this will be very long and probably take alot of posts so bare with me...what i place here is true and has been researched by people around the world... i will put in my own words every now and again and you will be able to tell for they dont flow with the other words lol so without further adieu: Dealing with Presentments Part 1-background, context, and underpinnings Whenever you receive a presentment of any kind, from a traffic ticket to a bill to a summons or indictment, there are two basic and diametrically opposite ways about the matter. I.E., you can think of receiving a presentment as an event that: Will cost you, be a loss to you; or, Need not cost you anything; or, Is a gift that can enrich you. Everything in life is a matter of preception. Our challanges ar usually the result of ignoring what we are confronted with rather than endeavoring to discern how best to act with more adequate knowledge and understanding. We [assume] rather than [know]. Consequently, if we would have any chance of succeeding vis-a-vis a presentment, we must first have some basic understanding of the system within which the issuance, interpretation, and enforcement of presentments occur. The Following mini-analysis of the legal system may be helpful in this regard. In [The I Ching] is a remarkable statement: "The Superior Man goes only into his own domain." As Frederic Bastiat said in a similar vein, "Minding one's own business is the only moral law." Teh conundrum, of course, is how to live in peace and freedom in a world in which we are besieged by exercises of the interminable, relentless, longstanding, and incredibly brilliant schemes of rulership, slaver, and exploitation that have aplagued mankind throughout history and that aggressively intrude themselves unilaterally into all areas of our lives-spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and economic. This reders living in a "live-and-let-live" manner on ths planert difficult, and impossible without sufficient knowledge. The fact that law consists of rules revolving around the use of deadly force is a powerful incentive to become as clear as possible concering the nature of the legal/commercial system governing the world. We must rememeber that "To 'assume' makes an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'mee.'" In the case fo law, acting on false knowledge, i.e., in egnorance, can be fatal. This is enormously complicated by the fact taht the legal system is "colorable", ie., "phony". It may {appear} real. but nothing is as it appears, just as in Alice in Wonderland. To assume that the appearance is genuine and dependable is to act on illusion instead of truth. One cannot have peace with those who hold aggression in their hearts and are not intrested in lov, freedom, harmony, truth, or any of the other higher values of man that most people revere and would cherish seeing established in the community of man. The state of the aheart is what counts in this equation. "As a man thinketh in is heart, so is he." Good people are disarmed in advance by an inability to comprehend the mentality of deliberate predators, usually regarding problems in dealing with such aggressors as misunderstandings that can be cleared up though sufficient communication. It is often not easy for good people to understand that there are thouse who konw the differance between"good" and "evil" and deliberately choose the latter. The significance of this in law is profound. if your adversary is sincere, truthful, fair, and honorable about what he is doing, i.e., intrested in uncovering and dealing justly with the truth, then you are probably operating on parallel tracts. IN such case the discord or conflict is the result of misunderstnding or lack of communication, and disappears when both sides realize what is happening. If, however, your adversary is operating from a covert stance with deliberate deceit, concealment, misrepresentation, bad faith, and

aggression in his heart, the dispute is real, will not be resolved amicably, and requires exposure of the facts to the light of day by providing sufficient evidence. Futher significance of the importance of subjective conditi9on and intent of the heart is that all law is cntract, and the essence and core of any contract is aggrement. Without a genuine agreement, consisting of a true meeting of th minds and mutual understanding by all parties of all terms and conditions to which the parties are agreeing, there is no contract. Derivatives and the nature of the legal system The Powers-That-Be turn everything into a tool and a weapon to be used in their unceasing attempt to triumph by playing win/lose games against their fellow man. One of the most powerful, magical, and difficult to detect tools and weapons used against mankind by aggressors and exploiters is Language. Allegedly the word "phonetics" derives from "phoen-etics, " purportedly stemming from the Phoenicians, who gave us "lan-goo-ag, " a word referencing a substance that, when fired from the cano of a ship, tore the sails and mast and left the opponent "dead in the water." Obviously words are extremely powerful weapons, and using them for conquest and rulership purposes is what the legal system is about. Ideas concerning the nature and use of lnguage in law are set forth, {inter alia}, in a discourse entitled Legal Fictions, by Lon L. Fuller, 1976, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California: The Fiction as a Linguistic Phenomenon Ihering once said that the History of the Law could write as a motto over her first chapter the sentence, "In the beginning was the Word." Students of the legal fiction might also take this motto to heart. For certainly it is a truth commonly overlooked that the fiction is " a disease or affection of Language." Anyone who has thought about the legal Fiction must be aware that it presents an illustration of the allpervading power of the word. Taht a statement which is disbelieved by both its author and his audience can have any significance at all is evidence enough that "we are hear in contract with the mysterious influence exercised by NAMES AND SYMBOLS. In that sense the fiction is a linguistic phenomenon. What is legal Fiction? The influence of the fiction extends to every department of the Jurist's activities. Yet it cannot be said that this circumstance has ever caused the legal profession much embarrassment. The very strangeness and boldness of the legal fiction has tended to stifle his criticisms, and has no doubt often led him to agree modestly with the writer of SHEPPARD'S TOUCHSTONE, that "the subject matter of law is somewhat transcendent, and too high for ordinary capacities." Fiction Distinguished from a Lie Maine's classical definition of the historical fiction as "any assumption whic conceals, or affects to conceal, the fact that a rule of law has undergone alteration....remains unchanged, its operation being modified, " seems to leave roome for the intent to deceive. The English Courts were in the habit of pretending that a chattel, which might in fact have been takenfrom the plaintiff by force, had been found by the defendant. Why? In order to allow an action which otherwise would not have lain. If this fiction does not decieve, of what purpose is it?" MAINE, ANCIENT LAW(1861; bEACON PRESS ed., 1963), p.25 Cf. "the authorities... distinctly admit that fiction is frequently resorted to in th attempt to conceal the fact that the law is undergoing alterations in the hands of the judges." J. Smith, "Surviving Fictions, " Yale L. Jour. 1917, 147, 150. As Living, physical, biological, sentient beings we are real-we exist as aspects of existence. The system, on the other hand, is an ABSTRACT creation of the mind. It is in the realm of the words, symbols, ideas,

