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MAYOR'S OFFICE Maren 2, 2020 ‘DECLARATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY WHEREAS, in December 2019 2 novel coronaveus, now designated COVID29, was detected in Wuhan Cty, Hubei Province, Cina. Symptoms of COVIO-19 include fever, cough, nd shortness of Breath. (Outcomes have rarged from mld to severe nes, ann some cases deat; and | WHEREAS, on January 30, 2620, the Word Health Organization Director General dciced the outbreak of COVID-8 as a Public Heath Emergency of International Concern (PHE), advising countries to prepare forthe containment, detection, ication and case management, contact tating and prevention of onward spread ofthe ciseae; and [WHEREAS United States nationals were transported from Wuhan City, Chinato several secure locations within the United States identified by the Centers for lsease Control and Prevention (CDC, incling Jolnt Base Son Antonio-Lakland (Lackland) in San Antoni Teas, n order to enaure the heath 2nd ‘wellbeing of those persons; and [WHEREAS on February 7, 2020, 91 Americans evacuated from Wuhan City, China (Cohort) arved at Lcliand, with one person dlagnosed with the virus and transported a local hospital and [WHEREAS on February 17, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control evacuated 144 passengers fom & crise ship docked in Japan (Cohort 2} oLaciand and WHEREAS, on February 20, 2020, 90 evacuees ffom Cohort 1 were released from quarantine and returned to ther homes and WHEREAS, persons in Cohort 2 that have no exhibited symptoms or have tested negative forthe virus were erighaly st to be released from quarantine at acKlandon March 2, 2020; and WHEREAS, 10 date, ten (10) persons evacuated to Lackland have tested postive forthe virus andi is antlpated that the numberof persons dagnosed with the wus i kay to Ierese, stein forthe ‘rus contines; and WHEREAS, al persons quarantined at Lackland and transported to local hospitals are in zervprassre facts and being atended toby staff flowing established COC protocols for handling these patients Iman efforeto minimize the potential hazard tothe residents of San Antonio and Berar County, ad WHEREAS, on Saturday, February 29, 2020, one ofthe persons in Cohort 1 who had tested postive for CCovio-19 and subsequently tested negative on two tests was released from quarantine. However, his person tested postive forthe virus on thd test with results coming in efter her rleese. This person ‘sted a local mall ate a ts food cour, and spent a few hours amorg ether persons, potentially WHEREAS, the person has been returned to quarantine at Lacklind while the COC and focal heath authorities are faking steps to enture the community is kept safe and the exposure vik s minimized; and WHEREAS, itis necessary to the public health ofthe residents of an Antonio and surrounding areas that ‘thote quarantined persons at Lacklond remain within the confines of those safe, secure falibes during the quarantine period following their exposure to the virus; end WHEREAS, following the release ofthe person from Cohort 1 and postive test after that release, the Imminent movernent of those quarantined at Lackland by the CDC to other facilis within the City its or transport to the San Anfona Intermational Arport for travel to another secure location increases the risks to the residents ofthe greater San Antonio area, crating» publ health threat, ering the City tomlgate the rf deente and manage the concerns of residents; and WHEREAS, the idenieaon of “community sprees” cases of COVID-19 in the United States could potentially signa that transmission ofthe virus may no longer be limited to travel to China, or contact ‘sith wavelers who have visited Ching and WHEREAS, pursuant to the Texas Disaster Act of 1975, the major Is designated asthe emergency ‘management director ofthe Ct of San Antonio, and may exercise the powers granted tothe governor ‘nan appropriate local scale; an WHEREAS, a declaration of loa disaster and publ health emergency Includes the abit to reduce the potsbilty of exposure to dase, contol the risk, promote health, compel persons to. undergo ‘dalional health measures that prevent or contol the spread of disease, incuding isolation, Suvvellance, quarantine, or placement of persons under public health observation, inling the provision of temporary housing or emergency shelters for persons miploced or evacunted and quest ‘sistance fom the governor of state resources and WHEREAS, by tis Decaation of Public Health Emergency | declare all rules and regulations that may Inibitor preven prompt responce to this tres surpended forthe duration ofthe inden. and WHEREAS, prsuant tothe suthorty granted tothe Mayor under the Texas Dicater Act of 1975, 1 ‘authorize the use falavaabe resources of sate government and pall subdivisions to asst the {hy response to this situation; and WHEREAS, |, Ron Nienbers, the Mayor ofthe Ct of San Antonio have determined that extraordinary and immediate measures must be taken to respond quickly, prevent and alleviate the sufeing of people exposed to and those infected withthe vrs, as well as those that could potentially be infected ‘or mpected by COVID- NOW, THEREFORE, BEIT PROCLAIMED BY THE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO: 4. Thata local state of dlsaster and public health emergency is hereby declared forthe City of San ‘Antonio pursuant to 818.1083] of the Texas Government Code. 2. Pursuant to §418:208(b) of the Government Code, the state of disaster and pubic health emergency shall continue for 2 perad of not more than seven days from the date of this ‘declaration unless continued or renewed bythe Cty Counc 3. Pursuant to §418.208() of the Government Code, this declaration of local state of disaster and public health emergency shall be given prompt and general publi an shall be fled pramtly ‘th the iy Chee Pursuant to $418-108() ofthe Government Code, this decaraton ofa local state of caster ‘and pubic heath emergency activates the ly of San Antonio's emergency management plan, Pursuant to §418020(¢) of the Government Code, this declaration authorizes the City to commandeer or use any private property, temporary acquire, by lease or ther means, sites requred for temporary housing units or emergency shelters for evacuees, subject to ormpensation requirements Pursuant to §122.006 ofthe Health ad Safety Code, this declaration authorizes the City to take {any actions necessary fo promote health and suppres disease, Including quarantine, examining regulating hospitals, regulating Ingress and egress from the City, and fining those who do ‘ot comply with he Citys es. Pursuant tothe statutory authority cited above, |, Mayor Ron Nirenberg, declare that ingress into and travel through the Cty of San Antoni fom Lekand by those persons that have been {arantined in the feity fe not permitted, No previously Quorentined person shell be permitted to enter the City of San Antonio unt further note. ‘This proclamation shall take effect inmedtely from and ater ssuance, [ORDERED this 2% day of March, 2020.

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