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animals use instinct instead of fallible reasoning to guide them where they must go. and those that doubt. Ptolemy mapped a spherical Earth.com – All Rights Reserved . 2012 is the day predicted to be the end of our current world on Earth. far more progressed than ours. in the possibility that the world will end only two years into the future. Feeling superior will put you in the predicament of everyone who laughed at Noah. Pythagoras put together the theory that earth was not a disc but a sphere. Will this be the day that everything changes? There are those who believe. It should be of great interest to your need for self preservation to grasp the knowledge that there very well may have been civilizations. only a very few people were aware that the Earth was not flat. The reach of the Vatican removed all sources of knowledge from their reach during the Inquisition. While the masses weren’t facing The Apocalypse. Only a handful of believers survived that catastrophe. Perhaps it is time to put aside our superior egos and investigated where these predictions come from. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. Funny thing about nature. the enlightened people of the time were all aware that the Earth was not flat. Due to the fall of the Roman Empire this knowledge was lost. defining longitude and latitude in the year 140 AD. that have already come and gone centuries ago. Yet. There is a great deal of speculation going on world wide about what might happen on 12. along with many animals was no one single scoffer. because the fool thought the world was round. Civilization was lead to believe that the world was flat throughout the Middle Ages. could very well be true.Introduction What will you be doing on December 21st in the year 2012? If you haven’t already heard. He offered them all shelter from the great flood he predicted to be coming soon. There are many who scoff and say this is just hype.21.12. Many people think that Magellan took his life into his own hands and set out to sail off the edge. This is far more filled with devastating impact than thinking your computer would stop working as we entered the year 2000. The world population had no way of knowing they were in error. What if the skeptics are wrong about 2012? The looming prediction that our entire planet will suffer from horrible catastrophe on the morning of December 21st. In 600 BC. It was also once common knowledge that the world was flat and if you went too far from home. December 21. you would simply disappear forever once you stepped off the edge. What if they are wrong? Everyone thought Noah was completely out of his mind when he set about building an ark.

we find that the same understanding and information is also present on the Aztec calendar. They argue that this could never match up with our modern timelines. and they are not found in the Bible. The Mayans possessed incredible skill with mathematics and astronomy. then perhaps you need corroborating evidence.The PROPHECIES Most of the civilized world knows all about the predictions contained in the Book of Revelations. but also a mathematical calculator. There are many state of the art computerized astronomical mapping programs in use by all the accredited institutions around the world for a variety of modern activities. when faced with the end of everything that we know on a worldwide scale. the Native American tribes. the date December 21. There is further significance to the date December 21st that is well known around the world. Mother Shipton. not just for planet Earth. perhaps The Web Bot program would be more to the fathoming your thoroughly modern mind requires. 2012 gains further impact as it is the date that the Age of Aquarius begins. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. this prediction is absurd. There are those who feel that the Aztecs merely copied the Mayan calendar. Merlin. such as yourself. to discredit the vast knowledge of a people simply because their time on Earth was so long ago. is being skeptical better than This prediction that the world will end is echoed through the prophecies of I-Ching. Yet. the Bible and Nostradamus. The Cybil. Determining the date of the end of the Mayan calendar is done using their unique calculator and checked against the activities in the heavens. They created not only a calendar that was 3500 years long. We may have changed the procession of days.com – All Rights Reserved . This falls on the equinox that marks the beginning of winter. the Mayans erected stone buildings in a manner we cannot begin to understand today. In agreement with the predictions contained on the Mayan calendar. This civilization may be prehistoric to your mind. It would be very foolish for a progressed person. The actual date of December 21. Many people think that because the Mayan civilization ceased to exist centuries ago. yet they possessed capabilities to build structures that modern man cannot. This marks the beginning of a new age. To think that this is the only source of knowledge about the end of the world as we know it. In astrology. The findings of the Mayan predictions have been weighed against these currently relied upon tools. is perhaps not in keeping with your 21st century intellect. If you don’t believe in the Bible. There is however far more known predictions that these events will come to pass. but humanity cannot change the movements of stars and planets. Granted. Like other ancient civilizations in different parts of the world. 2012 comes to us from the Mayan calendar. A great number of other astronomically predicted events contained on the Mayan calendar have come to pass. but for our entire solar system. or the winter solstice. If these sources of information seem too outdated to be of note to your life. there is no date of the Apocalypse given in the verses of Revelations.

Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. The Mayans were highly advanced astronomers. everything on the earth contains perfect mathematical sequences. This doomsday date is backed up in the deadly accuracy of the 5000 year old I-Ching prophecies. So no matter how loud anyone may extol that no one knows why the Mayan calendar ends on 12.Significance of this Date Many people believe that an age begins when we enter a new century on the Gregorian calendar. In fact. weeks and days is a man made concept developed centuries ago by papal decree. add impact to the fact that the I-Ching predictions also end with December 21. the I-Ching graphs have already accurately shown the fall of the Roman Empire. While you remain skeptical about these predictions. when the sun reaches its lowest point in the orbit. months.12. Mapping the solar system is a more accurate measure for the passing of a season or a year. These already come to pass realities. and World War II. A solstice is the two points at which the sun is highest or lowest in the sky. World War I. Nature is not convenient. the discovery of America. June 21st marks the highest point and is known as the Summer Solstice.com – All Rights Reserved . By charting the location of planets as they move through their orbit. which occurs in the heavens when the sun reaches its midway point. The Gregorian calendar places this event correctly and accurately on March 21st according to the stars using astronomy. because their livelihood depended on being precise in mapping the movements of the planets. The calendar we use is only somewhat accurate to the movement of the sun. according to the planets precession. Spring always begins on the Vernal Equinox. 2012. This is not a coincidence. Our way of marking years. That precision has been proven completely accurate throughout the length of the Mayan long calendar in modern times. how can two so detached and alien cultures have arrived at the same ending date? Knowing that the rest of the futuristic predictions of both of these cultures have already come to pass makes this rather uncanny. astronomers can mathematically chart their future location by the day and the hour with precise accuracy. An equinox is a midway point in the sun’s charted course. On December 21st we experience the Winter Solstice. The precession of the planets around the earth occurs in perfect mathematical sequence.21. as each follows the last. between the lowest and highest position in the sky. She does not change important dates up a few weeks or back one to suit some unexplained purpose.

Who can blatantly argue with the most famous prophets and many of the world’s religions as being total hype? All of these people lived in times we view as uninformed. with very little regard for the consequences. Marduk or Plant X comes into the scenario. or is it ordained by the rotations of the galaxy the Earth revolves in? Nostradamus warns that a comet will impact the earth and cause massive flooding. This is where Ersis. The bulging of the area along the Equator is responsible for keeping the planet rotating on its axis and creating gravity. This planet has the effect of causing climate change. to survive whatever happens on his own. volcanic eruption and increased seismic activity on Earth. We have no control over the universe. this astronomical body comes close to our solar system once every 3600 years. or movements of the planets. Such an occurrence would produce horrific flooding and massive tidal waves. Merlin’s predictions are alarmingly in agreement with the doom predicted by the Mayans. It is also just as likely that another flood of the magnitude our planet experienced in Noah’s time can reoccur. Even Nostradamus seems to concur that the end of the world is likely. What was it that the Mayans found that was so horrifying about December 12. This event can cause complete melting of the poles and glaciers bringing about incredible rise in the water bodies world wide. Is the shifting of the poles a bunch of hype? The poles our planet maintains for the axis remain in position according to magnetic pull. Where do you suppose all that water will go to when the Arctic and Antarctica have completely melted away? What if the poles shift more dramatically than they already have in recent years? Faced with such catastrophe. and could conceivably do so again. and working against it. Is global warming really because of the carbon footprint of man. The Ice Age cleansed the Earth in the past. it will be each man against the elements again. a metaphysical view or even a religious standpoint. say these are not at all a coincidence.com – All Rights Reserved . and could conceivably come again. No matter which one of its names you choose to use. Merlin predicted that the poles would shift dramatically. Yet. If Earth were a perfect sphere.Is this a coincidence? The Book of Revelations. 2012? The rising sun on that date will line up perfectly with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. whether you look at it from a scientific view. as all the ice liquefies and rushes to move in the natural flow patterns present before it froze. every thing that happens on Earth is in accordance to the events in our galaxy. Nibiru. The poles had shifted hundreds of years before the time of Merlin. Remember how many people took a rain check on boarding Noah’s ark? Nibiru will again pass close to Earth again between 2010 and 2012. The constant rotation of the Earth is caused by the proximity of the Sun and the Moon. Current astronomical Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. Who are we to judge what the true informed level is? Modern man is disconnected from nature. It is now thought to have triggered the catastrophe known as the Great Flood. this would not be possible. and the predictions of Merlin. Nibiru passed between Jupiter and Mars some 7200 years ago.