that is some bastardization of your name in all-capital letters. pertain to a real being. Language has power and magic because fo man's ego-conscious state. the undisclosed presumptions on the basis of which power is exercised are free to operate against you unchecked unless you neutralize them. By means of undisclosed presumptions the Elite have structured a scheme that is full of catch-22's so that if we dont act we lose and if we do act we lose. [ens legis]. and does not pretain. and destroying lives wholesale by the unchecked use fo derivatives. Since the sensens are enoumously limited. using. in the words of Gregory Baseson. It isin the presumptions. letters(symbolizing the real being). the document is not addressed. " which in law refers to a legal fiction and does not. The system invents and uses contrived (derived)names. he is mistaking what he regards as "reality. all of which are leagal fictions and each of which is a different entity." Until one sees and lives reality as it actuallyis. The cardinal nature of the system today is that "everything skates unless you bust it".e. In this manner the system is freed from the requirement to deal with actual facts and real beings and can operate on presumptions. In addition to inventing. stipulations in contractual interactions between legal fictions.E. form neeeding to be addressed since they do not pertain to what you thought they did. instead of ones's full appellation consisting of all lower-case. such as a host of variations of one's all-caps name.nt the "law" and the "facts"-where the power lies. as well as any other prior derivatives thereof. "which is to be master-that's all.laws. Legal terms have considerably different meanings than the same words do in ordinary parlance. played by the designers and operators of the system for purposes of power. thereby enabling matters that you might submit in the original case." Some of the examples of undisclosed presumptions of the system are: .. or upper. It is also likely that the system uses each newly derived case to make yet more money. The senses asre liars and decievers. whenever you receive a presentment. profiting form. non-existent debts. the system rules whithout revealing the rules of the game. and cannot.Examples of this are legion. such as by changing numbers or letters in the case. if we could view existaence throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum instead of the extremely narrow range in which what we seee as colors exist. unsupported allaegations. is to bring people to a conscious state where they no longer. but to a legal entity. New case numbers are foften created from the same case.and lower-case. I. for instance. conclusions about reality reached by the mind are fantasy. with unending exercises of destructie physical force applied against living beings on the asis of meanings artificially imparted to the4 words used.. Therefore. contracts. the negitive (absence of any operational undisclosed presumptions) is to be proved. The entire legal system is a word game. In "Through the looking glass" Lewis Carroll summed up the matter: "the question is. The goal of any Zen master. what his mind (through the senses) preceives and thinks about existance. "eat the menu and leave the dinner. " said Alice. for reality itself. He mistakes the map for the territory. for instance. plunder." Legal terms and phrases are artificially imbued with the particular meaning and significance of thouse who define them. We would preceive reality in a vastly different manner. one of the most prominent of which is athe word "person." "The question is. and enslavement.. " i. etc. to {YOU}. " said Humpty Dumpty. such as a summons or complaint. " When the law presumes the affirmative (existence and supremacy of the undisclosed presumptions). "whether you can make words mean so many different things. exploitation. The Powers-that-Be deliberately utilize language and man's ego-conscious condition for administering power and exploitation. As the maxim of law says. The designers and owners of the system concocted it for the purpose of bettering themselves Vis-a-Vis others. of the system where the circuit exists through which the current(currency) flows in accordance with the rules of law and commerce. andendless concoctions of the mind.

Articulating property in documents that define who and what your are. Play different agencies and aspects of the system against each other. Ideally. Stay in your own domain.(Foundational Presumption) Everyone is a free-will. Upholding your position in adversarial encounters whth the system-both in the field and in court. or any birth certificate or other document.} Now that we have some idea of the challange we face just by living in the world today. they run it through their meter stamp. peasce. I. Accomplishing this includes becoming clear about the nature of {Private} and {Public} and when/how your are acting in which domain. rights. success involves four elements. The nature of the times is escalating the timeless imperative to make one's spiritual life paramount. and the cruel ones: But whatever we may have felt. and creed. and certainly don't require them to think. Spiritual awakening and realization. do. or have in the outside world. thereby enabling law to exist at all. Never assume. your situation is hopeless. so you have no standing. Don't confront them with anything hostile or ouside their niche and mentality. The System always wins and the people always lose. and fulfillment that along will satisfy the heart and soul that anything we scan see. As soon as you think you have it. when you can. We here of tyrants. Those in the system are not under any compulsion to reveal the presumptions on the basis of which they function. including having an notary mail things for you. Every time your ever mail anything. If playing a game with those who not only know the rules thoroughly. Do Not allow this. put postatge stamps on the Envelope. and sovereignty and go into their domain of illusion. then the results is a slaughter. and alter interpretations of law and words at will(since it is all presumed to be thier property). If you leave your ground of substance. Be careful never to reach a point where you think you know enough. convictions. could be derived by the system to use for its betterment and your detriment. Your body is real and came first into the world before any fictious version of your given. not yours.your true self. desiring to have as much exclusivity of power as possible to themselves without having to share power with other aspects of the system. and deceit. no one could be held accountable for anything and no basis would exist for any rules or rectitude. as to punish men for disobedience to laws or order which he had kept them from the knowledge. which are. in favor of going into a realm where they have all the power and you have none. when one does not know what is going on. use autographed stamps on your documents and have them send to their destination by your notary. Change your "thinking". is more important. experience. The [public] side is their game and property. reality. and conducive to providing us with the happiness. Whenever you take an item into a post office that needs postage. we can use the understanding to help formulate solutions. ask the teller to put the postage on. Don't take anything they say or do at face value. Without this presumption. Increasingly the state of the world is communicating the message that the only way "out" is "in". private name. YOU need the cancelled stamp for the clout it has(as a binding obligation on the US .E. enduring. treachery. you've had it. DO NOT MAIL BY USE OF THE RED-INK METER. but have carte blanche to change them at will. Accept and return for value all presentments. The system can change the law. invent new laws. and power there. Living in accordance with the understanding that cultivating and realizing our inner being. Most agencies and departments are very territorial. we have never heard of any tyrant in such sort cuel. The system is not homogeneous. By so doing you abandon a position where you have clout and they have none. Noticing and securing confirmation from those who you would like to acknowledge your true self and standing. It is impossible to play a game when one does not know the rules. in largely Chronological sequence: Knowing and liveing who you are. If you do not traverse into your adversary's turf you do not create a nexus between you and them that allows the system to engulf you.{harvard Law Review. sovereign being responsible for his or her acts. with a witness(NOTARY).

