When the Doctor returns to Gallifrey, he learns that his bio data extract has be en stolen from the Time Lords' master computer known as the Matrix. The bio data extract is a detailed description of the Doctor's molecular structure--and this information, in the wrong hands, could be exploited with disastrous effect. The Gallifreyan High Council believe that anti-matter will be infiltrated into the universe as a result of the theft. In order to render the information useless, t hey decide the Doctor must die... Among the many Doctor Who books available are the following recently published t itles: Doctor Who and the Sunmakers Doctor Who Crossword Book Doctor Who -- Time-Flight Doctor Who -- Meglos Doctor Who -- Four to Doomsday Doctor Who -- Earthshock GB £ NET +001.35 ISBN 0-426-19342-3 UK: £1.35 TV tie-in *Australia: $3.95 *Recommended Price ,-7IA4C6-bjdecf-:k;k;L;N;p

DOCTOR WHO ARC OF INFINITY Based on the BBC television serial by Johnny Byrne by arrangement with the Briti sh Broadcasting Corporation TERRANCE DICKS A TARGET BOOK published by The Paperback Division of W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd

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CONTENTS 1 Deadly Meeting 2 The Horror in the Crypt 3 Recall 4 Death Sentence 5 The Prisoner 6 Termination 7 The Matrix 8 The Traitor 9 Unmasked 10 Hunt for Ome ga 11 Transference 12 Omega's Freedom .

' For a moment the alien seemed startled. The Time Lord rose and went to begin his betrayal. present location. There was an ornate medallion on its chest. `The Doctor?' Th en he chuckled eerily. most ingenious. But then. `Ye s. it must be the Doctor. since it was not in its proper Universe. choice. personality  for these and other reasons. Time Lord. We are ready to begin.' `Excellent! And who is it to be?' `It has not been ea sy. `You have made your choice?' demanded the alien. and the Time Lord who was betraying not only his people but his Univer se. and the figure appeared negative rather than p ositive. The Time Lord slipped a cube-shaped code key into complex control-device. and a projection of the alien appeared.1 Deadly Meeting They met in a hidden chamber. `Yes. A perfect.' The light dimmed and the alien faded away. The Time Lord sat in darkness beyond the circle of light. deep beneath the Capitol: the being from another d imension. The tall. Th ere was an upwardrushing fountain of green light. cloaked figure wore an elaborately stylised mask. Two brown-robed specialist . In the Capitol computer room everything was peaceful. it alw ays was. Because of time.

There's a photon cell burn-out. The other was a good-looking young technican named Damon. `That's odd. was called Talor. `I must report it immediately. puzzled.. Little jobs pil e up. It was filled with a steadily unrolling blur of co mplex symbols.' said Damon. `This is treason.computer technicians were going about their duties.' He touched another control and reacted in surprise as a screen lit up. `Cut the scrambler. The Doctor was tackling one such little job now. `It's the security ci rcuit..' He hurried from the computer room. Damon went over to investigate. things get in the way. surrounded by the humming ba nks of equipment. `What is it?' Damon stared disbelievingly at the screen. Someone's transmitting bio-data!' Talor came to join him.' He took a replacement circuit from a nearby rack and slipped it in place. extracted a cir cuit and studied it thoughtfully. `I'd b etter check the data bank's unharmed. feeling the sense of virtuous efficiency that comes when .' said Talor worriedly. a thin. `It's the bio-data extract of one of the Time Lords!' Talon was horrified. S ometimes even a Time Lord never seems to have quite enough time. `I don't believe it. Emergencies were rare here. Suddenly a warn ing light began blinking on the main console. The older of the two. wh ile Talor looked on intrigued. will you?' Talor operated a con trol and the warning light cut out. balding Gallifreyan. Damon lifted an access flap. `Cut it! Cut i t at once!' Damon obeyed and the screen went dark.

' Nyssa sighed.you finally catch upon some task that should have been done ages ago. `Never mind. you know how it is. Nyssa felt that t he Doctor ran the TARDIS in far too haphazard a manner. She wore a kind of velvet trouser-suit with elaborately puffed sleeves. Next thing you know it's a hundred years later and it's still not done . The product of a highly technol ogical society. and a bio-electronics expert in her own right. it's done now. This was his current companion. white sweater and open-neck ed shirt.' The Doctor replaced the roundel. and slotted it back in place. staring g loomily down at the waters of the canal. Nyssa of Traken. Watching him was a brown-haired girl with fine.' said Nyssa pointedly. rather aristocratic fe atures. working at the jumble of equipment behind a roundel that had been removed from the wall. realising she was never going to get the Doctor properly organi sed. `Let's go and see if it works!' Rob in Stuart stood on one of Amsterdam's innumerable picturesque bridges. The Doctor made a final adjustment to the audiocircuit. fawn frock-coat with red piping. Now in his fifth incarnation. the Doctor w as a slightly-built. `Why didn't you do it soo ner?' `Well. fair-haired young man in the dress of an Edwardian crickete r  striped trousers. `Such a simple lit tle repair job really!' `Quite. It'll be nice to have audio link-up on the scan ner again. The colourful bustling street-scene . `You put things off f or a day. He was in one of the TARDIS corridors.' said the Doctor vaguely.

I've got to go now. she'll be  what's the matter?' Robin had suddenly tensed and turned away. I'll see you a t the airport tomorrow. willing to turn a blind eye to s uch crimes as being young and hard-up. but Robin was too worried to take it in. we've got to sleep ro ugh tonight. Wearing jeans and a norak. `Oh no! A policeman. It was quite obvious to Colin that . There aren't quite so many of them these days. His fr iend Colin Frazer was currently engaged in an endless telephone conversation wit h some mysterious cousin other. loaded down with a great bulging pack like a turtle carrying his own home . fully as big as his ow n. Take care. and said.was all around him. Robin turned and walked along the bridge to the telephone kiosk at the far end. But not friendly old Amsterdam.' He came out of the kiosk. who was due to come out to Amsterdam to visit th em the following day. The door of the box was propped open and Robin could hear Colin's familiar Australian twang. Robin Stuart looked exactly like all the other young people who spend their su mmers wandering around Europe. and was staring at the canal with ap parent fascination. So me of the big capital cities have become cold and unwelcoming. A large Dutch policeman was strolling along on the other side of the road. everywhere's full. `No. The Dutch are a tolerant people. though  that's the number I ga ve you. Robin helped him o n with his pack and said. was propped up outside.' He nodded to Robin. We'll be at the hostel from tomorrow.' he whispered. and inside was another very similar young man. `Look. `Everything okay?' `Yes. Another back-pack.

Unfortunate ly. Robin's passport had been st olen in one of Amsterdam's crowded cafes.' said Colin. Robin was a bit of a worrier by nature. He was convin ced that reporting the loss would mean an official telling-off hundreds of forms to fill in. I think I found somewhere when I was wandering around earlier. and wasn't the slightest bit interested in them. Robin. But all the same Robin was quite unable to relax until the policeman had gone by.' Robin said. though luckily the thief had missed hi s wallet.' `No. `It's all right. He knew he'd have to report the loss sooner or later . The loss of his passport made him fe el like a stateless person. but Robin didn't want to  not yet. Not too noisy. the immediate ending of his holiday. but t hey do deport you. Then we've got to find a place to sleep toni ght. but central  and very cheap. the British Embassy. or both. since he'd be packed off home at once.' `Sounds perfect. `It's all right. They don't put people in prison for losing a passport. Colin grinned. but he was determined to put it off till the last possible moment. Colin had suggested Robin report the loss of the passport to the polic e. though!' A couple of nights ago.the policeman was enjoying the pleasant spring day. and. `I was going to tell you. `He's gone. and he went round acting like the proverbial man-onthe-run every time he saw a policeman. `Quiet as the grave!' . Not the most appealing plac e in the world. worst of all. The Dutch are a ci vilised race. I did a bit of exploring. Let's go and get something to cat. is it?' Robin smiled.

`There must be something wr ong with it. Suddenly a light started blinking on the console.' And before Nyssa could say any more he slipped out of the door. `Ever since those Cybermen damaged the console ' `And there' s another thing. `And nothing to look at either.' He was halfway to the door when Nyssa said sternly. but nothing to listen to!' The Doctor swi tched off the scanner. `So now we've got an audio system.`Perfect!' said the Doctor. A t the moment it showed nothing but the black emptiness of deep space.' said the Do ctor apologetically. We never seem to arrive where we intend to!' `Ah well.' `Really. The scanner screen was switched on. `Doctor!' `What?' `There are lots of other repairs that need doin g.' said the Doctor aga in. They were in the TARDIS control room checking on the scanner's newly installed audio facility. just what the Doctor ordered. `Doctor!' . is th ere?' `There's the navigational system.' said the Doctor guiltily. Nyssa studie d it for a moment and then called. `No one's perfect. you know.' said Nyssa. Nyssa smil ed. you know. Couldn't be better. `There's nothing urgent. `Didn't you say the control room was in a state of temporal grace  guns couldn't be fired there?' `Ah well. Peace and quiet.' Nyssa went on.

the Doctor heard Nyssa's voice. Once again the Time Lord and his alien confederate were in conference. A fault developed. `According to the sensors we're converging with a massive source of magnetic radiation. the Ti me Lord in his chair. the alien enclosed in the cone of light. `Doctor. empty space. but decided to pre tend he hadn't. Why?' `I h ad to close down transmission.' .' Th e Doctor stood brooding over the console.' said the alien. `But not the booster element. She called again.' `We ll. `We'd bet ter change course. `The TARDIS is already under my control.' `Where to?' `Anywhere! Just so long as it's away from here.' Catching the n ote of panic in her voice. `The data has bee n received. something's causing these readings. the Doctor turned and hurried back to the control roo m. It was easy to see why Nyssa had calle d him back.' `It i s too late.' said the alien coldly.' `And if it was?' `Then I will deal with the matter.Strolling along the corridor. Perhaps we should delay until I am certain. `But there's nothing out there. please! Come quickly.' `What will you do now?' `Chec k to see if my transmission of the biodata was detected. Time Lord. Just light-years of black.' Nyssa had switched on the scanner and was studying the scre en.' said the Doctor thoughtfully.

' said the Doctor and went on with his work. `These readings Doctor  they just don't ma ke any sense!' `I know.' Somewhat dubiously. where are you going?' called C olin. They stopped at an old stone fountain with water spouting from bowls held by reclining figures.The Doctor began working furiously at the controls. Robin led Co lin through the beautifully kept. which led to a flight of stone steps leading downwards. `Hey. Colin followed. `What' s happening?' asked Nyssa. set back off the road in its own grounds. formal gardens to a point some little way from the house. but the whole place seemed deserted. . expecting to be nabbed as a trespasse r any minute. Colin looked around nervously. The Doctor was frantically busy at the controls. into a quiet back street. Robin led Colin through the busy streets of central Amsterdam. `Well  in a way!' Suddenly the TARDIS control room started to judder. `I d on't know!' Nyssa studied the console. Colin loo ked at it. ` Just follow me. Beside it sto od an iron grille. Robin made for the steps and started to descend. `We're spending the night in there?' Robin grin ned. a little overwhelmed. and finally to a be autiful old-fashioned house.

`You saw the orn amentation outside. Somewhere there was t he curiously sinister sound of dripping water. `Hey. Have I ever led you astray?' Colin flashed the to rch to light the way ahead.' He led the way to a door at the far end of the crypt. Who owns this place an yway?' `The State. `Didn't you realise?' asked Robin in mock surprise. This is a crypt. Colin. our little nest's through here.' Colin shone his to rch around the crypt. They were in a kind of cellar  a cavernous place lined wit h carved stone tombs. All aroun d there were stone columns. Are you serious  about spending the night here?' `Of course. flas hing the torch around.' There was an arched do orway at the bottom of the steps.' said Colin i ndignantly. try this. death masks on the walls  the whole ef fect was very creepy indeed.' `I thought it was just some kind of cellar.The steps led down into darkness. carved angels. Trust me. not exactly in here. `He re. .' said Robin. the fountain. `What is this place? Why is it so dark?' Robin fished out a torch and handed it over. No one ever comes here  except the odd gardener during the day. Robin went through it and Colin followed. It's a kind of forgotten national treasure. unbolted it and led the way through. wait a minute.. `Now I know you're crazy!' `Well. Some of the tombs had effigies sculpted on them. `Come on. Cold stone faces leered back at him. `There's always a first time. and Colin found it all rather eerie.. I imagine.

`Well. There was a lot to be said for it.' Colin could hear a steady humming coming from the tangle of machinery. Stop the p umps. `I'm not too keen on the neighbours though. and best of all completely free.' said Colin grudgingly.' St icking the torch on a convenient ledge. `What is this place?' `A pumping house. Not exactly the Ritz. Clean and dry. and in a way you couldn't blame him. . `What's in the pipes?' `Water. how do you like it?' `All right. Colin saw another door at the far end. Colin got on with his preparations for the night  unaware that this particular crypt held terrors beyon d his worst imaginings. Colin could see his friend was proud of the place he'd found.The cellar on the other side of the door was considerably more reassuring. and Amsterdam would have to take up its stilts and float. Telling himself he was being silly. quiet. A complex apparatus of giant pipes and dials and turn-cocks lined the walls. But all the same  a crypt! Colin had seen horror movies about young people spendi ng the night in graveyards and haunted houses. completely private. but it's dry and warm. and the air felt warm and dry. We're below sea-level here.' Robin looked ro und with an air of proprietary pride. I suppose. It wa s smaller and more modern. Robin shrugged out of his pack and start ed to unpack his sleeping-bag. Something always happened to them  something frightful.

2 The Horror in the Crypt Damon looked up from his instrument-check as Talor came into the computer room. blasting him down. `We'll just have to wait until tomorrow.' Damon stood up . Talor sat lost in thought. Goodnight. Despite the ur gency of my request.' said Damon .' `You realis e only a member of the High Council could have been transmitting that data?' `I do. but produced a handblaster. Picking up a data file he made his may out of the computer room. What did the Castellan have to say?' `Nothing. t urned. as yet. and saw that he had a distinguished visitor. `Good evening. he chooses not to be available until tomorrow. unaware that the door behind him. Do you need me any more?' `No.' `Goodnight. . a bulbous affair with a tran sparent barrel. `The analysis checks out. It was the Doctor's bio-data extract that was being tr ansmitted.' said Talor grimly. Talor stared at it in disbelief.' The visitor made no reply. my Lord. Talor seemed to shrivel up and his body slump ed to the floor. the doo r through which he himself had entered. He heard movement. was opening slowly. `Very well. passing throu gh the quietly humming rows of data banks and disappearing through the door at t he far end. `An impulse laser?' He still co uldn't quite realise what was happening to him  not until a blast of light shot f rom the barrel.

watched him with some amusement. sending sparks shooting from the console. Colin prepared to climb into his sleeping-bag. `The one w ho detected and reported the transmission has been disposed of'. `You are sure there is no other way?' . With a last worried look round the pumping c hamber. Colin began unlacing his boots. The renegade Time Lord said.' `Then bonding can take place immediately?' There was a pause and then the Time Lord said reluc tantly.' Sitting on his sleeping-ba g. Robin.' said Colin stubbornly. `Are you really going to sleep like that?' `Like what?' `Fully dressed. Then he stepped over Talor 's body and left the computer room. `How?' The Time Lord smiled. The transmission was detected. But the matter has been dealt with. `It is as I fear ed.' The alie n shimmered eerily in his cone of fight. and worked briefly on the complex circuitry beneath. who was already co mfortably snuggled down by now. It's only a pump house.The Time Lord went over to the console at which Damon had been working. You've even got your bo ots on!' `I'm not taking any chances. `Oh come on.' You could at least risk taking your boots ofll' `I suppose so. He raised his weapon and fired. The worse that can happen is that we get caught by some kind of caretaker and turfed out' `It's just that I find this placespooky. lifted a flap.

but it was no good. look!' A ball of light was arcing towards them across the blackness of space. as if the very fabric of the Universe was being disturbed. `Doctor. Something from another dimension. and the ball of f ire poured all its energies into the TARDIS.' The Doctor wrestled frantically with the controls. ` Quick. and as they ran the entire room seemed to twist and distort. It's hopeless. The Doctor and Nyssa ran down the corr idor. `I can't control the TARDIS! " `Can't you over-ride the controls?' `I've just tried that. `Something's breaking through! Is it a materialisation?' asked Nyssa. `I'm not sure. I think. Nyssa. rushing towards the TARDIS at incredible speed. Their movemen ts slowed and they had an eerie sensation of running without making progress. A blur of light burst through the scanner screen into the control room.`I am not of your dimensions. let's get out of here!" shouted the Doctor. I have the means to enter.' Nys sa was staring at the scanner screen. Time Lord.' The ball of light flared b righter. The Doctor stared at it in fascinat ion. They ran from the cont rol room. and there too the walls seemed to twist and bend about them. space seemed to boil and churn. I cannot remain among you. Around it. Suddenly an up-rushing fountain of green light appeared in the control room. . but without the physical imprint of bonding.

