DOCTOR WHO THE SMUGGLERS Based on the BBC television series by Brian Hayles by arrangement with BBC Books, a division of BBC Enterprises Ltd TERRANCE DICKS Number 133 in the Doctor Who Library

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members of the public could use the phone to call for advice or assistance from the police. with Public Call sandwiched between in smaller letters. Police boxes like this would disappear from the streets. Police boxes like this were common in the London of the sixties. And finally. was not. When the light on the top was flashing. There was an Out of Order notice on the door. was a rectangular blue affair with small square windows set high in the sides.5 1 A Shock for Polly and Ben A Police box stood in a London square up against the railings that surrounded the garden in the centre. Above the door were the words Police Box in white lettering. In time to come. like the others. This. had three functions. which this one. in an emergency. This particular one was about to disappear of its own accord. it told any passing policeman that there was a message from HQ. made redundant by the advent of the policeman's personal radio. Normal Police boxes. incidentally. . A policeman on the beat could use the phone in the box to call his superiors.

After going through all his pockets with increasing irritation. Suddenly two young people ran into the square. The two young people hurried away. he opened the door of the Police box and disappeared inside. he was still alert and vigorous and the eyes in the heavily lined face blazed with fierce intelligence. One was a girl in a fashionable denim trouser suit.6 An old man strode briskly into the square and came to a halt outside the Police box. He stood for a moment. took a key from his pocket and showed it to the girl. who had paused at the edge of the square for a last look back. but by this time the old man had gone inside and shut the . as if waiting for someone. But he couldn't find it. her long blonde hair tucked beneath a denim cap. the old man reached carefully into a concealed inner pocket and produced what was obviously a spare. and the old man watched them go. He wore a long cloak fastened at the neck and a fur hat. and they talked for a few minutes then made their farewells. It was clear that they were not whoever he'd been waiting for. Then he began fumbling in his pockets for a key. close-cropped hair beneath a sailor's hat with HMS Teazeron the ribbon. All this had been watched by the two young people. blue raincoat and jersey. the young man smote his forehead in the age-old 'I forgot' gesture. Suddenly. But he greeted them politely enough. The old man looked at them and scowled. looking up and down the square. With her was a young man in the uniform of an Ordinary Seaman: bell-bottomed trousers. They ran to the Police box. Though old. Carefully removing the notice from its hook.

with a strange wheezing. All three had subsequently become involved in the extraordinary affair of the War Machines. But once they'd . who had planned to use them to take over first London and then the world. and the girl pointed vigorously at the key. by way of Polly and Ben. and a young girl called Dodo who seemed to be travelling with a strange old man known only as 'The Doctor'. closing the door behind them. together with her farewells. There was a moment of heated discussion. These were the creations of a power-crazed computer called WOTAN. He tried the key in the Police box lock. Seconds later.7 door. a typical dolly-bird of the Swinging Sixties.much to the amazement of a couple of passing tourists. Inside the Police box. 'Good Heavens!' Polly was a young secretary. Then. In a nightclub called 'The Inferno' she had encountered her present companion. After a moment the young sailor shrugged and gave in. Polly's hand went to her mouth. and he turned it and opened the door. groaning sound. His companion. He ushered the girl inside and then followed her. had decided to stop travelling with him and go back to live with her aunt. who seemed to be a scientist with an extraordinary range of talents. The Doctor. It fitted. the Police box simply disappeared . the light on top of the Police box started to flash. a young Cockney sailor on leave. She'd sent this message. and she had just come through a particularly terrifying adventure. Dodo. had finally put paid to the War Machines. Ben.

coat and scarf revealing checked trousers. and said goodbye to the Doctor themselves. old-fashioned chairs.8 delivered it. Polly stood looking around her in utter astonishment. she stood at the entrance to a large brightly-lit control room. Urged on by Polly.' she said again. Ben was equally amazed. Considering what she was seeing. old fashioned boots and a frock-coat worn with a cravat and a high wing collar. where did all this come from? It was a Police box. shabby. her curiosity satisfied. a hatstand. who was consumed with curiosity about the Doctor and the Police box. Various odds and ends were dotted about the room. itself packed with complex electronic circuitry. The Doctor was busy at the control console and he swung round at the sound of Polly's voice. jammed in together with Ben and the old man known as the Doctor. wasn't it?' . She should have been in the cramped surroundings of a Police box. In its centre was a many-sided control console. an affair of complicated-looking instrument panels arranged around a transparent centre column. Now. Ben had remembered that the Doctor had dropped his key some time ago and had rushed off before Ben could return it. the comment was rather inadequate. He had taken off hat. Instead. Ben had used the key to get them inside. some rather odd-looking statues. 'Good Heavens. She shook her head wonderingly. But she wasn't. scholarly. contrasted strangely with his ultra-modern surroundings. with a pronounced nineteenth-century feel to it. 'Blimey. His whole appearance.

' 'And what does that mean?' The Doctor pointed to the centre column which was rising and falling steadily. 'How dare you follow me aboard the TARDIS!' Ben stared at him. 'Come away from there . Tm afraid it .9 'I think so. You are now travelling in time and space.' Ben wandered over to the control console. and then burst out laughing.' The Doctor snatched it from his hand.' Ben looked at him for a moment. 'It is a vessel for travelling in time and space. Doctor.' Ben held out the key. I'm afraid. 'It was my idea. why did you follow me?' 'We're terribly sorry if we've annoyed you want to cause even more trouble than you have already? Those particular controls are for dematerialisation. 'Something you and this young lady have just experienced. 'Just make sure I get back by teatime. The Doctor was glaring at them in indignation.' said Polly uncertainly. at the end of what had turned out to be a very eventful spell of leave.' Ben was a seaman.' snapped the Doctor. I've got to report back to my ship by midnight. 'What's all this for. The Doctor gave him a malevolent smile. "That's right. Now. Doctor. 'Aboard the what?' 'TARDIS. then?' The Doctor shooed him away. 'What are you doing here? How did you get inside?' Polly pointed to the key in Ben's hand. 'You dropped your key.' said Polly placatingly.

' He looked hard at the centre column which was rising and falling more slowly now. 'We don't know where we are .10 will be a long time before you see your ship again. The Doctor touched a control and a monitor screen above the console lit up. 'We seem to be in a cave of some sort. air good. I never know. 'When are we going to land?' asked Polly nervously.' 'Why not?' The Doctor scowled. 'It seems all right.' 'That's a relief. Doctor. thanks for the home-movies. 'Very well. his irascibility forgotten in the excitement of a new arrival. heading for the door.' said Ben cheerfully. if you'll kindly open the door.. 'Fitzroy Square.' said Ben.nor in which age.' With a shock Ben realised that the Doctor was perfectly serious. This is the worst part of any journey.' 'It may not be safe. Nor can I choose the period in which I land. Now.' He touched another control and the TARDIS doors opened. 'Stand by! We are about to materialise. Temperature normal. 1966. The Doctor sighed... 'You . 'Because I have no control over where I go.. 'I wish I knew.. But watch your step.' said the Doctor urgently. then he shrugged.' 'I'll have a little bet with you...' They watched as the column slowed to a halt.. anyone could show you pictures on a screen. 'Well. OK?' The Doctor was studying instrument readings. young man. The Doctor peered at the screen. It showed rocky walls with a hint of sea beyond.' For a moment Ben looked worried. you may leave. After all. London...

Just when I really thought I was to be alone at last. 'Hey. 'You mean you refuse?' accused Ben.' said Ben helplessly. Then they'd only had a change of dimension to cope with. 'Wait for me. 'What did you do that for?' 'Because I never leave it unlocked. you've got to take us back.' protested Ben. 'I'm scared. To the rear it narrowed to darkness. Doctor. They weren't in Fitzroy Square at all. with the TARDIS set against one rocky wall. 'How distracting this is. Ahead. It was long and narrow. Polly clutched Ben's arm. Ben!' The Doctor shook his head wearily. sand-floored. What's happened to us?' 'I dunno. Now there was a change of location as well.11 were beginning to make me nervous. 'That was real enough!' The Doctor came out of the TARDIS and locked the door behind him. 'I can't.' Polly pinched him.' 'Doctor. it opened out onto a sandy beach with a grey sea rolling beyond. reluctant to admit that he was saddled with two young humans yet again. just a moment. 'My dear young man. 'Maybe the old boy's some kind of hypnotist. and he gave a yelp. They were in a sea cave. hard.' said the Doctor simply.' Polly and Ben were standing outside the TARDIS. I cannot guarantee to return to ." said Polly. even more astonished than when they'd first stepped inside.' Polly hurried after him. Pinch me.

'I suppose I shall have to.. Ben shook his head wonderingly. me 'and some. Polly. 'It'd be a lot nicer with a few houses and a bus stop. 'Look at all this!' Polly nodded enthusiastically. He set off towards the cliffs. The air was fresh and salty. 'Take us hours to get back from here.' Ben looked up and down the empty stretch of beach. we'll make our own way back to London. 'I can't believe it either.' said Ben gloomily. 'Looks like Cornwall to me. rugged cliffs.' said Polly.' Ben turned away. Isn't this exciting!' Ben gave her a disgusted look. rugged cliffs on the other. if I wasn't so pushed for time. 'I've got to get back too. the sea on one side.12 twentieth-century London in the TARDIS. The Doctor had been right about the change of place. in a mock rustic accent. Could it be that he was right about the change of time as well? 'Are you coming with us.' said Polly. Doctor?' The Doctor threw up his hands.' 'Wait a minute.' 'I reckon so. She wasn't convinced that things were that simple. You are obviously quite incapable of looking after yourselves!' Outside the cave they found themselves on a long strip of beach. 'You're coming . Where do you think we are?' Polly studied the low. 'Come on. 'It might be.' 'Cornwall? Are you sure.' said Polly..' 'But it's a gorgeous spot.

Polly gave a gasp of relief. on top of the rise was the reassuringly familiar shape of a little country church. so have we. and there. 'Come on. 'You may know where you are.. Ben. And most of them have been standing for centuries.' He set off towards the church. but you don't yet know when you are.13 with us.' And he trudged off after them. . Polly. my dear boy. There they found themselves on a stretch of grassland with the cliff edge on one side and a muddy country lane to the other..' 'Indeed there are. did you?' The Doctor came up to join them. You didn't believe all that guff about past and future.. "There are millions of churches just like that one.' But Polly was already on her way. aren't you. the lane followed the line of the clifftop.. and followed it to the top. 'We must be in our own time after all!' 'Course we are.' he warned. 'Oh dear! I suppose I'd better make sure they don't come to any harm. 'Sure?' said Ben scornfully. He sighed. I'll race you!' The Doctor watched as the two young people ran off towards the cliffs. rising to a headland.' 'Yeah? Well. Come on. yes. Doctor?' 'Yes.' said the Doctor pettishly. They soon found a steep narrow path. Climbing the cliffs didn't present any particular problem. 'We still can't be sure. Ahead of them. I've got a train to catch. Goodness knows what trouble you'll land up in.

and the green fields surrounding them. 'Not a soul in sight!' .' 'Well.... As the lane curved gently inland. There were no road signs or official notices. We can talk on the train.' said Ben obstinately. Doctor. Just well-tramped mud. indeed!' The church was further away than it looked.' Ben looked at the church. Talk on the train. 'I don't think so somehow. no signs of electricity pylons or telephone wires.14 Polly gave the Doctor an apologetic look. we're not.. We could be in any time after. Must be miles to a bus stop!' The Doctor was studying the church. and Polly would have enjoyed the walk. No traffic. the graveyard. or whatever it was called. but I think we'd better try to find a station.' She set off after Ben and the Doctor followed shaking his head. Polly bent to peer at a gravestone but it was overgrown with moss. she couldn't help noticing that it showed no signs of being 'made up' in any way.. I can't read it... 'We're in good old 1966. if it wasn't for the little doubts that still gnawed at her mind. They reached the church at last and paused to rest in the little churchyard that surrounded it. 'You'd think there'd be a house or something.. no tarmac or macadam..' The Doctor rubbed his chin. 'Sorry. There was nothing in sight but the church.' Ben was looking round disgustedly. 'No signs of Victorian restoration. 'It's no use. oh. sixteen hundred..

. covering them with a gun.15 As if to disprove his words a man stepped round the corner of the church. . Being held up by an armed man was bad enough. 'Hold fast!' Polly stared at him in horror. But the gun the man was covering them with was some kind of antique-looking blunderbuss..

16 .

you seem a gentleman. lad. the man studied the Doctor. then realised that the fact that she was wearing jeans and had her hair tucked under her cap must have misled the man. 'Please.' said Polly nervously. She decided it might be wiser not to correct the wrong impression. Polly studied the newcomer.' he said grudgingly. put that gun away. 'Indeed. The muzzle swung round to cover her. His face was seamed and weathered.' Polly blinked.17 2 The Frightened Man Not daring to move. and he had a stubble of white whiskers. 'But why d'you come on foot. He wore breeches and buckled shoes. a shiny black coat and a grimy white cravat. After a brief puzzled glance at Ben. a feeling that he was playing some kind of role. with these lads as company?' . as if from long exposure to wind and sun. in his late fifties or early sixties. He was past middle-aged. There was a sort of shabby respectability about him. 'Hold thy tongue.

I can give you no shelter. 'Three travellers seeking shelter. 'Not by sea.. be ye?' 'Well. 'That gear.' said Ben. Now we are lost. 'And there's no more of ye than this?' 'Only the three of us. 'We stepped aside from our journey to walk along the cliffs. that you are out of luck!' He followed the man into the church. the way they'd come. 'Very well. peering at the Doctor over the barrel of his gun. Come!' He turned and scuttled inside the church. I'm very much afraid. He led them through a wooden door and into a cluttered stone flagged room containing a battered desk littered . we are not from this part of the country. is standard clothing of the seventeenth-century. young man. 'Look at that gear he's got on. 'And you came by land? Not from -the sea?' He dropped his voice on the last word.18 The Doctor realised that the man was expecting to see a coach or at the very least a horse.' said the Doctor reassuringly. and direction. Inside the church the man stood waiting for them.' said the Doctor evasively.' 'Foreigners..' The man lowered his gun.' The Doctor smiled with maddening I-told-you-so superiority. Ben. The man looked out of the gate.' The man leaned forwards. but I'll give thee sustenance. and Polly and Ben trailed after him. 'He's a queer one.' said the Doctor calmly. as if there was something dreadful about it. 'No.

From a corner cupboard he produced a tray holding a bottle. 'I don't know ye. 'Here's brandy. A re you expecting somebody . we've never met if. either by land or by sea. mate.. and water.. The man poured her some water. a water jug and some battered pewter mugs.on the sea?' 'Didn't see a blind thing. for some strange reason. 'Look here. 'This is very kind of you.. 'tis true. 'Nor . 'Just water for me.' said Polly hurriedly. 'No. cutting him off.' said Ben cheerfully. he lowered his voice. ?' 'Aye.' the man muttered.' the man snarled..' said Ben truculently.. sir.. A fresh worry seemed to strike him..19 with papers. the Doctor and himself. he saw every stranger as a potential menace. 'You saw no other upon the road?' Again. please.. 'Expecting someone are you?' 'Speak when thee's spoken to lad. 'I was only -' 'Ben!' snapped the Doctor. do I?' The Doctor met the suspicious stare unwaveringly.' 'Aye.' The Doctor sensed that the man wanted to find out more about them before letting them go . in time. Now.some friends perhaps?' . if you could direct us to the nearest inn. The man came forward and peered into the Doctor's face. in good time. I'm sure. The Doctor quaffed his brandy and water with evident appreciation...' He filled the brandy bottle from a keg in the corner. He turned back to the man and said soothingly. 'I assure you we met no one and saw nothing. then mixed brandy and water for Ben.

'You seem . Joseph Longfoot be my name.' 'Pike's hook?' said Ben..' Ben's professional interest was aroused by the nautical imagery. 'Are you expecting him?' Another harsh.20 The man laughed bitterly.' said the Doctor. was he a sailor?' 'Who mentioned sailors then? What do I know of the sea or sailors.. 'Friends! Avery's lads be no friends of mine.. I am Churchwarden here. Aye. I do but tend this church.. 'Can we help?' 'Thee . 'Then you be the better for it. thee can't help. and his hook? No. boy. and I be as good a Christian as any in this parish.' said the Doctor thoughtfully. puzzled. 'Help. 'Do ye know the name?' The Doctor shook his head. boy. the word of God touched me but late. 'Expecting Avery? He's been dead and buried. these long years past. 'Are you the priest' Once again Longfoot gave his cracked and mirthless laugh. then?' The man sighed unctuously. never say that!' 'Avery. mirthless laugh.afraid. 'This Avery. 'Alas.' whispered Longfoot .... 'What's that? Who's Pike?' 'The blackest name I know. in the black hearts of those who follow in his wake.' He glared at Polly as if challenging her to deny it..' said the Doctor suddenly. But his spirit lives. against Pike. "This Avery.' snapped the man...' Polly looked uncertainly at his shabby figure.

