School Class Semester Subject Day/time

: SMU 2 Kendari : XII IPA 3 :V : English : Tuesday, 11.15-12.45 pm : To understand the meaning in the simple short monolog written text related to the surrounding environment.

Standard of Competence

Basic Competences a. b.


To read aloud words, phrases and sentences with acceptable pronunciation, To express the meaning in the simple short monolog texts accurately,

stress, and intonation related to the surrounding environment fluently and acceptable to interact in the surrounding environment A. Indicator a. b. c. d. e. B. women material. b. Students will be able to respond the role of women c. Students will be able to express their idea related to the topic d. Students will be able to read words, phrases, and sentences correctly. e. Students will be able to read aloud correctly C. a. b. D. Teaching point Language focus Topic : Reading and speaking : The role of women (Career women) : group discussion. To Identifying the meaning of new terms in text To respond the explanation about the specific terms To express their idea related to the topic To read words, phrases and sentences correctly. To read aloud correctly Objectives a. Students will be able to identify the role of women terms that includes career

Teaching Methodology

1. Time 5 minutes 2. Teacher opens the class by greeting and asks student’s condition. They try to understand the content S and finish the question. b. Main activity (instruction and participation) T S a. G. : Interaction T C Procedures a. Teaching procedures No. Remaining students’ prior knowledge and inviting student’s prior knowledge. Teacher divides students in some groups and gives the material. Students read material silently in group. Teaching Material a. handout. Tools : window on the world for SMU Year 3 semester system (“The role women” in page 165 – 167). board marker.G b. Classroom Management : Students sit with make a small group G. source b.E. Read aloud in front of T C class to check the pronunciation. c. Invite one of the students in each group to 10 minutes G. f. a. e. Find out unfamiliar words and explain it. d. After that he/she does T S absence.G express their idea related to the topic. printed by Erlangga : Whiteboard. Closing (Closure T C . Find student’s 3. F. Giving chance for each group to demonstrate their answer. Activity Opening and reminding students about the previous lesson.

SS difficulty during the class. Giving feedback and homework.And Follow Up) T S. c. Giving conclusion 5 minutes . b.

4. is classified as very poor. tion 3. 1996: 139) The final mark of students’ fluency is as follow: Row score Mark = Maximum score x 10 . but hesitantly and briefly Effective communication in short term Easy and effective communication use long terms The criteria of students’ speaking achievement are as follow: is classified as very good. 2. is classified as enough is classified as poor. nce 5. sometimes difficult to understand Gets idea across. Grammar Total Student get score (point) X 10 Maximal score Criteria of Testing on fluency in Speaking No 1 Little on communication 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 Fluency Score 1 2 3 4 5 intonation performa Fluency Pronuncia 2 Score 3 Total 4 5 Very hesitant and brief utterances. Assessment Rubric: The Assessment of Reading Aspect 1 1. is classified as good.H. (Penny Ur.


Rubrik penilaian Nomor 1 s/d 3 Uraian setiap jawaban benar. III.. Guru Mapel ……………………. . II. struktur kalimat salah ejaan benar Setiap jawaban benar struktur kalimat salah ejaan salah Setiap jawaban salah struktur kalimat dan ejaan salah Tidak ada jawaban Skor 5 4 3 2 1 0 Mengetahui Kepala Sekolah SMu Negeri 2 Kendari …………………. Tiap nomor dengan jawaban benar skornya 5 Skor maksimal 3 X 5 = 15 Nilai maksimal = 15 Nilai siswa diperoleh dengan menggunakan rumus Skor perolehan X 10 Skor maksimal A. ejaan benar Setiap jawaban benar. IV. struktur kalimat dan ejaan benar Setiap jawaban benar struktur kalimat kurang tepat.For Task Two : Pedoman Penilaian I.

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