enim as used for blue jeans, with a copper rivet to strengthen the pocket.

A high-resolution image of black denim. Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two (twi- "double") or more warp threads. This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric, which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. Denim has been in American usage since the late 18th century.[1] The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the André family. Originally called serge de Nîmes, the name was soon shortened to denim.[2] Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue "jeans", though "jean" then denoted a different, lighter cotton textile; the contemporary use of jean comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy (Gênes), where the first denim trousers were made. Contents • • • • • 1 Dry denim 2 Selvage denim 3 Stretch denim 4 Color denim 5 Uses o 5.1 Jeans o 5.2 Denim clothing o 5.3 Denim jewelry o 5.4 Denim remnant o 5.5 Jeans vehicles 6 See also 7 Notes 8 External links

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Dry denim

Dry denim can be identified by its lack of a wash, or "fade". It typically starts out as the dark blue color pictured here.Dry or raw denim, as opposed to washed denim, is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Over time, denim will generally fade, which is often considered desirable. During the process of wear, it is typical to see fading on areas that generally receive the most stress, which includes the upper thighs (whiskers) and behind the knees (honey combs). After being crafted into an article of clothing, most denim is washed to make it softer and to reduce or eliminate shrinkage which could cause an item to not fit after the owner washes it. In addition to being washed, non-dry denim is sometimes artificially "distressed" to achieve a worn look.Much of the appeal of factory distressed denim is that it looks similar to dry denim that has, with time, faded. With dry denim, however, such fading is affected by the body of the person who wears the jeans and the activities of his or her daily life. This creates what many enthusiasts feel to be a more natural, unique look than pre-distressed denim.To facilitate the natural distressing process, some wearers of dry denim will often abstain from washing their jeans for more than six months,[3] though it is not a necessity for fading. Often, enthusiasts will just hang their unwashed denim to help get rid of the smell.[citation needed] An overnight stay in a freezer is also considered to kill off the smell unwashed denim accumulates.[citation needed].[edit] Selvage denim

Selvage on a pair of jeans Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. Typically, the selvage edges will be located along the out-seam of the pants, making it visible when cuffs are worn.The word "selvage" comes from the phrase "self-edge", the natural edge of a roll of fabric. As applied to denim, it means that which is made on old-style shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt. As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or selvage. Selvage is desirable because the edge cannot fray like denim made on a projectile loom that has separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched. This advantage is only realized on one edge of the fabric, however, as the fabric has to be cut to shape and anywhere it is cut the self edge is lost.Shuttle looms weave a narrower piece of fabric, and thus a longer piece of fabric is required to make a pair of jeans (approximately 3 yards). To maximize yield, traditional jean makers use the fabric all the way to the selvage edge. When the cuff is turned up the two selvage

Selvedge denim is one of the more expensive denims because of its durability. Only a small percentage is required within the fabric (approx 3%) to allow a significant stretch capacity of around 15%. The new looms produced fabric faster and wider (60-inches or wider). and red. yellow. The selvage edge is usually stitched with colored thread: green. indigo dyeing and sulphur dyeing. white. [edit] Stretch denim Stretch denim usually incorporates an elastic component (such as elastane) into the fabric to allow a degree of give in garments.edges.In response to increased demand for jeans in the 1950s. there are more impurities in the natural indigo dye. Indigo dyeing is traditional blue colors or shades similar to blue colors. but natural indigo dye is available in some denim labels. and red (red is the most common). grey. mustard. American denim manufacturers replaced the old shuttle style looms with modern projectile looms. Loop dying machines feed a rope of cotton yarn through vats of indigo dye and then back out. denim can also be made into: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bags Capri pants Cut offs Daisy Dukes Denim skirts Dresses Hats Jackets Overalls Shirts Shoes Shorts Socks[citation needed] [edit] Denim jewelry . Multiple dips create a deep dark indigo blue.Most selvage jeans today are dyed with synthetic indigo. Synthetic dyeing techniques along with post-dye treatments were introduced to control shrink and twist. and self-edge that will never fray. where the denim is sewn together. Though they are supposed to have the same chemical makeup. Sulfur dyeing (also called color denim) is done for specially black colors and other colors like pink. The dye is allowed to oxidize before the next dip. brown. can be seen. green. rust. [edit] Color denim Denim fabric dyeing is divided into two categories. [edit] Uses [edit] Jeans Main article: Jeans [edit] Denim clothing Besides trousers. Fabric mills used these colors to differentiate between fabrics.