what we have control over is our free-will choice as to how to deal with a particular event. by the rules of the game. or both. try to runfrom it. our strawman(ALL-CAPS NAME). authorizes its being enforced against us in physical reality. (i'll skip the postage stamp thing for now but i will when i have time put it down cause i believe it is important to understand who really runs the world. All injury we experience in legal/commercial matters is the result of essentially (2) things: Failure to establish on the record and correctly notice the proper parties of our position as the living principal. and not the red-ink meter. It is important to understand that all presentments issued by/within the colorable legal/commercial system today are expressions of the Wizard's light show. To begin with. engage in spacific performance(such as coming to court and answering a summons and complaint). The second thing to realize is that everything that happens to us is the result of our own creating. like good little slaves. acting in accordance 2with the first 2 ways results in automatic loss. creditor. enjoining the issues offered to our STRAWMAN that can then be enforced by the courts and imposed on us. or We can accept it. fight. we must realize that adopting the ostrich approach of hiding our head in the sand does not eliminate what we might wish we did not have to deal with. it does not stop our butt from being kicked or worse. we can bsically pursue one of the following courses of action: We can comply with the demands stated on the face of the presentment.] It becomes concrete only when we treat it in a manner that. and is often terrifying. We can deny. . The fist way consists of meek compliance. Someone provides us with a presentment becaused he expects to make money off of you by doing so. This is also a dead loss. The second way constitutes a [dishonor]. the use of which means the item is not cancelled and mail fraud is involved.By the way there is a few pages on postage stamp understanding. Emulating the ostrich merely exposes our rear end blindly.) Dayle Mahoney " If you continue to think as you always thought." On it face. All law functions on the basis of presumptions. either by having caused it expressly or because we placed ourselves in the context where the event we have to deal with is allowed to be in our space. and thereby neutralize and offset it by allowing the current to flow in a way that discharges the obligation without trying to block or resist the force directed against us.I believe most of you would like to know what to do in court so hopefully ill get there soon. a presentment is a demand either to pay something. Only acceptance allows completion of the cycle and thereby discharges the matter and makes us free of it. but is in actuality an [insubstantial chimera. We give substance and credibility to the Wizard's light show. The third approach involves staying in honor and retaining a posture where we are free to act in a way that redounds to our benifit. In either case. A major presumption on the basis of which mankind is enslaved is the presumption that our failure to clarify and establish on the RECORD who we regard ourselves as being and in what capacity we are functioning signifies the system's right to act against us as it wishes. then you will get what you have always got. We just simply pay or perform as they have instructed us to do. That show appears dazzling. The point of this discourse is to elucidate how we can act concerning what has heretofore been damaging to us because of our ignorance and proceed in a manner that can turn the tables to enable us to use the same system and its rules for our betterment.goverment). In the cased of receiving a presentment . which is a dead loss to us. because of dishonor ensures that we lose. and authorized representative for.

