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University Student Council 2010

University Student Council Rainier Astin R. Sindayen CHAIRPERSON
Fermina Carmen Agudo VICE CHAIRPERSON
2010-2011 COUNCILORS
Kristine Borja Marck Bryan David Simoun Antonio Salinas
Jeanine Jerusha Duran Sarah Jane Elago Richard Estrella

USC Jemimah Grace Garcia

Kristine Kamille Kalingking
Raphael Dominic Ibaviosa Dan Ramos
Jessica Mariazeta Marvee dela Resma

Juan Carlo Danganan Asian Institute of Touris

HANDBOOK Alexander Dominic Mayoralgo

Maria Kriselda Sebastian
Englebert Chua
Montana Amir Dominguez
College of Architecture
College of Arts and Letters
College of Business Administration
College of Education
Karmela Victoria Abesamis College of Home Economics
Michael Bryan Bien College
ollege of Engineering
____________________________________ Cyrus Dickson Cruz College
ollege of Engineering
Angelo Jose Flores College of Human Kinetics
(Name) Ma. Florence Therese Martirez College of Law
Nigel Patrick Cornel College of Mass Communication
____________________________________ Nicole Roxanne Aldiosa College of Music
Jacqueline Canlas College of Science
(Position) Juan Carlo Tejano College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Marie Gold Villar College
ege of Social Work and Community Development
Desiree Ico National College of Public Administration and Governance
Carlo Miguel Romeo Sison Go School of Economics
John Ronald Almona School of Library and Information Science
Heverly Bermina Bravo School of Statistics
Contents of the USC Handbook: The Constitution of the University of the Philippines, Diliman,
University Student Council
USC Constitution p. 1
Original English Version
USC House Rules 2010-2011 p.15
Ratified SY 1980-81
USC Internal Rules p.27

Secretariat Committee: p.27

Constitution of the University Student Council in Diliman
Equipment Rental p.27
Office Use/ Storage Use p.30
We, the students of the University of the Philippines in Diliman,
Ways and Means Committee: Sale Mechanism p.30 desirous of establishing a Student council that will unite the whole U.P
Diliman studentry, promote and protect students’ rights and welfare, and
Finance Committee: Budget Request Mechanism p.30
foster a close relationship among the students and the other sectors of
Mass Media Committee: p.30 society in order to instill national consciousness for the advancement of
the Filipino people, do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution.
Publicity and Documentation Mechanism p.31
USC Directory p.32
Volunteer Corps Officers Directory p.33
Sec.1 This Constitution shall be known as the “Constitution of the
Local College Council Directory p.34 University Student Council in Diliman”.

UP Offices Directory p.35 Sec. 2 This Constitution shall govern the University Student Council in the
University of the Philippines in Diliman
Equipment and Venue Rental List per College p.36

Sec. 3 For purposes of this Constitution, unless the context indicates


(a) “University” signifies the University of the Philippines in Diliman

(b) “University of the Philippines in Diliman” or “U.P Diliman” SEC.1 The University Student Council believes in the following
includes all units located in the Diliman, and Manila campuses,
except those comprised in the Health Sciences Center.
(a) That access to education should be afforded by everyone;
(c) “University Student Council” or “Council” refers to the University
(b) That education should develop man’s physical, mental, social,
Student Council (as distinguished from any college student
cultural, and spiritual potential to the full, in order to realize a
council) in the University of the Philippines in Diliman.
human and humane existence for all;
(d) “College Student Council” or “Local Council”means the duly
(c) That education should enhance critical thought and the ability to
constituted central student organization of a unit that offers at
make informed judgment, free of dogma and myths.
least a bachelor’s degree program.
(e) “University authorities” signify that duly constituted authorities
or officials of the System insofar as the University of the SEC. 2 The University Student Council shall at all times strive to:
Philippines in Diliman is concerned or affected.
(f) “Chairperson”, “Vice-Chairperson”, “University Councilors”, and (a) Defend and promote the rights and general welfare of the
“College Representatives” refer, respectively, to the officers and University studentry and the Filipino people;
members of the University Student Council so designated> (b) Serve as an active forum for student ideas and sentiments;
(g) “Council members” or “members of the Council” means the (c) Develop a university spirit among the ranks of the students;
members of the University Student Council, including its officers. (d) Uphold the ideals of the university geared towards ensuring a
(h) “University Councilor or “Councilor” refers to any of the well-rounded intellectual, social, cultural, and physical
University Councilors as distinguished from the College development for every student.
Representatives. (e) Develop social awareness and instill national consciousness
(i) “College Representatives” or “Representative” or “local among the students;
representative” means a representative of the constituents of a (f) Unite with the various sectors of society in the pursuit of common
college to the University Student Council. interests, particularly in the establishment of a just and humane
(j) “Permanent vacancy” exists when the office of a Council officer or society;
member has been vacated by reason of death, resignation, (g) Develop a responsible studentry who will put educational
impeachment, expulsion from the University, or a permanent opportunity to optimal use and look after the unity and welfare of
illness preventing him from performing the functions of his office. the whole studentry and the people;
(k) “Temporary vacancy” exists when the office of a Council officer or (h) Develop a sense of service and responsibility among the students
member has been vacated by reason of temporary mental or for the welfare of society;
physical incapacity, detention or any other reason that leaves the (i) Seek and engender educational reform along nationalist,
possibility of his resuming his duties before the expiration of his humanistic and scientific methods, for the full development of the
term. human potential, to respond to social realities and to promote
academic freedom.


(c) Present their view to appropriate bodies before any policy or
SEC. 1 The Student Council shall: decision affecting their rights, interests and welfare is adopted.

