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reproductive Rae eae volume sixty-five, issue 10 Masthead managing etoritceies nite content editor-in-chief Sofia champion produetion manager Teas bntsman merkor enn otay arts & culture ‘maya morgan ®emma kelly opinions Teas hutsman merkur avant-garg Isobel carnegie lam p. bryant polities sofia champion space kovaes distritutor ‘rida cera staff snnika alex heyman brie auustine joshua benstock Jae unt sublijha Aitkeaton ‘ona maya morrswala ‘wina persaud ‘yer ches, caleb sandblom Tuey star ki stockwood hare wagner chazaon staff emeritus ‘alice yang Front cover ice hovaes back cover anlitsang contributors eff brands erika dickinson rawa tar ‘march 2, 2020 Editor's Address Hello SEX SQUAD, [This mame you may remember from the absolutly classic Flash game Adventures n Se City, protuce e. 2009-2010 bay ay interns ir the ity of London (Ontario, fours) public heath corporation Welcome tothe isue formerly known a Abortion®. Our decision to focus this year on Reproductive Justice is, ‘some ways, marked departure from convention, but we it does al the same things that we hoped our Abortion issues to do. Beng lod and feaky about abortion isan act of resistance tothe expectation of shame around the topic. Shame is particularly powerful anti-choice tactic. But what ‘most anti-choice weirdas don't seem to realize that beyond relishing in offending the we believe in an intersetional constellation of elated goals to improve the autonomy and heath of communities, fies, and individ. Rather than ‘the polcy focused right to choos’ (whichis already legally Drotete ght, babes) Reproductive Justice fight forthe ‘etadication ofall forms of oppression, going beyond the initial ‘cole’ through theives of every person, making sure they are ‘ated for and safe even when they're no longer an abstract den ofa fet ‘This issue has aot to say about our own experiences with intimacy and the whole idea of reproduction. It oatains a ‘dep dive on how white supremacists have attempted to co-opt ‘conversations about feriity and the choice to become a has some thoughts on fnous baby-having and ire-lovng performance aris Grimes. Pls comics, oetry, and info about our apidly approaching election. We want to be loud and freaky about al that stuf, oo 1m two former fetuses to another, We wish you good heath, Sofia Champion & An Li Tsang Editors-in-Chiet About us ‘The Gargoyles University College's easiest student newspaper and publishes every two weeks. ‘Weare paper that believes that son imesyou should be angry, and that sometimes you should be loud, andi you have not hada voice before you deserve a voice. We donot give print space to ‘igo and we do not feign nentralityon ses of social justice. At this moment everything in or office i being used to ereate snappy pro-choice rally banners. Production bi-weekly in the UC Junior Common Room. ‘ucgargosle@gmaicom/submissions@uegaryoyleca woagargovleca ~ being an editor ~ specifically at this newspaper ~ making “content” on a biweekly schedule - reading other people's “content” and deciding if it belongs in this raz - using materials like scissors and/or glue safely - possibly having knowledge of photoshop or illustrator ~ receiving ancient knowledge via prophetic vision ~ getting unhinged ~ becoming the new ghost haunting UC ~making griends (garg friends) ~ forcing admin to give us back our office YES? THEN THE GARG WANTS TO ELECT YOU. NO? WELL PROBABLY ELECT YOU ANYWAY. read about available positions at but tbh every role you know and love will be up for grabs ELECTIONS WILL OCCUR AT THE END OF MARCH DATE/LOCATION TBA The process involves informal interviews with the current masthead 0 you don’t have to make any speeches or sign any forms. ‘You might want to check your vibes though. \Arics EY | ee S ‘| eh halite |) The pro-birth fixation in (SS0")s0i hu diate \ |); Teactionary politics ‘female ambition provide great challenge to that ttn, have ja or ch mid ial (9 Grve ns any ran haw Fm ust expected to Kept SOS RaTLK may cert ee there to conte our nature fp cafiechamnion | [fe ams to ante we he tay 1 ein a Whatever the prevling ecko soys about ‘woman's place ge woman's duties, women i fj) Ey Hieiettinemitreiiearbenratne: rom ple os wea pif {Riri ent ad Ser lS a a t By women fora short pari pat subeet “means theyghave. Feminism didn't make it that Jip Sonia estimation Beam pe, ern met Imgrarinmig mind tgs "nb ot OT Sea abot tational wine het ’ * omen who ved in patharchal soli bore $0, what os, this ve to-do with the iodcrn day, actualy ok ike Tradainal_T@rodetiveuatice Many faints, though, bein that te cata ‘women ‘master compl = phyeal “and Fascists place a Tot of blame for the change me ste now was deliberately induc {echnologal sis, radon] omen putin "segeneration” of okey om female sutnonty” The nk ve” shadowy powers (tally Jboghoursot ard manuallaborts suppor ther i parealr reduce auton They have Heed fy some eyeled Nat euphensn foe {amis radon wamenaecbresiwincsfor_teeome ey comfrtabl exci that "he Jews) got topther and conspired to ake | ther huhandsTradiional women were omans parpore eto “grea man habke, women rebel Ther objetive essential tpt onto “ove repdaction, “They practiee concede tht this isesential tren the loge of back the way i wat. They cannot foresce « ‘ohtriception and abortion. ‘Many "people a patlineal cate. In a patria Ich wotking socal order that lok dierent fom the Severely underestimate he amon and poner ster, on's fam identi paced thsh_ ote they know. They bee deviance fn that ‘ofthe wornen who live! in ptrarchal sti Ue fate woman feed by one min to orale demise. White supremacist fasts {or geertion: before the word “Yominan” wag e057 Patetal ariel Kins ete asm jn parla cual facing bie, no omy Aint spoken. Thy think the women’s strge in most of te world largex cultures Theiss Botan that white womens repute stared recently The’ Engels apd Mellnsoun wrote tht it chose il pt hem at het george. Think ‘ohsbiemerue along ith rate property shout haw many cave sd Ie ft ae 2 ‘Alot ofthe cis, thouph belie that women th esPealy the enerip tld, eae "Neti mentite Fane sal thnk ‘tere ‘orp by feminism tat salen, =totersetinbertansebecameauchtrecr il gud, arly funy joke = xt “wie ot into ort a that we cou canes {0 ones scl positon. The conception fix genocide” they tae very seriou This & fealcathony andtake omerhipat semis, lamiy was seiosh Uneaten ‘by fence a ims sence toad ie ‘They fame tif women nthe days nee austrian lathe Wert a wil Gres feople whatsoever (athoog, agin, ty fen top isto entern tintin, The legends oy UP enorme conse tbe enrol, Bebeve ee consracy bend 8). Nooo though tll that women fave eye had ‘Ts ike that dont fs de away so eaiy.| har tbe rt or even bothered for “white ‘hat Niaache would el two peop: me Hany cures have recent died say hen) genocide tbappen Fil to ‘control "onesef and extend ones wal pti, butt stil ev reece Heyond onal inthe st nem and mori “he more play cores white nationals 4 ‘nth inayat dad tn th {Goa lma Rep Ste Kg. Tramp eo mean, i's fm the Bible - Ese grasped forthe Patriinaiy isnt dead in the Wrst, tat ws Stephen Mller ete) Tnsead we the. term Snowleigeofgpodandess becuse she had been moribund. Our culture prolcarianied » long "erseraphe change” beease thats al is {ai talioomlaige weal co ceporerhceee_ linens ment peoplesubtaton ames al fre ‘They Sere twill shout oth case, Pn ne gr re Ee na octaly pede by Lite whetaes stein. Wearenongerinthe ter mally dren the seage worn wl ave Over ber 2A GpaledtomEdenbecusesherursieorte wich pancltywar’dedgnedtor- apa esn har “dioppel to” alghly"beow — Lore he ng f Fa rit ay Scar wa eee eles oe i), tarred Eater hs ques wt Vs “burshe_ be poset matin pena soy Yl becuse pear ager ase OF was banished” when. she refused. to, obey aeabletoemerge. Insome waysweare returning, killed for choosing a partner across racial lines. B Ainsera’ cmntadthatshe eves herbose gto tbe Bein of oar dian ancestors in the_Wiy euro that hing, wie prema varnkce der grees Wnsaes «2 age tebre the advncel devdopoett ef “secensviaockaone dra apse f sisienby iermmotrsencentaldchaeetit fteptnm and pate propery forwlom