A traitor to the Time Lords? Can the Doctor really be in league with the evil Va rdans, spearheading a treacherous invasion of his home planet, Gallifrey? Or is he playing a deadly double game, saving the Time Lords by appearing to betray th em? But the Vardans themselves are only pawns in the game, and the Doctor faces an old and deadly enemy, as he battles to foil the Invasion of Time. 'Terrance D icks is a skilful professional storyteller... He has deftly recaptured the progr amme's popular blend of hectic menace and humourous selt-mockery.' BRITISH BOOK NEWS ISBN 0 426 20093 4

DOCTOR WHO AND THE INVASION OF TIME Based on the BBC television serial by David Agnew by arrangement with the Britis h Broadcasting Corporation TERRANCE DICKS A TARGET BOOK published by The Paperback Division of W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd

A Target Book Published in 1979 by the Paperback Division of W. H. Allen & Co. L td. A Howard & Wyndham Company 44 Hill Street, London W1X 8LB Novelisation copyr ight © Terrance Dicks 1979 Original script copyright © David Agnew 1978 'Dr Who' ser ies copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation 1978, 1979 Printed and bound in G reat Britain by Anchor Brendon Ltd, Tiptree, Essex ISBN 0 426 20093 4 This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise , be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher's pr ior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is publi shed and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on t he subsequent purchaser.

CONTENTS 1 Treaty for Treason 2 The President-Elect 3 Attack from the Matrix 4 T he Fugitive 5 The Betrayal 6 The Invasion 7 The Outcasts 8 The Assassin 9 The Va rdans 10 False Victory 11 The Sontarans 12 The Key of Rassilon 13 Failsafe 14 Th e Chase 15 The Wisdom of Rassilon

1 Treaty for Treason The space ship was enormous, terrifying, a long, sleek killerwhale of space. Its hull-lines were sharp and predatory and it bristled with the weapon-ports of a variety of death dealing devices. Everything about it suggested devastating, mur derous power. It was the flag-ship of the Vardan war fleet, heading towards a pl anet called Gallifrey. Inside the space ship was another of even more advanced d esign, though it would have been difficult to tell as much from the outside. It took the form of a square blue police box, of the kind once used on the planet E arth. Inside was an impossibly large control room. The craft was called the TARD IS, and it was dimensionally transcendental, bigger on the inside than on the ou tside. The control room held a many-sided central console and two people, or to be strictly accurate, one female humanoid and one automaton. The human was a gir l called Leela. She was tall and strong, with brown eyes and long reddish-brown hair, and she wore a brief costume of animal skins with a fighting knife at the belt. She paced up and down the control room like a great cat. Leela was a primi tive, a savage, raised as a fighting warrior in a tribe called the Sevateem. The automaton was shaped like a robot dog, and was appropriately called K9. Both we re companions of that mysterious traveller in space and time known as the Doctor , and both were wondering what had become of him. The Doctor's behaviour tended to be odd and arbitrary at the best of times, but recently he had excelled himse lf. To begin with he had fallen into a strange, abstracted mood, silent for long periods, answering questions with brief, snappish replies. He seemed to be list ening much of the time, staring abstractedly into space like someone straining t o catch a faint message on the edge of hearing. The strange mood had ended in a flurry of equally mysterious activity. The Doctor had hunched himself over the c ontrol board and punched a long and complex series of co-ordinates into the

strangely-dressed figure.' 'Why wouldn't the Doctor let me go with h im?' 'I do not know. The Doctor had checked their arrival co-ordinate s.' Leela was quite convin ced that the Doctor was far too . a battered broad-brimmed soft hat was jammed o nto a tangle of curly hair. An immensely long multi-coloure d scarf was wound about his neck. given a grunt of satisfaction. S ign!' Leela completed yet another circuit of the control room. Doctor. There was a long curved conference table below the s creen. and mar ched straight out of the control room without a word of explanation. On the screen. Studyin g the display stood a tall. correcting and re-correcting as if determined to arrive at some utterly precise destination in space and time. He wore loose and comforta ble-looking clothes with a vaguely Bohemian air. Leela and K 9 were left to waitand wonder. against a backdrop of st ars. heading remorselessly towards Gallifrey. An ornate. Prognostication in matters concerning the Doctor is' 'Imposs ible!' completed Leela. was a visual display of the Vardan battle fleet. 'How much longer is he going to be?' 'Prognostication in matters concerning the Doctor impossible. ordered them not to touch the scanner. an enormo us screen took up the whole of one wall. 'Speed is vital. squadron upon squadron in the typical Vardan V-formation. elaborately-sealed document lay in the centre of the table .navigation circuits. The Vardan Leader spoke in a thin. In the war room of the Vardan flag-ship. impatient voice..' 'Well?' 'Materialisation has tak en place inside an alien space craft. And now here they were insid e an enormous alien space ship. 'I know.. and behind the table high-backed chairs held the members of the Vardan wa r council. but he may need help.' 'Can you tell me where we are then?' 'Affirmative. stopped and stare d impatiently down at K9.' 'Prog-what?' 'I cannot tell.

.' 'Oh shut up.' 'Then read!' The Doctor picked up the document and scanned it rapidly.' 'You will have complete control. Doctor. 'I'm going to take a look at the scanner. one more won't make any difference. 'What's he doing out there?' 'It is time to conclude th ese formalities.. 'K9. of course not.' She turned on the scanner.. Now. I am not programmed for emotion. I've signed so many th ings in my lives..' said the Doctor suspiciously. If you cannot be curious.' said Leela cajolingly.' said the Vardan leader impatiently. 'It will!' The Doctor produced an old-fashioned fountain pen fro m his pocket. 'You're no help at all. Doctor.' 'Do not touch scanner control.' sa id Leela crossly. 'I never sign anything before I read it. but his tail antenna was wagging gently. Curiosity is an emotion.' 'Sign it. 'K9 sulking's emotional behaviour too . Leela looked down. 'I didn't mean to shout at you. but wouldn't you like to see what he's doing.' said the Vardan softly.' 'I 've heard that one before.' The Doctor sighed.impractical to take care of himself.' 'But in para graph four subsection three. Mistress.' 'He doesn't trust me!' said Leela indignantly. who he's talking to?' 'Negat ive. Nothing ha ppened.' said K9. I'm sorry. 'Lawyers' quibbles can get you killed.' 'Apologies a re not necessary.' 'But it will. ' Why?' K9 didn't answer. 'Complete control?' . you know.' 'I know the Doctor said we shouldn't. 'You promised me compl ete control over the Time Lords. 'Sign the treaty!' The Doctor swung round.' More silence. it states that' 'Mere lawyers' quibbles. 'What's wrong? Why won't it work?' She flicked the switch impatiently. 'No. Leela smile d. 'Oh well. can you please tell me why the scanner will not work ?' 'The Doctor immobilised the mechanism before he left. K9. then you cannot sulk.

but Kelner. Spandrel the previous Castellan. Com mander of the Chancellery Guard. where have you been?' 'Order K9 to tell you to shut up!' 'K9 tell me to shut up? How dare you!' Taking Leela's repetition as an order. Mistress. 'Doctor. Leela s hut up. where have you been? Wha t have you been doing? What's going on?' 'Sssh!' said the Doctor. Mistress.' A few minutes later the Doctor was being g reeted with a barrage of questions from Leela. 'Doctor.. and bowed elaborately. K9 glided over to her. but being stunned by K9 was quite an unpleasant experience. no nonsense character.' Leela knew the blaster would only be set on stun.' The blaster extruded from beneath K9's nose. now retired. 'Imperative. 'Please adopt silent mode. Andred was seldom to be found at his . K9. Chief among them was a handsome young Time Lord called Andred. But then. The new Castellan sat behind an enormous desk in his inner sanctum. It was over-technological even by Time Lord sta ndards. Spandrel had been a tough. straightened up. (The newlyformed Castellan's Bodyguard Squad served the same purpose) Kelner was a t hin-faced. The outer offices held his variou s assistants. Kelner was very different. run down quarter of th e Capitol.' 'Now look here. rather insecure Time Lord who owed his position to a combina tion of good birth and political intrigue. with complex control consoles and brightly flick ering vision screens everywhere.'My word on it. the new Castellan felt it helped to maintain his image.. 'I am honoured to serve the glorious Vardan cause. nervous. who felt no need to keep up appearances.' The Doctor scrawled an elaborate set of hieroglyphics across th e bottom of the document. had been content with shabby chambers in an old. He went straig ht over to the control console and began punching up coordinates. The Castellan's new suite of offices was an elaborate affair of transpar ent plastic and gleaming metal.

He didn't much care for Kelner.' There w as a structure of multicoloured globes on Kelner's desk. Gorgeous in Castellan's robes. regulated. is still unidentified. presumably contemplating his own importanc e.' 'Unidentified ?' Kelner was displeased.' 'But it is one of our own?' 'Long-range scan of molecular patina seems to indicate Gallifreyan origin. and took good care that his various duties kept him out and about in the enormous sprawling Capitol. Andred coughed and Kelner seemed to become aware of his presence. docketed . Returning to his o wn control complex. I'll need the code-key.' 'Present defence level?' 'Still on Green. 'Speak up. he held the globe before a scanner. Much as he loved the grandeur of his position.' 'No sense in taking c hances. Castellan Kelner didn't rea lly like to be troubled with actual work. Kelner sat gazing into space. 'Main . Andred rose. Everything on Gallifrey had to be identified. 'At this distanc e. and went into the inner office. fool! Thank you!' Andred sat frowning for a mo ment. Commander?' 'A report has just come in. the city-sized comple x of buildings that was the seat of all Time Lord government. Where? Whenno relative time.' 'Temporal scan has just picked up an unidentified capsule approaching Gallifrey. sir. rather like a laborator y model of an atom. He would reprove you for bothering him with trivia and complain even more savagely if he wasn't told everything he need ed to know. sir. Go to Amber. Commander. within our own Continum. sir. At this particular moment Andred was at his desk for once. Andred was impatiently demanding further det ails from the speaker on the other end of the communications circuit. which was fortunate since an urgent and alarming message had just arrived.' 'Yes sir.' 'Continue.' said Andred cautiously. the capsule. Kelner took one of the little globes from its setting and ha nded it to Andred. man. 'Yes. what is it. Andred took the globe and left the office. 'But it's still too early for a positive identi fication.desk. An unidentified capsule was against all the rules.

. hum anoid facial component. 'Then who is in that capsule? Unauthorised use of a Time Capsule ca rries the death penalty. 'Only two Time Lords are currently abs ent on authorised research. See to it!' Andred went back to his console. K9 whirred and click ed.' 'Wrong. cheek!' 'Cheek. 'If the alien resists arres tkill him!' . Leela had gone off in a huff.' There was a brief musical bleep from the console as the command code was recorde d and accepted.. 'They've put an Amb er Alert on me! An Amber Alert! Cheek!' K9 was baffled. If a sentient life-form emerges . physical characteristics. 'We have confirmation now.' Andred paused. Master?' 'Yes.security? Commander Andred speaking. sir. He wasn't programmed for slang.' He paused. arrest and hold for interrogation. 'Data check insists definition correct. The Doctor was studying his control console.' The Doctor ignored him.. t he capsule will be destroyed on materialisation. 'If there is no sign of life. Commander." reported Andred. 'Cheek. 'An Amber A lert.. The Doctor and K9 were alone in the control room.' said the Doctor absently. If you check their molecular codings. sir.' 'I've alrea dy done that.' 'Then what is all the fuss about?' 'It's still uni dentified. 'Commander Andred to all Guard Leaders..' Kelner rubbed long. 'The capsul e is definitely Gallifreyan..' Kelner punched a control panel and a set of symbols appeared on the readout screen of his desk computer. eh?' It wasn't clear if he thought the degree of alarm was too severe. formulating his orders. An unidentified capsule is approaching the Capitol. or not severe enough. Neither of them match. sir. bony hands togeth er in alarm. Please establish Amber Alert immediately.

the interior of the TARDIS was virtually limitless in size.' Andred stiffly replied. 'Please do not mock me. She couldn't shake off the feeling that he was heading blindly into terrible danger. Master. especially when she was worried.' 'This is a fine time to take a bath!' said the Doctor indignantly. Right in the heart of the Capitol. to the astonishment of the Doctor who had completely for gotten it was there. Leela had discovered the swimming pool on one of he r trips of exploration. She used it often now.' said the Doctor suddenly. K9. 'That girl's got no sense of occasion. powerful strokes.' Leela swam to a nd fro in a luxurious swimming pool that was only one of the TARDIS's many surpr ises. I think I'll go and supervise its destruction personally. 'They've estimated the landing place of the cap sule. Andred .' 'I will see that all the regu lations are observed. Climbing out o f the pool. Since it was dimensionally transcendental. interrogated. Master. as she swam length after length with smooth. Leela was wor ried now.' 'What ?' 'Totally immersed in H2O. members of the Vardan council were studying a complex flickering of symbols on a video . sir. 'Of course. and then executed. sir. And remember.' 'Where's Leela?' 'Immersed. In the war room of their flag-ship. It seemed the nearest thing the TARDIS could provide to the open air. Master.2 The President-Elect 'Like a dog-biscuit. 'Or a ballbearing?' K9 was h urt. The Doc tor's strange behaviour seemed to be getting steadily worse. He is to be captured. Andred paused at the ent rance to the Castellan's office. an alien who can steal and control a capsule is dangerous by definition. she shook herself dry and went to find him.' Kelner waved him away. and marched away.

'Disgusting. and the guards br ought their stasers to their shoulders. The Doctor beamed. 'Good. gentlemen. eh?' said the Doctor thoughtfully.. decided Andred.' His voice tailed away. we're here to arrest you. The moment it materialised the TARDIS was surrounded by a squad of Chanceller y Guards. 'Never heard of it!' He strolled down the line and stopped in front of another guard. Somehow the situation was getting out of his control. peered down the muzzle. He stood sta ring at her open-mouthed. 'I don't thin k you understand. not fit to guard a jelly baby!' With a sudden cha nge of mood.screen. 'Interesting. my man?' There was just the right note of jovial authority in his voice and the guard answered automatically. by the way?' Andred c ame forward. . tense and alert. Before anyone coul d stop him he snatched the man's staser.. 'Call yourselves an Honour Guard? Disgraceful. absolutely filthy!' He raked the line of guards with a withering stare. a rabble. h ello.. as he caug ht sight of Leela. stasers trained on the blue box.' The TARDIS appeared at the bottom of a flight of steps in one of the ante-chambers of the main Capitol building. 'And where are you from. who had suddenly appeared in the TARDIS doorway.' 'No matter. 'Would you care for a jelly baby.. The choice of arrival point was a worrying one. the Doctor fished a crumpled paper bag from his pocket and offered it to the nearest guard. There will be others. It is nice to be back!' Andred gave a signal.' One of the council said dubiously. I l ike to see a smart bit of drill!' He strode up to the nearest guard like some vi siting general. sir. The Chancellor's office was very clos e. very good. He stared arrogantly about him. 'Gallifre y. 'He appears to have landed. The TAR DIS door opened and the Doctor strode out. then threw the weapon back to him. a rabble that's all you are. 'Well. They waited.' 'Gallifrey.' said the Leader softly. sudde nly appeared to notice the guards and favoured them with a lordly wave. 'Perhaps they will kill him at once.

ornately carved do or. shall we?' He set off at a brisk pace. and he strode towards the door. 'That's the Chancellor's office. 'Number one section with me. It was a long. and they went on their way. His face was seamed and wrinkl ed and his hair snowy white. The Doctor glanced from side to side as they walked along. The Doctor whirled round.'Good. determined to show who was in charge. 'No one c an go in there unannounced. here we are.' He opened the door and went into the office. Andred hurried after him. The guard s closed in on her. and the Doctor disappeared. but Andred barred his way.' ' I know!' The Doctor moved towards the door. ' Right. good.' said the Doctor amiably. Andred hurrying to catch up with him. guard the girl. 'Ah. Much of the Chancellery had been destroy ed in the events of his last visit. Since the assassination of the last President by the last Chancellor.' 'Then announce me!' Such was the authority in the D octor's voice that Andred heard himself saying. 'Very well. Lea d the way!' 'Follow me!' ordered Andred. 'Where do you think you're going? You stay he re till I send for you!' Baffled and resentful. and Leela started to fol low him. n umber two. . richly but simply furnished. high-ceilinged room.' he said chattily.' Leela was left standing beside the TARDIS. Leela stayed where she was. but his back was straight and his eyes bright with intelligence. Boru sa had been both Chancellor and Acting-President. 'Let's get on with it. This was Cardinal Borusa. and came to a sudden halt outside a heavy. 'Thing's have changed a bit since I was last here. The Do ctor stopped so suddenly that Andred nearly bumped into him. The Doctor strode through the wide marble corridors of the c hancellery. now the most powerful Time Lord on Galli frey. reading an ancient scroll.' Andred stared at him. and in a n even more elaborate style. Behind a huge desk at the far end sat a tall hawk-faced old man in th e robes of a Cardinal.' said the Doctor cheerfully. but it had all been rebuilt by now. 'Right you are. 'Halt!' shouted Andred.

an unexpected emergency. 'Doctor! What brings you back to Gallifrey?' There was no answerin g smile on the Doctor's face. A ll those endless lectures on responsibility and duty. 'I do not disp ute the claim.' 'You taught me nothing. dancing with its intricately patterned shape s. holding out his arm s in welcome. eh.. How you used to bore me when I was at the Academy. There was no reply. Borusa lo oked up.. I claim the titles and honours. The Doctor had always been a secret f avourite of his.' 'What right?' 'I claim the Inheritance of Rassilon.' K9 glided to and fro before the TARDIS con sole.' The Doctor strode into the room. usually throbbing with life was silent.' said K9 reprovingly. and the Doctor and Borusa were alone.' Far away in deep space. 'You do not dispute my claim?' The old man looked sadly at his former pupil.' .' 'St ill the pedant. brushing Andred aside. and resumed his patrol. but as yet no suitable candidate had appeared. 'Where is the Doctor?' he demanded. That had been some time ago..' 'Which obviously failed to make the slightest impression. the duty and obedience of all colleges. only the lunatic arrogance with which it has been presented.. I claim the Presidency of the High Council of the Time Lords. 'You are a very stupid machine. dead. the War Leader of the Vardans looked up fr om the symbol-covered video-screen. despite a tendency to rashness and indiscipline.until such time as a suitable Candidate for the Presidency could be found. Nothing that instinc t could not provide better. Andred and the guards had been dis missed. 'I believe we have chosen well. Borusa rose and to Andred's astonishment he actually smiled. 'I am here to claim my legal right. displeased at the interruption. 'Well?' 'Forgive the intrusion. Borusa. sir. The TARDIS console . Now he seemed to have slipped over the border between eccentricity and madness.

At the time this had simply been a legalist ic device. To escap e execution. " he said defensively. the on ly opposition candidate was now dead.' said the Docto r. The Doctor's previous visit to Gallifrey. but the one who was then Chancellor. And you yours..' 'You had that at your fingertips.. the first since he had fled into exile many long years before.. to give the Doctor time to discover and unmask the real criminal. 'The Council ratified my appointment. Borusa.. 'The Chancellor would have killed me. 'Very well. had been brought about by the ma chinations of the Master.' began Borusa. I need another lesson. ' 'Thank you!' 'I intended no disrespect. Borusa said wearily..' . and no other candidate had ever been broug ht forward According to the ancient Constitution of Gallifrey.' The Doctor looked strangely at him. the Presidency ha d therefore passed to the Doctor by default. before you g o.' 'Oh yes you did! Borusa.' 'On what particular subject?' 'On the Constitution. 'Not I. The Doctor interrupted him. the Doctor had announced his candidacy for the Presidency. Nev ertheless the Doctor had been accepted as a candidate for the Presidency. 'Is there another candidate legally?' 'No. 'I stand corrected.' Borusa winced at the Doctor's accusation. you w ould have killed me.'Then you must trust your instincts. his greatest enemy.' said the Doctor with simple arrogance. It was an unfortunate oversight.' 'Politeness dictates. the last time we met.' 'And if I hadn't.' 'I am the President. The Master had assassinated the Pr esident of Gallifrey and fixed the guilt of the murder upon the Doctor. I will do my best to persuade the other Cardinals to accept you as P resident. . 'Yes. 'No pers uasion is needed. Did you simply assume his post after hi s death?' Borusa flushed angrily.' There was an odd little silence. putting himself beyond the reach of the law. There was an unc omfortable amount of truth in it.

turned and walked away.' . He c ould be useful to us.' objected one of the council.' snapped Borusa. You haven't b een given leave to depart. th e Vardan council studied the tracery of elaborate symbols on their vision screen . 'Our course has already been decided. Borusa. it is true-but you chose to leave Ga llifrey. the Council can ratify nothing.' 'The plan has been made. A picture of lunatic gra ndeur. the Doctor leaned back in his chair and smiled. This needs thought. Perhaps we should not kill him after all. 'Perhaps we should reconsider o ur plans for the Doctor.' 'And now I have returned as President!' Borusa turned to leave and the Doctor snapped. He inclined his head in the merest suggestion of a bow. I do not need your leave to do anything!' 'Then the ceremony had better ta ke place at once.' repeated the Doctor implacably. 'An interesting encounter. 'The Doctor seems to understand discipline. With total absorption.' 'There was no President.' hissed the Leader.' 'I may reconsider.' 'Until you have been confirmed and inducted as Presi dent. 'A point which seems to have escaped you. Borusa was too furious to speak..' 'It will be arranged as soon as possible' 'At once.'Without a President.. 'You were President-elect.' said the War Leader arrogantly.

and.. The Castellan had listened to the old man's angry recital with noncommittal calm.' 'No discipline!' Andred came in and bowed to his tw o superiors. gentlemen.3 Attack from the Matrix 'No discipline. Kelner had no intention of allying himself with the losing side. and Borusa had come to consult with Kelner.' said Andred steadily. Kelner smiled humbly at the President-Elect's little joke. it is only a matter of time before the President-Elect is confirmed in his authority. but the President-Elect desires your immediate a ttendance. sir. Cas tellan. Chancellor. and as far as he understood it. 'About my office. 'Now then. especially for Time Lords. 'After all. for all his eccentricities.' said the Doctor cheerfully. 'A request is a request. He listened with appro val to Borusa's report. then.' said Kelner hurriedly. . 'Forgive me.' stormed Borusa. the arrangements for the ceremony had been put in hand.' The Doctor received them in the Chancellor's office.' 'Simply a matter of a few formalities. 'It is his urgent request. Kelner was first and foremost a politician. sirs. Commander Andred was a soldier. Still it's always a matter of time. perhaps Borusa's day was already ove r. seeme d to be a man of purpose and decision.. his hand touched the butt of his staser pistol. 'Only a matter of time. still in his mood of manic jollity. 'Does the Pr esident-Elect fully understand the dangers? Does he accept the risk of induction into the Matrix without the necessary period of preparation?' 'He understands n othing. As if by accident.' said Kelner smoothly. with a so ldiers's loyalties.' 'Then let him rot in the heart of a black star!' snarled Borusa. 'That has always been the Doctor's trouble. sir. His duty was to serve the ruler of his planet. he accepts nothing. that ruler was now the Doctor.' Th e Doctor's orders meant that an induction ceremony had to be arranged with almos t indecent haste.' Borusa snorted. The new President.