A per the maxim of law. so called from his traversing the indictment." If we want our position noticed. fictions. A prisoner or party indicted. and whatever undisclosed presumptions the judge wants to make up and operate on. by which we leave our own domain and tacitly give reality and credibility to the opponent's cllaims and allegations that are not facts but only presumptions/assumptions. whereby the sysem is free to do anything whatsoever with its property. substance. often evidenced by the gold fringe on the flag. {registered at birth remember "birth certificate" and "birth registration"}. Otherwise. both the creditor and debtor side. until we stipulated(agree) either expressly or by dishonor. and treated the same as. thereby enjoining the issues described in the presentment so that we become bound by the matter. such as denying allegations or charges. It is not that we are under implied or adhesion contracts to some municipal corporation (if so we could raise the issues fo contract law). i. Under banking our acceptance and return for value establishes the facts and makes us owner of the transaction. It is especially crucial to neutralize the cardinal presumption that we have contractually agreed to be united with. They deal in assumptions (such as unsupported claims and charges). It is the Strawman that appears.. So. we do not join the dispute by traversing. ensconced in the Alice-in-Wonderland mirage-land of the colorable public domain ruled by fictions. notarially witnessed by jurat's/acknowledgment. and properly noticed to appreopriate parties. This is not a felicitous outcome. The distinction between the liven principal (Real Being) and leagl person (fictitious strawman) must be clearly made. Enjoining the issues in a presentment. Each of us is a private Banker. and frauds. and facts in evidence. or saying that we don't owe an alleged debt. such as a check or FRNs. offsetting asset. TRAVERSER (blacks law dicti. and sentenced. we end the controversy and become the owner of the contract. thereby authorizing the system to enforce commersurate consequences on us. Why do we lose in court? It is not because it is a military or maritime court(which it is). " or being bonded and incarcerated as the surety. If our lives and bodies are attached to the result of the judgment against our strawman. we and we alone must do it. our strawman) are "charged" with something that charge is a bookkeeping entry of liability on the ledger and must be "discharged" by entering a balancing.e. and post a bond backed by our exemption(usually top right hand of the long form birth certificate there is numbers). By acceptiong from the private side and providing the value from the private side. When we discharge the charges by acceptiance for value. one who traverses or denies. It is imperative to understand that the admiralty/equity courts of the system do not deal with reality. . and therefore the property. Whenever we (i. frauds. It is not a plethora of other reasons advocated by innumerable "patriots. not us. We have no right to deny or speak to anyones else's utterances. the short answer to why we lose in court is that we lose if: We dishonor any of the people and processes that implinge on us. substance. is a dishonor that enjoins us with the court's jurisdiction and our own strawman and creates a dispute that grants a court "subject matter jurisdiction" It sucks us up into the made-up swirl of imaginary disputes between fictitious entities. or doing "community service.Remember that the system functions on the basis that the strawman is a creation. which is a Banker's Acceptance. the presumed union/marriage between the living principal (you) and the fictitious strawman(words on paper) prevails and we go down in flames along with the strawman. then we are devoured by the Moloch. "He who fails to assert his rights has none...e. of the system. " all of which "reasons" are rabit trails. side we end the dispute and remove from the equation any controversy for a court to resolve. Filling in the asset side usually occurs by the loser parting with public funds of some kind. We then own both sides of the deal. of which the charade and farce of a court trial is a major part of the plot.e. our strawman. i. We fail to discharge the charges. We traverse and therefore contractually amalgamate ourselves and our strawman into the courts jurisdiction so that we endure in the flesh the results of whatever trial or hearing might occur dealing with our strawman.. In pleading. is tried. and doing so lands us in the middle of their novel.

Understanding the above scenario serves greatly to remove fear(false Evidence Appearing Real) from the equation.Pg 12 of 37) is anyone reading this??? i hope so cause later on i will go into court proceedings (plays) of different scenario's mind you there is still alot to learn on what it is i am saying. such as claims supported by sworn testimony.. correct and complete. Whenever you(i. an obligation created on the public side by inventing a new borrowing against the creditor (source of the credit) on the private side. or diposition. and nothing remains upon which anyone can act. which they wish your strawman to assume.. A charging instrument (presentment) is an offer. private realm where your are the creditor and sovereign and they cannot access you or any aspect of the matter. and damages on the basis of his dishonor. you can preform legal/commercial jujitsu by diverting the force of the presentment byck on the issuer. and which you.. Any presentment is not a obligation that attaces to yu unless you dishonor and do not discharge it.e. by the way i used these techneques and they work cause like i said the cops and judges dont like me lol. especially when we realize not only that the presentment can be neutralized but that it can be turned to our advantage. our proper course of action is to accept and return the offer for value.. By accepting and returning for value and discharging the matter via your exeption you establish the law forum in the substance.. neither attorneys nor officials can place acual facts in evidence on the record that a judge can judicially notice.. but by other means also. the + and . and stipulations (agreements that create the "facts"). The advantages can occur not only by what might ensue from the offeror's dishonor of our acceptance and return for value. lost their own ungrounded mirage.at the expense of your body/labor-must discharge. your strawman) receive a presentment. and a presumption(unless declared by law to be conclusive) may be controverted by other evidence. direct or indirect: but unless controverted.yet when they lock me up they have only so long to act on getting charges staid (bonds are apart of charging instruments) cause again the system that we know today is bankrupt and it cost's (magic money) to keep one in jail and no one(judges prosecutors) wants to front the money..and presumptions ( unexpressed rules by which the system operates. you are on land and they are missing at sea. The bottom line is that whenever we receive any kind of presemntment..they try threaten me with being locked up but it doesnt bother me.. served by anotary on our behalf. A presumption is a deduction which the law expressly directs to be made from particular facts.e. the jury is bound to find according to the presumption. without any authority whatsoever to proceed against your in any manner in your private. The circuitry closes on itself. i. ial mechanics and significance of accepting and returning a presentment for value by using your exemtion is as follows: . Your strawman is offered the oppertunity to assume the obligation. Because they are strawmen and cannot be competant witnesses through sworn testimony. (i just got to make a note where i am at . either through an affidavit sworn true. fees. If the offerror does not honor your acceptance and return for value.. Discharge of the obligation occurs at the moment the offerror receives our communication. through your acceptance and return for value of the presentment.. substance domain that they cannot access. Contractual Radification has occurrred through offer and acceptance. or testimony under oath on the witness stand in open court. What we must understand is that: Any presentment is a concocted debt on the public side created by the party responsible for issuing the presentment.polarities discharge. creation of more public debt. then he/she is the one in dishonor and can be made toe party obligated to pay you for costs. indictment. etc.through your exemption.. from a tax bill to a summons/complaint. by the way taxes dont pay for prisons (thats a farce) the IMF international monitary fund or bank of USA or what ever so called country pays. when you proceed correctly the charging instrument constitutes funds that can be used to make you money. By so doing you lock them out of your domain and banish them to limbo. The favricated obligation constitutes as new borrowing..

