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Javed Ahmad
Post Box 1559
Saudi Arabia, Mobile: 00966501889287,

Position Applied for : Lecturer / PGT – Computer Science

OBJECTIVE:- i) To have a classification implement my programming skills of assorted

programming denunciation generally C / C++ that we gained due to my prolonged time
organisation with training interpretation Structure regulating C / C++ as well as growth of
module underneath it.
ii) To surpass in training Mathematics as well for category up to XII. (At present, we am training
Mathematics in this propagandize to a students of Secondary turn as well as Computer Science
up to category XII)

CAREER SUMMARY (Total Experience: sixteen years)

• I proposed my training career in a year 1993. we had initial worked as a PGT – Computer
Science/IT in “The Central School, Dubai, U.A.E.” for a duration of 7 years from 1993 to 2000.
• Later we had worked as a Lecturer – Computer Science in Al Falah College of Engg. as well as
Technology, Dhauj, Faridabad (Haryana) for a duration of scarcely 2 years from July. 19, 2000
to Apr 30, 2002
• For past 7 years, i.e from May 25, 2002, we have been operative as a PGT – Computer
Science / IT in “International Indian School, Tabuk, K.S.A.”. Also training here Mathematics
compartment Secondary level
1) M.C.A. : Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
Division : First; Course Duration:3 years (1989 – 1992),
Marks : 1373 / 1800, Percentage : 76.3 %
Subjects : Algorithm as well as Programming Languages, Data Structure, DBMS, Information
System, Operating System, Communication Network, Computer System –
Architecture, Organization of Computer System, Information Analysis,
Accounting as well as Financial Management, Computer System Management,
Computer Graphics, Microprocessor as well as Applications, Software Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence, Pascal, C++, etc.
Training : Developed Payroll System for Council of Scientific as well as Industrial Research
(CSIR) New Delhi underneath Turbo C++, a partial of a Dissertation Work in MCA.
[Received UGC Scholarship in M.C.A]

2) B.Sc.(Hons.) : Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh, India

Division : First; Course Duration: 3 years (1986 – 1989)
Marks : 1015 / 1500 Percentage : 67.7 %
Subjects : Mathematics, Physics as well as Statistics
[Souvenir for most appropriate tyro of M.O.F. Hostel (S.Z. Hall) in B.Sc.(Hons.) ]
3) 10th+2 (Inter.) Uttar Pradesh Board, Allahabad, India
Division : First, with Distinctions in Physics as well as Mathematics; Year: 1986
Marks : 338 / 500 Percentage : 67.6 %)
Subjects : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English as well as Hindi
(Secured initial upon all sides in a college with distinctions in Physics as well as Maths)

4) High School : Uttar Pradesh Board, Allahabad, India

Division : First; Year: 1983
Marks : 340 / 500 Percentage : 68 %
Subjects : Mathematics, Science, Biology, English as well as Hindi
Visual Basic, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, C / C++, Java, FoxPro, Pascal, Fortran, LOGO,
HTML, DOS, Windows XP/Vista, MS-Office(Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook),
Internet, MS-DOS, VAX / VMS etc.
b) Language: English, Hindi & Urdu.(Read as well as Write) as well as Arabic (Read)

S# Name of Employer Position From-To Other Responsibilities
1. International Indian School, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia PGT–Computer Science May 25, 2002
compartment date Teaching Mathematics up to Class X
2. Al Falah College of Engg. & Tech, Dhauj, Faridabad, Haryana, India Lecturer-Computer
Science July 19, 2000 to thirty April, 2002. Teaching Data make up as well as Programming
3. The Central School, Dubai, UAE PGT– Computer Science Sep. 4, 1993 to Jun 28, 2000
Teaching Mathematics up to Sec. level.

Useful Information
• Conducting Computer Tutorial Classes during a Weekend for a teachers of a college.
• Regular appearance in a workshops upon PDP (Professional Development Programme) for
in effect classroom teaching, marker of diseased areas of a students in a subjects.
• Conducting Mathematical Practical classes for a Seniors Students of a School.
regulating Excel, Visual Basic, C++ etc.
• Developed Student Result Analysis System for International Indian School, Tabuk, KSA
in Turbo C++ as well as MS-Excel
• Developed Sports-Result Analysis System for International Indian School, Tabuk, KSA
in FoxPro for Windows as well as regulating Visual Basic as a front end as well as Access during
behind end.

Additional Information
1. The educational feat of I-division via my student/academic career
reflects my healthy desire towards a preparation field.
2. Due to prolonged tenure organisation with a training margin upon a single palm as well as an
fundamental desire
towards English novel upon a alternative hand, helped me take clever wording energy
that w sick regularly sojourn an necessary apparatus for in effect as well as clear teaching.
1) Computing Fundamentals 9) Programming (Using C++ as well as Java)
2) Computer Software Lab (Using Oracle) 10) Software Specification & Design
3) Software Engineering 11) Operating System
4) Artificial Intelligence 12) Object Oriented Programming
5) Visual BASIC 13) Digital Logic
6) Computer Architecture 14) Data Structure regulating C++ etc.
7) Statistics 15) Operation Research
Linear Programming

SUBJECTS TAUGHT AT Sec / Sr. Sec LEVEL (CBSE – Curriculum)

1) Computer Science - [C++, Data Structure, Database as well as SQL, Boolean Algebra,
Network Concepts, Computer System Organization, DOS, Windows]
2) Informatic Practices – [Visual Basic Programming, RDBMS – PL/SQL as well as
SQL*Plus, Operating System, Business Computing]
3) Mathematics – up compartment category X
1. Syed Hamid Hasan,
Head IT- Department, Musana College of Technology
P. O. Box 191, Postal Code 314, Mulladah, Sultanate of Oman
Tel : 00-968-99769932, Phone 96895062017

2. Dr. Haseeb Athar

Lecturer, Operation Research,
Dept. of Statistics
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


Father’s Name: Neyaz Ahmad Nationality: Indian Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 01 / 07 / 1968 Place of Issue: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Passport No: E 1177757 Date of Issue: twenty-two / 02 / 2002 Date of Expiry: twenty-one / 02 /
Spouse’s Details: Shazia Zafar
Qualification : M.A. in Urdu from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi