1ohn Chatelain Statement

Dec. 8. 2010

John is the treasurer of the Mavor Suttle Recall Committee. one of its founding members.
and one of four principals who created the committee with the Nebraska Accountabilitv and
Disclosure Commission.

Preliminary Comments

‡ All statements by me pertain to committee activities that occurred during periods other
than when I represented the committee as its attorney Irom Nov. 30-Dec. 8

‡ As one oI the principals oI the committee. I am authorizing our consultants. Jim Cleary
and Pat McPherson to speak to the media to veriIy any oI this inIormation on which they
may have knowledge

‡ My reason Ior issuing this statement is to protect the integrity oI our committee and our
eIIort and because I believe that the truth needs to be told.

‡ In my opinion. nothing in this statement in ANY way has any bearing on the legality or
the validity oI the 28.720 validated signatures. although it`s possible that Mayor Suttle`s
attorney may try to spin it that way.

Our Promise to the Citizens

‡ When the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee began this eIIort last September. one oI the
important promises we made to the citizens oI Omaha was that this was a true grass roots
eIIort and that we were not a Iront Ior anyone`s mayoral ambitions.

‡ That promise has been broken by some and has ieopardized the integrity oI this
committee. Today. I want to set the record straight to restore that integrity.

David Nabity`s Involvement

‡ Early on. Dave Nabity had contact with members oI our group. He was Irequently told
that he should keep his distance Irom the committee. in light oI our promise oI neutrality
and his possible candidacy Ior mayor. should the Recall be successIul.

‡ About two weeks into our petition campaign. Dave told members oI the committee that he
had talked to potential donors who were interested in Iunding a paid eIIort to supplement
the volunteer eIIort.

‡ Approximately $200.000 was raised toward that eIIort. There was nothing untoward
about that. but Mr. Nabity later attempted to use those bundled contributions to wield
power over various activities oI the committee.

‡ Dave independently hired Paul Jacob oI Citizens in Charge and said that Paul`s payment
would be 'taken care oI¨ and that it need not be a concern oI the committee.

‡ It was during this time that Mr. Nabity attempted to have more and more inIluence over
the committee`s eIIorts. oIten attempting to micromanage various aspects oI the eIIort.

‡ Mr. Nabity insisted that money to pay the paid workers be Iunneled through an entity
other than our committee treasurer. Initially. there was a legitimate reason behind this. as
checks needed to be written to temp workers at the end oI each day. The two LLCs are:
SRW LLC owned by Sarah Weir
Polish Enterprises LLC owned by Paul Voicheshoske

‡ At one point. Mr. Nabity insisted that I give up my position as treasurer. This occurred at a
meeting on Nov. 22
. I reIused to do so.

‡ At the same meeting. Mr. Nabity also attempted to completely take over our committee`s
activities. He stated that iI he wasn`t allowed to 'take control¨ oI the campaign and put
paid staIIers and consultants oI his choosing in place. that he would take 'his donors¨ and
Iorm a second recall organization.

‡ At that point. we began to suspect that Mr. Nabity was putting his own mayoral campaign
team in place and wanted to control the recall campaign through it.


‡ Those who made the signiIicant contributions to the campaign did so in good Iaith and we
are extremely grateIul to them. There is absolutely no reason to believe that any oI them
acted with anything other than honest intentions.

‡ It appears that Mr. Nabity took advantage oI their generosity in order to position
himselI in the recall eIIort in such a way as to enhance his own mayoral ambitions and
compromise the integrity oI the recall campaign in the process.


‡ I believe that the Recall Election will go Iorward and that come spring Omaha will have a
new mayor.

‡ Exactly what role this committee will play in that eIIort is still to be deteremined. but it is
critical. in my mind. that we go Iorward with our integrity and neutrality in tact and that
we live up to the original promise that we made to the citizens.


‡ Just speaking Ior myselI. I continue to believe that Omaha can do much better than Mayor
Suttle. II Mr. Suttle is removed Irom oIIice by the voters. I think that the selection oI
a new mayor should occur in a Iair and balanced way. which is why I am making this