cotton blended fabric and Poly viscose fabric from India. intended to replace fiberglass. Denim Fabric All kinds of indigo rope dyed denim fabric including : more. made from the remnants of fabric used in making blue jeans. They also repeated this concept in some later models. yd » Width from 140 cm. pure cotton fabric. Jeep has also offered Levi's trim packages.• Denim jewelry — Silver Jewelry with accents of denim [edit] Denim remnant • Bonded Logic UltraTouch is a home insulation. denim cotton fabric.132 • • • Products Description Supplier Information • • Stretch Denims » In OE X OE. . RS X OE and RS X RS from 7.5 oz to 12... to 150 cm. • Denim We exports 100% cotton fabric. which was actually spun nylon to imitate denim. Denim Fabric Products .25 oz per sq.[4] AMC offered a Levi's trim package for its Gremlin. [edit] Jeans vehicles Between 1973 and 1975 Volkswagen produced the Jeans Beetle which had all-denim trim.

We have 3 colors at present more.. flat finish. we can also customize them as per the specifications on print ability and dye. These high quality denim fabrics are offered with exclusive designs and patterns. attractive designs and distinct dyeing recipes.. The fabric has a dual colour effect . such as normal indigo blue. and possess color fastness. ring. Any color can be produced as per order . Also.. Suitable for slacks and jackets. yarn dyed clack. tinted blues. yarn dyed other colors and over-dyed colors.. Along with the standardized array. silky and stretch.• • Cross Dyed Denim Width = 62" Weight = 11 Oz . . • • Stretch Denims With the help of an effective R&D unit. we are enabled to manufacture and export an extensive array of denim fabrics. These are manufactured using mix color wraps. including basic indigo blue. blue black. Our team of experts designs this range in conformity with the latest fashion trends to ensure its high demand in the global market. The specifications of the Stretch Denims offered by us are as follows: more... This denim is mainly used for manufacture of kids-wear garments . we assure that these are of optimum quality. these fabrics are offered to the clients in various color combinations. we have developed an expansive range of denim fabrics.front side looks black and the back side has a shining surface in color as shown in picture . dark indigo blue. It's tarde name is Mercerized denim . Some of the features of our denim fabrics are: more. • • Denim Fabrics Leveraging on our expertise and technical facilities.

• • Spandex Fabric We have in store for our customers a quality range of Spandex Fabrics. These fabrics are almost identical to woven denim but also possess the desirable knit properties of natural stretch and breathe-ability. more. more. These high quality denim are offered with exclusive designs and patterns. these fabrics are demanded for making different attires. which is in immense demand in the markets.• • Denim Leveraging on our expertise and technical facilities.. • • Denim Pintuck Fabrics We offer Denim Pintuck Fabrics. • • Indigo Denim Knitted Fabric We present a rich collection of knitted denim fabric. We offer our pintuck fabrics in a variety of colours and are proficient at customizing the entire range. The unique property of spandex fabric is that it bounce back to its original shape even after stretching up to 600 times. these indigo denim knitted fabrics last long & can be availed from us in different sizes as per the specifications laid down by our clients. These fabrics are ideal to be used for home furnishings and upholstery. which is widely used as fashion fabric. Developed from high-quality yarn. Appreciated for high tear strength and colour fastness.... we supply an extensive array of denim. .