(a) Adopt its own internal rules of government; SEC. 3. No student shall be subjected to exploitation, involuntary servitude,
(b) Organize, coordinate and direct student activities designed to or cruel or unusual punishment.
improve their general welfare as well as to prepare them for
obstructive citizenship, subject to the provisions of Article XI; SEC. 4. No student shall be subjected to disciplinary action without due
(c) Represent the students in all major policy-making bodies of the process of law.
university when so provided by laws, rules and regulations
promulgated by competent authority;
(d) Advise and make recommendations to the UP President on ARTICLE V
student matters, affairs and activities; DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF STUDENTS
(e) Represent the University in external student activities;
(f) Draft the University Student Election Code that shall govern the SEC.1. It is the obligation of every student to:
rules and regulations of the general elections of the Student
Council; (a) Observe at all times, the laws of the Philippines and the rules and
(g) Have such additional powers and duties as the university regulations of the university;
authorities may, from time to time, grant or delegate to it, (b) Assist the school authorities in dissemination among the students,
consistent with its stated powers, responsibilities and objectives. and education them on, the rules and regulations on the student
conduct and discipline;
ARTICLE IV (c) Help engender an academic atmosphere conducive to harmony
BILL OF RIGHTS OF STUDENTS among the various constituencies of the university;
(d) Exercise his or her rights responsible.
SEC. 1. Every student shall have the right to:
(a) Enjoy the freedom of expression; COMPOSITION OF THE UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL
(b) Exercise freedom of religious worship and spiritual practice;
(c) Have his transcript of records and clearances speedily processed SEC. 1. The University Student Council shall be composed of a Chairperson
and the confidentiality of his records maintained. and a Vice-Chairperson; twelve University Councilors all elected at large;
and one representative for every 2000 students or less for each college
SEC. 2. Students shall individually or collectively, be entitled to: and degree-granting unit, provided that each unit with a population
greater than 2000 students shall be entitled to an additional college
(a) Have their grievances heard and speedily redressed; representative for every 2000 students in excess of the first 2000.
(b) Organize and assemble for purposes not contrary to law and
SEC. 2. (a) The college representative or representative shall be elected by
the constituents of their own college. The college representative shall SEC. 5. Every candidate for membership in the University Student Council
serve as a liaison between the University Student Council and the local must, before the general elections:
student council.
(b) If the students of a college, school or institute fail to elect their (a) Have at least one year residence in the Universty of the
representative to the University Student Council, the University Electoral Philippines in DIliman or in the Manila units on the post-
Board shall determine whether a special election may and should be held secondary level;
(b) Carry the normal load prescribed by his college; and
therein, and if so determine, shall take immediate steps for holding such
(c) Not have been found guilty in any disciplinary action of any act
election. involving moral turpitude.

SEC. 3. The members of the Council shall be elected every academic year in SEC. 6. Every council member shall hold office for one academic year or
accordance with the rules promulgated by the University Electoral Board until his or her predecessor has been duly elected, qualified and assumed
and the provisions of the University Election Code. office, provided that Councilors who fill vacant seats shall hold office for
the remainder of the unexpired term.
SEC. 4 (a) Any permanent vacancy in the Office of the Chairperson shall be
filled by the Vice-Chairperson, provided that if the permanent vacancy SEC. 7 The induction of council members shall take place within a week
occurs in the Office of the Vice-Chairperson, the Council shall elect from after their proclamation by the University Electoral Board, the oath to be
among the University Councilors a new Vice-Chairperson. administered by the University President or his duly authorized
(b) Should both the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson of the Council representative.
be temporarily incapacitated, the remaining members of the Council shall
elect from among the University Councilors an Action Chairperson and SEC. 8. No council member shall hold office as president of the Corps
Action Vice-Chairperson, both of whom shall relinquish their positions Commander of UP ROTS, or editor-in-chief of the Philippines collegian
upon the return of the permanent officers. In no case shall the Council be without forfeiting his or her seat in the Council.
dissolved or rendered inoperative.
(c) If the vacancy occurs in the Office of the University Councilor, the ARTICLE VII
candidate who obtained the next highest number of votes in the last OFFICERS, QUORUM
general elections of the Student Council shall take his or her place.
(d) A vacancy in the Office of College Representative shall be filled, insofar SEC. 1 The officers of the Council shall be the Chairperson, Vice-
as practicable, in the manner provided above the University Councilor. Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Business Manager and Public
Should this not be possible, then the College Councilor or the central Information Officer.
student body organization shall expeditiously select his or her replacement
in the consultation with the University Student Council until the students SEC. 2. (a) The officers of the Council other than the Chairperson and the
have elected their new representative. Vice-Chairperson shall be elected by the members of the Council ( A simple
majority vote of 50% + 1 of the members of the council) present, provided (e) Be the candidate of the studentry of University of the Philippines
there is a quorum, shall be sufficient to elect an officer, provided further in Diliman in the selection of a student representative to the
that in case a majority vote of the members present is not obtained, the Board of Regents;
(f) Head the Executive Chamber;
subsequent balloting shall be limited to the two candidates obtaining the
(g) Perform such duties as may be necessary or incidental to the
highest number of votes in which case election shall be by plurality vote. discharge and performance of the functions of his or her office.
(b) All University Councilors are eligible to become officers of the
University Student Council. SEC. 2 The Vice-Chairperson shall:
(c) Nomination of officers shall not be closed until there have been at least
two candidates named, except by an affirmative vote of a majority of the (a) Assist the Chairperson in all matters where his or her assistance is
Council members present at the meeting. required;
(b) Take over the functions of the Chairperson whenever his or her
SEC. 3. Unless otherwise provided in this Constitution, a majority of all the office is vacant by reason of his or her death, resignation,
members of the Council as provided in Section 2 hereof shall constitute a removal, suspension illness, absence, or physical or mental
incapacity or failure to qualify for office.
quorum for the transaction of its business and every decision of at least a
majority of the members present at a meeting which there is quorum shall
SEC. 3 It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:
be valid as an act the Council.

(a) Keep a journal of the proceedings to the council;

