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Short Assignment Principles of Marketing Spring 2007


Question: (Marks 20)

Identify the marketing concept in each of the following cases? Possible answers
are given at the end. Support your answer with explanation.
WAPDA charges low rate for each unit consumed for
electricity for first hundred units. And charges higher rate for
further units. Or Wapda offers a facility to those consumers
who consume less than 50 units of electricity and their monthly
bill is less than Rs.70 per month, to submit their electricity bills
after two months so that they can avoid long queues in the
banks for submission of bills every month.

McDonald’s devoted much of a recent annual report to the
company’s concern for the environment. Included in the report
were discussions of the company’s program for solid waste
management, resource conservation, and recycling. The annual
report was printed entirely on recycled papers.

United Bank Limited has offered UBL Ameen Islamic
Banking (Islamic Banking for all). Vision Statement
of UBL Ameen Islamic Banking is
i. To provide exceptional products and services based on Islamic doctrine.
ii. To cater to all religions & sects, races and colors, ethnicity and cultures in the
true spirit of equality.
iii. To be the change agent in the global financial industry, aiming ethical

Shakarganj Mills Limited operates in four segments: Sugar,

Textile, Ethanol and Building Material. The company's wholly
owned subsidiary Shakarganj Food Products Limited (SFPL) has
launched its brand of milk “Good Milk” in June 2006 and has been well received in
the market.

Bareeze runs the largest chain of textile retail stores in Pakistan. It
opens its franchises in Sahiwal, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Rahim
Yar Khan.

Short Assignment Principles of Marketing Spring 2007
PTCL charges a fixed amount as a line rent each month and Rs. 2.31
per 5 minutes a local call after that.

Lays (Potato chips) when offered in Pakistan were priced Rs.15 but
now the price is reduced to Rs. 10.

After receiving Brand of the Year Award 2006, K & N’s
Chicken offers to save Rs.10 on every pack.

Utility Store Corporation of Pakistan committed to provide
clean, graded, hygienically fit, unadulterated genuine food and
non-food items to the public and especially to the poorer
segments of the society, at comparatively cheaper rates than
the market and to offer them a pleasant environment of mutual
confidence while making their purchases. It is also committed
towards its obligation to provide economic relief to the public
by playing its role as a price moderator and deterrent to profiteering, hoarding and


Atlas Honda Limited is a joint venture between the

Atlas Group and Honda Motor Co., Japan. The
company was created by the merger of Panjdarya
Limited and Atlas Autos Ltd. in 1988. Both these motorcycle manufacturing concerns
were established by the Atlas Group.
Short Assignment Principles of Marketing Spring 2007

Marketing Concepts:

1. Super Stores
2. Two part pricing
3. Skimming Pricing
4. Penetration Strategy
5. Demarketing
6. Discount Stores
7. Market Segmentation
8. Diversification
9. Societal Marketing
10. Co-Branding
11. Product Development
12. Sales Promotion
13. Sponsorship
14. Market Development
Short Assignment Principles of Marketing Spring 2007