bod smast wr thse wich compa t when ity sal fo'hine writer ners ney ineip ast as tpn ak wold er the Atesceniat aad Indeeous Drovine of his enpr reoling pons th Peeome Flats) eesti shot thence nthe Imenshoilbe heremnherhouhelis yeni lthittn he eet dee tte ba aly ah comments for ete aera wid 1p eh team He ental they “HO aS em) we finda reason why Vast ws wrong in aserting, Sat umatural. They donot seit ace produst hey far that they wil be_demograrhicaly her bodily autonomy. They scraped for a way to ‘capitalise (whieh moat ‘of them are willing fo “oveftaken” by peoples they see as vals and interpetber ation ap seating ther han aaa (rich st of them are wilig 0 fer Tiel) nt ited to fain defense other dignity. They had to, because heir fen 1 th 7 lyin the Western world it appears in reactionary Yaron in eling hse sores wast sondern $e at cera sok cre WEE 20 Shaan merece aloud he wor {the female wil to power ~ and they would never O”EET “common sense"to people though even then I offen borrows its rhetoric have told these sores if they didn Bute 3B often, they isead apebe this soit ells toy wht supremacist lata. Cartan ‘bilous women fer ten, th, tnd rie ths soil hve oer fo Meet the HeuaDesed ice ktieletenas DE fm ten repae hey ned Contrary tothose who think women only recently to. deserbe the’ corrupting ffiuence ot Tinstateraditional soci) structs | wie fotthewideatolimfeliperonheod ancient commonism (which they sewed ar a fewsh laa abears meats aKNE metres, Sra warn tht adngrour ambi deply Sopra) onthe Caan care and mein ale he pray. andfien lo cts 9 bodied in emining ature Even NicazheWe"aow sar tht Termstog” samen Sora losocaly or elec! poi | ‘is aparemy tered of the female wil to rncematednthephrse Cael Maren ans over Fat fom cling t“unnatrl hesaw etre tat some Mans have overt panned HOME Female ‘ambi "a somethngpatlay forthe dma fhe radona faniyrctore animate apd unning this beso tothe" althongh most of the saci rans he ‘Satiment expressed Jordan Peterson when oth century evn Terese ino sre fetlks stat feminine chaos drama or call const. Th bse Marat vw of tutor the family, ow that Reape wl ange ‘toot conscious intention Ae apa Shancd: theatre of repro wer bound io dough of od skin” but Hea ey og “Tie political standpoint could be called a orm of ratliom this is to sa, poles specially Fated on increasing the birt ate Facts soe {henoed to make itcuch that for thos thes cars tha ova" reproduction isnolonacra cote, than eit They ean do the bth by loa ‘ans Le, raaiingaccesstocontraceptionand Abortion and by” poyehologial means.” A etrent theme in Fighting "radionalis™ propaganda is that women experience depression ‘rmental heh moe spely beet they hve ered to pinsves Me path other than the “eat” oe prescribed to them Neves rid that working for wage under capitalism Is ‘linating fr prety much everone Te facts ‘sentially revs te Viton otlon af -uerine pater + Uacbor term for female mental tes for which mariage sod ipegeation Sree sido be the cre “This is sctaly the here they use in thee ‘uteach o women! Sometimes works bers ‘modern hfe does suck It does deprive we of Sense of purpose. OF course t would be more falling to expend myer toward the nature ‘of human eng toe that J so toward the fal of making scmeane T dott Know eh ‘Nonetheless the past they want to return to ‘does ext anymore. Even HT decide tt Imari end sty at ome and rise chilen ‘woulda eazape the mental side ests of fate apts. Thnk aboot how many pacha drags were invented just to stop thse "hsppy housewives" ofthe 19505 om ging ape — eee Oe te cree eee | (Eee SS) power: Yes, T would be expected to do domestic BS SSe cas ao cates ay ee on] ae ne alae neem aed fo ree coe eae ama as coat Sees, aes Soy nme eats ie, a ea re ts Tia ce ee mee ote fe toon seas eer ogee ented ae se == Indastialiation brought about a mck more ‘inary division of labour. Eventhough working flas womcn Rad to ear wage long before 8 Specie nbour nights were won for women, Smchaw devloped the notion that economic gto nthe dain of Whee the pst women were eneaed in the production of what