ARTICLE VIII (b) Keep all papers and correspondence of the same;
POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS (c) Certify all official acts of the same;
(d) Perform other duties as the Council or Chairperson may from time
SEC. 1. The Chairperson shall be the chief executive officer of the Council. to time assign him or her;
It shall be his or her duty to: (e) Head the Secretariat Committee.
(a) sign all resolutions, communications and papers of the Council;
(b) preside over all meetings of the Council, provided that in case he SEC. 4 The Treasurer shall:
or she desires to take part in the debate or discussion he may
name the Vice-Chairperson, or in the absence of the latter, any (a) Act as a Custodian of the deposits in the bank of the funds of the
member of the council to take the chair. Council;
(c) Create ad hoc or standing committees and appoint in the (b) Keep a record of the funds of the Council;
chairperson and members thereof, except in the case of (c) Disburse the same in accordance with an appropriation of the
committees stipulated in Article IX, section 3; Council;
(d) Represent the Council in his or her official capacity as Chairperson (d) Submit a financial report at the end of each semester to the
on occasions and events where the organization needs Council, which shall be published in the Philippine Collegian;
representation; (e) Head the Finance Committee.
SEC. 5 The Business Manager shall: SEC 3. Standing Committees other than those specified in this Consitution
may be created from time to time by the Council. Ad Hoc committees may
(a) Keep an inventory and take charge of all Council properties; be created by the Council Chairperson.
(b) Supervise all business and fund-raising activities of the Council;
(c) Head the Ways and Means Committee. SEC 4. The chairpersons of committees shall have the power to choose
their respective committee members.
SEC. 6 The Public Information Officer shall:
(a) Release news items regarding Council activities to all media
(b) Promote good relations with the press and public;
(c) Answer inquiries about the Council;
(d) Head the Mass Media Committee. SEC. 1 (a) If a council member fails to attend four consecutive regular
council sessions without informing the body of his or her status or the
ARTICLE IX reasons why he or she has not been attending or working, he or she shall
COMMITTEES automatically be dropped from the roll. He or she shall henceforth cease to
be a member of the Council.
SEC. 1 (a) The implementation of all laws, policies, rules and regulations of (b) If the dropped Council member wishes to return, he or she should
the Council is hereby vested in an Executive Chamber, which shall be explain and justify his or her side. With the affirmative vote of
constituted by the duly elected officers of the Council and the chairmen of two-thirds of all the Council members, he or she can be reinstated
into the Council.
the different committees. The Executive Chamber shall likewise act as an
advisory body to the Council and shall make recommendations on any
SEC. 2 Any member of the Council may be expelled or suspended, as may
action, policy or project it may deem appropriate. A majority of those
be determined by the Council, for any of the following causes:
present at the meeting at which there is such a quorum shall be valid as an
act of the Chamber.
(a) Any willful violation of this Constitution;
(b)They shall serve for one academic year and until their successors (b) Gross neglect of duty;
have been duly appointed, except in the acse of the chairpersons of ad (c) Any disorderly behavior during any council sessions;
hoc committees whose membership shall e coterminous with their (d) Any other form of misconduct which undermines the integrity of
term as chairpersons. the Council