cross hatch . suits and other garments. • • Denim Fabric We manufacture and offer medium weight denim fabric which are suitable for slacks and jackets.satin weave width 60" to 66" . • • Indigo Blue Denim We offer indigo blue Denim. Our denim fabric is available in various combinations and our range of denim fabric includes : more.Our company presently developing Knitted Denim Fabric which is almost identical to woven denim but also have the desirable knit properties of natural stretch and breathabaility.plain weave .. more.100% cotton.IBST .spandex denim.LHT . lycra corduroy and shutting and shurting. • • Denim Fabric . • • Job works corduroy cutting and brushing We are also doing job works for the cutting and brushing of this all kinds of fabrics like 100% polyester corduroy. more.RHT .stretch denim .lycra denim .twill weave ....slub denim ... 100% cotton corduroy.polyster cotton .

So. we often seen Denim Fabrics in.pants and other winter products. Suitable for every occasion. The fabrics are in conformity with latest quality norms and thus have found wide appreciation from clients across the textile and fashion industry. excellent resistant to de-coloration. . Jet Black and Super Black Fabric. • • Denim FabricDenim Fabric : Denims are known for their longevity and they are never out of fashion. we do supply Denim fabrics including Jeans.. With the use of innovative manufacturing techniques. superwash treated etc. if required with a beforehand made agreement. however. • • fleeceWe are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a Eco-friendly range of fleece fabric. these fabrics are widely used for making trach suits.. more. Other details: more. • Carbon Denim Fabrics Our Sulphur Black Denim is ranked best in the industry. Our customized range of fleece is widely appreciated and demanded by clients across the globe. Fabricated using different blends of cotton and polyster 80/20 50/50 52/48. We can offer Regular Black. we manufacture quality Denim Fabric stock loads and cater for the customized requirements of the client. the range of Denim Fabric is shrink free and is available in different colors. We usually provide denim fabrics which are colored with Indigo Dye as this is the color.. We are specialist in offering black on black denim fabric.We manufacture Denim fabric of multiple designs and appearances.. Even after washing our carbon denim fabrics retain the depth and glaze. fabricated as per the customize specifications of clients. we deliver denim fabrics which are odor free.

• • Suiting Fabrics(Bottom Weight) . more. • • Denim Fabric We are working as dealer for Nandan Denim. Our range is offered with different designs and different quality . Durable fabric and available in different kinds like smooth and rugged finish. twill woven cotton fabric.. Our vertically integrated production facility helps us in making large scale production at unbeatable prices. Nandan Denim's Fabrics available in different colors are used for making jeans and jackets for men and ladies.. • • Denim Fabric We are one of the leading traders and suppliers of denim fabric that is 100% cotton and machine wash. The unique feature of our range is 100% cotton composition with dyed and printed fabric. These can be tailored according to customers' designs and specifications.. more.. Manufacture of a wide range of Denim Fabrics that is firm.• • Yarn Dyed Check Fabric We bring to our customers a range of yarn dyed madras check fabric that look appealing in their striking color combinations. The range we offer is offers enchanting designs and is widely acclaimed for high quality.

• • Denim DSC03898We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Girl Denim Jeans. colors and designs. Our range of Woven fabrics includes: more. Our range can be availed in a variety of sizes. these fabrics are used for making various items. available with us. available with us. which is color-fast. superior finishing makes our suiting fabrics widely recommended by our valuable patrons. The denim fabric is generally colored with indigo dye to create blue jeans though jean denoted a distinct lighter cotton textile. softness and color-fastness... DSC03898 more. In denim fabric the weft passes under two or more than two warp fibers that produces the common diagonal ribbing which is identifiable on the back of the fabric. and made using two sets of yarns that are a crosswise set called the filling or weft and a lengthwise set called the warp.We supply high quality Suiting Fabrics that are available in aesthetic designs and innovative patterns. . smooth... • • Denim Fabric Denim fabric is a rugged cotton twill. is utilized for making formal suits and garments. We provide availability of Check Suiting Fabric in varying sizes. We offer these fabrics in various designs to cater to diverse requirements of our clients. Being a client centric organization. The diagonal ribbing separates the existence of denim fabric from cotton duck. Our suitings are available at pocket-friendly prices. are appreciated for their comfort.. In addition to this. Men's Suiting Fabrics. colors and mesmerizing patterns in accordance to the demands of customers. The designer collection of suiting fabrics.. • • Woven Fabrics Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Woven fabrics. more. known for color fastness.