What Merlin saw was that within a few days time. volcanic eruption. This polar shift could very well be what happened to cause the Great Flood. We have AIDS. At such a time. It would also set off a chain reaction of earthquakes. and yawning crevices in the face of the planet. they would flip. the Black Death managed to spread all over Europe and Asia. They refer to this as The Polar Shift Theory. science is aware that there has been a slight shift in the poles. everything is created with mathematical precision and geometric perfection.800 years.000 years ago. Numerous other diseases could very well be the result of cosmic activity.com – All Rights Reserved . life would be pointless. Current geophysics theory shows us that a strikingly similar event is expected to happen soon. any known or yet to be experienced disaster could instantaneously occur. in all these prophecies. the entire face of our planet would shift. It is scientifically proven that Earth’s magnetic fields filter out solar rays. This means that worldwide damage and horrible natural disasters could occur. Chinese medicine found that low magnetic fields lower human and animal immune systems. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. There are those specialists in the geophysics field who believe this shifting of the poles will take place in the year 2012. Viruses are living organisms and cannot live or spread. Yet. The magnetic fields have already begun to change. This galactic event only happens once every 25. A drastic change in the magnetics of planet Earth could cause several things to happen. and not due to a virus. to a falling drop of water and the makeup of a human body. shielding humanity. Some say the poles would shift or even worse. tsunamis. Archaeologists studying the Mayan calendars say that the Mayans believed that this event will be horrific. all of nature and technology from damage from solar storms and sun spots. move far from their present normal locations. NASA predicts that our current 11-year sunspot cycle will end during 2012. Without geometry. Science has recently connected the plague known as The Black Death to be the result of cosmic activity. A comet is repeated. Since there are no records or even stories known of about what happened almost 26. regardless of whether it was the dead of winter or in hot temperatures of the arid desert in mid summer. should the positions of the North Pole and South Pole.scientists agree with the Mayan’s astronomy predictions. This horrible disease has now been linked to the ammonium released into Earth’s atmosphere during comets entering into our solar system and cosmic explosions. no one knows what kind of effect this alignment will have on planet Earth. The Bible predicts in the Book of Revelations that terrible droughts and disease in the form of plagues will befall all of humanity at this time in our history. Swine Flu and a range of cancers that have long passed the stage of epidemic. Are you aware of the presence of perfect geometry echoed throughout every natural presence on planet Earth and within our solar system? From the smallest flower to the massive elephant. unless the perfect moisture and temperature levels exist to sustain them. again and again.