SEC.2 As a general rule, only University Councilors shall head the

committees of the Council. Should this not be practicable, College SEC. 3 For purposes of expulsion, an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds
Representative may be appointed as committee heads. of all the Council members shall be required.
SEC. 4 For purposes of suspension, an affirmative vote of at least two- (d) All expenditures of the Council shall be audited by the Office of the
thirds of those present, there being a quorum, at the disciplinary University Auditor, which shall be the ex-officio auditor of the
proceedings at which the penalty is being determined, shall be required; Council.
SEC. 3 The balance of the Student Council for a specific term shall be
provided that:
returned as the funds for the net or succeeding term.
(a) the members in attendance shall constitute a quorum, and
(b) the period of suspension shall not exceed 60 days. ARTICLE XII
SEC. 5 The respondent(s) shall have no right to vote in any of the SEC. 1 The College Student Councils, or student body organizations (in
disciplinary proceedings. colleges or units where no College Student Councils have been organized
or are existing) shall coordinate with the University Student Council,
ARTICLE XI provided that they shall be autonomous in the management of their own
FUNDS OF THE COUNCIL internal affairs and in the implementation of their respective programs and
SEC. 1 (a) The general funds of the Council shall consist of student fees
collected by the administration during every regular registration period SEC. 2 Policies, rules, procedures and programs/ projects adopted/
and shall be deposited in a special fund in accordance with the university approved by the College Student Councils (or student body organizations)
guidelines on budget and auditing rules and procedures. shall uphold pertinent/ applicable policies, rules, and etc. adopted/
(c) All money collected by authority of the University Student Council approved by the University Student Council provided that where
for a special purpose shall be treated as a special fund and shall inconsistencies exist those adopted/ approved be the University Student
be paid out for such purposes only. If the purpose of the special Council shall prevail.
fund created has been fulfilled or abandoned, the balance, if any,
shall be transferred to the general funds of the Council.
SEC. 3 Unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution of the College
Student Council concerned or except when the College Representative is a
SEC. 2 (a) The Council shall formulate and adopt a budget, which shall
voting member of the College Student Council, the College Representative
embody a work plan of programs and projects together with estimated
shall at all times, be free from the control of the College Student Council
expenditures for the incoming year.
with regard to/ in the performances of his duties, functions and activities
(b) A copy of the budget shall be sent to the Office of the President of the
university for his or her review and approval through the Dean of as a member of the University Student Council.
Student Affairs who shall endorse the same with respect to the
legality of projects and the sufficiency of funds from student council ARTICLE XIII
(c) No money shall be paid out of the funds of the Council except in
pursuance of an appropriation authorized by the same.
SEC. 1 The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs shall be the ex-officio adviser UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES – DILIMAN
of the Council. UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL 2010-2011
1. The members of the Council are the Chairperson, Vice
Chairperson, the University Councilors and the College
SEC. 1 (a) The Constitution of University Student Council may be amended Representatives.
only by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all Council members, provided
that the proposed amendment must be presented in writing at previous RULE II – COMMITTEES
meeting of the Council and copies thereof, be sent to all Council members 1. Types of Committees, defined:
at least ten days prior to its consideration. a. Standing Committees are those specifically provided for in
Article VII of the USC Constitution:
i. Secretariat Committee [Art. VII, Sec 3(e)]
(b) Any amendment to, or revision of this Constitution shall be valid
ii. Finance Committee [Art. VII, Sec 4(f)]
when approved by the University President and ratified in the
iii. Ways and Means Committee [Art. VII, Sec 5(c)]
same manner as the adoption of the Constitution provided in the
iv. Mass Media Committee [Art. VII, Sec 6(d)]
next succeeding section.
b. Special Standing Committees are those created by the Council
to perform functions during the entire course of the Council’s
ARTICLE XV term. Special Standing Committees shall be created through
EFECTIVITY the submission of Committee proposals, following rules
specified by the Council Chairperson or the Council, and upon
SEC. 1 This Constitution shall take effect upon the approval of the approval by the Council.
University President and its ratification in an university-wide plebiscite c. Ad Hoc Committees are those created by the Council
called for this purpose, by a majority vote of all the votes cast by students Chairperson or the Council, at any time during the course of
the Council’s term, to perform specific functions for a
qualified to vote under the University Election Code. It shall take
specific, limited period of time
precedence over all college council constitution in the University. 2. Chairpersons of the different Committees shall be chosen as
- end – follows:
RATIFIED: SY 1980-81 a. Chairpersons of Standing and Special Standing Committees
AMENDED: not yet shall be chosen through elections by the Council.
b. Chairpersons of Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed by the
Council Chairperson, with the consent of the body, which
consists of a vote of simple majority by the Council.
c. Only University Councilors my head the Standing Committees
of the Council.
3. The Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson of the Council shall sit
as ex-officio members of all the Committees. They are not
required to attend all the meetings of all the Committees. The 8. The exact time of opening and adjourning the session shall be
Committee Chairpersons must inform the Chairperson and the entered in the minutes.
Vice Chairperson of the progress of their Committees’ workings. 9. The Council shall use parliamentary procedures in its dealings
4. No member of the Council shall be the Chairperson of more than during sessions.
one Standing or Special Standing Committee. All Council members 10. The Council shall adopt the provisions in Robert’s Rules for cases
must be a member of at least one Standing Committee and two not covered by these House Rules.
Special Standing Committees.
5. Committees shall have the power to create Sub-Committees and RULE IV – ORDER OF BUSINESS
delegate to the latter such functions as may be necessary. A Sub- 1. The daily Order of Business shall be as follows:
Committee report or recommendation, enjoying the unanimous a. Roll Call
support of the Sub-Committee, which is submitted to the b. Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous session
Committee, shall be adopted by the latter. However, the c. Report of the Chairperson
Committee may still vote against the adoption of such report or d. Report of the Vice Chairperson
recommendation. e. Reports of the College Representatives
f. Financial report
RULE III – SESSIONS g. Committee reports
1. Unless the Council orders otherwise, the regular General h. Unfinished business
Assembly shall be held at the University Student Council Office, i. Business of the day
Vinzons’ Hall 2nd floor, at 7 pm every other Monday of the j. Approval of Agenda
month. 2. The minutes of the proceedings of the sessions of the Council
2. A simple majority (50%+1) of the Council members as a whole shall be presented to the Chairperson for examination and
shall constitute a quorum. Only when a quorum has been reached approval before they are submitted to the Council for final
can a formal session commence and proceed. approval.
3. The sessions of the Council shall be in public, except when 3. Upon notice and approval by the Council, the reading of the
otherwise provided in these rules. minutes shall be dispensed with.
4. Non-members of the Council cannot participate in Council 4. The Council Chairperson must include in his report to the General
deliberations, except when endorsed by a Council member and Assembly of the Council, performance reports on each Committee
given approval by the Council by a vote of simple majority, and Chairperson.
only when the point to be raised is in the context of the meeting. 5. The Secretary General must report on the standing of each
5. The Council reserves the right to hold closed-door sessions, upon Council member, particularly on delinquencies related to
a motion to close the doors, and upon showing that the subject absences and tardiness.
under discussion will be better resolved in such manner; provided, 6. Committee Heads must include in their reports, performance
that there shall be at least 2/3 majority vote of those present in reports on each Committee member.
favor of such motion. 7. Any member may deliver a privilege speech before the body, but
6. Only Council members shall be admitted to such closed-doors he shall be limited to only ten minutes, subject to one extension