they. ther parters and th ais Subssted om, io this new dlson of labour Swomen srk" was mystified as something conoml,comehing which women just do out of et nate "ano was thin work hich uslalned and eprodueed the working ‘opultin, A woman in his position sno on ‘exceptional’ eunamay and socially fated, ‘at ber work is tken for granted, ‘Wht ve son is that must present-day fascists ‘hse ther del of woranboodon the “9505 oui’ probably because ifs an archetype oct poopie recognize. es ob for beet pio of history that ans bot up lass omen could expect to be “bored hotscwives Increasing affluence and the automation of Fowseholl chores allowed many women fn the West (hat ceraily not all of tan) more free Une than try fad Before. That was going to lat forever they had the tne andthe eapacty {0 be productive, and eventually socal motes ‘would teh up with that Women did pil feminism ot ofthe ses Docrr they ncrtered and wanted start sh Tpsonaly ie: that ema emerged to ain FEwomen teri mech hey ey fused make changing society dnt ‘at the He ta women a ave soto Stele leptie we ance cae ‘think, thas little to do with ideology, and it pi etal tata Gultiages apace aaatne connate occa neh Sere cha wnat penis Eo aineg iaearos Xteihicees eae wie ree em Foil dns sat ‘Canals TER decreased by a Hite more than 40% between 1960 and 2015, acording to the ‘World Bak, pong fom an average of 38 t 1. for and almost nowhere North Amen ‘stile Housing unaffordable, Our tes fev’ bull dh children in sind, Popolar ‘altars parenthood into spectacle People ‘srealienated rom ‘Reond that, many people my generation dont foresee future worth being borin. They may itt not ur undesrable bat warong to tow {Nev persod Ino a wor hat might be stating ‘on. 3 long. downward spiral. You. wont {ndocsnate or shame the population into beng tent that wat you wast do something {ake te good coe ea "_ Are you looking for affordable housing close ‘to campus? Are you interested in democratic, community- run housing solutions? Would you like to live in a haunted house? Are you committed to not letting your dishes pile up? Can you remember to bang the wet food out of the drain filter so I don't have to reach my hand in there and touch it when it clogs the sink? Campus Co-Operative Residences is nov acepting applications for summer sublets ‘nd full-year residents. You can ‘move in during the summer or the fal. 4,8, and 12-month leases ‘are available. ‘Visit (yes that is ‘URL)tofind out how to apply. -OPINIONS: The Only ecissationconsins dessins ofrape/see viene) ;~ I Keep on Time T've Ever Taken Plan B caleb sandblom James was the biggest fucking loser. He was ‘weenty-three year-old Anthropology major with ‘no hobbies and no fiends who spent hie fee UUme letorng cashiers on thelr Business practices. He somehow reconiled this with ‘working for Uof Ps branch of the commurist pany (One time when we were im bed he told me that he ised 10 fuck skiny bitches n ex clubs and io coke fff ther] its" Fm not sure hy he ‘thought this would imprese me, a steen-yea old virgin, but I suppose when you're pathetic ‘ou have fo flex at every opportunity. He lent mea copy of The Communist Manifesto that he read ia junior year, Sections oft were ‘underlined and annotated with gems like Freud” and"Penis Envy.” Hehad drawn satis inthe margins and crossed them out, but cleariy they were therefor the til ofthe Bate sym When abe Rim about he shrugged his shoulders and side wsed to be ‘edgy, but had "somewhat outgrown it (On our first date, he told me that he used to be 0 facked up that his therapist recommended he ‘Keep smoking. When we stopped onthe stret to peta cat, he puta cigarette out ht next to her pw. The embers seared her away James wore peacoats and collared shins because they made him fel important, and Blundstones three sizes to big to compensate Me washed his bed sheets once « month ana ‘would comme to his mom's house to do them My period started inthe middle ofthe night, once and he asked me tg home the next ‘morning because it was too ross My blood was sullon the sheets when Team by two das ter