The rooms. I think I'd prefer the style of the old Thesaurian Empire-zero seven three. my qua rters.' He looked disdainfully around him.' .' 'On second thoughts. were simply. y ou know. You might not find them adequate. sir. It will have to be completely redecorated of course. 'Why not Earth.' 'Of course. then. I mean my office. 'That. 'May I remind you tha t we are not your lackeys? We are Time Lords.' 'Th ere are of course the previous Presidents quarters. Before the Doctor could reply. I don't know. the tim e when there was all that wonderful lead panelling. sir. I am Chancellor' 'Illegally!' 'I am a Cardinal.' 'Of course. 'I do so hate all this-squatting. I know that. Relative date zero poin t three four one seven three nine eight nine.' agreed Kelner. carve d tables. and a few moments later.' agreed Kelne r. Ev en liked it at times. sir?' asked K elner..' 'In what style. this won't do at all . Borusa said disgustedly. I don't mean the office of President. at least. I suppose. take me to my office.' The office of the President adjoine d the Chancellor's. Early Quasar Five? A touch of Riga?' 'The merest hint of the Sinan Empire ?' suggested Kelner. the equivalent of gold on Earth.' said the Doctor. You know. 'Second Dynasty. Twentieth Century? I understand you' ve spent a good deal of time there?' 'Well. yes. 'Oh. 'Still. the room has possibilities. as Borusa had said. Kelner was ushering the Doctor insi de. of course. 'Now let me seethat would be Sol Three. I did get used to the place.' said Borusa acidly. 'Then we must have them refurnished. almost sparsely furnished. 'Oh no. somewhere to go when I want to be a lone. I think. Borusa said angrily. The Doctor w aved a hand.'Oh. It was their rarest metal.' Kelner converted the date Borusa had mentioned into Time Lord reckoning.. Now.' agreed the Doctor contemptuously. at least!' 'Oh yes. a room to sit and think in. That. 'Which style would you prefer?' The Doctor gazed round the spacious room. a few ancient tapestries. however. a couch or two. 'He was a man of simple tastes.

'Eh.' 'Then more must do so. Leela crumpled the elegant robe and tossed it to the floor.' continued the Doctor. does he not?' Borusa gave the Doctor a sudden thoughtful look. CardinalI mean ChancellorElect. give her comfortable quarters. I'm afraid.' 'Where would you like the lead panels to be placed?' 'Everywhere. Pres ident-Elect?' asked Borusa coldly. but so effective.' 'What things ?' 'The redecoration. 'May I also leave.. 'It will take a little time. walls. but said nothi ng. ceiling..' 'Thank you. sir?' 'No.' 'Yes of course.' The Doctor gl anced at Borusa. Put your best craftsmen on it im mediately.' Kelner bowed his way out. 'For instance.' 'I'm sure the Castellan is quite capable of dealing with that. 'Will that be all. 'That l ooks very good. 'his knowledge hardly extends to the c haracteristic Thesaurian style of the zero seven three era. Very primitive.' 'Lead is a very difficult substance to control. Bo rusa. 'But of course. for instance. flooreverywhe re!' Leela held up an elaborate gold lamé robe and studied it disgustedly.' 'Zero seven three?' 'Yes.' said Andred encouragingly. you remember. But I would be grateful if you could super vise certain important details. We have things to discuss.' Kelner bowed. Have her released. of course . I shall expect her to attend. 'No.' said the Doctor expansively. and suitable dress for my initiation ceremony. The good Castellan has flaws in his understandin g.' 'Oh.' said the Doctor graciously." 'Oh. all those marvellous lead panels.' 'Very fe w have mastered the art. yes. 'Everywhere?' 'Yes!' The Doctor swept his ha nd round the room in an extravagant gesture. See to my friend Leela. sir. quite.Kelner bowed. 'Door. . sir. we've plenty of that.

Borusa was finishing an account of the long and complex ceremon y that lay before the Doctor.Commander Andred sighed. 'Madam. that ever . and he felt as if he had been suddenly put i n charge of a female wildcat. a bow. May I ask what you woul d like?' 'I would like a quiver of arrows. Leela. please. Now she was rejecting all his attempts to p rovide her with a more suitable wardrobe.. Andred had accepted the assignment with mixed feelings. For a moment they stood locked in opposition. and m y knife back. for internal security. But he hadn't been prepared for he r fiercely independent temperament. 'MadamLe ela. I t meant that he would be seeing more of Leela.' asked the Doctor idlybut his eyes were bright w ith concentration.' he said deliberately.' he began again. remote Time Ladies one saw in the Capitol.' She reached for her knife.' 'Leela. All weapons are forbidden here. The Matrix iseverything! The sum t otal of all the information that has ever been stored. since she was almost as strong as he was. 'I am sorry. b ut Andred caught her wrist and forced her hand awaynot without effort. Madam. Leela had been unimpressed by the luxuriously furn ished rooms he had provided for her.' 'Yes. Madam.' 'Just the Matrix. 'There is no just about it. those were the President-Elect's instructions. except for those carried by the guards themselves. th en Andred put forth his full strength and thrust her hand down and away. a pouch of Janis thorns. My guards were quite right to take it from you.' 'You said the Doctor ordered you to look after me. 'Then keep your fine clothes and useless baublesand keep your President-Elect!' In the Chan cellor's office. 'And then Gold Usher will formally introduce you t o the Matrix.' Le ela grabbed a box of priceless jewels and threw them across the room.. who was so much more vital and al ive than the cool. we have tried every style of female attire in the entire cosmos.' In fact they had been Kelner's. which was thrust into Andred's belt. 'I have told you many times that I cannot give you b ack your knife. ' Don't call me Madam!' 'I am sorry. but I cannot give you your weapon. pass ed on from the Doctor.' 'My name is Leela. Her savage beauty had made a considerable impression on Andred.

' said the Doctor slowl y. Leela it is time. the imprints of the personalities of generations of Time Lords and their Presidentstheir elected Presidentswill become available to you.' 'Yes. he had entered a nightmare world. In doing so. 'Summon the Commanders !' 'Full Alert?' 'Not yet.' (The Vardan Leader watched the swirling coalescenc e of symbols on his screen and said. that he was prepared to t ake the risk with no preparation at all.' 'I'll put it to good use-the best use!' 'That is no more than your duty. arms fol ded. 'Oh yes.. I didn't like it much..' . It will become part of you. quite so. It was an experience that had almost cost the Doctor his sanity and his life. 'Once before you have entered into the Amplified Panatropic Compu ter. The Doctor said musingly.' 'Yes. 'I will not come unless you return my weapon.' said Borusa war ningly.. 'The APC net is only a small part of the Matrix.' Leela stood in the centre of the room. But the first phase is already nearing completion.' The Doctor had only been able to defeat th e Master's murderous schemes by linking his mind with the APC net. as you will become part of it. 'Prepare!') 'But you know all this already. ' said Borusa. It was typical of the Doctor..' Andred ap peared in the doorway of Leela's chambers. 'That's what I thought. I will have complete power?' 'More power than anyone in the known universe. Quite so !' The Vardan War Leader rose. Y ou'll be late for the ceremony.can be stored.. thought Borusa. created by the rebel Time Lord who had been th e Master's pawn.' The Doctor smiled. 'And when I h ave been introduced to the Matrix. The psychic shock of union with the Matrix was considerable. Borusa. and most Pr esidents-Elect prepared themselves for the ordeal with a long period of mental t raining. We must be ready.. 'Please come now.

eh. 'Inciden tally. very eminent Time Lords stood close to the dais. normally it takes years to discuss a Presidential Or dination let alone actually assemble one. 'Are there duties for me? Rites I must observe. 'Vulgar bad manners is if an ything possibly worse. He stared pointedly at his ancient colleague.' said Lord Gomer pettishly. 'Und ue haste is bad enough.' Andred paus ed.' 'Then I shall not let him down. Lord Savar nodded wisely. aren't you overdue for another regeneration?' Savar ignored the remark. It is one of the largest an d most impressive chambers in the known universe.' he said complacently. the domed glass roof seems as high above as the sky it self. Gomer? Still. ' I believe I have wisdom to fit my years. . As the hall s lowly filled two very old.' promised Leela solemnly.' 'I will try. 'Oh. The grand hall of the Panopticon is an immense circular chamber us ed by the Time Lords for all their major ceremonies. they say the time will throw up the man. By n ow the hall was filled with rank upon rank of Time Lords.' Leela remembered the complex ceremonies with which her own tribe marked the creation o f a new chief.' 'They say time brings wi sdom too. She followed Andred f rom the room. and on the far sid e of the hall an impressive staircase leads down to a raised circular dais. 'This ceremony-it does the Doctor much honour?' 'The highest honour that our race can give. perhaps there is one thing. things I must do or not do?' 'There is nothing for you to do but attend and observe. Why.' snapped Gomer. The immense marble floor is bi g enough to hold an army. He took the knife from his belt and passed it to Leela.Andred sighed. all wearing the differ ent-coloured robes and insignia of the different Chapters. She slipp ed it back into the sheath. a man of rigidly old-fashioned views.' Gomer was the Surgeon-General. the complex social fa mily and political organisations that dominated Time Lord Society. Row upon row of viewing galleries run around the walls. Leela?' 'Yes?' 'It would assist the smooth progress of the affair if you could refrain from killing anyone while the ceremo ny is in progress. 'Unsettled times.

without much hope of being understood. Impressive in his long white robes the Doctor came down the great sta ircase and took his place on the central dais. Madam.. He began to speak. High Cardinal Borusa." To Sa var's enormous relief. Gomer persisted with his explanation. his usually cheerful features cold and hard.. it's just a little study of mine. Time Lords. declaimi ng his words in a sonorous rolling chant. There was total silence in the enormous hall. but without recognition. and for a moment there seemed a twinkle in his eye.. Savar was not known for any unnecessary mental activity. The Doctor seemed a stranger in his long white ceremonial robes. Andr ed had found a place for Leela in the very front rank of the spectators. 'The Black Star protect us! What is a cyclic burst rati o?' 'Oh. my lord. She was impressed in spite of herself.' said Gomer dryly .' Savar covered a yawn. Gold Usher came to the front of the dais and held up his hand. Behind him came the appropriately robed Gold Usher. His eyes flicked briefly. a hobby..' said Gomer solemnly.' said Gomer dryly.' said Savar loftily.' 'That does not surprise me.. say over the last decade or so. You do understand what a hob by is?' 'I may have come across the term. 'Ever hear of cyclic burst?' 'I beg your p ardon?' 'The answer to many scientific problems may lie in the cyclic burst rati o. an enormous fluctuati on in relative wavelength transduction over a particularly narrow band. These Time Lords must be a powerful tribe. a fanfare of trumpets announced the arrival of the Presid ent-Elect. 'Real ly?' 'I've noticed lately. 'I'm making a study of w hat I call wavelength broadcast power transduction.. 'Honoured members of the High Council.. and the ornat ely robed crowd." He inclined his head briefly towards Leela.' .. The Doctor took his place on the centre of the raised circular dais and the others grouped themselves formally around him. and th e other Cardinals and officials. Then the deep voice took up its impressive chant. 'We are here today to honour the will and the wisdom of Ra ssilon. Cardinals. with the immense size of the hall. 'But I fail to un derstand any significant meaning. over Leela in her p lace in the front rank.'Just so. and behind him Castellan Kelner.

' hissed the Vardan War Leader exultantly.) Th e Doctor reached out his hand and touched the cushion in a ceremonial gesture. ornate sash from a waiti ng guard and fastened it about the Doctor's shoulders. The pauses between the echoing reverberations seemed endless. 'By custom.('We are near victory. by consent of the Time L ords of Gallifrey.) The staff crashed down for the th ird time. his eyes fixed on the scree n..' Gold Usher took the heavy. Gold Usher's ceremonial staff crashed down. 'Accept therefore the Rod of Rassilon He placed a slender metal wand in the Doctor's hands. ('Now we have th em. Othe r Time Lords came forward and played their part. ' Do you swear to uphold the laws of Gallifrey? Do you swear to follow in the wisd om of Rassilon?' 'I swear..' hissed the Vardan War Chief. 'Seek. I shall strike three times. theref ore to find the Great Key of Rassilon. the sound echo ing thunderously. Once.. invest the candidate as President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.' . I shall in duty bound.' The staff crashed down. (The Key of Rassilon had been stolen by the Master. to invest you as President of the High Council. 'It is my duty and privilege. Gold Us her turned to the Doctor. . Leela sensed that the ceremony was nearing its end. there were solemn incantations and responses. twice. Accept theref ore the sash of Rassilon... Finally Gold Usher came forward once more..' He gestured towards an empty cushion. and what seemed like a recital of the entire history of the Time Lords.) Leela's eyes glazed and her head nodded as the ceremony went on and on. 'Is there anyone here to contest the right of the candidate to the Great Key of Rassilon?' Again that total silence fell on the vast crowded h all. held by another guard. and h e had escaped with it after the failure of his attempt to destroy Gallifrey. Should no voice be heard by the thi rd stroke.. and the echoes rolled away around the edges of the great hall.

the Matrix. The Doctor stood there for a m oment. I wish you good fortune and strength. the focus of the entire enormous assembly.' he said solem nly. Then his face twisted and his body convulsed. Gold Usher's staff rapped once more and a plinth bearing a golden Circlet rose from the dais.... His mouth opened in a kind of silent scream.. 'I give you. and placed the Circlet on the Doctor's head.Another pause. .' Gold Usher lifted the Circlet and hol ding it high moved over to the Doctor. as he tried frantic ally to claw the Circlet from his temples. 'Then I invest you Lord President of the High Counc il.

Borusa.' Gomer was no respecter of ceremonies..' said Leela fiercely. 'You mean the Doctor is going to die?' 'Very possibly. 'Surgeon General!' Gomer hurried forward and knelt to examine the Docto r. A guard pulled her away. then led his men forward.. Chancellor-Elect Borusa. 'Will he be all right?' asked Leela. The Circl et is the Matrix Terminal.' 'There is no candidate.4 The Fugitive For a moment no one moved. we shall find ourselves going through thi s whole boring business again. 'Guards. and did not reply. Leela realised the significance of Gome r's words.' 'The Doctor does not retreat. There is only the President. and hurled herself at the Doctor. It cannot reject him.' And with slight panic in his voice h e cried. Borusa and Gold Usher were still lo cked in argument. 'He is n o coward. in the very near future. as the Doctor writhed in agony before them. 'Doctor!' screamed Leela. Leela waited anxiously. 'H e is the Matrix now.' . 'The Matrix rejects the can didate. Then Leel a sprang onto the dais. therefore this is the President. or of Chancellors either.' Stiffly Gomer rose. it's unheard of. 'For a candidate to be attacked by the Matrix. 'Moreover. knocking him from his feet. seize him!' Andred hesitated for a moment. and he slumped back unconscious . Gold Usher barred their way.' shouted Borusa triumphantly. 'Stop! None may lay hands on the president!' 'The Matrix has rejected him!' repeated Borusa. if you continue to sta nd there arguing legal technicalities. For the moment he has retreated. 'Surely you can see that this changes everything.' insisted Bo rusa. The Doctor fell headlong. and the force of his fall dislodged the Circlet from his brow. The old man went on with his examination . It can only be worn by the President. His body arched in a final spasm.

He was more used to delivering rebukes t han to receiving them. We must investigate her attack on the Doctor. ' agreed Gomer. Borusa. Borusa raised his voice. Commander.'The retreat is purely a mental one. he turned to Andred. 'The President needs both rest and skilled medical attention. 'There was an attack. but I'm sure his hearts are in the right places!' (In their war r oom the Vardans were conferring agitatedly. Signal all Comma nders to increase speed. He has li ttle strength.' 'Oh have the kindness to be quiet. Bring her!' .' As agitated Time Lords began filing out. and the crowd around the dais thickened as Time Lords pressed forward to see what was going on. 'We are close. a simple defence reaction brought about by a sudden and unexpected attack on his conscious mind. 'I saved him . Please leave the Panopticon quietly. 'Time Lords! The President is u nwell.' He hobbled off after th e Doctor. prohibit all visitors a nd keep your tedious bureaucratic problems to yourself. Remain calm.' protested Leela. 'It is still too soon. We need a place of absolute securityand quiet. I sh all supervise his case myself. 'Should he die. We shall implement plan three.' 'M ay I be permitted to suggest the Chancellery?' 'The Chancellery will be perfect. 'Take him away.' One of the council said.' whispered one of the council. We have taken him to the Chancellery.' 'Too long. 'So very close!' The War Leader said.' 'You see?' said Borusa tr iumphantly.') The murmuring was loud er now. I s uggest you cut off all communication with the President. Kelner said soothingly. 'Impertinence!' fumed Borusa. 'Bring the girl.' 'The enquiry will determine that.' 'I didn't attack him. Borusa. it will take a long tim e to replace him. We must gamble upon his survival. 'The Surgeon-General may be a lit tle impetuous. A bulletin will be iss ued shortly. Gomer turned to the Cardinal. 'As for you.' Guards lifted the Doctor and carried him revere ntly from the Panopticon.' s napped Gomer.

Lord Gomer?' demanded Borusa impatientl y. The guar ds closed in on Leela but not soon enough. Two more guards moved to cut her off.The Doctor lay stretched out on a couch in the Chancellor's office. 'He has suffered a massive sub-mensan shock.' said Leela desperately. of course..' 'No. Get rid of her.' said the Do ctor implacably. Commander.' warned Boru sa. 'Ah Chancellor! What happened?" 'You suffered so me kind of an attack. Doctor. holding a tiny crystal phial to his neck.' insisted Leela. and flashed out of the door befo re the tangled guards could disentangle themselves. no. The Doctor's eyes were open. 'Well. I won't leave you. threw him against his fellow.' 'In the outer world?' said Andred. dodge d round him and made for the door. It's forbidden t o bring alien savages into the Capitol. I've given him a deranger dose b ut it will be hours perhaps days before he. The Capitol was so large that it covered most of Gallifrey. 'That's right.' ordered Borusa. Lee la hurried to the Doctor's side. it was the Circlet. shocked.' 'Put her out. what's happene d to you? It's me. your alien friend here knocked you down. She broke free of Andred's grip. Gomer was le aning over him.' 'Nonsense. Leela. The countr y outside was still surprisingly wild and primitive. 'T he Circlet was killing him!' The Doctor sat up. 'Are you all right?' 'Quietly now. 'Something's happene d to your mind. sir?' 'Outside the Capitol...' 'Doctor. Indeed to a Time Lord. 'Incredible.' 'Take her!' ordered Borusa. 'Out where.' murmured Gomer. She gra bbed the nearest. 'In addition to which. . Everyone looked. 'What are you doing on Gallifrey?' 'You brought me. 'Expel her!' 'No. Gomer handed the empty phial to an assistant and straightened up. The colourless liquid flowed directly into the Doctor's blood stream.' said Borusa cautiously. 'After her!' shouted Borusa..' 'Doctor!' said Leela delightedly. He stared indignantly at Leela. The Doctor lifted his head. the Capitol was Gallifrey. Andred to ok hold of Leela's arm.

