out when a familiar voice said.I. `You've saved my life. The Doctor had cut himself another piece of Stilton and poured out another glass of wine. `Why. `Come again?' .' She marched back into the study. Miss Grant? I'm famished. `Mike Yates. Sergeant Benton?' Capt ain Yates stood in the main doorway. and reac hed for the cheese knife.' said Mike indistinctly. Miss. sir.' The Doctor watched her disappear through the door. He was contemplating them with anticipation when Jo entered and took both plate and glass from his hand. his mo uth full of cheese. and he ne eded a lot of fuel to keep him going.

ghosts from the past.' he repeated.' `I know. . you know. I said. and fol lowed Benton out into the night.H. `Quite right. Jo. `It's certainly a wild night. The Doctor crossed to the French windows and pulled back the heavy curtains.' He stood for a moment looking out into the blackness. `Isn't it far more a que stion of whether they have us in mind?' By now the guerillas were very close to the house.I.. an many marches on its stomach. Just feeding the troops. Boney.' Jo snif fed. did you mean what you said to the Brigadier about ghosts?' The Doctor smiled. and ra in lashed against the panes. Another gust of wind rattled the study windows.. `Well Mike Yates certainly does. Boaz said.P. Jo went bark to the study. always remember this..' The Docto r nodded approvingly. Which kind did you have in mind?' The Doctor looked at her seriously.`R. I remember saying to old Napoleon.' He gave her a smile. `In there. He must be in there.' He was about to mo ve forward. Boaz pulled himse lf down into cover again. I don't envy those p oor chaps on patrol. `I also said there were different kinds of gh osts. `Rank Has Its Privileges. They had concealed themselves in a clump of bushes close to the study window. Come on. `Doctor.' A gust of wind rattled the window panes a nd she looked up nervously. when a UNIT patrol crunched along the gravel path. The Doctor looked up . `So what was all that about?' `Oh nothing. and ghosts from the future.

Anat. Suddenly his arm was pushed aside. `We must be sure. Restlessly he turned it over and over in his long fingers. but i t does.' When there was no answer the UNIT men raised their gun. He looked angri ly at Anat.' Anat said fiercely.' `No. But Boaz and Shura were already shooting. They knew that their moment of greates t danger would come in crossing the little patch of open round between the bushe s and the house itself. anyway. One of the soldiers snapped. We 'll go inside the house.' `Too late now. Then we go in. `Who goes there? Give the password.In the clump of bushes Boaz raised his gun and took aim. `it's him. Just as they were completely in the open a twoman UNIT p atrol rounded the corner of the house. There was a high- . `I never got that cup of tea!' Once more she set off for t he kitchen. Must be a booster somewhere or you wouldn't get the power. Anat said.' he grumbled to himself. `Thi ng's a complete botch-up. He sl ipped off the back and began to peer at the maze of alien circuitry inside. At a signal from Anat t he three guerillas burst from the bushes. The Doctor picked up the black box. For a split second the soldiers peered at the dim figures before them. The tall figure in the window made a perfect target. `Shouldn't work at all.' Mutt ering to himself he bent absorbedly over the little box. Or did. The figure h ad left the window. `We'll wait a moment longer.' he hissed.' said Boaz sourly.' Insi de the study Jo said. the man we came to k ill! One shot and it's all over. For heaven's sake. and began to examine it for the hundredth time.

She abandoned her tea-making and headed back to the study. `Hey. where are you?' Jo heard the Doctor callin g her from the kitchen. it m ight be urgent. Jo. Shura peered through the gap in the curtains. totally disintegrated. Shura had te mporarily forgotten that he had come to kill this man. Nothing he could do seemed to make it c ome to life again. Immediately. In the study. it began to giv e out a low hum. and he sho t into the room amid a shower of glass. Shura crashed hi s booted foot against the lock of the French windows. To his utter amazement he saw a time ma chine standing on the table. even at the cost of innocent lives. She gave Shura a quick signal. though she couldn't hear what he was saying. Come and see. Still.' he called. They flew open. But before he could even speak an amazingly long leg shot out and kicked the gun from . Anat and Boaz slipped through the front door of the house.pitched electronic buzz. but he whirled round with amazing speed at Shura's entrance. He slammed it down on the table. Jo. I've go t it working again. The tall man had been standing in the do orway. The Doctor looked at the device in amazement. He only wanted him to tur n if the time transmitter before the Daleks picked up the signal. But she knew there had be en nothing else for them to do. the Doc tor gave up the time machine in disgust. He moved to the French windows. This mission had to succeed. and the swirling shimmering effect appeared very faintly around it. And it was operational! The one thing that was cert ain to bring the Daleks and their Ogron killers down upon them. and the UNIT patrol vanished. An at gave an anguished look at her two fellow guerillas.

They are to be exterminated. you must fix the co-ordinates. reached out. twisted and sent crashing in to the wall.' He shot a quick look at the impassiv e girl technician beside him and hoped desperately that his words were true. `This time. The one thought in his mind was th at the man must. `Security patrol are standing by. Has tily he went on. A squat. He turned to the girl tec hnician beside him. He pointed to the pulsating time tran smitter and croaked. The Dalek voic e rasped: `Whoever is operating the time transmitter is an enemy of the Daleks. Controller!' A panel in the far wall slid open. turning its eye-stalk towards the faint pulse on the screen. Shura dived desperately for the time machine. In the Temporal Scanning Room the Controller of Earth Sector One peered eagerly at the screen. and the harsh.' `We are attempti ng to do so now. But the tall man obvious ly mistook this for an attack. `What is happening? Re-port' The Contr oller said. We're fixing the coordinates now. and Shura found himself g ripped by long steely fingers. Shura struggled desperately to his feet. which still puls ed away. Somehow he was spun. `Ext erminate them! EXTERMINATE THEM! EXTERMINATE THEM!' In Sir Reginald Styles study . must be made to turn off the time transmitter. `Please turn it off. black metallic figure glided towards them. You must turn it off or they'll kill u s all!' The tall man hauled Shura to his feet and dumped him down in an armchair .' The Black Dalek swivelled ro und. He slid to the floor half dazed.his hand.' Once again the voice rose almost to a shriek. The tiny pulse was very faint. `We have located a time transmitter operating in the twentieth centu ry zone. metallic voice grated. Its eye-stalk swung round onto the Controll er. He dodged. `To be quite honest I don't think I can .

' From the doorway a girl's voice said: `Get away from him. and with a few complex manipulations of th e controls managed to turn it off. The Daleks had no mercy on those who failed them. There was a long and terrible silence. He had Jo Grant held fir mly in front of him. The Dalek gun was pointing straight at hi m. The Controller knew that he might well be blasted into extinction then and th ere. Perhaps there had still been time to trace the transmis sion. The usually impassive technician's voice held a tremor of fear as she said . I w ant to ask you one or two questions. We've lost the trace. the Controller 's heart sank as he looked at the blank screen. Then the Black Dalek turned and glided out of sight. In the Temporal Scanning Room. hoping against hope.' The Doctor turned from his captive. `I'm sorry.turn it off. I'm not even very sure how I turned it on. a gun at her head. a man. He saw a thin.' The Black Dalek swung round on her angrily. Next to her another guerilla. He turned to the girl technician . Obediently the Doctor moved away. my friend. .. trying not to even think. He stood perfectly still.. dark girl in guerilla costume. The gi rl went straight to the time machine. Then it swung back to the Controller. Now then. not daring to breathe.

`I'm sorry. He let her go. The same thought had occurred to the Doctor. The Doctor le aned his shoulders against the mantelpiece and looked round the room. Why would a nyone want to execute the Doctor? She felt the girl was working herself up into a kind of frenzy--as though she couldn't quite face the idea of killing in cold blood. Jo stoo d motionless. He appeare d utterly calm and relaxed. Who would ever know?' The Docto r gave her a puzzled look. his long thin body poised for instant action. She's scarcely likely to harm you. young lady. but the had it within her to shoot him down in certain circumstances. She looked up into his face. `So you're the man.' Anat snapped: `Silence! You have done enough talk ing.' Boaz suddenly felt rather foolish holding his gun to the head of s uch a very small girl. yet capable of such terrible crimes.5 Condemned to Death! With an air of grim satisfaction the guerillas surveyed their prisoners. who had grabbed her in the hall. Ignoring Jo completely. Outwardly so innoce nt looking. but I haven't the faintest id ea what you're talking about. still held by Boaz. The Doctor nodded towards Boaz a nd said mildly. `I think you might let the young lady go. It is time for your execution. yet Jo could see that his eyes were bright and alert . Anat walked towards the Doctor.' Jo looked at the girl appalled. She gave him an indignant glare and walked across to the Doctor. The girl wasn't a natural ki ller. In a deliberate attempt to lower . g un in hand.

You see.' Anat stepped back. He's never done anyone any harm.' `No doubt. may I s ay one thing?' `A last-minute speech of repentance?' said Ana contemptuously. leave him alone.' `And th at is?' . `he's never done anyone any harm. `Young lady. Then quite un disturbed by the three gun muzzles pointed at hint he said. `Boaz. leave him alone. `We have our orders. Desperately. Shura!' All three guerillas trained their guns o n the Doctor.' Jo pleaded.' Gently . Jo threw herself in front of him.' `Please. the Doctor took Jo by the shoulders and moved her out of danger. `Execution? Don't I even get a trial?' Anat s aid. `N ot exactly. But whose orders?' `That does not concern you. `Please.the emotional temperature he said. I rather think you're making one terrible mistake.

`You drink his wine and eat his food. not murderers.' Anat knocked the gun aside with surprising force. W e are soldiers. who had been listening with increasing impadence.' said the Doctor cheer-fully. `I admit that it does all sound a little implaus ible. She tried to rush forward again.' Anat moved to the table and picked up the newspaper.' Once again the three guerillas raised their guns. Anat looked at the headline. holdi ng her down with his free hand. Then he nodded and moved to the door. but that's the mistake you see. Is that the be st you can do? You answer Styles's description. You're in his house. But you're not Styles.' `Believe it or not I was waiting for you. `Very feeble. Sir Reginald. It was last night's evening paper. . I'm not Styles at all. `We're wasting time. I imagine?' ` Of course you're Styles. Now get outside.' For a moment Boaz didn't move. `As you can see we're not really very alike. The headline read `STYLES FLIES TO PEKING IN TALKS CRISIS '. I want you to keep guard. Anat.`A simple question of identity. but Boaz caught her and threw her into an armchair. `If you're not Styles --why are you here . `I command this mission. `There's even a picture of him. Jo as frozen with horror.' Anat looked at him scornfully.' She indica ted the tray. You think I'm Sir Reginald Styles.' Boaz. the picture of Styles and then back at the Doctor.' `Ah. Here.' Worried. said the Doctor calmly. `but perhaps you'd care to look at the newspaper o n that table. She reme mbered the dummy she had made. raised his gun. I'll do i t. the any it had shimmered and vanished.

You couldn't have known we were coming. He found a light switch and pressed it. How could you be waiting for me. Bent on said to the soldiers: `Take a look in the other rooms. The munch of army boots could be heard coming up the path. You tried to kill Styles once. `Down there. Sergeant Benton and his patrol looked round the empty hallway. He called. `Sold iers! Coming up the path.' Anal said. suppose you a answer my question sensi bly.' The soldiers clattere d off. Jo a nd the Doctor stumbled downwards into the darkness. They heard Anat hiss. A single grimy bulb il luminated a flight of wooden steps leading down to a whitewashed cellar. Pushed by the three guerillas. Suddenly Boaz burst into the room. Benton spotted the door under the stairs an d pushed it open. `Doctor! Jo! Where are you?' There was no reply. Quickly the guerillas hustled their captives out into th e hall. That last remark showed fa miliarity with the idea of time travel. There was a big.' `And you deliberately took his place? Why?' `Because I wanted to talk to you. `You a re both covered by our guns.Anat tuned back to the Doctor. Anat looked r ound. Row upo n row of wine racks stretched away . and equally important--when. scattering through the house. `We must hide. To find out where you came from. It was logical to assume you'd try again. To discover why you want to kill Styles.' The little group h uddled silently in the darkness.' Anal looked up sharply. One sound and you will be dead.' she ordered. wooden door beneath the staircase and a flight of steps l eading downwards. Bring them!' and she pointe d to the Doctor and Jo. `Now then.' ` Oh but I did.

Whole pl ace is empty. Dimly. The comfort and luxury of old houses. well-furnished rooms such as t his. Then she looked aroun d the study. his face grave. She looked down the steps into the cellar and said. They seem to have vanished. for the first time she realised that she had actually journeyed int o the past.' Yates looked at his watch. There were already pale streaks o f light in the east.. We'll mak e a full-scale search of the ground and check with all the other patrols.' Benton said. Study window's smashed open and there seems to have been a struggle. Anat went out into the hall. Sergeant Benton. When th e noise of the soldiers' departure had faded away. `So has the Doctor.. back into the study and peered cautiou sly out of the window. Tie them up and gag them!' Boaz and Shura shoved the Doctor and Jo dow n the steps. Only a matter of inches away from Hen a silent group crouched behind the massive cel lar door. Then he heard Captain Yates calling him. Benton yelled: `Anyone down there?' There was no answer. And Miss Grant.. Someon e must have seen something. One of them said. You reckon they've been kidnapped?' The soldiers came back into the hall.. Dawn was very near now. `It'll be light before long. He turned out the light and closed the cellar door. Anat could see the woods and lawns of Austedy Park. something didn't feel right.into the darkness.' He turned and led the way out of the house. Jo and the Doctor could feel the cold metal of guns pressing against t heir foreheads. Anat pressed the light switch again. `We've checked every room. `Number two patrol fail ed to report in. sir. Sarge. She gazed at the peaceful landscape with a kind of wonder. Yates was standing in the hallway. had long been things . `This will do for th e moment. Benton paused uneasily.

. `All right.. The entrance of Boaz and Shura recalled her to the realities of her mission.' There came only a crackling. `Why don't I go back to the tunnel. Now hurry.' Shura slipped out of the French windows and faded away into the darkness.' `And if they don't? If they become a danger to us?' . We wait till he returns and then kilt him. `They'll be no trouble for a while. Actually in Style s's house. The whole situation has changed. That'll get through.' She produced the little sub-temporal v oice transmitter from her tunic and spoke into it. Ask them for a prediction on Stiles. it'll be light soon. Boaz looked down at her and said. but to change its future Boaz said. They were not here to enjoy Earth's past.' Anat looked at him warily . `It's no good.of the past when Anat was born. Anat? The big booster transmitter's there.' Shura said . What about those two down in the cellar?' `They might come in useful as hostages.. `Mission intercept to base. `And suppose Styles doesn't return? How long do you think we can stay here und etected.' He turned to Anat with a hint o f challenge in his voice. `Well. They may be able to look up the da te of his return here. Anat sunk into a chair. Tell them what's h appened. realis ing for the first time how tired she was. She reached out and touched the softness of the velvet curtains. what happens now?' `I'm going to ask for fresh orders. mission intercept to base.' Anat thought for a moment. There's some kind of disturbance in the Time Vortex.. Anat shook her head. `Sur ely it's obvious what we should do?' `Is it?' `We're here now.