cs Eventually he proposed a deal: he would let me ‘off the hook fr my minimal budget if lt him ‘um in me, Though this exchange rate was ‘immediatly revealed tet tobe suspect afer the fac, was slightly incapacitated So saree. ‘The cum was weak and impotent, andi eked ‘out of me lke rotting yoghurt. later told my ‘mom that spilled white paint onthe couch, The stain wouldn't wash oat Plan B ended that night with pilin my mouth and leftovers in my fdge instead ofa baby in ‘ny body and a heed fll of hell. got tobe a Alumb ki anda cool ada far surpassing dating ids at twenty-three, Plan Blet me eseape tunseathed except fora couch stain. And now 1 Know not to stay Anthropology He asked me not to comment on Despite the boulevard of red flags that he presented anew to me every day. Twas {nfatuated His primary appeal was his age nd his secondary appeal was the fact that he ‘occasionally bought me diner The only thing ‘we had in common was melodramati een ‘musi and » prevailing distaste for “the urges" Bat all ofthis va big deal when He also bought me my frst box of Plan 8 ‘The night was straight out ofa teen movie we had ast come back from sushi and made a beeline forthe couch, He had worm ate and Lan anime shir. The jxtaposition made him look Tike more of pedophile than he already was, and wehad alteady fought overt twice that ight. evening was Pretty Hate Machine. He had me pinned tothe od Be couch which ‘made my aeiteh and thee strokes in he decided that we needed to ight about who paid for Alinner Thrust "When are you going to star contributing? Clearly this man never figured out that when you date kids in high school, you have to operate on ‘a NEETs budget. ida say anything as Tent Remor serenaded ws with nics about fucking the devil herself bt he kept ging Losing Hope ‘Yesterday, my’ mom told me she went to meet « fiend of hers ho jst gave birth to er fourth child. knew from afew month ago that this pregnancy was realy difficult for er, ands floor told her that t would be miracalous i she Survived this chldbirth, When the pan gt too bad, she wanted to get an abortion and every doctor she approached tld her that they won't lether do that. They sai that she nes tobe a better Muslim and flo Islamic teachings. Since those doctors were highly pious Muslims themselves they couldat possibly go against nature and et her abort the foetus. That's the place I come fom, and I wanted “Toronto tobe my safe haven litle self, yes But I wanted to feel like for once, could bein @ ‘ty that would aot exit to destroy me, Teanted to beable o claim that apace exists that loves ime back when [ive it endles love. Thought 1 twas doing pretty good at nding a ty that ‘would acept me when the lectrer talked in my ‘women and gender stdies lass that the ‘cugenics movement has been dominant part of (Canadian history. That day 1 realised that it tight be ages before I gt to bein a place that hasn't existed 1 destroy me or others ike me. think’ easy to say fuck Trumpy, but none of ‘us get tothe really challenging prt. don't Femember the last time someone talked sbout that years old il who hd to ive birth afer her uncle raped her Beeause people sa it ‘gzinst the wil of Nature to get an abortion Heck. Tdon't even know her name. Shouldn't we ‘oe talking more about survivors like that? Or any other survivors that get through the trauma afte Aboing things against heir wile ‘Af years ago stared talking aboot the issues women faced nthe county lived. and loved, and hated lot of people told me that ‘would regret being so vocal about these thi Four years later, have only one regres tho Many fiends sid that didnt face any ofthese lssues myself so why was so angry. ut the one thing never told any of them direct wall the times [had been groped by random men onthe street, the stares that made me question my o¥mn fexstence, ll the words and the whistles that, ‘made me feel like myexstence was a rie that Thave olive with my whole life, Yes, was angry, Dut more than that, Iwas scared. Thave been seared ms whole life, o at leat since | got ‘iy fst period. hated being