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Sabit Parkar Mobile: 00965-97389953
Industry Domain: Sales / Marketing / Administration Email:

Highlights of my skills
I have begun my career in Sales & Retail Management and have started learning and understanding the
balance between strategic business planning and man management. The markets may be new, large or
difficult at times, I believe my ability to focus on key areas that drive total efforts has given me the ability
to both achieve and manage success. Like they say "There is no business like show business" and I guess
in today’s corporate world it is all about the show you put on and craft of styling your strategies to meet
the audiences taste and satisfaction.

My Career Ambition

To be part of an organization that aims to grow and sustain growth, an organization that is willing to
absorb the energy I have and motivate me to drive more energy into the organization. I aim to offer my
best capabilities and hope to receive a fair balance between benefits and challenges that are assigned to

A company that has a vision with me and a road to success that drives the efforts we both create.

Academic Qualification:

Professional: Diploma in Business Management (DBM) from Institute of Management Studies- 2007

Educational: Degree of B.A (Bachelor of Arts) from ICS College, Bombay (Mumbai) University -2006

Professional Training & Presentation:

Attended various training & presentations during Professional and Educational Tenure.
- Time Management Skills
- Negotiation Skills
- Presentation Skill

Experience Summary

Designation : Sales Executive
Duration : From 28th December 2007 to 31th August 2010
Job Profile:

• Identifying & Developing Prospective new clients for new business opportunities.
• Mapping the Clients Requirements

cash invoice and credit invoice.Mr. • Arranging of goods in their respective places regularly. • Giving brief knowledge about product if asked by customer. Date of Birth : 17th Sep 1982. • Answering phone calls & giving proper response. Marital Status : Single.5 years. Residence : Article No. Sabit Parkar Mobile: 00965-97389953 Industry Domain: Sales / Marketing / Administration Email: • Client management right from lead generation. • Making quotation. Linguistic : Fluent in English. • Preparing sales report at the end of the day. Volleyball & Interacting with people. presentations. price negotiations to achieving financial closure. Urdu & Marathi. Civil id : 282091704019 . Achievements • Successfully Over Achieved Target Consecutive in 2. • Checking stock & giving feedback to Showroom Manager. Transferable. • Conduct Relationship Management with strategic partners & key clientele for value Maximization. Hobbies : Cricket. PERSONAL DETAILS: Nationality : Indian.