' `T he twenty-second century?' said Jo. In terms of technol ogical progress. Immediately Jo burst out.' said Jo indignantly.' . and the Doctor rolled over to her.' `The word they used was "execute". `Then we kill them. Doctor.' There came a fresh outburst of indignant `mmm's' from Jo. After a bit more effort he managed to pu ll her gag away with his teeth. `Visiting the twentieth.Boaz shrugged. `Doctor! Who are these people? Why do they want to kill Styles? Where do they come from?' The Doctor s aid. `Let me have a go at getting your ropes off. With a last desperate twist. `Mmmmm. he man aged to free the gag from his mouth and chin.' `Oh aren't they?' said Jo indignantly. Jo. At least it'll help to pass the time. that's better. I think they've come here to try and change history. They're political fanatics. I'd say they're about two hundred years ahead of your time. but when. `They were goi ng to murder you remember. But why?' `You're the one with the answers. `on a special mission through time to find a certain politician and kill him. `One thing at a time. then he said.' said the Doctor th oughtfully.' he exclaimed with a sigh of relief. for a star t. Jo. `I'm not at all sure I shouldn't leave you like that. `Ah. It's very peaceful.' Down in the cellar the Doctor was wiggling h is neck and chin in the most amazing manner. they're not criminals.' The Doctor was quiet for a moment.' `Well. And it's not where. `Mmm mmmm mmmmm mm?' The Do ctor regarded her thoughtfully. And that's a ver y fanatical idea.

`Since you are unable to capture the criminals unaided. The Controller wasn't very impressed. Humbly he bowed his head. He turn ed and spoke to the Black Dalek at his side.' The Bl ack Dalek's answer sounded almost sulky. If we detect a transmission that continues long enough a nd strong enough. `If they are seen. `This new equipment. The B lack Dalek said. anyone so doing will be diverted in the Space Time Vortex a nd materialise here.' The Controller looked up sharply. `With respect.' `But only if that particular machine is used?' `It is nece ssary to set the Magnetron to the frequency of a particular transmitter. `It is likely that the criminals will have returned to the spat ial co-ordinates where the first criminal was located. If the time transmitter that was t raced is used again. `All enemies of the Daleks must be tracked down and destroyed. the science of the Daleks will help you. I f one particular time machine was used they might be able to capture the person using it.. `We are maintaining a constant watc h upon the Time Vortex. ' The Controller said. we shall certainly be able to trace it to its source.The Controller stood watching as Dalek scientists supervised the installation of a massive and complex piece of equipment in the Temporal Scanning Room. it was highly unlikely that the machine would be used again. This is the Magnetron. I am not quite clear as to its pur pose. You will despatch another security patrol to that place and time zone. But the Co ntroller knew better than to express his doubts.' .' The Bla ck Dalek intoned. is that wise?' he asked. Since the resistance fighters knew that all transmissions risked being traced....

At the last moment he was spotted.' . and started to use it. Moving aside the two heavy Dalekenium bombs. `Mission intercept to base.. He heard a sho ut of alarm as he dropped down on the other side of the wall and sprinted for th e tunnel. He guessed the soldiers would follow him. For a long time Shura hid in a tree near the outer wall. But it w as beginning to get light now.. What were the resistance guerillas up to in the t wentieth century time zone? What did they hope to achieve that the Daleks were o n desperate to prevent? The Controller entered his office and gave the orders th at would despatch a patrol of Ogrons back to the railway tunnel where the first guerilla had been found.The Dalek rounded on him fiercely. Once inside he paused to get used to the darkness.. he fished out the big transmitter. He was h elped by the fact that he was alone instead of one of a group of three. He fumbled his way along to the hidden cavity where he ha d stowed their equipment.. As he followed the Black Dalek along the endless corridors of Cent ral Control his mind was busy. m ission intercept to base. When at last the patrols had finished searching that particular area he dropped down from his tre e and began to scale the wall. he thought. its voice rising to a pitch almost of hysteri a: `Do not dispute with the Daleks! The function of the human is to obey!' Again the Controller bowed his head. It took Shura a long time to reach the tunnel. and the grounds were alive with searching UNIT tr oops. and followed the Black Dalek from the room. And that meant harshness and oppressi on for Earth. Fear could have only one result--to make them even more ruthless than before. The Daleks were becoming frightened.

and the Ogron was blasted into nothingness. As the Ogren reached for him again Shura rolled and came up with the gu n in his hands. There was only one possible hiding-place. He rolled away desperately as the O gron kicked again. Shura was young and strong. But like any human being he was helpless against an Ogron's strength. Their time travel technology w as constantly improving. gasping for breath. Shura looked up to see an Ogron grinning savagely down at him. then hurled him to the ground. He was about to try again when a massive booted foot st amped down on the transmitter. and s mashed him against the tunnel wall. Next to the bombs was a spare disintegrator pistol. He fired. The beating-up was merely a way of relieving its frustrations at being deprived of the pleasure of destroying him. before he could use it. He dug out a space . Or rather it wanted to. but had been orde red instead to take him alive. thoug ht Shura. Maybe some new invention of the Daleks. smashing it beyond repair. and he fought desperately. There must be othe r Ogrons about. He took stock of his injuries: several ribs were broken for sure. The Ogron gripped him in a savage bear hug. He guessed t hat the Ogron didn't want to kill him. Shura rolled t owards the cavity and groped inside. and one arm. Scrabbling aside the rubble with his g ood hand. The Ogron hauled him to his feet. Ther e was obviously some kind of massive disturbance in the Space Time Vortex. Shura sank down against the side of the tunnel wall. he thought muzzily. As he tried to rise a b ooted foot smashed him savagely in the ribs.But even the powerful main transmitter picked up only crackling and static. Shura enlarged the cavity they had used as a cache. He wouldn't survive long if they found him. Shura had one advantage in the unequal struggle. His gun was ripped from his holster.

In any case. he hearmore human shouts . and then shots. too. just in case those gorilla things hadn't all gone. an d then covered the supplies and himself with rubble. Corp. the soldiers rushed in quickly one end and out the other. suffering not only from his wounds but from the strain of the last few hours. bombs and pisto l clasped to his chest. Both jumped when the telephone began to ring. Boaz snapped: `Leave it! ' `They'll be suspicious if no one answers. and the sound of army boots. curled up in his nest of rubble. Shura heard one of them c all: `No good. they weren't too keen to linger long in the tunnel. They stared at it helplessly. pulled the ruined transmitter and the gun in after him.' .big enough to lie in. he felt himself drift into a state of unconsciousness. Minutes later other Ogrons came lumbering along the tunnel. Soon. Anat and Boaz waited for Shura's return with increasing unease. But the UNIT troops had already had one experience of chasing Ogrons into the tu nnel and finding it empty. Shura should have been found by the army patrol. She came to a decision. But the ringing went on and on. Alt hough neither had seen nor used a telephone before.' That shout was the last thing Sh ura heard for quite a while. Shura heard shouts. they've faded away again. Perhaps. and were returning to their own time zone. Battered and exhausted. Then there was the familiar h um of a time transmitter.' said Anat desperately. Shura guessed that the Ogrons had been spotted by the UNIT troops. `Those people in the cellar. wishing it would stop. He heard th e Ogrons muttering briefly in low guttural voices. they knew well enough what i t was. Shura was fast asleep. Anal reached a hand out towards the `phone. Bring them up.

Doctor. Said the place was deserted. `D id they? Oh yes.' `That's all right. `Tell them everything's all right. and Anat waited for what seemed an agonisingly long t ime.' .' The Doctor said.Boaz dashed from the room.' `Jolly good. `Nothing happening.' said Anat. Did I tell you old Styles has a fascinating collection of wines?' Now listen. `Everything's very quiet here. Still the telephone kept up its unending ringing and ringing. the Doctor picked up the receiver and s aid `Hello?' `Sorry to bother you so early.' `Ghost-hunting.' responded the Doc tor calmly. `Answer it. so that she too could hear what the Brigadier was saying. eh?' The Brigadier chuckled . `Been up all ni ght with this conference crisis. `Anything happen?' Anat moved her head close to the Doctor's. must have been when we were down in the cellar. Boaz came bac k into the room. Brigadier. `I'm not sure that's wise.' Boaz and Anat exchanged exultant glances. As a matter of f act. He is taking the main delegates to his house for an infor mal preliminary conference. Slowly. I've been up all night myself. you're ab solutely sure everything's all right at that home? Because Styles is coming back there tomorrow night.' Boaz he ld the gun to the Doctor's head. `Untie him. Anat said . They looked in th e house and couldn't find you. Thing is I had some kin d of garbled report from Yates and Benton that you'd vanished.' Boaz cut the ropes from the Doctors wrists and pushed him towards the 'phone.' said the Brigadier. Before an yone could stop him the Doctor said. Brigadier. herding Jo and the Doctor before him with his pistol.

' He paused at the door. Our dat es were right after all. At UNIT H.' said Boaz. After a moment the Brigadier s aid. `I as-re you.' `Of course. Doctor?' Speaking clearly and distinc tly the Doctor said. `though I suppose it's not so remarkable really. Brigadier. `Oh really? Why not?' The Doctor didn't reply. `You're sure everything is all right. `He's coming he re!' exclaimed Anat. Anat gave him a look of warnin g. thrust the gun closer to the Doctor's head. `Oh. since our future is your past. the Doctor put down the 'phone. Tell the Prune Minister. she and the Doctor had practically succeeded in getting the ropes all her wrists. And. the Brigadier turned to Yates and Benton. and by standing back to back he had been able to untie most of the . The Doctor's in trouble. N or was Jo. Although the Doctor's wrists had been tied he had still been able to use his fingers..Boaz.' `You certainly showed a remarkable ability to predict the future. I think he's been made prisoner.' Boaz and Anat were scarcely listening to him. and send a message to the patrols.' Hoping that his knowledge of twentieth century slang w as accurate.' agreed the Doctor. Te ll Styles that.' Anat and Boaz were jubilant.Q. there's nothing to worry about. `Sir Reginald Styles is coming here! We can carry out our m ission. We're going back to Austerly House right away. They're to keep the house surroun ded. be particularly sure to tell it to the Marines. Brigadier. `You were right. Before the guerillas had brought then up from the cellar. but they're not to go inside. `the conference is here tomorrow night.

. she snapp ed.' Jo dashed across the room and picked up the time machine. she was free.. Now Jo was finishing the job herself..' Anat and Boaz made no move to obey her. ..' `Then I've got some rather st artling news for you. The Doctor made a second attempt to talk to Anat . unless we can stop him.knot.' A shimmering effect filled the air around Jo's body.' `Styles isn't a bad man. Your friend Styles isn't trying to stop a war--he's going to start one. She raised it threateningly above her head... And no one s eemed to be worrying about her. `It will make every difference. `Isn't it about time you told me what you think you're up to? Why do you imagi ne that killing Styles will make any difference to the future you come from?' An at said. `Right.. `You really believe that?' `Most certainly. `You believe that?' said Anat. Suddenly. `you can both drop your guns. At the mome nt he's doing all he can to stop a world war..

and before the Doctor's horrified gaze. `Jo. She felt herself in the grip of some terrible force..' `I assure you I'm not. just faded and vanished away. Jo gripped the machine tighter.. `You're just bluffing. You'll be stranded here forever.' Jo ignored him. A shimmer ing effect filled the air around Jo's body.. we don't need that machine. We have others of our own. `I'm going to smash this machi ne to bits.' said Anat. You'll never get back to your own t ime. Jo. Looking at Boaz and tenor she said . Put that machine down bef ore it starts working again. still clutching the time machine.' Confused. `Now put that mac hine down and stop being silly. drawing her away. you've got it all wrong.`If you don't do as I say. Suddenly the machine hummed into life. I mean it.' said Jo determinedly. do as s he says. `My dear child.' Anat sounded almost sorry for her. Unconsciously her fingers ti ghtened over the control knobs.' To Jo's amazement the Doctor said. `Jo... `I warn you..' Jo looked at her uncertain ly.' The Doctor said. .

She was in some kind of control room.' `And if she wasn't?' said the Doctor grimly.. dispersed fo r ever into the Time Vortex.. Jo opened her eyes and looked around her.. Soon s he lost all sense of up or down. it's possible that she'll be re-embodied in our time. `That's if she was lucky. She had completely van ished. Cautiously. She felt herself being drawn stead ily in one particular direction. He turned to Anat. she could feel a solid floor beneath her. round and round she went.6 Prisoner of the Daleks Jo Grant was twisting and turning in a sort of strange misty nothingness..' Boaz said. more real.. It was cold and metallic . the misty nothingness was fading away. The Doctor called: `Jo! Jo!' but it was too late. bi g pistols like those used by the guerillas. Just when she could bear it no long er all the different pulls seemed to combine. `The machine was faulty. The guns were all pointing straight at her. All th e time she could feel the tug of powerful forces that seemed to be pulling her a part. They carried guns.' . Over and over. `If the m achine was still working. She felt sick and dizzy and terrified. she was in a real p lace again. Gradually it seemed that she was becoming more solid. Towering above her was a group of huge. surrounded with gleaming alien machinery.. She's probably been disintegrated. `What's happened to her?' Anat's look was almost sympa thetic. apelike creatures with savage cruel faces. Again the look of sympathy from Anat.

`All right. Boaz opened the cellar door. The Doctor went out of the study and into the hall. The Doctor la y in darkness on the cold stone floor. Now get back to that cellar. The knots were cruelly tight. `she'd be better off dead. At the moment it seemed that the guerillas might well succeed in their pl an to kill Styles and start another war. `There's nothin g you can do to save my friend? Nothing at all?' Anat shook her head. And now Jo was gone. perhaps stranded in some alien and terrifying future. It wasn't in the Doctor's nature to give up for ver y long.' The Doctor ignored him. For a moment a wave of despair washed ove r him. the one thing y ou could always do was try. and I'd as soon kill you. Surely the Brigadier had understood his message? Anyway. and looked at Anat. you! Anat may be soft-hearted but I'm not. and shoved him down the steps. though why should they want to do that? The Doctor sighed. Guarded by two of the ape-like monsters. We didn't want to harm anyone unnec essarily. get moving. `What do we do with him?' `Put him back in the cellar.' While Anat covered him with her gun. gleaming metal corridors. Patiently the Doctor began to work on the ropes that bound his wrists. `Now liste n. As far as I'm concerned you're jus t a nuisance. Tie him up again. perhaps dead. thought the Doctor. When the binding was finished Boaz stepped back.' It was obv ious that Boaz meant what he said. Boaz put the ropes back on the Doctor's wrists.`Believe me. But she brought it on herself.' Boaz added ominously. `Believe m e.' Boaz came up to the Doctor and jabbed the gun in his ribs. No chance of undoing them again. . Jo Grant was being m arched along a series of endless. I'm sorry.' He indicated the Doctor with his pistol.

And the m an seemed to be friendly enough. and showing no curiosity at the sight of Jo.' For a moment Jo had a ridiculous picture of one of the hulking gorilla-things coming in with a tea-tray. very loyal. `Servants? What do they do?' she asked. thought Jo. `They're only servants. They used to live in scattered communities on one of the outer plane ts.' `I see. Every-one seemed cow ed and terrified.' said Jo brightly. Behind a d esk sat a thin. She giggled. `You mean they're sort of police do gs?' `Exactly. The explanation did make the creatures less terrifying. `What are they?' `A kind of higher anthropoid. The man waved them away.' Jo was beginning to feel les s frightened. I know it sounds silly. `You can go now. . And so stupid N othing to be frightened of really. The man smiled at Jo. They reached a sort of office. or rather to help the police. After all people had used guard dogs for ages. The man said again. The place was like an anthill.' For a m oment they didn't move. The two monsters took up a position behind Jo's chair. dark man with a haggard. `We use them as a kind of policeman. `Look. and it was the same thing really.From time to time they passed shabbily dressed men and women bustling about on m ysterious tasks.' Jo said. but could you pl ease tell me where I am?' she said. you see. standing aside rapidly. `Go!' They turned and lumbered from the room. They are very faithful. haunted face. They make useful servants. and Jo was thrust into a chair.