so vulnerable then, because the period erampscosld practically kl sme. And Tam stl angry, and scared B Lam not sure how mast oft relates to reproductive rights, but fel ike my ear it ‘ald: And I worry tit what fone day someone ‘won't respect my reproductive rights the way that none of my rights have ever been respected 0 ee ie kobe 1 wish I could end this with a message of hope, {hut someday people willinderstand that our ‘need tobe respected. T used to have that nope, aot oft. But at this pont, have un out fick don't hope fr rexpet or lve from the tes that love trough the endless pictures of thelr buildings and skies and pople fam phone, othe ® am pocty thst write about the ites that Tish Toul gto, Besse most of the word isthe sme: am endless stretch of rly and hated that destroys every fibre of sobel carnegie From eighth grade on, made a pact with myself pot to have sex unt I graduated highschool ‘Wy would do that, you ask, when sexs the Eulturtlysanetioned tn epitome of bein coo Sand accomplished? Because I was terified of ing» pregnant teen of having to grapple with the decision to have an abortion or not, ea smother or not Iii ememnber insight rade “sbomtion” boeing debate opi nena. Siting onthe des ‘Swinging ms logs and avoiding al eye contact [ST supported if ther people wanted to have tne, but would aever know iF ould unless L tos faced with the oie, [and to make sure Thever was, Thee was a hot wave of almost ‘Shame rolling through me borne from the ould never and that's murder” comments fom some of my classmates. So I made the no-sex pct with myself though it teas probably 98% unnecessary. Twas a deeply ‘closeted lesbian with ant, and boys scared tne; made me jitery. always felt ike Thad Wriked off a rollercoaster after aboy talked to Ine in any way that could have bee perceived as flirting (not that it happened offen). This hazy, burning shame followed me to age sixten: my doctor asked i had considered birth contol At this point ay fears had evolved int ars of seul alt flowed ban unwanted pregnancy, and jdgment no matter ‘what decison tmade-1 gota prescription. and ‘hen Tasha my parents for money ft my Presi the ok aay and al Fras oo $oung.that having medication nimy Body for ars would ot be god forme, fT was to Doung to decide iT wanted to prevent Bregnancy, wasn't too Sung dele what to loi did get pregnane? I stood in the elevator hex to mya, heat pounding eling tap in what scmed like a ery reais fa and se brink fan impose station = \ Pregnancy \ \\ Pact At seventecn I had my fist “boyfriend”, {erring snare that! fet obligated to let pall se ‘eeper, and deeper. Thad no Beth contol no resources ~ this had never been covered in any fof my sex education ~ and 1 100% did not wat tobe seventeen and pregnant. We never slept together, and fel asf Thad dodged something {remember watching Siteen and Pregnant ‘which aged between 2009 and 201 Dookending my’ most fearful yeas. remember the shame that drowned ott any sympathy Kindness forthe girls who seemed tobe walking fine line between childhood and Tnothethood: likely edited and encoraged to act raach worse than they realy were. ‘This overwhelming fear Uhad that resulted in let's be rea, ridiculous pat with myself came about fora numberof reasons. Iwas being fed Judgment towards teen mothers from my peers, ‘medi, my mother. i ir ely eam van ey al serail have friends who ‘whether they want to have an abortion, have eees to birth control, my girlfriend ha Sateen year od sister ~ fs she a seared as Twas about the word of reproductive justice, a feneept Twas not even able to fathom at her The choice in ave chiktven is involved in repedetive justice aswell: in France lesbians Sed single wonnen were given the legal ability to ‘undergo IVF this October. {think YouTube has ben changing the face of teen parenthowd. From what have seen, those literal kids are better parent than lot of people {now wh had Kids in thelr hres. The fact. that we have this su speaks othe acceptance land suppor of those whe decide to have ‘hikes, not have children, to abort or not ‘dont know it