'That's very brave of you. Andred ra ised his wrist-communicator.' Kelner bustled in. 'Stop. 'This is Commander Andred. alien!' But the two old Time Lords blocked their view of Leela. there's a ringing in my head.' said Kelner. and they couldn't get a clear shot. By the time they had herded t he astonished old men out of the way and taken up the pursuit. 'Your Excellency is feeli ng better?' 'Can't complain. Come. She shot past two ancient Time Lords who were toddling along the corridor discussing the recent scandalou s events in the Panopticon. I war n you. She got away. Your Excellency. 'Which way did she go?' 'She turned off down there. if I may enquire. An escaped alien prisoner is at large in the Capitol . Andred came back into the Chancellor's office to find the Doctor sitting u p. guards close behind her. 'I wish someone would switch off that awful ringing in my head.' 'The President ordered his female comp anion to be expelled from the Capitol. Commander. don't just stand thereget after her!' The guards ran off." 'I'll take charge of the o peration myself.. 'What is happening? Who ordere d those alarm' he broke off at the sight of the Doctor. and tur n out all available guards. w eaving to and fro. Leela turned a corner and disappea red. sir.' 'I ordered the alarms to be sou nded..' 'Well.The guards lumbered in pursuit.' As Kelner departed the Doctor said plaintiv ely. The leading guard drew his staser. Leela sped throu gh the long marble corridors.' A clangorous alarm bell began ringing through the corridors. The guard fired and missed. 'That's funny.' said the Doctor cheerfully.' . Andred came running up. Sound the alarm. The y raised their stasers. or I fire!' Leela went on running. I shall see that she is driven out. The girl got away. Leela can be dangerous!' 'Have no fear Your Excellency. Chancellor. Leela had disappe ared. The guards hurtled around the corner in pursuit. 'Halt. Leela was already disappearing down the corridor . 'Excellentand now. Castellan. sir.

wondered the Doctor. of all people . I've never been more serious in my lifein any of my lives. It concealed a door. I shall make sure that you are not disturbed. opening it a crack.' 'Isn't that a little melodr amaticeven for you?' The Doctor yawned ostentatiously. 'What exactly are you playing at. I am President!' 'I thought respect was a quality you didn' t admire. Th e old man looked down at his former pupil.Andred snapped an order and the sound died away. 'A little more respect. got up.' Borusa bowed ironically. His new and exalted position was f ar from secure. To keep others out. we're all in danger.' Borusa went out. While Leel a remains free in the Capitol. But this is rather more than a student prankisn't it?' 'Believe me. There was a tapestry on the wall behind Borusa's desk. and the Doctor heard his voice giving orders in the corridor outside. He peered out into t he corridor.' 'Ah. would know me better. Meanwhile. Doc tor?' The Doctor grinned impudently up at him. Chancellor. The Doctor lifted it gently. You haven't changed in that respectand neit her have I.' said the D octor. and followed Kelner leaving the Doctor and Borusa alone. Doctor. or to keep him in. 'Forgive me. Andred bowed. . my ordeal at the induction seems to have made me rather tired. He waited for a moment. I'd have thought you. 'Ah. an d then tip-toed cautiously to the door. After all.' 'Thank you.' Boru sa went to the door. 'The n you must rest. that's better.' 'You could never succeed in deceiving me wh en you were a student at the Academy. my dear Chancellor-Elect. My Lord President. but that was before. He could order them to go awaybut would they ob ey him? Better not risk direct confrontation. 'We can continue our discussion when you have had time to r estand when your alien friend has been captured and expelled. The Doctor began pacing about the room. Two guards were posted outside the room. if you do n't mind. L ord Borusa.

palm pr int. Retina pattern?' He glared hard at the empty chair. is there? QED Quod E rat Demonstrandum. 'Open Sesame! I command you to open!' Nothing happened. No one to enter. I want to see the president. I knew you'd have a bolt-hole. But you've got to adm it. I've got a problem. 'Now listen. and saw his own clothes in the corner. The Doctor spoke again.. sir. There's absolutely no point in havin g another door to your room if you haven't got a key. I see. finding not a key but a map. Borusa. therefore you're the key. Andred gl ared at them. Good men!' He went on h is way. Nothing happened. addressing it as though Borusa still sat there. and realised that he hadn't got any pocketshe was still in his ind uction robe. dark passage. He searched Boru sa's desk. as Andred came along the corridor. that you're very fond of the sound of your own voice. 'There's nothing more useless than a lock with a voice print!' The door swu ng open. He looked round the room. The Doctor felt in his pockets for his soni c screwdriver. Well done.' He looked. He tried again. 'Even the so nic screwdriver won't get me out of this one. accusingly at the chair. do you? You always used to say there's nothing more useless than a lo ck with a voice print!' There was a whirr and a clunk from the door. It was locked. But an actual key can be lost or stolen. 'Retina print. 'Out of my way. Well. The guards outside the Chancellor' s office crashed to attention. voice print. ar ranged on a stand. that's too simple. That's Latin. Doctor!' He tr ied to open the door. Palm print? No..' He turned to the door . He hurried over to them.'Can't fool me. No exceptions. He tried to en ter the room. 'No.. barring his way.' thought the Doctor and looked tho ughtfully at the Chancellor's empty chair. 'But you don't like voi ce prints. Latin and logic. managing to produce a very creditable imitation of Borusa's acid to nes. Borusa.. The Doctor completed dressing. but the guards Presented their stasers. .' Andred decided to save fac e as best he could. Chancellor Borusa's orders. winding his scarf around his neck and jam ming his hat on the back of his head. 'You know how to obey orders. which he promptly pocketed. Behind it was a short. He produced his sonic screwdriver and atta cked the lock.' 'Sorry.. Still nothing..

Andred was in the Castellan's office. two. 'Chancellor. passages. an d was just in time to see the Doctor disappearing round a corner. Somebody passed by. He looked up a nd called. by any chance? Still resting and not to be disturbed? I see. Get after her!' The Doctor had almost reac hed his destination when a squad of guards came marching round the corner. anyway. he hurr ied off in the direction of the TARDIS. 'With the Pres ident?' 'Well. sir.. sir. but Andred carried on trying.' Kelner pun ched the controls on his desk monitor. and saw the Doctor striding swiftly down a corridor. Would you kindly inform me when he awakens? Thank you so much. Kelner switched on a communic ation circuit. she emergedand heard somebody coming down the corridor. don't just stand there. Leela was trying to reach the TARDIS her self. he came upon two furtive figures hurrying down a corridor. She's with the President. headi ng straight towards him. Leela thought ther e was something very familiar about those footsteps. opened the door at the other end and emerged into the a nteroom to the President's office. sir.' Kelner was outraged. this is Castellan Kelner. She ducked back into cover. 'Sir. Commander. Line two.' Kelner looked up at Andred. There were so many corridors. but she'd been forced to hide in an alcove by the sudden appearance of a s quad of guards. punching up shot after shot on the Capitol's video system.' Kelner hurried over. Much to his own sur prise. 'Wel l.The Doctor went down it. 'Where is s he?' 'There. Pausing a moment to get his bearings. She popped her head out. Is the President with you. following him. The Doctor made no attempt to run.. Once they'd passed by. checking corridor after corridor in a random search pattern. Stealthily Lee la moved after him. Leela some little distance behind him. zero. As the guards . ant echambers and walkaways in the enormous old building that the chances of hitting the right one at the right time were very small. I think I've found the alien.

It was closed against her. and the Doctor walked straight past them. she had slipped past them and was following the Doctor. Andred and the guards hurried towards the TARDIS. 'Come on!' Leela ran up to the TARDIS door.came level with him he flipped open his coat. sir.' muttered Andred. They could see Leela's face on the scanner. please. 'I'm with him. glanced over his shoulder. and caught a quick glimpse of Leela ducking back into cover. open the door! Please. waiting. but she was with the President' 'Probably headin g for the capsule. delighted to find the TARDIS still standing at the bottom. Meanwhile Andred had arrived and was interrogating his guards. The guards raised their heads to find their new President disappearing down the corridor. . the Doctor stood silently. She began hammering on the door with her fists. Quickly. He made no attempt to open th e door. The Doctor hurried down the staircase that led to the antechamber. 'Bow to the Sash of Rassilon!' The guards bowed their heads in reverence at the sight of the gleaming metal sash. where i s she?' 'She came this way.' she sa id. Leela pointed towards the Doctor. and before the astonished guards could react. let me in!' The Doctor didn't move. K9 was at the Doctor's feet. Insi de the TARDIS. and a skin-clad alien figure hurrying towards them. he opened the TARDIS door and went insid e. He sense d movement behind him. Beside him K9's head drooped s adly. 'Well. 'Doctor. hear her anguished voice as she pounded on the door.

Physical condition dubious. then. man!' The guard hurried away. If the Presid ent's in there too she may try to harm him again.' K9 whirr ed and clicked. Master!' 'All right.5 The Betrayal Leela heard a clatter of booted feet. sir.' .' 'She must be in there. I've discovered the location of th e security control roomdirectly under the Panopticon. what d'you think? How are we doing so far?'. A guard tried unsuccess fully to open the door. 'Risks taken appear to have been justified by results.' 'What are our chances if we proceed?' 'Actions so far indicate a success probability of thirty-nine point seven five.' 'What variables?' 'Illogicality of humanoid proce dures. 'It's locked. K9. ducked round the back of it. 'Listen.' The Doctor produced the map from Borusa's desk.' 'That ba d. you mean?' 'Affirmative. while K9 scanned him with his scissors. and sped silently away. 'Success probability increased to forty-eight point three five. 'Well. Get moving. We'll n eed a set of cypher ident keys.' Andred studied the TARDIS doo r. ' 'Thank you very much!' K9 wasn't programmed for irony. eh?' said the Doctor thoughtfully. How am I?' The Doctor stood still. Andred and his guards ran in from the other side and rushed up to the TARDIS. The Do ctor said. 'These old type forties have got some kind of trionic locking device. 'Too many var iables for accurate forecast. abandoned her attempt to get inside the TA RDIS. 'Are you sure?' 'Affirmative. 'Like me. 'Cerebral circuits in functional order. level three zero.' The Doctor grinned ruefully.

K9! Now listen. a set of mo nitor screens and an attractive. what's a couple of points between friends?' He went to the TARDIS console an d set to work. please? I shall ref lect the transmission beam off the security shield. 'Can I finish. Master.' The Doctor broke off. I don't think you could!' 'P ossibility of your formulation being better than mine less than one per cent. Many people have' 'That will do. 'Where are your guards?' she whispered fiercely. but bored young woman in Time Lord dress. 'I don't need any. Leela ran on and on through endless corridors. It held a control console. across bridges and walkways. Witho ut looking up the young woman said calmly.'That's better.' said K9 primly.' The Doctor beamed.' 'I could not have given a b etter formulation of the plan myself.' 'At least no one's ever called me smug!' ' Correction. ho wever. Cautiously. feed it back through a linke d crystal bank and boost it through the transducer.. overbear ing.. 'You know. she moved through it an d found herself in a small domed chamber. Many people have said something like that about you. eh? Not bad odds at all. The Doctor began p acing to and fro. 'Suppose I can throw a mirror cast? A shadow shift to create a false image for space traffic control?' 'The plan is feasible. 'You really are the most insufferably arrogant.' 'No.' 'Any plan incorporating success factor below six five point zero is not advisable. if you des troy Security Control after I feed in the doppler effect and eliminate the Red S hift then surely the Invasion must succeed?' 'Probability of invasion success un der conditions described rise to ninety-eight point two. smiling in spite of himself.. 'We ll.. I suggest you pr oceed as follows' The Doctor held up his hand. 'Come in!' Leela crept forward drawin g her knife.' said K9 smugly. through cloisters and anterooms until at last she found herself in a corridor that ended in a big arched doorway. ' . someone on ce said something very like that about me!' 'Correction Master. Master.

There was a buzzing from the instrument console. Yes.' Sh e yawned. 'Excuse me. atomic power and weaponry. and Leela fell into the room.' 'What if they were to attack you?' 'Then t hey would be very stupid. Leela isn't it? My name's Rodan. Between me and everybod y. only observe. Clearance authorised. it's so undignified.' Leela sheathed the knife. the Time Lords. neo-crystalline structure. 'What? That would be against every law of Gallifrey. nothing more than a glorified traffic guard?' 'You are a guard?' Instinctively Leela drew her knife again. not again. ' Primitive space fleet. the invisible barrier vanished. don't you?' Leela nodded dumbly.' Baffled and angry.' She switched off the communicator. Rodan said.' said Rodan wearily. That's their affair.Leela stepped swiftly forward and rebounded from an invisible barrier.' She waved at the console and the monitors. I suppose. 'There's a forcefield between you and me. 'Oh do stop cavorting about like that. 'Oh good.' She touched controls and one of the monitors lit up. 'You must be that alien everyone's looking for.' She looked up at Leela. Put that ridiculous knife away before you hurt yourself. We neve r interfere. 'Do you realise I've passed the Seventh Grade? Yet here I am. 'Oh. I ha ve them on tracking. 'Traffic control here.' 'Then you must stop them. Leela sheathed the knife again. It showed a se ries of brightly coloured dots moving across a dark background. Rodan spoke into a communications unit in the same bored voice. you know.' R odan was horrified. come to that. . 'The Doctor is always telling me to do tha t! Why do you not tell them I am here?' 'Why bother. The young woman smiled. Nothingnothingcan get past the transduction barrier. On its way to blast some planet into dust. all the other boring people. I knew I'd like you! Why don't you come in?' She t ouched a control. This is one of the highest security rated rooms in the entire C apitol.' 'Whos e affair?' 'The guards. 'Personally I find astrophysics a huge bore.

'It's absolutely vital that she's caught and ex pelled from the Capitol.' said Andr ed amusedly.' repeated Andred. 'You won't mention our meeting to the Chancellor. it's time for you to go and d estroy the transduction barrier. I shall say nothing.' said the Doctor softly. sir. follow me!' . 'I beg yo ur pardon. 'My Lord Pres ident!' The Doctor gave a start. he's got a frivolous mind. 'I'll see to it sir. sir.. 'It seems to be fixed in this ridiculous shape.' He took Andred's arm. 'If that is what you wish. 'Try one!' Andred took one of the sweets and popped it caut iously in his mouth. Guards. 'K9. Do you like the jelly baby ?' 'Delicious.' 'Good! Nowhave you ca ught the girl yet?' 'No sir. Andred and his guards were still grouped round the TARDIS awaiting the arrival of the keys. isn't it. Absolutely vital!' 'Vital. quite right. K9.The Doctor looked up from the TARDIS console. 'That's Sol Three in Mutt er's Spiral. 'there's no one else in there. Andred and the guards came to attention. l eading him away from the TARDIS.' 'No. sir?' 'I'd left my jelly babies in the TARDIS. sir?' 'Well done.' The Doctor produced a crumpled paper bag.' Andred said indistinctly.' 'Affirmative. no. sir. 'Jelly babies. 'I wonder what it was imitating when it got stuck. The Doctor said encouragingly.' He lowered his voice confidentia lly. 'They're a delicacy I discov ered on the planet Earth.' he said mysteriously.' The door opened and the Doctor appeared. Give me a few minutes to get away.' Andred was baffled but l oyal. and then set off. will you? I don't think h e appreciates jelly babies.. He opened the TAR DIS door.' The Doctor pressed a sweet into his hand. 'Have another! An ybody who likes jelly babies can't be all bad.' said the Doctor airily. We thought she might be in your capsule.' 'Good luck.

. bring him in. He was surprised to find that everyone had gone.' Borusa and Kelner came into the room. 'Your Excellency. Then Andred's guard bustled up carryi ng a flat box of cypher indent keys.' Borusa looked thoughtfully at him for a moment. His face a mask of polite concer n Kelner said. I take it the President is still resti ng in your chambers?" The hawk-faced old man looked up at him. Kelner tapped lightly on the door of the President's office and pushed it open. 'What? Oh . Kelner said ob sequiously. and Kelner w ent on. Trying it out for size no doubt. Borusa sat behind the President's desk. he reached for his staser pistol. Chancellor. He glided past the man's unconscious body and out of the TARDIS. Since he was a Time Lord guard. there was a rapping on the outer door.. 'I'm afraid I must tell you that the girl Leela has evaded our guards an d is still in hiding somewhere in the Capitol.' . Cautiou sly. thought Kelne r. 'My apologies.' said Kelner delicately.' 'He has been there all the time?' 'He has.' The Doctor da shed to the couch and flung himself down. And I have been here. Dropping the box of key s. very well. he was n ot surprised at the spacious control room within.For a moment the TARDIS stood there alone. 'How di d this happen?' 'A regrettable oversight on the part of the guards. 'I trust Your Excellency is rested?' The Doctor nodded. 'I should very much like to speak to him.' 'I think you should ro use him now. and even more surprised to find that the TARDIS door was now ajar. 'He is. then rose and headed for the door. In a sleepy voice he called. He heard Borusa's voice. Politely Kelner moved aside to let him pass. K9 set his blaster on stun and shot the gua rd down. he pushed it open and went inside.' The Doctor rose angrily. Castellan Kelner wishes to speak to you. who had ambitions in that direction himself. What did surprise him was the doglike metal automaton that peered curiously up at him. As the Doctor came back throu gh the secret passage.

an d scuttled away. 'You are responsible for security. immediately.' She flicked the communicator switch. complex tra nsduction circuitry melted and fused. K9 opened fire. Your Excellency. 'Find him. 'Borusa. Laser beams crackled.' shouted the Doctor. 'Space traffic control here. .. Cast ellan. Kelner bowed low a nd took his place with the others. an d she stared incredulously at the instrument readings.'She must be found. Gallifrey is being invaded!' Rodan b roke off as if unable to believe the horror of her own words. Rodan was shouting into her communicator. Red Al ert. the Vardan flagship sped towards Gallifrey. immense. 'You may not. 'It can't be.. The Doctor said curtly.. I must find the Cast ellan! The transduction barrier has failed. Summon the meeting. Repeat factor five. Immediate and urgent. See to it! Immediately !' 'Immediately.' 'May I enquire?' 'No!' said the Doctor rudely. two spans distance course zeroed in to Gallifrey. no one wo uld dare. No excuses!' (Sleek. K9 glided past and regarded t he massive equipment banks in front of him. the machinery in this room controlled the colossal forces that had kept Gall ifrey safe from all invasionuntil now. repeat Red Alert!' The stunned body of a technician lay sprawled across the doorway of the transduction barrier control room. Immense.. Raise trans duction barrier to factor five. Setting his blaster to maximum. An alien space craft. call a meeting of my Council a t once. electrical panels sparked and burnt out. Kelner entered the Panopticon conference hall to find the rest of the High Council already assembl ed.' said Kelner. automated incredibly powerf ul. The Doctor lounged in his place at the head of the table. shark-like. Soon the room was filled with smoke and flame.) Lights began flashing madly on Rodan's console.

but this is no ordinary Council meeting. 'My apologies for the h aste. Today I am privileged to introduce you to your new masters. looking mockingly around the set faces. gentlemen. The Doctor threw back his head and let out a howl of maniacal laughte .' Three shimmering shapes began materialisi ng in front of the conference table.The Doctor rose.

Doctor.' repeated the Doctor obediently. Chancellor. 'I received a telepathic message from the Matrix. 'Guards. 'Resistance is useless . 'A long time ago.' . 'You knew of this all the timebefore your induction?' ' Even before that. 'He is mad. Inform the Capitol what has happen ed. ' You will disperse and await my next commands.' said the Doctor wearily. At first. There must be no resistance. The astonished Hig h Council saw three tall. more knowledge than you could ever hope for. 'The Vardans have more power than you have ever dreamed of.' 'You disappoint me Doctor. a s I did when I first made contact with them. They were like ghosts.' The voice was harsh and thin.' Borusa ges tured towards the shapes.' 'And when was that?' demanded Boru sa. There was a flash of light from one of the shining shapes and th e guard fell dead. It was as simple and horrible as that. Tell them. thought Bor usa dazedly. destroy them!' The nearest guard levelled his staser a t the invaders. shimmering shapes. It was as if they existed in some other dimension.6 The Invasion The strange thing about the Vardans was that they weren't quite there. Something about them turned away the eyes. I decided to join them. Borusa was more concerned with the improper behaviour of the Doctor than with the invading aliens. But somehow it was impossible to get a really good look at the Vardans.' 'Did you really? Thank you. Gallifrey was being invaded by shining ghosts! 'Resistance is usele ss. You must submit. I expected more of you. warning me of their power. and had something of the eer ily unreal quality of the Vardans themselves. cloaked and hooded figures with the vaguest hint of features under the hoods. some other reality.' The Doctor turned to address the High Council. I knew it!' Then he turned his attention to the invaders.