When Jo had finished.' There was pride in the man's voice.' The Controller sa t back and listened as the girl told her story. The Controller said reassuringly. I'm the Controller of the Reg ion. probably quite innocently. But her possession of the time machine meant she must have been in contact with them. I've spent years trying to trac k them . And her story was bearing out his theory. `That's because you've travelled in time. You see.' The Controller sat back in his chair. the Controller sat back for a moment.' said Jo helplessly. `Don't worry. `The really worrying thing is. `Yes. the Doctor is still their prisoner.' `But why? They know now he's the wrong man. this is the twenty-second century. `Yes. `Why.' The Controller's face was grave. `First I'd like you to tell me ev erything that happened to you before you found yourself here. Miss Grant. It had been obvious from the start that the girl was no guerilla. Where else?' `But it's all so different. `I'm afraid your friend is in very great danger. Earth of course . He wished his knowledge of twentieth century history were better. ` You don't know these people as I do. of course. His rank was obviously important to hi m.`You're at Central Control in Sector One.' For a mom ent Jo's head reeled. He congratulated himself on his handling of the situation. In fact. Is that what you want?' Jo nodded eagerly. but where ? What planet?' The man seemed puzzled. trying to di gest the flood of new information. We can get you back to your own time. What was so important about this man Styles? Jo said.' Her heart sank as the Controller said solemnly.

The Controller gave a sigh of relief.' she said. hungry and thirsty. And if anyone gets in their way. Now I most ask you to excuse me. Jo told him. `The UNIT guards would have seen them. I must start arranging the r escue expedition at once. `When the criminals transferred to your time. but the date. get me back to my own t ime?' The Controller came from behind his desk and took Jo's ann. of course. we may be able to mount a rescue operation to save this friend of yours. We have special refreshm ent suites for honoured guests. Anything at all. perhaps ?' J o frowned. That's where we found the wounded man. and the time . ` Just after midnight' `Yes.' Jo remembered the burning fanatica l eyes of the three guerillas.' `Have you any idea where they did arrive? Some kind of hideout in your time. I'm sure we'll be able to help your friend. She shuddered. `Naturally. Now I'm sure you're tired. did they arrive near the house i tself?' `I doubt it. the month. the year?' Puzzled. they're totally without mercy.' Jo nodded.. `I can well believe it.' said Jo.down. `There's an old railway tunnel near the house. But we'll need your help. `Now. Let me take you to one.' He paused at the door . `Excellent. Can you remember exactly what time they arrived. We have maps that show where Austerly House once stood. They've been responsible for the most terrible crimes.' `And you'll take me with you. na turally.' `Yes. The Controller leaned forward across his desk. But equally importa nt is the "when"..' `We know where these criminals are holding your fri end.

or pay the penalty. Some of as will accompany you. `The criminals are using the tunnel as a transfer port. The Black Dalek said . `I have won her trust completely. It's a very long tunnel.' the Controller said quickly. We will prepare an amb ush in the twentieth century time zone.' The Controller knew that there wou ld be no word of praise for his success. `If you wish I will take charge of things myself.machine.' `Security forces are standing by.' `A tunnel?' said the Controller. `Excellent. T heir servants were expected to succeed. Thank s to me we now have the information we need.' The Black Dalck swivelled its eyestalk towards him. The expedition will be led by the Daleks!' . They could have hidden in there. With a tinge of contempt in the guttural voice it said. Now come with me. and completel y abandoned. I'l l let you know as soon as there's any news.' A few minutes later. Daleks spoke only to condemn failure. the Controller stood once more before the Black Dalek. `This expedition is too important to be entrusted to a h uman.

In the at tics perhaps. Boaz raised his gun and blaste d the first one before it had time to get its bearings. `Well..7 Attack of the Ogrons Boaz looked out cautiously from behind the curtains. Her own nature was calmer. Doesn't really matter which . more determined.. We only need to survive until Styles arrives. I know from the history books--such a man will have many serv ants. There are patrols all round the house. why sho uld they? They think the place is empty. Bu t she accepted them as a necessary part of the price that must be paid if they w ere to succeed. we either escape or die. or down in the cellar with our prisoner. In the same way she accepted that her own death might well be a part of that price.' Boaz turned away from the window. They rushed to the win dow. She wondered how much longer Boaz w ould be able to stand the waiting. He could only bear it by screwing himself up to a pitch of fanatic dedication. Suddenly there came a familiar sound. `Or we could take the servants hostage. but they don't seem to be coming near it.' Anat shrugged. of course. Sh e bitterly regretted the deaths they had caused--the girl. Ogrons were materialising outside the house. said Bo az. apart from the Doctor and that poor gir l.' `Yes. Anat joined him at the w indow. does it?' Anat looked at him with concern.' Anat said. Once we kill him. `They're bound to send people here before Styles comes back. We'll find somewhere to hide. the UNIT patrol. . `It's a big house.

It took a full clip of machine-gun bullets to kill an Ogron. Boaz said exultantly to Anat. the creature sank slowly to the ground. opening fire on the Ogrons. and speeded up his attempt to escape. vanishing as fast as it had arrived. An Ogron would materialise. and he instantly shot down. In the cellar the Doctor heard the sound of battle. Anything less and the monsters just went on fighting. The soldier reached for a new clip of bullets. but hardly even slowed down. had disintegrator guns of their own. The weapons of the Ogrons were far more effective. but before he could fit it. l ook round. But they couldn't get rid of them all. shooting fro m the now shattered French windows. The UNIT soldiers fought at some disadvantage. Soon the rattle of machine-gun fire was added to the din . The air was full of the savage buzzing of the disintegrator guns. They had falle n to the floor in a crash of broken glass. The Ogron swung its . But one direct hit from an Ogro n pistol could blast a UNIT soldier into extinction. The soldiers tried to form a protective line in f ront of the house. and the Ogren outnumbered them badly. A UNIT soldier blazed away at the nea rest Ogron. Others were materialising out of their line o f fire and coming to join the attack. By flailing his legs about he had managed to upset a whole rack of wine bottles. Roaring. `It's the soldiers!' UNIT patrols began to arriv e. another Ogron blasted hi m into oblivion at close range.For a while it was a kind of grim target practice. Now the Doctor was rubbing his bonds against the jagged end of a broken bottle. Boaz and Anat. But the y were only two. roaring with rage and pain. and the atomic power packs built into the handles were practically everlasting.

and the Doctor strove in vain to wrench the gun from the hairy paw. `We'll have to get back to the tunnel. covered with dust and cobwebs and bleeding from se veral cuts on the wrists.' He felt the cold metal of a gun barrel on his neck. `Out--get to the tunnel!' and he rushed from the room. Giving way before the Ogron's push. She took a final shot at an Ogren and ran from the room.gun onto another soldier. his gun skidding across the floor before he had a chance to use it. the Doctor r olled onto his . but Anat disintegrated it with a shot from the window. firing fro m the window to cover her retreat. only to find himsel f facing a very angry Doctor. trying to get hold of its gun. Anat gave the Doctor a sudden shove. Th e creature's strength was enormous. As she did so there was a shattering crash and an Ogron burst th ough the French windows. Boaz yelled: `The soldiers can't hold them!' Anal saw that it was true.' she shouted. Before long the Ogrons would break through the p rotective cordon and get into the house. Anat was in the doorway. She said to Boaz. Before Boaz could even speak the Doctor was upon him. Instead he applied the judo principle of turning a n enemy's strength against him. and turned to run after Boaz. Then he too turned to go. at the same time he fought to restrain the creature's ot her hand from grasping his throat. smashing the few remaining panes of glass in the proces s. The Doctor knew he could never match the imme nse strength of his opponent. Boaz waited a moment longer. A long arm reached out. and Boaz went hurtling across the room. At once the Doctor grappled with the Ogron. As the Doctor moved to pick up the gum a voice said: `Keep still. Anal saw that defeat viloy just a natte r of time. The UNI T forces had lost too many men.

The Doctor tried again to get its gun. the Ogron staggered. enjoying the moment. but missed.. was to stay w ith the guerillas. The Doctor braced himself. The Do ctor ran along the passages of the old house. Before the Ogron could fire. Rocked back on its heels by the i mpact. or empty. then slumped to the ground. charging the jeep . but nothing happened. cutting off his retreat. He turned the gun on the second Ogren. wondering what it would feel like to be disintegrated. The top of th e Ogron's head thudded into the wall. The Doctor hurled the gun at the monster's head.back. and fired ag ain. the Brigadier d rove straight into it. Quickly working out his bearings he decided to make for the tunnel. then he slammed on the brakes. Something told him that his only hope of rescuing Jo. showing its yellow fangs. and ran after the two guerillas. Coolly. . stunned. The Brigadier came roaring round the corner in a jeep. shoved his feet into the Ogron's stomach and sent it flying. and the creature slid to the ground. Slowly it raised its gun. There was a buzz.. sending it flying through the air. through the kitchens and into a pa ved courtyard. and the Ogro n exploded into nothingness. Plaster dropped from around holes in its s urface. The Ogron grinned savagely. He remem bered Boaz's dropped gun. He ran through a back gate and found himself on the gravel path a t the rear of the house. There was the n oise of an engine. scooped it up. Two Ogrons ran round the corner of the house. The thing was jammed. the Brigadier snatched up his Sterling from the seat beside him and em ptied the full clip of bullets into the Ogron. The Doctor raised Boaz's gun and fired. but the weapon was still tightly gripped in the hairy paw. and the Ogron turned to face a new enemy. As sours as the Ogron hit the ground it was up again.

`Are you all right.' said the Doctor. A tiny point of light g lowed in the distance. he ran across the fields after the two guerillas. `Come back . He groped his way forward. abando ning it. Ahead he could hear echoing footsteps. Still glowing with the same sinister light the Dalek s wivelled round its eye-stalk as . stepped over the Ogron's body.' To the B rigadier's indignation. and walk ed up to the Doctor's grimy and bleeding figure. The Doctor made his way towards it. Within the circle a sh ape began to font. A Dalek was materialising in the tunnel! In a moment t he process was completed. The Doctor took the jeep as close to the tunnel as he could. `What are these creatures?' `I'll try to ex plain later. that of his ol dest and bitterest enemy. It was a shape the Doctor knew only too well. Doctor? Wha t the blazes have you been up to?' The Doctor gave him a weary grin. `I'm fine-thanks to your most timely intervention. he was in almost total darkness..' said the Brigadier sternly. In the darkness a kind of glowing c ircle had appeared from which was emitted an eerie light. the Doctor jumped into the jeep and shot off. Once inside the tunne l. Doctor! Come back at once!' the Brigadier yelled. Then. cautiously. and along the road that led to the tunnel. The Doctor sped through the gr ounds of Austerly House. As he came i n sight of it he saw Anat and Boaz running across the fields towards the tunnel mouth. A strange humming noi se some from behind him and he turned round. But the only response was a cheery wave as the jeep disappeared out of sight.' `Then perhaps you'll explain what's go ing on. The footsteps stopped.The Brigadier jumped down from the jeep. `At the moment I'm in a bit of a hurry.

The familiar grating.if getting its bearings. A Dalek was materialising in the tunnel! As if it sensed the Doctor's presence t he Dalek spoke. Behind the Dalek. flattening himself against the tunnel wall. Ogrons were beginning to materialise. Surrender. metallic voice said. `Stop! You are all en emies of the Daleks. The Doctor froze. . or you will be exterminated!' The Dalek began to trundle down the tunnel towards him.

. held by Anat.. . `There's a Dalek.' said the Doctor. Anat yelled. `Get back! If you're caught up in the time field you'll be tak en with us!' The Doctor had no intention of being left behind. `You're tr apped.8 A Fugitive in the Future Again the Dalek voice echoed through the darkness of the tunnel. It was addressing the guerillas. the shimm ering effect was beginning to build up. As he got nearer he s aw that the light came from a little torch-like device. From t hat direction another Dalek. not with Daleks and Ogrons arriving from both sides. Some how it must know they were in the tunnel. but the Do ctor couldn't be budged. with Ogrons in support. Each held a pulsating black box in the othe r hand. As the Doctor ran up to them Anat scream ed. towards the tiny glowing point of light. hands joined. They saw the Dal ek and the Ogrons bearing down on them. `You are all en emies of the Daleks. He turned and ran on at full pelt thro ugh the darkness. in the tunnel behind me!' The two guerillas turned.. `Get back!' Almost out of breath. the Doctor gasped. It became clear that wherever Boaz was going. mor e Ogrons. Instead of arguing. The shimmering effect of the time field grew even stron ger. The Doctor pointed the other way. She and Bo az stood side-by-side... The guerilla tried to break free. was approaching. the Docto r was going with him. The two time-machines were pulsating rhythmically and already.. he wrapped his arms ar ound Boaz in a determined bear-hug. Surrender at once or you will be exterminated!' The Doctor realised the Dalek hadn't seen him at all.

You might say we're very old enemies. Anat followed his glance. modern in design. he was much less frighten ed than Jo had been. and stowing away their time machines. They were in part of a monorail system.' she said gently.' said Boaz. the little group shimmered and faded from sight. It was like comparing a trip i n a luxury liner with going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.' The Doctor was lo oking around with interest. `We warned you. Since he was used to time travel. `They've ruled t he Earth for almost two hundred years. Only a single rail ran along this tunnel.' The guerillas started to move away. They were still in a tunnel. he looked round.' `And if you knew about the Daleks you're a fool to have come here.' . Probably built some time in the twenty-first centu ry. With a sudden jolt the Doctor found himself on firm grou nd. ` You know of the Daleks?' `Indeed I do.' The Doctor gave her a qu izzical look.. but a very different one. `My dear young lady. The two guerillas were checking equipment. They were back in the real world. and by now abandoned. Letting go of Boaz. As long as ther e's a chance that she's alive. `I came to find Jo Grant. `This may come as a shock to you. `but you've travelled in time.As their pursuers converged upon than. the Doctor found himself twisting and twirling in the Time Vortex. Anat said. the Doctor became aware that the Vortex was fading away. Like Jo Grant before him. The Doctor said. Those Daleks we saw--where did they come from?' Anat looked at him curiously. Wha t are they doing on Earth in this time zone?' Anat said flatly. He couldn't help thinking that time travel by this method w as very different from time travel in the TARDIS. I'm probably rather more familiar with time t ravel than you are. Still holding grimly on to Boaz. `Wait..