gives me hope forthe teen gis ‘who might be making thelr own no-sexunti sradvation pact AVANT ctesseomas GARG Steve the Pro-Life- Activist Intermediate Existence anonymous Hey yall im Steve : ‘Avoungand hip pro-life activist Joshua bienstock S Think ts ad = g Falstence is fragile, But some people think Pm Stan and wl surely eome tan end. But iis also impenetrable. Sotody I wanted to able and down ‘The real me 1 don just yell at women Talso rap gracefully ow a different part of me earth side Itbends, curves, and distorts, ‘at eantinies on Thet distortions ave cack tay sta the beat Sonclangeand come onal oe ‘We must learn to mend these cracks, {otranscend he mines Bleistence with Nonot Lil Nas X ‘bight and eclecti experiences. Wecan' lt children turn gay “They reour Christan se You cannot know sthen i is time for your existence to end, Teil arrive when ft mast But you need not be concerned with tha end sass AU 6:00am {gin my touching ant cease you eno pera cin between intermediate tne, Asdeas says, straight to hell {hat wh you have power ever, ja hat mater Because you need to be burning Learn from the cracks and take time to heal Dena be nemed sah esata of Lae angry ae ey Paes A ples tale Bort jth tee 1 {for that would simply be resigning yourself to the (Of my witty signs and my fresh polos ‘wasnt in Virginia. end, Live existence fal, unaware of when the end wall come, But be aware ofthis time's temporality, vith every fore of ye being. & 1 know if Jesus was looking dven Hed support my holy struggle Because Jens said not love Bot fuck yo So, repeat after me Jesus ives in your heart Then come sane fragile women ets get the state to take aay Women's rights [And maybe get women to ike me? So, repeat Jess ives Lets get the state to takeaway Women's rights ‘And maybe get women to like me? ‘Word (Dropsmic ina cool way ke my ole model Eminem) mes be sure to check Hey guys if you like cot my ick mixtape “Turning Point USA or you hate Chestianity” Totally unbiased review of Grimes-Miss Anthropocen e (2020) {heepitome ofa white midle-lass artsy gil rowing up ith enough privege erika dickinson 1 perce my frontal obe atk an carving in iy forehead ny punk lobotomy. maybe then I can justify bangs {Gindulge inthe daly eseapism Df fapanese aesthetic appropriation nother pale femme whe cooks like a baby into mle layered with dystopi synths | Dut the rel dystopia isher boyfriend 4 - abandon earth, ‘eve got space (Goethe rich) ‘anonymous ‘Why am I forcing this? stressing nself ut? What do owe him? What does he owe mc? ‘cant two people just float in the same general ‘Sirection, weaving n and out of presentness with ‘one another while recognizing that we are not Sefined by each other nor’ meant for one ‘another? We ate constantly bombarded by propaganda and structured into submision by" al that is round to be conformists, to ive in a_binary ‘realty that i constiting and does not alow for ach of ws to achieve fll freedom of expression find maximize our own personal groveth Wry can't we cate for one another, even love one nother, and also not feel confined by the other while we go about discovering and exploring ourselves? “The task ofthis new generation iso forge a new ps thse owning te love ad be ‘One that is simultaneously caring. and less fonstraining inorder to maximize our collective ablty as a species to Ie fll and meaningful introspective, and outwardly caring ives a - reached the end oF the Paper have Some mK v>s xt A (COMICS =O " snaLygogy aH " “mvdood awd 7 f Fleas Pe Reattnl >) Is MY eR aTe RANGOOT sPor é D7 BABIES (yt 5 CRADLE. Foot ner A REAL AD RAN IN ANOTHER COMPETETIVE Mazwine < WHILE EGG DONATION CAN BE A WONDERFUL CHOICE For EXERCISING REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS POSSIBILITIES ELIGIBILITy 7O BEA DONOR CAN BE OISCRIMINATO AGAINST NEVRODIVE RGENCI CPlue the Cost Is Prohivitive For People whe Pirin la Famities ) wry DID WE IND USTRIALIZE FERTILITY? Opinion: “The consequences of vaping Bodily autoneeay a ip sible i Ate othe Fone feaih on ABSAICMEA Dice envigpausstaliusnice ex education (Gargoule