Perhaps you will be less skeptical. They were guided to both understand and observe the spiritual connection between humanity and the natural world of the planet. be unable to feed themselves. more damaging hurricanes. you see increasing floods. The majority of people on the planet have indeed. Not everything naturally present on or in the Earth was meant to be consumed or used to amass monetary wealth. Yet. climate changes and earthquakes as our prophesies said would come. Here we see a line that represents a choice like a bridge joining the paths. and care for its balance. very few people recall this set of directions. metals and oil from the Earth’s core. Even animals and birds are warning us with strange change in their behavior such as the beaching of whales. This will. we can experience a paradise in this world. the First People and the spirit of our ancestors are giving you loud warnings. disconnected themselves from Nature. and gain a greater understanding from the Hopi Nation’s message delivered to the United Nations in 1991: “ … Nature. hail storms. for the most part. Today. Hopi Indians The Hopi people have long understood the power and balance needed to retain the balance of nature and the significance of these magnetic fields. we will come to destruction. This task was given to all the different nations of the four corners of the Earth. There are two paths. The first with technology but separate from natural and spiritual law leads to these jagged lines representing chaos. The Hopi understands this and so much more. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. If we continue only on this upper path. They have traded their balance and peace for pursuit of material goods and monetary wealth. as with the rest of the Native American peoples is to respect nature. December 10. The connections of the natural disasters we experience around the world today are directly connected with the destruction of the natural balance of our planet. It is highly possible that the reason the magnetic fields are changing and the poles beginning to shift is completely due to the mining of rocks.com – All Rights Reserved . These deposits were put there for a more significant reason than to be removed and displaced in huge amounts. This rock drawing shows part of the Hopi prophecy. The lower path is one that remains in harmony with natural law.The culmination of both abrupt changes will bring about the complete reverse of the magnetic poles of the Earth. most likely increase and amplify the effects of solar storming on all of nature and humanity on the planet. Why do animals act like they know about the earth's problems and most humans act like they know nothing? If we humans do not wake up to the warnings. 1992. If we return to spiritual harmony and live from our hearts. the great purification will come to destroy this world just as the previous worlds were destroyed. in turn. if the only source of food was to grow your own. We now live in a supposedly progressed society that would. Their purpose on Earth.

Like the Bible. third by the Great Flood. Nostradamus predicted the events of September 11.com – All Rights Reserved . For all of those who choose to deny the importance of this information.It’s up to all of us." Mark 10:9 NOSTRADAMUS When anything Nostradamus has predicted is discussed by the media. the Earth was destroyed. Whether you believe it or not. it keeps echoing over and over again. They knew they wouldn’t be around to experience the events of December 21. we hope that they are not caught unaware. According to what we are told in the Book of Revelations. the information draws world wide attention. If the world is going to end. the Mayans and the I-Ching oracle were horrified about the astronomical predictions thousands of years ago. it has a tail and streaks down from overhead. The inhabitants of Earth have all misused technology and disconnected themselves from nature. Each of the preceding 3 worlds that called this planet home all made the same mistakes that humanity of this current creation have. when fired. produce a comet-like effect. meteor or comet will collide with planet Earth when certain events have come to pass. the Hopi have also always known that there were previous histories. other peoples who lived on planet Earth. second by the Ice Age. The skeptics aren’t personally to blame for their complete denial. There are many factions at work in keeping the population ignorant of what should be common knowledge. let no one put asunder. 2012. or will it be the firing of nukes across our skies? Whatever the cause. it is terrifying. stuff begins to happen. The understanding of nature and its’ concrete connection to the livelihood of humanity was also removed at the same time.” Like the Mayans. Nuclear arms. this event is soon to occur. Yet. The Bible tells us that an asteroid. Nostradamus also predicts World War III and the horrifying mass destruction of nuclear arms and its effect on life on Earth. the question here is whether Nibiru will cause the end of humanity. the ability to read the stars and understand their meaning was taken from us for a reason. "What therefore God has joined together. 2001. After all. Nostradamus’ predictions are at times so accurate. It is known by everyone that when Nostradamus speaks. as children of Mother Earth. So perhaps. When these civilizations refused to change. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. We on the other hand will all have a front row seat. First the cleansing of our planet came by massive earthquakes. the destruction of the World Trade Center surprised and horrified the population. to clean up this mess before it's too late…. He has pinpointed new world leaders and many major events throughout history for centuries following his life. we can safely assume that such an event will be terrifying and horrific.

