29th & 30th October 2007, JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur WORKSHOP LEADER
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Peter Andrew Director Strategic Briefing DEGW, Melbourne, Australia

Reaping financial and health benefits from sustainable facilities management (FM) Understanding challenges & opportunities available in delivering sustainable FM for an organisation Understanding value-added advantages from latest technologies in the market Implementing successful project management concepts for a more organised facilities management practices Identifying cost saving deliverables through strategic workplace management for increased return on investments Exploring innovative ideas towards effective asset and energy management Integrating successful FM strategies to remain competitive in a globalised environment Recognising issues and strategies to develop an effective safety and security facilities plan

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LEADING ORGANISATIONS THAT HAVE BENEFITED FROM ANDREW’S CONSULTANCY Deutsche Bank HSBC Nokia Siemens Networks Philips Telecom New Zealand Telstra Mobiles & Wholesale New Zealand Post ICAC Hong Kong New Zealand Police Cisco Gold Coast City Council Department of Labour, NZ Swinburne University Suncorp -

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As business leaders step up the corporate response to the sustainability agenda, facilities managers will increasingly be asked to deliver support service that is broader and deeper than ever before – often with continuing demand for cost reduction. Facilities Management (FM ) today is regarded as a vital function: a service that is both in support of the people who deliver the core business and in support of boardroom aspirations for corporate social responsibility (CSR). CEOs are asking that their facilities and non-core activities should adequately reflect their market position. Facilities Managers are commonly finding themselves at the centre of the capability to respond to the CSR agenda and being asked to deliver greater value at lower cost. Through applying “Sustainable FM” they can deliver both, simultaneously, e.g. better supporting staff needs, and reducing all forms of waste in pursuit of more sustainable operations. Sustainable FM is a cost benefit which ensures the continuity of an organisation. IF IT COSTS MORE, IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE FACILITY MANAGEMENT.

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Registration and Welcome Coffee Opening & Welcome Remarks by Chairperson Comprehending Facilities Management: Challenges and Opportunities Understanding challenges and opportunities * in FM * Revolutionising the Facilities Manager of today * Enforcing emergency preparedness in Facility Managers * Managing FM as a strategic investment for excellence * Adding value by initiating change in FM Ang Yuh Yaw Facilities, Services & Project Manager BP Asia Pacific, Singapore Morning Refreshment Managing Facilities Strategically for Organisational Excellence Managing and monitoring actual and future * use of office space * Managing data as a means for cost saving * Taking ergonomic factors into consideration in managing facilities * Identifying future trends in workplace management Dr. Orlando B. Asiddao Director Department of General Services Bangko Sentral Pilipinas Identifying Challenges and Opportunities from FM Technologies Discovering if technology really delivering on * its promise? * Highlighting the roadblocks in adopting technology * Learning efficient FM systems - from technology slave to master of technology * Uncovering single platform FM system * Locating best practices in optimum use of tchnology Sanjeev Verma Project Manager Cisco Asia Pacific Networking Lunch Achieving Facilities Sustainability through Energy Management New technology: Energy efficient transformers * * Achieving energy conservation through workplace design and operations * Improving existing technologies vs finding renewable energy resources * Discovering best practices in energy management Dr. Hassan Bathish Technical Director ECO Energy Sdn Bhd


Integrating Occupational Safety and Health Association with Facilities Management * Discovering what’s “Hot” and what’s “Heating Up” in OSHA * Designing Crisis Response Plan by understanding an organisation’s vulnerability * Constructing effective site safety program * Dealing with employees’ lackadaisical attitudes that create high-risk situations * Achieving dramatic safety improvements using “reality-based” techniques William Kuek Group Safety Health Environment Manager Nestle Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Afternoon Refreshment Managing Waste as a Means of Realising Sustainable Facilities Management * Reducing waste through recycling activities * Meeting demands of waste policies * Analysing strategies and planning in waste management * Discovering best practices in waste management Dr.Syed Abdul Malik Manager, Radioactive Waste Management Center Malaysian Nuclear Agency Taking a Strategic Aprroach to Creating New Workplaces * Changing nature of work - regionally and globally * Identifying global workplace Rethinking procurement processes for better design Peter Andrew Director Strategic Briefing DEGW, Melbourne, Australia End of Day One