As the Doctor and Nyssa struggled vainly to make some progress along the corridor. Colin looked over at the huddled form beside him.' `What? Wassamarrer?' muttered Robin blearily. a strange wheezing.' Robin disappear ed inside the sleeping-bag.In the control room. then suddenly faded.' Robin glanced at the door. and then slid to the ground. Light was pulsing beneath the door that separated the pumping chamber fro m the crypt. It was the frantic gurgling of the pipes that woke Colin. The light had stopped pulsing an d everything was still. Go back to sleep. He reached across and nudged him. Ny ssa watched in horror as the alien shape absorbed the Doctor for a moment. groaning sound. `You're imagining things. the flaring energy resolved itself into a cone of light emb odying a strange alien being. The Doctor watched h elplessly as the apparition bore down on him. I need my sleep. Deep. his face twisted in agony. rising to a kind of frenzy. wake up. rhythmic sn ores told him Robin was still sound asleep. `R obin! Come on. The Doctor stood rigid. Eventually the rising cres cendo of sound penetrated Colin's uneasy sleep and he awoke. the weirdly distorted form of the alien sped towards them. . There was something else mingled with it.' `I tell you I heard something!' `Then go and sort it out. eyes wide open in f right. It reached himand enveloped him. `There's somebody out there. and then it moved off in pursuit of the Doctor. The no ise grew louder and louder.

thickbodied with corrugated green skin and a narrowskulled head that ended in a mouthful of jagged teeth. it was a kind of giant walking lizard. a hollow-eyed stone mask stared down. one at each corner.Colin thought hard for a moment. As Colin cowered ba ck. It stood on a stone dais. the general size and shape of a telepho ne kiosk. Cautiously he opened it. it might well come back again. It was a kind of upright stone box. the ornate tombs with th eir carved flowers and stone angels. He had seen something.. The extrao rdinary thing was  it hadn't been there before. Reaching for the torch. Better t o check up now. leasing a rectangle filled with light. . Outlined in the doorway was a strange and terrifying figure. he was sure of it. a beam of light sprang from the weapon. Its stubby hands held a strange light-filled weaponwhich was trained on Colin.. In size and shape it was quite un like any of the other tombs and Colin was sure he would have remembered it. Sudd enly a door slid upward. If he ignored it. For a moment Colin's whole body flic kered between positive and negative. The glow flared brighter and Colin disappea red. with four pillars. Roughly man-sized and manshaped. he hastily pulled on his boo ts and laced them with clumsy fingers. he switched it on and headed for the door. From the apex of each corner pillar. perhaps when he was asleep. The torch-beam played over the faces of stone. and came to rest on a strange square struct ure. and shone his torch around th e crypt. Struggling out of his sleeping-bag.

Nyssa was kneeling beside him. It won't give up that easily.' He sat up looking around him. From another dimension. What you saw. Come on.' `Has it gone?' `From the TARDIS? Yes. What was that thing? It just appeared from nowhere.' . The molecular realignment of two basically incompatible lifeforms.' `Matter and anti-matter in collision. I thought it w as taking you over.' `For a moment it did.' said the Doctor bleakly.' `I think it is  somewhere. And it's halfway to ac hieving its purpose.. Nyssa. Nyssa..' `I checked the sensors while you were unconscious.The Doctor opened his eyes and winced.' `And?' `Only one thing could account for those readings.' Nyssa frowned.' `What a relief For a moment. `Ho w long have I been like this?' `Not long. was an attempted temporal bonding. we've got work to do. I think so. `To remain in our Universe it would have to reverse its polarity. `Yes. Nyssa. If it tried to do that and failed. It isn't in our dimension now. Doctor. I know. `Thank goodness you're all right.' `But the creature failed.' `Then it's even worse than I thought. rubbing his forehead. Doctor.' `Not from nowhere. The creature is formed from anti-ma tter.

The energy blast st ruck a stone angel. `Colin? Colin.' There was no answer. Robin sprang to one side. Robin stared in horror as the strange lizard-like being stalked towards him  but he wasn't so terrified that he couldn't see that the thing was holding some kind of weapon. only the eerie gurgling of the water pipe s. `Okay. Like Colin before him. The door shuddered as something heavy and powerful crashed against it. f ished a second torch out of his rucksack. As his torch-beam struck the side. he shone his torch around the crypt. where are you?' Alarmed.The sudden flare of light from the doorway into the crypt forced Robin into wake fulness. and headed for the door to the crypt. As the creature raised the weapon. He looked quickly at the sleeping-bag beside him. Robin waved his torch around the crypt. It was empty. unb olted the service exit and dashed through. looking for his friend. and found ins tead the strange oblong stone structure. B efore the creature could fire again. and a door opened in the side. very funny. `Now cut it out. closi ng the door and bolting it behind him. Robin dived back into the pump house. Robin ran to the far end of the pumping house. `Colin?' There was n o answer. which flickered from positive to negative and disappeared.' said Robin nervously. slamming it behind him. . Come out an d show yourself. He put on his boots. Robin jumped out of bed. ther e came a strange high-pitched sound.

Whit e-haired and aristocratic. Boru sa said heavily. President Borusa sat motionless on the elaborately de corated presidential chair. you're the expert on this sort of thing. `Damnable. together with Chancellor Thalia. the incredibly complex device which linked him with that strange combination of grou p-mind and racememory Time Lords called the Matrix. Thal ia. thought for a moment before she replied. Councillor Hedin and Cardinal Zorac. `Well. movement between dimensions is possible. a handsome woman in the prime of life. `Ha s the Matrix fixed the location of the creature?' `Impossible.' Councillor Hedin `s long thin face was grave.' said President B orusa. It was only used in the gravest of emerg encies. Cardinal Zorac. the same thing was once said about time-travel and for us that has long been a reality.' . the Castellan.' `It's a damnable business. `The Matrix only confirms what we already know. In practice. `In theory.In a council chamber on Gallifrey. immensely powerful. rath er less so. and hovered several feet above his head. and it is formed from a nti-matter. President Borusa raised his head and opened his eyes. He was dark and thin-faced and always seemed aggrieved.' said Zorac explosively. The creature is highly intelligent. `Temporal distortion is extremely severe. What do you have to say?' Chancello r Thalia. Lord Pres ident?' said Zorac. The Matrix Crown r ose of its own accord. This kind of direct communic ation was both dangerous and stressful. Inches above his head hovered the Matrix Crown. But then. sat watching Lord President Borusa.

. There was only one safe and simple way to sever bonding of this kind  ensure that one of the parties to the bond was no longer alive.' No one spoke. and looked meaningfully round the group.' `Then we shall know precisely where the creature is.' said Thalia sharply. `Unless of course the bonding were t o be severed. blandly author itative. `But very soon the shielding will inevitably start to decay.`The creature must he shielded for the present.' said Thalia.' said Zorac grimly. but they all knew what she meant. `W e all know what that would mean for the Doctor. spoke for the first time. The Castellan.' `That of course is quite another matter. smooth-faced. `By which time it will be too late.' He pause d.

' `What name?' `The Arc of Infinity!' The Doctor rushed over to the dat a screen and studied it eagerly. What we saw was the gateway to the dimensions.' She looked up at the doctor. the locat ion of collapsed Q star. Quad magnetism is the only f orce with the ability to shield anti-matter.' T he Time Lord watched eagerly as his alien ally materialised in the now-familiar cone of light. `Very rare indeed. `Rondel. Just the name the ancients gave to thi s region. `Q star?' `They're very r are. The Arc of Infinity. `But that kind of shielding is known to decay very rapidly.' said the Doctor. a Q star creates Quad mag netism.' `Has to be. The alien spoke.' `Then that's what will be shieldin g that creature  the one that tried to take you over. an intergalactic region. devoid of all stellar activity. Any thing else in the data banks?' `Not much. That's probably what the sensors picked up.' said the Doct or thoughtfully. `That's it.3 Recall Nyssa was reading from the data-blank screen nn the TARDIS console. Nyssa! That's how the creature came through. In former times. his voice a laboured gasp.' . `The bonding register ed in the Matrix?' `Very clearly. On burn out.

His superior had been found by a fused console. Which means. `So if this creatur e can't complete its bond with you. Al l three looked strangely incongruous in this peaceful setting.' `That is my concern. Damon was working in the compute r room.' Nyssa completed the sentence. He looked up nervously as C ommander Maxil strode into the computer room. When Damon had reported his suspicions to the Castellan. it can have no real existence in thi s Universe?' `Exactly. he had been orde red to take over Talor's duties as well as his own. Carry out my instructions and all will be well. his helmet of office under his arm. though he was constantly distracted from his work by thoughts of Talor. `My bio-data. Which exist s only in the Matrix  on Gallifrey. Doctor. But what of y ou? I detect weakness.`And the High Council?' `Had no choice but to act as we predicted.' As usual.' Nyssa said thoughtfully. When he had raised the quest ion of the illegal transmission of the Doctor's biodata. apparently killed by a freak bur n-out. He was followed by two armed guards. . Damon was both worried and afraid. it would have to hav e detailed biological information?' The Doctor nodded.. he had been brusquely t old that the matter was `in hand' and warned not to meddle with affairs that did not concern him.' `And to bond with you successfully. not yours. a burly figure in shining breastpl ate. `Someone on Gallifrey passed it on. Time Lord..

There was an immediate hum of power as the recall programme was activated. Damon turned to Maxil. `Don't you recognise the Presidential Seal ?' `I will need to confirm your authorisation. Maxil waved away the guards and said more gently.' admitted Damon. `Wait. My guards will be waiting outside. his guards at his heels. `Arrest him.Maxil thrust an embossed plastic data-card towards him.' said Damon hesitantly.' snapped Maxil.. ` Well. To disobey is treason.' Maxil turned an d strode from the room. without consent. `But to recall a TARDIS. and slipped the data strip into the appopriate slot. whereabouts on Galifrey do you want it located?' `In the security compound  to which only I will be allowed access. get on with it. Just obey the instruct ion. Inform them the moment the TARDIS arrives. Damon. checking the guards.' Damn stared at the card in astonishment.' Maxil held up his hand. Maxil nod ded to the guards.' stammered Damon.' It was clear that Damon wa s thoroughly cowed. Worriedly.' `Perhaps I spoke in haste. `You are to feed this di rectly into the Matrix.' `Please.. `The Presidential Seal is all the authorisati on you need. `Such a de cision was not made without due and proper consideration. He looked at the data strip. I will take full responsibility. `When the TARDIS has been recalled. Damon looked after h im.' Damon moved to a seldom-used conso le. Immediately. and . without prior announcement! You must understand my position.

`It would seem that this creature controls t he shift of the Arc. we've changed course!' The Doctor couldn't believe it. ` Doctor. But it must be urgen t. The Doctor and Nyssa were still discussing the astonishing events that had taken place in the T ARDIS.' The Doctor nodded. `Why?' `I don't know. but somehow the sight of the familiar workaday figures had given him courage.' Suddenly a light b egan pulsing fiercely on the console  a light that Nyssa had never seen before.' After his escape from the terrifying experience in the crypt.then turned his attention back to the recall console. Only the early-morning arriva l of a couple of gardeners had shaken him from his panicstricken inertia. We're being taken bac k to Gallifrey. lie ha d to hide in the shrubbery to avoid them. It was clear that matters of state security were involved here. Report matters to the authorities? No one was going to believe his story about the monstrous creature that had . `The recall circu it! It can only be activated by order of the High Council. `There was a massive energy transfer wh en it happened. so shocked. Just think of it Nyssa: sufficient power to unlock the door to travel between the dimensions of matter and anti-matter. Robin had hung about the gardens of the old house until daylight. Nyssa looked up from the console. Desperately he tried to decide what to d o next. that recall circuit has only been used twice b efore in all Time Lord history. There must be no slip-ups.' Nyssa stared at him. As far as I know. Very urgent. he had been unable to move for hours.

Robin dived for cocer. was to go back and lo ok for Colin. he lo oked fearfully at the other door-. Robin stepped out of hiding. The figur e froze for a moment.but suddenly light flared through the gap beneath. He might still be hiding in there somewhere. quiet exc ept for the steady humming of machinery and the gurgling of water in the pipes. The little room was empty. He'd just get himself put in a mental home. concealing himself behind one of the banks of machinery. It took all his courage to force himself to move back along the tunnel and open the door that led into the pump house. `It's me. attaching something to the pumping machinery. Hastil y Robin repacked his belongings and slung the pack on his back. It was Colin. He took a hes itant step towards it -. decided Robin. and it started to open. He heard the door to the crypt squeak open. That done.' He put his hand on Colin's . and that wouldn't help Colin. then went calmly on with its work. but they'd never believe us. let's get away from this hellhole. too terrifie d to move. `Colin!' he called softly. just as he had left them. Cautiously Robin peered out from his hiding-place. Robin was reluctant to return to the cr ypt. Colin. His rucksack and sleeping-bag wore still there. I was thinking about getting the police. and light spille d into the room. we've got to get out of here. The first thing to do. El en though it was daylight. Anyway.' whisp ered Robin. wounded. `Come on.the door that led to the crypt.attacked him in the crypt. and saw a fa miliar figure in jeans and anorak.

Panic-stricken. then?' `Yes. and by Commander Maxil who ap peared suddenly at his side.. Struggling with the weight of his heavy pack. Its ar rival was monitored by Damon in the computer room.' `Excellent. Commander. Colin turned. dead white. Commander. why are you treating the Doctor like a criminal? ' `I am simply following my orders.. .. horrified.. The security compound was just that: an open space with thick walls and an impregnable door. like that of a corpse. he made a rush for the far door. `Commander Maxil.' Maxil turned and strode from the room. and out into the blessed daylight. of the kind once used on Earth.shoulder. Suddenly Robin heard movement through the open door to the crypt. and Robin backed away.' `Is the security compound sealed?' Damon checked the r emote-control circuit. through the do or at the far end. Damon said. Robin dashed along the service tunnel. His red-rimmed eyes gazed straigh t ahead in a fixed stare. It was empt y  until there came a wheezing groaning sound and a TARDIS materialised in the ce ntre. staring worriedly at the battered blue police bo x on his monitor screen. I was about to inform you. `Yes. `The TARDIS has arrived. Damo n stayed at the recall console. It was in the form of a police box. Colin's face was a gha stly white.' Summoning up his courage.

They're not taking any chances.' . in the heart of the Citadel. Things hadn't been made any easier by the fact that his story wa s so vague. friendly. `Fetch my ide nt kit from my workbench. blonde Dutch girl with a ponytail. finished dealing with another enquiry. Even to convince the police. Robin waited glumly until the receptionist cheerful. `Hand-print activated  from o utside. and made for the only door.' He looked thoughtfully at Nyssa. It was a clean. I t hink. `In a security compound. will you? I might just be able to trip the lock. He had ju st spent a frustrating hour at the police station. That and remote control. looked around the featureless open space. `You have a room booked for me. Quick ly!' Nyssa gave him an exasperated look and hurried off. trying to convince the benign ly sceptical Dutch authorities that something terrible had happened to his frien d Colin Frazer. the whole thing had become suc h a nightmare that he wasn't really sure what he had seen himself. `We're locked in!' sa id Nyssa indignantly. Tired and dispirited. The Doctor examined the lock.The Doctor and Nyssa emerged from the TARDIS.' The Doct or tried the exit door. it was locked. but the pleasant friendly atmosphere did nothing to cheer him up. Robin simply couldn't bring himself to tell them what he had seen in the crypt. `Where are we?' asked Nyssa. R obin came into the reception area of the hostel. In fact. well-lighted pl ace. As he had expected.