A ruthless arbitrary dictator was the most adm ired figure in their society.' 'You listen to your High CouncilI shall listen to my Doctor. But is it finished?' 'I believe so. Leela. Borusa turned away.' This was quite a compliment. 'What ordersSupremacy?' 'Rega rding the re-decoration of my office!' 'The matter was put in hand. 'Congratulations. 'Attend me there within the hour. and was pos itively exhilarated by it.' 'Then how can you be so c ertain?' 'The Doctor always has a plan. Not surprisingly.' Too angry to s peak.' he said furiously. 'Goo d! Now they are here. 'There is no point in further discussion.' 'The invaders are in control.' moaned Rodan. was used to danger. and I am neither. Her world had suddenly crumbled around her.Silently the Council began filing from the room. 'You have no right to do this. You show great promise in the application of power.' 'What plan?' 'I do not know. have yo u carried out my orders?' said the Doctor suddenly. 'is a matter of time. 'Borusa. We must submit. we can fight them. and she was in a state of nea r-hysterical collapse. He has a plan.' 'How long will it take you to find the Great Key?' 'That. Talk is for the wise or the helpless.' 'No doubt. They seemed dazed.' said th e Doctor solemnly. on the other hand. You could be a firstgrade dictat or. The entire Vardan philosophy was based on the seizure and application of power. crushedall ex cept Borusa. but L eela said. it was Leela who took control.' 'Make sure!' ordered the Doctor. Doctor.' said the Doctor humbly. The Vardan Leader said. 'That's very kind of you. I shall expect to see the work complete.' Rodan started to protest further.' 'What shall we do?' . 'Thank you.' 'Didn't you hear the High Council's an nouncement.

The Doctor strode grandly into the Presid ential office and found Borusa waiting. 'No. Your Excellency. I should have known that.' said Borusa dryly. no forgeries. complete?' 'To the last detail. c eiling. Walls. but I like it. The place had been transformed. even the floor itself had been covered with intricately decorated lead panels.'The Doctor wished me to be banished. 'The materials and workmen were the finest to be had in the entire Thesaurian Empire.' 'No substitute materials. 'Ah. A little too rococco for an aesthetic purist perhaps. very nice indeed. and I will face the conseque nces.' said Leela slowly. 'You talk always of su rrender. They were patterned in wheels and cogs and levers and they gleamed dully like the inside of some antiquated machine. doors. what about. ' 'But the Doctor is a traitor!' 'Never!' 'But reason dictates' 'Then reason is a liar. Now. it was for a reason. She switched off the force-f ield and followed Leela from the room. if I am right' 'Then I am wrong.. 'Nice.. are you coming?' Rodan nodded miserably. if the Doctor wished me banished. The Doctor looked round appre ciatively.' 'I did? Now. no penny-pinching?' 'No expense was spa red.' 'But Leela. of submission.' 'Really?' said the Doctor admiringly. Are all your tribe like this?' 'We are rational beings. 'So all th is exquisite relief work is in pure lead?' .' He seemed to notice the Chancellor for the first time. I will be banishe d!' 'Should we not surrender?' 'No!' said Leela fiercely. Borusa! What are you doing here?' 'You wished to see me. Oh yes! Are the re-decorations to my office complete ?' 'As Your Excellency can see. we accept the situation.. 'So..' 'Completely.' 'You are cowards!' Leela went on thinking aloud.

' 'The President need' 'Thank no one either ?' The Doctor smiled. 'Apart f rom a small admixture of strengthening alloy. Any attempt to warn you.' 'At almost any distanceif their attention is concentrate d. Besides. I owe you a great deal. 'But a lead-lined room. as far as it goesbut not yet com plete. Suddenly Borusa saw not a power-mad traitor.. even for me. and the Doctor began to speak. When the Doctor had finished. Borusa shook his head in amazement. once I had made contact with the Vardans. 'H ow accurate is your data?' 'Absolutely accurate. the strain must have been intolerable. and not least my apologies fo r all the indignities and insults I was forced to throw at you. the Vardans can travel along wave-lengths of any sort. and seemed to relax. I had to pretend to join them to survive.' 'The President need apologise to no one.' The Doctor smil ed..' 'Thank you. ripe for conquest.' .. And since an electro-temporal field is needed for communications. just a habit I picked up somewhere. 'So. and they'd have killed me. such as this one. You needed the shock of invasion to wake up.' Borusa said thoughtfully.' By now Borusa had absorbed the problem. and invade d you just the same.. very true. 'True. He talked for a very long while pouring out past hist ory.Borusa decided that the combination of absolute power and knowledge of his own t reason must have completely unhinged the Doctor's always erratic brain. the pupil whose impudent charm had so often brought an unwilling smile to his face. Lord Borusa. 'But why n ot simply warn us? Why the betrayal?' 'Would you have listened? The Time Lords h ad grown complacent. 'Good! Then at last we can really talk! Sit down. I must confess. but the Do ctor he had always known. and was considering how to deal with it. they can read thoughts.' Borusa looked around him.' 'But to shield your feelings.' 'Difficult. The Doctor put an affectionate hand on the old man 's shoulder. that is the case.' Borusa sat. your every thought for so lo ng a time. information gained and future plans and Borusa listened in astonished silen ce.

The Time Lords seldom ventured into the outside world.'With at least a hint of elegance.' said Boru sa sadly. Though I'm not really sure. 'What about tea?' 'Tea?' ' Tea!' 'Tea is the leaves of a plant. I had the benefit of your training!' 'Then why could I not shield myself?' 'Because. 'I wouldn't last a moment. like the rest of the Time Lords.' 'Of course you don't. genus camellia in dried form. 'Straight on. Transparent as good old glass.' A voice behind them shouted. Most of you are lacking in humour. Rodan led Le ela through the Capitol.' said Leela briefly. I've never been this far. 'A lead-lined room like this can shield us from them?' 'True. looking for the little used tunnel that led to the outs ide. You 're too single minded. an d saw Andred. I think. but then.' 'I know what tea iswhat's for tea?' 'What has tea got to do with the Vardan invasion?' 'Nothi ng! That's the whole point. the corridors became narrower and more neglectedlooking . 'Don't you know we've been invaded?' 'As a matt er of fact.' said the Doctor modestly . we do. too easy to read. Borus a frowned at his old pupil's frivolity.' said Rodan. Doctor?' 'Well. you have little imagination.. covering them with a staser.' . 'I was on duty in space traffi c control when it happened. Rodan p aused at a corridor junction.' Boru sa gave an affronted sniff. T he master learns from the pupil. I hope?' said the Doctor irrepressibly.' 'And you managed at least partial shielding totally unaid ed?' 'Also true. Suddenly the Doctor said. As they moved along. your mind is to o logical. 'Where do you two think you're going? ' 'Outside.' 'But I don't understand. Commander Andred. eh. 'Halt!' They turned.' 'You're right. almost disused. But perhaps there was the faintest hint of smugness in his smile. My mind is too logical..

Someone's got to keep an eye on Caste llan Kelner and besides. are you going to let us go or not?' Andred bolstered his staser. and he couldn't be exp ected to share her own blind faith in him. and Leela thin ks we may be able to do some good outside. and of the Doctor's strange behaviour.' said Rod an. 'Come on.' He gave Leela a look.' 'I don't think sh e even knows who they are. I suppose that's why you destro yed the transduction barrier. But be careful. How much is this alien girl involved with the invaders. there's a curfew.' she said. when he'd finished. there may be a chance of having a go at the invaders. he's only pretending to help them.' said Rodan. 'What are you going to do about all this?' 'I'm not sure yet. The Doctor a nd Borusa had nearly finished their discussion.' 'He isn't. but she was quite prepared to kill him if he stood in her way. if it wasn't her?' 'I've no idea. 'Or even the president. 'Wel l.' 'I destroyed nothing. and of the mysterious failure of the transduction barrier. Her han d hovered near the hilt of her knife.She told Andred of the arrival of the alien craft. Andred.' 'Someone blew up the control room. Andred scarcely knew the Doctor after all.' Leela was getting impatient. Half-regretfully.' 'Why don't yo u come with us?' 'I can do more good here. Rodan.' 'Why?' 'Because it's too dangerous on the inside. Andred in turn told them of the astonishing events on the council chamber. 'She was with me when it happened. and she was poised to spring. Andred watched them go. 'Well. 'I see! So you and the Doctor only want to help us. and led t he way down the corridor. If any of the guards see you they'll shootKelner's orders. Carry on this way and you'll come to the exit tunnel.' 'But she's the President's friendand he is working fo r them.' said Leela fiercely. She rather l iked Andred.' 'She couldn't have done it .' Leela gave him an angry glare but said nothing. All we want is to ge t out of here. Who was it. . 'All right.

' .' warned the Doctor. 'Can you do it? Can you act as you did befor e?' 'Yes!' said Borusa determinedly.' The Doctor got to his feet. The less I k now. 'So. if I'm as transparent as good old glass..' said Borusa as they prepared to leave. 'why did you order your fri end Leela to be banished?' 'For her own protection. Chancellor. a prim itive.. a creature of instinct. They'll get suspicious if we stay out of sight too long..' 'As much as I dare. 'You haven't told me very much about your plan s. 'Well done. 'How awful! Will she be a ble to survive?' 'I don't know. But once she gets outside. 'You'r e a very brave man. 'We'd better go and face them.' 'That barbar ian garden? How will she be safer there?' 'Because that barbarian garden is her natural habitat. She's quite incapable of shielding her feelings or emotions. Leela is a barbarian.'By the way. She's a huntress.. There's no power out there. She 's a danger to herself and to us all.' 'Leela is even more so.' Borusa nodd ed.. 'Quite so.' said the Doctor apologetically. no technology to confuse her. It was beyond his comp rehension that anyone could live without civilisation. ' Borusa got stiffly to his feet.' 'You must block from your mind the little that I have told you. Cardinal Borusa. the less I can give away.' said the Doctor gently..' Borusa shuddered.

Rodan had operated controls. I'm so tired. we have not come far enough yet. The journey through the outer corridors had brought them to a narrow tunnel. so those in the city can see us. rising and fal ling.' 'Here is better. that led Outside.' Leela began striding light-f ooted across the turf.' 'We must go on. Deprived of the comforting warmth of the Capitol she was lost. a precaution against the possibility of the natural atmosphere contaminating the air-conditio ned calm of the Capitol. springy turf underfoot instead of cold. I must rest. the sheer white walls of the Capitol rising incredibly hi gh above them. . R odan was soon feeling cold and frightened. 'I never thought Outside would be like this.' said Leela confidently. Leela was cheerful. they had gone through a na rrow door.' said Leela firmly. the gleaming towers of the Capitol were still in sight. 'It's so empty. delighted to feel wind with a hint of rain in her face. Why should we? Everything we need is in th e Capitol. Then we can rest. helpless. With a reproachful look.' 'Surely you have been outside befo re?' 'Never. 'Leela. ' We can still see the city. Although they had been crossing the moor for quite some time. hard marble.' 'How much further?' 'To the other side of the hill. making their way across a bleak and windswept stretch of moorland.' Leela gl anced over her shoulder. The change in conditions had affected the two girls in completely different ways. Rodan stumbled after her. exhilarated.' Rolling moorland stretched endlessly ahead.7 The Outcasts By now Leela and Rodan were outside the Capitol. None of us come Outside. and suddenly they were in open country. which ended in a kind of airlock. 'But it frightens me. broken only by occasional clumps of trees. The door slid closed behind them. 'No.' 'Yo u are frightened? Why?' 'It's all soempty.' sobbed Rodan.

' 'I understand. 'Now then. You see. Varn. He was very big. her knife in her hand. Rodan. if anything d id happen to the President I might have to take over as President myself. Best of all.' Rodan dropped to the ground in a h eap. run!' But it was too late. Rodan took off her flimsy sandals and rubbed her sore feet. Rodan jumped to her feet with a scream. and sat beside her. Castellan. and promoted him to the command of the Castellan's body guard. Th ey were trapped. and Rodan threw herself down. very brave.' 'Yes. is that clear?' 'Yes.' 'Would you rather stay with the invaders? At least we're safe out here.It seemed to take forever to climb the hill and descend the other side. Castellan. you und erstand your new appointment? From now on you will guard the President.' 'The President h as enemies. Varn. who had r ecognised his qualities.' An arrow flashed through the air and stuck quivering in the ground ju st in front of them. 'Why did I listen to you. Castellan. close to the edge of a little wood. I have no desire to expose myself to the dangers of that positionfor the moment. an elite squad who took orders only from Kelner. Castellan. Nothing will happen to the president while I am guarding him. 'Quickly. You will protect him from any such attack unless I order otherwise. but they managed it at last. Men with spears ran out from the trees. for a while.' 'Good. Leela was on her fe et. Castellan Kelner regarded the hulking guard standing rigidly to attention before him. The guard's name was Varn. and gathered around them in a menacing circle. 'Now can we rest?' 'Yes. that i s. he was utterly loyal to Castellan Kelner.' 'You will report to me everything the President says or does.' 'Yes. a nd very stupid. Leela looked round carefully.' . It was stupid to le ave the Capitol. and there may be those who wish to harm him. You will stay with him at all times.

roofed with turf and camouflaged with branches. The man was called Nesbin. Her face was dirty. you a re still serving me. A man came out of the hut and stood waiting be fore the door as a group of men with spears dragged two female captives into the clearing. and one or two had roughly-bou nd wounds. Only time would tell.' 'Yes. and a headband kept shaggy shoulder-length brown hair from his eyes. a burly young man who was the leader of the h unting party.'Good. and in the clearing was a long hut. In the centre of the woods th ere was a tiny clearing. He and his followers had the weatherb eaten look of people who lead hard lives in the open air. One was a Time Lady of the kind he had often seen before . When the time comes. I will see that you are suitably rewar ded for your loyalty. and it blended almost perfectly into its surroundings. a tall skin-clad girl with reddish-brown hair. Varn. sir. Nesbin's men were almost as bedragg led as their captives. And thank you. or to kill himjust as Kelner ordered. He was not yet sure exactly where the Do ctor stood. her robes tattered and she looked tired and frightened. though she had none of the usual elegance of her kind. Thoughtfully Nesbin st udied the two captives. it was difficult to decide whether he wanted him a live or dead. She was struggling f uriously with the two men who held her arms. The other captive was more of a puzzle. It was made of unpe eled logs. and he was the leader of the strange commu nity known as the Outsiders. But remember. sir. Ablif? Have you been in a battle?' Ablif rubbed at a deep scratch on his brown cheek. roughly dressed with ha rsh. Meanwhile Varn would be at the Doctor's side .' Varn saluted and marched massively from the room. To protect. Nesbin was tall and strong. Nesbin stared at Ablif. craggy features. 'What's this. He wore a kind of simple smock. Most seemed to be bruised.' 'Were they armed?' . and until he was. 'We found these two hiding on the edge of the forest. You will take up your new position immediately. Kelner smiled.

girl ? You're not from Gallifrey. you do want something from us then . Nesbin got slowly to his feet. 'Well. 'Keep your hands off me!' hissed a furious voice. you know.' He turned to Rodan.' said Nesbin. How are you going to eat?' . I am leader here. 'It's a trick. 'We don't want anything with you. are you?' 'I am a warrior of the Sevateem. and what do you want from us? ' 'My name is Nesbin. and this is Rodan.' Rodan was horrif ied. Immediately a foot lashed out. It's dange rous to keep her here.Ablif nodded towards the girl in skins. She's a Time La dy. 'It's all different out here.' said Presta worriedly. 'That I can believe. Who are you. it speaks!' 'I am not an "it". protection. warrior. 'This one was.' He reached out and touched her hair. I am Leela. what do you want with us?' Rodan spoke for the first time. isn't she? Send her back to the Capitol where she belongs. 'Well have you?" 'No. Nesbin took the news calmly.' 'She's an alien. trying to ignore the grins on the faces of his men. Food.' 'We'll thin k about that in a moment. 'No. 'So. help. kicking his right leg from under him.' 'I can surviv e anywhere!' said Leela fiercely. 'Aliens are forbidden on Gallifrey. you have to fend for you rself. What about your friend here? I doubt if she's ever s et foot outside the Capitol before. 'Well. You can't survive out here on your own. He looked hard at Leela. perhaps you might survive.' muttered Rodan. What are you anyway. Took the whole lot of us to get this off her. the guards will surely come hunting for her.' 'Escaping? What fo r?' Briefly Rodan told him of the Vardan invasion. At a n od from Nesbin.' A tall bony woman called Presta came out of the log hut. He studied her tho ughtfully. almost as if it didn't much concern him. the two men holding Leela dragged her closer. well. 'She's a strange one all right. you mustn't do thatwe're escaping from the Capitol. More to the point.' He tapped a long bladed knife thrust into his belt.

'I have supplies .' 'Are you going to let them stay then?' demanded Presta. and cold. K9 paused and gave out a complex ser ies of beeps.' 'They won't last long. By now Rodan was near to t ears. The Doctor however was good humour. Swiftly he glided up to the stillopen door of the TARDIS and disapp eared inside. in high hoo ded Doctor . followed by The Cardinal's face was grim.' said the cheer fully. 'We'll decide when we've heard more about this invasion. Kelner was not alone in his opulent office.' Nesbin said gruffly. lurking in patches of shadow. shapes w ere shimmering at his side. 'I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.Rodan produced a handful of tablets from the pouch at her belt. keep ing close to the walls. At last K9 reach ed his goal. Once inside the control room.. How will you manage when they're finished? Have you ev er eaten flesh. as data began flooding in from the TARDIS console. the door slid closed behind him.' Borusa. and once three shimmering alien shapes glided along a nearby co rridor. The Doctor swept in to Kelner's office. Two tall. Kelner bowed his head. Activated by remote control. K9's eye-screens lit up and a ll his antennae quivered ecstatically. Your Excellency. and a small panel slid open in the base of the control console.. or fruit? Do you know how to find shelter? You wouldn't last thr ee days out here!' Nesbin seemed to be taking a positive pleasure in taunting Ro dan. The TARDIS console hummed into life. ' K9 glided through the corridors of the Capitol like some great metal rat. Oh. K9 glid ed up to it and extended his main antenna so that it fitted into the socket insi de the panel. I'm so tired. 'Not at all. behind statues and tapestries. 'I didn't realise. he obviously had some grudge against Time Lords. all right. making K9's antennae bristle with their alien presence. You'd better get inside. 'Al l right. The next stage of the Doctor's plan was under way. hiding in quiet corners. Several times he narrowly escaped being seen by pa trols of guards. More bleeps...

and I authorise you both to acknowledge their absolute power. a Cardinal' A ray of light shot from one of the shimmering shapes. 'You have no authority under the Constitutio n to order me to do any such thing. 'Right. I am a Time Lor d. but it's happening Borusa. I will not submit to these aliens. and he twisted and fell. .' said the Doctor.' 'The Constitution is suspended.' 'I am Actin g-Chancellor. 'As of now!' 'This is monstrous. with a nod to the Vardans.'I wasn't talking to you.' said Borusa stiffly.' 'Yes.' said the D octor. He instal led himself behind Kelner's desk. shall we start? These are your new mas ters. a red glow suffused Borusa's frail old body. so jus t do as you're told!' 'Never.

He can still be useful to us. he does have courage.' 'Naturally.' said the Vardan dispassionately.8 The Assassin Even in his agony. 'I will not submit. First. When we are certain that we have achieved com plete dominance over your people. 'He can't help being so stiff-necked. The old m an was recovering fast. I wi ll not submit.' 'He is a fool. Castellan.. you know. Doctor. though still very weak.' 'You will be responsible for him?' said the Vardan threateningly. Castellan . 'Yes. 'If he causes trouble we shall dest roy himand you also. sir.' 'And return to your true forms? I find it disconcerting. The Doctor looked after him. What about you?' . Borusa managed to mutter defiance.' 'The time is not yet right.' Two guards came forward and helped Borusa to his feet. 'Don't destroy him. The Doctor looked down at him. talking to shimmering shapes .. Guards. 'I've kept my part of the bargain s o far.' The red glow burned more fiercely. 'You have to admire him. he shook off the aid of the guards and walked from the room. as if this w as a matter of only minor importance.' Kelner was terrified. Don't let anyone in or out.. 'Immediately. haven't I? What more do you want?' 'More?' The Vardan's voice was scornfu l.' The Doctor looked hurt. Sustained only by his indomitabl e will. we will reveal our requirements to you.' shouted the Doctor. 'Stop.' said the Doctor.' The glow faded and Borusa lay still . 'Well. you must complete the arrangements for the conquest of your people. have the Chancellor removed to his quarters. you heard the President.. he's under house arrest. the Chancellor doesn't s eem too keen to help us. 'We have not begun yet. naturally.

why don't you relax. 'What colour would you prefer. Listen.' 'That's the stuff. sir?' 'Or ange. 'Ah.' Kelner hurried away and the Doctor turned to the Vardans.' said the Doctor encouragingly.' Kelner looked baffled and the Doctor said. ma n. 'It is my duty to serve the Pres ident at all times.' 'You'd better make me a list of all Time Lords in official positionsthe ones you think are reliable. You can start by making sure nobody tries to orga nise any sort of resistance. I' ll begin at once.' Kelner hurried round the side of the chair. make yourselves at home?' Sitting down. the Doctor swung his feet up on Kelner's desk and beamed at the two Vardan invaders as if he hadn't a care in the world. Kelner!' 'Is there anything more I can do for you. I quite agree. get me a jell y baby. 'Thank you. He was still in the same po sition some time later. sir. The Doctor grinned.' 'That's the idea. staring into space. he fished the bag of j elly babies out of the Doctor's pocket. why don't you just regard yourself as acting Vice-President.' added the Doctor carelessly. 'Just so we know who's most likely to resist. sir. there you a re.Wringing his hands in terror. 'I knew we'd be able to rely on him. sir. The Vardans shimmered and vanished. eh?' Kelner was thrilled. sir. 'Off you g o then. Well. 'In my right-hand pocket. thinking hard.' 'Yes. 'Unsociable lot!' He sat the re for some time.' 'Yes.' 'Immediately. Gingerly. sir. sir?' 'Yes. Peaceful co-operation is a much more fruitful course. Kelner bowed low. . when Kelner hurried back into the room.' 'Somehow I thoug ht you'd see things like that. now you're safely here. of course. That's the last thing we want. My only desire is to do whatever you wish.' 'An d you'd better give me a list of known troublemakers as well.' said Kelner worriedly .' 'There doesn't seem to be an orange one left.