'And now we really must be on our way. 'Never say the name! Never say it to my face.21 fearfully. holding it close to his chest.' he muttered. Longfoot gave a fearful howl and leaped back. It looked as if this wasn't his first visit to it that day.' said the Doctor brusquely. I thank ye. 'Dislocated. 'Tis cured! Ye've healing hands. He noticed that Longfoot was holding his right hand cradled in his left. snatching his hand away. thought the Doctor.. 'We've . and with two new and inexperienced companions on his hands. the sudden changes of mood. we've got to go.' said Ben awkwardly. The Doctor could smell trouble. 'Have you hurt your hand?' The Churchwarden held out his hand. he gave a sudden yank on the little finger with his right. he'd decided. what kind of Churchwarden kept a barrel of brandy in his vestry? The Doctor moved towards the door. It was hardened. There was something very odd about this Churchwarden. "Tis naught . The fear. 'No. the suspicion. Besides. master. d'ye hear?' He staggered back against the brandy keg. and the little finger stuck out at an awkward angle. setting it back in the socket.the little finger is put out . he wanted no part of it. calloused. don't leave me yet!' 'Look.. He held it up in front of him and wiggled the little finger experimentally.' Longfoot grasped his sleeve.' 'It was nothing.' The Doctor took the hand in both of his. Gripping Longfoot's wrist with his left hand.'Twill mend.

' said the Doctor calmly. 'We shall just have to wait till it goes out again. This is no place for a gentleman like you. If the tide was high.' The Doctor hesitated. with another of his sudden changes of mood. shook his head gloomily. and Polly looked uneasily around the gloomy vestry. 'Either that bloke's a nutter. The tide be high. Longfoot gave a sort of jerky salute. high tide.' 'The tide!' Ben looked worriedly at the Doctor.' he concluded lamely. 'Not at this hour. 'Go!' said the Churchwarden fiercely. or we really are in the seventeenth-century. the Churchwarden said.' There was another rumble of thunder. 'Let's go. 'And you for .' said the Doctor politely. 'Go now..22 got to get back to -' He was about to say 'back to the TARDIS'.' There was a low rumble of thunder. 'No. 'The inn is some two miles on. Ben and Polly set off through the graveyard. and the road is true. 'Ah.. and lightning flashed across the darkening sky. 'That way lies the inn. but checked himself just in time. while ye still may!' He bundled them out of the door. Doctor. back to the beach. But the Churchwarden. torn between caution and curiosity. nor for lads like these either. 'Tis a straight road. 'We could stay a little longer if you like.was cut off. 'There be no beach.' 'Thank you for all your help.' He led them to the church door and pointed on down the road. the entrance to the sea cave .' At the gate. 'Er. best you go.' he offered. 'And I called it guff.' cackled Longfoot.and their access to the TARDIS . of course.' muttered Ben.

' The Doctor turned back patiently.' He looked fearfully about him and then went on.' she said gently. and your courtesy. 'Remember it? But why? To what purpose?' "Tis a secret well worth the remembering.. Longfoot darted forward again. when you reach the inn.23 yours. Smallbeer and Gurney"' He accentuated the last syllable of the last word... 'One word more. 'And thank you.' 'We only seek shelter for a while. what is it?' The Churchwarden leaned close and lowered his voice. 'Should you come this way again. Even the Doctor was baffled by this. 'Have a care. sir. You be a true gentleman. Now. d'ye understand. Best guard your tongue.' Somehow Polly realised that Longfoot had met with very little kindness and courtesy in his life. sir. sir. wondering what lay behind the strange warning. For your kindness. I say. sir.' . go thy way quickly and.' As the Doctor turned to go.gone.. 'Yes?' The Churchwarden's voice was no more than a fearful whisper. 'Thank you . and find me . we must say goodbye.. Kingward.' His voice became a singsong: "This is Deadman's secret key.. 'remember these words.and now. 'Goodbye. Be watchful!' The Doctor looked thoughtfully at him.' 'Heed my words. and look no further than thy comfort and needs. forcing the rhyme. sir?' 'Yes.

He wore the leather breeches and striped shirt of a common seaman.24 'Godspeed said the Churchwarden. It was a moon-face. His skin was deeply tanned. . and this gave him the expression of a sort of giant baby. then moved silently towards the church door. a man rose from his hiding place behind one of the larger gravestones. But perhaps his face was the strangest thing about him. He was big and muscular and moved with cat-like stealthiness. but there was a gaudy scarf knotted about his neck and a huge gold earring dangled from one ear. He stood for a moment. and they had little chance of reaching shelter before the coming storm. Ben and Polly set off down the road towards the inn. and the rolled up shirtsleeves showed hairy arms covered with intricate tattoos. He turned and scurried back into the shelter of his church. He was completely bald except for a little fringe of white hair just above his ears. He tested point and edge on a grimy calloused thumb. Big raindrops were splashing down from the grey sky. The Doctor. taking a long thin knife from his broad leather belt. looking after the Doctor and his companions thoughtfully. As the Doctor and his friends disappeared around the bend in the road. and then disappeared silently inside the church. He paused by the door for a moment. The baby face with its curiously sinister smile explained his nickname. People called him Cherub. a strange mixture of innocence and malevolence. round and bland and curiously smooth.

' 'I'll tell him. 'There's business afoot boy. master?' Kewper beckoned him closer. dangerous but profitable. Using an up-turned bucket for a mounting block.' Tom moved to the stable to get the mare. 'Aye. Two miles there and two miles back.. 'Gentlemen friends. But go now. 'But master -' 'Do as you're bid.. Tom scrambled on the mare. and be quick about it.' Tom nodded knowingly. Still.. master. He led out the mare. he caught sight of three odd-looking strangers hurrying towards the front door.. down the coast?' 'Aye. Tell him a delivery can be expected soon. he spoke in a low. came out of the back door of his inn and looked thoughtfully up at the grey and threatening sky. this was business . As he rode past the front of the inn.the Gentlemen's business. and in the pouring rain as well... The threatened rain had turned into a steady downpour . Tell him I've had word. throwing a sack across her back for a saddle and wrapping another about her shoulders.' Tom looked up at the grey skies. boy. I'll send word when I've made final arrangements. kicked her ribs with his heels and galloped away.. word from our friends. a burly unshaven man in a grimy leather apron.. Leaning down. A ragged stable-boy emerged from the gloom of the nearby stables. A message for the Churchwarden. Can I take the mare?' 'Aye.25 Kewper the innkeeper. Tom!' he bellowed. You must take it now. confidential voice.

Wooden booths around the walls. 'You are the innkeeper I presume?' 'Aye. A burly man in a leather apron had come forward to meet them..' growled Kewper. Joseph Longfoot.' said the Doctor calmly. 'How do you do?' said the Doctor. 'It seems he was wrong.' The Doctor looked hard at him. open fireplace with a blazing fire. a bar at the far end with bottles and barrels. It was.26 long before the Doctor and his companions reached the inn and by the time they reached its threshold they were soaked to the skin. a huge. because Kewper's attitude . my man.' Polly looked at the Doctor. surprised by the instant hostility. Jacob Kewper. 'nor are they always what they seem. 'We want shelter for one night only. thought the Doctor. much what you might expect.' Kewper swung round on her. 'The Churchwarden's name is Longfoot. 'Eh boy.' he added mysteriously. 'If he said as much. We've no rooms. my lad?' 'Your Churchwarden told us we would find shelter here. and. If you know our Churchwarden. 'And. what's that? What do you know of our Churchwarden.' 'Strangers are not welcome in these parts. 'That's what the Churchwarden said.' Kewper looked uneasily at him. then you'll know his name.. Does his word mean nothing to you?' It was clear that it did.' There was a sudden ring of authority in the Doctor's voice. thank goodness. They squelched into the big stone-flagged room and stood looking around them. that's me.

but they looked a rough.' said Polly.' 'Indeed it is. 'I do wish everyone would stop calling me that. a hot drink for us all. Ben looked at Polly and grinned. is this .. my child. Doctor.' 'You don't sound too confident. There were only a scattering of customers in the place. then!' 'Guard your tongue. my lad?' 'Very funny.. what would they say to a maiden in trousers. Is that possible? We'll dry out here. 'Strangers are not welcome here.' warned the Doctor and Ben fell silent for a moment. my good fellow. you would think it funny.' said the innkeeper. 'Well.' 'Listen to our dolly-rockers duchess.. by the fire. 'You and your bell-bottom sense of humour. eh?' 'Probably die laughing. sir. After all.' snapped Polly. But friends of our Churchwarden. 'Now rooms.27 changed at once. as I said. 'I beg your pardon. sir. 'I'm not. The Doctor and his companions moved to the fireplace. It feels very odd. I think it best to let them think as they do. 'Oh.' 'Granted. Our next landing could be in the far distant future.' ..' he managed a smile. boy.' said Ben. 'What I want to know.' said Polly. 'It shall be done!' He hurried away.' said the Doctor airily. my dear. 'In this company. hardbitten are you going to get us out of here?' 'We shall return to the TARDIS at low tide and hope that our next landing is back in 1966. Then he said sullenly.' The Doctor looked round the room. a meal.

The Doctor was wondering too.' said Ben bitterly. 'They seem very suspicious of us..' he said reassuringly. 'All right.' He looked round. . 'Nice old pub. we'll call a truce. don't they?' 'Well. though given the time and their position by the sea there was one all too obvious explanation.28 'Great.' 'Ben.' said Polly firmly. Then he grinned. 'I wonder why?' said Ben. this. I wonder what the beer's like?' The Doctor said thoughtfully. 'We won't be stopping long enough to find out!' But the Doctor was wrong. But he was certain of one thing . would be safer not to get involved.' agreed Polly. We've just got to like it and lump it!' For a moment Ben scowled at her. 'It's no use getting crabby. 'There probably won't even be a navy by the time I get back.. 'Don't let it worry you. they certainly don't like strangers. For the moment we're here in the seventeenth-century.

Joe?' 'I ain't no friend of yours. eh. 'Aye.. it's good to see an old shipmate again.. In the vestry everything was silent. 'I'm Churchwarden here now.29 3 Longfoot's Friends The skies were dark and the church was filled with shadows. lantern in hand. would you. Longfoot backed away. revealing a flight of steps leading downwards.' said Longfoot fiercely. Joe? We had good times aboard The Albatross.' 'Them days is all past and gone. 'Ah. Cherub stood waiting. you always had leanings towards the Good Book. An inner door stood gaping open. At the top of the stairs. Then came the sound of footsteps. eh. Suddenly a bobbing light appeared at the bottom of the steps. 'Master Cherub!' Cherub smiled.' said Cherub softly. Joe... eh Joe? Holy Joe . Longfoot. when you was mate. A good Christian man!' Cherub gave a mocking laugh. the Churchwarden ascended the stairs.' 'But not forgotten. 'You wouldn't forget your old friends.

my old mate?' whispered Cherub. Cherub moved closer. mate of the Black Albatross!' 'Not no more I'm not!' 'We all misses you. his face evil in the flickering light.30 Longfoot.and he wants what's his.' 'Captain Pike?' whispered Longfoot fearfully. matey. matey . 'Ain't you a-goin' to tell me. Avery's gold!' 'Avery's gold is cursed.' Cherub chuckled.' said Cherub. 'When we shares out the loot. 'Won't we. Holy Joe. 'If you ain't got it. Joseph.' 'I've got naught that's his.powerful friends.' 'We'll decide that. Joe. eh matey? Gone. 'And Captain. 'They'll need to be. Cherub. . You owe him something. but we ain't all like you. 'The very same.' ' Tis no man's rights. No Christian man would touch it!' Longfoot came up into the room. Its blade glinted in the lantern light. 'Ah.' 'You'll never find it -' Longfoot broke off as the knife appeared in Cherub's hand.' said Cherub softly. then you know its whereabouts. to get the better of Pike!' 'Don't think they couldn't!' 'Ah. 'It ain't no good you threatening me. but where be your friends now. I got friends now . setting the lantern on the table.' protested Longfoot. eh?' Longfoot's voice was high-pitched with fear.and that gold is ours by rights. We ain't all afraid of the curse . why he do miss you most of all.

Not dead yet. no more than that!' Cherub wasn't convinced.31 The old man and the two lads.' 'But you told him something. 'And you b'aint a fool. He tossed it up.' 'Where to. 'Where to. he jerked and twitched and then stumbled backwards. I saw you. Cherub ran and knelt beside him. 'To the inn. Just as his fingers touched it. where the blunderbuss hung on its hooks. What was it you was a-saying.' insisted Cherub.' 'Ah. but dying fast. 'You wouldn't be a-trying to sell what you know. He made a sudden dash for the wall. Longfoot was reaching upwards for the blunderbuss. for shelter. Joe. 'Matey. His arm swept up. the knife gleaming in his hand. Joseph. Saw you whispering in his ear.. and suddenly Cherub's knife was at his throat. Longfoot stared wide-eyed .' said Cherub reproachfully. He staggered a few steps and then pitched forward face down.. Cherub made no attempt to pursue him. eh?' 'It was nothing. but who was he.' croaked Longfoot. and back and forwards.' 'Joseph.. matey?' Longfoot didn't answer. the hilt of Cherub's knife projecting from between his shoulderblades. What does he know?' 'Know of what? I only directed him on his way. matey? What was he to you?' 'A passing traveller. Master Cherub. say I?' 'To the inn.. He just stood there... wrenching his head round so he could see his!' 'You can rot in hell!' shrieked Longfoot. So you better tell me . and caught it by the blade. would you -to strangers?' 'I know nothing of what you want.

'Twouldn't be like you to go to Davy Jones' locker silent.' He tugged the knife from Longfoot's back. and slumped forwards. Joe Longfoot! Now. Outside the rain was still lashing down. 'I've seen a few shady customers in my time. Cherub!' Cherub grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him viciously. Slipping the knife back in his belt he looked down at his dead shipmate. The Doctor was studying a little knot of customers. matey. and the number of their fellow patrons was much the same.' muttered Ben. 'You were ever a talker. 'Speak. 'but this crowd beats the lot. together with his two young companions. They were all feeling very much better.' agreed Polly. . Disgustedly Cherub released him. various comings and goings having more or less balanced out. tell me what I want to know. thanks to liberal supplies of hot food and drink. damn your eyes!' Longfoot gasped. Speak up!' Longfoot gathered his failing strength and whispered feebly.32 at his murderer. and a chance to dry out by the roaring fire. before you goes to join your dead shipmates. dead. wiped it on the dead man's coat and then straightened up. 'You're a fool. Cherub put his lips to the dying man's ear. Joe. He stared down at the body. matey. we'd better find that old feller and get our hooks into him!' The old feller in question. 'Avery's curse on ye for a black villain. was sitting by the fire in the inn. 'I reckon as how you told the old feller.' 'They're fantastic. So.

and a buzz of concern ran around the bar. eh?' 'None as I knows of round here.' Suddenly a grimy.' Kewper rubbed his bristly chin. 'Dead! How?' 'Knife in the back.' Kewper looked round the bar. Ask him to come - .' 'Drunk as usual. 'Tom.. 'He seemed to be.33 clustered round the landlord at the bar. 'He'd no money. aren't they?' said Ben.. 'Did he now?' 'The door was wide open too . Somehow they looked even more villainous than the rest. 'Sir. 'Lower your voice lad. 'None of the lads have been there this day. and no enemies neither.' I wonder what they're up to between them?' The Doctor frowned. sir.. 'But the strangers were there. What's the trouble?' 'It's the Churchwarden. Master Kewper.. He warned us to keep our thoughts only on our own affairs. rain-soaked urchin staggered into the bar and staggered over to Kewper. smiling.' His eyes fell on the Doctor and his companions.' said Kewper. was he?' 'He was dead!' The word came out in a sort of penetrating whisper..' confirmed Tom.but not a soul to be seen. 'I think we would do well to remember the words of the Churchwarden. you'd best go and tell your tale to the Squire.' 'Word must be passed on. 'Cheerful looking lot..' They heard Kewper growl. Kewper stared at the boy as if he just couldn't take the news in. And who but a stranger would kill Joseph Longfoot.' whispered Tom.

fierce gaze. matey. but the Doctor and Ben exchanged looks of alarm. 'Take your dirty hands off him.' .34 he's the magistrate. and as fast as the mare can go. Away with you now!' Polly. 'I want you. old feller. 'Bring the Squire. We're agoin' to have words. here? 'Aye.and they weren't really in any position to answer questions. The bar door crashed open and a little group of men poured into the room. who was dozing by the roaring fire. His name was Cherub.' 'I beg your pardon. On the other hand to be caught running away would make them look guiltier than ever.' said the Doctor coldly. mate. Ben glanced meaningly towards the door and the Doctor nodded. Cat-footed he padded over to him.' Tom looked at him in astonishment. There might be much to be said for a hasty retreat. Their leader was a huge bald-headed man with a gold earring dangling from one ear. As strangers they were bound to be first suspected in any local crime . 'Don't you come the fine gent with me. you and me!' He leaned forward and grabbed the Doctor's arm. They were dressed in seamen's clothing and they were swarthy and villainous and armed to the teeth. Suddenly the decision was taken out of their hands. Ben jumped to his feet. as if about to haul him to his feet. didn't seem to have taken any of this in. and his eyes settled on the Doctor. He swept the bar with a keen.