* ladies dress material * towels * home textiles * curtains & upholstery. • Woven & Denim Fabrics ... more.. Excellent Quality.• • Fabric & Apparels all types of denim fabric including variety of value added fabrics: * denim fabrics * bottom weights * shirting & suiting.Premium Range. • Denim Fabric We make all kind of denim fabrics with most modern infrastructure and machinery • Denim-Jeans-Fabric Click on picture to see full catalogues Denim Fabrics . * knitwear * bottom weight * casual wear.. more.

Multi-count yarns & ..Mixed Warps .. Malwa's in-house Design team works closely with leading International Design Consultants to come out with an array of breathtaking designs & finishes in denim a year ahead for every season. Through its state-of-theart denim plant in India . Since then. there has been no looking back and Malwa's presence in denims has gone from strength to strength. more. Malwa has access to a consistent and uninterrupted supply of best quality raw material thereby ensuring finest cotton Denim fabrics to its valued customers. . • Denim Malwa made a foray into cotton denims almost a decade ago in 1997. basic twills to fil-a-fils .. . Being situated in the heart of the cotton producing belt in India.Colored yarns in weft as well as in warp . cross-hatches to stripes and from vintage to raw. Malwa more.Ring yarns .poly mercarize.lycra.Slubs . • • Denim Fabric .ring.cotton mercarize etc. ..We offer high quality woven & denim fabrics • Denim We offer high quality denim • Denim Fabrics slub. From classical to contemporary. In sync with the emerging trends in Denim. . Malwa rolls out premium and basic denim fabrics employing .Open-end yarns .

These fabrics are highly resilient and have a long life.Denim Fabric • Denim Cloths Denim cloths dc (03) • Denim Fabric We are working as dealer for NANDAN DENIM. NANDAN DENIM'S fabrics available in different colors are used for making jeans and jackets for men and ladies. These fabrics are composed of 100% cotton. • • Denims & Khakis . Our stretch denim fabrics are very popular for the comfort and skin-friendly nature. cotton poly. Manufacture of a wide range of denim fabrics that is firm. cotton tencel etc. cotton spandex. cotton poly spandex. Durable fabric and available in different kinds like smooth and rugged finish. • • Denim Fabrics Our supplied range of Denim Fabrics is regarded for its premium quality. cotton modal. twill woven cotton fabric.

5oz. cords. yarn types and weights. etc. capris and jackets.the cotton fabrics for bottom weights and shirtings are manufactured in 100% cotton with flexibility of man made fibres.. finishes . blends. this is perfect for jeans. • Fabrics And Denim We exports 100% cotton fabric. trouser's can also be made out of this jeans material.. denim cotton fabric. more. These are available in various qualities. Denim Cotton Fabric. Dobby Uniform. widths & weight as desired. Bed sheets. Wrinkle Free Design . widths & weight as desired. Pre-Washed. Cords.Peach Finish. cotton blended fabric and poly viscose fabric from india. Finishes . The company manufactures a variety of products in different weaves. Enzymed and Shrunked this fabric is soft and perfect for any occassion. • • Denim Fabric Cross Fire denim is the latest to be developed recently.... Casual and Regular wears . cotton blended Fabric. Terry Towels and Poly viscose fabric from India. denim fabric all kind of indigo rope dyed denim fabric including : * basic denim * stretch denim * poly denim *and other fancy varieties with slub etc. pure cotton fabric. Strips. Satins. these are available in various qualities. wrinkle more. satins.peach finish.Twills. At 10. plies. POLY VISCOSE FABRIC Synthetic blended suiting mainly poly viscose fabric for suiting & shirting in a wide variety of: Weaves . more. constructions. etc. poly viscose fabric synthetic blended suiting mainly poly viscose fabric for suiting & shirting in a wide variety of: weaves . Plain.. which gives it a trendy look. This has a structured weaving of lines on both the sides with slubs.Checks. constructions. • • Fabric & Denium We deal and export 100% cotton Fabric. DENIM All kinds of Indigo rope dyed denim fabric including : Basic Denim Stretch Denim Poly Denim and Other Fancy varieties with Slub etc.twills .