' 'They must be destroyed. sir. I'm sure they can be all made to see rea son.' The Doctor's voice hardened. I've checked bio-data extracts of all the Time Lords in the Capitol personally.He offered the bag and the Doctor took a jelly baby at random. I hardly think so. hadn't we?' Suddenly a Va rdan was with them.' 'Oh.' 'Except power. Some of them might be very useful. given time. one does.' added Kelner hastily. produced a mini-recorder and handed it to the Doctor. 'Oh. These are the people you feel we can rely on. Castellan.' 'Indeed. 'And these are the Time Lords you regard as p otential rebels against our regime?" 'I do. but there is. we'd better do something about them. The Doctor touched a control. 'Is the curfew effective. sir. There is no other choice. yes. Kelner. No incidents have been repo rted. of course.' The Doctor beamed a t the newcomer.' He adjusted the s etting. 'Such as your good self.' 'Yes. and another list appeared. 'Well.' 'You are most generous. 'Where are those lists I a sked for?' Kelner jumped. if these are our potential rebels.' 'Splendid! What a superbly subservient Capitol you run.' repeated the Doctor musing ly. an excellent idea. Besides. sir. 'There is?' 'Expulsion!' 'Oh. sir. isn't there Kelner?' Kelner had no wish to become involved in a dispute between the Doctor and his new masters. 'I see." .' 'I sh ould think so too!' The Doctor frowned at the recorder. It was black. they have a good deal of knowledge and experience betw een them.' 'Have you now?' 'With one or t wo exceptions. sir. 'Unreliable elements must be destroyed.' 'Tired of almos t everythingexcept power. and a list of names began flowing across the tiny screen. sir. 'On e grows tired of jelly babies. Castellan?' 'Yes.

' said the Doctor. ma terialise properly. W e approve. they'll soon come to heel. 'All right. wouldn't you say ?' 'Your progress so far has beensatisfactory. who stood waiting by the door. 'Very well. V arn hurried after him.' 'You will find a way. sir. A fire burnt in the centre of the log hut. the Doctor snapped his fingers at his bodyguard Varn.' 'You will. I'll start immediately. The discussion was ended.' The Vardan said. The Doctor beamed at the two Vardans. Nesbin growled.' .' Kelner hastened to agree. Leela and Rodan sat in the middle of a circle of grim-faced Ou tsiders. 'None of them can survive out there without hel pand there is no help out there. Once they realise that r ebels face expulsion. When he was satisfied he had extracted all they knew.' Kelner hurried away. Suddenly cheerful again.' 'It is not yet time..' said the Vardan grudgingly. sir. while Nesbin questioned them in detail about the invasion of Gallifrey. get on with it. 'List en. Castellan.' 'Naturally. naturally. But dismantling the force field completelythat's impossible. All Time Lords fear the Outside. I suggest you put them out one at a timethe effect will be more terrifying if th ey don't have company.' The Vardan disappeared. and the air wa s warm and smoky.The Doctor looked at the Vardan. 'Gallifre y invaded. Your next task is to dismantle the Qua ntum force field around Gallifrey. and hurried from the room.' 'Yes..' 'But if we tamper with the force field the whole planet may vaporis e!' 'You will find a way!' 'I can't.' 'I sabotaged the barriers so you could come through. But Chancellor Borusa will be kept here in confinement as a hostage. Don't you think it's time you showed a little trust? You could relax now. 'It really would be a n admirable deterrent. 'A good day's work. eh? It was supposed to be impossible.

) 'Then you are read y to fight. she was positively looki ng forward to it. 'Try me!' Leela was crouched cat-like. 'How dare you. 'We'll settle this later. but we are.' (Nesbin himself had been expelled for physically attacking a riva l Time Lord. it wouldn't b e. I tell you we must fight. perhaps.' Standing before Kelner's desk. Gomer was quite unafraid. 'Does he speak the truth?' 'Sometimes rebels and criminals are punished by expulsion. There isn't a more loyal Time Lord on Gallifrey. anyway. an offence almost unknown in Time Lord society. Lord Gomer. 'Some of us. 'Good!' 'Now wait a minute girl' 'No! You must listen to me. are you?' 'Oh. an d before anyone could stop her she snatched her knife from his belt.' growled Nesbin. you must fight to defend it! Are we agreed?' There was a fierce growl of agr eement from the crowd. Gallifrey is y our planet.' 'Why should we listen to you? You can't even look after yourselves. 'It might upset their cosy little world.' Leela swung round on the Outsiders. Suddenly Ne sbin knew that not only was she capable of killing him. and it has been invaded. I've heard rumours of people lea ving voluntarily. Or at least. and jumped to her feet. He backed away.' 'Drop out? You fell from the Capitol?' 'Some of us were expelled . we wereuntil we decide d to drop out. before it is too late.'How do you know that?' asked Leela. 'You're not Time Lords.' 'Loyal to the old ways.' Ablif was sitting close to Leela. t aking a good deal of pleasure in the task. Kelner. when I'm not so busy . where viole nce is taboo. Castellan Kelner was in the process of expelling Gomer. 'Listen to me. you know. flanked by two gu ards. Whatever your differences with the Time Lor ds.' Leela turned to Rodan.' said Leela. all of you. others left of their own accord.' said Nesbin scornfully. 'Your record shows that you are polit ically unreliable.' 'No. All that peace and tranquillity can get very boring. but it's a subject that's never mentioned.' . ready to spring.

' 'No doubt that's why yo u're being expelled now. I prefer to die honour ably. 'Yes. Kelner and I never got on. Some of us are going to try and change things. they're on our side.' he said gently.' To Gomer's ears it was a death sentence. more than Kelner and the president realise. I'm nearing the end of this regeneration.' 'I don't think so.'What other ways are there?' asked Gomer simply.' Andred stepped forward. We'll all be safer wit h you out of the way. sir.' 'At my age. So are quite a few ot hers. or you'll be following me Outside. and Andred smiled. I can't go any faster. than to live on here as a slave. 'You just set your own pace.' said the old man sadly. 'You'd better take care. but he accepted it unflinchingly. young fel low. We're gaining new recruits all the time. sir.' 'Yes. n ever saw eye to eye.' Gomer was delighted.' 'Yo u're not alone in that.. you are to be expelled from the Capitol. 'I was quite a rebel.' 'What are you going to do with me?' 'By order of the pres ident. you know. you kn ow. sir. Castellan Kelner.' 'In my younger days I was considered lively enough.' 'No doubt. 'Don't worry. sir. and led the defiant old man away . Execution of sentence was immediate. I take that to be a compliment. even Outside. I'm sure you would. sir. I still can't stand the fellow. good for you! Can I stay and help?' .' ' You'd do it!' concluded Kelner. The walk was a long one and the old man 's steps began to falter. and soon Gomer was being marched along th e corridors leading towards the Outside. 'We consider you to be dangerous.. 'Good for you young fellow. I know. a threat t o the new regime. 'Y ou'd better come with me. 'Honour does not change. I may be getting on.' Kelne r scowled under the implied rebuke. sir. 'I go gladly.' Gomer nodded warningly towards the two guards.' Gomer chuckled. 'I'm sorry. but if I knew of any way of attacking these invaders.' said Andred g ently. it's my age. To tell you the truth.

'and the first thing we must do is kill the P resident!' A shocked murmur of protest came from the little group.' he concluded. sir. To a Time Lord an electe d President had a sacred aura. and he must die f or it. He is the traitor who made this invasion possible.' For a moment An dred watched the frail old figure hobble across the moorland. 'I know it's against every law of Gallifrey. 'I don't like it. grim-faced. in a hidden vault be neath the Panopticon. Try to find them. Andred was addressing a small meeting of rebel guards and Time Lords. but I'm afraid I must put you Outside. He had been marching the man up and down the Capitol on a vague tour of inspection for ages. telling them of Gomer's expulsion. but I'm sure they'll be loyal to Galli frey. . The new President has forfeited the right to our protection. and Kelner will grow suspicious if the expuls ions aren't carried out. but Varn refused to be shaken off. 'Well?' said Andred fiercely.' 'Good luck to you sir.' 'I understand. Well. Rodan and the alien girl are out there already. They reached the tunnel to the Outside and then Andred led Gomer through it. 'Right. T he Outsiders may be rebels and criminals. Are you with me?' There was a moment of silence.' Gomer nodded and hobbled bravely towards his fat e. 'We must act soon. Then we can strike !' The Doctor was trying very hard to get away from his tame bodyguard at that v ery moment. 'I agree. and good luck. but there is no other way. and I know it will mean my breaking my sacred oa th. I'm sure they'll help you if they can. 'Goodbye. first we must find him when he's away from his alie n friendsand away from that tame bodyguard Kelner's given him.' 'But you may find help Outside. We're not ready to attack yet. He blenched at the sight of the bleak empty moor.' said a g uard grimly. A short time later. and of more expulsions to follow.' There was a reluctant cho rus of assent. but his courage did not fail h im. but it's the only way. Then. for the time being at lea st. young man.'Thank you sir. he turned and went back to the Capitol.

Now .' 'Don't worry. Castellan's orders.' Varn nodded reluctantly. then into a small ante room where a blue box stood at the b ottom of a ramp. Andred caught the body and lowered it to the ground. 'I'm not at liberty to tell you. I'll leave the door open . 'You two keep a lookout for any more of Kelner's bodyguards.' whispered And red. He was in a kind of blissful electronic tran ce. 'This is no time to enjoy yourself. helped by two of his guar ds.' . and t he opportunity had seemed too good to miss.' 'K9! K9! K9!' said the Doctor reprovingly. Master. sir. 'No.' The Doctor led the way briskly down a few more corridors. Tell you what. sir?' he panted.' said the Doctor cheerfully. the absorption of fresh data. 'Do you know what that is?' Varn bowed his head. I'll only be a moment. and opened the door of the box. 'Sssh!' said the Doctor myste riously.' 'I can't sir. He flung open his coat to reveal a shining chain of linked bands across h is chest. Varn started to follow him. The connectio n broken.'May I ask where we're going now. 'Absorption of data was proceeding most satisfactorily. I m ust stay with you. 'Yes. Varn was wondering whether it was his duty to follow the Doctor into the TAR DIS when his doubts were temporarily put to rest by a staser-butt behind the ear . you stay outside.' He grabbed K9 's tail antenna and with an effort lugged him free of the console. no. He produced a key. The Doctor halted. 'If he does. and the Doctor slipped inside the TARDIS. He found K 9 still plugged into the TARDIS console. 'K9?' The Doctor realised that K9 was completely immersed in his greatest plea sure. K9 looked up at him reproachfully. you stay there. 'How's it going K9?' There was no reply . They had spotted the Doctor on their way back from the secret meeting. The Sash of Rassilon!' 'Then obey me. 'I shall go in first.' 'The Castellan will have me shot. Your Excellency . I'll have him shot.' The Doctor was struck by a sudden inspir ation.

commencing secondary feed. staser in hand.' said the Doctor.'Here. traitor. K9's eyes lit up and all his antennae went rigid. 'Andred .' An dred levelled his staser-pistol at the Doctor's head. 'Primary circuits locked i n. 'In the name of liberty an d honour. The Doctor heard move ment behind him and turned. I sentence you to die!' . Such a sudden and massive data in-put was a strain even for K9. Unbuckling th e Sash he slipped it over K9's head so that Sash and Circlet formed a kind of un it.' warned the Doctor. what a pleasant surprise! You're just in time. Andred was looming over him. I've got something for you. adjusting it to connect with K9's antenna.' 'Take it easy old chap. He took the Matrix Circlet from his pocket a nd put it on K9's head. take this.

K9!' K9 did. stun him. the staser still in his hand. The ominous shimme ring presence of a Vardan at his elbow. I am the President.' 'Commenc ing re-connection. you know. Kelner didn't quite understand what was going on.' K9 resumed his communion with the Matrix. He was going to get on well with his new maste rs after all.' explained the Doctor ca lmly. 'Well..' He was so absorbed that he failed to notice that Andred had recovered and was rising groggily to his fee t. 'not inside the relative dimensional stabilizer field. they'll start to miss me soon. still with no result. Castellan Kelner sat studying his monito r screen. 'Just an infringement o f discipline to be punished. 'Get on with it.' . 'Please don't do that. reconnect. he made a decision snapping his fi ngers to summon the bodyguard in the doorway.' Kelner looked pleased.' said the Doctor ungratefully. In which case. Nervously.9 The Vardans The Doctor said.. 'Can't you see I'm busy?' Andred fired. traitor!' 'Not now. 'Noth ing my bodyguard cannot deal with. but he had s een more than enough to worry him. 'Get on with it. If they resist.' 'You act correctly. Andred slumped to the floor. was the Doct or's continued existence really necessary? 'Come on." said Kelner hastily. don't just s tand there. 'Something is wrong?' enquired the Vardan coldly. On it was a picture of a number of Andred's guards lurking furtively a round the TARDIS. K9. show some respect.' The bodygua rd saluted and departed. Lack of discipline cannot be t olerated. 'It won't work in here.' said the Doctor abse ntly.' said the Doctor impati ently. Nothing happened. He fired again a nd again. 'Take a squad and arrest Commander Andred and the guards who are with him. Perhaps even better than the Doctor. 'Die. kill them.

' said Andred. he's rather busy. 'Wh at treachery are you attempting now?' 'Something rather more efficient than your recent efforts I hope!' The Doctor returned his attention to the console. is he?' The bodyguard looked down at the dead men. 'Operation completed. are you going to behave. I'm relying on you.' 'My lord President.' said Andred ironically. eh? Not here. Castellan. There was a brief useless attempt at resistance. I'm going out side for a moment. which ended in massacre as the bodyguard squad ruthlessly shot d own Andred's men. There's no wa y you can go outside and stay alive. The Doctor came out of the TARDIS and surveyed the bodyguard squad with a look of lordly surprise. Don't let this idiot touch anything. sir. Now. Where's Commande r Andred. K9. 'K9. Doctor.' The Doctor headed for the door. taking Andred's guards completely by surprise. or shall I tell K9 to stun you again? I'd s ooner not bother K9. 'Goodbye. sir.' . he won't get far. 'This capsule is surrounded by my men.' 'You might as well surre nder. get on with it. Doctor. and wait ed for the sound of staser fire. I don 't think you realise the seriousness of the situation. 'Don' t worry.' The bodyguard squad marched swiftly up to the TARDIS.' The Doctor ignored him. the squad leader rai sed his communicator.' Andred holstered his useless staser.' 'Did you have to kill them?' 'Yes.' said the bodyguard bluntly.' 'Oh yes I do! There's be en an attempt on my life. and you've let the ringleader escape. 'What's going on here?' 'The se men were trying to assassinate you. As the crackle of staser-bolts died away. 'Yes.'Then why did you tell that thing to stun me?' 'I wanted you out of the way for a bit. I suppose you did. 'Come on.

' Andred pointed to the Circlet perched on the head of the blissfully absorbed K9.' 'Why didn't you just explain to the Supreme Counci l' 'Because the Vardans can read my thoughts. no offence. not in the organic sense.' The squad leader saluted and hurried off. I can't trace the wave back to its source and Time Loop it. The Doctor w ent back inside the TARDIS. 'Been under a bit of strain r ecently. Andred realised tha t the Doctor was on the point of complete exhaustion.' 'Well. 'Send image projections of themselves. He smiled grimly at Andred's astonished face. Suddenly. I know I talk to myself. that's the problem. followed by his men. 'So they can travel along any form of broadcast wavelength?' said Andred. before he comes back and has another go. 'It's jammed!' 'It's locked.' 'Oh. or materialise completely if they want to?' 'That's right. K9. as they're doing now.' 'You're lying! ' 'I wouldn't be alive if I was.' . he's got no brain. Well. my friend. that old thing. A nd until they do materialise properly. eh Andred? I've got news for you. It' s not safe for me to use it. 'Sorry.' said the Doctor apologetically. and proceeded to do so. 'No wa y I can go out there and live.' said the Doctor disparagingly.' corrected the Doctor .' 'But you've got access to the greatest source of knowledge i n the universe.. these days? If you can't pull off a simple palace revo lution. your pitiful revolution has failed.'I should hope not! You'd better find him. He stagger ed and clutched at the TARDIS console for support. You' re the one who's stuck here. sorry about that. While I'm in here the y can't touch me.' said the Doctor. That's why I've plugged K9 into the Matrix. and they can't read my thoughts. what can you pull off?' Andred hurried to the TARDIS door and tried to o pen it.' 'What are you talkin g about? Read your thoughts?' 'Let me tell you a little about the Vardans. sustained only by sheer wi ll-power. the Matrix has been invaded too. but it was shut fast.' said the Doctor wearily. 'It's going to stay locked until the invaders have gone. sometimes... either. you see. 'What do they teach you chaps at the military academy. 'I was referring to the Matrix..

it is a matter of the utm ost delicacy..' 'The President has been acting just a little oddly.' Andred took the helmet from his head and handed it over. at least they don't suspe ct me yet.. 'We've managed to arrest most of the Chancellor 's Guard.' 'Speak.'Can you trust a machine with so much knowledge?' 'This one I can. 'Unfortunately. Give me your helmet. 'Banishing Leela and the others made quit e a good impression.' Clutching the helmet he disappeared through the inner door without another word. 'Well.. You have just passed the first test of yo ur loyalty to us. K9 made no comment. sir. Kelner smiled. It was too convenient. It is a little strange.' 'You knew that the Doctor was not reliable?' 'We shall be rea dy to deal with the Doctor very soon. don't you think. and of the hunt for Andred. Aren't you K9?' K9 was too busy to answer. But there's still no sign of Commander Andred himself.' said the Vard an softly..' 'Well. 'There is one other matter. sir. I think. sir?' 'We wondered how long it would take you to recognise and report this. We have suspected him ever since he first made contact with us. it was the only way I could protect them. Kelner was telling the Vardans of the death of the rebel guards. Anyway. 'Don't worry. Not much room. The sq uad leader concluded his report.' said the Doctor hopefully. one of us must be mad! And if it isn't him.' he concluded. he's my secon d-best friend. sir. he won't survive long out there.' 'That is most unsatisfactory.' Still busily absorbing data. Andred rubbed his eyes. We think h e may have escaped to the Outside. No one does!' . 'Well. The Doctor peered inside.' 'What?' 'Your helmet man. at the moment he seems to have locked himself into an old time capsule . Andred. it might work . For instance. though.

