Before WT were taken over by Universal, they received funding from places such as Film Councils, Government Grants

and Tax Schemes.

Four Weddings and a Funeral had Rowan Atkinson starring in it; this would have taken up a large percentage of their budget.



WT was involved in ITV London Television bid, which stopped in 2002

PolyGram was sold to Seagram, merged with MCA Music Entertainment 1992 1994 1999

Since Universal took over WT, the films have received higher budgets; this means they could afford more famous actors and locations.

Since 2010, they have been using 3D and other new technologies




Founded by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe

PolyGram became the company¶s corporate backer

WT received direct funding from Universal after the changeover in 1999; this meant they could afford better Directors and cast & crew.

After PolyGram merged, it was sold to Universal Studios WT2 was formed, subsidiary company ± independent company run by Natascha Wharton





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Bef re P l gram ght t rking Title film roductions, the com any received funding from laces such as K Film ouncil, Government Polygram took control, orking Title¶s career took off from this year onwards. These films such as Grants and The ational ottery; in Drop Dead Fred were extremely popular with a particular audi ence, usually parents of children however this caused the profit to e lower than if it had een aimed at teenagers, this could e ecause parents don¶t go out as often. However Polygram took control and changed certain things about orking Title to mean t hey received as much profit from films as the amount of positive feedback. Despite the risks of a single the backer orking Title began working with PolyGram; with a company behind them they could afford better casts, props and sets/locations. orking title became more well known in with the production of the famous µFour eddings and a Funeral¶ starring Hugh Grant and Julia oberts, this shows in detail how orking Title took advantage of their financier by hiring cast members such as Julia oberts; a ccording to statistics, one third of the entire budget was spent on Julia obert¶s fee to appear in µFour eddings and a Funeral¶ . , shortly after orking Title was sold to niversal S tudios in America who took PolyGram merged with M A Music Entertainment in orking Title as their conglomerate company in the K . The change gave many more opportunities to orking Title, for example the budgets ompany. From this point onwards for films would be a lot higher especially as their funding was coming direct from a Hollywood Production orking Title have beg an to produce many popular four quadrant films , this means they could please audiences of all varieties (old, young, male, female). At first their focus was aimed at romantic comedies, for example ove Actually was extremely successful and is shown on , in revenue, this shows just how television every year around the hristmas period; It had a budget of $ million and earned $ 6, and now much orking Title changed when niversal Studios took over the cont rol of the company. orking Title have progressed since make action films as well as comedies, such as Hot Fuzz and Green Zone . Much more recently they have started to create adaptations of , anny McPhee and the Big Bang; this novels like Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. orkin g Title released their first D film this year, film was extremely successful in cinemas and will continue to gain profit as it¶s released on DVD. This shows that orking Title are still progressing in their produc tion company process, in the future I would imagine that they would try other genres and styles of films, using different types of ew Technology as that progresses also.

Jess Pardoe and Grace Keogh

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