legally incapacitated citizen of the United States. and at the same time eliminate the capacity for the system to act against you in accordance with the presumpion that you. and source of the credit( from which all public funds are derived/borrowed) for discharging the obligation with substance-backed funds rather then debt-backed funds. You render all judges. eliminating any dispute for any court to hear and entertain. which is value tendered for sttling the matter. attorneys. autograph it and date it. on solid ground. As a co-trustee you are presumed to be "on the ship" and obey without question.] By taking yourself of the good ship USA you kill multiple birds with one stone: YOu discharge the obligation(Charges). what your receive isan . [(back notes to ARFV and PCT) The system 's monopoly on FRNs and equivalents as currency and legal tender was designed to lock everyone int the legal/commercial status of being the chattel property. You establish yourself as the King. officials. and may be treated the same as your strawman. you proceed in a manner that is basically identical to the that described above except that your use the ARFV stamp. By preceeding in this way you: Use your standing as the creditor. The essentially complete extent to which they have succeeded in this objective is why for the most part the system has nothing to prove when relation to the ciizenry. indictment. facts. and reduced to the status of being your employees instead of your owners and masters. attorneys. and banks do not want to honor this process for a number of reasons. and assured in its dealings whith us all. where their ship cannot sail. and is so blatant. creditor. doubting. STANDING AND STATUS Whenever your recieve a bill." Any kind of contesting. and establish yourself on the land. or attempted invalidating (DISHONORING) anything or anyone involved in a matter is foregone loss because such behavior instantly notices the court that you are a delinquent trustee trying to weasel out of your fiduciary duty and are questining the debt in violation of the 14th Amendment. It is also why almost everyone loses in court. accept it (by not dishonoring it by means such as returning or contesting it). summons. or rights. slave. therby rendering the4 public side subserveient to you in your creditor capacity and undiminished standing in law. In the case of ARFV process. complaint. and therfore a co-trustee/co-beneficiary in the 14th Amendment Public Charitable Trust. thereby incurring the liabilities involved in so doing. It is also why it is of paramount importance to neutralize the presumpion that you as a real being ar married to. We uses their currency as the consideration in our legal and commercial dealings. . Take yourself off the good ship US Inc.In the case of a ordinary bill. You end the controversy. preferred stockholder. your receive the presentment. thereby satisfying the terms and conditions of hte presentment. unable to touch you. Remove the entire matter from the colorable jurisdiction of the PCT and establish hte operational/governing jurisdiction in the private/substance domain that the system cannot access and over which it possesses no authority whatsoever. including dealing whith the IRS (in which Patriots act in both administrative and judcial procedures by raisues of law. and everyone else in the public side impotent. including paying whatever debt and complying with whatever specific performance may commanded by the captain. and return it to the sender with a check. "PCT". etc. all of which are irrelevant rabbit trails). and use your exemption as the value for discharging the obligation rather than tendering public funds. sovereign. carefree. sovereign. in such united capacityk are a co-trustee/cobeneficiary of the PCT in the 14th Amendment where "the debt shall not be questioned. and owner of the transaction and court. Officials. largely because they have been making money by usurping and using our exemption and do not wish either to be estopped from doing so or seeing us regain our sovereignty and autonomy by asserting our standing as creditor and using our exemption for our benifit and not theirs. citation.

There is no commercial paperwork to support the contractual basis upon wich the alleged obligation is based. which are legal entities(ENS LEGIS). When you accept an offer and return it for value in your real. are a "lawful man" capable of bearing a bond. commercial. you. The presenter is giving you something created by inventing a debt. are persons. partnerships. ANY PRESENTMENT YOU RECEIVE FROM THE PUBLIC SIDE IS A NOTICE OF THE CREATION OF A "CHARGE"(OPEN ACCOUNT). give to the t4ransaction. Remember that the entire (colorable) system functions by fictions and frauds. alnd outside the Constitution. The Legislative Act of February 21. and everyone's all-caps name. Every "Citizen of the United States" is a "citizen" of US Inc. cna have and give value. as the real being. Since the presenter of the presentment did not attach anything of value to substantiate and support his position(hence the phrase in some accepted-for-value documents"I did not find a check enclosed"0. the United States Government. is a corporation of the internatriona bankers.. which is fictitious and legal. but for now just use the christian name given to you)as creditor. " a :Commercial Agency" of what was originally designated as "Washington. are the substance and the source of all the public side reflects and from which it is derived. nor sovereignty. 1871.. 