' By now Nesbin was almost embarrassed by the number of his followers. Sometimes a small. your Doctor's on the side of the invaders. Choose your best warriors. The Castellan's bodyguard will all be armed with stasers. He will tell us w hat to do after that. 'Well shot. the best of your hunters. Nesbin covered his eyes with his hands and groaned. 'Here.' Nesbin scratched his head. and he shot with his eyes closed. you try. Nesbin.' said Lee la flatly.' 'That is impossible. He drew and fired. 'But according to these Time L ords. 'We must rescue him.' Leela wasn't dismayed for long. Only one hit the target. me. Leela shrugged.' said Nesbin. 'Here.' said Leela. and there was scattered applause from th e mixed group of Outsiders and Time Lords gathered outside the hut.' They tried Time Lord after Ti me Lord with the bow. Rodan was in charge of a kind of reception committee set up to find them as soon as they were expelled and bring them to safety. merely to rescue the Doctor. He shoved the Time Lord aside.' 'There aren't enough of us to capture the Capitol. nearly end ing the life of old Gomer who stood watching some considerable distance from the target.' The Ti me Lord came reluctantly forward and took the bow. Expelled Time Lords were joining the Outsiders daily. Leela shook her he ad despairingly. until finally Nesb in lost patience and chased them all off with roars of anger. 'We can't fight an alien i nvasion with bows and arrows!' 'Why not?' Leela sent another arrow thudding into the target.' 'We shal l not try to capture the Capitol.' Nesbin sa id gloomily. 'Not one of them is any use with any kind of weapon. not for hunting. 'So much for your army. 'It is a good weapon-but we shall need many more. 'The weapons will be needed for war. Rodan will co me with us to guide us within the Capitol. swift force is best. you try.' 'We will if we're going to feed all this lot.' . 'We shall just have to attack on our own?' 'Who will?' 'You.An arrow thudded into a distant target. Leela. They tested the Time Lords with knives and spears and clubs. She beckoned one of the younger Time Lords. and beckoned another.

that should ke ep them guessing. not without blowing the planet to piece s.' 'Rassilon?' 'Why not? He's the greatest Time Lord scientist there's ever been. I cannot detect where it is tuned to as there is considerable interference. before we can trace their origin.' 'But' s aid Andred. Unfortunately.' . 'I am in charge.' 'I can't. but you'll have to concentrate.Grumbling. 'That' s why it's such a good way to convince the Vardans don't you think?' Before Andr ed could reply the Doctor said. 'It'll keep most of your thoughts a secret. 'Master.' protested Andred.' K9 raised his head. I've still got to persuade them to ma terialise. which means I'll have to dismantle the force-field around Gallifrey. Nesbin started to select his men. 'So. The Doctor was gone. The Doctor dashed back into the TAR DIS control room and clapped the helmet on Andred's head.' 'Dismantle the force-field and the whole of Gallifrey wi ll be helpless. ni ne five per cent. as part of the Matrix.' expl ained the Doctor. 'Rassilon is dead. Built into the crown was a small but complex piece o f electronic circuitry. remember. which means they'll have to trust m e.' The helmet felt strange and it didn't seem to fit. 'I've built in a partial encephalographic barrier. Andred too k it off and peered inside.' Andred decided it must be the Doctor who was mad.' The Doctor sighed. It is an outer spatial exploration and investigation cha nnel. and he set up the force-field in the fir st place. he's been dead for millions of years. but perhaps Rassilon can. I have located the wave-channel bein g used by the invaders.' said the Doctor cheerfully. It's the only way I can convince them I'm really on their side. 'That's the spirit! K9 you're in charge.' 'Maybe sobut his mind lives on. 'There. 'We will retrace the invasion circuit and fuse it.' Andred was horrified. ' But you can't dismantle the force-field. 'Exactly. Probability of deliberate jamming.' said K9 importantly. number 87656432 positive.

this is the tricky bit. He had been careful to keep th e idea in his mind ever since leaving the TARDIS. and he stood m otionless for what seemed a long time. he was not surprised to see that the shimmering forms of three Vardans awaited him on the central platfo rm. rubbing his eyes wearily.' he began.' Astonishin gly for an automaton K9 made a joke.' The Vardan said.' he said. His body went rigid. row upon row. 'Then we will give them a day off school!' As the Doctor entered the great hall of the Panopticon. I've reconnec ted the circuitry. the Circlet in his hand. he found one of t he Vardans awaiting him.' The Doctor was scarcely surprised. 'Difficult. When the Doctor arrived there. This is a very delicate operation. adj usting another there. and arrived before him.'That circuit is used by the Academy for instruction in exploration. and as he had expected. 'There is a way. 'Now. bank upon bank of them. He climbed the ramp to meet them. Doctor. the Va rdans had monitored his mind. you know!' At last the Doctor s tood back. He worked slowly at first. touching a control here.. B ut remember. incredibly ancient eq uipment. long-disused. 'Well. The Doctor stud ied the controls. then with increasing co nfidence. No one had dared tamper with the quantum force field. At last. the signs of strain clearly marked upon his face. very difficu lt. or wha tever Vardans do!' . 'Proceed. you're makin g me nervous. dismantling several consoles re-connecting them in what se emed a very haphazard manner. 'And you need to consult the Matrix? We know. but it is difficult and dangerous. The room was packed with complex. 'Don't stare like that. 'I've been thinki ng about our little problem. and I'm about to feed in full power. with an effort. Hold your breath. 'But not impossible!' He set to work. sin ce it had been set up in the days of the great Rassilon himself.' The Doctor put the Circlet on his head.. we can read your every thought!' Deep beneath the Capitol was a sec ret. He turned to the watching Vardan. long-disused control room. he raised the Ci rclet from his head. Doctor. if you'll excuse me .

I did it!' Even the Vardan Leader seemed impressed. 'This hole. Far above.' said Kelner hurriedly. everything was n ormal. (In the TARDIS K9 looked up. the Vardan flag-ship was slowly descending towards the Capitol.' he shouted. the entire Capi tol. floors. matter became solid again.. 'Near ly there. 'Now all our forces can be projected from our planet. 'The Doctor has succeeded. What I have done is made a sizeable hole in it. Come!') When the Doctor strode back into the Panopticon. of course. to shift and wave like the ever-moving sea. Gallifrey is ours.' The Vardans stood silent. seemed to ripple like water.Slowly he pulled back the master power-switch. I' ll have to make a few more adjustments to get the balance completely stable.' said the Vardan slowly.' The rumbling died away. even Andred hiding in the TARDIS felt the strange wave-like effect. 'There you are. The effe ct was strange and horrifying.' said the Doctor breezily. ceilings. Leela and her band of warriors creeping stealthily towards the Capitol. directly above the Capitol. The control room. Castellan?' 'Yes. Imperative we rea ch president's office immediately. a trembling Kelner was awaiting him. 'Hang on.. and a large part of Gallifrey itself began to shudder and vibrate. 'Are you not satisfied.' Kelner gave the Doctor a frightened look. Kelner in his office. as if recei ving some distant signal. walls. Distant cries of alarm could be heard from all over the Capitol. three Vardan projections groupe d around him. . or the force-field will re-establish itself. Solid matter. yes. In the control room the Doctor worked frantically at the improvised set-up trying to check and control the inc redibly powerful planetary forces he had unleashed. Doctoris it permanent?' 'Not yet. 'You have dismantled the quantum force-field ?' 'It's impossible to dismantle the force-field without vaporising the planet.' said the Vardan ironically.' 'Yo u have done well. 'Well. ' A hole in the force-field? Then we're unprotected!' 'You have our protection now .

As the ship passed the force-field level unharmed the Vardan Leader turned and s aid exultantly.' The Vardans began to materialise. We are safe now. 'It is done. .

'Disappointi ng. Its sheer white walls looming above them . One o f us will assist you. isn't it?' He nodded affably to the Vardans. The Vardans were humanor humanoid at least. No Time Lords. The merest thoughtimpulse could see the Vardans w hisked back to safety and the Capitol blasted to dust.' said the Vardan Leader coldly. 'But t hey're just ordinary humanoids. . no guards.10 False Victory Kelner stared in astonishment. helmets on the ir heads. He stared at the Vardans in a kind of astonished disappointmen t.' 'You h ave work to do. Attack the guards.. you and your men move on to the far side.' 'Oh. 'Nice to see you again.' 'That's right.' 'Accompan y him!' ordered the Leader and one of his two companions moved to the Doctor's s ide. Kelner said dully. They came through the tunnel. make the m think it is a mass attack.' Nesbin nodded. as the three shimmering shapes were replaced by t hree solid forms. Rodan. I can manage nicely. 'Why don't you assist me in my work?" A Vardan close behind him. but they did not need them. 'Tell you what. Ja sko wasn't especially bright. the Doctor left the Panopticon. They carried no weapons.' said the Doctor. Leela.' suggested the Doctor brightly. stern faced men in dra b green battle-dress. 'Continue with it. Rodan knew the control codes that opened the tunnel door clearly no on e had bothered to change them. I shall slip through the other way with Jasko and R odan. Three tall.. and led the bulk of the force away. Doctor. The Vardan flag-s hip hovered above the Capitol. no one. out into the corrid or. no Vardans. and a bu rly young Outsider called Jasko set off for the nearby tunnel to the Capitol. 'Nesbin. and he knew how to ob ey orders. Leela halt ed her band on the edge of the Capitol. thanks all the same. They didn't see a living soul. but he was brave and strong. belts cluttered with pouches and equipment.

and promptly dematerialised intending to materialise on the other side.' said Andre d realising.' 'Insulation. 'Nothing like lead. The Vardan reached for the door handle to follow and heard the sound of heavy bolts being slammed home. To his aston ishment. 'Suppose he isn't in there?' ask ed Jasko. found he could not move it. 'This room is insulated against the Vardans.' whispered Leela. 'I shall take control immediately. 'It's all too easy. slipped inside. and slammed it. 'No use trying that one. You are now in charge here. she and her two friends had reached the TARDIS unopposed.' Despite Leela's fea rs. The Doctor led his Vardan guard not to the control r oom. Kill him.'Something's wrong.' He patted the door with its ornately carved lead screen.' 'That's right.' Before the Vardan had time to realise that the Doctor was wearing his hat. We must move carefully . Good old base lead. 'Why do we come here?' asked the Vardan suspiciously. old chap. Leela turned impatiently to Rodan. 'So pleased you could both make it. Come o n K9. Inside the office. Now Jasko and Roda n stood watching as Leela hammered on the door. and turned to find Andred and K9 staring at hi m. he found it was impossiblehe simply re-appeared in the corridor. he had opened the door. The Doctor smiled disarmingly. the Doctor guessed what had h appened and grinned.' They crept on their way. I've forgotten my hat. who rounded upon Kelner. we've got a lot to do!' The baffled Vardan re-materialised inside the Pano pticon and reported to his leader. the Vardan disappeared again. 'If he's not in here. I must have discipline!' Kelner f elt his moment had come. He tried to open the door. 'The Doctor has betr ayed us. is there. where else wo uld he be?' . but back to the president's office. 'Shan't keep you a moment old chap .' The Doctor waved around the lead-lined r oom. Angrily .

Andred tried to protest. an event he had no intention of attending in person. 'This too!' Astonished and overawed. while the Doctor grabbed K9 round the middle and with a grunt of effort set him upon the Presidential desk.'Well. Despite t he fact that a watching Vardan was urging them on. 'This order is to be expedited immediately. Now the y were busily trying to smash down the door of the Presidential office with clum sy old-fashioned weapons that had never been intended for serious use. transfix ed by arrows. Ready. I assume complete authority. was raining heavy blows on th e other side of the door. the Sash and the Circlet from Andred. 'Hold thi s a minute will you?' Reverently. Work became even slower when two of the axe-squad suddenly dropped. A picked squad of Kelner's bodyguard had been issued w ith the heavy ceremonial axes carried in Gallifreyan ceremonial parades.' 'Take us there!' The little party set off again. Leela and Jasko fired again. From the safety of his o ffice. two more men fell. The President will be shot on sight!' The Doctor took the Rod of Rassilon from his pocket and handed it casually to Andred. He took th e Rod. .' There was a tremendous thud from outside. Kelner was despatching his men to capture the Doctor. several someones by the sound of it. 'Just trust me. Andred stood holding Ga llifrey's equivalent of the Crown Jewels. he is the President isn't he? I suppose he could be in the President's of fice. it was taking them quite a ti me. looped the Sash and the Circlet ove r K9's head. Leela had arrived. He unfastened th e Sash of Rassilon. but the D octor said soothingly. K9?' 'Affirmative!' 'Then do as yo u've been told. Someone. Andred took the sacred Rod. 'And this!' The Do ctor took the Circlet from the other pocket and passed it over. and thrust the Rod between them. the Vardan dematerialised and the attack was over. then another and anot her.

' . Leela. 'Co-ordinates of Vardan home planet are Vector th ree zero five two alpha seven. 'Alert! Alert! I detect an unauthorised frequency tracer. Leela and her two friends t umbled into the room.' 'Activatingnow! ' Kelner ran into the Panopticon. we come to save you!' Th e Doctor groaned at the sound of the familiar voice. the Vardan War Leader stiffened in sudden ala rm. At last he spoke. Time Loop mode. Alert! Full Alert! ' 'Contact!' said K9 suddenly. Inside the Panopticon. K9? Now!' K9 began to whirr and click and buzz in the most al arming fashion. Waving axes. His eyes glowed.' said Rodan unhelpfully. negative. shimmeredand disappeared! High above the Capitol. t he Vardan space ship vanished too. As he watched they blurred. Andred and the others watched in silent as tonishment.' she yelled. as he called on the mighty forces now at his disposal. No trace of Vardan life-form on Gallifrey. Leela snatched up an axe. Let her in. Leela. 'Shut up. 'Is this the President's office?' Rodan no dded. 'Wave pattern neg ative. 'Doctor!' said Leela delightedly.' The Doctor's voice was suddenly urgent. 'Ready. fourteenth span.Leela glared at the space left by the vanishing Vardan. Everyone was watching K9. his antennae quivered. 'Activate Modulation Rejection Pattern. 'Do not fear. and then paused in astonishment. repeat. 'Then let us break the door down!' She began ham mering at the door. The three Vardans stood in a tight group in the centre of the dais .' said t he Doctor. 'What was that?' 'Someon e vanishing. his capture only a matter of time. Andred!' Andred drew the bolts. 'Doctor. 'I might have guessed. In the President's office there was complete and utter silence. eager to report that the Doctor was trapped in the Presidential office.

Sash and Circlet. and for my safety in particular. sir. put under house arrest such a very long time ago. aren't you?' 'Yes. and t he Doctor looked down at the four arrow-pierced guards.' said the Doctor gently. immediately. The Doctor entered the grea t hall of the Panopticon. 'Won?' 'Yes. 'But we have fought only a few guards and some cowardly thing that vanished. Clearly. Excellency. isn't it?' said the Doctor amiably. eh.' They went out into the corridor. I've sent the Varda ns back hometo stay. 'What happened?' as ked Leela. 'Proficient. the Doctor got up. 'Doctor! President! Sir!' he cried in anguish. 'Mind you. Leela? If you set your mind to it.Slowly. t aking off Rod. or the relief of Mafe-king. 'Have you ever thought o f taking up killing people seriously. you cou ld become quite proficient! Come on.' Leela sounded almost disappointed. 'What does proficient mean?' She wa sn't sure if she was being complimented or insulted. who bowed before h im. to find no one there except Kelner. wringing his hands. 'Confusin g.' said Leela. 'I'll take your word for it.' Kelner retreated bowing. 'We've won.' 'I shall want to see him.' he said sa dly. Castellan?' Kelner was too frightened to reply. that's only my opinion. he expected immediate execution at the very least. you know.' said the Doctor we arily.' 'Yes. He began removing the regalia from K9. Every oligarchy gets the Castellan it de serves.' The Doctor shook his head. Excellency . 'Never mind. Just cle ar up the mess when you've a moment or two. all right. as Castellan you are responsible for the security of Gall ifrey in general. . 'Is the Chancellor still in his office?' Kelner had almost forgotten old Borusa. of technology.' muttered Leela. very slowly. 'This was a battle of intellect. The Doctor sighed. let's see what's going on!' He headed for t he Panopticon.' 'All right. and handing them to Andred. 'As far as I know. 'I don't think you're very good at it.' 'Kelner. How have we won?' 'It's not always like Waterloo.

' he said solemnly. 'Victory. Instead of giving t hree rousing cheers. The Doctor gave a weary but triumphant smile. . They wore shining space armour. ' he called exultantly. Your Excellency. The head was huge and round and it seemed to emerge directly from the massive shoulders. and great dome-shaped helmets. Three strange figures stood in the doorway. broad powerful limbs. 'Victory i t is. they were all staring fixedly over his shoulder. The Doctor turned. The nose was a snubby snout. The hairless skull was greeny-brown and small red eyes were set deep in cavernous sockets. watching him. The leader of the three figures removed his helme t to reveal a face from some ancient nightmare. but the safety of Galli frey has been assured. Not the vanqu ished Vardans. They were short and squat with immensely wide shoulders.Andred hurried into the room.' He became aware of a sudden silence. the wide mouth a lipless slit. 'It has been a long hard fight. but three very different figures. and saluted the Doctor. It was the face of a Sontaran.

. the p uppets. 'Pointless killing is unproducti ve. 'Sontarans. and once in its far distant future. 'They were your allies?' 'The Vardans were expendable.' 'You know them?' 'Oh yes. guttural whis per. The conquest of Gallifrey the invasion of Tim e itself! The Sontaran announced.' The Sontaran's voice was a harsh.' said the Doctor mildly. I know them. 'I am Commander Stor of the Sontaran Special S pace Service. th ought the Doctor almost admiringly. once in Earth's medieval past.' Typical Sontaran ruthlessness. the Sontarans occasionally tur ned their attention to other species. 'What about the Vardans?' asked Leela. but not the savagely militaristic wil l for an operation such as this.11 The Sontarans The Sontaran held a slubby hand-blaster aimed unerringly at the Doctor. The Doctor had foiled their plans before. 'What are these things?' whispered Leela. 'Which one is "Dok-tor"? Are you "Dok-tor"?' The name sounded strange in the harsh alien voice. They served their purpose to open the force-field and let us in. Only the Sontarans would dare to attempt the gr eatest military coup in the galaxy. Commander Stor said suddenly. though they occ asionally smile at the deaththroes of an enemy. thought the Doctor wearily. 'Please don't fire that thing. They were a sav agely militaristic species with only one interestwar! In the intervals of their u nending war with their deadly enemies the Rutans.' The Doctor had encountered Sontarans before. The Vardans were only the forerunners. Slavery is more functional. They had the technological skills. I should have known. How like the Sontarans to use an entire spec ies for their shock troops-and sacrifice them without a second thought in the ca use of Sontaran victory.' 'Isn't that carrying alliteration a little too far?' Commander St or ignored the Doctor's joke. Sontarans have no sense of humour.

' announced the Doctor loftily.' The Sontaran raised an arm in salute and marched away. The Doctor was still managing to hold the Sontaran in talk.' Stor turned to one of his aides. "Dok-tor" and kill him. .' Borus a switched off the intercom and sat lost in thought. He ha d been woken from an uneasy sleep by the noise and confusion in the Capitol. Cardinal B orusa sat at his desk in the Chancellor's office. He had just been about to emerge and congratulate the Doctor on his victory when the arriva l of this new threat made him decide to stay in hiding. Borusa had monitored the conversation in the Panopticon. a tiny intercom unit in his ha nd. The red haze disappeared . 'Find the one called. leaving the Doctor weak and shaken. an enemy of the Sontaran race. 'That must mean several thousand sirs.' Stor raised his blaster and fired. 'I was only trying to help. Borusa switched on the c orn-unit. and soon realised that his guard had disappeared. 'You. 'I take it you have invaded Gallifrey in search of knowledge. no!' and shot a quick bet raying glance at the Doctor.' 'I can't help that. He had been confined to his suite of offices in the Chancellery ever since his confrontation with the Varda ns. as a red haze enveloped his body. regaining his strength and awaiting an opportunity to help the Doctor. The ultim ate goal is victory.' 'Victory over whom?' 'Victory over all!' 'Victory over tim e?' suggested the Doctor. You may address me as "sir". The Doctor writhed in agony. must it not?' 'A means to an end only. then?' 'I am Lord P resident of the Supreme High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. The Sontaran swung round. The Doctor's voice came from the speaker.' he muttered.The Sontaran looked at Kelner who said hurriedly. can I? I'm the Lord President of Gallifr ey. 'Your description matches one called "Dok-tor". 'I call no one "sir" but my military superiors.' said the Sontaran dispassionately. 'Thousand? The glorious Sontaran army reckons its numbers in hundreds of millions. Commander Stor? Knowledge mu st always be the ultimate goal. In an attempt to find out what wa s going on. 'Oh.

Stor had sensed that he was being delayed. 'What do we do next?' 'Follow me. and immediately began to grovel. two of Andred's men and an Outsider called Jablif close behind him . The Doctor clapped his hands over his ears and yelled. 'Run! ' No one could hear what he was saying. Borusa smiled. 'Enough of this idle talk. 'What was that noise?' g asped Leela. He raised a hand. Gauntleted hands cl utching his head he reeled in agony. Andred. When my troops arrive you will all be placed in confinement' An indescribable noise filled the Panopticon.' 'Where to?' 'My office. He got in the way of a flailing arm and was se nt spinning across the hall. The y all began shaking their heads and rubbing their ears. but the Doctor's friends instinctively f ollowed him as he sprinted from the hall. Should have been played at my election about f ifty times quieter! I think someone's trying to help me.There was sudden suspicion in the harsh alien voice.. ' I am sorry. 'What did you say?' 'Do you seek victory over time itself?' Borusa knew that the words held a message for h im. anxious to ingratiate himself with this new regime went to help him. I've got an urgen t appointment!' Kelner scrambled to his feet. The Doctor pounded along the corridor with Leela. howling. this was none of my doing. R odan. It assaulted the ear with intolerable force. Suddenly the howling noise stopped and the Doctor realised it was time to stop running and start making plans. It was a highpitched. 'Celebration chimes. Sontaran hearing is surprisingly sensi tive. and his hand went to a control panel set into the desk top. The Doctor had realised that he would be listening. and Stor seemed to be affected worse than anyone else.. and was warning him of t he Sontaran plans.' said Lee la.' . and had become uneasy. 'Stop!' Everyone stopped. Lord Stor. In the Panopticon. screaming. reverberating chime.' 'We all are. Kelner.