E very inch of the countryside. and wriggled through the trap-do or into daylight. `We can't just leave him to fend f or himself. `That's your problem!' He made ano ther attemp to pull Anat away. Reluctantly. Cautiously. Here and there the tunnel roof was broken a way so that patches of daylight lit up the gloom. Anat !' More Ogrons and Daleks were rushing at them out of the darkness. This new set of tunnels was a complete maz e. are you coming or not?' Hurriedly Anat wh ispered to the Doctor.Boaz said. with openings in every direction.' `Please.' said Boaz. All around him was a scene of complete and utter desolation. Anat. he saw a patch of light gleaming above him. the Doctor poked his head out. But don't try to rescue her.' `I can. it'd be suicide. seemed to have been built up till not an inch was left. `If the Daleks have got her she'll be at Central Control. `Run. A sea of rubble s tretched before him. In the half-light he looked around a nd saw some kind of hand-rail. he st arted climbing the ladder. The Doctor took a wrong turn a nd ran almost straight into an Ogron patrol! He turned and ran back with Ogrons pounding close behind him. it's dangerous to stay here. as far as he could see. She hesitated. He clung there while the Ogrons ran past below him. the trapdoor creaked o pen. `how do I set about finding her?' Boaz said. The guerilla s turned and ran. deciding that up was as good a direction as any. The Doctor ran too. `Now. then methodically hammered down. The Doctor managed to get his shoulder under it. and shoved hard. As he turned into the opening of yet another tunnel.' Suddenly Boaz yelled. `Come. It led up to a rusty trap-door. The Doctor leaped for it and found himself hangin g onto a maintenance ladder bolted to the wall. Here and there a wall or two was still standing.' said the Doctor. Then. .

`You have failed the Daleks. in a long. the e ven more powerful Golden Dalek.The Doctor fished a tiny instrument from his pocket. The Controller of Earth Sector One was talking for his very life.' . `Security guards combed the tunnels. they made a p oint to aim for. The Doctor sighed. The little instrument began a subdued clicking. with other Daleks grouped around them.' For a moment there was silence. He stood. It was completely featureless except for t he raised area at the end. Our forces had to leave the twentieth century zone because of increased opposition from the human soldiers. Br iefly. The radiation had faded as time w ent by. He began to pick his way through the rubble.`Daleky'. They were stark an d ugly. In the distance a group of buildings stood out from the desolation. Atomic war had brought about this ruination. Perhaps someone would help him. stood. Then the Golden Dalek said. It was a sort of miniaturis ed Geiger counter. Unattractive as the buildings were. Here the dreaded Black Dalek. with nothing attractive or welcoming about them. and its superior. They looked bleak. the supreme ruling body of the planet Earth. and functional. Nothing and no one was found. They looked--there was only one word for it. There must still be people left on Earth. the Controller ended his report. isolated in a pool of light. After the latest failure to capture th e guerillas. bare metallic room. The instrument was registering minute traces of radioactivity . he had been summoned to appear before the High Council of the Dalek s. made of rough concrete. You will be punished. He tested the rubble a and him. The Doctor climbed a little hill of rubble and looked around him. bot h here and in the twentieth century time zone.

`I have served you loyally all my life.' `Not all humans. As guards in the work camps. if you would allow me to recruit hu man security guards. She called him "the Doctor".. `Is your report concluded?' `Except for one thing. `Do not dispute with the Daleks. At least he could die with dignity. The Controller went on.. According to the patrols it must be the man the girl spoke about. He decided to speak his mind. Obey without question. And was it not led by the Dale ks themselves?' There was a stunned silence.' (The Daleks used humans mostly for manual labour and sim ple administration. perhaps. It seems lik ely that a human returned from the twentieth century time zone with the guerilla s.. All enemies of the Daleks will be extermi nated.' replied the Controller. At least he was still alive.' The Golden Dalek spoke again. a little amazed at his own daring. `Am I responsible for this failur e? Ogron security guards carried out the mission. `The Ogrons are loyal servants of the Daleks.' `No doubt.The Controller knew that appeals for mercy would be useless. but definitely not for anything that c alls for intelligence or initiative!' There was note of uncertainty in the voice of the Black Dalek. He was being turned away with the usual propaganda.) The Black Dalek said.' The Controller sighed. Not for more than a hundred years h ad any human dared question the authority of the Daleks. The B lack Dalek said.' . He hadn't really expected any concessions. B ut it takes humans to deal with humans. Now. The hunt for the enemies of the Daleks most be carried on unceasingly. `The Ogrons are stupid and clumsy! They are useless for operations of this kind . `Humans are treacherous and unreliabl e..

with savage spikes at the top. The word `Doctor' was pronounced jarringly in two syllables. Exterminate him! EXTERMINATE FILM! EXTER MINATE HIM! But there was something different about those voices. He must be f ound and exterminated. He had to be const antly alert for Ogron patrols. The Black Dalek's voice rose almost to a shriek-.`Stop! Doc -tor? Did you say. Now he had reached the edge of the enormous building whi ch he had seen shortly after emerging from the trap-door. chomping food from their pouch es and talking in low guttural voices. At last they had moved on and he had been able to go on his way. The Doctor had been tr avelling for many hours across the ruined landscape. and the Doctor avoided those he saw. As the Controll er left. Looking f or an . The quality was fear. Now the Golden Dalek joined in. Although the Doctor didn't know it a re sistance leader called Moni had climbed that wall a few nights before.' Now the other Daleks took up the chorus. Progress was slow. They held some quality the Controller had never heard before. `The one known as the Doc-tor is not human. For the first time in the Control ler's experience of them the Daleks were actually afraid. Once he had lain for what seemed ages in the cellar of a wrecked house while a resting Ogron patrol sat almost on top of him. and as he walked from the counci l hall he recognised it. Doc-tor?' The Controller was astonished at the strength of th e reaction. A high stone wall ran round it. There we re no roads to speak of. He is the supreme enemy of the Daleks. pronouncing the Doctor's name with the same venomous intensity. their voices rang in his ears. and he could almost feel the hate in the Dalek's voice. and always be ready to shelter in a ruin or a dit ch.He turned to leave.

He slipped across the courty ard and peered inside one of the long. Soon he had it open. A girl technician leaned forward and spoke into a micro-phone. But he was anxious to meet the man who could actually produce fear in the Daleks. Others were staggering from the t rucks to the belt with rock-filled baskets. sorting through the mineral ore with their bare hands. He only knew that he had to meet and talk to the Do ctor before he let the Daleks dispose of him. It swung round to follow him as he moved by.easier way in. obviously some kind of mineral ore. He was busy picking the simple electronic lock with the a id of his sonic screwdriver. `Alert. intr uder detected by outer wall. He must be captured alive. An endless conveyor belt c an right across it. He fou nd himself inside a bare concrete yard which gave on to a number of barn-like bu ildings. Automated trucks on rails rumbled into them. keeping the conveyor supplied. He knew the Da leks would probably prefer the Doctor to be killed on sight. and then surround him. alert. The Doctor meanwhile had found a s mall door in the wall. He wasn't sure ex actly why he felt like this. The trucks were filled wit h crushed rock. and had slipped inside. but a monitor-lens. The Doctor unwittingly activated it when he passed through its field of vision.' `Allow him to enter the area. the Doctor moved along the wall cautiously. The s orted-out ore moved off in .' The Controller himself gave that final order. He passed what looked like a kind of lamp-lost. But on top of it was not a lamp. Description corresponds to that of wanted man known as "the Doctor". low buildings. Ragged. On a screen somewhere inside the bu ilding a little spot of light began to move. recording the Doctor's progress. thin workers were standing beside the belt.

He landed with a thump inside one of the trucks. the rejected rocks were carried away and dumped onto anot her belt which took them out of sight. The Doctor watched the whole process with horror and indignation. It was dangerous to risk a daylight meeting. And you needn't be gentle about it!' Two Ogrons closed in on the Doctor. The minerals arrived. and were carried away. The Doctor sprinted for the door. Moni slipped across the rubble and down th e flight of stairs. Probably the Daleks found it simpler and cheaper to wear out human beings instead. A thin old reran stumbled and dropped his basket. `No!' It was the human chief guard climbing shakily out of the truck. He ducked under the grip of one. we re sorted. They fell on him savagely. but the situati on was .another set of trucks. Ogron guards with whips stood by the work ers. the Ogrons standing ove r them with their whips at the ready. The workers at t he conveyer belt stopped working in astonishment The Ogrons drew their guns. and sent i t spinning into its fellow. `The orders were to take him alive. The whole process went on endlessly. they went back to their tasks. and could obviously have been carried out entirely by machines. Both Ogrons fell. The Doctor was quite unable to stop hims elf. The Ogrons dragged him away. Instantly.' Hastily. and within minutes t he Doctor was beaten into unconsciousness. He leaped from his cover.unless you want so me of the same. The huma n chief guard turned to the workers. Beside it stood two more Ogrons. `Get on with your work-. the human gua rd's whip cracked across his shoulders. the Doctor thought ang rily. and next second the guard found himself flying th rough the air. The n a voice called. There was also a human guard who seemed to be in overall charge.

. `What about the man--the one who came back with us? Have they caught him yet?' Moni shook his h ead.' Moni sighed wearily. She can tell them that. `Not yet. As far as he knew this hideout was still secure. pale and weary. `She knows we want to kill Styles . But it's just a matter of time... `Where's Shura?' Anat said.. He said.' Boaz said ang rily. If Anat and the others had escaped.' . Can she tell them anything?' Anat said. Boaz was there. Moni glanced round the cellar. Everything seemed to be going wr ong.urgent. The mission had been a shambles from the start.. They must have got him. He rapped out a complicated series of knocks on the door and to h is relief the door was opened. `We were nearly caught getting back here ourselves.Q. Anat asked. `We lost him. He went to contact H. `There's a girl being held prisoner at Cenral Control--she most be the one you're talking about.' Moni listened silentl y while they told the story of the failure of their mission. Beside him was An at. and never returned.

and had asked questi on after question about him. and said noth ing. It was a terrific meal.' said Jo frankly. it hadn't been all that hot. and getting me back to my own time. thoug ht Jo.' The Controller sat back and smiled at her. `Do go on telling me about your friend.' . the Doctor.' she went on hurriedly. She smiled. `I'm glad you enjoyed it. but you did say s omething about rescuing the Doctor. `A lit tle more wine?' `No. `we have to get most of our main food e lements from pills and tablets. `No more please. he's a very mysterious character.. The Controller seemed fascinated by the Doctor.' the Controller went on.9 Escape from the Ogrons Jo Grant pushed her plate away with a sigh of pleasure. And she didn't think the Doctor would have thought much of the wine. tough meat and a mish-mash o f strange vegetables. `You really don't know what he was doing before he joined this UNIT organisation?' asked the Controller. `No one knows very much about the Doctor.' `I don't think I can tell you a nything more. Loo k. I could n't eat another thing. `Nowadays. nothing. `please don't think I'm ungrateful.' Actually.. `No idea. honestly. coarse bread. `We've covered just about everything.' said Jo firmly.' Jo thought he had a strange idea of luxury. `Few people eat so luxuriously th ese days.' And indee d they had.' The Controller leaned forward with a wine bottle.' he said.

The purpose seemed to be to get him to admit that he was in some kind of resistance movement.' At that particular moment the Doctor was in a bare.' The . I assure you he's safe and well. But don't wo rry. metal cell.' said the Doctor weari ly. `It isn't easy. there's something I haven't told' `What are you doing here?' `Looking for a girl called Jo Grant. `Good news. We're carrying out a search for him at this very moment. `That isn't advisable.' Jo was overjoyed. The guard h oped to impress his masters by producing a confession by the time they arrived. `Name your contacts in the criminal resistance movement. He opened the note. No doubt they kidnapped hint. well.' `Haven't got.' He paused. Your friend the Doctor has been found. `That's marvellous! Do you know where he is?' `I'm afraid not. Miss Grant. I'm going to fetch him now. There's reason to believe that he followed you to this time zo ne.The Controller said. `Tell us who you are!' `You'd never believe me. How many more ti mes?' `As many as it takes to get the truth out of you. He was travelling with the criminals. Shall I hand you over to our friends here? They don't get much fun.' A girl entered the room. But despite some brutal hand-ling the Doctor wasn't co-operating.' Jo jumped u p. He was at the end of a long and gruelling interrogation. feeling on the very contrary both a unsafe and unwell. looked up at Jo and smiled. Our scientists are working on the problem. you know. bow ed to the Controller and handed him a note. `As for your friend the Doctor. He waved in dismissal and she scuttl ed away. Again the guar d yelled. `Can I come with you?' He shook his head.

you're a spy!' . `You're a spy ! Admit it..' But as soon as the cell door closed be hind the Ogrons. `He's not being very co-ope rative. The plump little man started to say. `I said outside!' the newcomer repeated with an edge to his voice. who sent you here? What were you supposed to do?' Angrily the Doctor said ... The hairy p aws were gripping his shoulders with brutal force. that's too b ad. `You don't understand. The guard said. with a civilian. At a nod from the guard the Ogrons released the Doctor and trooped out of the cell. `I am the manage r of this work camp. The Doctor wriggled his aching shoulder s. `Nobody sent me! I am not a spy or a guerilla..' The manager's voice was frantic.' B ut the little man wasn't listening. As the cell door started to open he grabbed the astonished Doctor by the collar and did his best to shake him. Perhaps I can persuade him. I'm in the resistance myself. and I advise you.. `Poor fellows. He wore plain dark clothing.' The guard looked rebellious for a moment.. He leaned dose to the Doctor and hissed.. I want to help you . I'm simply trying to find.' `How unwise of him. he changed his tone. `Any progress?' he enquired. I'm not with any group. he wondered. What next. Now. ` Which group are you with?' The Doctor sighed. rather than militar y look.' The cell door opened and a small plumpis h man entered. but I'm not in the mood for games... I've just been telling your hairy friends. `Don't you start. The rest of you wait ou tside.guard indicated the two Ogrons holding the Doctor down in his chair..

' . I'll do the best I can. Miss Grant has told me so much about you. you know. `Th at's no concern of yours. `Excuse my asking. I'll join you there later. `Of course. I'm the Controller of this Sector. You are becoming too soft. This way. th e Doctor rose to his feet.' `Jo G rant?' said the Doctor eagerly.' Deciding to make the most of his new status as an honoured guest the Doctor sai d simply.' The Controller turned to the guard.' said the Controller.' As they wal ked along the manager said. `Thank you. `Stop this at once! Why is t his man being treated like this?' He turned to the Doctor and said. You're an elusive fellow. Controller. `See that the Doctor is taken at once to the guest suite at Central Control. A s from next month your work targets will increase by ten per cent. Once the Doctor had gone the Controller said. `I'm sorry. Controller. `She's safe?' `Safe and well and longing to see you again. Controller.' `It's imposs ible. `I've been looking forwar d to meeting you for some time. manag er?' The manager was deferential. `What does concern you is the re cent drop in production figures for this work camp. I've had quite a job tracking you down. Doctor. please permit me to apologise. I can't do it!' `Shall I replace you with someone who can?' as ked the Controller coldly.The new arrival entered the cell and said severely. but who was that man? Why is he so important?' They reached the manager's office and went inside. `My dear Doc tor.' Gingerly. `Perhaps we might go to your office. `I'm glad you finally succeeded!' By now he was begin ning to feel that he most have broken into a madhouse.' and allowed himself to be ushered from the cell.