' said the Doctor. passed over. Polly jumped up. my man. Suddenly there was a long thin knife in his hand. you're wrong about this message. lad?' Ben backed away. 'Because I was on the lookout.' said Ben firmly. d'ye see? Trouble is. He's barely even an acquaintance. 'Do what. 'I've never laid eyes on you before. 'I said lay off him. er. but before any sound . 'Him and me had a bit of a falling-out. hoping to wrest away the knife. Speak up. 'You mean that Churchwarden?' 'He merely gave us directions. one of Cherub's henchmen clubbed him down with a marlin-spike.' 'Ah. and leaned over the Doctor threateningly. 'Was an acquaintance. he forgot to give me a certain urgent message before he. old feller!' Ben sprang suddenly at Cherub.' he whispered. He mimed a throat-cutting gesture. What's he done to you?' 'What indeed. matey?' 'Well. But before he got anywhere near him. didn't he. matey?' 'How do you know about our meeting with Mr Longfoot?' demanded the Doctor.35 Cherub let go of the Doctor and swung round.' Cherub leaned forward. 'I wants to know what he told you. opening her mouth to scream. Cherub ignored him. 'But he told you. wasn't I.' He smiled sinisterly at the Doctor. eh? Holy Joe Longfoot!' Ben stared at him. and Ben thudded to the ground. 'He helped us on our way.' said the Doctor. but we got a mutual friend.

' .' 'How bad is the lad?' Polly lifted Ben's head.' He pulled the Doctor to his feet. The sailor holding Polly flung her to the ground.if you comes along quietly.. old sawbones. 'Somebody help!' Kewper slouched over. old sawbones .afore we make ye. and she landed beside Ben. 'A Doctor. 'Aye.' screamed Polly. is he?' Kewper turned to Tom. 'Well. Polly looked up at him. 'Don't harm my young friends. Look lively now!' 'Help.' Kewper knelt down and examined Ben for a moment. but he's not dead. who's departure had been delayed by recent dramatic events.. speak up.' The Doctor looked at him unafraid.' Cherub reached a decision. And they've hurt Ben. 'Where are you taking me?' demanded the Doctor. 'We won't . Those ruffians have taken the Doctor. And his head's bleeding. As she fell she heard Cherub growl. ye scum. help us. 'He's still unconscious. 'To the beach. a little group of his customers behind him. 'See if those villains are still about. clapping his hand over her mouth. Wait and see!' He shoved the Doctor into the middle of his companions and they bustled him out of the room. 'Wait and see. another seaman grabbed her from behind. 'Please.36 could emerge. eh?' said Cherub softly. Somehow Polly managed to pull the hand away for a moment. 'You leave the Doctor alone -' She broke off as the seaman's grimy hand clamped back over her mouth.

The seamen clambered in after him and the boat was rowed away. Moreover. the further he could lure these thugs from Polly and Ben the better. and turned away. And finally.' snarled Kewper.' growled Kewper. Master. 'The Squire? What can he do? All I want is to get the Doctor back safely again. covered over with hay. and driven at a rattling pace out of the inn yard. 'Not a sign of no one. .' sobbed Polly. 'I think they were threatening to kill the Doctor. you young cub. and for the moment going along with his captors seemed as good a way as any. bustled unceremoniously down the steep path that led to the sea. 'And just you hold your tongue in front of your elders.' 'You don't understand.and be silent. Polly said. He wanted to find out exactly what was going on. The Doctor meanwhile had been bundled into a cart. The Doctor submitted to these various indignities without protest.37 Tom ran to the door and looked out into the driving rain.' 'The Squire is the law in these parts. now.' As Tom hurried away.' "Then be off and fetch the squire as I told you. Quickly. For one thing. and flung into a waiting longboat. the Doctor. he was hopelessly outnumbered. When the cart reached the cliff tops he was hauled out. as usual.' 'Wait . boy. was consumed with curiosity.

anchored just inside the bay. Squire. Tom scrambled down and took the Squire's reins. 'What's this I hear.' confirmed the innkeeper. Kewper stood waiting on the doorstep as the Squire cantered up on his fine black hunter. and strode into the inn. 'Aye.. trouble. too. the Doctor squinted up into the driving rain and saw without much surprise that they were approaching a black and sinister-looking sailing ship. florid-looking man.38 Jammed between two burly seamen. as Tom led the horses into the stables. .. followed by Tom on the scrubby little mare. 'There be strangers here. The Squire jumped down and turned to Kewper. bluff and authoritative. yet somehow jerky and nervous at the same time.' said the Squire.' 'Then let's deal with them. Jacob? Trouble?' He was a big.

A strange voice said. she asked anxiously. round-faced man looming over her.' 'Yes. desperately trying to revive him. these are the ones. Ignoring his searching glance. lad. he will. 'So these are your strangers.. Now.' But Ben lay pale-faced and still. and she guessed that this must be the Squire.' said Kewper. 'One of them's wounded it seems. now. the Squire turned to scrutinise Polly. 'Ben. Squire. quickly. and Kewper slouched over to the bar to fetch the brandy..' The Squire turned to Tom. He was more richly dressed than any of those around him. blood oozing from the cut on the back of his head. Tom. . And a drop of brandy. who had put away the horses and followed him into the inn. landlord?' Polly looked up to see a plump. and his wound needs binding. 'Will Ben be all right?' The Squire straightened up. 'Cloths and water.39 4 Pike Polly knelt by Ben. 'Aye. 'Aye. eh Kewper?' As Tom scurried away. Ben.

' They were interrupted by Tom. but Polly just didn't have the experience.' ordered the Squire. with no very convincing explanation to offer for your presence. and you can tell me about him too. To be found. I want to know exactly who you are and where you've come from. 'See to your friend.' Polly was utterly thrown by the unexpected question. boy. 'What about the Doctor?' she repeated obstinately.' 'An extraordinary tale. 'Me? But it's the Doctor we should be -' 'Aye. and Kewper who silently handed her a mug of brandy.' roared the Squire.' said the Squire.. 'There were four or five of them. but she gave as good a description of the attackers as she could manage. strangely dressed in a strange place. 'Now. The Doctor had become very skilful at deflecting awkward questions. boy. 'And let's have no beating about the bush. I think.' The dilemma was one which the Doctor and earlier companions had often had to face. eh? And who were the ruffians who did it?' Polly had been too shocked and frightened to make much of an eye-witness.' said Polly agitatedly. 'And . 'You've got to save him!' 'Kidnapped.. boy. tell me about yourself.40 where's your Master?' 'He's been kidnapped. who returned with a bowl of water and some clean rags. 'They'll kill him if we don't find him. can cause problems in either past or present. They looked like sailors.

He looked down at Ben.' She looked over at the bar. 'You see that big man over there at the bar. 'What happened to the Doctor?' 'Those men took him off. I think we're in trouble. but we'd better make it good. and had turned to study them. then managed to struggle up on to one elbow. and when Tom took the used rags and the water away. Ben showed signs of reviving during all this. Ben.' Ben gasped. who seemed not without experience of such things. He wants to know who we are and where we're from. tearing off a long strip of rag to use as a bandage.' 'Blimey.41 after that. 'Blimey. talking to the landlord? He's the local Squire. he's coming back.the whole truth. then I want the truth .' said Ben. with Kewper trailing after him.' 'What? How?' Polly pointed. We've just got to find the Doctor and get away from here. Ben. Polly made the best job she could of cleaning and binding Ben's wound. He sipped and spluttered. my nut. how could I? But he says if we don't speak. 'Better think up a story... 'Come to. Aided by Tom. 'You haven't told him?' 'Of course not.' He looked round dazedly. then he won't help us to find the Doctor. Understand?' He strode off to the bar. . The Squire had finished his brandy. and his conversation with Kewper. Polly held the pewter mug of brandy to Ben's lips. if you want help. 'What are we going to tell him?' 'I don't know.' Moments later the massive figure of the Squire was looming over them.

'For the murder of the Churchwarden. I've just told your young friend here.' Despite the geezer's funny old fashioned language. And for this villainous deed you shall be imprisoned until the next Assizes. in fact. 'I hold you both to be knaves and rogues of highly suspicious intent. By dint of hard rowing the long boat had finally managed to pull up alongside the sinister-looking ship. thought Ben. boy. The Doctor too was still a prisoner.and so far he's refused to give it to me. why don't you all do something about rescuing him.' 'Speak civil to the Squire.when was it? .' snarled Kewper. while his villainous captors scrambled . Just the contrary. Instead he decided to bargain.' History wasn't Ben's strong point. instead of just standing there?' 'Be silent. I demand that you tell me the truth.the seventeenth-century. boy? Now. They'd been nicked. sir!' roared the Squire. I want some information . But Ben wasn't impressed. 'Well.when we get the Doctor back. and he knew that it was quite beyond him to make up a convincing explanation for his presence in . The Doctor was lashed into a bosun's chair and hauled up on board. 'You'll get all the information you want . the basic situation was clear enough. where your punishment will be determined.42 have you. As Magistrate of this Borough I hereby arrest you both!' 'Arrest us for what?' demanded Ben indignantly. but by no means a prisoner of the law.

The contrast with Cherub and his scruffy band was almost ludicrous. Behind the table sat a massive. You'll find he likes a little polite conversation with a fine gentleman such as yourself. He seemed far from pleased at having his meal interrupted.' The Doctor was bustled along the decks. and then down some steps to a sort of coachhouse section amidships. From inside a deep throaty voice snarled. There were silk hangings and. in one corner. a cushioned day-bed. The bearded man's left hand clutched a silver goblet brimming with wine. Cherub halted him outside an elaborately carved wooden door and rapped respectfully. 'What in hell's name have you dragged in here now?' . 'Cherub!' he roared. Despite his captivity there was still an impressive dignity about him.43 monkey-like up the ropes hanging from the side. the cabin was lavishly furnished and decorated. Cherub leered into the Doctor's face. luxuriously dressed in the clothes of a fine gentleman of the period. As they gathered on the rain-swept decks. In the centre of the room there was a carved oaken table littered with bottles. 'Come along now. 'Enter!' They entered. matey. black-bearded man. his wig well-curled. silver goblets and the remains of a lavish meal served on silver plate. my beauty!' 'Where are you taking me?' asked the Doctor. resting on his knee beneath the table. To see the Captain. In marked contrast to what the Doctor had seen of the rest of the ship. His right was out of sight.

'Won't talk?' snarled the black-bearded man. does he?' 'Aye. 'Well. but harkee. But the old sawbones won't talk. . not kill him. Cap'n.' 'What!' This time the Captain's roar shook the cabin.' 'Silence. him and me had words. 'Well. he slammed it down with a jarring crash.' The Captain glared at the Doctor. Holy Joe Longfoot's dead.44 'Dragged in. he passed away. 'Before Holy Joe passed on. or my name's not Samuel Pike!' Whipping his right arm from beneath the table. you'll talk to me. fool!' 'Ah.' Tis like this here.' said the Doctor tartly.' 'Aha!' said the Captain exultantly. truth to tell. 'Well. 'I sent ye to question him. Cap'n.' bellowed the Captain. who met his gaze unafraid. indeed. It bit deep into the scarred wood of the table top.' said Cherub hastily. The arm ended not in a hand but in a gleaming steel hook.' 'Dead? How so?' Cherub was looking anxious. 'So he knows. 'I demand an explanation. And poor Holy Joe. matey. Cap'n. Cherub?' Cherub knuckled his forehead in salute. he spoke long with this here sawbones. before he could tell me his secret. Cap'n. sir. not to me he won't.

' 'I don't think I even know this Holy Joe you are referring to. the Doctor noticed that Pike's wasn't the usual seaman's hook. even in moments of danger.. 'They did talk.' snarled Pike. So too did the pirate's fashionable clothing and curled wig. all secret-like. Know your enemy. and the lavish decor of the cabin. 'Well. I saw Holy Joe a-whispering in the sawbones' ear.' said Pike . thought the Doctor. but a much more elaborate affair altogether. Cap'n.. It was made in the shape of the blade of a soldier's pike-head. and this touch of whimsical vanity gave him a valuable clue to the man's character. thought the Doctor. Pike looked questioningly at Cherub who said. It was presumably a play on the Captain's name. 'Holy Joe? He's an old shipmate of ours.45 5 Pirate Treasure Observant.' said the Doctor calmly. 'Are you going to talk?' 'I have nothing to tell you.' said the Doctor loftily. a sort of combination of spear-head and barb. I saw 'em. He was beginning to form a plan.

sawbones.' said Cherub longingly. And one of the blackest-hearted too! Morgan was a woman compared to him.' 'Avery. 'I see. 'Longfoot and me and Cherub here. Cap'n.' said Pike.' The Doctor nodded. 'Cap'n Avery. 'Yes. of course. 'Let me make him talk. 'He died afore he could talk to me . sawbones.' 'And you're a-goin' to tell us. Pike found himself answering his prisoner's questions. eh? Ain't you?' Pike flourished his hook under the Doctor's nose but the Doctor merely preserved a dignified silence. we was all mates together.46 broodingly. blast his eyes!' 'Aye. the old sawbones had a gentlemanly air about him. 'Holy Joe Longfoot. and you may lay ter that!' Cherub leaned forward. serving under Avery. 'The Churchwarden to you. 'We mean to get it back. 'One of the sharpest skippers that ever sailed out o' Bristol Port. Pike leaned back in his high-backed chair.' 'He took the plunder that was rightfully ours.' The Doctor said. 'Are you . rather than the other way round.' said Pike. No doubt about it.' said the Doctor musingly.but I'll swear he told you something!' 'He told me nothing. And he was one of your crew?' For some reason. Avery the pirate! I should have known.' snarled Cherub. looking as if the whole discussion was beneath his contempt.' snarled Cherub. 'You know what Holy Joe was hiding.' 'Don't play the innocent with us.

and I'll have the words spilling out like the blubber from a whale.. 'Well. Their jail. Cap'n.' 'Well.' he said calmly.before I let Cherub have you. 'Sharp as a whistle is Thomas Tickler. kindly call this fellow off me.' Amazingly. old man?' 'I should prefer you to use the proper term. Got a touch like an angel's wing with that blade. sawbones. 'Captain. Doctor. what d'you say? Will you loosen your tongue now. Suddenly the long thin knife was in his hand.' Cherub stroked the blade down the Doctor's cheek. just say the word. Give me but a minute with him.' Pike chuckled again. Doctor. 'You are a vicious ruffian. Cherub was actually offended. Doctor.. or lose it altogether?' Despite all their protests of innocence. I am a Doctor. would our Cherub.47 really a sawbones.. Doctor? Or what those Mexican Indians do to a bloke's eyelids. 'Cap'n. Polly and Ben had been formally arrested and locked up. though . eh?' The Doctor didn't so much as blink.' pleaded Cherub. 'Don't you go a-callin' me names like that.. like an old-fashioned barber giving a shave. you'd best start using your tongue and doing some talking .' 'Let me show him first. 'He'd be a credit to your profession. eh?' Pike chuckled evilly.' He turned to Pike. Ever seen a head with no ears. 'Let me give him a taste of Thomas Tickler here.

grimy face was peering at them through the bars. are we?' argued Ben. I've got the keys.' said Polly loftily. and a sharp. 'What's your name?' 'Tom. It was the urchin Tom. I have. I don't exactly go a bomb on ancient history . 'I think it's all rather exciting!' 'Oh you would! Well. up and down the bare cell-like room.' said Polly infuriatingly. was a disused storeroom in the cellars of the inn.48 they gathered it was to be but a temporary one. 'You're the boy from the inn.' 'Oh yeah. But I ain't to speak to you 'cos you're murderers!' 'But we didn't kill anyone.' protested Ben. fascinating innit? Stuck in jug on a murder charge. that's all. aren't you?' asked Polly. I've been put in charge of you prisoners. Ben was prowling impatiently. 'Master says only strangers would kill our Churchwarden and you be strangers!' 'We're not the only strangers about. barred window in the upper half of the door. 'What about those geezers who kidnapped the . 'Look!' There was a small.and I can't report back to a seventeenth-century navy!' 'You've got no imagination. 'Of all the blooming stupid fixes to be in!' 'I don't know.' said Ben. 'What you a-screaming for?' 'We're just happy mate. and with difficulty. Honest who'd have our luck!' Suddenly Polly screamed. 'I find it all very interesting. the innkeeper's boy. To make matters worse their legs were manacled.

remember. Then his face disappeared from the little window.' said Ben dismissively.' . I demand to be treated with some consideration..' said Polly.. 'Speak on. Pike's keen interest was aroused.' 'So? We going to fly out of here on broomsticks?' 'No. then stood looking on in astonishment as she sat cross-legged on the floor and set to work.' 'But they were here. 'How does he think the Doctor vanished . So far he had managed to remain unintimidated. but I think I may have a plan. It was like being shut up in a cage filled with man-eating tigers. 'What's what?' 'This is the seventeenth-century. give me some of that magic?' 'Ben. The slightest sign of fear and they'd tear him to pieces. 'And the Doctor has disappeared.' There was a pile of straw in one corner. in spite of his captors' increasingly gruesome threats. 'If I am to reveal anything of what I know..49 Doctor?' 'No one's seen any sign of 'em. Quick Ben. presumably meant to serve as their bedding. 'Daft nit.' Since this was the first time that the Doctor had admitted that there was anything to reveal. People still believe in magic and witches. Ben passed Polly a couple of handfuls. Doctor.' Tom looked worried for a moment. thought the Doctor. Now it was time to make a few concessions. that's it!' said Polly suddenly.