'person' is a term of civil law. i. (which is a corporation. i. There is only presumption of assessment.. as the real being. sovereing capacity.. YOU DISCHARGE THE CHARGE BY PERFORMING A BANKER'S ACCEPTANCE THAT PROVIDES THE ASSET/CREDIT THAT BALANCES THE LIABILITY/DEBIT CROSS ON THE ACCOUNTING LEDGER. When you accept and return and offer for value. your labor. (now this does not include us natives of turtle island because our native names makes us sovereign which i will get into later on . INSUCH CASE YOU CAN DISCHARGE ANY OBLIGATION.e. which pertains to real beings and what is lawful. not a country). persons have status. The jurisdiction of the US incorporation is private. page 419. businesses. so the lawful man puts his "autograph" on the line. D. "man" is a term of nature. such as you. you have accord and satisfaction. i. WHICH REMAINS UN-NEUTRALIZED UNLESS YOU "DISCHARGE" IT. it can be traced to the author of the document and whatever strawman on behalf of which he acted to create the ne2w dbt currency. and military admiralty/maritime.e. the document is grounded in the imaginary. it must be remimbered that the "value" is that which you.original issue presentment It is also an assumption-a concoction contrived in the mind of the living being who dreamt i up-since there is no bona fide assessment for the obligation. Private men and women use "autographs"(self generated marks). Every "citizen of the Untied States" is also an enemy of the state. The public side is imaginary. as codified in the Amendatory Act of 1933 to the original 1917 . estates.. international. your posses "rectus in curiae" meaning "right in court" or "standi in judicio. and your private accrual account-Private Treeasury UCC Contract Trust Account-which is your "exemption" as the creditor from which the credit that creates the "currency" on the public side is deerived. ANYTHING THAT CAN BE CHARGED BY CREATING DEBT AGAINST A SOURCE OF CREDIT CAN BE DISCHARGED BY PERFORMING AN ACCOUNTING OFFSET BY USING THE SAME CREDIT. and beeft of standing in law as well as access to genuine law(meaning"common law") that was accessible to Americans under their contract with the parent corporation. such as corporations. and can be trasformed into something of advantage to you if you treat it correctly. Public entities. not standing. YOU WNT TO USE YOUR EXEMPTION (WHICH IS INEXHAUSTIBLE) FOR THIS PURPOSE. By being creatures of the state. and possesses neither value. COLOR of assessment. Session III. nor life. THE FACT IS YOUR AUTOGRAPH.. that means that you are capable of bearing a note. " a/k/a "US Inc. Chapter 62. nor substance. MAXIM OF LAW. establishing the fact.C." You. Only a lawful man can do that. US Inc. Only the private side. public side employees use "signatures"[signs of their juristic "persona(roman word meaning mask)"] To understand more of the "money" system operating in the world today. " meaning "standing in law". etc." US Inc. Nevertheless.. et al. as the reality. USA.e. Forty-first Congress. created in the mind. They are not real beings. trusts. chartered a Federal corporation entitled "United States. we most go back in history.

. such as gold and silver coin. REMEDY. The result is that there is no money.. We become established as creditor and owner of both sides of the transaction. that pays debts and is the coin of sovereigns.. we discharge an obligation and render athe offeror devoid of claim.. and 31 USC 5112.. In 1933 US Inc. WE HAVE THE NOTARY ISSUE A CERTIFICATE OF NON-RESPONSE... HE HAS NOT ADJUSTED THE ACCOUNT AND IS KEEPING THE ACCOUNT OPEN AND THE CHARGE IN PLACE. Among many significant consequences of this are that there are now only bills of exchange. The commercial tribunals (courts) of the US and the States are in the private equity/admiralty jurisdiction of the alleged creditors in bankruptcy. as apublicly noticed. A public notary is higher than a "judge"(most notarys dont even know this). U.. i... at 12 USC 95. 79 L Ed 912. In addition. The credit used to create and back the debt currency is provided by us through having given our gold in the 1930s. WHEN NO RESPONSE FROM THE ORIGINAL PRESENTER IS RECEIVED BY THE NOTARY WITHIN THE REQUIRED TEN DAYS. 5119. AT THIS POINT THE DISHONOR OF THE ISSUER FO THE PRESENTMENT IS ESTABLISHED ON THE COMMERCIAL RECORD. notaries have had from inception two primary functions: 1) to protest international bills of exchange. acctually it does once we as the first peoples understand who it is we are.Trading With the Enemy Act This is codified. to back the failed corporation.once we do the world of tomorrow will not be the one you know today. WHICH IS A CERTIFICATE OF DISHONOR. CONTINUING TO CAUSE TROUBLE FOR US AND MAKE MONEY BY STEALING/USURPING OUR EXEMPTION WHILE DEPRIVING US OF THE JUST USE THEREOF FOR OUR OWN PROTECTION AND BENEFIT. declared bankruptcy.our clan mothers will once again take their rightfull place. neutral party who holds the commercial record and can place evidence into a court of any "jurisdiction". and other evidences of debt to circulate as moneyl. INTER ALIA.. When we accept and return a presentment for value. The notary doesnt care what is on a presentation or our paperwork. WHEN WE HAVE THE NOTARY SERVE OUR ACCEPTANCE AND RETURN OF THE PRESENTMENT TO THE OFFERROR. which is substance. We must remember who and what a "notary" is. perry v. The key to the notarial process is that a certificate of non-response issued by a notary is a judgment in estoppel. As admiralty courts the tribunals deal in matters of contract in which the defendant is presumed to have . and our labor ever since. Historically. the IMF. and 2) be bonded. INTER ALIA. the notary wrote the king's papers. THE NOTARY'S ADDRESS IS GIVEN FOR THE RESPONDENT TO SEND THE CHECK. He issued the writs. (1935). All cureency today is created by signature.e.S. notes. The only thing the notary cares about is whether the document has a place for endorsement and a jurat. et al. OR REPLY TO. 294 U. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOU GOT TO LOVE THIS HUH??? WE LIVE IN A FICTION WORLD WERE LAW DOES NOT EXIST.. Sending a presentation via a notary is far superior then sending yourself. IT IS OUR EXEMPTION NOT THEIRS. The first certificate of non-response is a judgment in estoppel on the law (contract between the parties). This Banker's Acceptance ("BA") utilizes our standing in law as the creditor-the source of the credit-to discharge the obligation by using our exemption for offset and adjustment. real money. thereby justifying taking your fee. there is now only the representation or symbol of money consisting of debt created against credit (appropriate for bankrupt citizens devoid of capacity). by House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5. A NOTARY'S LOGBOOK IS AN IRREFUTABLE SUBSTANTIATION OF THE FACTS AND ADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE IN ANY COURT. or the amount involved. The second judgment in estoppel is on hte facts/money.S. Public Law 73-10. WHEN A RESPONDENT DOES NOT RESPOND TO THE NOTARY WITHIN THE REQUIRED TEN DAYS WITH A NOTICE OF DISCHARGE OF THE OBLIGATION HE IS IN "DISHONOR" ON OUR ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE.. 1933. 330-381.