He spoke into it softly. The Doctor was listening to Jo's account of life in the twenty-second century with more than a little suspicion. I think they suspect me.' `Do you know why he's important?' `Negative. We'll consider this a friendly warning. He waited hopelessly as the hands of the Ogron reached out for him. the manager s mashed the communicator to the ground. not like tho se nasty guerillas. We connect. There was no time to conceal the communicator.) The manager said. Today a man was captu red in the grounds. `This is Eagle. Ask them why--' The manager broke off short as his office door was smashed open. An Ogron stood in the doorway.. ZV ten. `ZV ten to Eagle. It's tinny voice said. shall we?' `You're very kind.. looking out across the work compound.. unlocked a drawer in his desk and produced a tiny communicating device. In the guest suite at Central Control the first rap turous greetings were over. Then he closed the d oor...`That's better. the Controller left the room.' With a farewell nod. `Honestly. Controller. `ZV ten this is Eagle. manned twenty-four hours a day. Do you connect?' Deliberately. Check wit h your source at Central Control. The Controller himself came to fetch him. do you connect?' The crackling voice cam e back at once. What it your message?' (Eagl e was the emergency channel of the resistance.' . `Time is short. The manage r waited for a while.. I don't know who h e is but he's important. I quite like it here. Everyone's been very kind. the human secu rity guard behind him. Doctor. it's not so bad.

Doctor. `I'm afraid I must leave you.' The Doctor's manner was distinctly cool. Doctor. If you'll excuse me. . `I find it rather surp rising that. `Now be fair. I met so me people earlier today who were anything but kind I can assure you.' Jo had never seen the Doctor so angry before . `You're being a bit unreasonabl e.' said the Controller. Tell me. That was a regre ttable error. The Controller seemed to wither at the sound of the cutting voice. Jo. `I wonder why?' Turning back to the Controller he said. the human population of th is planet seems to lead a life below the level of a dog. He said hal tingly. It is a rehab ilitation centre for hardened and violent criminals.' The Contro ller entered in time to hear this remark. It makes me wonder who really rules this Utopia of yours. Reproachfully she said. `Better than jumping to the crack of a whip from some security guard. Doctor. `Including a large proportion of old men and women?' `I can assure you.' The Doctor was unimpressed . You mustn't jump to conclusi ons. `That isn't just a factory. with a few rather remarkable exceptions. which I put right as soon as I could. `I'm glad you're being treated so well. People have never been happier or more prosperous. `life on this planet has never been more efficiently or more eco nomically organised. I have work to do. Mi ss Grant' The Controller turned and almost stumbled from the room. The Controller only wants to help us.The Doctor rubbed his chin. do you run all your factories like that?' The Controller smiled.' `Does he now?' said the Doctor .' The Doc tor snapped: `Then why do you need so many guards around? Don't the people like being so happy and prosperous?' Jo Grant had been listening to this conversation with increasing dismay.

`Nor do I. `The most evil.' The Doctor said. worried. Jo.' He told Jo all he had l earned of the true state of affairs in the twenty-second century. `Now just you listen to me. Jo was horrifi ed. They'd been right all along.Q. But it was no good.' Jo felt completely baffled. `There's a guard in the corridor outside. `I got myself captured deliberately. That man's no more than a sort of superior slave hims elf. `Then why is he being so nice to us?' `They want to get information. I thought they'd put us togeth er.' The Doctor said softly.. But now I've found you we need to get away from here!' Jo lowered her voice. He could still hear the sound of the Doctor's scornf ul voice. ruthless life-form in the cosmos--th e Daleks!' said the Doctor. Jo. Now t he Daleks could take over. `You shouldn't have spoken to him like that. `Don't worry . Humans don't rule their own world any longer. You don't know the whole picture.' `Neither do you. Don't you see. In h is heart he knew that everything the Doctor had said was true.. They've tried the hard treatment. he'd tried to help the man.. It's an old technique. I don't thin k I want to wait till the hard comes round again. .. This is the soft.' The Controller strode down the metal corridors towar ds the innermost Dalek H. With thoughts like these the Controller tr ied to drown the memory of the Doctor's accusing voice. Docto r. Earth has become a slave planet. I can deal with him. tried to treat him decently. `Then who does?' she asked. Well.Jo looked after him. it was a waste of time being considerate to such criminals.' Jo shivered.

out cold.Jo Grant stood in the middle of the guest suite and screamed just as loud as she could: `Help! Help! Please help me!' The Ogron guard lumbered through the door and stood looking at her suspiciously. It stood staring at Jo in amazement as she shrieked. . left foot--guaranteed to pulverise any life-form in the universe. The pressure of the m ighty arms sent him slowly to his knees. and snarled at the Doctor. Unfortunately. It made no attempt to draw its pistol. right hand. At th is point Jo Grant took a hand in things. It advanced on the Doctor roaring wit h rage. All it could see was the small human girl jumping up and down and screaming. The nervous system of the Ogron race is very resistant to shock. the Ogron hands were locked round his throat. Somewhat taken aback the Doctor yelled `Ha i! Hai!' and delivered three more devastating blows--left hand. Before the Doctor could dodge. rath er as though he'd stepped on its toe.The only result was that it irritated the Ogron even further. The result was instant and dramatic: the bottle shattered and the Ogro n collapsed on top of the Doctor. No danger there. the Ogron turned round slowly. and is also protected by layers of incredibly tough mus cle. In theory the Ogron should then have slid quietly to the groun d. and the great hairy paws reached out and grabbed him. it looked like being the last lesson he would ever learn. wine trickling down its face. snatched up a full wine-bottle and smashed it down as hard as she could on the top of the Ogro n's head. `Help! Help!' T he Doctor stepped from behind the door and delivered one of his celebrated Venus ian karate chops. Unfortunately. As consciousness started to slip away t he Doctor thought that this was a useful lesson: never underestimate an opponent . it did no such thing. As a result. She jumped on the table.

' They moved out into the metal corridor. Jo. `Seems a terrible waste of wine. Suddenly. with people all carried along w . A buzzer sounded. it was safer to mind y our own business. and Jo looked up at the Doctor in alarm.' he said a little hoarsely. In this world of the future. not running. Come on. the corridor seemed to fill hurrying in one direction.' H e grinned at Jo. The peop le they passed ignored them. back in Austerly House.The Doctor wriggled from underneath it. smashed it down on top of d. `Top of the head seems to be their only weak point. `Thank you. rubbing his throat. Jo and the Doctor let them-selves be ith the tide. He remembered the Ogron he had sent crashing into a wall . Jo snatched up a full wine-bottle and. He telling her not to worry. we'd better g et moving. though. the Ogron's hea shook his head. but walking bri skly as though they had a perfect right to go wherever they were going.

Through the big main doors they could see daylight. then out they emerged into a sort of wide entrance ha ll. and occasional blows from their whips.' Puzzled. There were O gron guards at the door. `I obey..Lost in the bustling crowd. For a mom ent the Dalek was silent. They obvio usly didn't see the crowd as individuals at all. He finished hi s story and waited. Surely this would bring at least a word of praise.' It turned to a Dalek at a control console and said. The Doc-tor has esca ped! Sound the alarm!' . `Do you mean this isn't the man ?' he asked . the Controller was reporting the Doctor's capture to the Black Dalek. `Immediate visual displa y of suspect!' The Dalek at the console said. For a moment the Dalek seemed stunne d. Then the Black Dalek screeched: `Emergency. and the different clothes and a ppearance of the two fugitives seemed to pass unnoticed. Then it grated. A second crowd was trying to get in. Repeat. they were swept into a big lift which then went down and down for a long time. `Shiftchanging time.Q. but their only interest seemed to be in keeping the cro wd moving with guttural yells. The Dalek said.' It touched a control kno b and a screen lit up showing the guest room suite.. It was empty except for the Ogron now struggling slowly to its knees. Emergency..' whispered the Doctor in explanation... `Your description of the Doc-tor does not tally with our files. They followed the crowd out through the doors. The hall was very conges ted. In the Inner H. the Controller described the tall le an man with the shock of white hair. `Evidence indicates that the Doc-tor has changed his appearanc e.

The gates were standing slightly open. At the end of the compound was a huge. We will use the Mind Analysis Machine to discover if this is the D oc-tor. It looked like a sort of giant tricycle. There seemed no point in going back into the main block either. and their purpose was obvious: the odd-looking . He most be found and exterminated.' an d drew her attention to the main gate. getting out of the entire compound was going to be much harder. unappetising stew. `No! We most captu re him alive. busy compound. but there there were more Ogron guards on duty. `Look. Jo. T he Doc-tor and the girl prisoner are to be captured alive and taken to Mind Anal ysis area. Alert all security units. Jo realised that getting out of the building was one thing. main gate. Doorways on t he far side led to long halls where crowds of people were standing in line to ge t bowls of grey. An extraordinary vehicle was jolting acro ss the rubble. It had enormous balloon tyres.' Jo and the Doctor were crossing a wide. Death would be better than that.' The Black Dalek intervened. He had seen captured guerillas after they had been under the Daleks' Mind Analysis apparatus--shambling idiots. checking passes and permits.' The Controller shuddered. Through its bars they saw the familiar vista of endless rubble. `The Doc-tor has escaped. The Doctor said. `Cancel previous instructions. Which way should they go? They would never get through that main ga te. with all thei r intelligence drained from them. Sooner or la ter someone would notice them and ask questions.The Dalek at the console touched another control and a strident alarm began to b lare out. Unl ike those at the doors of the building they were scrutinising keenly all those w ho went in and out. The Dalek at the control console spoke into its micro-phone. The Dalek said.

All around was nothing but destruction and desolat ion.' . With a roar of power the machine shot thr ough the main gates past the astonished guards.' Jo looked up at him. I think that's for us.' she said. The little vehicle seemed to be able to cross virtually anything. jumped off. `We've got a good start.' Dragging Jo behi nd him he ran across the compound to the parked tricycle. and they fla shed over ruined buildings. Jo hung tightly to the Doctor as the tricycle sped across the ruined landscape .. `Come on. warningly. `Can't we outrun them?' asked Jo. Thr ee or four more giant tricycles ridden by Ogrons.. and out across the sea of rubble . The Doctor yelled. The Doctor pulled up at the top of a little hill. `Now. and Jo perched up behind him. Doc tor. He jumped into the dri ver's seat. occasional bits of road and once even the scrubby an d patched remains of a field. It took the Doctor only a moment to wo rk out how to use the simple controls. The Ogron security guard rid ing it parked it near the gates. with here and there the jutting towers of the Dalek compounds breaking the horizon. The Doctor looked at the tricycle with interest. and looked round. The tri cycle shot through the gates and into the compound. that. `Specially developed for crossing al l that rubble. `Useful little vehicle. carry ing some kind of despatch box. were coming from the compound they had just left. alarmed by the gleam in his eyes.vehicle sped over the rubble as easily as if it were on a paved highway.' he m enured. A strident alarm began to blare out through the com pound. Jo. and clattered up some stairs.

leaped over gaps in the ruins. bounced. The trike shot through the air. Jo. Ever wondered how the fox feels. the Doctor drove straight off the edge of a small cliff of rubble. its handlebars buckled. She saw it only in glimpses as she opened her eyes from time to time. wedged far too tightly to move. Jo? Hold tight!' Jo closed her eye s and hung on to the Doctor as hard as she could. The Doctor did incredible things with the g iant trike.' said the Doctor. only to close them again hurriedly. The Doctor said gently. guns in hand.' . the circle of their pursuers was drawing in closer. Their trike. In a final desperate effort to break through the cordon. was jammed in a pile of timbers. and ploughed thro ugh weed-choked ditches. From each one was speeding a group of more tr icycles.' said the Doctor cheerfully. `But what about those--and those?' He indicated the other compounds in front of them. Doctor ?' `Only one thing we can do. it was fun while it lasted.`We might. weaving it in and out of the rubble and the ruins. and then sile nce. Jo could have swo rn that once they drove up the side of a house and dropped down the other. and then cr ashed into a tangle of broken timbers. There was a jarring impact. `Open you eyes. `We're surrounded!' said Jo anxiously. `give them a run for their money. The rest of the journey was a nightmare. Around them was a circle of grim-faced Ogrons. `Well. It's all over. and Jo screamed as they landed.' Jo looked aroun d. The Doctor sighed. `What are we going to do. They zoomed along the tops of walls. But every time Jo opened her eyes.

10 Interrogation by the Daleks `Rescue him? Why should we risk our lives to rescue the Doctor?' In the guerilla 's underground cell. He was executed this morning.' `According to our contact. `He's no reason to be grateful to us. The plump. the Doctor is the one man the Daleks actually fear.' `W hy should he?' asked Anat. She said. frightened little man had been an old friend of hers. They all were. `Go on. But she was used to such losses. `He couldn't tell us any more. He's fought and defeated them in the past. Thanks to his position he had been one of their best agents. `I tell you we must. `Why?' `When the work camp manager repo rted the Doctor's capture. Don't you see how important that makes him--to us? He must know a tremendous amount about them. he said he was important to the Daleks in some way. `He did say he'd encountered them before.' Anat said. They must have got him just afterwar ds. We threatened t o kill him.' Anat sighed. ` What's so important about one man?' `It seems the Doctor is a sworn enemy of the Daleks.' Anat murmured.' `I checked with our contact at Central Control.' `And what did she tell you?' asked Boaz.' Moni continued. Moni's voice was low and urgent. he can. Boaz stared at Moni in disbelief.' Moni paused. If anyone can help us. `she's a clerk on the Controller's personal staff.' .

The Dalek scientist said. At a nod from the Black Da lek. If we rescue him he'll owe us somet hing. And if he hates the Daleks as much as we do.Moni said. The walls of the little room were lined with strange alien equipment.' `But it will be worth it. `He is delibera tely suppressing his thoughts. There was a note of triumph in the Black Dalek's voice. W ell. A lot of us will be killed even if we succeed. Leads from the helmet ran to the equipment nearest the screen. low table by Ogron guards.' s aid Moni urgently. Da lek scientists monitored control panels.' `More power. The Black Dalek said. but only a fuz zy swirling nothingness could be seen. he's bound to be on our side when we explain.Q. `Look. `That was all a misunderstanding. I need you two because you know the Doctor by sight. When all was ready. the Ogrons stepped back. The screen lit up.' Boaz looked dubious. of the Daleks the Controller looked on impassively as the Doctor was strapped to a long. The hum o f power rose higher and higher. Who are you?' As th e power rose yet higher a face began to appear on the screen.' ordered the Black Dalek. Once the Doctor was totally immobilised. what do you say?' Deep inside the Central H. a Dalek scientist operated some controls. the Ogrons strapped a silv ery helmet over his head. `You will admit your identity. Still the swirling clouds on the screen did not change. `An attack on Central Control. An old man with a sharp querulous face. It's suici de. A giant screen filled the whole of the fourth wall. Confess! Confess!' . `I t is the face of the Doc-tor as we knew him on Skaro.

. dark-haired man with a humorous. But it was in vain. This showed a younger. You are an enemy of the Daleks! Now you are in our power! You will be exterminated! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! YOU WILL BE EX TERMINATED!' Every Dalek in the room aimed its gun-stick at the Doctor's helples s form.' The voice of the Black Dalck rose to a shri ek of triumph. `You are the Doctor.The Controller saw the Doctor's face distort with the effort of his mental resis tance. `That is also the Doc-tor. Slowly the first face disappeared and a second one to ok its place. rather com ic face.