sessions. of ten minutes by a majority vote of Council members present and
7. Sessions may be suspended by a majority vote of the Council in voting. Any member desiring to deliver a privilege speech must
inform the Chairperson and the Secretary at least two days before 1) All incoming, outgoing, internal and external communications,
the scheduled meeting when he is to deliver his speech. transactions, official businesses and functions, projects and the like
8. The consideration of the unfinished business in which the Council must be approved and noted by the Chairperson; provided that: the
will be engaged at the time of the adjournment shall be referred
secretary general must be furnished with a copy of such
to Committees, and so on each succeeding meeting until such
business is disposed of. communication. The secretary general must duly record the
9. After all the pending business is disposed of, the Chairperson shall communication in a logbook provided for that purpose.
commence the business for the day. 2) In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, Secretary
10. After the commencement of the business for the day, the General or any of the Chairmen of the Standing Committees, in such,
Chairperson shall proceed to the unassigned business. He shall order, may sign on behalf of the chairperson provided that the latter
first request Council members wishing to discuss a particular
( Chairman ) shall consent to the same.
business to manifest it before proceeding to discuss each matter.
The Secretary shall make notice of the order of each 3) In cases when the Chairperson is the signatory of the communication,
manifestation. and the Vice Chairperson in cases when the Chairperson is
incapacitated or unable to sign, said communication must be noted
RULE V – AGENDA by the Secretary General. As such, those that are not duly noted and
1. Any member who desires any matter to be included in the agenda approved shall be considered invalid and the Council Member
must inform the Chairperson and the Secretary at least three days
causing such invalid communication or transaction will be sanctioned.
before the scheduled meeting, either personally or by written
communication, unless there are meritorious circumstances
deemed by the Chairperson, in which case, the member shall 4) Official USC statements shall be of two kinds: urgent and non-
inform the Chairperson and the Secretary at least two hours urgent. Official USC Statements shall be made as follows:
before the scheduled meeting. a. For non-urgent issues, the Committee concerned, the Mass
Media Committee, and the Education and Research
If either the Secretary General or the Chairperson desires to have Committee shall form a drafting Committee. They shall
any matter included in the agenda, they shall also inform each inform the Council members that such a Committee is being
other in the method described above. formed. Any interested Council member may be part of the
drafting Committee. After a drafting Committee has been
If these rules are violated, the matter shall not be taken up except formed, it shall set a meeting wherein which the members
by a majority vote of the members present. Even then, it shall will draft the statement. The draft statement formed by the
take the least priority. drafting Committee shall be presented to the General
Assembly for approval, along with a summary of the minutes
2. The agenda shall be posted and distributed among the Council of the meeting which transpired for the drafting of the
Members by the Secretary not less than two days preceding the statement.
session, unless there are meritorious circumstances under Sec. 1. b. For urgent issues, any member of the USC may signify his
intent to the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary,
RULE VI – USE OF THE USC NAME such intent being subject to the approval of the Chairperson.
The Chairperson may also recommend other Council
members to join the proponent in drafting the statement. said statement shall be set as the first agendum of the next
Upon approval of the Chairperson, the Secretary shall inform General Assembly. If the proponent does not choose to draft
the Council members that such a statement will be drafted. another statement, the discussion of the said statement shall
After the draft has been made, a hard copy of such shall be be set as the first agendum of the next General Assembly.
left in the USC office, and a soft copy shall be posted in the e- 11. All USC projects must be approved by a majority of all the USC
groups by the proponent. The draft must be accompanied by members present. Projects not approved will not be recognized
a general call and general principles. Comments, by the USC.
recommendations and objections may be given by any
Council member within 24 hours. No objection shall be RULE VII – QUESTIONS OF PRIVILEGE
entertained unless it is accompanied by a concrete 1. Questions of privilege are:
alternative or recommendations. Silence of a Council member a. Those affecting the rights of the Council collectively, it safety,
shall be taken as his approval. The USC shall approve a dignity and the integrity of its proceedings;
general call and general principles regarding the issue within b. Those affecting the rights, reputation and conduct of the
36 hours. members, individually, in their representative capacity.
2. Questions of privilege shall have precedence over all other
If after 36 hours, the draft has been approved by at least a questions, except a motion to adjourn.
simple majority of the Council members present during the
General Assembly wherein it is presented, it may be RULE VIII – THE SUSPENSION OF HOUSE RULES
published, upon informing the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, 1. Kinds of meetings, defined:
and Secretary of the fact. The Secretary shall inform the a. Regular meetings are those provided for in Rule III, Sec. 1 of
Council members that the statement has been approved and these rules
will be published. b. Special meetings are those meetings, other than the regular
meetings, which shall be agreed upon and set by the Council
If after 36 hours, the approval of the simple majority of the c. Emergency meetings are those meetings, other than regular
Council members has not been reached, but at least 1/2 of and special meetings, which shall be called by the
the Council members approved, the proponent shall meet Chairperson to consider interim matters which require
with the dissenting parties in order to reconcile their immediate consideration by the Council, such consideration
positions. This shall be done in less than 24 hours. Once their being impracticable if the same were to be done in a regular
positions have been reconciled, the statement may be or special meeting. Emergency meetings, being limited to
published, upon informing the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, interim concerns, shall not be conducted for the following
and Secretary of the fact. The Secretary shall inform the USC purposes:
that the statement has been approved and will be published. i. Constitutional amendments
ii. Review, revision, amendment and repeal of adopted
If after 36 hours, less than 1/2 of the Council members rules, legislation and policies
approved, the proponent may draft another statement, in iii. discussion and adjustment of plans for pre-agreed
light of accommodating the objections, in accordance to the projects, not less than one month ahead of their
previously aforementioned rules. If after 24 hours, still only implementation
1/2 of the Council members approved, the discussion of the
iv. Proposition, deliberation and adoption of new 5. Council members walking across the session hall, or using cellular
projects phones or other electronic devices in a manner that may disrupt
v. deliberations on appointments and designation of the session shall be reprimanded.
officers, even if such are for ad hoc functions; 6. Council members who wish to leave the session room during the
vi. Fiscal allocations session must inform the Secretary, in the least disruptive manner
vii. Deliberation and decision on proposals and / or possible, of his request to leave the session and give his reason.
invitations for common endeavors by non-University The Secretary shall record the time of Council member’s
entities departure from and return to the session hall and the reason
viii. Hearing, trial and judgment on Council members’ thereof.
discipline cases 7. No Council member may smoke or busy himself with texting or
ix. Any other concern that may be practicably tackled in using cellular phones during General Assemblies.
a regular or special meeting
2. No motion shall be entertained to suspend these Rules except on RULE X – VOTING
emergency meetings. 1. Voting may be in the form of silent assent, viva voce, by show of
3. These rules or any of its provisions may be amended only by an hands, by secret ballot, or by roll call. The default form of voting
affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members of the Council present and shall be by show of hands, unless upon a motion to vote in any
voting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment must be other form which is approved by the Council by a vote of simple
submitted to the Chairperson and the Secretariat Committee at majority.
least three days before the meeting in which it is to be 2. When voting by show of hands, the presiding officer shall put a
considered. question in this form, “As many are in favor (as the question may
be), please raise your right hand.” After the affirmative voice is