As such.e.contracted(on land) to be "on the ship" where "the Captanin's word is law" one is "presumed guilty unless proven innocent" and the burtden of proof is on the defendant to prove he is not guilty. and down goes the gravel and your are ruled as dead in the water.. indictment. There is no "conclusions of law and findings of fact" issued (since it is in equity. Anyone in "dishonor" in any legal proceedings has forfeited his capacity to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Entry of evidence into the record by a notary(including certified copy of documents by the clerk of the court). nor does any documentary material evidence exist established on the record of a case(an attorney. what you receive is a public offer. If we enter documentary material evidance as facts on the record and require the the Judge to take judicial notice of that evidence. etc. as we have discussed. "fact" that your strawman is obligated to provide the funds if you act in dishonor. If both sides of a dispute are in dishonor (which is normally the case. or risk management department. and we can request that an offset be performed that results in our collection against their bonds. equity. Testimony in open court. In commerce the penalty for being in dishonor is losing one's "equity". Affidavit(not as good as the first two unless one can cross-examine the affiant on the witness stand). which is the law of the matter. We can also instigate a bankruptcy proceeding in which e are "debtor in possession"(and thereby able to accept or reject all offers). since all attorneys argue and dispute. because without stipulations the other side has no evidence (facts) to support their claims. and is not anything accessible by a defendant. The assumptions become"facts" when both parties agree-stipulate-that they are true.. "Yes. As equity courts. as do most "pro se" litigants). If an adversary says the sky is green. the ultimate arbiter of a matter is the "conscience of the court" which is how the judge happens to feel that day. prove a negative). cannot be a competent witness). someone points an imaginary gun at you and says "bang! Gotcha!". i. How can we place evidance on the record in a case? Deposition. public courts can only deal with assumptions and fictions in their colorable (phony) system. we can proceed to collect from them by a number of possible ways. nor are there any facts. In the event they igore everything we do. not law). that agreement constitutes a "fact".. The commercial tribunals of the system are all contract courts and your stipulation is contractual ratification.e. we have a platform from which we can win. complaint. It is an offer of indebtedness to your strawman. Remember that no court in the system-since they are all in public realm-can see. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CHARGES Whenever you recieve a traffic ticket(citation).e. and you say. there are no facts other then what is stipulated(agreed) to by the two parties. and must legally/commercially lose if the other side remains in "honor" and proceeds correctly. i. It is conclusive presumption. summons. I'll stipulate that"). People lose in the courts because . or deal with the real YOU.. they are delinquent creditors. whoever is ruled as the winner is a function of the judge's discretion. and you agree. address.. you did" (i. (i. they cannot deal in facts(reality) and must deal in color of those things.e. Since these commercial tribunals function in a private admiralty/equity jurisdiction that does not have any capacity to acces law. including "non-judicial strict foreclosure" as outlined in chapter 9 of the UCC(universal commercial code). concerning which he has carte blanche to proceed as he wishes. ASSUMPTIONS(color of facts).

this scheme generates the funds that are used to balance the books and also make considerable money for the courts. as well as the USA. and have no discretion.. If you are in dishonor you will be forced to provide. discharged. In the latter casethey create the bond by creating imaginary charges against your strawman. as real people. Ok i'll skip a few pages cause i want to get into the meat and potatoes of some acting in court proceedings (i have alot on my plate right now so i dont know when i can get back to what it is i am putting out to you people): you may or may not of commited some actual act (wrote a check. the real us. as the creditor and sovereign. In addition. we are fuctioning as the king. i. promissary notes canget us out. killed someone etc. As investors in the bankrupt corporation called the United States. which can therefore be used as the asset to offset the obligation created by borrowing against that credit. The system does not deal with us as real beings. attorneys. which is bonded by the charging attorneys through their complaint and promise to find a Defendant (sucker) who will pay with FRNs. Being derivative and dependent. of course. which we make available to be used for exchange as the funds for discharging the obligations/charges. one way or the other. to think that those who structured and operate the system for commercial enrichment and power will "go gently into that goodnight" when we act for our own protection and betterment. Someone(some liveing being) has considered what . is to neutralize the unevealed presumpion on which the system operates that we. are the true creditors of the country and source of the wealth. etc. Promissory notes(creating currency by signature) got us into this mess.e. we have authority to offset any obligation imposed on our strawman by the public side by making our exemption( which is unlimited) available to discharge the charges. it deals with a fiction-a symbol-which is not us and therefore does not require the system to deal with us as the creditor and sovereign. This can be by simply parting with FRNs. By law. the parent corportation. have agreed to be united with and treated the same as our strawman. we are exempt from taxation from the public side..The colorable. The only way we can discharge and offset such charges completely-neutralize and eliminate them totally and close the accounting. and true owners(preferred stockholders) of the country. through your strawman. It is terrorism wielded by endless derivatives as weapons fo mass distruction (peonage. doing "community service". The source from which the obligation was derived is our own credit. judges. Moreover. the public domain can tax and regulate only what is created in and belongs to the system. and of "CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE". operation by borrowing against us. All public debt is nothing but numbers-digits in the matrix. wiht the same ease as the obligation was created.is through an acceptance and return for value through the use of our exemption. proceed as above. so it is unbound" When we. public officers aree fiduciaries. The public side is debt. Maxim of law "As a thing is bound. that which can be invented in th form of an alleged obligation can be offset. insubstantial public side is rendered dependent upon and subservient to our acts. carnage. a discussed above. stole a car. the reflection cannot dominate the reality it reflects. As creditors. never real beings. Teh creditor and sovereign cannot be taxed by a system that functions by using the creditor's credit. it is unrealistic. which can only be STRAWMEN . as well as its severity. we. ) which is simply an event in reality. As such. is technically irrelivant. public funds (FRNs or equivalent). beat up a pig(cop)lol. Compliance is mandatory. and genocide) run amuck. The <myspace>size</myspace> of the purported obligation. incarceration.they try to counter or neutralize on assumption with another. athe tail cannot wag the dog. or by being incarcerated as the "surety" for the obligations of your "strawman". to satify the obligation. sovereigns. etc.