' Pike returned his attention to the Doctor. your taste make it clear that you are a man who has raised himself to that exalted position.' said Pike thoughtfully. 'Nevertheless. Doctor.' pleaded Cherub. 'To the point.' Cherub laughed raucously. quite so.' Pike nodded.' 'Unaided? Aye. 'Cap'n Pike. he -' Cherub caught his Captain's eye and suddenly shut up.that is. Doctor. 'Sorry. it is only because they are so well deserved. 'And what makes you think me a gentleman.but I can see that you are a gentleman. you are a gentleman. pleased. As I say. 'Quite so. Cap'n. Your dress. So let us talk together as gentlemen. a gentleman? Why. 'You've got a funny sense o' humour sometimes.50 'Don't listen to him. now. 'And as for you.. sir . sir. you may talk sweet.' 'My dear Captain. but still suspicious. to the perceptive eye. If my words sound sweet. Cap'n. this is the only help I ever had!' Pike flourished his oddly-shaped hook in the Doctor's face.' Ignoring him. Cherub. 'Your friend is an uncouth boor. I know very well that you will soon see through any attempt at flattery.. quite unaided. or you'll rue the day!' 'My dear sir. the Doctor addressed himself to Pike.' Pike was flattered and intrigued.' said the Doctor hastily. I can see that you are not a barbarian or a savage. 'There's trickery afoot. eh?' 'It's quite obvious . but don't think to toy with me. let us talk as men who know the .

Cap'n. 'A chair for the Doctor.' 'Cherub.may I sit?' Cherub gave Pike an anguished look. Doctor. with a certain elegance. and dragged his head down to Pike's. 'Now. Like gentlemen .' said the Doctor.. I'm entertaining a guest..but suddenly Pike's hook flashed out. and sat down with an air of calm dignity. me lad. before we go any further.' 'Talk away. and I shall slit your gizzard. With dignity. who backed rapidly away. The Doctor sipped his wine appreciatively. Right. Cherub drew back his arm to strike the Doctor . and you ain't being very polite. my man.' The Doctor looked round. let's' 'That will be very pleasant.. To help him talk more freely like!' Cherub found an unopened bottle and a more or less clean goblet and poured wine for the Doctor and for Pike. Cap'n. 'One more thing. Pike said softly. sir.' 'He's a snake. some wine for the Doctor. matey?' He released Cherub.. 'Thank you. Cherub. 'Then .' 'Ware his tongue now.' whispered Cherub hoarsely. you swab!' Sulkily Cherub picked up one of the chairs set around the cabin walls and slammed it down at the table opposite Pike's.51 world. matey?' .' Pike flourished his hook.. caught Cherub by the neckscarf. Provoked by this condescension. Pike smiled.' 'Aye? And what's that. Doctor. 'One more word out o' you Cherub.. 'Now.

then you can take care of him! And just in case. 'Cap'n. coming up to leeward.' 'We got no friends hereabouts. 'Sneaking up on the sly.a share. Gave us a howl. in fact. Doctor. you. we invites 'em to step aboard awhile all friendly like!' 'And then?' 'If it's a King's man. tell us what we want to know!' Suddenly another seaman. Jamaica.' Pretending to take the words at face value the Doctor said.52 'Now that we understand one another . Doctor?' The Doctor took another sip of wine. 'Aye.' Pike was getting impatient..' Pike winked at Cherub.. burst into the cabin. well. you have said so. Cherub. there be a ship's cutter. was she.I think you will agree that in return for my information I should receive some small reward. there is. Indicative of your general good taste if I may say so. puzzled.' But Pike was wearying of flattery. A fine old Madeira this. a huge negro. 'Excellent . there's plenty to go round.' 'For them that deserves it. Look after him well now . 'Not a bit of it.he's precious!' The Doctor was bustled away. . After all.. 'To a most pleasant meeting. Jamaica?' Jamaica shook his head. Cap'n. 'You'll have your reward all right. my boyo. Now.. 'Aye.' Pike was instantly alert.' growled Cherub. Cap'n?' 'Cherub. 'What do we do. all friendly like. can take the Doctor below.

was a male witch. Ben crouched down on the other side of the door.. A warlock. who'd been sleeping in a corner nearby..' Tom stared at the straw mannikin in amazement. . and called out in a low... 'What is that thing? What's it a-doing?' 'It's Paul... 'Tom. doom-laden voice. rose rubbing his eyes. They were ready to begin. Tom. 'No. no.' 'His master. 'Me? Why me?' 'The Doctor was a wizard.. and stared at the doll. 'Heaven save us!' 'No. Tom... Polly held up the little mannikin so that it filled the window in the door. quavery voice. a warlock no less. Come quick!' Tom. and explained her plan to Ben. by the spirit of his master.. Tom. Tom. 'Paul's been took over..53 By now Polly had completed her task.' Terrified.. can you see Paul floating yonder? Help me. Tom shook his head.' moaned Ben. the leader of a coven. Such things isn't meant to be seen by human souls.. Tom.. Come here and help me. the bloke that was kidnapped he's a warlock!' 'A warlock!' Tom shuddered at the dread word. She nodded to Ben who yelled. don't tell me. She had skilfully woven a sort of primitive doll from plaited straw. and swayed it gently to and fro. the Doctor... Tom! Tom. 'What's all this noise now?' He stumbled bemusedly over to the cell door.' said Ben in a low.Heaven save you. me old mate. which was apparently floating in the window. as he knew well.

' moaned Ben...' 'Tell me. It's our Master's doing.. 'It ain't my fault.. inside the doll. Tom. save me! I swear it weren't none of my doing!' 'Is that the truth Tom?' asked Ben in an awful voice. and Tom gave a howl of fear.' said Ben solemnly.. Tom.. In a minute the doll's going to drop. The soul of someone he blames for us being locked up like this. Tom. 'One hair. began swaying to and fro in time with it... Tom.... it is! Save me.' Polly made the doll dip down suddenly.. swinging like a man on a gallows?' 'It's just a straw doll. 'It's got a soul. swinging to and fro.' Polly swayed the doll from side to side and poor Tom. and when it does. 'It's more than that.' said Tom feebly .. have you got the power?' 'We have Tom. hypnotised by his own fear.' whispered Ben. sir. do you see Paul there.. 'It were the Squire gave the order. through our master.' he sobbed.. it is.' squawked Tom. 'Oh. swinging. He's captured someone's soul and imprisoned it in the doll. sir. Tom. 'Oh sir. Can't you feel yourself swinging.' 'You. save me!' 'Then there is a way.54 And us two are his assistants. Tom.but he was clearly terrified.. I'll do anything. Once . 'It's you there swinging. 'I ain't but looking after ye!' 'There's just one hair from your head.' 'The spell can only work while we are prisoners..' 'It's too late. someone else's soul. Now.. He's a-going to do that someone in!' 'It ain't me.....

Tom. first Polly's and then Ben's. 'Have mercy. 'There you are Tom. and you need have no fear. Polly and Ben disappeared along the stone-flagged corridor and up the stairs. old son . and the Squire!' Polly swayed and dipped the doll and gave a low eerie moan. . we'll put in a good word for you. and Polly and Ben hurried from the cell. 'Don't worry.' Fearfully. have mercy!' Once she was free.. Once inside be began unlocking the manacles. 'Quickly. While you hold it our master will know you for a friend.' he babbled. take this.' Leaving Tom to contemplate his future as an unwilling wizard's apprentice. Tom. See you sometime.55 we're free .' 'But I gave my word to Master Kewper. or your time's up! Once that doll falls Tom fumbled the keys from his pocket and opened the door.then you're safe. Tom took the doll. Ben patted the quaking Tom on the back. 'Have pity on me. Polly handed him the doll.and remember ..' urged Ben. 'Quickly.from now on you're one of us.

56 .

57 6 Kewper's Trade Polly and Ben emerged into the inn yard..' 'We might even find out who really killed the Churchwarden. Suddenly Polly said.' said Ben.. we haven't the foggiest idea where to look for the Doctor.' 'Very funny. They hurried off down the lane. we might find some sort of clue about what's going on.' said Polly.' 'Trouble is. quite unaware that . 'Well. realising that he'd been so keen on the idea of escaping that he'd given no thought to where they were escaping to. Maybe we could apply for sanctuary. and stood looking about them.where do we go from here?' He stared at her. 'Let's make for the church!' 'That ought to be safe enough. Ben thought for a moment. that's for sure. not back to the inn. which was fortunately deserted. 'Still.' said Polly despairingly. 'Ben .

' The Trade meant only one thing along the coast in those days. and at the band of cutthroats surrounding him. 'And what business would an honest innkeeper ashore have with poor sailors at sea. 'A visitor who'd talk of business.or maybe I should say .Trade. If he'll but listen.. Come to talk business. swung himself over the side of the pirate ship .' 'And what might you know of our business.' Kewper slipped a golden guinea into Cherub's hand.' Pike was pouring himself a mug of wine when his visitor was ushered in.and found Cherub's pistol in his ear...58 they were going from frying pan to fire. that's a matter for your Captain's ear. eh?' 'Ah now. eh? Come along below. matey.. 'And who might I have the pleasure of welcoming aboard?' Kewper looked at the pistol. Master innkeeper. matey?' 'It's more a matter of putting business your way .. 'Jacob Kewper's the name..and yours. Cap'n.' He flourished the pistol. it'd be well worth his while . Worthwhile .. at Cherub. Innkeeper Kewper climbed the rope ladder.. Cherub bit the coin to test it. spat on it for luck and stowed it away. and Cherub nodded thoughtfully. 'But no tricks now. 'Worth our while. Innkeeper.

We're well supported hereabouts.. so he says. Profitable business. 'Don't sound honest to me!' 'The only man who'd call the Trade dishonest would be a Revenue Man.59 Trade. 'Aye. Master innkeeper.' 'Aye..' Kewper spat. 'Would you care to throw in your lot with the local Squire?' asked Kewper meaningly. tobacco. Talk up!' 'I'll give no details afore we shake hands on it..' said Kewper. 'No one could doubt it. 'Business with Squire and Churchwarden?' said Pike. 'I'd have the ears off anyone who thought to land me before a Judge .. And a clean one!' Kewper scuffed at the offending spittle with his foot. 'But I'll tell you this. 'When there's smuggling to be done. Captain.' said Pike piously. eh?' said Pike.' He caught the quick exchange of glances between Pike and Cherub and realised that somehow he had made a mistake.' 'I'd not wish to prejudice my good name. and other such merchandise.' Pike look thoughtfully at him.' said Kewper slyly.' 'And that's your business. there's need for trust. 'I keep an honest ship.' Trade to interest a man such as yourself. . I ll need to know more before I decide to drop anchor here.' Cherub shook hs head. silks. and the Churchwarden too.but I'm always ready to do profitable business with coves as I can trust. Captain. to our mutual benefit. Brandy.

eh. 'You're Pike? But why come here?' Pike waved his hook under the innkeeper's nose.' Pike raised his voice. matey. innkeeper. aye. and nodded to Cherub to release him. Pike gave the innkeeper a rapid search. 'What trick's this?' snarled Kewper. Cap'n? 'Fetch the Doctor! Our guests can keep each other company. 'or they'll be burying another corpse aside Holy Joe Longfoot . Cherub?' Cherub tapped the handle of his dagger. that's what for.' 'I speak for him. Cap'n.' said Pike cheerfully. Cherub. you and .' snarled Pike.60 'Aye.' 'Aye. 'Your tongue is near as long as your ears.' Kewper stared at him. Take care I don't have both cut shorter.' Kewper was still staring at Pike in awe. mebbe. 'I've a mind to have words with this smuggling Squire of yours. 'He'll do no business without me. 'The choicest apples top the barrel. matey. matey!' He nodded to Cherub who slipped behind Kewper and pinned his arms to his sides. Cap'n.' said Kewper angrily. 'You killed our Church warden? Why? What for?' 'He was killed because he crossed me. 'Yes. 'No one crosses Captain Pike and lives to tell the tale.' said Pike benignly. But not with scum like you. 'Jamaica?' The giant negro appeared in the cabin doorway. removed a formidable looking knife. 'True enough.' 'Best hope he does.

61 me are going ashore!' Jamaica shoved the Doctor into the cabin. leaving an innocuous leather-covered stub.' He pointed to Pike's hook. Take care of this. ready. and looked at himself in the tarnished cabin mirror.' said Cherub. Cap'n.. its crew at the oars. 'Ready below there?' 'Aye. 'Here you are boy.' Pike picked up his hat. 'Sure thing. and he and Kewper stared at each other in mutual surprise. The old church stood silent and deserted when Polly and Ben arrived. and guard it with your life!' Cherub looked over the side to where the long-boat was waiting. Cap'n. 'Treat 'em well and kindly . Jamaica grinned. Pike handed the hook to a nearby cabin-boy.' came the call. They explored the church itself and found .' Pike smiled. 'Jamaica.. 'Aye. eh Cherub?' He held out the hook. my little pike will hardly be welcome at the Squire's hall. Cap'n. 'How do I look. Cherub and Pike climbed down into the waiting boat. you guard 'em. and Cherub helped him to wrench it from its socket. Cherub?' 'Pretty as a picture.' ordered Pike. Cherub said awkwardly. there is one thing. and they left the cabin. set his wig to rights. As they stood on deck waiting for the shore boat to be lowered. 'Begging your pardon.but if there's any trouble give them a taste o' the cat!' He took a many-thonged whip from the wall and tossed it to the sailor who caught it neatly. 'Mebbe that ain't too fitting.

' Polly laughed nervously.' said Ben.all the time we were here he was frightened. and she realised he was teasing her.' said Polly. 'Well.' In deliberately spooky tones Ben whispered. there ain't much down here. 'We've searched thoroughly enough.' said Polly spiritedly. Duchess. Perhaps the old boy kept his money box down here or something. 'Maybe the murderer was hiding down here all the time. 'He was dead scared of something . memorial plaques on walk and floor. It was like a huge flagged cellar. Polly and Ben looked about them.62 nothing. Ben!' 'Maybe you're right.' Polly said. the roof supported with great stone pillars. Then she sighed. then descended the stairs that led into the crypt. isn't it?' 'Well. and a number of free-standing tombs.' Polly looked at him wide-eyed. don't be such a fool. I'm not playing your Watson. 'Nothing in the rest of the church.' Polly shuddered. 'He looked a bit of a scrooge.' 'That old bloke must have been knocked off pretty soon after we left. didn't he?' 'You know. Then Ben grinned. 'I wish I knew where the Doctor was!' . 'Maybe the bloke who bumped him off will come back to the scene of the crime. Still early days for old Sherlock Holmes. 'Oh. 'As if he was expecting something to happen to him.' Ben shrugged. 'Could be.' said Ben thoughtfully.

The beach can't be too far from here.' Suddenly they heard a rumbling. Ben unfastened his belt and used it to lash the man's hands behind him. Ben slipped from hiding and delivered a solid punch behind the ear. Duchess. 'Gottim!' said Ben with satisfaction.' 'That ain't such a bad idea. 'I'm not taking any chances. and maybe the tide's gone out again by now.' Polly . 'Do you think it's the murderer?' whispered Polly. The tomb just ahead of them had started to move. grinding sound.. By the time he had finished his captive was recovering consciousness and Ben hurried to complete the job before he recovered. all nice and cosy!' 'Do you think so?' said Polly wistfully. 'then we're in the dear.63 Ben had a sudden idea. 'I bet he's tucked up in the TARDIS. cloaked figure. A sinister. he'll help us to find the Doctor. Ben. came up the steps and moved stealthily past them.' said Polly.' 'I'm not so sure. The cloaked figure staggered and slumped to the ground. hat pulled down low. As the figure passed by.. 'If this is the murderer. that Squire like some Petty Officers I know!' 'We'll never find the Doctor without help. he looked a bit thick-headed. If I tell the Squire. 'Let's go back to the TARDIS then. They ducked behind the nearest pillar and watched from their hiding place as the stone oblong of the tomb swivelled to one side to reveal the entrance to a downward-leading flight of steps. We'll tie him up first and ask questions after!' Bending over the unconscious man.

'So tell me. I don't suppose I'll be long.the Revenue man. Duchess. old son.' His captive looked grimly at him. And take care. Ben knelt beside him. At the moment he was spluttering with rage. mate.' 'I am Josiah Blake . I can't take any chances.' 'All right. I got nabbed for . middle aged.' said.' Ben looked doubtful. 'I certainly don't fancy getting stuck here for good. You may be who you say. Don't you know who I am?' 'No. Ben bluntly. 'Hadn't I better go?' 'I'd sooner go myself. rogue.64 pointed out. What have you got to say for yourself?' His captive was a solidly built. square-jawed man.' 'Prove it!' 'My word is enough. 'And he's the only one who can work the TARDIS. or you may not. 'Untie me at once. Ben became aware that his captive was fully conscious and struggling furiously. mate. I don't really like it down here.' said Ben feelingly.. well-dressed and with an air of authority. 'All right. 'And who might you be.' 'You guard the prisoner and I'll go and tell the Squire. have it your way. mate!' 'Set me free this instant!' 'Sorry. eh?' 'You bet!' As Polly hurried away.' 'Not to me. sir tell me that!' 'Just a wandering sailor..' 'I see what you mean.

'Mister. mate!' 'It is the truth. No proof. eh?' said Ben happily. Those steps lead down to a series of caves which lead in turn to the beach. never fear.' To the beach. 'The Churchwarden is suspected.' He moved to the secret passage. But you say he is dead?' 'That's right. 'Where are you going?' demanded the Revenue man.which I did not do. . I won't be long. Now you've popped up on the scene of the crime! I reckon you're a good suspect. 'Just for a look-see mate. sir.. I had hoped to catch the villain red-handed. You just wait here!' Ignoring his furiously struggling captive. And you're stumped.' insisted the Revenue man. The Devil's Stairway 'tis called. as it happens.' 'Into the church?' scoffed Ben.' 'I am here in the pursuance of my duty.' 'I shall find proof a-plenty.65 murdering the poor old Churchwarden . 'I suppose the Churchwarden was in with them? Pull the other one. I am on the trail of smugglers. you've just brought me good news. Ben hurried away.. and I think the passage I've just discovered is one of their secret routes for the movement of contraband.