' `The Doc-tor is an enemy of the Daleks. `S top!' The Daleks swivelled round to face him. We know that. It wan obvious that h e was to be executed on the spot. `You have proof of this?' .11 The Raid on Dalek Headquarters The Black Dalek and his aides gathered round the table to which the Doctor was t ied.' `You will be exterminated! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!' shrieked the Black Dalek triumphantly. The Black Dalek seemed to consider for a moment. `Don't you se e? He can give you valuable help. The Black Dalek said.' said the Controller firmly. How c an he help us?' `He's been in contact with the resistance groups. Their guns were swivelled round to aim at the Doctor. The Controller stepped forward and shouted. `Be silent.' `To kill him now would be a mistake. Don't you see? He may well be the brain behind them.

`We know that he's been working with them. We have changed the pattern of Earth's history. `I've defeated you before .' Again the Black Dalek considered . We shall force the truth from his mind.' The Black Dalek's voice was triumphant. too. When he spoke his voice was low and determined. `Look at him. the Doctor . `What is your plan?' `Let me interrogate him. `When I've finished with him we'll ha ve enough information to smash the whole resistance network. `Continue to operate the Mind Analysis Machine. `The Daleks have discovered the secret of time travel. You've practically had to kill him just to establish his identity . `Why e lse did he break into the work camp? It must have been to make contact with the manager--a leader of the resistance who has just been executed. I can gain his confidenc e. I defeated you on Skaro. He was limp and unconscious. He'll die before he tells you anything more. Slowly his eyes opened.' The Controller pointed to the Doctor. `Release him. We invaded again. Why did he take that risk? Perhaps there is some new plan to attack you.' The Black Dalek sw ung round to the Ogrons and indicated the Doctor. his head lolling back against the re-straining straps.' Defiantly. The movement seeme d to revive the Doctor.' There was a moment's silence. Pressi ng home his advantage the Controller said.' The Black Dalek turned back to the Dalek scientist.' `Why should you be more success ful than the Daleks?' `I understand how his mind works. Bring pressure on him through the girl.' said the Controller urgently. I defeated you here on Earth.' The Ogrons unst rapped the Doctor from the table and dragged him to his feet. He looked at the Daleks all roun d him.

a short. Finall y. as Joab slapped the plastic around li ke baker's dough. He looked too young and timid to be a guerilla--a fact which had often saved his life. In the guerillas' underground hideout there was a scene of quiet activit y. Boaz w atched as he rolled a batch of plastic Dalekenium compound into balls the size o f a man's fist.' In this form. Then there was Zando. Little packs of plastic explosives wer e being made up. a shy and timid man who was expert with all forms of explosives. Another three-man cell had been called in to make up the assault party. with ha nds scarred from years of work in the Dalek mines. Dalekenium exploded on impact with a Dal ek outer casing. No one can withstand the power of the Daleks. with an expression of mild innocence.' With the triumph ant sound of the Dalek voice ringing in his ears. a round-faced. It was said that he'd escaped by strangling an Ogron guard. It was strange to see new faces in the place that he had shar ed with Shura and Anat all this while. red-headed lad. the Doctor was dragged from th e room. `On ly when it hits a Dalek. `Isn't that stuff pretty un-stable?' Joab gave a shy grin.' he protested. Boaz looked round the cellar. Joab.said. `Steady on. `You won't succeed. stocky man. In the end you will always be defeated. Boaz could easily believe it. . The leader was Mark. Guns were being cleaned and assembled. They were getting ready to raid Dalek Headquarters. Looking at those broad tough hands. you know. Doc-tor! The Daleks' empire will spread through all planet s and all times.' `Yo u have been defeated. as they assem bled a disintegrator gun.

Moni and Anat seemed cheerful and confident as they planned possible routes. `Not from choice. And why are we risking our lives? To rescue some mysterious character who'd pr obably refuse to help us anyway.' the Con-troller persisted. some. Every-body ready?' There was a murmur of assent.' Boaz packed up his equipment and followed them from the c ellar. `My dear chap.the Daleks.' Jo chimed in indign antly. `In a few hours time.Boaz crossed to where Moni and Anat were studying a map. and a chance to rest. `We'd better get m oving. we cou ld have brought him here in the first place.' . Boaz looked at th e others in the little cellar. So much so that he was paying very little atten tion to the Controller's efforts to convince him that he should co-operate with . Back in the guest sui te the Controller was watching in astonishment as the Doctor made a rapid recove ry. He would lead the expedition. h e was almost his old self again.' he thought bitterly. he thought. you'd better be worth it. When he had been carried from the Mind Analysis Machine the Doctor had seeme d broken and exhausted. `They were going to kill him. perhaps all of us. Doctor.' `And to think we had him as our prisoner.' tho ught Boaz with continuing bitterness. will be dead . Well.' Moni folded up the map. Now with a little food and wine. Time is short. `how ca n I possibly tell you what I don't know myself?' `But you were in contact with t he guerillas. `Well. `You'd think they were planning a day's outing. tha t's it then.' the Doctor was saying a little impatiently. `If we'd known he was so important. Moni was joining their group to replace the missing Shura.

' said th e Doctor. Certainly that had been part of the reason.' `They tol erate you.' said the Controller defensively.' `True enough.' The Controller looked curiously at him. `They value my services.' The Controller said angrily. . To be truthful he was n't sure of his own motives.The Controller turned his attack to Jo. `They allow you to live. `A slave who has a few privileges in return for hel ping to oppress his fellow-slaves. ' The Doctor took another swig of wine and said coolly. `You value your life so little?' `On the con trary. old chap. as long as you're useful.' said the Doctor simply. `Can't you see. `I am a senior government official!' `You're a sla ve. But he had also felt a strange reluctance to see the Doctor killed. `Un less you give me information about the resistance--the names of their leaders. They've had it in mind for years. I value it enormously. `I don't doubt it. t he location of their hide-outs.' said the Doctor. `but wasn't that just to that you could impress your Dalek masters by getting information out of me?' The Controller was silent.' `But if you co-operate with them--' `As you co-operate with them?' The Doctor Iooked at the Controller with a kind of p ity. `You really think it possible to cooperate with the Daleks?' `They can be r easonable. He tried again. their future plans--the Daleks will destroy you.' Suddenly the Controller yelled: `Be silent!' And Jo saw that he was literally shaking with emotion. I'm trying to help him? I've already saved his life. But the Daleks will try to kill me whatever I tell you. and I'm grateful.

It was years since he had allowed himself to think the troth. And the planet Earth is particularly rich in minerals. reduced to the level of anim als. As you say.' `So Earth became a giant factory. we're al l slaves. hoarse voice.' `But why do they need to do all this?' asked Jo. `Everyone who is strong enough works in the mines. There were long periods of nothing but destruction and killi ng. `And that's when t he Daleks took over?' The Controller replied. Towards the end of the twentieth century a series of devastat ing wars broke out. The entire planet was in ruins. `Because the Dalek empire is continually expan ding. Nearly seven-eighths of the world's population were wiped out.' The Con-troller rubbed his hand over his eyes. Then Jo said softly. sorting an d grading the ore. `This is better than the mines or the factories. starving. `There was no power on Earth to re sist them. `Y ou don't understand.There was a moment's quiet. let alone speak it out aloud. Then the Controller spoke in a low. All the wealth.' The Controller nodded. `Is it really?' . The Doctor looked grim. overcome by the horror of the picture he had drawn. They need a constant flow of raw materials for their war machine.' Jo and the Doctor were silent. `No one can understand who doesn't know about tho se terrible years.' he said.' said the Controller simply. The rest work in factories.' said the Doctor. helping to build weapons for the Daleks. coaled away to Skaro. Jo said. ` How did you come to work for them?' `Everyone has to work for the Daleks. all the minerals.' `Is it? ' said the Doctor. The rest live d for a long time in holes in the ground.

rushed .. dark and windowless. there's nothing they can do to change things.. `We've had a lot of practice. The group clustered round Moni. Two Ogrons.' `A handful of fanatics. we have to go back the same--' He broke off as an Ogron came into the yard. Moni .. It's reserved for the Daleks. no one can fight the Daleks. an iron hatch began to slide open. guns in hand.. along the corridor and we're there. but immediately Zando tripped it and Mark smashed it over the head with his gun. `Well done.The Controller tried to defend himself. an archway gave on to a bigger courtyard. The courtyard was narrow. Believe me. `I've used my position to help others.' `We'll open it.' Zando grinned.' `That's not what the guerillas think. most of them killed off alrea dy.' said Joab. On one side.' Anat and Moni moved towards the ramp.' said Moni. even saved a few lives. a low ramp ran up to a metal door set into the side of the main building. I 've gained concessions.. On the other.' `Wouldn't you have helped more by using your skills to lead the fight against the Daleks?' said the Doctor. They looked around them. Seconds later it seemed that the little expedition was d oomed before it began. It reached for its pistol. who indicated the met al door.. Anat. Moni said. fishing out a pack of plastic explo sive. The door will be locked. `Up the stairs. The Ogron fell without a sound.' In a small cour tyard at the back of Dalek Headquarters. The Controller sighed. `This exit is hardly ever used. `It's hopeless. Boaz and Anat come with me. `It's the nearest exit to the guest suite. the rest of you h old this courtyard. Boaz and the other three guerillas emerged.

They were in a good position.' Suddenly there came the thump of plastic explosive. At the same moment the metal door o pened. He ran straight at the Dalek menacing Anat and slapped the explosive on to its outer casing. Anat turned blindly to Moni. They couldn't hope to hold out for very long. blasting the Ogrons out of existence. `Now come o n! Do you want him to have died for nothing?' Moni and Anat rushed through the o pen door and up the stairs.' He shook her roughly. but hopelessly out-numbered. A Dalek came through it and glided down the ramp. I won't be able to keep you alive unless you give me something to t ell the Daleks. Th ere was a tremendous explosion and Boaz and the Dalek disappeared in a cloud of smoke. In the guest suite the Controller conti nued his vain attempt to convince the Doctor that he should furnish information about the guerillas.through the archway from the next courtyard. I wouldn't give it to you if I had.' `I simply don't have any information. `but I did sav e your life. Zando and Mark and Joab all fired through the little archway at once. He wasn't taking any chances.' he said wearily. `and qu ite frankly.' said the Doctor. . At the same mo ment Boaz grabbed the ball of plastic explosive dropped by Joan. `but it doesn't always go off whe n you throw it. Zando an d Mark kept up a steady fire through the archway. `Think what you like of e. heading straight for An at. The second group stayed behind as arranged. while Joab lobbed balls of pla stic explosive.' said Moni. `That's stuff's designed to explode on conta ct. He most have known.' `He knew. and the high-pitched buzz of disintegrator guns. Its gun swung round to cover her.

she went on. We need you to help us fight the Daleks. . Jo. the Doctor and the two guerillas sprinted down t he corridor. my friend. The Controller stood motionless.. waiti ng.' Anat said. Jo. `You've no reason to trust me. was aiming his gun to shoot down the Contr oller. Jo. If you knew of the blood on his hands.' They made towards the door.' he was saying. The Doctor said.. `The y'd always have found someone. unable to grasp what had happened. With her was a man th ey didn't know. `he's not the real enemy.' Anat called. Moni. one of our leaders . Leave him. Suddenly the Doct or stopped. He looked round wildly as the sound of firin g came nearer. `No!' Moni looked at him in astonishment. He looked at the Controller. `Doctor.' Moni said. `Killing him won' t do any good. `Moni--let's go.. gun in hand. They're all dead. The other guerilla. It was Anat.. This is Moni. `And as for you.The Controller leaped up in alarnt. The Controller stood perfectly still where they had left him.' said the Doctor. are you all right?' Before t hey could answer.' Reluct antly Moni lowered his gun. `No use calling for your guards. He wa s stunned. `Guards!' he shouted `Guards!' A figure dashed through the doorwa y. `Come on. `But he's helped them.' The Doctor replied.' The Doctor said. but please come wi th us. He could scarcely believe that he was still alive. But it wasn't an Ogron guard.

She preferred it to the shining metallic luxury of the Dalek quart ers. stoppin g to hide from Ogron patrols. yet the firelight gave it a homely look. There had been shooting and the thud of explosives. There was a constant bu zz of conversation between the Doctor. It was a grim enough place. He too was sipping tea. `But how do you know all this? How do you know Styles was responsible. The Doctor was sayin g. She sipped gratefully at a tin mug full of steaming herbal tea. Dimly she was aware that they were talking about Sir Reginald Styles.12 Return to Danger Wrapped in an old blanket Jo Grant huddled close to the wood fire in the brazier . Two others had sacrificed themselves to cover th eir retreat. The Doctor sat next to her. Jo's mind drifted back to their escape. Moni and Anat who were all gathered round the fire.' . Jo tried to concentr ate on the conversation going on around her but she kept nodding off. Then they'd all crawled through a little hatchway and along narrow tunnels... Finally they'd crossed what seemed like miles of rubble. Eventually they had emerged into a courtyard. yells and roars a nd clouds of smoke. everything had happened s o quickly. She looked rou nd the cellar curiously. One ha d been killed fighting a Dalek. At last they'd ended up here. She and the Doctor had followed the guerillas down condor after corri dor and then down a flight of endless steps. Jo knew that three more guerillas had been lost in the rescue.

People appeared for a while in your time. er. ` And after that the Daleks came and took over what was left'.' .' `Once they were a t the house. `there was a tremendous explosion. `We stole the plans of time machines from the Daleks. Thereafter a succession of wars le d us to this--' She waved her hand round the cellar. he wanted power for himself. We stole parts and equipment. Moni said.' said Anat. `You see Styles only pretended to be wor king for world peace. `and of course the conference was finished.' `That wasn't very clever of him.' Anat took up the story.. First with conventional weapons.' said Moni. and managed to build machines of our own. and then just faded away.' said Moni. left Austerly House.' The Doctor said. Moni nodded in agreement. Styles was killed with the others.. `even after the catastr ophe. `So you decided to go back in time and intervene in y our own history. to kill Styles before he managed to carry out his plan?' `Tha t's right. `He managed to lure all the leading delegates to his house. The house was comple tely destroyed. The Doctor stared t houghtfully into the fire. `Obviously he must have set a bomb.' said Moni impatiently.' affirmed Moni.' `There were charges and counter-charges.. just before I.' commented the Doctor. We know. `I was told that he was planning a sort of prel iminary conference. `At first things didn't go too well. then with atomic.`There were still history books.' Anat joine d in..' The Doctor took anot her swig of his tea. Soon after that war broke out. The transference was unstable. Perha ps he mis-timed the fuse. Really. `So you're saying that this conference he called was a tric k?' `Exactly that.

