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Some people, by all means, want to export their northern model of

parliamentary democracy in Africa. They use of several means: Human Rights,
local NGOS that they subsidize , "neutral" counsellors, financial support etc.
They invoke even the liberal or socialists reliance, especially when it is to
"Foals » from their pastures. They deliver of political progress turnkey:
referenda, elections, independent commissions, constitutional council. Such
initiatives can be earnest. Why not? But its are based on a deep
misunderstandings .witch African leaders are the first responsible.. Some are
blind and other refute the realities .No body can import a “Kit” of democracy. It
must generate it from its own culture. Of the Mediterranean to Cape Town, in
spite of local particularities, many common cultural paradigms exist. The
African then, can to build political and social progress from their own history
and they Africans are entered the first in the history of humanity.

That means the parliamentary democracy in countries where illiteracy exceeds

the 60%, where, apart from the Capitals Cities, the internal cities and villages
remain landlocked physically and numerically. Those who "Govern » know,
however, that the primary concern of populations is to have food because the
cash crops have deleted the food crop , that they aspire to education, health and
housing. The less than 25 years demographically in the majority request of
labour. Otherwise the "children" facing the dunes and the oceans toward
Europeans Eduardo’s which cover in pariahs . But earlier, it will discover their
corpses in 'Pirogues Ivres." (*). During this time experts in T.P.A.P (the
taking of power at all price ) disembarked in the tropics followed by cargo ship
which flowing into the ports , the agglomerations , in the hinterland , thousands
of tonnes of toxic waste ,or even radioactive .
When the operations of establishment of a "modern and democratic State " will
be triggered but not turn out to the advantage of an outgoing “Chief” he is
located equipped with an arsenal of a “legal” dispositions which enable to
achieve a " Constitutional Putsh ".He is invest then in a small committee and
make a speech calling for respect of the law. He forget that its formula, in so
doing, an indictment against its felony. Certainly, Africa is one of the continents
shredded by the violations of the constitutions and ”Coups d’Etat”, usually
military. They are the fact either of the club of "Presidents for life" (Some of
them have the merit of maintaining the stability) either that bring shame gross
sanguinary who dishonoured their uniforms .The “constitutional Putsch»
however, reveal cheaters, and genocide’s in advance. They know that their
perjury is likely to cause, or even to reliance a civil war, which fulfils the mass
graves, and ruin what remains of the economy. They had already hired
mercenary’s Ukrainians, African (yes), Georgians and others whose cars and
helicopters ply the Africans heavens and territories. I do not know if the cheaters
remember Rwanda. and Ittouri . Have they viewed the images of Bunya ? Have
they heard the cries of children maimed and burned? Are they moved and outraged
by the sobs of girls raped and the plight of women kidnapped in the north west of the
Central African Republic?
The African Union must organize, in emergency, a court of ARUSHA TWO so
that the usurpers are uprooted from their ivory castles, tried, sentenced and
prevents them from harm yet
These are mad and dangerous minds.

(*) “Drunk Pirogue “ Réf to the « Bateau Ivre » “The drunk boat” by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

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