66 .

tapestried walls. remember .. and their ship's boat had landed them on the beach just below.. Marble floors. 'There's stuff here as'd fetch a pretty penny.' Cherub was looking round with a professional eye. polished tables bearing fine ornaments.' 'Belay that. and a long trudge up the Squire's gravelled carriage drive.and find . 'Aye. lad. 'We're poor honest sailormen. in the unaccustomed splendour of the Squire's hall..till we've found out all we need to know about these petty villains.67 7 Captured Pike and Cherub were waiting...' he whispered reverently. Pike looked round enviously. 'Here's style. Cherub. After a steep climb up the cliff path. a little uneasily. they had given their names to a supercilious footman and were now waiting to be summoned to the presence of the Squire. style.. The Squire's big house stood on the clifftops just outside the village.' ordered Pike fiercely. ancestral portraits on the walls. Then we'll take their store of smuggled goods and their money .

sir. 'Good day. I swear!' Pike laughed. 'Nay.' said Pike earnestly.. .' 'Kewper. eh. where is the fellow? Why is he not dealing with this matter himself?' 'That he is.' sighed Pike. such silks. 'We come on business. sir!' The Squire looked shrewdly at him. A treasure indeed. eh?' The Squire raised an eyebrow. 'This is worthy of a toast. Squire. Squire!' The Squire's plump face was alight with greed. making account of all our merchandise. 'Just honest merchants. 'The very words your friend Kewper used. 'By the way. where the Squire stood waiting for them.' 'Merchants. 'He's on board our ship. Their usual supplier's ship had been captured in an unfortunate encounter with a Revenue cutter.' 'Ah. sir. 'I see.' said Cherub heartily...' The Squire chuckled. Jacob Kewper by name. 'Such brandy and tobacco. come on a matter of business. and gasped as Pike's elbow took him in the ribs. He came forward to meet them. gentlemen. and he knew that Kewper was looking for a replacement.' said Pike hastily. Then you gentlemen must be. That's rich.68 Avery's treasure into the bargain!' He put his finger to his lips as the footman returned and ushered them into the study. Will you take wine with me?' Cherub opened his mouth to accept. sir. 'Honest merchants. I insist you drink with me. d'ye see? We was sent by a friend of yourn. bulky and impressive in his fine clothes..

' 'And where must we land our boats. no doubt. Before the Squire could answer the door was flung open and Polly burst in.' said Cherub. eh?' Pike winked at Cherub..' said Pike. 'Take your hands off .' 'Shameful. 'To a fair landfall and no tales told!' 'Aye. where ye store the merchandise. 'We must make new arrangements. sir?' asked Pike. Where to land the boats. 'And him a most holy-minded man too. and so say I. 'Brandy. but he has recently been most foully murdered. 'Most suitable.' 'It is of no consequence. But what would Kewper have me do?' 'He thought you might have time to indicate such details as trouble we poor sailors. 'To the business in hand.' said Pike. gripping his glass so fiercely that it shattered in his hand. 'tis made to the old church. wincing a little. sir. followed by the footman who was trying in vain to prevent her. A likely spot.' said the Squire. eh?' He raised his glass.. And who will receive the goods there?' The Squire frowned.' said Cherub.. 'Now.' He poured brandy from a decanter into crystal glasses and passed them round. unused to such fine things.69 gentlemen. It used to be our Churchwarden.' 'As for delivery.' 'Indeed yes. silks and tobacco. 'He's a poor rough sailorman. 'Forgive him.. And there's the matter of payment. Squire. 'To gallant sailors and their fine cargo!' Pike swigged his brandy. sir Squire. He poured Cherub another glass.

Somehow we must escape. as the man grabbed hold of her. 'I must help them.' He waved the footman away. 'Now tell me. the cat-of-nine-tails in his hand. The Squire stared at her. We didn't kill your Churchwarden. knife and pistol in his belt. 'Well done. You may leave the villain to us.. the Doctor had made the best of things by demanding food. 'It's you! You're the one who kidnapped the Doctor!' The Doctor meanwhile was still an unwilling guest in Captain Pike's cabin.' . closing the door behind him. when the meal was over. 'Are they in trouble?' 'They were taken up for the murder of our Churchwarden which I now learn was done by the man called Cherub!' The Doctor lowered his voice. and the Doctor was sharing this simple meal with Kewper. and Polly turned excitedly to the Squire.70 me. Jacob Kewper.' shouted Polly. Since escape for the moment seemed impossible.. 'You've got it all wrong. 'Can you give me any news of my two young friends?' 'Sad news I fear. 'By Heaven. sharing it now with the innkeeper.. sir.' The footman withdrew. The cabin-boy had brought them bread and cheese and wine. it's one of the strangers who murdered the Churchwarden. Jamaica stood guard at the door. my good fellow.' he said. as she registered the presence of Cherub.' said Kewper awkwardly.. sir. The Doctor frowned. but we think we've captured the man who did -' She broke off.

'Why did he kidnap you. 'For their sakes. It seems this Churchwarden of yours knew something about it.. though he will destroy our village in the finding of it!' 'But the authorities.. 'Bear with me. and for the sake of the whole village. Master Kewper. Few men have encountered that deadly hook and lived to tell of it. We must escape and warn them!' The Doctor looked at the watchful Jamaica.' 'He does seem rather a violent man. sir. sir. the men of the village. 'Twill be a massacre.71 'Indeed we must.' protested the Doctor. sir.' Kewper's eyes widened. sir. do you play cards?' Polly was still blurting out her somewhat confused story . Once Pike has laid his plans. 'They'd be no match for Pike and his crew..' 'If that be so. we and the village are lost. sir..' agreed the Doctor. 'Escape will not be easy while our friend is there.' whispered Kewper.' 'The man Pike is the bloodiest pirate now alive. 'then Pike will have the treasure. and he is determined to find it. I think I may have a plan. if I may ask?' 'He thinks I hold the secret of a treasure that belonged to a pirate called A very. Is it in our village?' 'Pike believes so. Tell me.' said Kewper fearfully. 'Avery's gold? 'Tis said to be buried ashore.' He thought hard for a moment.' 'I don't understand.

72 to an increasingly sceptical audience. and that you spoke to him?' said the Squire triumphantly. the Squire snorted in disdain. .' said Cherub sadly. Then the Squire said blusteringly. eh.' 'But we haven't done anything!' 'A man is dead.I do not believe one word of it!' 'Such a sweet young face. Cherub shook his head. When she finished. 'A damning fact indeed!' 'From the mouths of babes. A dangerous business!' Polly was still appealing to the Squire.' said Pike. 'But we really are innocent!' She pointed to Cherub. Cap'n.but you took him! And it wouldn't surprise me if you had a hand in killing the Churchwarden too!' There was a moment's uneasy silence. 'Of all the trumped up tales . 'There's none took sick aboard our vessel. 'So it does. Why should we have need of a sawbones?' 'I don't know why .' Pike laughed scornfully. and yet so wicked.' 'Young folk are not what they were in our day. and not to be trusted. You and your friends are strangers. I can vouch for them. 'Cease these vile slanders! These gentlemen are honest merchants. 'And that man there kidnapped the Doctor.' said the Squire accusingly. 'He was alive when we left him -' 'Then you admit you were at the church. 'Such violence from one so young.' said Pike unctuously. 'It smells of a trap.

that'd be the way of it.' Cherub whipped off his neckerchief. eh?' 'It might be as well to restrain the young fellow.' 'A happy thought.. it could well be so.. and see to our friend from the Revenue. but Polly wasn't amused. 'Here is cord. do we look like a pair of black-hearted villains?' Polly didn't bother to reply. perhaps. investigating your church?' The Squire looked worried. 'Time is short.' 'He could be one of your mutual friends. Squire.' 'Aye. Polly was bound and .' said Pike cunningly.' agreed Cherub.' 'We'll ride for the church this instant!' said the Squire excitedly. 'In case of misfortune like. Captain.' suggested Pike. 'I know not who he may be. 'And here is silence!' Struggling furiously. 'Recapture this villain's accomplice. Squire. 'We must prepare.' said the Squire. the Squire produced some lengths of thin rope.' 'As for this poor fellow you claim to have captured. 'Come now. Wicked they are today.. These men are your villains!' Pike gave her a reproachful look.' suggested Cherub. Cap'n.' Rummaging in a corner cupboard. 'And we'll take our prize with us. 'Indeed. sir.' 'Then perhaps it might be as well if we set out for the church. you're being made a fool of..' said Cherub. 'A Revenue man. Tall into the trap a-purpose like?' Pike nodded. The two men seemed to be sharing some private joke. 'Can't you see.73 Cherub?' 'Indeed not.

in a way. He grinned cheerfully at his captive. There was Polly. that there was a way from the crypt down to the beach. Ben followed the steps down into a secret tunnel. and discovered. as he had hoped. . the TARDIS is there. emerging in the cave where they'd landed.' said the man sourly. I say!' Ben wasn't listening.' Ben was talking to himself more than to his prisoner. pistol in one hand. 'Thing is.and stopped as he saw a burly figure barring his way. 'Stand fast there I say!' Dazedly Ben saw other figures behind him.. concealing the secret door. unharmed.' said Ben impatiently. all ready for us to get away. you wouldn't understand. of course not. 'Free me. 'But it comes out just where the TARDIS is!' 'TARDIS? Is that your ship?' 'Well. apparently bound and gagged. 'What a turn-up for the books! You don't know what a god turn you've done me mate!' 'I do not share your joyous feeling.74 gagged. which led into the caves. Ben pushed the tomb closed behind him.right to the spot I've been looking for!' 'What? Are you one of these smuggling rogues after all then?' 'No. he went back to into the crypt. If only I can find the others we can all escape!' Ben turned and ran up the steps from the crypt . 'That tunnel leads right down to the beach . sword in the other. where his captive was still struggling furiously. Returning the way he had come. It was the Squire..

'Captured again. eh. . lad?' said the Squire triumphantly. he advanced on Ben. 'This time your tricks won't help you!' Raising his sword.75 and next to her the leader of the gang that had kidnapped the Doctor.

76 .

then? He's a right villain. His right arm ended in a leather-covered stump. 'They are honest merchants both of them. 'That's him! That's the bloke who kidnapped the Doctor!' There was another man. Ben jerked his head towards Cherub.' . black-bearded and more finely dressed beside Cherub. lad. 'And you debase the character of my dear friend here. he is!' 'I know these gentlemen.77 8 The Squire's Plan Ben backed away. Bind him.' said the Squire. and the Squire covered Ben with his pistol while Cherub lashed his hands behind him. 'You're wrong. boy! You're a vagabond like your friend here. Master Cherub!' 'Willingly Squire!' Cherub fished a length of spare cord from his pocket. 'What about him. and not to be trusted.' said Captain Pike. pointing to Cherub.' Cherub smirked. Ben turned desperately to the Squire. 'Why won't you believe us?' 'Hold your tongue.

'Cap'n.' ordered Pike. one Josiah . I'll just borrow a knife. 'We'd be rid of the pack of them. Squire. of course.' said Blake stiffly.' 'Then make use of him.' He made a swift. 'Squire! Help me!' It was Blake. the Revenue man..' Hurrying across to his two new partners the Squire whispered. The Squire winced and Pike said. nothing.. Cherub. How much does he know.78 From inside the crypt a hoarse voice cried.' said the Squire eagerly. 'Why. as is his duty.' 'Will you release me. Squire. that's it. 'Cut him free. you have laid hands on one of the King's Revenue men. Let him take those prisoners off your hands.. it's Mr Blake! What in blazes are you doing here?' 'I should be obliged if you would release me before asking your questions. still lying there forgotten. hold hard. 'Yes. The Squire went over to him. 'Nay. or slit his throat. thinking wistfully how much simpler it would be to slip the dagger in the exciseman's ribs.. 'It is as we thought. should I. There's trouble afoot!' Cherub produced his knife... Squire? For certain like?' 'Why. throat-slitting gesture with the blade.. and Cherub drew his knife and went over to the bound man. sir?' bellowed Blake.' 'Aye. I suppose. 'To add to your crimes.. The Squire rounded on Ben. who was standing beside Polly. his arms bound. Cherub. He sliced through the knotted leather belt with the razor-sharp blade. This Blake is a Revenue man.

. Cherub said hurriedly. our Churchwarden. but their cunning was such that they escaped. and my duty is the apprehension of the smugglers who infest these parts. rubbing his numbed wrists. As he came over to them. looking far from happy.' The Squire knew full well that he had very little of a case against the two unfortunate vagabonds. or rather Pike's plan as it really was.' 'Listen!' yelled Ben. 'Ah.' Blake went on looking at him. Then he said slowly. the Squire said pompously. and not your sheriff. would rid him of an inquisitive Revenue man and two troublesome captives. Squire.' Josiah Blake stared thoughtfully at Polly and Ben. 'Aye. 'With respect. they could be smugglers. I am a Revenue man. Take my word for it. It was clear that Josiah Blake didn't welcome the scheme. Shall I quieten him?' . we haven't done a thing. these two ruffians murdered Joseph Longfoot.. 'The lad's tongue wags overmuch for my liking.79 Blake. But Taunton was several days ride away and his plan. and so they murdered him.' The Revenue man in question was struggling to his feet. 'We haven't killed anyone and we haven't smuggled anything. They must be taken to the jail at Taunton where they will be held fast until their trial. and it seemed almost as if he was impressed by Ben's evident sincerity. 'Master Blake. Squire. Maybe the Churchwarden stumbled on their evil doings.' Cherub gestured to the two young prisoners. stamping to put life back into his limbs. but might these two not be smugglers too. We imprisoned them in the inn.

' warned the Squire.' 'They are wily knaves.' Producing a grimy rag from his pocket. 'Here. you villains. I must thank you for delivering me from these two rogues.80 'Agreed. These the Doctor was laying out.' Blake took the pistol and waved Polly and Ben towards the steps. Squire. take my pistol. face down.' Blake followed his prisoners up the stairs. 'Now gentlemen. he had persuaded the man to provide them with a pack of tattered. Cherub went over to Ben and promptly gagged him. Kewper and Jamaica watched in fascination as the Doctor spread out the cards with the expertise of a professional card-sharp. greasy playing cards. Pike. Good-day to you. Reminding Jamaica of Pike's orders that they were to be well treated. triumphant grins. Blake studied the two bound and gagged prisoners a moment longer and seemed to come to a decision.. on the wine splashed. let's see if this works. the Squire and Cherub watched them go. 'Move. 'Very well.. shall we? Master Kewper. . hook-scarred table in Pike's cabin. Squire -and to you. though he was planning to remedy that state of affairs as soon as possible. The Doctor too was still a prisoner. He looked up and beamed at them. They looked at each other with broad. take any five cards. gentlemen.' Kewper reached out and selected five cards at random from the semi-circle fanned out on the table. I will take them off your hands and deal with them as they deserve.

' The Doctor pointed.' said the Doctor solemnly. 'The cards would have it so. his face grave. He studied the cards for a moment. this Jack of Spades is Master Cherub. 'Aye. 'After him. 'Come on. I am no knave.. But on your head be it!' The Doctor leaned over the cards. this time face up.' The Doctor shook his head gloomily.. 'Do not mock the mysteries which you do not understand. That's Cherub right enough. 'This is all very strange. my friend. my good fellow. 'Master Kewper are you sure you wish me to go on?' 'Aye. a king and one ace.' said Kewper gruffly.' He pointed to the Jack of Clubs. matey . 'I can tell your fate without no cards.' He lowered his voice to a thrilling whisper. 'I've no fear of what lies in the cards. 'Let me know what the future holds. comes the King of . 'Take care. 'Brave words. 'This is your card.. good innkeeper!' 'Nay. swept the rest of the pack aside and spread the five out in a smaller semi-circle. Now.. three jacks.death!' But he edged closer to see what was going on. it seems.' said Kewper impatiently. and disturbing.' The Doctor looked shrewdly at him.81 The Doctor took the five cards. old man. peering at the cards. there's his dagger.' Jamaica came and leaned over the table. There were four picture cards. Read the cards!' 'Very well.or death!' Jamaica laughed uneasily. 'These cards may hold the key to your life .

that must be Pike. 'Death!' Kewper gave him a worried look.. quickly now!' Using shirts and cravats from Pike's wardrobe they bound and gagged the unfortunate Jamaica and rolled .' agreed Kewper. 'Well done innkeeper.and somehow the cards slipped from the Doctor's hands. Doctor?' 'You are not afraid?' 'No. 'But who is this Jack of Diamonds? What's he?' 'I've no idea. The Doctor stepped back and beckoned to Kewper.' 'Then shuffle the cards to know your fate my friend.. 'They are only cards . Jamaica ain't afraid.' 'Be it the Cap'n?' asked Jamaica nervously. whoever he is. 'But he. there's his beard!' 'Aye. He held out the pack of cards. cascading to the floor.' said the Doctor placidly. And for one of the others in the circle the last card of all is waiting..' He tapped the Ace of Spades. 'Will you read my fortune. collecting up and stacking the cards with that same rippling ease..' said the Doctor. "Tis madness .' 'Call it that if you will. Instinctively Jamaica bent to pick them up.. As Jamaica fell.all madness. my friend. who leaped forwards and clubbed the sailor down with a savage blow behind the ear.. the Doctor said.82 Spades.' said the Doctor impressively.but they can tell the truth about a man . 'See.any man. Jamaica reached out to take them . We must bind and gag him. the blackest villain of all. will triumph in the end.' 'Like me?' asked Jamaica fascinated.