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Day Two Tuesday 30th October 2007
Session One Understanding Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management (FM) Sustainability in FM – challenges & opportunities * * Surviving an increasing global competition * Surviving vulnerability of technology to attackers * Learning best practices in sustainable FM practices * Creating a continuous improvement culture within the organisation Session Goal: This session will provide delegates with an understanding of sustainable facilities management practices by discovering best practices Session Two Capitalising on Strategic Approaches to Gain Optimal Asset Performance Increasing efficiency and asset utilisation through * technology growth * Ensuring return from asset management investments * Implementing stringent asset management programs in optimising operational efficiency
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Day Two Tuesday 30th October 2007
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GEARING TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT THROUGH OPTIMUM OPERATION STRATEGIES - Production - Environmental * Setting standards in Facilities Management (FM) to increase performance * Measuring against “representative sample” of industry * Learning best FM practices in changing times Session Goal: This session will provide delegates with detailed information on the needs and methods of setting standards to achieve organisational excellence.

Reducing total lifecycle cost of assets Learning methodologies of asset marking and tracking Session goal: This session will help delegates discover proper asset management practices in ensuring facilities sustainability Session Three Applying Project Management (PM) concepts in FM Relating PM concepts to FM * * Understanding strategic PM and techniques * Managing project organisation and knowledge management * Applying Critical Path Analysis (CPA) in PM * Recognising current challenges in PM and its solutions Session goal: This session will leverage the benefits of applying project management concepts to achieve effective facilities management Session Four Cost Efficiency as a Priority in Facilities Management (FM) Re-engineering workflows to create standardised, * cost efficient process * Implementing integrated business process solutions * Prioritising and implementing process improvement changes * Automating and streamlining business process * Setting benchmarks in technology investment selections Session goal: This session will provide delegates with appropriate skills and knowledge to achieve cost efficiency in managing their facilities Session Five Improving Organisational Excellence for Effective Change Management Adapting to policy changes * * Building flexibility in FM * Avoiding legacy and emotions in decision making * Considering change management vs tight budget * Mastering change management best practices to foster smooth and orderly transition Session Goal: This session will provide delegates with efficient change management skills to reduce transition shock from policy changes Session Six Linking Facilities Management to Core Business Strategy Increasing ROI by bridging a link between facilites * and business culture * Looking for growth opportunities in FM * Winning attitude of a Facility Manager * Justifying FM strategies to board members Session Goal: This session will provide delegates with detailed information on the importance of supporting the needs of corporate leaders and facilities Session Seven Practicing Performance Measurement in Facilities Management (FM) Understanding processes of benchmark selection * * Discussing the right key performance indicators (KPI’s) for facilities - Costs - Safety



PETER ANDREW DIRECTOR STRATEGIC BRIEFING DEGW, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Peter is a Director of Strategic Briefing based in DEGW Asia-Pacific Melbourne office. His post graduate qualifications include Corporate Real Estate (MCRh) and Facilities Planning and Management (MPD (Facilities)). Peter joined DEGW Asia-Pacific in 2000 with extensive experience in the commercial architecture and interior design industry. Peter has a broad range of architectural and consulting skills, in particular strategic briefing and building appraisal. Peter has over 19 years experience in commercial architecture and is an expert in design strategy, strategic briefing, tenant research, building appraisal, space planning and space budgeting with practical experience working with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Peter’s past talks covers a wide range of topics concerning facilities management, to name a few “Change Management & Hewlett Packard” for Hewlett Packard in-house training, “Convert & Conquer-Tactics for creating meaningful change in the workplace” at CoreNet Global Summit Sydney, “5 great Contradictions – the Counter-Intuitive Reality of the Workplace” on behalf of Facilities Management Association Australia, and “The Impact of a 6-Star Building on Work practices” with Tim Allen at the DEGW Workplace Forum in Wellington. Peter is the key client manager of ANZ Bank. His other projects and clients include Australia Post, Brisbane City Council, Cisco India, City of Melbourne, Gold Coast City Council, HSBC Hong Kong, ICAC Hong Kong, Nokia Siemens Networks, Philips India and China, Sylvia Park, and Victoria Police.
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The role and responsibilities facing facilities Managers today have changed and are increasingly becoming more challenging. Recent changes in the economic, political and business climate have significantly added pressures on the facilities management profession making it more demanding and challenging. In addition to daily facilities operations, budgeting and new construction and project management, today’s facilities Manager are also required to handle maintenance, renovations and strategic planning. In response to this changing business needs in the facilities management domain, facilities professionals must now be prepared to address their changing responsibilities in the most effective manner and find creative solutions to the new challenges and issues that face them daily. Hence the 1-day conference, 1-day workshop by KGC, which aims to get the best out of your facility.

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