So you want to hear my story.. Let me ask you something first. What do you know about supernatural?

More specifically, what do you know about vampires? the man asked me while reaching for a cigarette and a lighter from the table. That s rather easy, sir. I replied confidently. Vampires don t exist! He lifted one hand gently to his chin, smiling faintly while perusing me, as if enjoying the glimpse of surprise and expectation I had on my face. Then I stared transfixed as he began his amazing story.. It was 15 March 1967. I was just 25 years old I reckon; a young man with absolutely no experience, with curly hair, soft, almost girlie features, and skinny body doing anything to pursue his dream. I was doing a cover story for one of London s local newspapers, about crime on the streets of Brooklyn. He stopped as I made an abrupt sound and added I know what you re thinking. An Englishman in one of the most dangerous places i n New York. But let me tell you, I wasn t afraid of anything at that time. Nothing scared me, and this story would have boosted my career so I was overexcited about it. Hence, that day had been full and rather promising, as I spent it interviewing policemen and locals, so I was on my way to the hotel at 3:30 in the morning, dreaming about my future, when I heard the sound of steps coming towards me. I turned around startled and tried hard to see something in the dark but failed. I listened carefully and heard nothing but my heart thumping madly into my chest. The steps were getting closer and closer and the dim light coming from the full moon revealed the shapes of two men. They looked dangerous, angry and dirty, the kind of people who live on the streets and have to fight for food and money. One of them muttere d something and the other nodded with a wicked smile on his face. They hit me several times leaving dark bruises on my entire body, then took all my money from my pockets and my bag, then threw my camera into a wall. I had no chance against them and they k new it. The punches grew and at some point I barely felt they lifted me from the ground and dragged me to one corner of the alley. It seemed hilarious for them that I was helpless but after several more minutes they got bored. I finally thought it was over and exhaled with relief just to hear another row of mocking laughter. What do you think, that we re going to let you go, English boy? one shouted, practically spitting the words at me. I saw then , with raising panic that one reached for a paper bag I didn t notice before , and pulled out a gun. So this is it.. I never would have imagined it that way. I told to myself. The fear was gone and I felt only regret, I think. Regret that I didn t get to do any of the thi ngs I have planned for myself.. But they did not shoot you. They let you go? I asked fascinated. No, as I remember now I think they wouldn t have let me go no matter what I did or said. It was just that something unexpected happened then , that changed the situation and freed me. As the man loaded his gun and pointed it at me the other one was holding me tight by my forearms so I would not try to escape. But as I said, I had no intention to attempt

mortal. but you may have been imagining things. There are people who deserve to be helped. or shall I say the woman. Her slim figure moved graciously as she came towards me. and who will achieve great things. Will you allow me to finish my story first? He seemd just a bit impatient. Her white. bewildered by the amount of incredulous facts. I shuddered and lift my hand as if to shield myself from great danger. He finished his cigarette and replaced it tactically. I saw a woman next to him. sir. to my astonishment. you know. my friend.. They re just fiction. You are . I could see her clearly now. raised her both hands for me to see and walked slowly as if I were a little child who scared easily. confused too. When she called me my friend . for his life was in danger. The other bully started to panic. And for a moment. She could have been a trained fighter or something of that kind. She had fangs. she turned around to face me. or like the soothing sound of a lovely waterfall deep in a quiet forest. moved with incredible speed and was out of reach within seconds. I m not questioning it. His dead body felt heavily. What? You saw what? I whispered intrigued. with absolutely no intention of rushing. When she talked these words it was like crystal bells ringing. He was shaking and tightened his grasp but I think he was using me more as a shield. It s impossible. my aggressor pushed me aside lifting the gun from his partner s cold hand and looking frantically for her. After that. I disagreed with him one more time. She turned around and I was in a state of shock as I saw them . Within less than a second she was all around the man.anything to save me. I wanted to shout at her but I opened my mouth and no sound came out. but only a moment she looked like a raged vampire ready to kill. smooth skin contrasted intensely with her dark hair and eyes. The creature. who have great things ahead of them. Please. Are you questioning my story? Others did. he raised his eyebrows faintly amused. He was a couple yards away. Go away. when she appeared from nowhere and with a ravishi ng smile plastered on her face. It looked like you needed help . It was pointless anyway. That s impossible. Nothing is impossible in this great world . Why did you help me? I started. both my fear and the pain from my injuries vanished completely. I held my breath and closed my eyes for just a moment. Vampires simply don t exist. There are yet so many secrets. With trembling hands. killed him. Were the only words I managed to speak after a few failed tries. No. and su nk the fangs into his flesh. to open them again and see in surprise that he wasn t in front of me anymore. I replied. Then. it s dangerous for you. and she disappeared. So the other man was really frightened by her and shouted nonsense to ensure himself he would be fine.

patiently. with tenderness in her eyes. Yes.. dear human. were: I must go now. Perhaps she had followed me around before the fight. she. story of life. me. The last words she uttered and I ll never dare forget them. Yet i t never crossed my mind to ask her. perhaps she had unusual abilities. the same eyes that sparkled with the cruelest anger just a little time ago. a tale not many know. . And bear in mind this wise advice I shall give you: Darkness does not always equate to evil. frowning from time to time.. I folded my arms and asked him finally: The story you just told me is real. yet rea l. it is real. that s my name. utterly overwhelmed by her and her unbelievable nature. I grimaced and the man stopped again.surely one of them. speechless. Anyway. It is indeed a tremendous. Jonathan she continued. just as light doesn t forever represent good. She gave me one last glimpse before she disappeared into the dark and I turned around just in time to see the dawn revealing a beautiful day. thinking whether to believe him or not. Then her expression changed just a little and it was hard if not impossible to see what her face expression meant. But how did she know it? You never did tell it. I was just standing there a few meters from him. Or to influence your thinking in any way. I choose not to ask you to believe me. That I can t explain even until today. I just told you my story. we stared at each other for 15 minutes. Bu t remember me throughout your life. Yes.

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