'Perhaps. and had no scruples in using the Doctor to achieve his aims. covering him with a grimy counterpane. When we inform him of the truth. which appeared deserted..' 'The best way to do that would be to seek the aid of the Squire. and he saw it as his duty.' 'Indeed it is. We must somehow slip away from this ship.' 'Yes.' agreed Kewper piously.' They moved cautiously out onto the deck. all that you said? A rigmarole to bedazzle this pirate?' The Doctor smiled enigmatically.' In fact Kewper neither knew nor cared whether the Squire would release his prisoners. 'Farewell. 'Did you not say he was the one who arrested them. and quickly if I am to find and help my young friends. 'No doubt it would be as well to have the law on our side. 'It was but trickery.' said the Doctor thoughtfully. 'A guileful trick. thought the Doctor. I hope your fortune turns out well.' said Kewper slyly.83 him onto the daybed. We have no time for idle speculation. and now holds them prisoner?' 'He is the Magistrate. honesty will surely be rewarded. The Doctor looked down at Jamaica's huddled form. He just wanted to get back in contact with him as soon as possible..' said Kewper appreciatively. Probably no proper watch was kept on the pirate ship while it was at anchor.. 'In these black times. Doctor. my friend.. As if to . my man. In the absence of the captain and first mate the crew were no doubt either sleeping or boozing. he will no doubt release them.

' the Squire was saying.' Pike shook his head admiringly. and you could still slit the man's throat afterwards. Squire. We can cast off and be away afore these drunken swabs know we're free!' He helped the Doctor to climb over the side. 'Rid of the law and of those villains at one and the same time! Indeed. Kewper was already calling him to the side of the ship. Doctor. My boat's still tied up where I left her. followed by Cherub and Pike. 'Such guile and wisdom. At least he'd die happy. 'I feel well rid of those two young blackguards. If only I had your quickness of mind. He was still preening himself on his own brilliance an illusion which the two pirates were encouraging for purposes of their own. The Squire came out into the churchyard. eh Cherub?' Pike winked at his henchman.84 confirm his theory. y'know tis a pity not to use 'em. I . 'This way. 'A master of men.' Cherub was quick to agree. a snatch of drunken song and a burst of raucous laughter floated along from somewhere below decks. Cap'n. 'Indeed. no less. if one has the brains. The kid glove on the iron hand. 'And to get rid of the Revenue man so easily at the same time.' Cherub rubbed his hands. Flattery was cheap. 'Such subtle ways gladden the soul!' The Squire positively glowed. 'Well.' Pike laid on the flattery with a shovel. Squire.

The tomb was like an enormous stone box. 'I could surprise you further!' Pike looked properly impressed. Vain as he was. to elude the eyes of the Revenue men. as the sea is yours. moved by night on trains of packhorses. The Squire beamed. 'The land is our domain. 'tis clear enough. shoved hard and the whole top of the tomb slid back like the lid of an old-fashioned pencil box. 'The grave has its secrets. and it was filled to the brim with kegs of brandy. the Squire wasn't a complete fool. and canvas-swathed bundles of tobacco. sir Squire?' 'Like this!' The Squire went over to the big tomb in the middle of the churchyard. you understand?' Pike understood very well. Pike and Cherub leaned over to peer inside.85 find my confidence in you grows more and more. 'Tobacco. eh gentlemen?' Pike's eyes were shining with greed. Squire?' asked Cherub menacingly. From here the bundles would be scattered about the countryside. 'all fears be now dispelled. I think. brandy this is our immediate cache.' said Cherub. Our .' 'And why not here. bales of silk.' 'Aye. He pressed a particular piece of moulding. where you will be met. 'Aye.' The Squire waved his hand airily. Squire. 'Few graves hold secrets as worldly as these. With you to lead us. 'How so. But where do we stow our merchandise?' 'Why upon the beach. how can we fail?' 'Indeed we cannot!' The Squire gave them a cunning look. Squire. silks.

' said the Squire. they thought the Trade beneath them.' 'Why.' said Pike cheerily. by tomorrow's tide!' Pike nodded. Is the money at hand?' 'Never fear. we land our merchandise. And the hour agreed?' 'A small beacon will be lit on the shore. and of the money he must have made from the immensely profitable trade. close to the first.' 'And if there is danger? What then?' 'A second beacon will be lit.this tomb will be empty again. apparently satisfied. as to the matter of payment. What do you say. we are suited then.' Neither Pike nor Cherub had any intention of actually doing any smuggling. But I can tell you this . Tm sure you know best. Pike was determined that the treasure would be found . then. gentlemen. will you come home and dine with me?' Pike and Cherub protested that they would be . 'Tomorrow night. Meanwhile he had to go through the motions of his smuggler's role. and there you will be met. our routes and hiding-places must remain our own. To Pike the Squire was simply a sort of bonus to go with Avery's treasure . they would steal the lot and be on their way. as pirates. However.that or a consolation prize.if he had to destroy the village and murder every single inhabitant in the process. at two hours after midnight. Indeed. 'Except of course. 'But such matters are best settled over good food and good wine. in case the treasure was never found. Make for the beacon. Squire.86 methods. That done. Their simple plan was to discover the whereabouts of his main cache of smuggled goods.

87 honoured. Followed by his two unreliable allies, the Squire made for the three horses, tethered by the church gate. Tired and footsore Polly and Ben limped into the stable yard of the inn; Josiah Blake, the Revenue man, followed close behind them. The two young people collapsed exhausted onto bales of straw. To their amazement Blake removed their gags, then took out a big clasp-knife and began severing their bonds. 'What are you doing?' croaked Polly. 'Is it not obvious?' 'Yeah - but why?' demanded Ben. 'Whose side are you on anyway, mate?' 'Let us say that even though I do not know you, I find it easier to have faith in you than in the Squire and his friends.' 'Thank goodness someone believes us,' said Polly with relief. Ben nodded. 'Yeah, I was beginning to get worried.' 'I have not said I trust you completely,' warned Blake. 'But you don't trust the Squire at all, do you?' said Polly shrewdly. 'Why not?' 'Because I believe him to be the leader of the entire smuggling ring.'


89 9 Pike's Revenge There was a moment of astonished silence, as Polly and Ben absorbed what Blake had said. Perhaps it wasn't so unbelievable after all, thought Polly. It helped to explain much of the Squire's strange behaviour, his fear and suspicion of strangers. Ben felt he had scores to settle with the Squire. 'Listen, if we can help you nobble him - capture him, I mean...' Blake shook his head. 'No, boy, this is a job for armed men, and plenty of them.' 'Armed men?' exclaimed Polly. 'Are you expecting real trouble then?' 'Did you not note those two cut-throats with the Squire, and all three as thick as thieves? Seamen, smugglers I'll be bound. In a night or two they'll be landing their cargo on the beach, with the Squire and his men waiting to meet them.' Ben nodded eagerly. 'And that's when you plan to nab the lot of them?'

90 'If I can persuade the authorities to send enough armed men, Revenue men or Militia maybe... But the Squire has powerful friends - as yet I have no real proof...' 'If those people with the Squire are only smugglers,' said Polly slowly, 'what did they want with the Doctor?' 'Who knows,' said Ben. 'You know the Doctor, he's got a funny way of landing himself right in it - and us with him!' 'Your Master, the Doctor,' said Blake, 'he is a learned man, I take it?' 'Not half.' said Ben simply. 'Nothing wrong with that, is there?' Blake frowned. 'A soldier might be more use to us at this point.' 'Don't underestimate the power of brains,' said Polly. 'The Doctor may not be a soldier, but he's quite crafty enough to think his way out of trouble. At least, that's what he did back in London...' 'Indeed - and why not here?' said a familiar voice. Tired and dusty but as indomitable as ever, the Doctor strode into the stable yard. Polly ran up to him, and hugged him, showering him with questions. 'Doctor, what happened? Where did they take you? How did you escape?' 'My dear child, control yourself...' Gently disengaging himself the Doctor gave a brief account of his adventures. '... and so finally I escaped - in the company of Mr Kewper.' 'But he's in with the Squire,' protested Ben. 'Is he?' said the Doctor vaguely, not realising the

'Who is now engaged in yet more villainy with your friend. Kewper. We know now who killed the Churchwarden. 'Kewper is believed to be deeply involved with the smugglers and he knows me well!' The Doctor raised his voice warningly. 'You're free then? We were coming to release you.' said Polly triumphantly.' Blake stepped out of the shadows. Doctor. He knows we're innocent. Kewper swung round on the Doctor. 'Who was it?' asked Polly. Kewper looked in some surprise at Polly and Ben. there you are. 'Mr Blake knows all about it. have you.' said Blake when Ben had finished. 'It's true. 'So you've led me into a trap.' said Ben. old man? Had I known you were a Revenuers spy -' He moved threateningly towards the Doctor. 'Anyway. 'A villain they call Cherub. and suddenly Polly realised that she'd given the game away.' The Doctor looked at Blake. Master Blake. 'The boy is right. 'Not so. and that it's you and the Squire who are up to something!' Kewper's face twisted with rage.' he protested feebly.' Kewper was clearly taken aback. 'Ah. the Squire. 'I don't think I have the pleasure of knowing this gentleman?' 'This is Mr Blake. he's with me now. He just popped into the inn to see how things were. my good fellow!' Blake stepped back into the shadows. .91 extent of the Squire's villainy. the Revenue man. Helped and interrupted by Polly he gave the Doctor a brief account of their recent adventures.

and everybody stood very still. Cap'n. Master Kewper!' snapped Blake. I ll tear out your liver and feed it to the sharks.. Suddenly Kewper produced a pistol from beneath his cloak and the Doctor realised he must have fetched it from the inn. 'But for that I'd slay you now. For a moment the pistol was trained on the Doctor. Witchcraft! Spare me!' . Blake ran out into the yard after him.. Kewper swung himself on to its back and galloped away. a shot rang out. and Blake ducked back into cover. was tethered in the yard. my pretty death's-head. Cap'n! I swear it weren't no fault of mine. Cap'n. I swear it!' Pike's hook was inches from Jamaica's throat. now released from his bonds.' said Kewper at last. ye sea-slime!' 'The old man cast a spell on me. Doctor. 'Stand back!' snarled Kewper. The next time we meet . With the terrible hook back in place he towered over the terrified Jamaica.look not for pity then!' A saddled horse. 'They tricked me. a spell that'll run from ear to ear!' 'It was the black arts. who was kneeling at his feet begging for mercy. belonging presumably to the landlord of the inn. I ll cast a spell on ye. 'Escaped!' bellowed Pike. They all listened helplessly as the hoofbeats of Kewper's horse faded away into the distance.' snarled Pike.' 'You black-hearted swab. Kewper turned in his saddle.92 'Hold. 'You helped me escape.

They said he was the Law. and suddenly Jamaica felt a chill of fear.' 'Aye... Jamaica. Some will go direct to the church and loot the smugglers' store. 'You'd never make a skipper. Cap'n. lad.' 'Then speak... lad. they'll be on the watch for us.. the village. Cap'n? The inn.' Pike smiled evilly. boyo. and the Squire's fine Hall. 'Aye. but we'll scupper 'em and land by day.. and Jamaica scrambled to his feet. you're short of guile. Cap'n?' 'They might.93 'Spare ye? I'll keel-haul ye! Where could they be a-making for?' 'I know that. boyo.but somehow I doubts as how he will. but if the Doctor goes to the Authorities.. 'I heard 'em talking.' said Jamaica eagerly.' said Pike softly. the Squire'11 be quick enough to turn against us. 'Then we must surprise 'em.. 'Do you think they might try to trap us.' His rage seemed to have lessened now. while ye've still got the breath!' 'They said somethin' about going to see the Squire. eh. it'll be a merry night. at two. We go tonight at one!' Pike gave his evil smile again.' Desperately trying to regain his Captain's favour Jamaica said cunningly.. if he'd the will he could call in the Militia . Do you think they trust me? Any dark night. Jamaica tried to smile. 'But not for you!' ... 'Aye and there'll be fine plunder. while me and Cherub will search for Avery's gold. They expect us tomorrow..

He stopped in the doorway.' muttered Pike. Polly. He turned to run. the fire. Ben and Blake the Revenue man were in conference in the inn. and Jamaica crashed to the ground. 'Where's Cherub. there was a choking gurgle. Cap'n! I've searched from stem to stern and no one's seen him.. 'No. twitched for a moment and then lay still... 'Cherub!' For once Cherub failed to appear at his Captain's call. but Pike's hook flashed out and caught him by his neckcloth. eh? Go and fetch the swab!' He thrust the man away. 'Cherub ain't aboard. 'Not aboard? Then where in Satan's name is he?' The Doctor. 'Fare thee well. so we believe that Captain Pike intends to ransack .94 Jamaica's eyes widened with fear. were comparing notes. Cap'n. '. and the relative peace and quiet. Jamaica!' He moved to the cabin door and bellowed. while Polly and Ben enjoyed the food and drink. Blake and the Doctor. Minutes later the man was back. had been called away on urgent business. Kewper.' The hook flashed out.' 'But we came back from dining with the Squire together. telling her only that her master. 'Cherub! Where in the fires of hell are ye?' Instead a skinny little pirate called Crow appeared. Pike leaned forward and wiped his hook on the dead man's shirt. reacting in horror to the sight of Jamaica's body. Blake had persuaded a sullen barmaid to serve them bread and cheese and beer. who seemed to have hit it off..

the villagers slaughtered. 'Stableboy? Stable-boy. When?' 'I can't say for sure .but soon. Ben . in an attempt to find Avery's hidden treasure.' 'We must prevent that if we can.' Blake frowned. and the village as well if need be.' said the Doctor quietly.' Polly was horrified. perhaps.' said the Doctor slowly. the whole village destroyed. Mr Blake. you can bet on it!' Blake jumped up. 'Why? What for?' 'It is Pike's way. There could be a massacre.' 'Now that Kewper has escaped. 'the smugglers will have some prior knowledge of Pike's intentions. Doctor.' said Blake bluntly. 'Innocent and guilty alike. The Doctor looked up at him and Tom vanished as quickly as he had come. 'You had better be on your away. 'Indeed? Strange news this..' Ben said... Which may give me the chance to bring in the militia. "They'll be at each other's throats. 'Such men. saw the Doctor and then froze as if hypnotised.95 the old church. Tomorrow night. when their blood is up can destroy all before them.' Blake ran to the door shouting. 'Death and destruction are his trade.' 'Why don't you just let them fight it out?' suggested Ben. 'And they'll be after the treasure too. The Squire's Hall will be pillaged and burnt.. where are you?' Tom appeared in the doorway. or even tonight.' said Blake grimly.

Doc?' asked Ben. 'Who knows. 'Wouldn't we. Ben turned to the Doctor. It leads into that same cave where we left the TARDIS.' 'Thank goodness for that. 'I'm afraid I can't leave here.' said Polly.' 'You heard what Blake said.' As Blake hurried away. Doc? We've got no ties here!' 'I have become involved in the affairs of this village.' protested Ben. A clue to the treasure!' . 'We wouldn't stand a chance.' He turned in the doorway. Clearly.moral obligation. Not yet. my interference may even have brought about the threat of destruction. What's more I have something he doesn't.' The Doctor gave her one of his infuriatingly superior smiles. Tom still thought the Doctor was a warlock. all of you. We can get there whenever we like. Doctor.96 grinned. 'Pike's mob are a right bunch of yobbos.' said the Doctor gently. boy . and I don't suppose the smugglers are much better. I feel I must at least try to ward off the danger. 'Fetch my horse. Blake bellowed after him. whatever the tide's doing. 'Isn't that wonderful Doctor?' But the Doctor's face was grave.and quickly. 'We can leave this place as soon as we like. It may be difficult for you to understand. 'Goodbye.and escaped from him. 'What's the matter. There's a secret passage in the crypt of the church. but I feel a . my dear? You forget I've already met Pike .' 'Obligation to what. What can we do against that lot?' Polly agreed. until Mr Blake returns. I pray to God I may return in time.

' 'Well said. 'Come on Doctor. 'All right.' said Polly.97 Polly stared at him. 'Bye.' called Polly.' said the Doctor. 'So the old Churchwarden did tell you something?' Ben gave the Doctor a suspicious look. 'Extraordinary infant.' said the Doctor quietly.' From the stables Tom watched them disappear into the distance. Tom.and found himself facing Cherub. As the Doctor rose. 'Come along. we must get off to the church and hope our luck holds out.' 'Possibly he might spend enough time to allow Mr Blake to get here.' 'I wouldn't fancy trying to do a deal with Pike.' said the Doctor. answering the spirit of Ben's reply rather than his actual words. 'I can't see him spending much time talking it over. 'Now. I'll try anything once. who stood smiling at him. Tom turned and fled back to the shelter of his stables. Ben. we could use it to bargain for the safety of the village.' 'You're a right coupleof nutcases. With a sigh of relief he turned away .' said Ben frankly. 'Enough time to save the people of this village. what are you up to?' 'If we could find that treasure before anyone else. my boy. we've got to get off to the church.' He looked up and saw that Tom was standing in the doorway staring unwinkingly at him. . It'd be cruel not to.' grumbled Ben. wondering why they hadn't used their broomsticks. you two.' 'He's right. 'We've got to do all we can.