' The Doctor looked round the circle of intent faces.' Moni said. What do you want me to do?' Moni said urgently. our first meeting wasn' t very friendly.' Anat said. Why did you go to so much trouble t o rescue us. `You can succeed where we failed Doctor. `We learned later that you were an old enemy of the Daleks. . When we found out that you weren't you were just a nuisance .' The Doctor looked across at Moni. The area was floodlit by spotlights. Our mission had to succeed at all costs.' He looked quizzically at Anat. Shura proba bly ran into one of them. ` There's one thing you still haven't told us. `Somehow the Daleks learned what we were trying to do. `If I can--certainly.' Anat frowned.. what happened to the other one? That you ng chap. `Then you three turned up--which is mo re or less where I came in. `Y ou still haven't answered my question.. and by the headlights of army jeeps. Surely you'd help us to beat them here?' The Doctor said. We think an Ogron patrol m ust have got him. Doctor. They sent Ogron security guards back into your time to stop us.`That explains the ghost that Styles saw. By the way.' said Jo. Why did you rescue us?' Moni leaned forwa rd. `Shura? He simply vanished. that you'd fough t and defeated them before. We want you to go back to your own time and kill Styles!' There was a good deal of bustle and activity around the tunnel ne ar Austerly House.' The Doctor nodded. At first we thou ght you were Styles. `After all. `I'm sorry about all that. `And the man who vanished fr om the UNIT sick-bay.

and a stubby looking cylinder with controls set into it. and carrying out a search of the area. Arranging the Conference.Captain Yates stood before the Brigadier's jeep. As was often the case in UNIT operations. And he was firml y opposed to any change of plan.' Squads of pa inters and decorators had worked hard all day to repair the damage. with some odds and ends of guer illa equipment. He had spent a very long day clearing up after the battle at Austerly House. and now even that evidence was gone.' The Brigadier sighed. he said. had been a d elicate. there had been absolutely no results. `We found this stuff in a sort of hi ding place. `This all?' `Yes. sir. the shattered booster transmitter. No sign of anyone or anything else. Equally useless had been the Brigadier's efforts to convince the powers-that-be to abandon the idea of a conf erence at Austerly House.' The Brigadier looked at the odds and ends and grunt-ed. All the Brigadier could produce to support hi s story were the signs of battle in Styles' study. the Brigadie r's reasons were too fantastic to be believed. Except for this bundle of od ds and ends. Even the bodies of Ogrons killed by bu llets had mysteriously faded away. A sceptical official from the Ministry had looked at S tyles' wrecked study and muttered disapprovingly about `vandalism. hollowed out beneath some rubble. sir. almost impossible . At present he was in London greeting the other delegates as they arrived. Now he had ext ended the range of his search as far as the tunnel. There was food. and the fact that numbers of his own men had vanished. The main obstacle though was Styles himself. The disintegrator guns used by both Ogrons and gueril las destroyed all trace of their victims. In addition there was an embarras sing shortage of evidence.

business. The Doctor might like to look at it--if we ever see him again. it seems to be the centre of things. The Brigadier took t he offered message and tore it open `Well. and keep a heavy guard on this tunnel.' `Oh. No change in plans w ill be considered.' The Brigadier start ed his jeep and drove back towards the house. Styles and the other world leaders will arrive first thing to morrow. and send them rushing home again. sir.' He crumpled up the signal in disgust. The Brigadie r poked the collection with his cane--`Be careful. The Brigadier and Captain Yates didn't know it. The slightest change in plan might arouse suspicion in the delegates. that's it.' asked Captain Yates. send it all back to UNIT H. come to that. Mike. sir!' said Yates in alarm. Yates dumped his finds in the back of a UNIT truck. I w ant a completely safe area all round the house and grounds. But it still left the Brigadier with the problem of trying to protect the Conference. Jo Grant. The Brigadier could see the old boy's point. He wondered if the Doctor would ever turn up to examine them. too. A nd the prize of world peace no doubt justified the risks. And a Dalekenium bomb.Q. Then there were the things he was carrying. There was the ro ar of a motor-bike and a despatch rider halted by the jeep. Oh.' `What about this lo t. The most important was Shur a himself. but two importa nt items were missing from their find in the tunnel. `T he cylinder looks very much like a bomb. Mike. Mike shook his head wearily and went back to organi sing the search. We'll extend the radius of the search. stuffed into a bulky parc el inside his tunic: a disintegrator pistol. . Constant patrols at all times. indicating his finds from the tunnel. `All we can do is keep searching.

O nce he'd passed through the line. the long spell in the cold damp tu nnel had sent him into a high fever. within inches of his head. Sir R eginald and his guests had to be well fed. He heard the sound of army vehicles as they parked on th e road. When he awoke he was almost delirious. Shura hastily added a loaf of bread a nd a bottle to the bundle inside his tunic. there was a clatter of booted feet. abandoned him! But he himself must complete the mission. Shura waited patiently under cover until a UNIT lorry drove up. . He stumbled into a ditch and lay still. Shura somehow scrambled over the tailboard a nd inside the lorry. he and the searchers were moving in opposite d irections. so he went round to the main gate and waited. When it was quiet Shura got to his feet and staggered on leaving the little cluster of vehicles behind him. and stood gasping for a moment. he was moving towards it. cases and cases of it. Then he lurched across the fields towards t he house. His exhaustion. He must get back to Austerly House and kill Styles. this was Shura's greatest stroke of luck. Shura h ad drifted off into more uneasy sleep. The gate was guarde d. When he awoke. He was too weak to c limb the wall. It took him a long time to get into the grounds. It was full of food and drink. his wounds. He came out of the tunnel into the cool night air. Men jumped out. As the Bri gadier's men were spreading outwards from the house. Only one thought filled his mind: the others had gone. Alt hough he didn't realise it. limping alo ng slowly. like a wounded animal. Foot steps thudded by him. Just as darkness began to fall he had emerged from his hiding place.After the noise and shooting of the Daleks' failed ambush at the tunnel. shouted orders. covering himself w ith leaves and bracken. his condition was worse ra ther than better. Just as he reached the edge of the field he heard the noise of soldier s coming towards him. While the sen try was checking the driver's pass.

looking for a way in.. But the old coal cellar. At his feet was a round manhole cover. as though fate was co-operating with him. Minutes s later a UNIT sentry came round the corner. His boot s clanged on the manhole cover just as Shura had it back in place.. were still there.The lorry soon jolted to a halt at the back of the house.. Shura's incredible luck had served him well again. Austerly House had long ago been converted to oil-fired central heatin g.. Then he swung his legs into the dark circle and slid clown. He remembered his history. he took off hi s tunic. Shur a moved along the side of the house. and the remnants of the coal. and he could hear the sound of voices. He was in a tiny cellar fill ed with lumpy black stone.. Unhesitatingly. made a bundle of all his possessions and lowered them through. Shura fished a knife from his pocket and managed to prise it up. He knocked the top off the wine bottle and took a swig. Of course. but there were lights on. The kitchen door s tood open. Shura fished a light-cell from his pocket and looked around him. It was almost as though he was meant to succeed. coal! They us ed to burn it for fuel. Nobo dy ever came to the cellar now. Shura hollowed out a nest for himself in the coa l and settled back. then stuffed handfuls of bread into his mouth. . His boots clanged on metal and he looked down. Reaching up again through the hole he dragged the cove r back into place.. slipping into the shadows as the driver came round to unload. and Shura jumped out. He found a foot-hold on some thing lumpy and shifting.

Under th e influence of the wine and the fever that possessed him he was floating aloof a nd carefree above the world. `Would it?' . Jo woke up with a start from her doze by the guerillas' fire..' said the Doctor stubbornly.' insisted Moni. `Isn't it justified. Voices were raised in excitement. Everything was going well. `Don't you see. gun and bomb clutched to his chest. `if it would save the human race from the Daleks?' `Ah. T he Doctor was on his feet.' he said. but would it?' said the Doc tor. Shura felt calm and happy. Something was happening in the cellar. pacing about the room. man. Shura felt calm and happy. `We're asking you to kill one man--and to save many more lives.In the pitch blackness of the coal cellar. The mission would be completed. When Styles arrived he w ould kill him. In the pitch blackness of the coa l cellar. `you're asking me to commit murder! How can I agree to do what you want?' Anat said. All he had to do now was wait.. resuming his pacing about.' `It's sti ll murder.

Anat looked at him in puzzlement. `We've told you how it all happened.' `And sup pose your history books got it wrong? Oh, not the basic facts, but their interpr etation of them?' He turned to Moni. `Won't you return us to our own time? Now w e know the facts there may be other things we can do to help you.' `Doctor, plea se,' said Moni. `The relationship between our time zone and yours is fixed. A da y has gone by here, a day has gone by in your time. Soon it may be too late. Won 't you promise to help us? We'll send you back if you'll give us your word to ki ll Styles.' `My dear chap' said the Doctor, `I'm completely with you as to the e nds, but I can't accept your choice of means... and more than that... something feels wrong about the whole idea...' Jo yawned and stretched. Everyone looked ro und when she spoke up. `Thing that puzzles me is, I just can't believe in Styles as a ruthless mass murderer. I mean he got a bit stroppy, but basically I thoug ht he was quite a nice old boy.' She yawned again. The Doctor swung round on her enthusiastically. `That's it, Jo. That's it! Just what was worrying me... that' s what I feel, too!' He turned to the guerillas. `Styles is a good man; vain, ar rogant, pompous if you like, but underneath it all, good. He really does want wo rld peace, I'll swear it. He couldn't have caused that explosion.' Anat said, `T hen who did?' `Let me see that book of yours again' said the Doctor. Anat passed him the tattered book. Worn almost to pieces by constant handling it was obviou sly one of the guerillas' greatest treasures. He peered at the faded print and b egan to read aloud. `The explosion in the cellar was of such shattering force th at it was suspected that a small atomic bomb had been used. But later tests show ed no trace of radioactivity. It was charged that the Government had developed s ome

new and deadly "clean" form of atom bomb. This was strongly denied, and no such bomb was ever used in the wars that followed.' The Doctor closed the book. An in credible idea was beginning to form in his mind. `An explosive unknown at that t ime,' he said softly. He looked at Anat. `And one of you didn't get back from yo ur mission!' `That's right--Shura. He went to try and contact base. We never saw him again.' The Doctor said thoughtfully, `What sort of equipment did you take to the twentieth century?' Anat said, `Usual battle gear: disintegrator guns, bo oster for the sub-temporal radio, food supplies, explosives...' The Doctor stopp ed her. `Explosives?' `We took two Dalekenium bombs. Just in case...' `What did they look like?' `Stubby black cylinders, about so big.' She gestured with her h ands. `Small, but tremendously powerful. We stole them from the Daleks!' `I don' t remember ever seeing you with thew bombs,' said the Doctor. `When you were at the house did you have them with you?' `Shura hid them for us in the tunnel when we arrived. We didn't have time to pick them up on our way back.' `Exactly,' sa id the Doctor. `Shura hid them in the tunnel where he went to make his attempt t o call base. And Dalekenium is a clean explosive. All the power of the atom, but no fall out!' `Well yes, but...' Anat stared at him in horror. `No Doctor. It's impossible.' The Doctor said remorselessly: `It all fits. An explosive unknown on Earth at the time... Shura, abandoned, wounded perhaps, but determined to car ry out his mission and Styles returning to the house with the other delegates.'

The Doctor looked round the circle of horror-struck faces. `Don't you see? You w ant to change history. But you can't. You're part of it, trapped in a temporal p aradox. Styles didn't kill all those world leaders. He didn't start the wars tha t led to the Dalek conquest. You did. You did it all yourselves!'

13 The Day of the Daleks Once again the Controller stood before the High Council of the Daleks. The Black Dalek, the Golden Dalek and their aides surrounded him, menacing and threatenin g... Dully, he listened to the accusing voice of the Golden Dalek. `You have fai led the Daleks. The Doc-tor has escaped.' `He will be recaptured,' said the Cont roller. `I swear it.' `He must be found and destroyed.' Wearily the Controller s aid, `I am sure he will attempt to return to his own time zone When he does, and if the guerillas are helping him, they will use the old monorail tunnels. It gi ves them a fixed reference point near Austerly House in the twentieth century. I can set another ambush--fill the tunnels with guards.' The Black Dalek said, `I f you fail us you will pay with your life. This is your final chance.' The Contr oller turned and walked from the room. He returned to his office and summoned Ze no, his senior assistant, a sharp-featured, ambitious young man. Briefly, the Co ntroller gave instructions for the ambush. `I leave the whole thing to you. Don' t trouble me with details.' Puzzled, but happy at a chance to distinguish himsel f, Zeno returned to his own office. A few moments later his good mood was shatte red when he received a summons to appear before the Black Dalek. Hurriedly, he m ade his way to the inner H.Q., where he waited trembling until the Black Dalek a ppeared. Zeno looked at the Dalek in awe and horror. Though he had worked for th e Daleks all his life, it was very seldom that he

Moni halted at the tunnel entrance . Then you will bring us your report. Goodbye and good luc k. It may be necessary for you to replace him!' Zeno bowed. Particularly one of this exalted rank. Doctor. Then you'll be transferred. sho ok hands. They plodded on for what seemed an endless time. Doctor.. and the two guerillas made their way across the rubbl e. their final. `This is it. She stumbled several times. Anal led the way. and were seldom seen. the Doctor. The Daleks ruled by pro xy. I hope you're right about it all. `We are not satisfied with the loyalty and efficiency of the Controller. and the Doctor steadied he r with a hand on her arm. At last Anat said..actually saw one. won't you?' . `It's already set.' Moni shook hands briefly and turned back. The rest of them plunged on into t he darkness. al l she knew was that at last they were going home.' he said. `Goodbye. flashing a little light cell occasionally to give them their bearings.' She. too. through t he tunnels. Anat produced a time machine. away from this horrible world of Daleks and Ogrons. Anat will take you to a point that is equivalent to the r ailway tunnel in your own time. back to their own time. The Dalek said. Jo hadn't followed all the ins and outs of the argument. She could remember the hours of argument that followed as the Doctor tried to get the guerillas to accept his theory. `You will observe him closel y during the coming operation. r eluctant acceptance.' It was still dark when Jo. `We're here!' She shone round her light. All you need do is press the operating button. and the Doctor recognised the point of his first arrival. Do what you can fo r us. Jo was very tired now. `I'm sure that you know best.

`I can free this whole world from their rule.' The Doctor walked up to the Controller. `It has ended as I sai d it would.. She shook her head. Are you going to stop me?' In an agonised voice the Controller said. Besides. The glo w of the time field surrounded the two figures. `You g o..' The Doctor said. Doctor. the Ogrons s hambled back into the darkness. No one can defeat the Daleks. The Controller walked forwards. . Doctor. I can stop that from ever happening.She was about to hand over the machine when they were all caught in the beam of a fierce spotlight. `Go ! I will deal with these criminals alone! Go I tell you!' Confused. the suffering. all of you!' Ogron guards appeared all round them. Go quickly!' The Doctor beckoned to Jo. `You could have let them kill m e.. A voice said.' said the Controller slowly. Slowly Jo and the Doctor began t o fade away. I know what happened. how they were able to conquer this planet. the Doctor activated the machine. `I'll stay in my own time. the starva tion. I can set Earth's history back onto its proper path. He spoke in a low urgent voice. `You spoke of the war. And now you offer freedom. It is madness to oppose them.' Swiftly.. The Controller turned back to the Doctor. We can stop it! Will you help me?' `You saved my life. too. `Stay where you are. `If only I cou ld be sure.' He turned to the surrounding Ogrons and said. He looked a t Anat. the mach ine will only transport two. She ran to join him.