With stunning colors. • Denim Fabrics The Denim Fabrics of our company is regarded for its premium quality. State of the Art Machinery / Processes • Denim rswm ventured into denim fabric manufacturing business in line with strategy to move to higher value-added segments for wider based growth in the future. • • Jeans Fabrics The company brings forth optimal quality jeans fabrics in the market. the company is working closely with leading international consultants to manufacture the finest products.. The company has plant to focus on producing high-end speciality denim fabric which has better realization and demand in the international market. cotton tencel etc. We stand top among the Stretch Denim Fabric Manufacturers in India. cotton poly.. more. cotton spandex. cotton modal. these cotton fabrics are popular among the people of all ages.. cotton poly spandex. The Stretch Denim Fabric of our company is very popular for the comfort that one gets while wearing it. Keeping pace with the changing time.• • Organic & Herbal Dyed Indi Blue Denim 100% Organic & Herbal Dyed Denim processed through Indigo Plant and other natural ingredients. We are also among the major Suppliers of Denim Fabrics. The composition of these fabrics consists of 100% cotton. The denim jeans fabrics made available by us are very endurable and are variedly used for the production of denim jeans .. more.

more. we are considered to be one of the most reputed cotton jeans fabrics exporters as well as suppliers from India. cotton poly. Over-dyed denim.5oz in different finishes and designs like Slub denim. The concern has total quality and environmental controls to timely execute its assignments. we offer these fabrics at much discounted rates at our company. cotton spandex. We stand top among the Stretch Denim Fabric Manufacturers in India. our Denim collection boasts of a premium range that is unlimited and diverse.and trousers. The Stretch Denim Fabric of our company is very popular for the comfort that one gets while wearing it. cotton poly spandex. Denim Fabrics Every season. Streaky denim. • Silky Denims Silky denims more.. • • Denim Fabrics We have tie-up with all good manufacturers of denim fabrics who make quality fabrics. .. The evergreen comprehensive product line includes. The jeans made of these high quality fabrics are not only durable but also very comfortable to wear. Apart from the above. • • Denim Fabrics The Denim Fabrics of our company is regarded for its premium quality. Silky denim and Mix-slub denim. Silky Denims (made of fine 2 ply yarns) Slub & Streaky Denims Poly Denim Stretch Denim and Exotic Denims (made of dobby designs and weave patterns). cotton modal. • • Fabricsthe concern develops jersey. Further. With stunning colors. We supply denim from 4. more. cotton tencel etc.. The composition of these fabrics consists of 100PERCENT cotton.5oz to 14. these cotton fabrics are popular among the people of all ages. Cross-fire denim..woven and denim fabrics etc under its own supervision at each stage of knitting and processing after procurement of yarn from reputed mills.. We are also among the major Suppliers of Denim Fabrics..

linen etc in different interesting weaves. The composition of these fabrics consists of 100% cotton. state of the art machinery / processes • • Denims Leveraging on our expertise and technical facilities. ring indigos. cotton spandex. cotton blended with other fibres. like polyester. • • Denim Fabrics Open end. weights & latest finishes. The stretch denim fabric of our company is very popular for the comfort that one gets while wearing it. Tencel. more. these cotton fabrics are popular among the people of all ages. cotton modal. Facts About Denim Fabric 'Jeans have become an American tradition.• • Denimsthe denim fabrics of our company is regarded for its premium quality. lycra. We are also among the major suppliers of denim fabrics. we can also customize them as per the specifications on print ability and dye. cotton tencel etc. bamboo. With stunning colors. cotton poly. Along with the standardized array. cotton poly spandex. over dyed denims.' Printed on the pocket inside Levi's® jeans Denim Fabric Trivia • A Bit of History About Denim Fabric • Denim & the Wild West . and. We stand top among the stretch denim fabric manufacturers in india. These high quality denim fabrics are offered with exclusive designs and patterns. we are enabled to manufacture and export an extensive array of denim fabrics.. symbolizing the vitality of the West to people all over the world..