Tom lad..' Light glinted on the blade of the knife in Cherub's hand.' said Cherub gently. 'Be a pal and tell us where they've gone.98 'They've gone. ..

we need not sink. The Squire shuddered at his narrow escape. he burst into the Squire's study unannounced and poured out his story. so respectful.the bloodiest pirate still afloat.Pike? I can scarce believe it. The Squire's normally purple complexion was a sickly white by the time Kewper had finished his tale. If we keep our minds clear.99 10 Treasure Hunt Kewper rode up the Squire's drive at a gallop. indeed we may even profit!' 'How. He'd not . scattering gravel beneath his horses hooves.' said Kewper grimly. 'But I have delivered all our plans into their hands. 'That merchant captain . He was so humble..only more cunningly." 'At least you live to tell of it. 'What can we do?' 'We must play them at their own game ..' 'The man has tricked me. profit?' 'Pike only talked to you to spy out the land. Flinging the reins to an astonished footman.. ' 'I tell you he's Pike .' he wailed.

but his real interest here lies in a far greater prize. They firmly believe that the gold is hidden somewhere beneath our Church.but gold or no gold we must crush the pirates or we shall be dead men. 'Then we must use guile. of that I am sure. our late Churchwarden was.' 'I have told them of the place on the shore where they must land and shown them the tomb that hides some of our store.' 'Pike and his men will commit any villainy for that gold.' 'In these parts?' 'It seems that Longfoot. at some time. 'tis a dream to conjure with. They tracked him to his lair because they believe him to have knowledge of the treasure's hiding place.or a good part of it at least.' said the Squire wonderingly. Avery's Treasure!' Treasure?' asked the Squire blankly.100 be averse to picking up a little extra loot .' said the Squire quaveringly. So we must act first. part of that murderous band that was Avery's crew.' 'I want no bloodshed. Forestall the villains and leave them nothing!' 'We must set a trap. So we must be the sooner!' The Squire rubbed his hands.' said Kewper thoughtfully. 'If we find the gold then we are made men . Twenty well-hidden muskets and they are done for!' The Squire chuckled.' said the Squire apologetically. They will go to the church soon. 'Then we can guess the path they will take tonight. is it not?' 'Indeed! And hidden within our grasp. 'Aye. 'And there's a triumph for Law . 'What treasure? 'Avery's gold . 'Aye. But Kewper seemed pleased. that's it.' 'Avery's gold.

' The Squire led the way outside... which looked eerie in the dull afternoon light. No need to smuggle brandy then. eh? Smugglers destroyed! First we must find Avery's gold. 'Well. His face hardened. 'Just we two?' 'To be sure. The Doctor led his companions into the churchyard. 'Pike thought that this Doctor had some clue to the secret. where do we start?' 'What did the Churchwarden tell you. Birch!' Then he turned back to Kewper.. we take none other into this but our two selves. I'm trying to work it out!' . 'But sooner than that. 'For Heaven's sake..' The Squire swung himself into his saddle. boy. eh?' 'Alone?' asked Kewper. 'My horse. Smallbeer and Gurniy'" 'What does it mean?' asked Ben. 'Well.' said Kewper as he climbed into his saddle. we must search the harder.101 and Order. 'Avery's gold! We'll both be rich men. where two saddled horses were waiting. it's some kind of code. Doc?' The Doctor frowned.' He raised his voice. 'Some bit of doggerel verse: "This is Deadman's secret key Kingwood. I should like to see them dead!' The two allies rode away. Polly looked round. eh?' 'I should like to see their faces when they find the treasure gone. 'Have we no clue as to where this treasure lies?' Kewper shrugged.

' Ben wandered over to a moss-covered stone. It's the answer to the puzzle.not to them.' 'No. 'Deadman's secret key. 'No. that's it.102 'Sorry!' Polly drew him aside. The names!' 'What is?' asked Polly. 'Take a butchers at this one.' 'The crypt!' said Polly. The names of dead people ..on tombstones. Too public. too exposed. 'Fancy lot of tombstones!' 'Let's see if we can find the oldest. The names! Of course. 'How about this one then .' said Polly .' said Ben suddenly. we're in sixteen hundred and something. so I forgot!' It was strange. This isn't the twentieth-century remember.' 'All right.' Ben looked round. then.. not here. 1593!' "That's not so old . He'll tell us when he's getting anywhere. 'Here.' 'Some of these old names are wonderful. thought Ben. before that. in the graveyard?' The Doctor shook his head.' Ben looked round. how quickly you got used to being around hundreds of years before you'd been born. He read it out: 'Henry Hawksworth he did die Of drinking too much small beer When he was dry. 'What did you say?' 'Lucinda Maltree. 'Here's a good one. 'Better leave him to it.Lucinda Marltree!' Suddenly the Doctor swung round.. 'All those burial plaques and ..

'Yes. most ingenious.' said the Doctor. Ben shoved the tomb back in place. yes. Polly meanwhile had been studying memorial flagstones set into the floor. 'Where is it?' Ben found the right tomb and heaved it to one side. Now what?' 'We must find the names first.' 'Only one more to go. 'What was that rhyme again Doctor?' The Doctor recited it: 'This is Deadman's secret key Ringwood.103 flagstones in the crypt!' 'My dear girl.' said the Doctor. 'You're quite inspired . that's it exactly. I've found Ringwood!' 'Well done.' said the Doctor absently.' said Polly excitedly.' said Ben exactly. quickly!' He led them into the church and down the stairs into the crypt. my dear. my boy. 'Now what are we looking for?' asked Ben. revealing the steps. names on tombstones. Smallbeer and Gurney' "That's it. 'That is the first step!' 'Don't you want to see the secret tunnel I found?' 'Oh. 'Now close it. very well. After a moment he called. you're the skipper. . 'Here's Gurney! That's two of 'em. We must find the others quickly!' Ben joined in the search.' said the Doctor ungraciously.come along now. Now keep looking. will you?' 'OK. 'Dead man's secret. Polly said.' Resignedly. 'Ringwood.

Pike would be more watchful. 'Nor me. the Doctor and his companions had come to a dead end. I think. 'Strange indeed!' 'Are we forestalled?' 'Perhaps.104 Ben wandered round the crypt.' said the Doctor. 'Could it be that pestiferous Doctor?' 'If it is. we've found our three names. that's . Smallbeer and Gurney. 'That's it!' said the Doctor suddenly. and there are no guards on watch here. 'He holds the secret of the treasure. 'Then let us find him out.' said the Doctor.' The Squire moved cautiously towards the steps. of that I am sure. eyes to the ground.' 'And the door to the crypt stands open. I did have a theory.' In the crypt.' said Ben. 'Of course. Providence is on our side.' Kewper and the Squire moved quietly into the church. 'It would be a great help if there were four names. 'Well. 'Ringwood.' 'I'm blowed if I see how it helps... But there were no horses outside.' said Kewper.. not just three!' 'Need another dead man's name do you?' said Ben gloomily. Where are you.' said Kewper. 'If it's buried.' said the Squire. 'The most likely place to start would be the crypt.' The Squire said.' said Polly. 'As a matter of fact. me old mate. this treasure. though. and Blake better equipped. 'Come on Smallbeer....

They looked up and saw Kewper and the Squire coming down towards them. 'Let us waste no more words on formal greetings.' 'You'll help us. 'What are you doing here?' asked the Doctor. 'Nay.' The Doctor looked disapprovingly at him. old man!' 'For what purpose?' 'Why. Tell us!' 'Yes. to forestall that villain Pike. Avery's gold is not for weaklings.' The Doctor turned to the Squire.' said the Squire. Doctor?' said Polly. tell us. one by one. 'Riches are for those who can take them. Doctor. Both had pistols in their hands. 'Seeking Avery's treasure..' Kewper snarled. 'And to. 'To line your own pockets.' said Kewper. man!' 'He knows where the gold is hidden. 'And who are you.' 'I will not kill children in cold blood. Kewper. 'Why. 'Or watch these young sprigs die.the local magistrate. The secret of the treasure. old man.' said Kewper . the same as you. Squire.' growled Kewper.' The Squire was horrified.' completed Ben. 'I hope you don't expect me to help you. surely not.' said a harsh voice from the top of the steps.. 'A fine magistrate you are.' Kewper's pistol swung round to cover Polly.105 it!' 'What is it.' 'Hold your tongue boy. sir?' 'I am Squire Edwards .' His voice trailed off. sir.' 'Be not lily-livered now.

106 furiously. 'He must be made to speak!' 'Not by such unholy means as this,' said the Squire firmly. 'Let us tie them up and we will make our search alone.' Kewper leaned closer to the Squire. 'We waste precious time. No one need be harmed,' he whispered. 'The threat alone will make him talk.' 'Not even the threat will I countenance,' said the Squire with unexpected firmness. Let us remember we are gentlemen.' 'Gentlemen!' sneered Kewper. 'Was Avery's gold first won by gentlemen? Is it to be got now by kindness?' 'I will have my way, sir,' said the Squire angrily. 'Do not cross me in this,' threatened Kewper. 'Rogue!' said the Squire furiously. 'I can have thee hanged if I choose!' 'Do you threaten me with the rope, Squire? I promise you shall stand beside me on the gallows.' Someone moved in the shadows at the top of the stairs. 'You grow over bold, sir!' shouted the Squire. Kewper was too angry to watch his speech. 'Aye, the rope will leave her mark on your fine skin, Squire!' "Tis a mark you'll never see, friend Kewper,' said a voice from the top of the stairs. Something silvery flashed across the gloom of the crypt. Kewper clutched at his throat and fell choking to the ground. Polly screamed...

107 11 Cherub's Move They looked up to see Cherub at the top of the stairs, a pistol in his hand. He was taking aim at the Squire. 'Look out!' shouted the Doctor. The warning came almost too late, though it probably saved the Squire's life. He tried to leap aside, the pistol roared - and the Squire staggered back, clutching at a wounded shoulder. He fell back against a pillar, then slid slowly down it to the ground. Cherub tossed the pistol aside and pulled another from his belt. With catlike speed he bounded down the steps, plucked his dagger from Kewper's body, wiped it quickly on Kewper's coat and then leaped back, covering the Doctor and his companions with pistol and knife. 'Anyone else want a free trip to Davy Jones' locker?' 'You had us all at your mercy,' said the Doctor sternly. 'There was no need to kill Kewper and shoot the Squire.' 'Ah, but five to one is poor odds, sawbones,' argued Cherub reasonably. 'I fancied betterin' 'em a little.' 'What do you want of us?'

108 'Why, the secret of course. The secret of where Avery's gold lies hid.' 'And if I don't choose to tell you?' 'Do you really fancy seeing these friends of yours go to meet their maker so young, sawbones?' Cherub was quite capable of carrying out his threat, the Doctor realised. After all, he had just killed one man and tried to kill another simply as a kind of general precaution. Nevertheless the Doctor said, 'I refuse to bargain with such as you, sir. Where is your Captain?' Cherub chuckled admiringly. 'Fancy twisting him round to your way of thinking, again, do you? There's only one skipper here today, matey - me! 'You're alone then?' said Ben quickly. Cherub raised his pistol. 'Not a bit of it! One false move and I'll split ye in two!' 'Leave this to me, Ben,' said the Doctor. "That's right, lad,' said Cherub. 'Let the old feller do the talking, 'cos he knows the answers!' 'What about the Squire?' said Polly. 'He's badly wounded. He needs help.' 'Let the blockhead rot!' 'At least let me give him some water!' Polly pointed towards a pannikin of water on a nearby table. 'Well, what's the cost of a moment's kindness,' said Cherub unexpectedly. 'Take the water to him if you must.' Polly moved to get the pannikin. To do this she had to pass in front of Cherub. Suddenly he sprang forward and grabbed her from behind, holding his pistol to her head. 'That's better. Now, talk, sawbones, or your young

'Avery's curse.' 'What's the puzzle?' asked Cherub suspiciously. he was the ship's chandler. what of that?' . there was a man. and to be honest it has me baffled. 'Jack Ringwood had a wooden leg.' 'I know them names. So what else did Holy Joe tell you. man.ah. I'm afraid. The Doctor recited the rhyme: "This is Deadman's secret key Ringwood.' 'And Avery's curse.' 'Nothing?' Cherub raised his pistol to Polly's head again. Mighty good men. The Squire had recovered a little and was propped up on one elbow.' 'Four?' 'Four.' 'Four names. Smallbeer and Gurney" I am baffled by the meanings of these names.' said Cherub excitedly. and fought like one with a pint o' rum inside him..' croaked a voice from the ground. 'Four names to lead me to Avery's gold.' admitted the Doctor. sawbones?' 'Nothing more. Old Zeb Gurney. but he was the finest master gunner who never served his King!' 'And Smallbeer?' 'Dan'1 Smallbeer . I need your help to work out the puzzle. Built like a killer whale.109 friend dies! Where's the treasure hid?' 'The Churchwarden did tell me something. all four of 'em. Sewed many a poor dead sailor into a sailcloth nightgown. 'But it was a kind of riddle.. Tim Deadman was Avery's galley boy.' said Cherub bitterly. 'Don't be so hasty.

led the little band of armed men up the steep path to the cliff-top..' said Cherub slowly. Pike found the tomb the Squire had shown them and shoved back the lid. We'll go on my signal. I lie here a-dying. He beckoned one of the pirates forward. and you see what it has brought me. 'He died most horribly.' said the Squire feebly. 'Is there loot in the church too. but getting no good of it but their deaths. why did you desire the gold.but not till the work's finished.110 'Avery's curse? You may feed it to the sharks!' 'It is a curse men fear. they say he made a bargain with the devil. it was clear that Cherub was afraid. 'If you believe such things. mind!' Pike headed for the Church.' 'Aye. 'His brain rotten with rum and madness on his tongue. Then they made their way silently to the churchyard. sir Squire?' 'Because I was a fool.' the Squire went on. Gaptooth. Cap'n!' 'Ye may broach a keg .. a cutlass in his good hand. Pike and his pirate crew were dragging their long boats above the tide line. Then. and so shall you!' On the beach. "There's the first of the loot. Cap'n?' asked Gaptooth eagerly.' 'You know. 'His soul for all the souls who would come after.. Take it down to the beach and pile it in the boats. remember.' "Twill be thirsty work. . seeking and finding his cursed treasure. Pike..' Much as he tried to hide it.

your time is up. Exciseman Blake was leading a sweating file of soldiers along at a jog trot behind his exhausted plodding horse.lively now!' Pike disappeared inside the church. The Sergeant gave him a murderous look.' 'What would you have the Doctor say. me boyo?' Cherub looked up and saw Pike towering at the top of the stairs. Not the best men either. or I'll leave you in that coffin for a souvenir. Not too far away. Set the men to work . In the crypt Cherub's patience was wearing thin. and the platoon stumbled on its way. or your young friend dies. sawbones. It had taken hard talking to persuade the commander of the local militia to let him have the troops he needed. 'Hurry the men along there. hook gleaming at the end of his right arm.111 Pike rounded on him. He held the pistol to Polly's head. Speak. Cherub. Blake suspected. For a moment or two he was stunned. 'Do as you're bid you dog. The curse had distracted him for a while. but sheer determination made him struggle to his feet. but they'd have to do. but in the end greed had proved stronger than fear.' called Blake impatiently. a . 'Now. Sergeant. recapture his mount and go on his way. At last he'd been granted a platoon of men and a sergeant.almost literally so when he fell from his horse. He had had a breakneck ride across country to the nearest town .

Cap'n. Pike swung round toward the Doctor. and Cherub backing away. and all three stood huddled by the wounded Squire. who was watching with bright feverish eyes. half-turning his back on Cherub. was it. Cherub?' 'For us. 'To spy out the land for ye.. Pike was stalking slowly down the steps. eh?' 'I made him tell me Holy Joe's riddle. 'Why. Cap'n. and you'd have found the gold soon too. 'Look out!' shouted Polly instinctively. Cherub raised his pistol to shoot him in the back. He'd have done for you. Cap'n. He whirled. I knew there was trickery afoot. Didn't I say so.' said Pike gently. Cap'n! I got the sawbones for ye!' 'Got him for me. time and again?' 'Trickery right enough..' 'You deserted ship. He'd have nabbed the whole lot for himself for sure. The . Cherub.112 cutlass in his left hand. drawing his own cutlass from his belt. here you be at last. He was a-going to spill the whole cargo. ye say. 'So that was your game. sawbones?' As soon as Pike was turned away. The Doctor pulled Polly and Ben aside.' said Pike. slashing the pistol from Cherub's hand with his cutlass so it discharged harmlessly in the air. he would!' All the time the two men were talking. 'I never did trust that tongue of yours. Cherub. Pike sprang back. It's a might too like an archangel's!' 'I found the sawbones for ye. I wasn't going to let no one do you down. He thrust Polly from him and she ran to the Doctor. But Pike was ready. didn't I Cap'n?' 'Aye.

me boyo. They seemed pretty evenly matched.they weren't mere smugglers . Cherub's smile was at its most seraphic.' whispered Pike..' said Ben. cutlass and knife against cutlass and hook. 'Only watch for the hook. Cherub was more agile and more skilled. 'Doctor. 'It's Avery's curse!' 'Dead right. It was too much like real work for the pirates' liking .' threatened Pike. 'Not from a pig like you. The only sound was the ring of steel against steel. it's just like the Squire said. Cherub. 'You've met your doom now. the stamp of booted feet against flagstones and the hoarse breathing of the contestants.. hurling themselves against each other with incredible force. fighting at a pace that couldn't last.' whispered Polly. me boyo. for if Pike was both bigger and stronger. The exchange of threats was over now and the two pirates cut. Cutlass rang against cutlass and the fight went on. thrust and parried in grim silence. but Cherub parried with his dagger. They fought with savage recklessness. 'One of those two is going to snuff it. In the graveyard the work of unloading the smugglers' hidden store was going slowly.113 two pirates circled each other warily in the confined space. for when it whistles its the end of ye!' Suddenly Pike lunged with the hook.' The fight went on. Pike!' I ll quarter you. you rat-faced smiler.