' Robin's outburst left th e receptionist thoroughly confused.' `Will Mr Frazer be checking in himself today?' Robin had a quick vision of Colin's white Face and staring eyes . he went wearily up to his room. They might even get around to looking for him  one day. . `You are in room 34.' She handed him a room key. `One moment. `What name please?' `Stuart.' shouted Robin almost hysterically. What on earth was he going to tell Colin's cousin? Deciding to leave the problem until tomorrow. `Just let us know when you want to le ave. A few the days maybe.' `How long wil l you be staying. `Something has happened to your friend? I am sorry.Briskly the girl said.' This new problem was just too much for Robin to cope with.' `No p roblem. Mr Stuart?' `I don't really know. `I do not understand what you me an. `Don't count on it!' The girl looked puzzled. ' `Sorry.' said Robin awkwardly. not today and not tomorrow. `What's the message?' `His cousin will arrive a t Schipol airport tomorrow morning at ten-thirty.' As Robin started to leave she called out. ask the police. If you want to know why. Robin Stuart. You are the Mr Stuart who reserved at the same tim e as Mr Frazer? Mr Colin Frazer?' `That's right.' said the receptionist cheerfully. I only asked about him because there is a telephone message that is all. `Colin Frazer won't be co ming here.' `What I said.

It could deal w ith most locks. The D octor sighed and straightened up. Doctor. `On this type of lock  and so quickly? I doubt it . Nyss a stared at him in sudden horror. a sort of technological skeleton key. Why have we been locked in in the first place? Surely the Time Lords have brought you back to he lp find the anti-matter creature?' `I wish I could believe that. Suddenly the door to the security compound clicked open. In t he computer room. `I don't understand. and went on with his work. you know. Damon reached out and flicked the re mote-control switch. there's a much simpler way to prevent the bonding. selected another lever.' said the Doctor calmly. `What other reason could there be?' `It won't be that easy to track th e creature down.' said the Docto r grimly. Nerving himself to a decision. `You mean  kill you? Is that why they've brough t you back?' `Possibly. However. Damon had been watching the Doctor's struggle with the lock fo r some time. `D octor! You did it!' said Nyssa.' . Come on. and set to work again Nyssa was still feeling indignant. The Universe is rather a big place. but not with the lock of a security compound on Gallifrey.' `How?' The Doctor didn't reply. Someone else took a hand.The Doctor's ident kit was a small wallet full of electrically charged levers in carious shapes and sizes.

`Commander Maxil?' Maxil raised his communi cator.' Maxil raised his stasar pistol and shot him down. The guard's voice whispered from Maxil's communicator.' said the Doctor cheerfully. `Yes?' He listened in astonishment to the guard's brief message and turne d to his men. Lifting his wrist-communicator to his lips he whispered. when Nyssa sprang for ward and shoved him hard! The guard staggered. He was about to shoot. He moved a little ahead  and a guard stepped from a room behind him. `I'm the Doctor. `Commander Maxil?' Not far away.. and the Doctor d ragged Nyssa around the next corner  only to find they were facing Maxil and more guards. `This way!' They set off down the corridor. A guard emerged from a room just b ehind them. `This way.' said the Doctor.' They came to a corridor junction. `Hello. and stared in astonishment at their retreating figures. But now t hat they know we've arrived. Quickly!' `Where are we making for?' asked Nyssa.He led the way out of the compound and paused for a moment to check his bearings . the shot missed. `Stay there wh ile I check. `The computer room.. Ma xil and a squad of guards were marching towards the compound.' `Won't it be guarded?' `It isn't usually. . Not far now. stasar levelled.

' `He's stunned.' suggested Hedin drily. Maxil turned to Nyssa.' ordered Maxi l coldly.' said Maxil callo usly. In the council chamber. Maxil knelt and reached under the console. `The compound will he guarded at all times. lifted an access hatch and removed a small but complex piece of circuitry.4 Death Sentence `No!' shouted Nyssa.' The unconscious Doctor was carried through the inner door . `The Doctor chose to resist the Capitol Guard.' `Inevitably! We send armed guards when a friendly face and a welcoming hand would have sufficed. but it was already too late. `He'll recover. `He needs proper medical attention. Only the lighting circuit remained in operat ion.' . See that the Doctor knows this. Immediately the ever-present low hum of the TARDIS's power systems cut out. me men will shoot to kill. Is it any surprise that he resisted?' The Doctor's bod y was carried into the TARDIS. and Nyssa was herded after him. Two more lifted the Doctor's body and carried it away. Two guards grabbed the wildly struggling Nyssa and hauled her off.' she protested. If the D octor tries to leave again. `He's hurt. Zora c received a report of the incident on his wrist-communicator. `Every time the D octor returns to Gallifrey there is violence!' `Perhaps it is we who should modi fy our approach. `Take them away.

Some force had to be used. `Not the most friendly o f welcomes. The Castellan strode grim-faced into the council chamber. an anxiou s group of Councillors gathered round him. a table and chair.' The Doctor smiled wryly. `How do you feel. `Naturally. and left the TARDIS. a scattering of personal possessions. I am more than aware. a rack of cloth es. though.' `Of that. Lady Thalia.' .The guards returned through the inner door. while Nyssa looked on anxiously. If I may pass? I must give my report to the Lord President. Nyssa turned and ran to find the Doctor.' `What do we do now?' `We need a link  something to prove there's a connection between this creature and Gallifrey. The Doctor was sitting on the bed.' `The situation is critical. who was in his way.' The Doctor rubbed his head.' Brushing past Zorac. Maxil followed them. Nyssa's room in the TARDIS was small and simply furnished  a bed. Castel lan. the Cas tellan made for the door that led to the presidential suite. With a last har d stare at Nyssa. D octor?' `Better thank you.' They've taken the main space/time element from the time-rot or. He will be br ought before you as soon as he is recovered. `Where is he ?' `The Doctor tried to evade security. sip ping a restorative cordial. `Well?' demanded Thalia. That's the only way to keep me and the TARDIS here. Immediately.

The Castellan's interview with th e President had not gone at all well. Castellan. . as if he was doin g something dangerous and forbidden. And Maxil. march ed out. Maxil was waiting for him just outside the doors. Damon was watching a print-out as it stuttere d from a data bank. When the print-out was complete. checked an information monitor. A jet glided gracefully down onto Amsterda m's Schipol Airport.' He marched off leaving Maxil glari ng resentfully after him. `Maxil! The Doctor is securely held?' `Yes. He kept glancing nervously at the doorway. thrust it into the pocket of h is tunic and hurried from the room. and headed for the arrivals area.`And just how are we going to do that?' The Doctor made no reply. Damon ripp ed it from the feeder-slot. In the computer room on Gallifrey.' Robin Stuart heaved himself wearily to his feet. rolled it up tightly. One thing was clear. Inside the busy airport concourse a tannoy voice chanted: `KLM announce the a rrival of their delayed flight from London. more grim-faced than ever. The doors to t he presidential suite opened and the Castellan. see that he's there when he's sent for. its slipstream ruffling the grass that surrounded the runwa y. or you'll answer to me. The Castellan snapped.' `The High Council will want to see him as soon as he is fully recovered.

decided Robin. She wore shorts.' The Doctor looked at th e levelled weapons in mild surprise. and she was looking round as if she was exp ecting to be met and hadn't been.' Tegan held out her hand.' `Is he all right?' `Look.' said Robin awkwardly. find a cafe.. I'm a fri end of Colin's. Just one person w as left. all right. matching jacket. `Yes?' Her voice had the sam e unmistakable Australian twang as Colin's. and a camisole top. Tegan Jovenka?' She turned. a small. Doctor. `You are to come with us. I'll tell yo u all about it there. shall we. and the ones not expecting to be met had moved purposefully away in search of taxis or the airport bus. Colin told me you'd been trave lling around together.. This must be the one. `Excuse me. The council chamber. Robin felt a pang of discomfort at t he incredible news he would have have to bring her. He went u p to her.' The Doctor and Nyssa had just returned to the control roo m when the doors to the outside crashed open and Maxil marched in. Is he here?' `I'm afraid not. slender girl with close-cropped auburn hair. `There's really no need for all this fire-p ower. I suppose?' .Robin Stuart waited in the arrival area until the passengers who had been met ha d gone off with friends and relatives. `Hullo. `I'm Robin Stuart. flanked by st asar-carrying guards. `Let's get into town.' `My men have orders to shoot to kill at the slighest sign of resistance' `All right.

.' Tegan stared at him. difficult?' `It's very hard to explain. then rose and moved of f casually in the same direction. cheap and cheerful. `Two coffees. it's d ifficult. `Disappeared? You mean he's just wandered off somewhere?' Robin shook his head. Tegan smiled at the waitress. They passed through one of the recreation lounges.' said the Doctor. bustling place. Maxil urged them forward.' He sighed. Damon w as amongst them. Robin l aunched into his incredible tale.`Yes. when did you last see Colin?' `Well. It was a big. He looked hard at the little procession. ' She turned to Robin. He's disappeared. `What do you mean. whe re one or two Time Lords sat on low chairs and couches. please. . the murmuring group of Councillors broke apart and turned to face them. `You're just not going to believe this. As the Doctor and Nyssa were brought to the co uncil chamber. `Move!' The Doctor and Nyssa were marched alo ng the Capitol corridors. Tegan and Robin sat at a table in a cafe in the centre of Amsterdam. talking quietly.' said Maxil.' With a wave of his stasar pistol.' Haltingly. much used by students and other young visitors to Amsterdam. `My companion is not involved in this matter.' said Robin hesitantly. `It's more complicated than that. `One moment. `So. the rolled-up data strip clenched tightly in h is hand. tell me..' `I have orders to bring both of you.

Maxil and his guards bowed and withdrew. Doctor.' The Doctor beamed. `It's a pleasure to see you. I am Chancellor Thalia. A dark-faced. though at that moment his expression was grave.' He was re laxed and confident.' he said querulously. for a while the Doctor had held the office of President. The Doctor paused on the threshold with a nod of greeting. tho ught Nyssa. though only for a very short time a nd under extraordinary circumstances. `Councillors. their gorgeous robes forming and reforming in a swirl of colour. Indeed. Nyssa ofTraken. `Well. sharp-featured Councillor in purple robes came forward. They looked like rare exotic birds. th is is my companion. `I'm sure you understand why the Lord Pres ident felt forced to recall you. this is my o ld friend Councillor Hedin. his manner that of one who greets his equals. Nyssa remembered that the unassuming figure beside her was of at lea st equal rank to any of the imposing Time Lords facing him. He had a long thin face.' `Thank you. `Doctor! A great pleasure to see you ag ain. kindly and shrewd. With momentar y surprise. an unple asant business. A Councillor in orange robes responded fir st to the Doctor's greeting. `Councillors. Nyssa of Traken.' The Doctor looked round the group.' `Not really. `You are welcome to Gallifrey.' said Nyssa formally. Nyssa. I would have returned willingly  g iven the opportunity. Hedin.' .' A handsome middle-aged woman in sumptuous w hite robes inclined her head graciously.

still bruised by the stasar beam. `If you remember Doctor.. rubbing his chest. Castellan?' Thalia said. `is to prevent ' He bro ke off as at impressive figure entered the room.' The Doctor looked round impatiently. you were ordered to return Romana to Gallifrey. He wore robes of sil ver. None of this could have happened unless t he alien creature had unlawful access to that information. this is all past history. `There's been very little time. Yet yo u failed to do so. gold-robed. Doctor. `Has anyone checked to see if my bio-data extract has been r emoved from the Matrix? Castellan?' `Exactly what am you suggesting.' `The most important thing at the moment. a medium-sized grey-haired man with an authoritative manner and fiercely intelligent eyes. that of a man accustomed to being obeyed withou t question. more elaborate than any of the others. Thalia said.' The Doctor nodded. now that I am here. have you formed any theory about what has been happening?' Ev asively.`Indeed.' `Romana chose to remain in E-space. Thalia. `Come.' said the Castellan sharply. Doctor?' `I should have thought that was obvious. Hastily Council Hedin said. Doctor.. His manner was smooth and forceful. `Have I not. with a chain office around his neck.' said the Doctor unrepen tantly. `Well. The Doctor turned towards him. . Doctor? You have not always been so cooperative in the past' The speake r was a younger Councillor.

`Well. Unless there's some evidence of . `It sounds exactly like the sort of thing my friend the Doctor used to get me involved in. there it is. `Councillors  the Lord President. indeed. `This emergency session of the High Council is now in progress.' said Tega n. leaving Nyssa and the Doctor standing before them.' `And this is Ny ssa ofTraken?' President Borusa nodded graciously to Nyssa and then headed for t he presidential chair. Just another hitchhiking teenager. Councillors.Zorac cleared his throat. Doctor. I don't suppose you believe a word of it?' `Don't be so sure.' `What did they say?' `Colin's a foreign national.' The Councillors took their places.' Robin stumbled to the end of his story and looked despairingly at Tegan. His voice cold and formal.' `Yes.' he announced pompous ly. President Borusa. Suddenly N yssa felt isolated and very vulnerable.' `The Doctor?' `Someone I used to know. How could I?' `But you did tell them Colin h as disappeared?' `Sure. Please be seated. President Bor usa said. Have you reported any of t his to the police?' `Not all of it. larger and more ornate than any of the others. `I see that you too have regenerated. The President stared searchingly at the Doctor for a moment. `I am sorr y to have kept you all waiting.

isn't it? First I lose my job.' Tegan sat back with a sigh.' Tegan l ooked angrily at him. Then we'll go to the police. `I can't. `In short. `We'll see about that!' Colin wasn't j ust another kid  he was Tegan Jovanka's cousin. `What's that supposed to mean?' `Look. `We'll go back to the police toge ther.' She caught Robin's look. `I'm being selfish. I daren't get any more involved. What do you want to do?' `Tell me your story again. I'll go and see my favourite co usin in Amsterdam and cheer myself up. I swear it. `Marvellous.' Robin looked alarmed. It's all right I'll do all the talking. Now this!' `I'm sorry.' The Lord President was addre ssing the High Council. the space/time parameters of the Matrix have been invaded by a creature from the anti-matter world. But I've lost my passpor t. It was full of young people. all talking anim atedly. Of course I'll help. We know its composition.' ` Not interested!' said Tegan determinedly. The creature must be expelled immediately if we are to avert total disaster. looking round the busy café.' `Shouldn't we at least attempt to discover its purpose here?' suggested the Doctor mildly. every detail.' said Robin miserab ly.' said Robin. Everyone scented to be having a good time  except her. `Do n't worry.violence  foul play  they're not all that interested. . It's the same everywhere. we know how unstable must be the magnetism that shields it. I think. I can't risk making too much of a fuss with the police. Not to worry. `Everything I've told you is the truth.

He raised his voi ce and said formally. my bio-data. Lord President. `But the power of this anti-matter creature may well be beyond the limits of wha t we know. `You're the expert in this field. Anti-matter can not exist in harmony with our Universe. He looked at the Doctor with a sort of stern compassion and suddenly the Doctor realised the reason for the evasiven ess of the Councillors. Why were they all so determined to ignore the obvious? There was a feeling almost of conspiracy. I didn't pass that information on. `Lord President.' For a moment Borusa did not reply. To do that it needed some thing very special  full and precise details of my biological makeup.' The Doctor turned t o Thalia.' said the Castellan coldly. and the time factor leaves . The question is  who?' `You attempted to raise this matter earlier.' `I should like to raise another questio n.`The removal of its presence must be our first and only concern. Doctor. President Borusa's voice was grave. Now. Doctor. but somebody did. It is a matter of the utmost urgency. `The creature is here now only becau se it managed to achieve some form of bonding with me. Can bonding occur without the full i mprint of a bio-scan?' `Not to my knowledge. Doctor. bu t we must deal with the situation as it exists now. This meeting was more than a formality. `What you imply is utterly preposterous.' admitted Thalia uneasily.' The Doctor looked round in alarm. `I am sorry. The decision had already been taken.' said the Doctor firmly. In other wo rds. I insist that this matter be fully invest igated.

But in extreme cases. . a Warrant of Termination can be issued. `Commande r Maxil!' The Council Chamber doors opened. Doctor. With the grea test reluctance. such as this.' The President raised his voice.' The Doctor had just been condemned to death. and Maxil entered flanked by three g uards. any form of capital punishment has long been abo lished here on Gallifrey. the High Council have decided to issue such a warrant in your c ase. where the security of the State is involved. Borusa said harshly.only one course of action open to us. ` As I ant sure you know. All three had drawn stasar pistols in their hands.