In 1901 regulations authorized the first use of denim jumpers and trousers. Jacob Davis wrote him. and in plural to refer to clothes. On May 20. one of the major languages of India. white and blue jean. It is the first label sewn on the outside of a piece of clothing. 3 19th Century America . supplying clothing to goldrush miners. Unfortunately. from which denim is made. 2 Authentic blue denim takes its characteristic color from interweaving indigo (blue) and white threads. such as durability and comfort. Men working on coal mines in their Levi's? durable pants. The source word in Hindi is dungr?. dungaree is usually used to refer specifically to blue denim fabric. Archaeologists found cotton fabric 5000 years old in west Pakistan.The difference between Denim and Jean Fabric Denim fabric seems to have been reserved for work clothes. and fine trousers in chestnut. black.S. Webster's dictionary listed the shortened English version: DENIM. 1873. 3In 1936. France during the Middle Ages. 1 Italian sailors from Genoa wear cotton trousers and the French call Genoa and the people who live there. and refers to a type of coarse cloth. asking him to pay for the paperwork. Common uses included topcoats.Denim Fabric Trivia The word denim is an Americanization of the French name "serge de Nimes. Levi Strauss sews a little red flag next to the back pocket of its jeans. Davis didn't have the money to apply for a patent to trademark his invention. they received a patent for the invention which included the ingenious pocket-rivet idea. made of such material. 2 At least 225 pair of denim jeans can be made from one bale of cotton. when both durability and comfort were needed. The word dungarees (usually plural) is one of the few mainstream English words to have come from Hindi.Jean fabric was a sturdy fabric. olive. designed denim jeans with copper rivets at the picket corners to prevent seam tears. and to make it easier to remove them in a hurry when forced to abandon ship or when washed overboard. The orange thread traditionally used to sew Levi Strauss blue jeans was intentionally selected to match the copper rivets that doubled the durability of the jeans." a fabric which originated in Nimes. 3 The Last Chance Mine (1882). but it did not offer the added benefits of denim. "Genes. Navy introduced the bell-bottomed trouser in 1817 to permit men to roll their pants above the knee when washing down the decks. Common uses included overalls made of blue denim. Strauss and Davis began producing copper riveted "waist overalls" in blue denim fabric. In 1864. especially trousers." The name "jeans" was applied to the pants as well. 2 48% of the world's trade in fabric is in cotton. a Nevada tailor. worn by mechanics and painters. and the 1913 regulations originally permitted the dungaree outfit to be used by both officers and enlisted with the hat of the day. vests or short jackets. 3Denim became popular with young people in the 1950's .The U. In English. 4 Jacob Davis. The term "bull denim" refers to colored/dyed denim. 3Bavarian-born businessman Levi Strauss had started a wholesale business in 1853 in California.