the intricacy of crop circle patterns has taken on dimensions and depth never before seen. Contrary to rumor. The Druids were not dark magicians as the story goes. astronomical predictions. Firstly. The Serpents Mound is actually constructed over a strange deposit of mixed old and new bedrock. Because understanding the meanings found in the signs we are given. the Serpent Mound in Ohio and the Mayan cities in Guatemala all sit directly on the magnetic fields in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the course of the last 5 years. the patterns now show us solar and lunar calendars. Poverty Point in Louisiana. You think this a coincidence? Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. the precision of geometry and mathematical alignments used surpass man made capability on such a grand scale. but the most learned members of this historical culture. astronomers and the holy men or priests of ancient Britain.com – All Rights Reserved . you cannot help but realize that there is far more to this than meets the eye in passing. Why is this? What is there that is not present in most other locales on Earth? One is the mysterious construction known as Stonehenge exists in the county of Wiltshire. you will see the truth of what will happen next. Not only do they make light of the significance of these events. Additionally. but it is at least 1000 years older than that. To the enlightened. there has emerged a definite message to each new crop circle pattern that emerges. then you are not going to be in a position to do anything to help yourself or anyone else. there are a group of people who do find it amusing to create crop circles. Studying the patterns and their geometric perfection. The calendar created by the Druids was also astonishingly accurate. Stonehenge. the Druids did not sacrifice people and animals. animal and all other life on this planet. Second of all. Many people think that Stonehenge was created by the Druids.Only those who have the desire to learn the truth and reason behind everything that exists on planet Earth and in the Milky Way galaxy will want to know more. they blatantly announce man’s ignorance of matters that should be viewed with more dignity. The head of it is made to perfectly align with the setting sun on the Summer Solstice. Crop Circles. You would be wise to learn what vibration and geometry has to do with human. If you have no idea what is coming. like the Great Pyramids. Equations and Magnetics There are many people who think that crop circles are a hoax. binary codes and more. there is a reason that over 90% of the crop circle patterns to appear all happen within one county in the United Kingdom. This group of highly educated people was actually comprised of the physicians. Unfortunately. These megalithic stones stand not far from some the oldest known civilized places in that part of the world. The Druids have nothing to do with Stonehenge. With the alarming increase in frequency of the patterns appearing in the fields of rural Britain here in 2009 comes the connection to the significance of this place. It is very easy to tell which ones are man made and which ones are beyond human ability. This is what they want from you.

woman or child will ever be. What are these elements and where will you find them? They are everywhere and no where at the same time. we as a civilization have access to so much information at once and from anywhere. Perhaps. It is up to each person to find the truth and uphold it. They cannot understand the importance of the connection between man and nature because they lack this knowledge. What is taught is not necessarily right. though it was once well known. Four centuries must have been adequate amount of time for common humanity to have had long forgotten those things that they were supposed to forget.What purpose is served in marking the seasonal equinoxes and solstices in rock and earth formations? This is something that has to do with the understanding of astronomy and its significance to life and events on planet Earth. What is accepted is not necessarily truth. and being freed to take up art for the sake of art and creativity. but egress due to the ignorance of greed and hidden agendas. Humanity and civilization is not above nature. the civilized world was plunged into the Dark Ages for a span of 400 years. From that point on. Let the circle be unbroken. If anyone could put perfection of geometry and mathematics to use. It is hard to see what you have no idea are there! It is increasingly difficult to look beyond a veil that was constructed to keep you from seeing past a certain point. What we are finding is signs that have always been here right under our nose that we could not see.com – All Rights Reserved . to suit the selfish purposes of handing great power to a handful of people. that once allowed to return to being an intelligent population with access to books. If you know the truth. Your path lies in nature on our planet and in accordance with the balance found in the heavens. Perfect measurements were replaced for the purpose of a few whose interests were to gain incredible personal wealth and power. not above it. A long enough span of years. Now however. A great deal of intelligence and knowledge was lost to us at the onset of the Inquisition. The so called progress of our civilization over the last few hundred years is not intelligence. The key elements of knowledge were removed from everyone’s reach hundreds of years ago. Humans are part of nature. The knowledge of what makes up humanity and nature on planet Earth has been hidden from us for centuries. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. Nature is far more powerful and omnipresent than any man. the enlightened are stirring and waking up to what they find. you will see the connections that were always in front of you. They have led you down the wrong path as the Hopi and other prophecies speak of. it would not have served those most interested in power to attain their goals. this is part of the problem the majority of human society has today.

I believe you are sadly mistaken. There are many topics that could not be covered in this brief report. Unfortunately. The signs are everywhere. What reason would these information channels have to lead you to not be concerned? It takes a great deal of study to discern who is a viable source of 2012 information and who is not. we continue down a backwards highway at top notch speed toward our own demise decades later. is just science fiction. 21. A conspiracy is defined as:    a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot) a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose from Wordnet at Princeton Education If it is a conspiracy to believe that the events predicted for Dec. The impact of knowledge is much deeper than you can imagine. There is much to learn if you are to understand and find comprehension. Do you see how much weight these governments of the world put into the message from the people’s wisdom? Instead. 2012. then does this also mean that getting in touch with your spirituality is wrong? If you do not heed the warnings to reconnect with nature and harmonic balance between yourself and your planet. The news media would lead us to believe that the date. where will you be on the morning of 12.Conspiracy Theory Is 2012 just another hyped up event meant to cause hysteria? The reality of a conspiracy theory is found in the actions of those who cover up what is real and hide the truth from their fellow man. reports and a great deal of hype surrounds the date December 21. Time is swiftly passing and we are almost 20 years behind the Hopi message to the United Nations. There are many rumors. You are not getting the whole story from the mainstream media. and everything linked to it. What other important facts are you unaware of? What enlightened information has been hidden from you? What have you been too preoccupied with every day life to have to discover? Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown.21. 12-21-12. 2012 could possibly come to pass.com – All Rights Reserved . A conspiracy is not the sharing of knowledge or information. You will find in depth coverage of everything that is vital your future in our complete 2012: Official Countdown Guide.12? If you think that everything will just continue on as usual. anyone can publish information on the Internet.

         Other ancient cultures that had knowledge and predictions are relevant to Dec. World society and the long awaited spiritual awakening. that something is sure to happen.You will find all we have touched on briefly in this report along with many other intertwined and connected big issues in our large. you will also find the comprehensive 2012 Survival Guide available. but the date matches up with so many prophecies from ancient people and religious leaders today. complete edition of 2012: Official Countdown Guide. No one hopes that the world will end on the 21st of December. Are aliens and UFO contact real? If so. Why the news and mainstream media have taken the stance they have with the public. but have summed up to be so relative to our fellow man. Does anyone know how to prepare for 2012? Will man Survive? One thing is for certain. Within the 2012 community. and natural catastrophe unlike any previous experience. Every known prediction points to great suffering. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown. research and scientific evidence strongly suggest that life might not continue on as usual. We trust that you have found the information in this report interesting. we were compelled to put everything together in a complete guide to everything that pertains to December 21. 2012. who are they.com – All Rights Reserved . as it has been for many years. Our findings were gleaned for our own interests. You owe it to yourself and those you love. Planet Nibiru. 2012. an unveiling of the truth? Will humanity enter into an age of new spirituality due to this cosmic event? Or will we need to make preparations to survive natural and environmental disaster? It will be difficult to plan what options your future holds without any insight of what could possibly happen next. What science and NASA already know about what is happening in space. What? We don’t know for sure. The Northern Cross and 2012. There is a great deal of evidence that all points to either a dramatic change on planet Earth. to learn more. 21. The astronomy involved in the planet alignments for 2012. Will it be the end of the world? Or will December 21. What lies behind the upcoming movies and buzz about December 21st. Will these changes bring about a global awakening. 2012 mark the beginning of a new era in human development? Something is definitely going to happen. 2012. 2012? The clock is already ticking. The repetitive prophecies. This is only the beginning of what you need to know. something is going to happen. or the possible end of the world. and where do they come from? In depth crop circle revelations and messages of increasing regularity. This report is just a short synopsis of the information you will find in our 2012 Official Countdown members area.

What will happen to YOU? Lifetime members of 2012 Official Countdown can approach 2012 with eyes wide open.com – All Rights Reserved .12.21. Get Full Access to 2012 Official Countdown Here © 2009 2012OfficialCountdown.12: The day that everything on Earth changes.

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