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Here is the Endurance sprint program used by Lee Evans.

Every day the sprinters

warmed up with a 1-3 mile jog then they stretched and then did 4x pick-ups @ 100m,
slow, medium, fast and high knee, they then did drills, and when in top shape did that
relaxation test I earlier described, they then took starts every day but Monday and
now were ready to commence the main work for the day as outlined below.

After the main work they did one lap of “killer dillers” which i earlier described, then
jogged down to finish. Bud Winter was not big on weight training, the San Jose
sprinters lifted but only in the winter, very light and many reps, he said he tried heavy
lifting with Ray Norton and he started to look like a shot putter and his relaxation
suffered, given the choice, Bud Winter said he would take relaxation over strength
any time.


Same as the short sprinters, work up to 10 mile run in 4 weeks.


• Monday - 3x 600m, 600 walk (no time given, probably slow to

faster times)
• Tuesday - Ladder: 1-2-3-5-3-2-1, time them, walk same
distance that you ran.
• Tuesday - 10x 100m on grass with the sprinters, walk 100 (start
@ 15 down to 11 by start of season)
• Thursday - 3x 320m, 15 min. rest (start @46, down to 38)
• Friday - starts/finishes, finishes are 6×200m
• Saturday - Test Day: 2x 60 yards, 2x 320m, 15 min. rest
• Sunday - Jog easy


• Monday - 2x 600m, no time or 2x 500m

• Tuesday - 500-300-200-100 (NT) or 5x 200m, no time
• Wednesday - Time Trial Day: 2x 60 yards, 1x 165 yards, 2x
320m, hard but not all out
• Thursday - starts/finishes or Rest if big meet on Saturday
• Friday - Rest
• Saturday - MEET
• Sunday - jog or rest

Here is an overview of Bud Winter’s program. I consider myself kind of an expert on

Bud Winter as I studied all about him and have read his two books. I also have met
John Carlos and Bud Winter, who was ahead of his time and many coaches have
taken bits of his program and some quote him often.

Here is his “sprint” program, I will send his endurance 400 program on another email.
Basically, he classified his sprinters as either the sprint type or the endurance type.
Tommie Smith never ran farther than 320m in training but set WR’s at 200m, 440
yards and 400m. Here is his program:


4 weeks of x/c running and strength games, every sprinter would start with 1 mile and
by the end of the month they would run 10 miles without stopping.

Off Season:

Intervals would start; slowly at first, every month faster for 5 months, here is an
example of a week:

• Monday - 10x 100 on grass, 100 walk, (they started @ 15 down

to 11 after 5 months.)
• Tuesday - 6x 200m, with 200 walk ( started @ 30, 23 in 5
• Wednesday - 3x 320m, 15 minutes rest between (started @46
to 38)
• Thursday - Repeat Monday
• Friday - Starts and Finishes @ 150m x 5 (Winter would blow
whistle 4 times and group would speed up and slow down, at tape they
would practice leans.
• Saturday - Test Day, 2x 60 yards, 1x 165 yards, 1-2x 320m
• Sunday - Jog or rest

During this time period they would do drills every day, when they were in top shape
they would do what Winter called a “relaxation test”, almost like Charlie Francis’
flying 20’s, they would run 9/10 effort over 30 yards with running start, timed, idea
was to show the sprinters that you run faster with 9/10’s speed and not all out.

In addition, after the main workout, they would do what they called “killer dillers”,
you start at the common finish and sprint out for about 25 meters, Winter would blow
his whistle and the sprinters would slow to almost a walk, he would then blow the
whistle again to speed up, this would go on until the 300 mark, then everyone would
TRY and sprint home, if they could.

They also would do starts every day but Monday at 20-40 yards, 6 total.

In-Season: Faster, shorter reps, quality.

• Monday - Choose 1:
o 10x 100, no time, 100 walk -or-
o 3-4 laps of wind sprints -or-
o 2x 275m, no time
• Tuesday - 3x 200m cut-downs, 200 walk, (Winter felt if you
could do 25-24-23, you were ready for a 47 400m) Late season, just go
out hard for 50m, float, 100m, sprint 50m, 3x.
• Tuesday - Time Trial Day: 2x 60 yards, 1x 320m, hard but not
all out.
• Thursday - Starts and finishes or if big Meet on Saturday, then
• Friday - REST
• Saturday - MEET
• Sunday - REST or jog