RULE IX – DECORUM AND DEBATE expressed, counted and recorded, “As many are opposed, please
1. The Chairperson shall be the presiding officer. He shall preside raise your right hand.” If there are any doubts, or another division
over all meetings of the Council, provided that in case he desires is called for, the body shall again divide.
to take part in the debate, he may name the Vice Chairperson, or, 3. When deciding on issues or the Council’s official position on an
in the absence of the latter, any member of the Council to take issue, voting shall be by roll call so that the Council and the public
the chair. may know where each member stands on an issue.
2. When two or more members rise at once, the presiding officer 4. All votes shall be recorded. Should any member request to explain
shall name the member who is to speak first and the order of the his vote, he may do so.
subsequent speakers. 5. No motion, except one regarding the presence of a quorum, shall
3. If any member, in any speech or otherwise, shall transgress the be entertained during voting.
Rules of the Council, the Presiding Officer shall, on his own 6. In case of a tie, the motion shall either be lost or carried
initiative, or at the request of any member, call him to order. The depending on the vote cast by the presiding officer.
Council shall, if appealed to, decide on the case. If the Council’s 7. Any decision made by the Chairperson may be overturned by a
decision is in favor of the member who is called to order, he shall vote of simple majority by the Council members.
be at liberty to proceed. 8. Any member who arrives after a motion has been deliberated and
4. Council members may not walk out or across the hall while the put to a vote may not participate in the voting.
presiding officer is addressing the body or is posing a question. 9. Election in absentia is not allowed.
10. Voting by proxy is not allowed. 5. The Secretary shall inform the dropped Council member of his
11. At all times, the Council must strive to build a consensus decision status and the reason therefore. The Secretary shall include in the
among Council members. notice, a statement that if the Council member wishes to return,
he should explain and justify his side on the General Assembly
RULE XI – ROLL CALLS AND ABSENCES following the receipt of the notice. The dropped Council member
1. In calling the roll of the Council, the Chairperson and the Vice shall be reinstated if he receives an affirmative vote from 2/3 of
Chairperson shall be called first. Afterwards, the Councilors shall the Council members.
be called alphabetically by their surnames. Finally, the name of 6. The Secretary and Chairperson shall determine the validity of an
the College Representatives shall be called alphabetically by the excuse, provided that should the Secretary be in question, the
name of the college they represent. After this, the names of those Chairperson shall decide. The concerned Council members shall
who were not present during the first call shall be called again. inform the Secretary of their excuse, not later than three days
2. Any Council member who arrives after the roll shall be marked after the session, in cases of absences. Excuses which are
late. Any member who leaves before adjournment shall be submitted late will not be honored.
marked as having done so and considered in the same way as one 7. Valid excuses are: health reasons, important and mandatory
who has arrived late. Council members who leave before family occasions, greater need in case of conflicting schedules
adjournment, but after the set schedule for the session shall be with activities in line with Council duties, and fortuitous events.
automatically excused. Four unexcused cases of tardiness shall be 8. Rule 11, Sec. 1 and 2 shall apply to Committee Meetings and
counted as one unexcused absence. Council members who arrive Executive Committee Meetings.
late must inform the Secretary of their excuse before, during or
immediately after the session, for consideration by the same. RULE XII – OFFICE RULES
3. Three consecutive absences from regular Council sessions without 1. Smoking shall not be allowed inside the USC office.
valid excuses shall merit a warning from the Secretary. Four 2. Use of the office facilities shall be available to all students of the
consecutive unexcused absences from regular Council sessions University provided that Council members shall have priority in
shall mean automatic dropping of the Council member from the such use. Students who wish to use such facilities must follow the
roll of the Council. He shall cease to be a member of the Council policies set by the Secretariat Committee.
and shall be informed by the Secretary of the fact. Failure to 3. Each Council member shall be required to stay at the office for at
attend at least 60% of the regular sessions per semester shall least 3 hours a week. 1 hour of not being able to stay at the office
automatically subject the concerned Council member to by a Council member during his designated time shall amount to
deliberations by the body which shall decide upon whether or not an absence, unless if that Council member finds another Council
to sanction the person, and what sanction shall be imposed, if in member to replace him during that time, or if that Council
case it was decided that a sanction is to be imposed. The member has a valid excuse. 4 accumulated absences shall merit a
sanctions shall be based on the provisions of the University warning, 8 absences shall result to a recommendation of
Student Council Constitution. suspension of Council privileges for 1 month from the Secretariat
4. An activity may be declared as a mandatory USC activity by a Committee. 12 absences shall automatically suspend that Council
majority vote of the members present during session. It shall be member’s privileges for 1 month.
considered as a regular Council session under the preceding 4. Littering inside the office is strictly prohibited.
1. All funds generated by the Ways and Means Committee as well as University Student Council Internal Rules
all the other Committees shall be given immediately to the
Finance Committee.
I. Secretariat Committee
a. A Financial Report shall be regularly prepared and submitted
by the Finance Committee and the Ways and Means 1. Equipment Rental
Committee. (Note: Equipment Rental Folder and Equipment Rental Logbook are two
2. The Chairperson and the Treasurer shall be the signatories for the different things)
USC Bank Account.
1) Ask for the date and time of reservation and the equipment being
1. The Committees, as they dispose of their business, shall have the
papers relating thereto, delivered to and kept in the general files
of the Council for future reference. Committee heads shall submit 2) Check the NEW weekly calendar (posted at the back of the
to the Secretary their Committee report and performance Equipment Rental Folder) to check availability.
evaluations during each General Assembly. 3) If available, do the following:
2. The Secretary of the Council shall, within three days after the a. Note the NAME OF THE ORG/INDIV, CONTACT NO,
adjournment of a meeting, take charge of keeping and filing all EQUIPMENT RENTED on the date and time that they need
resolutions, petitions and other papers referred to, together with
it on the CALENDAR and the LOGBOOK.
all the evidence and reports gathered by such Committees during
sessions, which have not been reported to the Council. At the b. Ask them to fill out ONE copy of the EQUIPMENT RENTAL
adjournment of the last meeting of the Council, all papers still in FORM found in the front of the Equipment Rental Logbook
the possession of Committees shall be delivered to and kept in c. Give them their accomplished EQUIPMENT RENTAL FORM
the general files. All papers of confidential nature, as determined and inform that they have to present the following upon
by the Committee concerned or the Council members, shall be claim, otherwise they will not be able to get the rented
kept in the confidential files. equipment:
3. The Secretary shall submit a synopsis of the Council meetings,
including records of absences and tardiness, to the Philippine
Collegian for publication. ii. Photocopy of the borrower’s ID with the name
4. The Secretary shall post the minutes of the Council meetings, of the individual/organization’s name, contact number, and
including records of absences and tardiness, on the USC Billboard equipment rented written on it.
outside the USC office, and in the College Billboards of the College CLAIM
of Engineering and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy 1) Upon claim, request for a copy of the following:
as well as that of any other College that may request for the
i. Accomplished Equipment Rental Form
Secretary to do so.
(countercheck in the equipment rental
5. Any violation of these rules shall constitute a ground for
suspension or expulsion from the Council. calendar)
ii. Photocopy of the borrower’s ID with
the name of the
individual/organization’s name, contact Books: 1 Semester* (separate rules/forms apply)
number, and equipment rented written
on it. The time of reservation is from 8AM-7PM. Should any
2) Clip both documents and file it in the Equipment Rental Folder organization/individual want to rent it at an earlier or later time, the
3) Inform them that there is a penalty for late return of Equipments reservation should be made three days earlier. The maximum rental hours
(CHECK EQUIPMENT RENTAL RULES) are from 7AM-10PM. (Claim and Return at Ezie’s/Dan’s/Richard’s
RETURN Dormitory)

