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Vikas Boda

Atomic Theory Timeline 1st hour

400 B.C 350 B.C

Atomism Alchemy

Alchemy: was developed by Aristotle who was one of

Atomism: was developed by a Greek philosopher, Democritus. He the most influential philosophers at that time. He didn’t
thought matter was made up of tiny individual particles called agree with Democritus’s atomic theory, He couldn’t
atoms. Democritus believed that matter is composed of empty space believe that atoms could move through empty space.
through which atoms move and also believed atoms could not be Aristotle thought matter consisted of the four elements;
created, destroyed, or further divided. His observations laid the water, fire, air, and earth. Alchemy was more of an
foundation for the discovery of the atom. observation rather than an experiment from Aristotle.
He observed the mirrored symmetry and balance in

Did not
believe in
the Atom, so
no Atom
G 1800 1890 1911
D Dalton’s Atomic Theory Plum Pudding Nuclear Atom

Dalton’s Atomic Theory: was developed by John Dalton, Plum Pudding: was developed by J.J. Thomson. Nuclear Atom: was developed by
a English schoolteacher. He revised Democritus’s ideas He created a model that consisted of negatively Ernest Rutherford. He designed an
and gathered new information from experiments. He charged electrons which were distributed experiment to see if alpha particles
studied chemical reactions, and his results and throughout a uniform positive charge. A more would deflect as they passed through
Democritus’s were abut the same. Dalton says that matter modern name might be the chocolate-chip a thin foil of gold. He was amazed to
is composed of small particles called atoms, and all atoms cookie dough model. find out that a few of the alpha
have the same size, mass, and chemical properties. particles were deflected at very large
angles. He also found the nucleus.

As 1913 1919
Sd Bohr Model Max Planck
Bohr Model: was developed by Neils Bohr. He Quantum Theory: Max Planck is said to be the
suggested that electrons can only travel in special founder of the Quantum theory. Quantum theory is
orbits at certain various sets of distances from the a set of principles describing the physical reality at
nucleus with specific energies. The electrons do the atomic level of matter. This includes atoms and
not continuously lose energy as they travel. They its subatomic particles. This theory also provides
can only gain or lose energy by jumping from one accurate descriptions for many previously
orbit to another, absorbing or emitting unexplained phenomenons such as black body
electromagnetic radiation. radiation.