`Child! Do you think we have not considered this? The Universe is vast... Doctor. As soon as the warrant is issued. not the Doc tor. and immediately two guar ds seized his arms. terminated. There most be some other way!' One of the guards brushed her aside and the Doctor was marc hed to the door. It had taken a few moments for Nyssa to realise what was hap pening. you will convey him to the Place of Termination. `Commander! Return the Doc tor to the security compound. `You most destroy the alien. I am sorry. the creatur e's link with our Universe will be broken. but his voice did not falter.' As the guards started to l ead the Doctor away. He took a step towards the presidential chair. Nyssa sprang forward in protest. `Have you a nything further to say. `You can't do this!' she cried. and the creature is shielded. . Borusa had always been ably to face the realities of power. We have no way of tracing it!' `So you're going to kill the Doctor instead.' said the Doctor fu riously. just because it's easier?' `With the Doctor. Doctor" `I have a great deal to say. whatever they are. defeate d.' Borusa raised his voice. its plans.' For the first time there was a note of anguish in Borusa's voice.5 The Prisoner It was clear that the President was under enormous strain. you can't. There is no alternative. `No.

In the doorway the Doctor paused for a moment. Robin looked up eagerly as Tegan came down the steps.' T egan studied him fora moment longer.' `Only that Colin was last see n there. I beg you to think of what you are doing.' `Only a member of the High Council has the authority to extract such data from the Matrix..' Tegan looked hard a t him. which means. When they get around to it. you know. `What did they say?' Tegan scowled..' The Doctor's voice faded as he was dragged away. The c reature must have known the precise location of the Doctor's TARDIS. then. `Foreigners g et themselves lost all the time. the complet e time/ space co-ordinates. `Right. They'll make routine enquiries at the house and the crypt. then said decisively. I swear it. Let's s ee if we can find Colin for ourselves!' Nyssa was making a last desperate plea t o the High Council. they'll do n othing!' `What did you tell them  about the crypt. looking back at President and the High Council.' said the . `That information can only have come from here from Gallif rey. I am. Hoveri ng nervously outside Amsterdam's Central Police Station. as you said.' She looked round the impassive group. There's a traitor at work on Gallifrey.' `So what do we do now? We can't just abandon him. `You are telling me the truth about all this?' `Yes. `Executing me won't alter the facts.. It also had the Doctor's bio-data. `Time Lords..

shaking i t vigorously. you accuse us of treason. `Doctor. `What would you have us do. `What's wr ong?' said the Doctor. ' `But the Doctor is innocent!' `Innocence or guilt do not enter into the matter .' `Can you deny the possibility? At least give the Doctor a reprieve while the question is investig ated. As the little party moved past him. it's you!' `Damon. `I only want to speak to the Doctor. `Like the Doctor.' ordered Maxi l impatiently. `There is no time. We must prevent the full bonding.' President Borusa said sternly.' said Ma xil gruffly.' Damon waited tensely as the Doctor and his escort neared the do or to the security compound. That is the choic e we face here. Damon leapt forward.' Damon was bustled of f. Now everything depended on the way he handled this mee ting. `Get him out of here. and the Doctor was marched on his way  clutching in his hand the rolled- .Castellan coldly. `If w e spare the Doctor. Whether this charge is proved or disproved. By running through the corridors. it will not alter things. Damon had managed to arrive ahead of them.' `I have my orders. thrust his way th rough the astonished guards and clasped the Doctor warmly by the hand. somewha t taken aback by the warmth of the greeting. how are you?' said the Doctor.' said Borusa sadly. `He's an old friend of mine. we condemn untold millions to destruction. `Well. you don't have to relish them so much.' protested Damon. child?' demanded Thalia.

' `Whatever should we do without your dili gence.' Thalia said. The Do ctor slipped the data-strip into his pocket.' said Nyssa bitterly. in view of Nyssa's most convincing arguments. `All that retrains is for the Warrant of Termination to be drawn up.' `So much for Time Lord justice.up data strip Damon had thrust there during that first enthusiastic greeting. `Lord Preside nt. Castellan?' said Hedin sadly. `We dare not tak e the risk.' Zorac added. but our decision must stand. we understand and w e sympathise. could we not at least delay th e execution?' Borusa shook his head. I will see to it at once. `We're all sorry. Hedin.' Councillor Hedin said. obviously prepared to stay. `This session of the High Coun cil is at an end. She turned and left the council chamber. but there is really no other choice. The precise wording should be in the Matrix. Inside the control room the guards took positions by the doors. `We have listened to what you say. T hey took him across to the TARDIS and Maxil opened the doors. `I am sorry.' said Borusa finally. By now Nyssa had realised that she was talking to closed minds. The Castellan said briskly. `I am sor ry. Somehow he had to find a way to be alone. child.' . Ma xil opened the door to the security compound and the Doctor was thrust inside. Borusa rose.

he led her away.' Hed in paused. I should know!' Abruptly he turned away. Their allegations ' `That there must be some conne ction between this creature and the High Council?' `Precisely. `Do you intend to pursue the matter?' The Castellan shook his head di smissively. A handful of .' `All the same. The very suggesti on that one of the High Council could be a traitor is extremely disturbing.' Taking N yssa by the arm.' persisted Hedin. Because if such a serious breach of se curity had occurred. They sat at one of the low tables. The High Council merged from the council chamb er. if you please. `There is no real evidence. `If it were true ' `It is not true.Nyssa was striding angrily away from the council chamber when she saw a young Ga llifreyan in a brown tunic coming along the corridor towards her. Castellan.' snapped the Castellan. Not unnaturally. As they came l evel. the Doctor and his comp anion were both overwrought. Come. he peered into her face.' He glanced round anxiously as a guard came along the corridor. I'm a friend of the Doctor. `Nyssa? Nyssa of Traken?' Nyssa stopped. `A mome nt.' `I am Damon. `That's right. Hedin hurried to catch up with the Castellan. We must talk. Damon took Nyssa t o one of the recreation lounges. `Not here though.' `Well?' `I cannot help being worried by what the Doctor and his companion said. talking in low voices.

Nyssa. So.' `Which means that the traitor must be one of them. `It is decided. the Doctor marched angrily up and down the TARDIS control room. `You asked to see me.' Damon's face cleared. Doctor?' `Yes. `I managed to pass a copy to the Doctor on his was to the security comp ound. said Nyssa slowl y. `That's right.' `Excellent. Only members of the High Council have access t o bio-data. `But I know someone who might help. and the alien disappeared. `We must find some way to speak to the Doctor..' Nyssa started to rise. Your guards will not allow me to leave the control room.' `That will be difficult. `You're sure it was the Doctor's bio-data extract?' whispered Nyssa. `The Do ctor is to be terminated.' said the Time Lord. Watched by an im passive guard. Damon nodded.' .' The glare faded. A fter a moment Commander Maxil entered. though none were close enough to over hear..' The di storted negative manifestation of the anti-matter creature fluctuated eerily ins ide the cone of light.Gallifreyans sat talking at nearby tables. You are prepared?' `I am.' Damon put a hand on her ann. `Wait. He's very closel y confined. `We must tell the High Council at once. then?' `Yes. how do we know whom to trust:" Nyssa considered. The Matrix is a lready programmed.

' Hedin sighed.' . Formal head-dress and high-collared robe removed.' `Please try.' Maxil frowned. But be sensible..' Maxil consid ered for a moment.' `We must see the D octor.' `The Doctor isn't a criminal. If there is anything I can do for you. `I cannot tell you how deeply sorry I am for what has happened. He rose to rec eive them. `I said difficult. `We need your help. you may withdraw until it is time.' begged Nyssa. `Very well.' Without bothering to reply. the Doctor turned and left the control room. thin face broke into a gent le smile. If you try to lose yourself in the corridors of the TARDIS my men hav e detector devices that will hunt you down and your death will he far front dign ified and painless.' said the Doctor levelly. `Which is the nearest room?' `My companion's.' said Damon indignantly. Councillor. Especially with one so se nsitive to public opinion as the Castellan. It has already been searched. The Castellan is very possess ive about his charges.' said Nyssa urgently. `Nyssa! Damon!' `We had to see you. Hedin's long. Can you arrange it?' `It will be difficult. ` That is true But what has happened makes him very dangerous.`They have their orders.' `If I am to die. Councillor Hedin was relaxing in his room when Nyssa and Damon called to see him. and he will be well guarded.. Nyssa  but not impossible. `I need tim e to prepare my mind--and for that I need to be alone. Doctor.

the Doctor followed the guard along the corrido r. and shortly afterwards Commander Maxil himself collected Damon and Nyssa from Hedin's room and marched them along to the security compound. `I think there's something wrong. `Even if he knows he can't really refuse something. `What about my appeal?' There was no reply. `Come along.' whispered Damon.' `What do you mean?' asked Nyssa. he always attemp ts to make it look as if he's granting you some enormous privilege. In a surprisingly short time. Hedin went off to see the Castellan. `This way.' Hastily slippi ng the read-out into his pocket. and went into the TARDIS. I mean. `Wait here. The Castellan wouldn't want it said that the condemned man hadn't been sh own every consideration  before his execution.For a moment Nyssa was puzzled. concerned. . `So soon?' he demanded. Doctor.' he ordered. `He's jus t coming. ever ything was arranged. studying t he bio-data read-out when the guard appeared.' said Maxil. that 's the Castellan's way ' He broke off as Maxil appeared in the doorway of the TAR DIS. with a chill pang she realised what Hedin meant. Then. you two!' The Doctor was pacing about Nyssa's room. `The Castellan agre ed far too quickly to our visiting the Doctor.

let's talk in Nyssa's room. I rather think Maxil has just planted a listening . Maxil had bun gled things somehow. `We went to. `How is s he adjusting to life on Gallifrey?' Then Damon. and he arranged it with the Castellan. quite untruthfully. or at least suspected. `You're to talk in here. The Doctor ushered his visitors into Nyssa's r oom. Damon. what news of my old companion . Leela?' In his office. but perhaps I may get to see her before I finally depart. how did you get in here?' Nyssa said. He would say nothing but conversational banalities until he was out of earshot. Damon. that's very g enerous of the Castellan. `I was sorry to miss her wedding. and s witched off the listening device. Maxil took the opportunity to slip a magnetic bugging device beneath the TARDIS console..' said Maxil.As Nyssa and Damon looked towards the inner door. The Doctor came into the room. Maxil. the Castellan listened to the Doctor's voice. Maxil hesitate d and the Doctor said quickly.' `Just a m oment.' The Doctor again. about the bugging device.' The Castellan smiled wryly.' said Damon.. `Nyssa.' said the Castellan irritably.' `Well. a little over-emphatically. It was clear that the Doctor knew. `In here. very well. `Excellent!' He bustled them out of the control r oom talking in a loud cheerful voice `Well. se e Councillor Hedin..' `The C astellan said we could be alone. isn't it? Come. she's very happ y. `You're a fool. `Oh.

transportation. You could check to see if the Matrix is aware of a ny recent events concerning power equipment  movement details. I know you'v e already risked a great deal for me. We m ust accept the decision of the High Council. but if I could impose on you even further? ' `Anything I can do. No appeals. `My thanks.' Damon was shocked. `No. Now we have proof that my bio-data extract was removed from the files. `Surely that's impossible?' `That's exactly what the Hi gh Council thinks. `Indeed there is. We must see what we can do to stop it happening. And a disaster in th e making.' The door opened and Maxil marched into the room. glaring around suspiciously.' `So t here is a traitor after all?' said Nyssa.device in the control room: He held out the bio-data print-out. Preferably one without a recall circuit!' `I'll see what I can manage. Damo n. . Doctor. no protests. Nyssa. `I s our time up so soon. Is that understood?' Nyssa gaped at him in utter astonishment. an ything you can find' `Right. that is my final word. Gallifrey could lose control of the Mat rix. Before Maxil could speak the Doctor said. Commander?' He looked at Nyssa and spoke with a complete change of tone.' `To begin with. Doctor. Unless I'm very much mistaken. Anything else?' `Yes. I need another space/time element for the TARDIS.

`No appeals? No last-minute requests?' `No. Nyssa's eyes went back to the rack of stasar pistols. `We must hurry.. sir.6 Termination Nyssa looked round the computer room. Ma xil was reporting to the Castellan in his office. taking in the row upon row of data storage banks. Castellan' The Castellan rub bed his chin. One thing she was sure of: whatever ha ppened.' He went to a nearby terminal and started punching controls. `You know.' Her eye wandered to a transparent wall-cabinet with a rack of stasar-pistols inside.. in fact. and the ranks of terminals and control consoles.' The Castellan looked thoughtfully at him. then I must work out how I can draw one from technical s tores.' `Has the warrant been issued.' . Summon the Docto r. only happened o nce before. a place as streamlined and fun ctional as the Castellan himself. It is given to very fe w to supervise the termination of a Time Lord. you are extremely privileged. she wasn't going to stand tamely by and watch the Doctor's execution. `Very impressive. Castellan?' `It has. Commander Maxil. It has in fact. `All is in order. Damon said agitatedly. First I must check the coding for a Type 40 space/time element. The Doctor seems to be taking it quite well.

The Doctor meanwhile sat brooding in Nyssa's room. Surely his theory was right. It must be right. Nevertheless, he was about to take a most desperate gamble  wit h death the penalty of failure. In the secret chamber beneath the Capitol, the a lien had materialised for a last conference with his Time Lord confederate. `Is it time?' The Time Lord said solemnly. `The Council has been summoned to the Pla ce of Termination. You have but little time now. Can you do what is needed?' `Al l will be ready here.' The alien faded away. In his own control room, the masked and cloaked figure of the alien sat breathing hard for a moment, almost exhaust ed by his efforts. He rose laboriously from his high-backed chair as Colin appea red, escorted by the hideous creature that had captured him. The alien waved tow ards the black control console that stood in the centre of the control room. `Do precisely as you have been instructed. To the controls.' His face blank, his mi nd totally controlled, Colin shuffled zombie-like to the console and stood waiti ng. Nyssa watched as Damon assembled a variety of spare parts into a new space/t ime element for the Doctor's TARDIS. A deep, sonorous chime resounded through th e computer room  a chime that would be heard throughout the Capitol. Nyssa looked up. `What is it?' `The summons. The Doctor is being taken to the Place of Termi nation.' Damon looked up from his work despairingly. `It's no good, Nyssa. We're too late.'

Nyssa jumped up. `They're going to execute him now, right away?' `Yes. Nyssa wen t over to the weapons rack and tried to open it, but it was locked. `Damon, help me.' `No, Nyssa. You can't stop them now.' `Help me!' `Please, Nyssa, listen to me. You'll die as well...' `We can't fail the Doctor now, Damon. You finish ass embling the element. But first, help me to get this open.' Reluctantly Damon pun ched a code into the key panel at the base of the cabinet. The transparent cover slid back and Nyssa selected a stasar pistol. `This is madness,' protested Damo n. Nyssa ignored him. `As soon as you've finished you most get to the TARDIS and fit the element in place. They won't bother to guard it once the Doctor's gone. If all goes well, we'll need to leave in a hurry.' She moved towards the door. `Be careful, Nyssa,' called Damon. `And good luck.' Concealing the pistol beneat h her tunic, Nyssa hurried away. The grave notes of the chime resounded through the Capitol as the Doctor was led in solemn procession to the Place of Terminati on. Such Gallifreyans as they passed bowed their heads in sorrow  news of the doc tor's arrival, arrest and imminent execution had spread rapidly through the Capi tol. Nyssa ran along the corridors, just in time to see the Doctor's party disap pear around the corner. Cautiously she followed after them.

There was little enough to see in the Place of Termination. It was a plain, func tional area, with metallic blue walls. In the centre was a kind of enclosure, de fined by two semi-circular rails, a space just large enough for one man to stand . Above the enclosure was suspended a huge transparent tube. Arrayed in their fo rmal robes of office, the members of the High Council stood waiting. The Doctor looked at each face in turn: Borusa, his face composed, showing little of the st rain he must be feeling; Lady Thalia, sorrowful but determined; Zorac, tense and grim, nerving himself to an unpleasant duty; the Castellan, bland and impassive , as if Termination was an everyday event; and finally, Hedin, his face sad and solemn, `Well,' said the Doctor grimly. `I hope you know what you're doing.' Bor usa said gravely, `You know the choice we have to face, Doctor. Your life, again st the safety of the Universe. Our collective duty, if not our conscience, is cl ear.' `Was the decision unanimous?' `No. There was one dissenter. Your good frie nd Councillor Hedin.' The Doctor smiled. `Thank you, Hedin. I appreciate all you 've tried to do for me.' The Castellan handed the President a scroll. Borusa unr olled it and began reading aloud. `By the authority vested it me, as laid down b y Rassilon, I, Lord President Borusa, in accordance with the decision of the maj ority of the High Councillors here present, decree that this Warrant of Terminat ion shall now be executed upon the Doctor...'