1) Upon return, check the equipments returned to see if it is still in Equipment Fines shall be imposed if the equipment is not returned
good condition. on time.
2) After, give them back their copy of the lending form as their 10Php per every Week delayed for Books
proof that they have returned it. 50Php per every day delayed for Chairs and Tables
3) File the photocopy of their ID in the ID FOLDER as our proof that 100Php per every two hours delayed for Projector Screen and
they have returned it. The ID Folder should be emptied everyday Sound System.
(for LCD and other equipments) and/or every week (max. for 200Php per every day delayed for Panel Boards
panel boards) as proof that all the equipments have been
properly returned in the office. For the LCD:
a. Should you have any remarks with regard to the equipment 20Php/ 30minutes late
returned, please note it in the ID Photocopy of the Borrower (Ex. 50Php/hour late
Returned, LOST Connector) so we know who to contact in case of 200Php/day late
lost/damaged items.
It is incumbent upon everyone doing office hours to:
EQUIPMENT LENDING RULES: 1) Check the equipment calendar every time they’re on duty
2) Text the person scheduled to borrow any equipment during
Unless it is a USC Activity, no equipment may be taken out of Campus their office hours to confirm if the borrower will still borrow/
Premises. cancel the reservation.
Unless it is a USC Activity, no equipment may be rented overnight. a. Should they cancel, please erase immediately to
Unless it is a USC Activity, the following are the maximum hours of prevent confusion and allow other organizations to
equipment rental: borrow.
LCD Projector and LCD Projector Screen: 5 Hours
Sound System: 5 Hours
Chairs and Tables: 8 Hours 2. Storage Use
Panel Boards: 7 Days
Should any organization request to store an item, please ask them to
accomplish two copies of the Storage Permit Form. Make sure that all sales are tallied in the Tally Sheet.

