Tips on purchasing computer A. Clone B.


Hi A. This is for Cloning 1. get a good power supply expensive ones are like Coolermaster and Enlight 2. those are the heavy power supply and listed as true power 3. Get a good casing with a lot of expansion and ventilation forget about the small casing those do not cut it. 4. Mainboard make sure Asus, MSI or Gigabyte other brand do not cut it and make a hell for upgrade and also stability and compatibility 5. Intel or AMD if you game AMD is course forget about Intel they are about to get killed by a lot law suit and will be dead soon (I hope) 6. Graphic card :-- Leadtek, Manli those can work (Nvidia based) 7. If you use AMD check conpatibility for ATI / Nvidia 8. Memory Kingston is the best, Other brand maybe can consider but check for comatibility and timing/ if you can afford DDr2 use it DDR3 wait first 9. Liteon Optical Disk Driver is ok Samsung Sucks 9b. if you game make sure dvdrom is there 10. HDD is always seagate other brand maybe there but you can consider if the quality is good enough 11. Logitech keyboard and mouse and webcam 12. LCD make sure you can get Viewsonic got DVI lagi best 13. Epson Printer Cheap in Cart and printer now 14. Printer if can always choose individual ink 15. Use only Origianl OS and Original can update for security patch B. Branded 1. Specification check and compatibility Check 2. make sure expansion for Graphics card 3. Memory expansion add in when buy new pc and make sure it can go up to DDR800 4. Harddisk 250 GB is ok 5. DVDwriter max speed 6. Stop buying ACER Support is Good but system is lousy because ACER have compatibility problem 7. DELL Support Suck worse they will not come unless your house burn down 8. As for Lenovo you can purchase but make sure you will to fork out 380 for service and support 9. NEC is ok in Japan in Malaysia they sucks 10. Emachines is lousy like crazy no wonder ACER buy them out 11. the trouble with pc from the branded company they use a lot of bloatware in the software 12. suppress the processor speed to make the pc last longer but there is not a switch to switch it back up 13. As for support they say only they do but who knows. that you have to call and test them out after you buy 14. Yeah they will give you license software but you have to creat the DVD on your own 15. And those DVD license can only use on their Configuration not on any otehr pc / laptop 16. to make is worse if your harddisk always crash then you do what? 17. or you can always clone pc and keep the system running until the end of time 18. or you can buy with the OS and but the OS as an OEM and defeat their protectiveness

and install on your own as long as the free software bundle with the system you ask them 19. do not change the time on the bios or the windows and try to cheat the antivirus you will not get away with it. 26. HP / Compaq can consider but service support must be there 28. 24. Karpresky but make sure you have updates all the time. Lenovo/IBM can upgrade and update their software online for free Dell comes with only system setup only windows can update but what about the rest you have download manually (how tedious) 20. Only 3 months / 6 months / 9 months of protection 22. Make sure that you can get ddr 800 memory not the 533 crap. Windows Vista 32bit only can support 3 GB make sure you can get 64bit for 8GB Memory 27. . Avira. Norton. Antivirus is not any use you need to purchase Internet Security 21. Trendmicro 23. MCafee. (Time Lock) 25. Forget about AVG. Delivery on time and make sure setup by the manufacturer is done.

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