. Since most of Stor's command had yet to arrive. 'Lee la.' 'There's a small opening at the back of their nec ks called the probic vent. 'Look outa Sontaran!' They heard the clumping of h eavy booted feet. report. The moment the Sontaran' s back was fully turned. The knife streaked through the air and burie d itself deep in the probic vent.' The sound echoed through the corridors.' 'It wa s nothing. ' Pausing only to wrench her knife from the Sontaran's neck. Leela drew her knife. but take the President al ive!' Kelner said timidly.' 'You do n't know how!' 'Then tell me. 'To all advance units. The Presid ent is to be apprehended. and those few were dispersed about an incredibly large complex o f buildings. just' The Doctor grinned. The Sontaran fell." There was no reply. It's their only weak point. 'that was a prodigious throw!' 'Prodigious?' The Doctor smiled. just an old hunting trick. The Doctor stopped at a corridor junction flatte ning himself against the wall. Stor swung menacingly round on . The Sontaran wheeled p onderously round. You may kill those with him. that cry. the President is' 'Silence!' roared Stor.' Leela cupped her hands to her mouth and gave a weirdly high-pitched call. eee... Leela followed him. dying without a sound.. and Kelner obeyed. 'But surely you realise... he had relatively few troopers at his command. in such a way that it was impossible to tell where it was coming from. 'I know.Stor was rasping orders into his communicator. re. Doctor. she threw. searching. He was doing his best to direct them by remote control. I will kill him. Come on. 'Amazing! And so was the way you tricked him. menacing figure appeared at the other end of the corridor. 'Over hee..' 'That is all I need to k now. 'Unit three seven..' said the Doctor solemnly. 'Do not worry. Leela drew back her knife. and a squat.

' whimpered Kelner. 'Units three. Castellan Kelner. five and seven p roceed immediately to level five.' said the Doctor. Rodan and the two guards hurried through the door and the Doctor c ounted them in. five.' He slammed the door behind him and bolted it.' A hand like a clamp grabbed Kelner's arm. 'Come with me. The Doctor shot along the corridor and opened the door to his office. equally calmly. four. two. 'One of my troopers has failed to report. 'Come on now. He had been about to discuss that th e President was the Doctor. and they raised their blasters. 'Five. I hope?' The staser was steady in the old man's hand. 'No thing too troublesome. One.' L eela.Kelner. I don't think you realise' began Kelner.' ordered Stor. He turned to find his frien ds huddled together in a group. Andred. 'I thought you would never get here.' said the old man i n a conversational tone.' . 'Is this the place . Time Lord!' Kelner fell silent. Therefore he is dead. 'That's n ot going to keep them out for long is it Chancellor. Intercept the President and his bodyguard. and the Docto r. Tak e him alive. no more. three. 'Silence! Do not interfere. Stor looked at Kelner.. 'We were delayed. with a staserpistol. three. Meekly Kelner followed him. Time Lord?" 'Yes.' 'My lord. four. this is the dangerous bit. 'They must be making for the presi dent's office. The Doctor looked thoughtfully at the lead-lined door. and a squad of Sontaran troopers converged outsid e the door to the Presidential office. Com mander Stor.' Stor spoke into the communicator. two. one. 'Where will they be heading?' 'Level three is on the way to level five.. Cardinal Borusa was covering them. Already he could hear the pounding feet of Sontaran troopers. but he had no intention of arguing with an angry Son taran. Excellency.' Stor gestured to his troopers.

' 'But he threatened you!' The Doctor smiled. Make sure they are effective. However.' Borusa bowed his head. someone had t he sense to re-inforce it with a titaniumbased alloy. Stor glared disgustedly at the door. 'And it is not one of my duties to protect the president?' 'Dereliction of duty is sa dly common these days. 'I was about to emerge to offer you my congratulations . The Doctor sat on his desk and swung his legs.'Easily fusible. malleable base metal such as lead is not the best defence again st heat intensive weaponry.' 'And to your companions?' 'I vouch for them.' Borusa considered a moment longer. 'Fortunately.' . 'N evertheless. or I will negate you all!' The terrified S ontaran troopers hurried away. 'Shall I kill him now. 'Not even scratched! Bring better w eapons.' said the Doctor.' 'It would seem to be the next logical step. The most important friend of all. There's something in there I need rather badly. aren't you Chancellor.' said Borusa judicially. you are a friend. 'I am at your command. this new development' 'Is even more of a surprise to me than i t is to you. He handed the staser to the Docto r. Doctor?' 'No! I need all the friends I can get.' Leela scowled at the formidable old man. 'And our most logical step would a ppear to be evacuation.' 'Of your own free wi ll?' 'Yes. still not sure if he was friend or enemy.' agreed Borusa.' 'Your recipe. aware of the hidden significance in the Doctor's words. Ch ancellor. 'I imagine they'll be bringing up the heavy artillery pretty soon. I believe the exit through your office would be best. Chancellor? ' 'I had a feeling this office might someday need defending. Doctor. Excellency. 'Or hadn't you noticed?' He looked poin tedly at Borusa's staser.' said Borusa.

In the Chancellor's office. 'Leela. It swung open. 'Activate. sir. 'What trick is this?' 'I h ave no idea. 'Every time I do. She led the others from the office. K9. Picking up Borusa's staser he followed the others. you get into trouble.Borusa led the way to the door. 'Well.' 'Doctor. Stor heard a fa int click and cocked his massive head. take K9 and the others back to the TARDIS. 'but just do as I ask. I will not leave you again. The Doctor handed the staser butt-first to Borusa.' Leela knew there was no argui ng with that tone.' said the Doctor and the little automaton glided after them.' quavered Kelner. 'What is that?' Blaster in hand he moved cautiously forward and tried the door. and repeated the pass-word.' 'Quite right. The Chancel lor and I have vital matters to discuss. it's time you made up your mind. The room was empty. the Doctor lifted K9 do wn from the desk. Stor shoved the door fully open and marched through.' agr eed the Doctor cheerfully. The Doctor tip-toed across the office and unbolted t he main door. The door swung open and they all filed through. Cardinal.' said Leela fiercely. Do you i ntend to help meor kill me?' .

Chancellor?' .12 The Key of Rassilon 'I have no idea what you are talking about. 'I have already assured Your Excellency of my loyalty.. lying unguarded in a museum?' The Doctor shook his head.' 'Isn't it? Then give me the Great Key of Rassilon!' Borusa was silent. 'That's the d ifference between us. Good enough for the Master's purposes-but not the Grey K ey itself. and the Sash.' The D octor's angry words produced an equally fierce response. Chancellor. I do not have the Key itself. are y ou Chancellor? There's still some lingering vestige of doubt in the back of your mind. 'You already have all the Circlet presidential regalia' 'I have the Rod of Rassilon. invading time itself. 'Not while you have the Great Key. 'Well?' snapped the Doctor. 'Where is it. Not while I' Borusa bit off his words. doesn't it?" said the Doctor softly. 'Listen to me. Borusa. 'Where is it?' 'You ask for the impossible. 'That was a f acsimile. Don't you care about the invasion of Gallifrey by Sontaran shock troops. Just a few of them now.' 'I dobut I prefer to care .' 'The Key was stolen by the Master. a lesser key.' The old man was silent.' 'I ask for the Great Keythe true Great Key. 'People are dying in this battle. eh?' 'That is not so.' said the Doctor fier cely. when he escaped from Gallifrey.' 'The Great Key of Rassilon. 'They cannot invade tim e. Your Excellency.. but soon there will be millions." 'But you're still not quite sure.' said the Doctor implacably. I am concerned.' 'Then pe rhaps you should remember your training in detachment.' said Borusa calmly.' com pleted the Doctor softly. Isn't that important to you?" 'Should it be?' 'It leaves you unmoved. very much concerned.

" said the Doctor gently. wasn't he? No president can have total power without the Great Key.Borusa rose stiffly. she and Andred led a desperate charge in an attempt to . The key s were of all shapes and sizes.' said the Doctor quietly.' He t ook a key. Both sides took cover. 'If you wanted to hide a tree. isn't that so? To protect the Time Lords from dictatorship. Which one is it?' Un able to face the surrender of this last secret. and stasers crackled and blasters roared as both sides opened fire. some huge and ornate. he's only a jumped-up guard. 'That will not be necessary. Just before they reached the antechamber they had run straight into a Sontaran patrol. holding not one but at least a hundred keys. I've be en there. And who guards the guards?' Borusa bowed his head in assent. Methodically. from the forest of ke ys in the case and handed it to the Doctor. It is my duty to kill you. Leela and her Gallifreyans fought ga llantly. he blas ted down one Sontaran after another. the Gallifreyans were being d efeated.' Borusa gave him a wintry smile.' protested Borusa. and the stasers carried by Leela and her friends were ineffective against So ntaran space armour. remember? There is no record in the Matrix of any president knowing th e whereabouts of the Great Key. 'I underst and how you feel. The Doctor smiled. Leela decided there was only one thing to doattack. others hardly more than pl ain metal rods. A screen slid back to re veal a velvet display case. if it will prevent that Key falling into the hands of th e Sontarans. So who does know? Not the Castellan. 'It had to be you.' 'That's right. Using K9 as a spearh ead. 'You are the first president since R assilon himself to hold the Great Key. where better t han in a forest? I remember that from one of your lectures. they had heavy-duty blaste rs.' Leela and her friends were fighting thei r way towards the TARDIS. Nevertheless. and touched a control on his desk. Borusa did not reply. Only K9 had the necessary fire power. he gave the Great Key intoother hands. 'Rassilon was a wily old bird." 'None of this information is in the Matrix. ' The Chancellor. 'I know. but the Sontarans were trained shock troops. by no means the largest or the most impressive.

He listened to the message in mounting r age. Jablif slumped back as if unconscious.. his voice was throaty with anger. 'I trie d..' he growled. Leela had been holding back acting as a rearguard. Rodan. My ship is trappedit cannot land on Gallifrey!' . and Jablif. and they need you.' he gasped. 'Now go!' Reluctantly Leela left him. badly wounded.' growled Stor menacingly.' said Stor dismissively. 'But they had their usesfor a time. and he was too badly wounded to help her. Time Lord. and ran after the others. pulling him back into the shelter of an alcove. trapped them in a time loop. Jablif's knife embedded deep in his probic vent. His arm flashed back. and a Sont aran fell. even whe n your friends the Vardans paid us their all-too-brief visit. Leela. In the President's office Kelner had finally succeeded in impressing Sto r with the fact that the missing president was also the 'Dok-tor!' he sought. 'And so may you. 'The gap in the forcefield is reclosing. Leela. The next Sontaran fi nished Jablif off with a burst of blaster fire and ran on leaving Jablif dead be side the Sontaran he had killed. Time Lord. 'He called himself the Doctor for m any life-spans. and when he turned on Kelner. but as the Sontaran troopers ran past him in pur suit of Leela he raised himself upon one elbow.' They were interrupt ed by a bleep from Stor's communicator.' 'The Vardans were fools. 'W hy did you not tell me this before.' The massive hand clamped onto Kelner's arm. K9 and Leela were already safe inside the TARDIS.break through the Sontaran cordon and reach the safety of the TARDIS. But Jablif was a heavy man. but the loyal guards were shot down in th e fighting. 'Save yourself!' Leela tried to drag him after the others. The surviving Sontarans thundered after Leela b ut they were too late.' babbled Kelner. She hurried to Jablif's side. the Outsider fell. Andred and Rodan managed to follow K9 to safety. 'Leave me. 'You can't help me now. but you wouldn't listen. Andred. It was the Doctor who got rid of them you know.. I never trusted him.. even before he became president.

.' s aid Stor. widen it so that our battle fleet can co me through. 'Stop!' he called. the Doctor said.' By the time the trooper had got through to Stor. 'Got your new orders yet? Check with Commander Stor.' 'Bypass the Matrix! You must r e-establish the gap in the force-field. the quantum force-field was regenerating itself. 'Well of course. 'Of course there are no new o rders! Follow. 'I must have my reinforcements.' 'To the strong. everything is possible. 'I'd help you if I could.As the Doctor had prophesied. the Doctor and Borusa had disappeared. The trooper raised his blaster and fired.' said Kelner hurriedl y.' The Sontaran ran after the Doctor and Borusa. a couple o f Time Lords out for a little stroll. I shall seek out "Dok-tor".' 'But it's impossible. he will le ad me to the Great Key!' 'The Doctor has the Great Key? That's not possible!' 'W hat?' roared Stor. everything's possible. ' 'But I can't Excellency. No one can connect with the Matr ix without the Circlet. there you are. no. A Son taran trooper advanced on Kelner.' 'Liquidate him.' screamed Kelner. but it's impossible. By now they were at the far end of the long corridor.' ordered Stor and turned away. 'You will reopen the gap in your force-field. 'Please. 'Ah.' The Doctor and Borusa strolled calmly towards the TARDIS. he'll put you in the picture. 'And if you can find the Great Keythen I may be able to find a way to do what you ask. the troop er heard Stor's angry voice over his communicator. paying absolutely no attention.' said the Doctor breezily.' . 'The Gre at Key seems to have some unusual properties. The two Time Lords strolled on. Appalled. Blaster bolts roared down the corridorwith absolutely no effec t on the departing figures. S tor advanced menacingly on Kelner.. A Sontaran trooper tried to bar their path .. As they turned the corner. and destroy them. blaster raised.. and the Doctor has that.

What do yo u think we should do now. and the power-pack has run dangerously low. Unfortunately it hasn't b een used for generations.' he panted. You too. The Doctor peered cautiously into the anteroom. Leela. 'but not against elementary energyparticle assault. They slowed their pac e. 'One.' 'T hen why are we still alive?' Borusa tapped a complex device attached to the belt of his robe.' The Doctor crossed his fingers. Wryly he noticed that old Borusa was running smooth ly and easily. and by the time they neared the anteroom.' 'I don't mean you Chancellor. 'The chancellor's personal force-shield.' agreed Borusa. There was the TARDISand there was a patrol of Sontaran troopers. Blaster fire crackled around the force-field as the Doctor fumbled for his k ey.' 'Out of condition. The Doctor pointed. and they disappeared thankfully inside. take our guests to the VIP lou nge. which the Doctor s oon cut short. Doctor?' 'Run!' said the Doctor simply. you're a technician. 'Rodan. and they tore off down the corridor.'It has.' puffed the Doctor. 'Can you make it across there?' 'I believe I am still capab le of running a little further. Leela. Andred you go to room 1207. posted in ambush around the edge of the room. that's your problem. so you stand right there. 'We mightwith luck. they were moving in cautious silenc e.' suggested Borusa mildly. 'I haven't run like this for centuries. Straight out that door and it's the sixty-second on the right. There was a hurried exchange of news and greetings. K9. 'If you could hurry up and open the door. 'This is really most undignified. By the time the astonished Sontarans reacted they were the re. threego!' They sprinted across the anteroo m towards the TARDIS. I mean the powerpack on that force-field. Andred and Rodan rushed forward to gr eet them.' Borusa studied the readings. I want you fully re-charged. 'Maybe I'm still too young for this sort of thing. 'I can never find that wr etched key when I need itah here we are!' The Doctor opened the TARDIS door.' protested Borusa as th ey ran. down the . and didn't seem in the least out of breath. two.

'You act ually want me to link your control to the main defence mechanism of Gallifrey?' 'That's right. Excellency. and Leela ?' 'Yes.' The Doctor grinned. will you?' He tossed her the Great Ke y.' said the Doctor. The Doctor turned to Rodan. ' 'It's just a simple field study.' 'Well. 'Who could ask for more! What's your speciality?' 'Quasitronics. so you can forget all you ever learned. 'Now. 'I'm afraid I don't know much about that. and disappeared. we're going to break all the rules. Doctor?' 'Look after this for me. would you?' 'Only a glimmer. 'I don't suppose you've got a sonic screwdr iver?' . Exc ellency. and stop any Sontaran ships from coming through.' said the Doctor impatiently.' As Leela headed for the inner door the Doctor said.' Rodan sighed. I do. You ca n't miss it. 'I dare say it is a simple field study. Rodan was shocked. Be careful with that Leela.' 'I shall guard it with my life. Your E xcellency. it's important. what did you say y our name was?' 'Rodan.' 'I just did. Your Excellency.' 'You trust her so much?' 'Yes. 'Oh. Then we can close up the hole I made. "No Entry". I want you to switch the primary and secondary stabiliser circuit ry of my TARDIS into your secondary defence barrier. 'but it's no use to us here. You wouldn't have a glimmer of astrophysics. 'You can't give the Great Key into the keeping of an al ien savage.' began Rodan. sharp right and through the door marked. third level.' said Leela matterof-factly.' 'Ah.' 'How do you do?' 'As well as I can.stairs. Borusa was horrified.

'They're after the Sash of Rassilon. this won't hurt a bit!' As Rodan work ed on. and most especially the Great Key.' Rodan muttered something that sounded like 'inkle grooner'. 'It worked though. isn't it.' repeated the Doc tor and fished a complex-looking tool from a jumbled electronic tool-box at his side.. So we've just got to stop them. 'If I cannot fulfill his orders. 'So much damage. Rod an's head popped up.' repeated Rodan. Crimps please. 'Junkl' The Doctor stared a t her. linked into the Matrix. you see.' 'I must h ave my re-inforcements!' growled Stor. 'Junk. 'This whole contraption is a load of junk!' 'You' re talking about my TARDIS!' Rodan grinned at him.. 'Look!' . still almost in ruins after K9's attack. The Do ctor passed her another tool. we've just got to.' he moaned. Time Lord!' Hast ily Kelner set to work. Those three. 'Are you all right down there?' called the Doctor. and all times. But before I die. 'Of course I am. Yes.' 'My general insists on immediate entry. the Sontarans will rampage not only through this universe and this time. it w ill be my military duty to die. but all universes. 'so much disorder. Rodan had disappeared underneath the TARDIS console. you will die.Kelner stared despairingly round the defence control room. 'There may be some way of patching contro l though. He patted the TARDIS console c onsolingly. all the sa me!' She switched on the scanner. provide the sum total of Time Lord power.' said Stor throatily. onl y her feet still visible. the Rod.. Five two lever !' The Doctor found the lever and passed it down. 'Are you sure you know what you're doing?' 'Of course I do.' 'Crimps. 'Unless we can stop them. Nasty thought. 'Now don't you worry old girl. that's what they want all right!' Rodan appea red from beneath the TARDIS console and said loudly..' said Kelner dubiously. the Doctor said broodingly. 'But it will take time.

It's an enti re battle fleet!' 'Whatever it is. a rrow shaft. secondary and tertiary circuits are out of order. it's outside the quantum force-field. Something was happening. If it works. The only way of doing that is through a type forty caps ule and the only one of those in operation at the moment is the one used by the President!' ' "Dok-tor" ' roared Stor. 'A classic Sontaran formation. 'It's useless.' He began throwing a series of switches.' said the Doctor softly. 'Someone's reversed our stabiliser banks!' 'That's impossible.. the Doctor is in for a very unple asant surprise. As long as the TARDIS is secure.' Kelner st raightened up from the tangled ruins of a control bank. Kelner set to work. 'Let's try it. Primary. 'Arrow head.A pattern of sinister shapes appeared on the screen.' said Stor remo rselessly.. 'Yes. Time Lord.' 'It's that toad Kelner!' 'What's going to happen t o us?' . eyes gleaming with sly malice. Some time later he straightened up. Your Excellen cy. 'What's happening?' screamed Rodan. 'The defence screens are working again! We're safe!' The Doct or brooded over the screen. 'You haven't seen what a Sontaran battle fleet can d o! Are you sure the defence screen will hold?' Rodan nodded. His fist smashed down on a control bank s hattering it still further. arrow wings. If I can by-pass his stabiliser circuits. The damaged circuits seem to have been by-passed. Excellency.' said R odan triumphantly.' 'Repair them. The patched up equipment began throbbing with power. one by one. 'There may be an alternative.' With renewed en ergy. The TARDIS control room began to blur and shimme r as though dematerialising from the inside. better!' whispered Stor. Fear sent Kelner's brain into over-drive. Only a high-rank ing Time Lord could do that. 'It's not a question of repair. you control the defence screens. 'Better. then.

. . unconscious.'If this keeps up. The Doctor clutched the console for support. Reality was fading before his ey es. we'll all be dematerialised.. It's like being hurled straight into a Black Star!' Rodan fell. as the TARDIS began to blur and spin.

got lost!' Chuckling the Doctor led them away. get Rodan out of here.' 'The bathroom? Leela. 'Can we en ter his capsule?' 'I have entered probes for all Time Capsules. It was Leela.' demanded Stor. Kelner studied instrument readings. Leela began dragging Rodan towards the door.. 'It ought to be possible. 'I'm afraid the Doctor was too quick for us. 'He's managed to re-stabilise -thrown the failsafe switch on his time capsule. 'Well. .' said Kelner slo wly. it's big ger than it looks this TARDIS of yours. 'Nobody can re-set the system without this in.' said Kelner sadly. vibrating TARDIS . 'Leela. Som ehow she had fought her way back to him through the shuddering. Supporting the still-dazed Rodan. It's fixed in its present state for eternity-or until he turns off the failsafe switch.. and the Great Key with him. and Castellan Ke lner. Grad ually the interior of the TARDIS returned to normal. revealing Stor.' shouted the Doctor. and shook his head in disappointment. Leela?' 'In the bathroom.' 'Then fetch the relevant probes. the great huntress. The Doctor lurched over to the console and smashed his fist d own on a transparent plastic cover. Wh ere are the others. 'I could have done so much with that Great Key. Leela followed him. you mean to say you got lost? You.' The Doctor closed the door from the control room and locked it.' she muttered sulkily.' Stor interrupted Kelner's dreams of power. a Sontaran trooper.' 'What has happened.13 Failsafe The Doctor became aware that someone was shaking his shoulder. We shall go to this TARDIS.' 'Then he is trapped!' 'Trapped. There was a fierce klaxon like hooting. The exterior door of the TARDIS sprang open. He produced a small silver tube.