Give one copy to them and the other copy, file in the Storage Permit Forms
Post tally all shirts by counting the designs and sizes left at the end of the
day and checking if its equivalent to the shirt sale money that day.
Upon claim, request for the Organization’s copy of the Storage Permit
Form as proof of their ownership of the stored item. III. Finance Committee
1. Budget Request Mechanism
File the Organization’s Copy of the Storage Permit Form with the USC’s
Copy as proof of their claim. All budget requests should be forwarded to the Finance Committee one
week before the event.
3. Office Use
Should any organization/committee request to use the office for a General
Committee/Event Financial Statement should be forwarded to the Finance
Assembly/Meeting, please ask them to accomplish two copies of the Office
Reservation Form. Committee, at the maximum, two weeks after the event including receipts
and proofs of financial transactions of the committee.
Give one copy to them and the other copy, file in the Office Reservation
Forms Folder. LOAN: Any loan made to the Finance Committee should be paid at the end
of each semester.
Note in the Office Reservation Calendar (back of the Office Use Folder) the
date and time of reservation and make sure that there is no conflict.
REIMBURSEMENT: Reimbursements are done Thursdays of every week,
Upon office use, request for the Organization’s copy of the Office 5:30PM at the USC Office.
Reservation Form as proof of their reservation.
IV. Mass Media Committee
File the Organization’s Copy of the Office Reservation Form with the USC’s 1. Publicity Materials
Copy as proof of their office use. Should any committee need help with the drafting of a publicity material,
the committee/person should inform the Mass Media Committee
Two weeks before the event for Posters and Teasers
II. Ways and Means Committee
Three weeks before the event for Video Publicity provided that
1. Shirt Sale Mechanism
the Committee/person who wants to avail of this Mass Media Service
Pre-tally all shirts upon opening the Office and before starting Sale.
include a script/concept as to how they want the video to be done.
Note in the Tally form.
Event details should be forwarded to the committee as well.
Note that we do not accept pre-orders anymore, inform the customers
that everything is on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. Documentation
Should any committee or person need documentation of their project, the CHE: Mela +639175230277
Committee/person should inform the Mass Media Committee one-three Abesamis
days before the event. ENGG: Bryan +639162661760
ENGG: Cyrus +639052690353
Name Contact Number Email Address LAW: Chingkay +639178911418
Sindayen, Rain +639158922168 Martirez
Chairperson CMC: Nigel +639279792261
Agudo, Amme +639151186311 Cornel
Vice-Chairperson MUSIC: Roxy +639272455242
Borja, Tin +639279741878 CS: Jackie +639178231104
David, Chorva +639275893480 Canlas
Dela Resma, +639279892189 CSSP: JC Tejano +639178360345
Marvee CSWCD: Gold +639173542148
Duran, Duday +639172764347 Villar
Elago, Sarah +639153151116 NCPAG: Des Ico +639164692191
Estrella, Richard +639064169747 SE: Carlo Go +639275269847
Garcia, Gem +639279125206 SLIS: JR +639274804646
Ibaviosa, Nico +639178994390 Almonina
Kalingking, +639158559097 STAT: Hebs +639175530716
Kriska Bravo
Mariazeta, Ezie +639179178227
Ramos, Dan +639054732803
Salinas, Simoun +639162829748
AIT: JC +639166108967
Danganan Position Name Contact No.
ARKI: Aldo +639158665372 Head Eds Gabral +639273841392
Mayoralgo Secretary Jules Guiang +639282869730
CAL: Myx +639175260606 Treasurer Marlon Teodosio +639157665053
Sebastian PRO Patricia Papa +639278594586
CBA: Engle Chua +639274247662
Dominguez College Name Contact No.
Asian Institute of Karen Claire A. Chan +639178997774 Dial 981-8500
Tourism Local Office
College of Architecture Mayor Mayordomo +639177184606 3966 Office of the Campus Architect, Director
College of Arts and Trish Sanijon +639163664134 4027 Campus Maintenance Office, Director
Letters 6937 CASAA Canteen Administration
College of Business Emmanette +639062974927 2760 Cashier’s Office, Director, PNB Building
Administration Crisostomo 4011 Center Police District, UPDP
College of Education Johann Valderama +639264244778 2556 Chancellor, Office –Secretary
College of Engineering Ralph Anthony +639178449657 4406 Chapel, UP
Geronimo 3023 CHED, Commission on Higher Education, NEC Bldg.
College of Fine Arts Rosa Salazar +639275616208 4222 Collegian, Philippine
College of Home Angelo Joseph J. Dela +639278217959 4501-02 Counseling and Guidance, Office
Economics Paz 2058 Diliman Interactive Learning Center, Director
College of Human Pastor C. Manlangit Jr. +639167241543 4285 Film Center, Director
Kinetics 4513 Food Service, Manager
College of Law Tim Guanzon +639173017042 110 Health Service Ambulance
College of Mass Sherwin Su +639175564949 2701 Health Service Director
Communication 4036 Housing Office, Director
College of Music Charley Magalit +639394346480 4037 Hotel, University
College of Science Sean Aquilino +639178575846 3982 Information Office
College of Social Oyie Javelosa +639178136943 2511 Information Office, Director
Sciences and
4625-25 Janitorial Services
2518 Legal Office Chief
College of Social Work Grace Ang +639178224665
4021 Vargas, Museum
and Community
4521 Office of Alumni Relations, Director
4034 Community Relations
National College of Roland Carreon +639152372051
4551 OUR
Public Administration
2535 BOR Secretary
School of Economics Catherine Alcantara +639178120248
2522 Office of the President, Secretary
School of Library and Krizia Shae Alamenario +639275992447
Information Science 4503 Office of Scholarship and Student Services
School of Statistics John Eustaquio +639068633999 4521 University Student Council
4507-08 Office of Student Activities
4509 Student Disciplinary Tribunal
4510 Office of Student Housing
4511-12 Office of the Student Regent
UP OFFICES Directory 2515 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
2514 OVC for Administration and certificate of 426, 521, hours
2517 OV for Community Affairs recognition. 525,)
2587 OV for Student Affairs *Rates are for non- Engineering 200 First two hours:
2528 Vice President for Academic Affairs Secretary Engineering based- Theater 2,100Php
2502 Vice President for Administration organizations +
2504 Vice President for Finance and Administration * Overtime fees for 1,000Php per
2506 Vice President for Planning and Development janitorial services exceeding hour
2507 Vice President for Public Affairs @ 55Php per hour P&G Room 120 1,500Php first
min. of two two hours +
janitors 750Php per
exceeding hour
2 Floor Lobby Per panel 15Php per day
board per panel boards
VENUE RENTAL for UP Students rd
3 Floor Lobby Per stall 300Php per day
College Venue Capacity Rates at 2.0sqm stall
st th th
Asian Institute AIT Lounge 150 600Php/hr 1 /4 /5 lobby 250/hr
of Tourism AIT Classroom 40 400Php/hr and Engineering
Seminary 150 400Php/hr Lawn
Rooms Cristy 150/hr
College of Arts CAL AVR 60-80 50Php/hr Hernandez
and Letters FC Gallery For exhibits 100Php/day Activity Center
CM Recto 150-200 4,000Php College of Archery Range Group 750Php
College of Education 150 4,000Php Individual 60Php
Education Theater Gymnasium First two hours:
Kinetics (Wooden Floor 900Php
College of Engineering (MH 309-311, 650Php first two
per Area)
Engineering Rooms-Aircon 509-513) hours + 300Php
Charge per
for exceeding
additional hour:
hours *Overtime of 450Php
*All request must Engineering (MH 301-303, 550 first two personnel:
be made at least 7 Rooms 305-307, 313- hours + 250Php
days before the 75Php/hr Electricity per
315, 306-308, for succeeding
activity hour/area:
314-316, 416- hours
* For non- 250Php
418, 422-424,
engineering based All Purpose 225Php
organizations, Room
Engineering (MH 317, 350Php first two
please attach a Dance area 225Php
Rooms 319, 321,323, hours + 150
letter of request Dance Studio 225Php
239, 420, succeeding
Gymnastics area 225php College of CS Auditorium 200 7,000Php/block
Table Tennis 225Php Science CS Atrium 500 2,500Php/block
*Per block
New Gym First two hours:
reservation: 8AM-
12NN; 1-5PM; 6-
Charge per
College of Rooms 30 50Php/hr
additional hour:
270Php Social Sciences Double Rooms 40-60 50Php/hr
PH 207 60-80 50Php/hr (6
Swimming pool First 4 hours: and Philosophy
864Php hours max)
* Reservation at PH 400 150-200 150Php/hr
PH 113- CSSP OSA (Room use rates
Charge per *85Php additional
additional hour: only)
for overtime AS Parking Lot For Booths Reservation via
216Php janitor fee.
Tennis Court Per hour/per Dean’s Office
court: AS Lobby For exhibit 50Php/day
100Php AS Steps Reservation via
Track oval 225Php plus Dean’s Office
electricity per College of Bulwagang 500pax 15,000Php for 8
hour: 250Php Social Work Tandang Sora hours
Law Center 200 3,000 for the Audio Visual 30-40pax -
College of Law and
penthouse first three hours Room
Community rd
3 Floor 40-60pax -
Malcolm 200 3,000 for the
Theater first three hours Development Conference
CMC 100-150 1,000Php for the Room
College of Mass
Auditorium first three hours *Reservation two
Communication weeks before
CMC Media 250 2,000 for the
center/ TV first three hours event
Studio National College AVR 100 6,000Php
College of Abelardo Hall 500 6050Php for the of Public Room 301 100 6,000Php
first 3 hours + Administration Room 307 70 6,000Php
1980Php for and Governance Assembly Hall 300 15,000Php
succeeding Case Room 80 15,000Php
hours *250/custodian
University 2,100 Reservation at min. 2 custodian
Theater the OICA
hall and case College Equipment Fees
room: College of Engineering Tarpaulin Stand (Max 50Php/day
500/custodian min. of 3x5 feet)
2 custodian LCD Projector 600/hr
Audio 200/hr
College of Human CHK Vehicle (White 3,500 per day,
School of Room 102, 123, 40-50 P400 per hour Kinetics bus without aircon) exclusive of driver and
Economics 124,204, 239 gasoline
*Venues are open Room 103, 104- 40-50 P500 per hour College of Social LCD projector 150/hr
from 7AM-9PM 105 Sciences and Panel Boards (6 white) 50Php/day/board
*Submit requests Room 125, 127, 40-50 P600 per hour philosophy (Student Tables (2 big brown, 1 Free
at SE 208 301,302 Council) plastic)
Room 111, 114, 40-50 P800 per hour School of Economics LCD projector P500 per hour
*If the actual use 303-304
exceeds the (without
approved number of audiovisual
hours, half the hourly Prepared by: USC SECRETARIAT COMMITTEE
rate is charged for Room 111, 114, 40-50 P1,200 per hour
the first ½ hour Councilor Kristine Borja
extension and the
full hourly rate is (with Secretary General
charged for each audiovisual
hour or fraction of an equipment) Members:
hour in excess of the Madrigal Room 20 P2,500 for the Councilor Jeanine Jerusha Duran
first 30 minutes. (without LCD 1 two hours
Councilor Sarah Elago
projector) and
*An extra 10 percent P1,000 per hour AIT Representative JC Danganan
is charged on CHE Representative Mela Abesamis
weekends and
Graduate Under P400 per hour Music Representative Roxy Aldiosa
Reading Room renovation CS Representative Jackie Canlas
* A separate fee is Diosdado 300 P3,000 for the SLIS Representative JR Almonina
paid to utility Macapagal Hall 1 two hours
personnel and other ECON AUDI P1,000 per hour
UPSE personnel who (without LCD thereafter
may be assigned to projector) roperty of the University Student Council 2010
This handbook is a property 2010-2011.
assist beyond office If found, please
se return at the USC Office, 2 Floor Vinzons Hall
Cafeteria (Staff 100 P1,000 per hour