however. Until 1960. Mui Mui and Prada to name but a few. Due to the denim's right-hand twill construction. including pre-washed. Some schools in the U. Jeans were not made to be stylish. Real cowboys became increasingly rare during the period. 5 . the fabric is constructed by interlacing warp and filling yarns in a progressive alternation which creates a diagonal effect on the face. 5 Movie star cowboys remained enormously popular from the 1930s through the 1960s. of the fabric and has a surface of diagonal parallel ridges. railroad workers. The warp yarn is traditionally dyed with the blue pigment obtained from indigo dye. banned students from wearing denim fabric. work was hard. John Galliano. notably in movies such as Rebel Without a Cause and The Wild One.a synthetic dye process was perfected. Indigo was the most significant natural dye known to mankind until the introduction of synthetic dyes. and teachers.S. when frequent washing was not possible. Studded denim jackets. sandblasted. The durability of indigo as a color and it's darkness of tone made it a good choice. rancher. the fabric is very strong and durable. Over the years. In some twill weave fabrics. at the end of the 19th century. farmers. long skirts. The new medium of television also adopted Western themes as mainstays of Also. stone-washed. indigo was no longer needed . too. because of this way of weaving the threads to make the fabric. many different denim fabric treatments have been introduced. In 1894. "waist overalls" was the traditional term used for denim pants. and country music superstars. all riding the trendy cowboy image to new heights of fame and fortune. 3Denim has made a comeback in recent years and in every possible form. Life out west was tough. Added into the mix were a host of singing cowboys. one color predominates on the fabric surface.In a twill weave (used in denim). teenage wearers were calling them jeans. Denim & the Wild West Blue jeans accommodated the lifestyle of the hard-workers such as miners.and vintage/dirty. honky-tonk heroes. They were made to be durable. 5 Denim and buckskin clothing and shapes associated with frontiersmen and cowboys have continuously influenced public perceptions of the West and Westerners. or right side. so Levi Strauss officially began using the name. By the late 1950s. About Denim Fabric Denim fabric is unique in it's connection with one color . pleated minis and even shirts were heavily featured on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana. the diagonal effect may also be seen clearly on the back side of the fabric. a symbol of teenage rebellion. and days were long.

processed as in making linen.museumoftheamericanwest. of Cannabis sativa fibers.levistrauss. in which blue or black contrasting with undyed white threads form the woven pattern. as well as Tom Mix and other movie idols of the 1920s and 1930s spawned a prosperous western wear industry that produced fancy inlaid boots and heavily embroidered shirts with western yokes.htm Denim." though "jean" denoted a different. Many popculture icons are closely associated with the denim jacket." western wear and the pioneers. bolo ties.High-profile figures such as Buffalo Bill's touring Wild West show in the 1880s.htm www. very baggy jeans were in fashion.keepingyouinstitches. with a distinctly-twilled diagonal rib."double") or more warp fibers. clothing worn by rodeo champions and western music stars continues to influence contemporary fashion. After World War II. In the mid-19th century the durability of hemp cloth. Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue "jeans. 5 Bibliography • • • • • www." Records of a group of New Yorkers headed for the California gold fields in 1849 show that they took along four "Hickory shirts" apiece.A similarly-woven traditional American cotton textile is the diagonal warp-striped hickory cloth that was once associated with railroadmen's overalls. lighter cotton textile. They made this style fashionable and are the source of inspiration for those shaping American identity at home and abroad. in which the weft passes under two (twi. Hickory cloth later furnished some "fatigue" pantaloons and shirts in the American Civil War.goatlocker. but have changed style significantly throughout the 5 Western fashion has become the symbolic national folk costume of the United States. tooled belts and engraved buckles spread across the West.htm exhibits/archive/westworn. fashion elements like pearl snap buttons. which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. is now more usually associated with sturdy woollen textiles. o In the 1980s. In 1789 George Washington toured a Massachusetts factory producing machine-woven cotton denim.A popular etymology of the word denim is a contraction of serge de N mes in France. Hickory cloth was as rugged as hickory timber and was worn by " in American usage since the late 18th www. distinguishing America and Americans around the world. Serge weave. tight stone-washed and acid-washed jeans were very fashionable o In the 1990s. The cowboy image is rooted in the "rugged individualism. Today. denotes a rugged cotton twill textile. including: o James Dean o Deborah Gibson o George Michael • .com producing the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric. temporarily competed with cotton. as part of the grunge movement Denim jackets (or jean jackets) have wafted in and out of fashion since the 1950s. arrow pockets and whipcord piping. Denim and modern fashion • Denim jeans have consistently been fashionable in American culture.

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