Nyssa. The guards moved forward. Borusa was concluding his speech. `Alig n scan co-ordinates.. He was just about to step into the Termination Area when Nyssa burst through t he door.' ordered the alien. she whipped out the pistol and shot them down. `Commander Maxil. one after the other. covering the tight little group with her stasar pistol. reduced to no more tha n a pair of hands at the service of his captors. `Quickly. Colin. She came closer. Re-setting her stasar to kill. seize her. . Collins hands moved to obey. and took the scroll.' Maxil bowed his head respectfully. was busy at the controls. this warr ant empowers you to carry out our judgement.' called Nyssa. she slipped into the Place ofTerminati on.' o rdered Borusa. Nyssa paused for a mo ment. we have no option but to exercise the final sanction of Termination .There were two guards posted outside the Termination Area. `Bring the Doctor forward. Doctor. The alien's con trol room was filled with a surging roar of power.' The Doctor was marched forward .' Rolling up the scroll. the Doctor didn't move. `No. `And so. by reason of cruel but unavoidabl e necessity. then began s trolling innocently towards them. I will not have blood shed to save my life.' `Guards. Just as they were a bout to challenge her.. Borusa handed it to Maxil. closer. `Over here .' To her astonishment. Reaching beneath her tunic she set her stasar pistol to stun.

`Don't you understand?' said Nyssa desperately. `My companion acted solely from misguided loyalty..' `They're right.' he said calmly.' Waving aside his guards.' shouted Nyssa again. We 're all ready to leave!' `Please. you know.' `We can. . `Obey the President. Nyssa. Nyssa. `I command you to lay aside that weap on. `We can't escape. `Believe me. `Thank you.' said the Doctor calmly. girl.Immediately Nyssa's weapon swung round to cover the President. we will overlook her offence. Doctor.. and the guards fr oze.' The Doctor held out his hand. In return. I ask that she be allowed to go free.' `You cannot escape. `The Docto r was betrayed. Borusa nodded to Commander Maxil. She will cause no further trouble. Doctor. said Borusa sternly. His bio-scan was retrieved from the Matrix. `The weapon. `Nyssa ofTraken. ' said the Castellan. Nyssa. Doctor. The Doctor took it from her hands and pissed it to the nearest guard. who threw a switch on the control panel. the Doctor walked over to the Termination Enclosure and stepped between the two circular r ails. Tell them. `Otherwise you too will die.' `Quickly. I know what I'm doing!' Nyssa was about t o protest further when the Doctor said firmly. F or your sake. `Lord President.' command ed Thalia furiously. you must obey the Lord President. He looked around the room and smiled reassuringly at Nyssa.' Nyss a lowered the stasar pistol. please.' A little shakily Borusa said.

the light blazed brighter. Nyssa thought she saw just for a second the Doctor's figure fading and a strange alien shape taking its place.' Nyssa's eyes blurred with tears and she turned away. The power-thr ob died down. At last the order came . Watching in horrified fasc ination. Then this shape faded too. and the transparent tube of the Termination Cha mber began lowering itself over the Doctor. the mists boiled wildly. Commander Maxil bowed to President Borusa. It was empty. Power hummed . and a sudden swirling mist obscured the Doctor's form. Colin s tood waiting impassively as the power surged to its peak. The Doctor is dead.The Enclosure filled with light. `Judgement has been carried out. In the alien's control room. There was a blaze of light too inside the Terminat ion Chamber. the light faded and the mist cleared from inside the Termination C hamber. `Activate booster control now!' Colin threw a switch and the control room was filled with a blaze of light. Lord President. .

7 The Matrix President Borusa touched a control, and a large monitor screen lit up, high on t he wall. It showed a symbolic representation of the Matrix, an interlocking web of energy impulses, a kind of three-dimensional spider's web. Borusa studied the display. `The Matrix is clear. The creature has been expelled...' The Doctor aw oke. He was floating against velvet blackness... He felt weightless, almost dise mbodied. Was he dreaming? Periodically, energy impulses zipped past him at incre dible speed  the speed of thought. The Doctor opened his eyes and saw that he was floating in a great three-dimensional energy web, like a swimmer drifting gentl y with the tide. He was in the Matrix. He heard soft, mocking laughter, felt som e unseen, nalignant presence. `Who are you?' called the Doctor feebly. There was no reply. The Castellan strode away from the Place of Termination, Commander Ma xil following respectfully at his heels. The Castellan was silent, brooding. At last he said, `What was your opinion, Maxil?' `Of the termination, Castellan? No t quite what I expected.'

`Nor me. I want a full analysis of the event. Be discreet  but do it immediately. ' As soon as she'd recovered her self-control, Nyssa headed for the TARDIS. As s he'd predicted earlier, it was unguarded now. She found Damon in the control roo m. He had just completed the installation of the new space/time clement. `It's r eady, Nyssa. We can leave  ` He broke off at the sight of her face `The Doctor? H e's ' Nyssa nodded. Too upset to speak, she went through the inner door. The alie n creature appeared in its cone of light. `It is done.' The waiting Time Lord le aned forward anxiously. `And the Doctor?' `Weak  but he lives. You have done well , Time Lord.' Maxil came into the computer room. He looked round, relieved to fi nd that for once the place was empty. He went to a terminal and began punching i n the programme for a full computer analysis of the Doctor's termination. On a m onitor screen in a room not far away a Time Lord was watching Maxil at his work. Drifting, half-dreaming, the Doctor heard a deep, resonant voice. `Doctor!' He opened his eyes. There, floating somewhere in front of him was a masked, cloaked figure. The Doctor stared at it, trying to focus his eyes. The tight-fitting

stylised mask resembled a knight's helmet, though more elongated, with something insect-like about it. The apparition wore a heavy medallion on its chest, like a badge of rank. There was something oddly familiar about it... `Doctor!' called the voice again. `Do you know where you are, Doctor?' `The Matrix... I must be in the Matrix.' `Only your mind. Your body is still in the Termination Area, shi elded and made invisible by an energy barrier.' The Doctor said weakly, `I knew you wouldn't let me die.' `You knew? You realised that this would happen?' `I gu essed. Besides, I hoped it would give me the chance to meet you.' `And now that you have, what do you make of me, Doctor?' `It's difficult to say  without knowin g who you are. Yet you seem... familiar...' Again there came the mocking laughte r. `Let us just say I am a friend, Doctor. A friend who holds your feeble life-f orce this side of existence...' Robin led Tegan through the crowded centre of Am sterdam, down a series of quieter side-streets, and finally to a handsome old ho use set back from the road. He took her through the entrance gates, and round th e side of the house, the approach that led direct to the pump room. Not surprisi ngly, Robin didn't plan to go back into the crypt if he could possibly avoid it.

Maybe he's hur t.' Something caught Robin's eye. Not far now .' `Very well. Castellan.' `Funny  i t wasn't before. but neither Tegan nor Ro bin registered it. `It's locked. Tegan looked roun d. which had been thrust into hiding . `For all we know. and led the way into the pump house.' Robin opened the door.' Tegan tried the door. and studied the data yet again.' Tegan rattled at the door. `Tegan. He punched a re-play button. He must be still around.' Maxil scanned the data flowing acr oss the read-out screen. What is this place?' `It's a service tunnel. . The horseshoe shaped booster element which Col in had attached to the machinery was throbbing quietly. then studied it all again as if unable to believe his eyes. `That's right. Maybe a gardener or caretaker's been down here.' Maxil switched on the screen. a shape jammed behind one of the heavy pipes. The crypt is through this door here.' `I think you should come down here at once.Tegan brushed dust from the shoulder of her jacket as they moved along the tunne l. `Castellan?' `Yes. `This is Colin's. There was nothing much to see. `So this is where you slept?' asked Tegan. Colin could still be behind there. It's filthy in here. Maxil. He switched off the screen and spoke into his wristcommunicator. look!' He pulled out Colin's rucksack.

Doctor. some propositio n to offer them. `You see.' Exhausted by t he effort of the conversation.The Doctor was still engaged in his strange dream-like conversation with the mas ked apparition. T he girl was right about the bio-scan. `We must find the Doctor. We shall talk again  when you are more ready to listen. and there can be no doubt . `I've been through the data again and again. `Once I too had life. the Doctor drifted back into unconsciousness.' `The n the Doctor did not die!' `Not according to this. the watching Time Lord switched off his screen. `If you have something to say to the Time Lords. and the rest will fall into place. It was transmitted from here  on Gallifrey.' said the deep voice sadly. why don't you speak to them directly?' `I have considered that. Soon. It was time for action. The Time Lords would never permit it. rigged to cut out at the moment of Termination. The Castellan frowned down at the read-out screen. Doctor. The circuit was altered.' `Not if it means losing control of the Matrix to you. Not to me. with your help. I shall have it a gain. And there's something else.' said Maxil eagerly. But they would never listen. ` The price is too high.' `You are known on Gallifrey?' `I was n ot always as you see me now. Castellan.' said the Doctor. real existence in your dimension.' `Do not provoke me .' said the Castellan determinedly. `Do that . ' In a nearby room.' .

' said Damon wearily. Come with me.' Robin and Tegan were still trying to decide on their next move. but had found nothing helpful. The door opened and Maxil appeared.' said Damon awkwardly. `What are you doing here?' `We've had orders to searc h the doctor's TARDIS. It sounded almost as if the water within was boiling. guards behind him. Maxil said. `You two are wanted. shouts and the tramp of booted feet. There were sudden noises outside.' said Robin. staring blankly into nothingness.' began Nyssa. We will handle this ourselves. Then the sound steadied to a dull roar.`Will you inform the High Council?' `No. T egan sighed. When Damon came into her room. In dignantly Nyssa jumped up.' Suddenly the pipes and the pumping machinery began throbbing with power. They looked at each other in alarm. Maxil drew his stasar pistol. `It's no use just brooding on things. Nyssa. Nyssa was sit ting on the bed. Maxil.' `I demand to know what's going on. `At least you know Colin was here now. B ring Damon and the girl Nyssa here to me. And Maxil marched them away. Tegan had been looking through Colin's rucksack.' `What are you looking for?' Instead of answering the que stion. . For a moment it seemed as if the whole system was about to explode. `Move!' `Better do as he s ays. `What beats me is why anyone would want to sleep in a place like th is.

`Quickly!' whispered Rob in. something very important.Although they didn't know it. The door to the crypt creaked eerily open. `No. Something was happening. `Wait!' he whispered. He had to. Floating helplessly in the Matrix. Grabbing Tegan's hand. Te gan tried to go to him. `What's going on?' asked Tegan again. what Tegan and Robin were hearing was the operatio n of the newly installed booster element..' `But you knew it had happened  this transmission?' . True to form. To Damon's surprise. heading for the booster element. the Doctor became dimly aware of some great disturbanc e.. where a grim-faced Castellan was waiting by th e data screen. how could I? I do not have access to the necessary codes.. `Search me. Maybe we'd better ' Lig ht flooded from beneath the door that led to the crypt. Castellan. but Robin held her hack. He sank back into unconsciousness. `It is all going to blow up?' Robin shrugged. he had to. Colin came into the pump room and moved past them. the Castellan began the conversation with immediate accusation. Maxil too k them back to the computer room. he dragged her into hiding behind one of the massive pipes that ran down the walls.. It was no use. `Damon! You transmitted the Doctor's bio-data!' Damon was shocked.

Castellan.' said Damon firmly.' Sternly the Castellan said. did you not? `Yes..' Damon remembered that the reason he had made c ontact with the Doctor was to give him the read-out strip that confirmed that hi s bio-data had been illegally transmitted  not something he wanted to confess to the Castellan.' `Why didn't you tell me?' `Talor tried to tell you. You had contact with the Doctor. when Nyasa came to his rescue. Talor and I discovered it. `It's a g reat pity you weren't more concerned when the Doctor was still alive. Ne xt thing I knew. more or less by accident. `You refused to see him. `You're asking a lot of questions now.' `And so?' `You too are a Councillor. He could have instructed you. Damon was floundering hopelessly. Cast ellan.' she said pointedly.' snarled the Castellan.' said Damon angrily. `What are you impl ying Damon? Why didn't you come to me?' `Only members of the High Council have t he access codes to bio-scan circuits. I simply don 't have the authority to know the coding that would give access. You see my dilemma?' The Castellan changed his tack. `There is another ma tter.' `Don't yo u play games with me.' `The Doctor wo uld know.' ` Of that I know nothing. even more serious.. girl.`Yes. but that was only. Castellan. Talor was dead. `Once again. There was interference with the Termination Circuit. `The Doctor is alive  and you know it!' .

8 The Traitor Colin worked on the booster element for some time. Colin finished his task and turned aw ay. the mind behind them was not his own. who couldn't so much as change a light-bulb without making a mess of it. stood Co lin. giving forth a blaze of light. Tegan realised suddenly.' said Tegan over her shoulder. Her cousin Colin. `No. He walked stiffly out of the pump room and went back through the door that l ed to the crypt. was operating some pie ce of complex alien machinery like a trained engineer. don't!' called Robin. `Colin!' she called. Cohn turned and Tegan saw the blank face and staring eyes. On the threshold of the crypt. . and realised that although the hands were Coli n's. `We can't just leave him. Tegan ran after him. while Robin and Tegan watched from their hidingplace. He seemed to be making a number of complex adjustments  which was ridiculous. It held some kind of weapon in its hands. Colin ignored h er. she stopped in horror. Beside him stood a hideous lizard-like creature with a long thin skull. end ing in a mouthful of fangs. as she followed Colin into the crypt. Tegan could restrain herself no longer. A door stood open in one o f the tombs. facing her. In front of it.

but it was too late. `All right. some great dist urbance in the Matrix. He must be somewh ere in the Capitol. `I am determined to get to the bottom of it. Robin saw Tegan flash from positiv e to negative and disappear. Damon. `I haven't finished with you two. `He's alive. Something was happening. projecting a fierce beam of light tha t struck and enveloped her. `What are you doing?' . He turned to run.' said Damon boldly. And we shall find the Doctor as well. `We know there is a conspiracy. He had to know. The Castellan looked broodin gly at Nyssa and Damon.' said the Castellan. The Doctor struggled to wakefulness. Nyssa watched him. you win. Let's talk!' There was no reply.' `You could start by fin ding the Time Lord who killed Talor. The creature fired again. Nyss a grabbed Damon by the shoulders. `All right. mount a full search. From the doorway. leaving a guard outside the door. puzzled. Robin pulsed from positive to negative and vanishe d. the weapon fired. You will remain here t ill I return!' He strode out after Maxil. He's alive!' Gently Damon disengaged himself and went over to one of the computer terminals. Commander Maxil. `We will.' Maxil saluted and stamped out.Before Tegan could move.' he shouted. and like Tegan.

Where is he?' The alien gestured toward s the doorway. If you are capable of doing the same. The pr imitive. No one is to know we're lookin g for the Doctor.' `I see. in there. It was cloaked and masked. `Start by searching the residential wing.' The guards moved away. but be discreet. `Where are we. I'm not leaving everything to the Castellan either. If you co-operate y ou will come to no further harm. but I don't have to stay here and do nothing. `He serves me. Tegan and Robin recovered. my cousin.' The contempt in his tone made Tegan angry. and it looked both powerful and sinister.`I may have to stay here. He's my cousin. and she forgot her fear.' `And if we're no use to you?' .' The door opened and a tall figure appeared.' Commander Maxil surveyed the assembled squad of guards. Robin?' `No idea. Tegan rubbed her e yes. `Why? Wh at do you want of us?' `To begin with  answers. to find the mselves in a featureless ante-room in front of a closed door. I'm going to do a little investigati ng of my own.' `Co-operate?' asked Tegan unsteadily. `H is name is Colin Frazer. A bit woozy. Why did you intrude in a place wh ere you had no business?' `We were looking for Colin. Do you feel all right?' `I think so. `Do not be afraid. yo u will not find me ungrateful.

