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The story of textiles in the subcontinent is the story of Gul Ahmed. The group began
trading in textiles in the early 1900’s. With all it’s know-how and experience, the group
decided to enter the field of manufacturing and Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. was
incorporated as a private limited company, in the year 1953. In 1972 it was
subsequently listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Since then the company has been
making rapid progress and is one of the best composite textile houses in the world. The
mill is presently a composite unit with an installed capacity of 103,000 spindles, 220
wide width air jet looms, 90 Sulzer’s, 297 conventional looms and a state of the art
processing and finishing unit.


In the textile field, activities start from the spinning of cotton as well as man made fibers
and extend to weaving, processing and finishing of all types of cotton and blended
fabrics, bed linen, home furnishings, garment manufacturing, etc.

The group has been a pioneer in the field of power generation. The textile mill runs on
self-generation with an installed capacity of more than 20 MW. Gul Ahmed Energy
operates a power plant of 136 MW capacity with a project cost of US$140 million
located at Korangi, Karachi. The sponsors of this project include the IFC and Tomen
Corporation. The project has been in commercial operation since November 1997.

Management of the group is professionally qualified and broadly experienced. The
directors have held top positions in various textile bodies, export committees and have
also assisted the Government of Pakistan in some of the major trade talks with EC and
USA authorities.

Gul Ahmed's fine textile products represent a unique fusion of the century old traditions
of the east and the latest textile technology of the west. The purest of cotton fibers,
produced from the fertile lands of the Indus Valley, are spun, woven and processed into
the finest quality cotton and blended products through a combination of latest
technology, skills and craftsmanship of this traditional industry.

Quilt covers ,duvet covers, flat and fitted sheets, pillow covers, valance sheets, bolster
case with all sorts of fancy confectioning, embroidery and embellishments, packed to
buyers' specific requirement.

Ready made curtains lined, un-lined and taptop curtains, plain or fully accessorized with
tiebacks, pelmets, cushion covers, in different styles of confectioning and embroidery,
packed to buyers' specific requirement.

Running meter fabrics, packed to specific requirement.

Gul Ahmed specializes in medium-to-fine-count cotton yarns and is also capable of
producing yarns using a wide variety of synthetic fibers including polyester, rayon and
other man-made fibers


Gul- Ahmed as a leading textile mill is very much concerned about the quality of its
products. It was the commitment of the top management from the initial stages, that
Gul Ahmed attained this excellence. In fact the products of Gul-Ahmed are now
benched marked by the other textile mills as gauge to measure their own product quality
and to uphold this Gul Ahmed has culture that promotes “Kaizen” that is continuous
improvement and this improvement is brought about by encouraging employee to
participate and taking in their innovative ideas when planning for further launch of
product. Although it follows a strict quality policy but it do provide a relaxed environment
to its employees so that employees may work to their full potential without any stress

Gul-Ahmed believes in maintaining its quality by investing in innovative technology. For

that Gul-Ahmed places great emphasis on innovation and implements the latest
technology available and also training its employees at all levels and department
according to the market needs .Fully equipped labs for quality testing are installed
separately in areas of spinning, weaving and wet processing.

Gul- Ahmed is an ISO-9000 and Qeko-Tex certified company and recent award of
“Super Brand” are all axiom of its exceptional performance and quality production and is
mark of sincere commitment of organization to quality.


Quality improvement teams at Gul Ahmed are composed of experienced and well
trained individuals from different departments. These individuals analyze every
processes very closely so as to remove the problem areas so as the maintain the
quality policy defined by the top management.


The quality at Gul-Ahmed is maintained according to guidelines of ISO-9000 series of

standard and customer feedback from internal and external customer both locally and
internationally. As Oeko Certified company’s raw materials, intermediate and end
products at all stages of processing throughout the manufacturing chain, including
accessories, are tested and certified and all its samples at all times must correspond to
the prescribed standards. To ensure that its product quality is always in accordance to
the standards prescribed by both these certifications the company does extensive
quality control and measurement both on factory floor and in its labs. Gul Ahmed
maintains strict quality control and possesses computerized testing for strength of yarn,
density of cloth and fastness of colors. At every stage of production samples are pulled
out and tested for quality and safety required by multinational companies before it is
further sent-on. The quality control personnel also conduct pre-inspection of goods at
different stages to maintain international standards and to ensure customer satisfaction
on a regular basis


Gul Ahmed Textile Mills want to maintain their position as one of the finest quality-
managed companies capable of meeting the requirements of our external & internal
customer , for that it continuously identify the areas that need some improvement
regardless of cost both in term of time or money


At Gul-Ahmed, they want to maintain their position by meeting requirements of their

internal and external customers. Its culture stresses employee participation & innovative
technology application to achieve continuous improvement. Its efforts towards
improvement of their quality system, based on the guidelines of ISO 9000 series of
standards is a journey towards excellence. Employees at Gul Ahmed are trained on
quality awareness and ISO 9000 concepts & system so that every employee at each
level is aware of quality that Gul-Ahmed wants to give to its customers and works to
achieve it at their best.


At Gul-Ahmed Management is aware that maintaining the quality of its product is very
important to uphold its position in national and international textile industry. To ensure
that Fully equipped labs are installed separately in areas of spinning, weaving and wet
processing and employees are trained in a way that they may address small problems
immediately and on the spot.


Gul Ahmed as an Oeko-Tex and ISO- 9000 certified company cannot afford defects in
overall planning because defects in planning can ultimately dent the quality of its
product and will tarnish the image of the company.
To prevent this Gul Ahmed’s top management is committed to maintain quality image of
the mill. As mentioned above top management itself encourage employees participation
and employees present their innovative ideas to top management and these ideas are
always kept in view and are refined according to the company need, when planning
whether short term or long term .


Employees at Gul-Ahmed are trained on quality Awareness, ISO concepts and systems
documentation including procedures, work institutions, specification etc.. Training is
considered as an on going process and refreshers and reviews are the part of training.
Different seminars and workshop are being held to train employees from different
department at all management levels. In fact the entire team right from director to
manager and workforce is geared up to deliver quality utilizing latest technology and
skills at all time.


There isn’t any “Zero-Defect Day” scheduled in yearly calendar of Gul Ahmed. The
Management of Gul Ahmed already follows a strict quality policy with little tolerance to
deviation. Also the different units of mill are decentralized there is very much difficult to
schedule such day.


As employees are trained to work for excellence through which their own standards of
quality are enhanced and their work is at par with international standards. Also as
employee participation is very much encouraged, the goals set by top management are
in consensus of all employees so at individual level employees have goals that
ultimately lead for achievement of Company’s final goal.


As mentioned above Gul Ahmed is committed to be at zenith in textile industry and be at

par to customer requirements. To achieve it Gul-Ahmed analyze its long term as well as
short term planning from all aspects. To ensure that its products are assembled
according to its planning its employees are geared up with latest skills that they may
addresses any problem area on time without any loss of time or material. Also Gul
Ahmed has installed CISCO IP Telephony network to provide its employees with easy
communication system. With this communication system employees can now easily
communicate with management.


Gul Ahmed’s compensation and benefit strategy combines the need to maintain a high
performance culture along with market competitiveness. High performers are recognized
and motivated by giving them individual rewards.


At Gul Ahmed , they do not exactly have quality councils but they have quality
improvement teams that organize seminars, workshop to increase quality awareness in
employees and they are trained to ensure that their work is up to the mark.