You will pay the penalty f or this. She slipped easily through the milling crowds of Ogron guards . Doctor!' he yelled. The maintenance ladders were an old and familiar escape route . `Sto p! Stop them!' But it was already too late--Jo and the Doctor had vanished. Jo?' queried the Doc tor. the only world she had ever known. Anat ran swiftly throug h the dark tunnel. She began to clamber across the rubble. To his surprise the Controller was standing quite still: he made no attempt to escape. She climbed nimbly upwards and emerged into the fresh air.' He turned to Anat. `Jo. `You have let them escape. `And so will you. The Ogrons panicked and fired wildly . If not. Dawn was breaking. Anat came to the point where the Doctor had left the tunnels. she could always go on fighting.' But Anat's gun was a lready in her hand.Zeno came running down the tunnels. `All right. Controller.' They ran out of the d arkness of the tunnel and cannoned straight into Sergeant Benton who was in char ge of the tunnel guard. shooting out any spotlight that appeared. Zeno looked at the Controller. `Come on then. Zeno made a determined grab for the Controller. killing each other in the process. Jo and the Doctor found themselves back in the railway tunnel of their twentieth century. He bellowed. There wer e streaks of light in the east. There's very little time. `Where have you two been?' . towards the hideout. She stood for a mom ent looking over the sea of rubble. She shot out the spotlight and disappeared into the darkness . She nodded. After the same mind-twi sting voyage through the Time Vortex. armed Ogrons at his heels. If the Doctor succeeded it mi ght be a new dawn for all of them.

The Black Dalek turned to Zeno as Ogron guards drag ged the body of the Controller from the room. Sergeant.' She set off after the Doctor. `Hello. I have been a traitor to humanity a ll my life. Help yourself. The Doctor made for it at a run. His body twisted for a moment in an intensity of white light. For the last time.' The smile was still on his face when the blast from all the Dalek gu ns caught him.' Benton shrugged. `You will be ETERMMATED!' The Controller smiled. `What's happening at the house?' Benton looked at his watch. But not any more. His shoulders had lost the cowed slump of slavery. Sergeant.' `We may still be in time then. `Lend me a jeep. The Black Dalek swung round on the Controller acc usingly. Doc!' He indicated a jeep parked on the road nearby. Wants to make an early start. He listened quietly while an eager Zeno made his report. Jo said helplessly.' The Black Dalek shrieked with rage. `You will be exterminated! You are a traitor to the Daleks. Styles is there already. did the guns of the other Daleks.`No time for explanations!' snapped the Doctor. `Delegates will be arriving for the Conference at a ny moment. and he was free at last from fear. `Oh no. The Brigadier wa nts this tunnel guarded. Somehow he seemed a d ifferent man. since he had nothing now to lose. too. The Con troller's voice was calm as he said. and then slumped to the ground.' said the Doctor.' Its gun st alk swung round to cover him. So. `You have proved . the Controlle r of Earth Sector One stood before the Dalek High Council. I've got to get o ver there right away. and go odbye. `Who knows? I may even have helped to exterm inate you. `I've got to stay here.

The Brigadier is. `The Doc-tor is a Time Lord. and he is in charge of security at the Conf erence. the Daleks expect tot al loyalty from those who serve them!' Zeno bowed and walked from the room.. `The Dalek conquest of the planet Earth must not be reversed. has given this Conference its greatest chance of success.' Then the Black Dalek: `We must follow him to the twentieth century time zone an d destroy him. Th ey watched with interest as one by one the diplomats arrived in their long. There was even a television news team. the Un ited Nations Intelligence Tarkforce. It was not s o much a conference: since all Daleks think alike it was more a chorus of agreem ent.' agreed the Black Dalek.' `The war amongst the humans must break out. Beside Sir Reginald. The Daleks began to talk amongst themselves in grating metallic voices. `And it is no exaggeration to say that the peace of the retold ma y well depend on that happens here today. This time they would invade the twentieth century in force. there was a little crowd of spectators around the gates of Austerly House. of course. spoke first.. blac k limousines. The commentator was working very hard to make a series of pictures of middle-aged men getting out of cars s ound exciting. head of the British section of UNIT. is Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-S tewart. On the steps you can see Sir Reginald Styles greeting the Chinese delegate as he steps from his car.' . That agreement is due almost entirely to the efforts of Sir Reginal d himself.yourself worthy to be the new Controller. The Daleks left the room to prepare for their expedition. In spite of the early hou r. the senior.' pronounced the Gold en Dalek. His intervention may be able to return the course of history to its original path. The Golden Dalek. But be warned. The last-minute a greement of the Chinese to attend. on the steps.

and hustled them inside the building. Shura was priming his Dalekenium bomb.' said Jo. He'd waited a littl e longer.' said the Doctor. driven very fast.The commentator paused. `If you don't. He was wis hing that something.. A jeep. racking his brains for something else to say. He'd even heard a passing sentry calling. you'll all be blown up!' `That's righ t. A very tall man in rather tattered clothes leaped out. anything.' replied the Doctor. fo llowed by a very small young lady. `Is this man mad?' `Pleas e. do as he says.' For Shura that was evidence enough. You mus t evacuate this house at once!' Styles said furiously. Inside the Doctor was saying. Brigadier. S hura . would happen when his wish was suddenly granted. The tall man rushed up to Styles and the Brig adier. By lifting the lid o f his man-hole a little earlier he'd been able to hear the noise and bustle of t he arrivals.' `Impos sible. Brigadier. `I fl atly refuse to leave. finished the last of the bread and wine. there. `Never mind where I've been. suddenly shot up the drive and came to a screeching ha lt at the front steps.' `Then search again. Then they stopped. `but clear this building first!' Styles said. and now the bomb was primed. `Somewhere in this house there's a bomb.' In the cella r beneath the house.. `Whole place has been searched. Old S tyles is just arriving.' and then the trio disappeared ins ide the hall. Little figures began to click over on the dial of the bomb. And I insist this man be removed. `Smarten up.' the Brigadier said flatly. The commentator caught a protesting cry of `Doctor --what do you think you're.

In the hall of Austerly House time was ticking away and the argument still raged.' He turned to the Doc tor and said. Rejoining the group in the hall he said abruptly. the book said a cellar. The Doctor shook him by the shoulder.. The cellar was empty. use fo rce if you have to!' The Doctor dashed to the wine-cellar door and opened it. man. He switched on the light. So mething seemed to be moving. The Brigadier listene d to the agitated voice and said. The timing mechanism had jammed. `Never used now. convinced by now that the Doctor was quite mad. `Yes. Benton. `Some kind of attacking force is coming out of the tunnel. I'll reinforce you as soon as I can.' `Daleks.. get Styles and the rest of them out of this house at once. He peered into the darkness of the tunnel mouth. fall back slowly. Some kind of robots. Nothing had happened there for ages. Those a pe things and something else. of course. `D aleks and Ogrons!' .' As the Doctor was about to rush away the Brigadier's walkietalkie crackled into life.. there must be another!' `There's a little coal-cellar by the back kitchen. `Do your best to hold them. He w ondered how much longer he'd have to go on guarding this rotten tunnel. and finally the Doctor gave u p. `Brigadier. `Sir R eginald.. of c ourse!' he snapped. `Cellar.peered at them muzzily with his light-cell. Styles was adamant. but they seemed blurred. But it didn't matter.' he muttered to himself. `Think. He could easily do without it! On th e road near the tunnel Sergeant Benton leaned against a wall and stretched.' whispered Jo. If you can 't... is the wine-cellar the only cellar in the house?' Sir Reginald looked at him in amazement. think.' said Styles after a moment.

' The invaders from the tunnel advanced remorselessly upon the house. Sir Reginald. for minutes later he and his team were being bustled into a jeep and dr iven away likewise. `Shura. `They're coming to blow up the house and kill Styles--make su re that history goes their way. and he knew that it was only a matter of time.The Doctor nodded. Men were being shot down all round him. . coverin g him with a pistol. He turned to Styles and said crisply. the diplomats and all their staff will evacuate this house at once! Don't argue. `You've got to listen to me. but he w as at his best in a military situation. He burst open the door and saw Shura. lying on the coal. they glided effortlessly forward. But the Daleks--they seemed invincible. Jo Grant looked from a window with horror at the advancing Dalek army.. she ran to warn the Doctor. Instinctively.' he said quietly. The Brigadier blazed away from the front steps. In the now rapidly-emptying house the Doctor ran to the litt le coal-cellar. The Do ctor drew a deep breath. The attack from the tunnel gave him the excuse he needed.' The Brigadier understood none of this. man . Nothing stopped t hem as. flanked by their Ogron guards. `You.. The UNIT tr oops fought bravely. They sw ept up the drive and were now very close to the house. get them moving!' Seconds late r the television commentator saw the extraordinary sight of a number of very dis tinguished foreign diplomats being practically thrown into their cars by UNIT tr oops and driven away at speed He had no chance to describe this for the viewers however. On the coal beside Shura was the stubby little bomb. you can make your protest later. t hough with difficulty. The Ogrons could be killed. Captain Yates. but could not hold them back.

' She stopped talking as she saw the gr im figure of Shura.. if you set off that bomb.' Shura's han d was resting on the little black plunger...' said the Doctor desperately. Shura. still covered by Shura's gun was saying persuasively.In the coal-cellar doorway. ` Shura. `Th e only stuff that will deal with the Daleks--their own bomb!' `We could rig up a time fuse. the bomb beside him.' `This is Dalekenium. Doctor.' Shura seemed to become suddenly rational. `Anyway this stuff's too unstable .' The Doctor looked at him sadly.' said Shura. There was little chance of getting through to Shura now. Just let them get into the house... `Must kill Styles. Leave them to me. there most be some other way. the Doctor. An a ttacking force of Daleks was something his fevered mind could grasp. here?' `That's right. Styles has gone now-. `Doctor. `Shura. his eyes unnaturally bright.' said the Doctor.he isn't in the house I tell you. come away! The Daleks are attacking from t he tunnel! They're almost in the house.. crouched on the coal. Only way to be sure. `Shura. `Daleks? Dalek..' said Shura..' Jo said. must stop the war. won't yo u come with us? We can save you. Jo Grant ran an d joined him in the doorway. The Doctor recognised the signs of high fever. He said dreamily. Doctor? Or do you both want to be here when I press this?' .' `The time mechanism is broken. Shura reacted to Jo's voice. Shura's face was gleaming with sweat. `Now are you getting out.' His hand hovered over a bl ack plunger in the side of the bomb. `They've c ome to make sure their version of history isn't changed.. no! Make him come with us. please. you'll be sacrificing yourself f or nothing. I'll use the contact plunger. . `You two ge t out of here.

not th is time. Shura could hear the angry Dalek vo ices. Shura.' The Bri gadier shouted. the Brigadier and his few remaining troops turned and ran. F rom the little hillside behind the house the Doctor and the others watched as a triumphant flood of Ogrons. were fighting a last desperate rearguard action. Triumphantly. . `All right.The Doctor gave him a last look. and what was left of his men. This time it's going to be different. led by the Black Dalek and the Golden Dalek swept up the drive and swirled into the house. `Oh no. It's the only way. Come on. but most of them were still advancing. now!' Inside the house the Daleks and their Ogrotr guards milled about the empty rooms. `Fal l back! Everyone fall back! Let them into the house. `Where are the delegates?' `Where is the man. the apparently invi ncible Daleks at their head. `You heard the Doctor! Everybody pull back! Regroup on the hill behind the house. Softly the Doctor muttered. Jo! The two ran through the empty house to the front steps where the Brigadier. Styles?' `They must be found and exterminated. Shura. then said. The Doctor ran up to the Brigadier and yelled.' With that he pressed the black p lunger on the bomb. Some of t he Ogrons had fallen.' `The Daleks will be victorious!' Shura said softly to himself.' `The Dalek conquest of the planet Earth must not be reversed . the Daleks and their Ogron army came on. From his hiding place in the cellar.' Led by Jo and the Doctor. `Now.

just a gaping black hole in the ground. No ruins. `Your conference has been saved. `We've seen it.' Styles looked at him wonderingly. Jo and the Doctor walked down the hill. I hope you make sure it's a success. It destr oyed the house in a single. savage blast.' `So do we. We all know what will hap pen if we fail.. Jo?' I gnoring the puzzled looks from Sir Reginald and the Brigadier.. who was standing nearby. `Don't worry. From the hillside the Doctor and his group saw the tremendous eruption. n o debris. . You still have a choice of fut ures. The noise was shattering. S ir Reginald. As the black smoke drifted away they saw that the house had completely vanished. The Doct or turned to Styles.' said the Doctor. haven't we.From the hillside the Doctor and his group saw the tremendous eruption.

It's a bit complicated to explain. I remember now.' said Jo impatiently.' said Jo.. `Can't have two of us running about. `It'll all be. He frowned at then. `It's quite simple. `Oh no. `Good grief. `that all happene d before. I know you're alarmed but--' To Jo's astonishment a second Doctor came out of the TARDIS. this w on't do at all. of course..' Sud denly the second Doctor and the second Jo disappeared. `Now don't you worry. Jo. Calmly the Doctor walked into the lab and took off his cloak. `Don't worry. `I still don't understand.14 All Kinds of Futures `I'm sorry.' He looked at the second Jo Grant..' `I know. in a sense I a m here but you're not there. well.' said Jo obstinately. old chap.' `Don't worry. but because they were a part of history.' They were walking along the corridor towards the laboratory. my dear. what are you doing here?' Jo hea rd the Doctor reply. Another Jo Grant was there . Someh ow the Daleks managed to pervert the course of history so they could conquer the Earth. `Wait a minute. I was able to interven e and put history back on its proper tracks. will it?' said the second Doctor severely.. The guerillas tried to change things back.. `be cause you're a Time Lord. their intervention just repeated the pattern. Only they were us and we were them.. The Doctor said. yes.' said the Doctor. But that still doesn't explain how'--she stopped in am azement as the Doctor flung open the laboratory door. Doctor. I'm not here. that is.' . looking at her with equal astonishment.' `Well.

' sai d the Brigadier. `Now if you'll excuse me. Doctor. I thought I'd destroyed them once before. The Doctor said.' s aid the Doctor not very helpfully. what did I come in for? Oh yes. `First it is--and then it isn't. and it isn't.' `Futures with Daleks in them?' asked Jo.' He opened the door of t he TARDIS. and many times. For one ghastly moment I thought I saw two of you. `What sort of answer is that?' `I meant exactly what I said .. Jo saw that he was about to plunge back into wrestling with the probl em of the grounded TARDIS..' said the Doctor soothingly.' `I'm glad to hear it. but I was wro ng.' protested the Doctor. is it going to happen. old chap. `Yes. `That future we saw--with the Daleks r uling the Earth. good news from the C onference.The Doctor smiled. `Doctor!' The Doc tor paused. `I t's possible. Seeing that explosion seems to have done 'em all good. Jo. Jo. There are all kinds of futures you know.' `But surely those Dalek things were all destroyed?' said the Brigadier.. I've got work to do. the Daleks exist in many places. com ing to Jo's support. `Don't worry about it. `Now then. According to o ld Styles they're all co-operating beautifully.' The Brigadier entered looking a little shaken.' `Nothi ng for you to worry about. The Doctor said.' said the Doctor. or isn't it?' `It is. Jo. `Oh come on.' said the Brigadier. I told you time was a very complic ated thing. `That was a mere handful.' . `Ah well. `I think I've been h aving hallucinations.' he said patiently.. Before he could disappear she said.

The Doctor stood for a moment. `I've j ust got to get the TARDIS working again.' he said. ..' With that he disappeared inside the TARDIS and closed the door . as if he were looking through time itself. gazing into the distance. wondering when and where his old enemies would attack again. The Doctor came out of his daydream and gave her a smile. `I've got a feeling I'm g oing to need it.. thought Jo. Jo.

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