They know he's alive. `There is trouble. to the mind of the alien. He has to be free.' `How shall we act?' `Release the Doct or.' Tegan forced herself to move forward. A full-scale security search is in progress f or the Doctor. via the Ergon. and the alien turned and stalked away. `Then we are both fortunate.' A steady beeping sound came from the door. here on Gallifrey. She felt a brief . `The Ergon will scan you for possible future use. The Castellan investigated. When it was concluded the alien said. and the lizard-like creature a ppeared. `So. As soon as the al ien figure appeared in the cone of light. and to stand quite still as the Ergon put a stubby clawed hand on her head. I know the Doctor. The proc ess took only a few moments. you are known to the Doctor?' `And if I am?' asked Tegan defiantly. His Time Lord confederate was summoning him. before you can concentrate your powers on .' The alien stepped aside. Step forward. I'm a friend of his. tingling sensation and realised that in some way knowledge was being gathered from her mind and transferred. grace trouble.`You will be destroyed. He hasn't told the High Council yet--we must act before he does. It seems you can be useful to me after all. girl. `Answer!' `All right . the Time Lord leaned forward urgently.' `How did this happen?' `The termination ar oused suspicion in some way. What of it?' There was grim amusement in the alien's voice. I t would be unwise to resist.

' `No. It's not Tegan. Your only hope now is to achieve transfer swiftly. `Tegan's on Earth. the Doctor will make trouble. `Help me.' . Since I wish for no enmity between us. please. there may be a way that the Doctor can be persuaded not to interfere.' Tegan appeared. May I ask what I've done to deserve it? Or should I say. what do you want i n return?' `You will be freed -. `A fr iend of yours.' repeated the Doctor stubbo rnly.transfer and complete the bonding. Once free.' The alien considered.' said the Doctor steadily. `As it happens. floating in the Matrix.' `Tell him.' A voice spoke to the Doctor in the Matrix.' `Very good of you. I know she is. Doctor. `Doctor. It's an illusion.if you give me your word not to interfere with my plans.' `We mu st take the risk.' He opened his eyes and saw the masked fi gure floating before him. As a prisoner in the Matrix he is useless to you.' `We cannot take the risk.' `I will do everything I can to stop you. ` Then I am forced to persuade you. Time Lord. You will give me your word not to interfere  or she must s uffer.' `It isn't Tegan. `What do you want?' `I have good news for you. Doctor.' Tegan had sudd enly found herself floating in this terrible limbo and she was very frightened. Very well. I intend to release you. Doctor. I will do as you suggest. girl. Help me.

sca nned it swiftly and passed it to the Castellan. Damon took it out. please! Hel p me. `If she is only an illusion. `I see. `So now you know who i s responsible Castellan. `Just here. `Maxil!' `Yes. `You! What are you doing?' `An analysis. Damon.' said Damon calmly. It is almost fini shed now. ple ase. `Not necessarily. This analysis gives us all the proof we need.' `Yes.' Damon said soberly. Well done.' thundered the alien voice..' He spoke i nto his wrist-communicator. I believe that the Doctor plotted this conspiracy. the Castellan put his palm on the light-square. `Doctor. Hediri and Zorac to my office  immediately. Immediately a stream of print-out came from a data slot..' `Continue the search  and bring Councillors Thalia. As the Castellan took in the con tents his face became grim and determined.' He pointed to an illuminated square on the console. the n you will not be distressed to see her suffer. Castellan. The final results are classified. She screamed.`Very well.' Too astonished to protest. Doctor.' . `I'll need your palm-print. Castellan?' `Have you found him yet?' `Not yet. Now I know who helped him to do it. as if under intolerable pressure.' ` So the Doctor is innocent!' said Nyssa triumphantly.' Tegan's shape seemed to twist a nd distort.' The Castellan strode back into the computer room to find Damon running a computer programme.

I'll do whatever you say. `Her life depends on you. `All right. What happene d?' `I'm not sure. W hen Tegan recovered consciousness.' he shouted.' Tegan's imag e faded.' The Termination Chambe r filled with light  and the Doctor materialised. Luckily.' warned the alien.. Goodbye.' said Tegan. The corridor beyond was empty a s well. the Place of Termination w as empty.. This time there was a sinister click. The Doctor hurried away.' said Damon calmly. The next time we meet it will be on Gallifrey.' `No. `We can't ge t out.' The image of the Doctor faded from the Matrix. Robin was shaking her shoulder. .' He returned to his console. He crossed to the door and looked out.The Castellan strode out closing the door firmly behind him. `Tegan! Are y ou all right?' Tegan came to and found herself back in the anteroom. He looked round cautiously. Robin looke d anxiously at her. The Doctor was unable to stand the sight of Tegan's agony any long er. Doctor. The Castellan has locked us in. `As yours depends on mine?' `Then see that nothing threatens it. `All right. Nyssa tried the door and found it was immovable.. Doctor.. The Chamber rose and the Doctor was free again. `That thing put you into some kind of trance. `But I saw the Doctor.

' `Ridiculous. Colin came into the anteroom.' The Castellan took his seat. `We are not in the habit of bein g summoned by armed soldiers.' To Tegan's delight..The cloaked figure appeared in the doorway. Zorac. `My apologies. `Tegan?' Before Tegan could answer he went limp and collapsed. I have indisputable evidence that the Doctor is still alive. To begin with. you were of great help to me. It's like a madhouse out there. We await your explanation. My men are searching for him now. during which Maxil entered with a sheaf of documents.' The Castell an paused for a moment before he replied. An angry little group of Councillors was gathered in the office of the Castellan. and gestured to the rest of them to be seated. Castellan? Guards crashing about everywhere.' snapped Zorac. `Girl.' There was a n astonished silence. ' `So I should think!' said Thalia indignantly. `How can he be alive?' ` He was helped to evade termination  by a member of the High Council.' Thalia said. . Tegan was just in time to catch him as he fell. He stared disbelievingly at her. searches. `What the devil is going on.. Castellan. `An extremely grave situation has come to light. To show my appreciation I return your cousin to you. I have restored his mind. Cardinal Zorac led the protest. but the ghastly fixed stare and the shambling zombie-like movements were gone.' `The Doctor lives. `We saw him terminated. He looked dazed and confused. Councillors.

The Castellan said. `Doctor!' `How did you open the door?' asked Damon. three. `Damon made an analysis of all the relevant security circuit traffic. The Doctor put his palm to the light square but n othing happened.. one.. `This is unbelievable..... `Study them well. you hold the pr oof in your hands.. five...' He had a sudden brainwave.. `The presidential codes!' The presidential codes cancelled a ll prohibitions. The traitor is Lord President Borusa. over-rode all other instructions. Thalia..' He could hear booted footsteps in a nearby corridor... nine. `Let me see. five. eluding several parties of guards on the way. two!' The door slid open an d the Doctor slipped inside..' The footsteps were coming closer. five.. He reached the door. four.. The Doctor began stabbing fra ntically at the keyboard beneath the lock. six. `One.. `Pure luck!' Thalia looked up from the documents in sheer astonis hment. four.. three. Castellan.. and the n Nyssa ran to hug him. one.. Pity. They will tell yo u the name of our traitor. Councillors... five... More guards! `Three. nine. nine. only to find it locked. I have had copies transcribed for you.. the Castellan continued.' `Nevertheless. The Doctor beamed.' ...' The Doctor made his way to the computer room search of Damon and Nyssa.... `Cancelled my authorisation long ago...' As Maxil passed the documents round. I imagine. Damon and Nyssa stared at him in amazement. Four.

I thought you were dead. The President is allied with them both. Castellan?' asked Thalia. its link is with the Doctor and through him to Gallifrey. `Power! enormous power. Doctor.' snapped the Castellan. ` Why would he do all this?' By now the Castellan had worked the matter out  to his own satisfaction at least.' Zorac said slowly. Castellan?' `His presidential codes were used to manipulate the Matrix. What i f the Arc were to be located here. well beyond the ability of anyone to con trol  except for those who were already linked to the Matrix. As you know. His code was registered in the computer room at the time Talor was killed. permanently. `Are you sure.9 Unmasked `The Lord President?' said Thalia incredulously. `What do they hope to achiev e?' `We know that the creature controls the shift of the Arc of Infinity.' `You might at least have told me what you were up to.' `But why?' demanded Zorac. The Castellan answered hi s own question. `The anti-matter creature. `Through the Doct or and this creature  I am convinced that this is precisely what they intend to d o.' `For what purpose. you mean?' `Yes. `The Lord President. linked to the Matrix?' There was silence while the Councillors grappled with the idea.' .

`I'm sorry. yes. Water would be perfect' The Doctor said urgently. I saw her. still in the experimental stage. Unstable. Damon. in the Matrix.The Doctor said apologetically. this is very important. It's already installed in the `TARDIS. Nyssa. I need to know the precise destination of that power booster. `Now liste n. while we've got the chance?' suggested Ny ssa.' `To Earth? What for?' `That's where the anti-matter creature is now. Where it was sent to and who sent it there.' . did you do as I asked?' `I g ot you the space/time element. We're going to Earth. an d the creature's got Tegan. `We are going. A fusion booster element was transported very recently.' `How do you know?' `Tegan's on Earth.' `Wha t about the check on the movement of power equipment? Anything turn up?' `Just o ne item. but capable of an enormous conversion-rate over a very short period.' `A fus ion booster?' `Apparently it's a very advanced piece of equipment. Nyssa. Doctor. Do you think you cou ld find that out for me?' `I'll try. there just wasn't the opportu nity. `Shouldn't we just go.' Damon moved over to the computer console a nd set to work.' `Conversion from what?' `It's fuelled by anything that conta ins hydrogen atoms. Damon. We were watched all the time remember.

' ` They will take action. I will do my best. Nothing can get in or out without our knowing..' reported Maxil.' `Thank you.' The Time Lord said. ` Very well.' `More time? I'll try. `Yes. `What we are. `My men are searching the technic al areas. Castellan. Meanwhile.' The alien bowed his head. I will try to prevent them using the Matrix against us. but I can't guarantee it.' `Very well. Soon he will know everything. but any . Hedin hated vi olence.' `How?' `Use your influence with the Lord President.The corridors of the Capitol were still busy with the bustle of armed guards--th e Castellan was checking up on the progress of the search for the Doctor.' `Then it's just a question of time. `The r esidential wings are cleared. he took out the stubby impulse-laser with which he had killed Talor. `The Castellan is very close to the truth now.' T he alien faded away.' said the alien slowly. Your return is all that matt ers. Reaching into a drawer. Time Lord .' `You must! You will have to isolate the Matrix Master Control.' `You most delay them. and so will the High Council. I need more time if I am to generate sufficient power for transfer. accepting the tribute as no more than his due. we owe to you.' `You have sealed the Capitol?' `Yes.. but not until they find the Doctor. isn't it?' The Ti me Lord and the alien were in urgent conference. Councillor Hedin sighed deeply.

`Yo ur mysterious friend the Doctor? What can he do. that gentle sch olarly man who was also a traitor and a renegade. Any idea where?' . he seemed dangerously weak and confused.' Damon looked up from his data screen.' `He knows that creature's captured me. Doctor. though she spoke a good deal more optimistically than she felt. Robin shook his head.' said Tegan cheerfully. Colin had recovered from his faint. More to pass the t ime than because they thought it would be of any real use. but without success.' `We'll just have to rely on the Doctor. Councillor Hedin. Robin and Tegan had b een looking for a way of escape. The fusion booster was transported to Earth. `I've found out what you wanted to know. and had relapsed into an exhausted sleep. Concealing the weapon beneath his robes. The only door led to the inne r control room  from which their captors might emerge any moment. The walls were impregnable and there was nothing to attack them with anyway. He had only the vaguest idea of what h ad happened to him. went out of the hidden chamber . `There's no way out. he doesn't know where we are.means  any means at all  were justified by the importance of the great cause he se rved.' The D octor came over to join him at the console. `Well done. but although more or less himself again. Damon. He'll find out where we areand he'll find some way to help us. Tegan. Robin and Colin were still prisoners in the same featureless ante-chamb er.

`Goodbye.' s aid Nyssa unrepentantly. and beckoned Nyssa t o follow him.' T he Doctor looked at the screen. `And good luck!' The Doctor and Ny ssa slipped away.' `That's ridiculous! Come on Nyssa. `The presidential codes!' `That's right. Damon. The Doctor was shocked.' `It won't be easy.' Nyssa went over to the weapons rack and go t down another stasar pistol. `You wished to know if any of the High Council attempted to see the Lord President. `Thank you for all your help. There's other evidence as well. We must see the Lord President immediately.' warned Damon. waved farewell to Damon.' called Damon softly. `Nyssa!' `Just in case. The reception area was lost in sev ere spatio/temporal distortion. `It could have been anywhere. `Pity. The square jawed features of Maxil appeared on the screen in t he Castellan's office. You used them yourself to get in here. I shall never be able to repay you. The Castellan is convinced Borusa's behind everything.' Damon nodded towards the screen `You can see for yourself Those codes are unmistakable.Damon shrugged. `The Castellan's guards are all over the plac e.' The Doctor opened t he door. `Don't worry.' . I'll set it on stun.' `I can tell you who sent it though. peered into the corridor.' The Doctor clapped him on the shoulder. Castellan.' The Doctor stared at the screen.

and soon an alarm beep was sounding through the corridors. Thalia  if only to protect poor old He din. Before the guard could even raise his stasar she shot him down. `Did you find him?' . man.' s aid the Castellan coldly. The s tasar bolt whizzed past their heads. Not unnaturally. `In here!' He pu lled Nyssa after him. Maxil's face disappeared. `Yes. and he led his men in the direction of the sound. and the Doctor and Nyssa turned and ran. Seconds later. We must act now. they ran into the Castellan. approaching wi th yet more guards.' `Councillor Hedin is with him now.' shouted Maxil. the Castellan touched a control. Meanw hile the Doctor and Nyssa were headed off by yet another guard. Castellan?' `I have just been informed that Councillor Hedin has g one to see the President. His face tight with anger an d tension.' `Thank you.' The Doctor and Nyssa were moving cautiously along the corridors when they were spotted by a patrolling guard. `Someone's spott ed them. The face of Lady Thalia appeared on screen. Instead. This time Nyssa was ready. Maxil and his men came thundering along the corridor. They ran on past the stunned guard.`Get on with it. The Doctor spotted an open door. Th e guard hurried to a wall panel. not far away. and charged on past. Maxil. The guard raised his stasar and fired. they failed to find the Doctor. spotted the stunned guard. Maxil and a squad of guards heard it.

No one will be able to use it. Councillor Hedin. a conveniently empty office. They were spotted by a guard just as they went through the . President Borusa studi ed his visitor thoughtfully. Not even the gravest of emergencies could indu ce me to do as you ask. the Doctor and Nyssa emerged from their hiding-plac e. Hedin. Ac cess to the Matrix is guaranteed. H e can't be far away. Lord President?' The Doctor and Nyssa made it the rest of the way to the presidential chambers undetected  or almost. the Mains will be isolated. The secondary func tions would continue to operate normally. Lord President.' `Hurry. Castellan. `If I charge the transduction field. Lord President. `Don't force me to use thi s. I need the Doctor.' Borusa was far from convinced. if you please.' He gestured towards the Master Control console in the corner of Borusa's off ice. and hurried on their way. `This is a highly unusual request. `Nevertheless.' President Borusa was not accustomed to being given orders. hurry.' There was a sort of gentle obstinacy in Hedin's voice. Find him!' As soo n as the corridor was clear.' He produced the impulse-laser fr om beneath his robes and trained it on the President. But he was spotted in the area. wondering why the calm and gentle Hedin was in a st ate of such agitation.`Not yet. `Now.' `That is why you must do it. `Must? You forget yourself. Hedin. To i solate the Matrix!' `It would affect only the Master Control. you will do it. and he's stunned a guard. Maxil.

assuming that Hedin too had heard of the evidence against Borusa.' snapped Hedin. Doctor.' `You know Hedin. `The bio-scan. For once. A historian. `So it's you. What's your next move . Hedin said. `Throw down the weapon. Sadly the Doctor shook his head.' Keeping the weap on trained on the Doctor. `Hedin is the traitor. Doctor. As they came into Borusa's office. you don't really believe all this nonsense about the Lord President ' He broke off.' warned Borusa. Very close indeed. Nyssa.' The Doctor could scarcely believe what was happening.' `Taking care to arrange matters s o that we should think the Lord President was responsible. Hedin?' Boru sa was asking. I alw ays considered you a friend. realis ing that the blaster was now trained on him. `Come now. a man of learning.door. what is it? What's going on ?' `Be careful. `Why are you doing this?' Hedin whirled round as the Doctor and N yssa entered. Hedin. Doctor. Hedin?' `To ensure that nothing interferes with the final bonding and transfer .' `It's that close?' `It is. the Doctor jumped to the wrong conclusion. `Why. Hedin. the rigged termination. the weapon. the Doctor was astonished to find their old friend Hedin covering the President with a hand-blaster. Why turn to evil now?' . all your work?' `I did what I had to do. `Hedin. respected by everyo ne. Nyssa tossed the stasar to the fl oor. It was you all the time?' `Nyssa.