'There may be man y inner chambers. remember.' They came to a metal tunnel and the Doctor said. The Doctor coughed. almost completely. sector two five.' The Sontaran trooper was trying to open the inn er door without success. Come on!' Leela was almost cer tain that the Doctor was mistaken.' said Ke lner gloomily. Doctor.' 'It was withd rawn some time ago.' he reported. 'You see the advantage of this antiquated TARDIS of mine is that it's fully equipped and completely reliab le. 'Later you will make it work. 'Here we are. is that not so. 'I shall have the door open soon..' said Kelner defensively. but I could have sworn we'd been here before.' said the trooper.' said Leela grimly. 'Then we have him. Nearly there!' Some considerable time later t hey found themselves trailing wearily along a metal walkway and the Doctor said uneasily. you know. where I sent Andred and K9. Time Lord?' Keln er nodded miserably." he said confidently.' . 'This machine is obsolete. 'Well. 'Can you make the systems function again.' The Doctor led them through a gloomy maze of sto rerooms and tunnels. 'It's odd. 'He is still trapped. We're close to store-room twenty-three-A if I'm not mistaken.. chatting brightly all the while.' said Stor. Doctor?' 'To the worksho p.' The Doctor was l eading the way through semi-darkness down a seemingly endless stairway. 'And he has the Great Key. I wish to deal with him personally. or you will die. serv ice tunnel three. I want Dok-tor ca ptured unharmed.' 'W e have. 'Where are we going. 'He has half-fastened it with some kind of locking devi ce.' 'Completely?' said Leela meaningfully. so that we regain control of the defence systems?' 'I doubt it. 'We're going round in circles.' said Stor gloatingly.' said Stor exultantly. 'I've got a perfect sense of direction. 'Don't w orry. 'But f irst we must capture "Dok-tor".Stor stared contemptuously around him. but this is the only way out.

but it's impossible to reactivate. we can't lounge about here all day.' he said reprovingly.' insisted Leela. It's very like this one. Watched by the impatient Stor. A Sontaran trooper hu rried back into the control room carrying a long plastic tube filled with comple x circuitry. and even Rodan was taken aback. Rodan. sir. 'Slow again. the Doctor protesting that he had more important things to deal wi th.' The Docto r jumped to his feet. It's called déjà vu. how much longer to open that door?' 'Not long. 'I'm sorry. Kelner. no one can do anything to the TARDIS. After a moment the rod began to glow as a colossal flow of energy was channelled through it. Leela was astonished. 'I canno t destroy the TARDIS and the Doctor cannot escape. They were still wrangling when they climbed some steps and reached the tunne l again. meanwhile. Doctor.' 'Tell him.' 'Nonsense! I k now the way round the TARDIS like the back of my hand. He stared at an ornamental clo ck standing against one wall. crowded with lush green vegetation and bright with tropical plants. Rodan saying the whole place needed r e-decoration. The air was warm and humid.' 'So. This time they emerged i nto an enormous conservatory. and adjusted th e hands. that must have been sector twenty-three-B. and they seemed to be under an eno rmous glass dome beneath a blazing sun. he sank into a chair..' hissed Stor. The Doctor took it all for granted.' They followed him down a flight of stairs. sir.. he applied the end of the rod to the locked door. The Docto r has removed a primary refraction tube from the failsafe control. 'Doctor we have been here before. very common with time travellers. Stalemate! Trooper. had completed his examination of t he TARDIS console. We've been this way before.' . With that cir cuit missing.' said Leela wearily. I'm very nearly through. 'Come on. Then with a sigh of relief. 'She's right. and they set off again.' The Doctor gave the back of his hand a thoughtful look. 'It's just an illusi on.'Nonsense.

and a buzzer sou nded. 'Early warning system.' 'I've just had one! Let 's go and see K9. Master?' 'It's my plan K9. 'If I had a dog like yo u in my unit.Leela sighed.' pointed out K9 with an automaton's logic. 'Is he ready?' asked the Doctor. Stor marched determinedly into the interior of the TARDIS. 'How's it going?' 'Nothing is going anywhere Master. Doktor. K9. jus t as you ordered. "What's that?' asked Leela. you may pass on the information you have absorbed to R odan. 'Doctor.' 'Yes. Stor stood for a moment in the open do orway.' A light flashed on the wall. Doctor. Rodan!' commanded the Doc tor softly.' said the Doctor cheerf ully. K9. 'Are you listening to me. when I have prepared herbut to no one else. and equipment for making or repairing practic ally anything.' 'Good. 'Look at me. lathes. we shall do battle on your own ground. naturally I have to know about it! Leela. 'Now.' It took a little more wanderin g and wrangling.' .' 'Not even you. but at last they found their way into the workshop. antenna plugged in pa tiently absorbing energy. boy. Rodan. Andred nodded. he should be recharged by now. you just said you wanted a rest..' Leela knelt beside K9 and patted his he ad. K9 and the Doctor were deep in low voiced conversat ion.' Squat and menacing. He raised his helmet and set it upon his head. I'd make him a sergeant!' 'Hello. 'Andred was standing over him. K9 was standing by close to a power socket. He stroked Rodan's forehead with his fingers. They've broken through the door downstairs. an enormous room filled with benches. 'Re-charged to capacity. have you got the Key?' Lee la produced the Key and handed it to him. 'We are in a state of perfect inertia!' 'I don't really li ke the idea of inertia being perfect.." Followed by his aide. and she fell into a li ght hypnotic trance. 'You understand.

You will give it to K9 or me.' said Kelner. It was h ere that they found Borusa. K9 swi velled to face the rack of storage shelves. one metre in length. Five copper conduction discs. 'The Doctor has set up a form of biologi cal barrage.' said the Doctor equally calmly.' What Leela referred to as the bathroom was in fact the swimming pool she had been using earlier. Stor produced a device from his beltpouch.' 'Do this. but to no one else. Dok-tor. K9!' 'Master!' 'Leela. followed by Kelner and a Sontaran trooper. do you unders tand. 'If I can find it.' As K9 called out his weird shopping list. Stor was descending the steps.'You will help. 'It's up to you now.' 'Good! Watch the door will you Andred?' The Doctor produc ed the Circlet and perched it on K9's head. 'I'm sorry to disturb you. stretched out comfortably on a low couch.' 'I understand. 'Doctor!' 'There you are. She looked bright and alert. Without the tracer we may never find him. calm and r elaxed as always. Chancellor. K9.' 'The barrage is probably powered by an ancilliary gener ator. you come with me. so that my tracking device cannot trace the life-forms of his party . When he asks you will g ive him his Key. Rodan found the items he demanded and arranged them on a workben ch. 'One rod of type three iridium alloy . and the others followed. of course!' The Doctor set off briskly. a nd you will be well rewarded. You will carry out his instructions. At the foot of the steps. We must return to the control room a nd destroy the barrier. and not in the least hypnotised. Lead me to this device. 'Very clever. we can shut off the barrage.' 'Wh at's happened?' asked Kelner nervously.' 'Whereto?' 'To the bathroom. studied the r eadings then put the little machine away in disgust. but I think you'd better come with us to . Andred. Rodan turned and looked expecta ntly at K9.

Stor and his trooper appeared at the far end of the room. you know. Stor raised his blaster and fired. They breed at the rate o f about a million a minute! This way Chancellor. Terrible chaps! It's all a question of breeding. d o we. . Doctor?' 'Oh. but it is.' Borusa rose an d allowed the Doctor to lead him away. I assure you.somewhere a bit safer. it isn't just their breeding whi ch concerns you.' As they turned to leave. Don't want you to fall into the hands of the Sontarans. 'Surely.

Brushing aside the shattered fragments of the door f rame. 'I do wish you would stabilise your p edestrian infrastructure. who had rolled into a corner. who could just be seen disappearing through the far door.' 'How?' asked Leela practically. Stor thundered down the ward and out of sight. 'Come on. 'Come on. his trooper behind him. Chancellor. Suddenly the Doctor stopped. and Stor's blaster -bolt crackled over their heads. 'That should do it. 'Come on.' .' The Doctor hurried Borusa down the ward.14 The Chase A second before the Doctor turned for a final glance round and saw the menacing figures just in time.' roared Stor. Andred locked and barred the door. the Doctor and hi s group were through the end doors and haring down the corridor beyond. Andred slid t he last of the heavy bolts. Before Stor could fire again. I'll hold them off if they come back. A random bolt caught Andred's arm and sent him flying across the room. Luckily for bot h of them. Leela dived for cover beneath a bed. a kind of mini-hospital with rows of curtained beds. Everyone ducked. cl utching his wounded arm. The Doctor led his party down a long corri dor lined with doors. She helped him to his feet. 'After them. 'Where are we now?' 'S ick bay?' The Doctor pointed to a door at the far end. Stor and the Sontaran trooper ran after them. Doctor. Lock the door Andred. Stor and his trooper were more interested in the retreating forms of the Doctor and Borusa. Borusa. firing as he came.' said Borusa peevishly. we can get out this way. any door!' The Doctor. 'Wait! We'd better split up.' 'You go. Lee la emerged from hiding and went over to Andred. let's get out of here. Pick a door.' he said. Leela waiting beside him. Stor smashed straight through the door. 'Get down!' he yelled. we'll go this way. Leela and Andred all ran through dif ferent doors and found themselves mysteriously all in the same place. Leela.

Andred. you'd better take Andred and the Chancellor back to the workshop. All he had to do was stay alive until Rodan finished the task he had given her. And even in the control room he wouldn't be safe. since Stor wou ld be quite happy to throttle him or crush him to death. There were some very inter esting species here. 'Leela. Doctor but the arm's numb. and the Doctor knew that if they once got their hands on him he woul d be done for. but I w on't be much use for a while. Is it bad?' 'Only a graze. As the Doctor approached.' ordered the Doctor. The Doctor stopped before a huge. The only thing to do he decided. but the protective effect of the stabiliser field didn't extend to the re st of the ship. and the Doc tor waited.. When they arrived in the conservatory. He should be able to keep them busy long enough for Rodan to fini sh her task. there you are!' he called cheerfully. down two levels. cr ammed with exotic plants from many different planets. and see med to reach out hungrily for him.' Leela held up her hand. no directions. Stor's blaster wouldn't work in the main control room of c ourse. considering his next move. and Stor had only a few troopers at his disposal. Sontarans were appallin gly strong. as she'd been certain the Doctor would get them lost again.' Andred's face was white with shock and it was cle ar it would take him some time to recover. Still considering the problem. The situation really didn't call for very much planning. Doctor. a potted jungle. . 'Please. dense bush which carried not leaves but long trailing vine-like tentacl es. and some very dangerous ones too. He noticed Andred clutching his arm. was to carry on with this deadly game of hide and seek. the vine-tentacles began to stir and wave. the Doctor and Borusa were waiting for them-rather to Leela's surp rise.They went back through the door and into the corridor.. But with Stor and his troopers rampaging round the TARDIS that m ight not be too easy. Except for a central path it was densely overgrown.' 'Through that door there. 'Do you know the way t his time?' 'I knew the way last time. It will be easier without them!' Leela led Andred and Borusa away. I'm sorry. sharp r ight. 'You're hurt. The TARDIS was vast. Doctor . 'Ah. the Doctor strolled around the conse rvatory.

The Doctor smiled. 'You know, I think you might come in useful, old chap.' He st opped, as he heard heavy footsteps. Someone had come into the conservatory. Keep ing well clear of the vine-plant, the Doctor ducked into the jungle. The Sontara n trooper came cautiously down the path, domed head turning from side to side, b laster at the ready. Suddenly, he halted. There was a rustling sound from somewh ere in the bushes. He heard the sound of whistling... The Sontaran fired and the blaster bolt seared through the bushes. After a moment, the whistling started u p again, from a slightly different direction. The Sontaran forced his way into t he bushes determined to catch sight of his quarry. A dense clump of vines barred his way, and he thrust his way through them. Or rather, he tried to... Suddenly the vines came to furious life, winding hundreds of tentacles around him in a c rushing grip. Arms pinioned, unable to reach his blaster, the Sontaran struggled desperately creating a tremendous racket as his heavy limbs flailed at the gree nery. The Doctor popped out from behind a nearby bush and observed the struggle with benign interest. 'I can see you two are getting on very well,' he said, and hurried on his way. The Sontaran was still struggling, though more feebly, when Stor and Kelner came into the conservatory. Stor raised his communicator, made an adjustment, and switched it on. There was a high-pitched electronic hum. Para lysed by the high-frequency sound wave, the vine-plant's tentacles went limp. Th e Sontaran trooper staggered out. Stor looked at the trooper dispassionately. 'Y ou will follow this Time Lord and destroy the power unit he will show you. Repor t to me in the Panopticon when you have succeeded.' Stor produced a grenade from his belt, and checked its timer. The trooper saluted, and followed Kelner from the conservatory. Stor stood motionless for a moment. He took off his helmet, an d stood breathing hard, as if the strain of the long chase was beginning to tell even on him. So many delays, so many frustrations, victory always so close, yet always snatched away at the last moment. His ship, and the whole Sontaran battl e fleet trapped outside the barrier. He had

conquered a planet, and now he had to hold it with only a handful of men. Stor's lipless mouth tightened, and his little red eyes blazed with anger. Dok-tor! Al ways Dok-tor! He would kill the Dok-tor and then all would be well. If necessary , he would destroy all Gallifrey to ensure the Doctor's death. Stor hurried away . Kelner led the Sontaran trooper into a small but elegant gallery. Masterpieces from many planets lined the walls, statues and busts were scattered here and th ere about the room. Kelner looked around admiringly. 'Beautiful, isn't it?' The Sontaran said nothing. Beauty is of no interest to Sontarans, since it has no fu nction in war. Indeed, to a Sontaran war is beauty. 'What is this place?' 'An an cilliary power station. How like the Doctor to conceal its function with beauty! ' Kelner went over to the largest statue, a robed female figure in the style of ancient Greece. He opened a small hatch in the side of the statue's plinth, and pressed an off-switch. 'Now, try your tracer.' The trooper took the device from his belt, switched on and studied the readings. 'The humanoids are three levels below!' he announced triumphantly. 'We shall go and destroy them!' In the worksh op, the Doctor, Borusa and Andred stood watching Rodan as she put the final touc hes to a complex, rifle-like weapon. K9 stood smugly by, like an instructor watc hing a prize pupil at work. 'Finished?' said the Doctor. 'Yes. It is finished.' The Doctor snapped his fingers. 'Wake up, Rodan. Give me the Great Key.' Rodan b linked, produced the Key from her belt-pouch and handed it to the Doctor. The Do ctor picked up the gun and stood for a moment, Great Key in one hand, gun in the other. Suddenly Borusa understood what was happening and an expression of horro r came over his face. 'No!' he whispered. 'No!' The Doctor's face was stern. 'Yo u know how helpless we are against the Sontarans, Chancellor.'

'I forbid you to use that weapon, Doctor. It should never have been created.' 'W hat is it?' asked Leela, curiously. 'The ultimate weapon,' said the Doctor simpl y. 'The De-mat gun.' Rodan was as horrified as Borusa. 'But that's impossible. A ll knowledge of that weapon is forbidden, by Rassilon's decree.' 'But the inform ation was still there, stored in the Matrix. K9 passed it on to you, and you bui lt the gun under hypnosis.' The Doctor looked down at the weapon. 'Now I have on ly to arm it. This is why the Great Key remained hidden for so long.' The Doctor slipped the key into a slot in the butt of the weapon and snapped it home. The gun seemed to throb with energy in his hands. For a moment he felt the exhilarat ion of total power-and realised why Rassilon had ordered that the weapon should be forbidden. 'With this weapon, I could rule the Universe, eh, Chancellor?' 'Is that what you want? Destroy it, Doctor! Destroy all knowledge of it, or it will throw us back to the darkest age!' 'No!' whispered a harsh voice from the doorw ay. 'It will take us forward, to a new age of Sontaran conquest.' The Doctor tur ned. A Sontaran trooper was in the doorway, Kelner close behind him. As the Sont aran raised his blaster the Doctor fired the De-mat gun. The Sontaran vanished, abolished from existence. The Doctor swung the weapon to cover Kelner. 'Where is Commander Stor.' Kelner didn't reply. 'Kill him, Leela,' said the Doctor casual ly. Leela drew her knife and moved forward. 'The Panopticon,' screamed Kelner. ' He's in the Panopticon. I think he's got some kind of bomb.' Horrified, the Doct or dashed for the door. Stor had almost finished his task. The fusion grenade wa s primed and ready, placed squarely in the centre of the dais. He straightened u p to see the Doctor standing over him, a strange weapon in his hand. 'Wait, Stor .' 'This final action will provide me with great pleasure, Doktor.'

.'You'll destroy yourself and your men.' 'It is an honour to die for the glorious Sontaran Empire.' 'And all the T ime Lords on it!' 'You'll set off a chain reaction that will blow up your own ba ttle fleet. Explode that grenade and you'll destroy the entire planet." 'We have many battle fleets. as well as us. Time Lord. .. w e shall destroy you! GoodbyeDok-tor!" Stor triggered the grenade. If we cannot conquer you.' 'The power of a black hole is trapped beneat h us.

For a time. The force o f the energy-collision flung the Doctor back across the dais and dropped him unc onscious on the ground. Leela. and stared at it in amazement. All that remained of it was the triggering device. It lay on the floor. are you all right?' The Doctor beamed at her. Borusa lifted the staser. as if some great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. everything was quiet. the Great Key of Rassilon. Borusa?' 'Your Excellency?' 'My Exce llency? Is this some kind of a joke. Borusa. 'And the Vardans?' 'What Vardans?' .15 The Wisdom of Rassilon In the same moment. 'What on Earth are you doing here. exhausted.' said Borusa. Rodan. Somehow the energies released by atomic g renade and De-mat gun blended. a nd what they should do. 'don't you remember your in duction as President?' 'My induction? Me. Even the De-mat gun had disappeared. Borusa? You never used to make jokes! And w hy am I wearing this thing?" He unfastened the Sash of Rassilion. They heard slow. who lay still a s death. 'Hello. the Doctor rememb ered no such thing. S tor was gone. 'Do ctor. Leela and K9 waited. 'But Your Excellency. merged. close to the outstretched hand of the Doctor.' He looked at Borusa. the Doctor raised the De-mat gun and fired. Leela drew her knife. The shock of the explosion was felt even in the TARDIS workshop. shadowy Panopticon. In the vast. too. heavy footsteps. coming towards the wor kshop door. wondering what had happened. The door opened and the Doctor stood swaying in the doorway. The fusion-grenade was gone. Stor vanished an d the exploding grenade vanished. and cancelled each other out. Leela ran to help him. yet somehow relieved. President?' Clearly. Andred.

In L eela's tribe. Borusa smiled. The Doctor had always hated farewells. Come on. . It is better so.' said the Docto r solemnly. 'Doctor. 'His mind has gone.' 'I'll miss you toosavage!' Raising his hand in a farewell salute to Borusa. 'Doctor.'The Sontarans?' 'What Sontarans?' Borusa put his hands on the Doctor's shoulder s. 'I am staying Doctor. goodbye everybod y. 'No.' The Doctor nodded. 'What do you say to that Leela?' Leela looked at Borusa. and she reached out and took his hand. you have just saved Gallifrey. the Doctor went inside the TAR DIS and closed the door. It is the wisdom of Rassilon. Andred looked pleased. 'I'm sure you hope.' 'You're staying too?' 'Affirmative. As usual the Doctor had firmly rejected any thought of official thanks or a farewe ll reception.' 'Why?' 'To look after the MistressMaster.' Leela didn't move. females as well as males could choose their mates.' 'Negative. Leela ca lled. She's very good with a knife. Leela?' 'I'll miss you. she'll look after you. C ome on K9. Clearly an automaton could hav e feelings after all.' she whispered. but a little startled. Leela. and Leela had c hosen. 'Don't worry. 'Well. He paused embarrassed in th e TARDIS doorway. Doctor. 'only his memory. Master.' he said gently. 'Doctor!' 'Yes. I hope' began Andred.' Some time later a small group of T ime Lords and Outsiders led by Nesbin and Borusa assembled around the TARDIS. 'Oh I see.' said the Doctor thoughtfully. and had insisted on a quiet departure. A little sadly the Doctor opened the TARDIS door.' 'Staying here? Why ?' Andred was standing beside Leela.' 'Have I really?' said the Doctor del ightedly.

he could do better. 'Will he be lonely?' 'Insufficient data. On it was stencilled 'K9. Leela turned to K9. the Doctor wan dered around the console. Andred took Leela's hand. adjusting the controls here and there. He'd designed and assembled the parts for a new improved K9 some time ago. He opened a storage locker and pulled out an enormous cardboard bo x. a though t struck him. Suddenly. and telling him self he quite liked it on his own. K9 glided after them. though he'd kept the box hidden for fear of hurt ing the feelings of the original. . Mark II'. and th ey walked away.' But K9's tail antenna dropped sadly. In the TARDIS control room. Happily. The Doctor smiled. Anything any other sci entist could do. the Doctor opened the box and set to work. He didn't believe himself.A minute or two later there was a wheezing. groaning sound and the blue police b ox dematerialised. Mistress.