His fellow pirates cheered. having lost his tongue in a dispute many years ago . knocked out the bung with a marlin-spike. determined intention to open the keg. 'To be sure lads. Suddenly he saw Spaniard attempting to open a brandy keg with his knife. 'Get on there. and the keg began passing around the eager circle. If he tried to stop them drinking now they'd slit his throat and drink can go to the beach and guard the boats!' Spaniard slouched mutinously off. you've the right to a tot and you shall have it. 'If Pike finds you idling you'll lose your ears as well as your tongue!' For a moment the mention of Pike's name had its effect but not for long. But not you.' he snarled in an unconvincing attempt at Pike's tone.' warned Gaptooth. One of the pirates grabbed a brandy keg. Gaptooth shouted. spitting at Gaptooth's feet as he passed by. Another pirate grabbed it. Flourishing his knife. 'Have a care. Gaptooth sighed.and Gaptooth had little real authority with Pike away.but he sneered horribly. Moreover there was the constant temptation of the brandy kegs. Gaptooth knew well that once the crew tasted that.114 after all . they'd be uncontrollable. lifted the keg on high and poured brandy down his throat. Gaptooth knew that the cause was lost. . Spaniard mimed his fixed. Making the best of a bad job. Pike shouldn't have vanished like that.he couldn't. you bilge rats. Spaniard . 'Belay that. Spaniard!' Spaniard didn't say anything .

Please. Polly disappeared down the steps and Ben called. then I'm coming back for you. and we can't move him. Cherub was flagging and Pike's superior strength beginning to tell. down to the TARDIS. 'Without either of you two they'll have no hostages to force my hand. they scarcely seemed aware of their former captives.115 In the crypt the death duel was still going on but the pace was slower now. Cherub hurled his trusty dagger - . and the bullet sang over Polly's head.he was too absorbed by the fight. down the passage to the TARDIS.' The Doctor didn't hear him . Sheathing his dagger.' said the Doctor. Polly. Grabbing her arm he led her over to the tomb that masked the entrance and shoved it aside. 'It's only a matter of playing for time.' Ben pointed out.' sobbed Polly.' 'I won't leave you here alone. 'My dear. Completely absorbed in each other. 'I can't leave the Squire with these ruffians.' said Ben firmly. it's the best way. I ll give you fifteen minutes. He sensed it was nearing its end now.' 'They could still start on you. In his haste he missed.' He handed Ben a TARDIS key. I'll follow you as soon as I know Mr Blake and the militia are here. Cherub snatched up the dead Kewper's pistol and fired. Ben. The Doctor was kneeling by the Squire. 'I handled them before. 'Now's our chance. Doctor.' said the Doctor confidently.' urged Ben.' said the Doctor gently. saving energy. In desperation. go with Ben. 'Come on you lot.' 'You must take Polly. 'Come on Polly. The two men fought more carefully. binding his wound.

Suddenly the Doctor saw Pike's head appear from behind a nearby tomb. and hurled himself through the air at his opponent. Cherub looked round. 'The time has come!' He raised his sword. holding his cutlass to the Doctor's throat. Cherub lad!' he screamed. raised his cutlass and cut Cherub down with one savage blow. With amazing agility. Cherub staggered back and stumbled against the angel that ornamented the side of another tomb. 'Back to your hell-hole. There was a moment of silence. Pike landed catlike before him. old man. Pike leaped up onto the tomb. The fight was over. 'Now. Pike seemed to have disappeared. . Pike whirled round and ran to the Doctor.' he said hoarsely. Wiping the blood from his cutlass on Cherub's shirt.116 Pike disappeared behind a pillar and the dagger clattered to the floor.

' 'Think you so. Captain. Don't you want to keep it?' 'Speak on. 'I made a bargain with you. my friends were in danger. and raised his sword..117 12 The Treasure The Doctor regarded the threatening blade with his usual calm dignity. sawbones?' 'Tell him nothing.' growled Pike.. 'You'll tell me the secret?' 'Of course. my fine gentleman?' 'Aye. Pike. 'I think we're both agreed on that. Where have they got to. Squire?' said Pike.' . and I'll live to see you hanged. Pike looked down at him. It was always my intention to tell you. 'Still alive. 'I will still keep my side of the bargain.' Pike lowered his blade.' croaked the Squire. Captain. I'd like to change the terms. But if I may. the two lads. 'Stop!' ordered the Doctor.' 'Aye.' 'Is that why you fled my ship?' 'I had no choice.

They began to explore. I should say. Doctor. Doctor. He and another pirate called Daniel.' 'Scared of Avery's curse. showing him that the cave turned into a kind of tunnel. also on boat duty. Shrugging.' whispered the Squire feebly. urging him to come and see. were the only ones sober by now. There was a cave mouth near where the boats were beached and Spaniard wandered into it. Spaniard grabbed Daniel's sleeve again. which I can deliver immediately -' 'If I keep my lads away from the village?' 'Precisely. walked round it. Spaniard was bored. There is no reason for the innocent to suffer. 'Human terms. Captain. mysteriously standing just inside the cave entrance. idly exploring. Minutes later he was back on the beach. Spaniard led him to a strange blue box.118 Down on the beach..' said Pike thoughtfully. 'You want none of the gold?' 'I should rather not touch it. Daniel followed. eh?' 'My reasons need not concern you. 'Strange terms indeed. . I doubt if you'd understand them. tapped and prodded it and gave up. 'I like my lads to be happy. There it was. running on behind the TARDIS and up into the cliff.' said Pike. and the sound of carousing from the cliff-top told them what they were missing.' replied the Doctor. totally baffled. The point is that I give up all claim to the gold. The two pirates studied it. tugging Daniel's sleeve.' 'Well said..

' said Pike at last.' said the Doctor drily. and the generosity of this stranger shames me. 'Or would you rather let them run mad than test their obedience?' 'No man of my crew defies me and lives. 'We'll pack up and go -once the gold is mine!' 'I suppose I must trust you. Polly. 'Will not that content you?' 'We have an uneasy conscience. Why should I stop it?' 'Could you stop it?' challenged the Squire. I feebly admit spare my poor villagers.. I won't try to trick you as he did. I beg you .' said the Doctor wearily. when they're allowed their fun. 'we're nearly there. don't worry.' 'Then out with it Doctor! Show me the gold!' 'Come on.' 'Oh.. Doctor. But I have never spilled blood in my villainy. 'When my lads have the killing fever in their blood 'tis only blood will slake it. 'You lily-livered rogue.' urged Ben. unmoved.' 'You will have Avery's treasure and our contraband stores as well.' He . do we.' said the Doctor. Squire?' snarled Pike.' 'Very well.119 'They work better.' 'Senseless destruction.. you villain. 'Accept my terms.' said the a fellow rogue if you will . you dare call me a villain!' 'I have been a rogue too. They'd do as I bid. yonder. or die of it!' 'Then prove it.' Pike shrugged. 'You must. 'It's by way of being a pastime with them. And heed the fate of Cherub.

120 was hurrying her down the steep. I think this is what you seek. like a teacher with a dim! As you can see. it is loose. Limping a little. Deadman.' said the Doctor.' "The original names were no doubt altered by the' 'All names of Avery's old crew.' said the Doctor briskly. Suddenly Polly stumbled on the uneven floor. rocky tunnel. 'Sure you'll be all right?' 'Of course I will. 'Ouch!' 'You okay.' . Now hurry. Pike was beginning to understand. 'Ringwood. the name plaques for the four names are here. 'Okay. like?' 'That is correct. if we draw in imaginary lines for the diagonals of that square. 'Now. Duchess?' She tried her ankle and found she could walk.' said Pike. just round that bend. A thought struck him.' 'Why don't you go back and get the Doctor. Gurney. 'I think so. 'As a marker. How much further?' 'About another hundred yards. then?' Ben was tempted.' Ben handed her the key. every last one of 'em. Now. Put the kettle on!' He hurried back the way they had come. here and . 'There were four names in the Churchwarden's riddle.' said the Doctor. 'How come they be buried here? They died at sea. they intersect on this flagstone . here. And as you can see they form the four corners of a square. Smallbeer. Polly moved ahead. I'll see you back in the TARDIS.

'What's this. together with fierce yells and the clash of steel.... When the gap was wide enough for his fingers. old sawbones. 'Nothing.... In ordered ranks the soldiers knelt. what now. fired. They made wild screaming charges waving their cutlasses.' breathed Pike. damn your eyes. rank by rank in turn so that there was continuous withering fire.121 'Stand back. and found they had no more ammunition.' In the churchyard a one-sided battle was raging. usually missing. 'How deep it is. damn your eyes. Wedging his hook in the chink in the flagstones. you'll end up under that stone yourself!' He ran up the stairs yelling.' ordered Pike hoarsely.. Pike heaved it aside to reveal a square of blackness. 'Ahoy there. No. 'If this is a trap.' 'What have you found?' asked the Doctor.. They blazed away with pistols. and were calmly and efficiently shot down or bayoneted by the stolid soldiers.. re-loaded and fired again.. Dangling from his hook was a huge rope of pearls. 'Oh. The . He groped inside the hole.. what's this?' Pike straightened up. The pirates fought back bravely but haphazardly. Gaptooth. I can see nothing.. pulling back his arm. drunk and out of their element had been taken completely by surprise by Blake and his militiamen. what in hell's afoot? Answer me. 'What's that?' snarled Pike. 'What price that damned Avery now?' Suddenly the sound of pistol or musket shots came down the stairs. It was one-sided because Pike's men. he heaved mightily -and the flagstone slowly lifted.

. standing over her with a drawn cutlass. Leaping over the pirate's unconscious body. instinctively heading for it as a sanctuary. She stood there for a moment enjoying the evening air. Remorselessly the soldiers started to close in.. Ben let the pirate run past him. Not a single one of them made it back to their ship. The second pirate ran up. Suddenly two pirates emerged out of the shadows.. and they just weren't up to it. and Polly's captor waved him on. Knife in hand the second pirate headed up the tunnel. Crouching.122 pirates depended for their successes on the fear they inspired in their opponents.. Ducking behind a fallen rock. Ben heard the faint echo of Polly's screams. and fought valiantly to hold it. In the fact it was Spaniard -caught up with her and flung her to the ground. and soon the leading pirate . Ben ran back down the tunnel. She dodged back into the cave. 'Ben. knife in hand. He was approaching the far end when he heard someone moving stealthily along the tunnel. then leaped out and struck him down from behind. Finally a desperate rearguard fell back into the vestry itself. He turned and raced back down the tunnel. It was rare that they encountered trained and disciplined troops.' she screamed. But she was still slowed down by her limp. help me. who were usually ordinary merchant seamen or the terrified inhabitants of coastal towns.. Polly screamed and ran. .. Ben saw the approaching pirate creep towards him. Polly soon emerged on the beach outside the cave.

but the pirate was older and stronger. a grimy hand was clapped over her mouth and she bit it .123 Polly had got over her shock by now. Ben grappled with him. Seizing the knife-wrist. the pirate raised his knife for the kill. and was feeling angry..hard. Suddenly a shot rang out and the pirate fell back dead. an experienced dirty fighter . knife in hand. clattering on to the rocks. Polly ran to meet them. Ben saw Blake and his militiamen running along the beach.. 'Mr Blake! Thank heavens you've come. Polly tried to call for help. Suddenly she leaped to her feet and tried to run away. but by this time the pirate was on his feet. Struggling to his feet. Suddenly Blake had a bright idea. Suddenly Ben shot down the tunnel and hurled himself onto the struggling pair.and he had a knife. Her captor grabbed her and they grappled furiously. and the sword flew from the pirate's hand. Ben was putting up a valiant fight. Ben kicked it further away. The battle outside the church had entered a new phase. and were proving difficult to dislodge. he detached a handful of them and led them away from the church and down the path to the beach.' . The few surviving pirates had barricaded themselves in the church vestry. Leaving most of the militiamen to lay siege to the church. Half-stunning Ben with a savage head-butt. Both were knocked off their feet.

and the Doctor was swept aside as Blake and his . We'll meet you there later!' He ran off after Blake and the soldiers. who were buying him the time to loot with their lives. There's gold for all if we can but reach the ship!' The Doctor meanwhile was frantically trying to open the entrance to the tunnel to the beach. Tm with you. he found he couldn't find the section of moulding that released the secret catch.' called Ben. The pressure of the militia attack had forced the pirates out of the vestry and the battle was now raging on the steps that led down to the crypt. 'Our work lies above!' He led his men into the cave. For once the pirates had something of an advantage. Pike was crouching by the raised flagstone that gave access to the treasure. All too frequently a soldier fell. 'Stay by the TARDIS. let alone reach. Suddenly the tomb seemed to move of its own accord.124 'Stand aside.' said Blake brusquely. A struggling mass of soldiers and pirates surged to and fro on the steps. stabbed by an opponent he could scarcely see. However. ye black-hearted scum. and the pirates' knives were coming into their own. There was no room for the effective use of muskets or even bayonets. All the time he was shouting encouragement to his men. Tight. fishing out pearls and diamonds and gold bracelets with his hook and stuffing them into a little chest he'd found in the vestry cupboard. mate. since he hadn't really paid attention when Ben found it. Polly.

. Pike looked up and realised what was happening. who had emerged from the tunnel in the wake of Blake and the soldiers. he began battling his way towards the Doctor..125 militiamen poured out of the tunnel.' he yelled. With the last vestiges of his strength he caught Pike's hook-arm and held it. poised. For that you'll die by my hook'' With fierce determination. Backing away. 'Here's an end to ye. sawbones. Just long . attacking the pirates in the rear. He raised his hook. For a moment the two men were locked..surrender I say. damn your eyes. kept apart from him by the struggling figures all around. We must get him out of here. he found himself facing Ben. and Ben found himself swept away from the Doctor. 'Are you all right. 'You've led me into a trap. thank you. and fell headlong. See if your tricks can save you now!' Suddenly the final stages of the battle came close to them. 'Captain Pike . 'Sawbones. you Neptune's curse.. At the same moment. Picking himself up.' While Pike was struggling to reach the Doctor.' Somehow.' he bellowed. despite his wound the Squire managed to haul himself to his feet. Blake was struggling to get at Pike. Pike burst through the crowd. the Doctor stumbled over the body of the semi-conscious Squire. But I'm worried about the Squire.. sawbones.. Doctor?' 'Perfectly. 'I'm coming for you. 'And lose Avery's gold? Never!' He brandished his hook at the Doctor.

and his young friends.' But the Doctor. Blake was kneeling by the Squire. and put out his hand to steady himself. His hook-arm was flung out before him.. reeled for a moment. We owe them our thanks. The Doctor caught Ben's eye and they began sidling towards the entrance to the tunnel.. 'Fear not. 'Thank heavens you're both safe.' Polly opened the TARDIS door and they went inside.. reaching for the overturned chest half-filled with Avery's treasure. Just a little exhausted.. take careful aim and fire. There was much to be done. Tm quite all right.. Polly was waiting anxiously by the TARDIS when Ben's voice called. Squire. battle-weary but apparently unharmed.' Then he turned away. the Doctor. With the death of Pike the heart went out of the pirates.. and the few still alive and fighting surrendered. Are you all right.126 enough for Blake to raise his pistol. A . then crashed forward like a felled tree.. old man. my child. Blake moved to the tunnel entrance and said quietly. the day is ours now. 'Godspeed. 'Polly? Are you there?' She saw Ben and the Doctor coming down the tunnel towards her. 'Where is the old man.' He looked round. Doctor?' The Doctor staggered. Ben and Polly were nowhere to be seen.. Pike staggered backwards.

The Churchwarden. Pike. 'On the other hand. 'And now they're all dead. She shuddered at the story of the Doctor's narrow escape from Pike's hook.' Polly was watching the rise and fall of the central control column.' The Doctor was leaning back in his chair. Especially when they seem to come true. Doctor? Will we go forward or back in Time?' 'I've no control over such things. He was already looking forward to a new adventure.. Blake's mob beat 'em in the end.. Ben was giving Polly an account of their adventures.. He opened his eyes and smiled at them. you know. or I'm in dead trouble. 'Where will we end up next.' said the Doctor judicially.. Polly said slowly.' said the Doctor airily. my dear child.' 'It could be better. 'Superstitions are very strange. 'We shall just have to wait and see!' Polly realised that the Doctor had made one of his amazing recoveries. it could be a great deal worse.. Kewper. all the ones who wanted Avery's treasure. the blue Police box faded away. 'Still.' concluded Ben. Inside the TARDIS. so was she. 'It had better be 1966.127 few minutes later. it can't be worse than what we've just been through in them old days. He brightened.. Cherub. whenever it is.. The central column was already slowing its rise and ...' said Ben. Funnily enough.. 'Still. his eyes hah0 closed.

128 fall. studying the console. well. well. The Doctor leaned forward.' he said happily. 'Well. 'We seem to be peaking another landing!' .

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