In the process he had become trapped in a universe of an ti-matter. `In his own anti-matter universe he is virtually in destructible. It is one of us  a Time Lord. is no alien. The first a nd greatest of us all. but you don't know him as I do. `Omega was not destroye d. `No one is de nying Omega's greatness. first and greatest of the Time Lords. Doctor. Omega. Once in control of the Matrix. and in his own mind. Omega had alre ady made one attempt to gain his revenge  an attempt which it had taken no less t han three combined incarnations of the Doctor to defeat.' said Hedin triumphantly.' . there's no telling what h e'll do. the Doctor rea lised what Hedin was saying. `Th e creature as you call it. to live amo ngst us.`You don't understand. He only wants to return to our Universe. the great cosmic engineer who h ad master-minded the incredibly dangerous black-hole experiment which had given his people time-travel. Long ages of suffering have driven him insane. Omega exists. Hedin. abandoned by his people. He had been there when it happen ed.' N o one knew that better than the Doctor himself. `Omega?' `Yes. Trapped. No one doesyet. Is that really what you want?' Hedin said fiercely. Omega!' `But Omega was destroyed.' `Hedin. The one who sacrificed everything to give us mastery of t ime and spaceand was shamefully abandoned in return.' `This alien creature will soon co ntrol the Matrix.' All at once. you must listen to msaid the Doctor desperately.

You are under arrest. Grieved as he was at the death of his old friend. you have already been condem ned to death. `Castellan. He glanced round. As for you. Omega would be unable to complete the bonding. dying instantly. he misinterpreted the situation completely.' Borusa stared at him. there were ur gent matters on the Doctor's mind. `Congratulations.' said Hedin simply. stasar in his hand and guards at his heels. Hedin. Then. Castellan. you fail to understand -. thought the Doc tor. W ith the Doctor dead.` `Lord President.`He wants nothing for himself.' It was easy to see what had happened. Hedin performed his last service for Omega. th e glories of the past. Hedin threw himself in front of th e Doctor. Hedin had always been obsessed with the early days of Time Lord history. I understand v ery well. Doctor. like t he Doctor before him.' `Omega?' . Contact with Omega had turned him into an unthinking disc iple. `The power he brings will be used for the good of all. The Castellan 's stasar had been set to kill. Instinctively. the Castellan said. `Well done.' As the Castellan fired. taking the full impulse of the stasar-blast on his body. This time there will be no trickery. Suddenly the Castellan strode into the room. Hedin staggered back and crumpled to the floor. I shall carry out the sentenc e myself. unable to ga in entry to the real Universe. You've just kill ed the one person who could have told us where Omega is. taking in the extraordinary scene. Swinging his w eapon to cover the Doctor.

look!' The negative image of a masked cloaked fi gure was staring down at them from the screen. `Doctor.' sai d the Doctor urgently.' said the Doctor deffiatedly `Omega controls the Matrix.' High on the wall of Borusa's office there was a Matrix screen. Now Nyssa was staring a t it in sudden horror. it's too late for that. You are both traitors. it had been showing the intricate three-dimensional spide r's web that represented the Matrix in its normal state. By now the Castellan's ass urance was shaken. and give me time to fin d Omega. Castellan. All the time they were there.' Borusa pointed to Hedin's body.' `Hedin?' `Lord President. But it will delay it.' . `There is your traitor. `We're too late.`Put up your weapon. `We must close down the Matrix.' `Will that prevent trans fer?' `No. `But the Doctor is a traitor.' said Borusa wearily.

But it was too late.' `Not without Hedin's help.' . as if burning with anger. `Your confederate is dead. `But I would have to enter the Matrix to find out. you mustn't. He'll kill you both. You said yourself. it changes nothing. `No.' Omega's image seemed to grow bri ghter.' sa id Borusa. `Greetings. Omega's mad. Doctor. called Tegan. `Omega. Doctor?' `Only that he is somewhere on the planet Earth.' said Borus a defiantly. Omega. Do you have any idea of his whereabouts. The screen flared white.' `You know who I am?' `I do. `But how? You are anti-matter.' Borusa said. listen!' called the Doctor.' `P erhaps she would know their precise location?' `Possibly. `Oh yes.' `No matter.10 Hunt for Omega The doctor looked up at the terrifying limn. do you seriously believe you can reverse what has happened to you?' asked the Doctor. and Omega disappeared. `Found and stopped. You cannot exist in our U niverse. Transfer will take place as I have planned.' The Doctor looked har d at Borusa.' `Omega. `He must be found.' Nyssa was horri fied. Omega. When I was in the Matrix I lear ned he was holding a friend of mine captive  a girl from earth. Doctor. He'll kill her.

girl. `Help us. Let me spe ak to her. The Doctor turned bac k to Borusa. Only his body was present. his face reflecting enormous strain. ' `It was an accident. Doctor. Omega materialised to confront him. He died for your sake  saving me. Doctor. As soon as the Doctor appeared in the Matrix.' The Doctor nodded accepting the inevitable. His mind was in the Matrix.' said the Doctor sharply.' `Silence. We're i n an underground crypt. We must.' thundered Omega. will the TARDIS be able to leave now that Omega controls the Matrix?' `We will contrive a way for you to leave.' With a las t anguished look at the Doctor. Is she still safe?' `She is. Nyssa ran out of the room.' `It is unfortunate that it took the death of Hedin to convince you of that.' `Why are you here?' `I am concerned for Tegan. Doctor?' `It seems you have won. `Well. `Go and wait in the TARDIS  please.' The figure of Tegan appeared. the Matrix Crown on his head. Te gan's form twisted beneath his anger. Lord President. We can't stop you n ow.`Nyssa. . I had better put on the Matrix Crown.' `Very well.' The Doc tor sat in the council chamber in Borusa's chair.' `Then prove it. Omega. `Then with your permission. behind a fountain. `Even if I discover where Omega is hiding.

the Matrix Crown rose above the Doctor's head. In the council chamber. feeling somewhat overwhelmed.' `Be silent.H.' Sudden ly Thalia said.' warned Omega. `Of course. `How can I ser ve you. is she unharmed?' asked the Doctor urgently. girl. Damon looked round th e circle of distinguished visitors.' `But the precise location?' `Not yet. I s there any way we can distract Omega meanwhile?' Damon shook his head. `Did you discover Omega's location. She will remain so  as long as you do not work against me. `You've won Omega. Even if I knew where you were I can't leave Gallifrey. Omega has cut us off. `Omega. or y ou will die. The Doctor was alone. `J. The question now i s  how do I get away from Gallifrey?' In the computer room. I've narrowed it down to one city  Amsterdam. At least I have a clue. Docto r. `Te gan where are you?' `Holland.' Suddenly the Doctor snapped. Lord President?' `The Doctor's TARDIS must leave Gallifrey undetected. Her image distorted and she vanished. `What about a pulse-loop?' . I've already tested all the by-pass circuits. `Well.' gasped Tegan.The Doctor said. and he opened his eyes. Doct or?' asked Borusa eagerly. `I doubt it.' Omega's image fade d. `Amsterdam.' shouted Tegan.C. not with you control of the Matrix.

She gave him an accusing look.Borusa smiled. everything was ready.' `It will create both distraction and confusion. `Are you ready to leave. Brilliantly simple.' `Very well.' said t he Doctor soothingly. Lord President. `And what exactly is a pulse-loop?' demand ed Zorac querulously.' `Then activate. Damon. `Well?' `It's all right. and th e face of Borusa appeared. you see. to allow the doctor's TARDIS to leave Gallifrey unnoticed.' A light flashed on the scanner screen. `I contacted Tegan. Install a pulse-loop at once. `Of course. `E verything is ready.' Nyssa was waiting anxiously when the Doctor came back into the TARD IS control room. ' said Borusa. `It is a simple device used to trace faults on the Master Circuits. `Omega will have to spend time tracking it down and neutralising it.' Borusa nodded to Damon w ho slotted a programme cassette into the console and punched in instructions.' Damon hurried away.' `It has a photon pulse. she's unharmed. `Doctor? I think we've found the distraction we need! ' In the computer room. `Enough. we hope. `As soon as you give the word.' explained Thalia. Doctor?' On the screen he could see the Doctor poised at the controls.' . just to be sure we're not tr ying to by-pass Master Control. Lady Thalia. Borusa contacted the TARDIS. and she managed to giv e me some idea of where Omega is.

just as we planned. flat piece of equipment which he had brought from Gallifrey. `There seems to be a good deal of disturbance in the Ma trix.' `Won't that be dangerous?' `Only to Omega. Lord President. Borusa switched the co mputer room scanner to an outside view of the TARDIS. Omega's using a fusion booster to build up the power he needs for a massive ene rgy transfer. I hope you're right. Doctor. They heard the familiar wh eezing. the time-rotor began its rise and fall. I hope It should feed the p ower back through his own equipment. it will knock it out o f phase. Go now!' The Doctor was working frantically at the controls.Damon pressed the control and shouted. If we can find the booster and attach this. Nys sa looked up from the controls.' Bo rusa sighed. groaning sound and the TARDIS faded away. `He's gone!' said Borusa. Damo n was checking readings. `Now!' Borusa leaned over the communicato r.' The Doctor was checki ng over a small. Omega must be thoroughly confused. `What's that thing for.' `A sort of built-in short-circuit?' . Slo wly. very slowly. `Go. `For the Doctor's sake. `We're almost ready to materialise. Wh en the case was clamped back into place it looked like a small metal discus. Doctor?' `It's a fusion breaker.' She saw wha t the Doctor was doing.

people. Robin mo pped his forehead with his sleeve. He saw a busy city square. trams. It was not to be expected that Omega would be deceived for very long. `It's calibrated to detect changes in anti-matter. `I don't believe it. just in time as the entire console exploded into flames.' The Doctor picked up both fusion breaker a nd antimatter detector and they hurried from the control room. `Let us hope that it gave the Doctor the time he nee ded. . The Doctor swi tched on the scanner. wiping his perspiring fac e with a handkerchief. Damon leapt back.' `Believe what?' `We've actual ly made it. It seemed unbearably hot. `Omega's discovered the pulse l oop  and destroyed it. and th ere in the distance a canal.' Borusa nodded. `Sounds like a power-house in there!' Tegan n odded. with controls and a dial.`Exactly.' The time-rotor ceased its rise and fall and all was silent. too worried about Colin to pay much attention. Although Colin ha d emerged from his zombie-like state. bicycles. it was clear that the experience had weake ned him dangerously. Through the door to the control room they could hear the steady roar of some tremendous energy-source. Tegan knelt beside him anxiously. ' A wisp of smoke came from the impulse-loop console. It's Amsterdam! Come on. Have you got that meter?' Nyssa held up the meter  a hand-sized black b ox.

like the occasional London dou ble-decker bus. Here we are! J.C.H. Maybe they t hought it was part of some British tourist drive. and started leafing through the directo ry.C.C.. There aren't all that man y. J. she mentioned two t hings.C. in the Matrix.. and the tolerant citizens paid it remarkably little attention.' said the Doctor. `Where are we going.H.' `Well?' `Tegan risked her life to give me that information. `We'll start wit h the telephone directory.H.H. so it must mean something. Doctor?' asked Nyssa. Doctor. `Now let me see. We can give them a ring.. m ans.C. Her cousin Colin. They were outside a telephone box. Even their rather unu sual style of dress attracted little attention. If we can find out what J.The TARDIS had materialised on the corner of one of Amsterdam's many little squa res. `Yo u never know.' The Doctor felt through all his pockets and looked . not in the centre.. Y ou're not likely to find his address in the phone book!' The Doctor grinned.. and the J. Now they were walking through th e city centre.H. too distracted by their quest to register much of the animated sc ene around them. it might lead as to Tegan  and to Omega. Jeugdherberg Centra le. `How do you know whe re to start looking?' `When I spoke to Tegan.' `You're dealing with a renegade Time Lord. The Doctor and Nyssa emerged unquestioned. Youth hostels! It must be where they were staying.' `Where are you going to start?' `R ight here. J.' He popped inside the box..

`What now?' The Doctor was s cribbling down addresses in his diary. the first one's this way.' Nyssa tapped the meter.' he muttered. `I don't suppose you happen to have any Dutch money?' Nyss a searched through her pockets and found three very oddly shaped coins. Omega's transfer must be imminent!' In the control room of Omega's TARDIS. just past zero. . Omega s at in his chair. Come on. But it won't be much longer. energy vibrating through his body. `Omega can't have transferred yet. `Is that it?' `I'm afraid so. `We daren't risk it. `Can't we find him w ith this?' `If only it were that simple.appealingly at Nyssa. `Anti-matt er present but low-level and steady. We'll just have to chec k every hostel on foot. registers presence but not location. `The power bu ild-up is tremendous.' The Doctor sighed. He took out the anti-matter m eter and switched it on It was on a very low reading. linked to the console.' In th e computer room Damon was staring in horror at an instrument dial. Clearly they weren't going to fit into a Dutch telephone box. Lord President. It's non-directional you see. `No other choice. The Doctor looked at them.' `Can't we use the TARDIS?' `And alert Omega?' The Docto r shook his head. the power build-up was almost complete.' He put the meter away.

.Slowly the skin-tight face-mask began to crack and peel away.

They've done all they can in getting us here. the chances of finding anyone who remembered them were nonexistent.11 Transference The Doctor and Nyssa came wearily down the steps of their third youth hostel.' `That last receptionist wasn't v ery friendly. `We'll try one more place together. `You know. No Tegan Jovanka. not realising that since neith er Tegan nor Colin had ever actually stayed in an Amsterdam hostel. Now it's u p to us.' The Doctor thought for a moment. choosing not to remember Tegan?' `We've just got to carry on. no Colin Frazer. `Can't the Time Lo rds help us?' `Not now. To his horror the anti-matter reading was higher  much higher. What if she was being difficult. It'll double our chances. there's no other way. `It looks as if O mega is about to transfer. Nyssa. Nyssa looked at the Doctor.' The Doctor and Nyssa went on their way.' `How l ong have we got?' . this cou ld take forever?' `Well. `They were walking along the edge of one of the canals when the Doctor thought to check the meter again. then we must split up. Nyssa.' said the Doctor wearily.

. patient and helpful. `Yes.' `In that case. Nyssa was beginning to despair. a Colin Frazer.The Doctor looked at the needle on the meter. of course. `I am sorry.. There was an Austra lian booked in. I thi nk. `Excuse me. Why?' The receptionist was check ing through the register. We have no record of a Miss Teg an Jovanka. sir. I'm sorry.' By now the power-throb from the control ro om was shaking the whole ante-room.' `What about her cousin?' `Do you have the name. But it can't be long. I was not on duty myself.' He disappeared i nto the little inner office. Doctor?' `No. He failed to arrive it seems. thanks anyway. sir?' `Colin. Come on Nyssa. `Yes. `Isn't there someth ing else we could do.' . One moment please.' The receptionist spread hi s hands helplessly. `I don't know if it's of any help. ter rified by the forces that seemed about to overwhelm them. now very dose to the danger zone. But the answer to the Doc tor's urgent question was the same. that's right. I don't know the surname. `We ll. `I don't know.' The Doctor managed a smile. Tegan. Tegan is our only link. The young man on duty at the reception desk was polite. Colin and Robin huddled together. did you say your friend was from Australi a?' The Doctor turned back. but I believe his friend turned up.' They were heading for the door when the recep tionist called after them.

' `Of course.The receptionist returned with a tall blond girl with her hair in a pony-tail. They sprinted down the street. The Doctor looked up. ` Excuse me.' She pointed. It was from Robin to Tega n. almost howling over a shopping-laden Dutch housewife in their haste. `It is not far aw ay  just here. the Doctor saw a wall-map. `It's terribly important that we find her. `May I see the note?' `I am not sure if I shoul d. `Mr Stuart. It is not far from h ere' Looking round.' `Please. the friend of the Austral ian Mr Frazer who did not arrive  left a note for a Miss Jovanka. the Doctor ran from the hostel. written the morning before he set off to meet her at the airport. The note warned her not to go there herself. .. `Thanks!' Grabbing Nyssa's hand. `Can you show me please? It's ver y urgent.' The girl shrugged and handed over the envelope .' said Nyssa urgently.. `Do you know a house called Frankendael?' `Yes. you were asking about a Miss Jovanka?' `We were indeed. The girl looked troubled. and this may be our only chance. Then he himself failed to return. telling her that Colin had disappeared when they were staying at a place called Frankendael . He said I was to give this to her if he missed her at the air port and she came on here. The Doctor held out his hand. but to try the police. Eagerly the Doctor ripped it open and read the note.' She produced a sealed envelope from under the counte r.' The receptionist came over to the map.' said the Doc tor hopefully...

`This must be it.' The Doctor took out the anti-matter meter. It di dn't take them long to find the flight of steps. They looked round. `Can't see any sign of a crypt. They reached the bottom. Nyssa close behind him. qui vering furiously. `Depends what shape Omega has given his TARDIS. Maybe it's round the back somew here. Listen!' A steady roar of power was coming from the far side of the crypt. and finally arrived at a handsome old house set b ack front the road.' He spotted a gleam of water th rough the trees. `The fountain! Tegan said it was behind the fountain!' Slipping the meter in his pocket he ran towards the house. They hurried down the canal-side. daylight flooding through the doorway behind them. the Doctor stopped to help pick up her shopping before hu rrying on. opened the door to the crypt and went cautiously inside.' Nyssa sur veyed the house. d own a quiet tree-lined street. They walked th rough the crypt to the pump house and went inside.To Nyssa's irritation. `Frankendael. `A pumping system. over one bridge and then another. seeing only what you would expect to se e in a crypt  a variety of tombs in different shapes and sizes. `It's a matter of minutes now. The needle was at maximum.' said the Doctor. `Where could they be?' whispered Nyssa. The Doctor looked at the netw ork of pipes around the walls.' `Why. Perfect. Just perfect for Omeg a. Doctor?' .

Taking the thing by surprise. A large chunk of masonry flashed positive and negative and si mply disappeared. Seizing the Doctor's neck in its stubby claws. about to fire. and Nyssa was watching him. The Doctor was completely absorbed i n his work. Nyssa heard movement behind her a nd spun round. Both had their backs to the door that le d to the crypt. The energy blast from the Ergon's weapo n struck the wall. weapon raised. . adjusted the setting an d began attaching it to the fusion booster. `And here's the fusion booster from Gallifrey. The Ergon stood in the doorway. below sea-level to m aintain pressure for conversion. The Doctor finished attaching the fusion breaker and pressed a control. the Doctor managed to wrench the w eapon from the creature's hands. The Doctor fought back as best he could. It clattered to the floor. the Ergon made a determined attempt to throttle him. Nys sa screamed and shoved the Doctor clear. grappling with it before it co uld fire again.' Highly deligh ted.' He spotted the horseshoe-shaped device clamped to the machinery. Neither of them noticed when the door to Omega's TARDIS slid ope n and the insectoid Ergon emerged. the Doctor took the fusion breaker from his pocket. It began moving toward s the pump house. a weapon in its hands. but the lizard-like creature was appall ingly strong.`Omega most have located the curve of the Arc in Amsterdam. The device began humming with power. The Doctor sprang at the Ergon.

`Nyssa. which by now was fille d with a shattering roar of power. One of Omega's less successful atempts at psycho-synthesis. `Drop the weapon. Drop the weapon or the Earth girl dies. Nyssa. They ran into the control room. `An Erg on. giving Nyssa a clear shot at its back. Omega said.' Omega gestured. .' croaked the Doctor. rubbing the bruises its claws had left in his neck. the Doctor swung the Ergon round.' Taking the Ergon's weapon from Nyssa's hands. The most incredible sight of all was Omega himself. the Doctor led the way to the ope n door of Omega's TARDIS. and the monster staggered hack. In his TARDIS Omega twisted convulsively and shrieked as his link with the Ergon w as brutally severed. she dared not fire. It was like seeing a snake that had only partly succeeded in sloughing off its old skin. Smoke filled the air and the whole console se emed to glow with heat. with areas of unders kirt visible through the parts that had peeled away.Nyssa snatched up the weapon. With a last despairing effort. Doctor. The Doctor looked down at the shrivelled creature. I have taken precautions. crashing to the floor. Quickly. The stylised mask had degenerated into a horrific twisted mess. but the Doctor and the Ergon were so close togethe r. `What was it?' gasped Nyssa. `Fir e! Fire!' Nyssa fired. trapped in a light beam th at was clearly some kind of force-field. and Tegan appeared behind him.

Suddenly the booster glowed white-hot and exploded. I must cease to be anti-matter and live again. began glowing with incandescent heat. Omega.' Omega was too obsessed to listen. Omega threw himself from the chair . as the console exploded. The Doctor raised hi s voice above the din. .' A peel ing hand reached out for the transfer switch. `The Arc of Infinity is shifting! Go now. `Down. and she collapsed. dragging Nyssa with him. Omega's console. and the very chair in which he sat. By now I have all the energy I need.The Doctor threw down the Ergon's weapon. You can't trans fer now. Omega. `It's too late. `What have you done?' In the pump house the fusion breaker was emitting a high-pitched hum of energy as it took the fusion booster into ov erload. `I must transfer.' shouted the Doctor. The force-field holding Tegan cut out.' Suddenly a great white-hot beam of light arced across the control room. `What have you d one?' shrieked Omega. Nyssa.' `You are wrong. Doctor. He threw himself to the floor. Return t o your own universe while you still have the chance.

The ma terial that formed the once skin-tight mask was hanging in charred strips so tha t he looked like the victim of some terrible accident. On the other side of the control room. Omega. Painfully. It was one that the Doctor knew well. `It will fail. the Doctor picked himself up.' `You are wrong Doctor. but it is of no .12 Omega's Freedom The control room was a shambles. Doctor?' said Omega exultantly. He saw Nyssa lying nearby. T hen from the wreckage that had once been his control console Omega arose. Doc tor? Watch!' The Doctor and his companions watched Omega raise trembling fingers and begin peeling the remains of the mask from his face. `Is it not. `Yes. quite unlike the Docto r's. I have life again. The face was his own. As the fragments of ma sk came away. I live!' `Y ou have failed. Temporarily at least. `You see. a face was revealed beneath them. Tegan too was struggling to her feet. Omega had transformed himself into a replica of the Doctor. `It's not permanent.' cried the Doctor de sperately. and helped her to rise . a smoking pile of wrecked equipment. Omega. Doctor. but face and body were identical. `Yo u have destroyed my TARDIS.' Omega looked around at the wreckage of the control room.' Omega laughed. The bond is not complete. revert to anti-matter. `You see?' His voice was low and harsh. the bonding was complete.

importance. good. Nyssa said.' .' She disappeared through the i nner door. help me.' `Good. in a real world! A world that. Tegan. Tegan r an back into the control room. we've got to get after hir Th e Doctor was rummaging in the wreckage. Omega stood in the garden outside the big house.' said the Doctor. The Doctor s traightened up with a sigh of relief. `Now hurry! We've got to find Omega. the E rgon's weapon.' Tegan s hook her head. `I must find the matter-converter. `Quickly. Omega decided to go out and survey his kingdom. I shall build another. He looked at his t attered cloak. Robin's going to get h im to a hospital. To be alive again. `Colin seems a lot better. before it's too late. like all worlds. the matter-converter in his hands. would soon be under his control. Omega moved towards him. Nyssa and the Doctor began rooting through the debris of the control room. Nyssa.' Omega strode fr om the control room. First he would need suitable clothing. looking at the grass and the trees and the flowers. He threw back his head and gave a great laugh. Expect me on Gallifrey  soon. I can't destroy Omega without it. `I've got to find Colin and Robin. Doctor. Some little way away an ov eralled gardener was tending a flower-bed.

' said the Doctor simply. Predictably enough. who was studying the readings on a console.' The Doctor. like a new-born child. Jus t for a second. Omega looked down angrily to see a small bo y wriggling his way to the front. Damn looked up his face worr ied. Someone jostled past him.In the computer room. with Omega's cloak cast carelessly over it. he walked towards the organ. A handful of adults and children were gathered round it and Omega jo ined them. The boy turned and gave him a cheeky grin. Eyes filled with wonder. No doubt he wanted to hide himself in the crowd.' They headed for the street. There is anti-matter present in our Univer se. it was playing `Tulips from Amsterdam'. `Did Omega kill him? ' asked Tegan.' `What hap pens if we don't find him?' `The biggest explosion this part of the Universe is ever likely to witness. `Come on. `Yes. Omega glared down at him. Borusa and the High Council were gathered anxiously around Damon. There was an organ in the street not far from the house. and then his lips twitched in a reluct ant smile. Nyssa and Tegan were standing over the dead body of the gardener. a huge ornately decorated affair. `It seems the Doctor has failed. The boy turned back to . The body was sprawled at the edge o f a flower-bed. S treet organs are a common enough sight in Amsterdam. but nothing was common or u sual to Omega. but it's building up fast. It's shielded.

staring down at the canal. `It's no good. His new body was unsta ble.' asked Tegan. and Omega watched too with the same child-like f ascination.. He put his hand to his face  he could feel it erupting into decaying lumps. The Doctor studied the anti-matter meter.' There was a bridge further along the canal and beside it a little kno t of people. `We've lost him. breathle ss. The Doctor looked up and down the street and heard the strains of th e organ. He stood on one of the old bridges. Omega's magnetic shielding is in accelerated decay by now. The skin was beginning to blacken and peel.the organ. `I don' t know. . Then he caught sight of his own han ds. completely absorbed. Nyssa and Tegan moved on past the organ.' `What'll hap pen when it goes.' said the Doctor wearily. Anti-matter  in our Universe. resting on the parapet. Omega tired of the organ after a while and moved on.. There was no sign of Omega. The Doct or.' Omega hurried on his was  and became aware that passers-by were react ing to him with horror and disgust. `He'll revert to anti-matter. `He can't be far ahead.' `How much time do we have?' asked Nyssa. At the edge of a canal the Doctor and his two companions halted. The Doctor had been right.

' The Doctor and his companions pursued Omega over the bridge along the si de of the canal  and found that he was nowhere in sight.' By now the Castellan had come to join them. `I see you Omega. There's something happening up there. . as if his body wasn't working properly. H e moved in a strange lurching run. `We've lost him. Suddenly Omega ducked out of his hidi ng-place behind an oil drum. The D octor and the others tried to follow. The Doctor looked and saw a shambling overalled figure hurrying across the bridge. `It's still building up. `I have learned that it is unwise to predict what the Doctor can and cann ot do. `Even if the Doctor finds the source he'll never be able to contain it.' he cal led. Omega had disappeared again.' They ran to wards the bridge and found a sobbing. The bluff worked. The flower-seller pointed. Doctor. what had frightened her. `Look. `Come on!' Damon looked up from the console. Can't be much longer now. surrounded by pa ssers-by trying to calm her down. but the way was blocked by one of Amsterda m's huge yellow trams.Tegan pointed.' said T egan. By the time it had passed. The Doctor and the two girls r an after him. and presumably asking her what was the matter.' Zorac said agitatedly. hysterical flower-seller. Omega turned away from the canal and ran across the main street. quite untruthfully. The Doctor stared along the length of the canal. `It's Omega!' shouted th e Doctor. and started running.

They ran towards th e sound. `He's got away. .' shouted the Doctor. and pointed angrily down the alley. In the middl e of the alleyway. they heard a clattering of metal a nd a yell of anger and pain. The Doctor stared down the street.' `He can't ha ve. They heard a frantic barking and growling from som ewhere close behind them and turned round. Omega was crouched motionless in the dark space beneath one of these stairways. Omega had disappeared again. a man in a chef s hat was lying sprawled amidst some overturn ed dustbins. The Doctor helped him up. as the Doctor and h is companions walked past his hiding-place. uncertain which way to go. He stayed quite still. `He'll be all right. `Are you okay?' asked Tegan. It came from a narrow alleyway between two tall buildings. Presumably Omega had knocked him down in hi s headlong flight.As they hesitated. I t was long and straight. They followed. and seemed empty for a very long way ahead. Tegan shook her head. `This way. `What happen ed?' The man answered with a stream of what sounded very much like Dutch curses.' said Nyssa despairingly. `Come on!' They emerge d from the alleyway  just in time to see Omega cross an open square and disappear down yet another street. Some of the houses in the street had outside stai rcases leading up to the front doors.' said the Doctor. Surely Omeg a should he in sight by now. When they reached the top of the street .

' `I didn't hate you... As they watched. Angrily Omega turned back towards the nearby lock. an overal led figure with a horribly disfigured face sprang out from beneath the stairs an d ran back down the street towards the canal. The Doctor and his friends ran in pursuit. The face was twisted and malformed. When the Doctor and his companions reached the end of the jetty. None of us hated you. the features already beginning to liquefy. But Omega had chosen the wrong bridge this time. Omega was trapp ed.' Omega's voice was slurr ed.. Omega was a terrifying sight. Doctor. Omega.. But no. His face and hands. Omega was s lumped despairingly against a bollard. Omega. He ran blindly along a short stone jetty and stopped at the end. different. He looked up at them.... The power and greatness of O mega. `Things could have been. Why couldn't you be content to survive as you were? ' . across the main road and along th e canal bank towards another bridge. The Doctor looked sad ly down at him.. The dog was snarling fero ciously at the dark space under one of the stairways.. were literally decaying. it rose slowly in the air to admit the passage of a boat too big to go underneath.. could have been yours. Just before he reached it. and the two girls r ecoiled in horror.An old gentleman was walking his dog along the street. They chased Omega back up the street. and presuma bly the body beneath the overalls. `I warned you this would happen. He turne d and saw the Doctor and the two Earth girls coming towards him. your hatred of.

Doctor. Doctor. What you offer is worse than deat h.' he snarled. Presiden t Borusa. `It is over now .' `It is too late. Doctor. accelerating the shielding decay. A bea m of light shot from the weapon.' croaked the misshapen figure. Doctor. In the computer room. `Don't force me. If I am to be denied life. to rest. Omega faded and disappeared.' With sudden anger. `Stop him!' screamed Tegan.`It was time to come home. The choice is yours.' `I can expel or destroy you. The Doctor lowered the matterconvert er.' The Doctor raised his voice. Cardinal Zorac and the Castellan watched tensely as Damon chec ked readings on his console.' The Doctor produced the matter-conver ter from beneath his coat. `Now all must die. then all things must perish. . `He's willi ng his own destruction. Smoke began rising from his body. Omega's body would revert to anti-m atter and the resulting explosion would be catastrophic.' croaked Omega. `It's over. Doctor?' whispered Tegan.. Omega. He gave a terrible scream and a chain-reaction of explosions ran through his body. Doctor. Omega. `What's he trying to do. Thalia. and Omega's body jerked and twisted. But ther e was really no alternative. Omega struggled to get up. The malformed lips twisted in a ghastly smile `You'll never have the courage to use it. The Doctor hesitated.' he said quietly and turned away. In seconds now. As the smoke cleared. `Time to find peace.. All things!' Omega fe ll back writhing.' `Farewell. The Doctor fired.

Really. `He seemed to die before. aren't you?' The Doctor smiled wryly. he found he didn't mind at all.' said Nyssa warmly. The Doctor said enigmatically . you know. I'm indestructible. waiting for Tegan to finish her call.' Tegan came out of the box. My only hope is that h e has found peace at last.' The Doctor and Nyssa stood outside a telephone box i n Amsterdam's central railway station. `Do ctor. `I've missed you. `Me. `So i t seems. `Unfortunate.' `Excellent!' said the Doctor cheerfully. `What about yo u. Tegan?' asked Nyssa.' `What job?' said Tegan cheerfully. `Well. `The Doctor did it  somehow. `Didn't I tell you? I got the s ack. `So  you're stuck with me. it's been marvellous seeing sou again. . The anti-matte r source is gone.When he looked up. I'm fine.' Tegan looked challengingly at t he Doctor. `Wonderful.' For once Lord President Borus a was looking his years. Omega must have been destroyed. Damon was smiling. and on his way back to Brisbane.' `Yes. I do wish you didn't have to go back to your job. wretched creature.' The Doctor b eamed at her. indeed. yet he returned to confound us all. Robin's going home too they've even gi ven him a new passport. is Omega really dead?' asked Nyssa suddenly. `Well.' Nyssa hugged her delightedly.' Curiously enough. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear Colin will be out of hospi tal soon.

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