The public side must reflect something real that exists or happens on the private/substance side. knowing it's intent. the second.. What do his mental processes have to do with you? He is Manufacturing fiction and projecting it on to you. speaking for it. it is a completely different matter. . reguardless of substance. Your inner intent and motivation concerning an event observed and interpreted by others on lthe substance side is nothing for which anyone but you possesses authority to speak. in the public arena. and. not yours.we have to cure the sickness before we can bring true law back. 5 2001. as "public servants" (serving the system. the first thing through the lookng glass to the right side of the bar. blah. the jails are full of those who have made this mistake. inner mitivations you might have had for doing something. What he makes of what you llegedly did is his business. You have written yourself into his novel. Smith (you) did willfully do blah. so who is the real criminal the MONSTER or the one who created the monster). attemption to lure you into taversing into his imaginary. People in court endlessly make the error of thinking that what apllies in reality is applicable in the mirage. that is his projection/interpretation based upon his mental processes and prorities. and presumptions. blah . frauds. the accuser can neither know your intent nor does he have any right to speak for it. and bankruptcy. i. in the case of the legall system today. public/bankruptcy mirage-land. a thing-in-itself that is completely neutral. in accordance with the rules of his let's-pretend game you are in dishonor and have granted him authority to use the eitire law-"enforcement" maccinery at his disposal to require you to satisfy the terms and conditions of his offer. reflection. In other words. the event itself is nothing other then an occurrence in reality. which someone on the private side called a "crime.. The accuser can neither know your intent nor does he have any right to speak for it. "that dirty rat. complaint. Since the public side is debt.(remember the gov't works on problem reaction solution. merely walking away. officials. adjudicate the imaginary dispute concerning the arbitrary interpretation of the actual event. and an infinite number of possible ways anyone can think about what he perceives of your action. andsay to yourself. ON the right-hand side.2) If you ignore his invitation. both traversing (enjoining the issues in any manner) and ignoring (doing nothing) constitue a "dishonor" guaranteeing our loss. substance. The presence of anything on the right side of the bar is there only one the basis of value judgement made by real beings on the left(private. which is what the public side indicts you for(in a criminal case). "On or about June.you did to be a crime with criminal intent (mens rea). In other words. Heare in imaginary-land. is nothing for which anyone but you possesses authority to speak. the accuser chose to adopt the perspective that what you did was a crime that you cmmitted with criminal intent. and ensconced yourself firmly into a swirling mirage of your accuser's fertile imagination. real) side. and anything else they wish to do in their let's-pretend realm of fictions. on the basis of hteir particular findings. out of and infinite number of possible subjective. or video game." so you read this. etc. John P.e... This point si where the catch-22 arises: 1) If you join his game and try to disprove his fiction you have left your domain. Then. play. let's-pretend world and deal with what goes on there. however. flush. indictment. proceeds to prosecute your "STRAWMAN" (with you attached unless you rebut the presumption of hte asumed union). you receive a complaint that says.) is an invitation from the author of hte fiction for you to join him in playing his let's-pretend game in Alice's Wonderland. If someone calls it a crime. attorneys. departed from your ground.as you could do with a movie. I did not" (dont get me wrong there are crimes committed every day but it is not because of crimminal intent. is the criminal charges. and judges have all right to say anything.The first is a value judgement. The complainant swears out a complaint under affidavit that you did what he says you did and submits it to the prosecuting authorities for them. including speading for your strawman. He can observe your outer behavior. to investigate. nothing of substance and reality can originate there. not you).is not a viable option. angered and fearful inside. " which allegedly violated one or more of the system's statues..or find better solutions to what we have today that is where our clanmothers come in) A presentment (including summons. it is because of the sickness we now have everywhere we go because of what the system is doing to us. therefore. not your inner intent.

Now they must deal with our world (which they cannot address adn cannot enter) and from that position we require them to "put up or shut up". Also. Problems are not solved on the level of problems. color of charges). 2) discharge the obligation without loss to you. If you are the creditor. In a criminal case the system functions by getting people to plead to the criminal "statues" on the public side.. If you take this route you are down the drain. someone intending to use the system as plaintiff must post a bond to invoke the services of the court. unrevealed presumptions that ensure your loss if you do not defuse them and eliminate them from the equation. which is more powerful and fundamental than where they are operating. dammed if you dont" double bind is to comment on th paradox. turn the tables on them. loser) in a dispute. When you have title to the bond behind the criminal prosecution there is no way you can go to jail because you have discharged the bond that would otherwise result in your being seized and incarcerated as the surety for your strawman that they treat as a debtor (defendant.. Once that agreement is reached on the private side(the origin). they are solved by operation from a more primal or transcendent domain. either/or. accept it for value. we can. sign. date and return it to the court. the possibility for any public action is eliminated. which is a check) from the court. you have granted the court subject matter jurisdiction to prosecute . by so doing. The proper way is to obtain a civil(meaning money) resolution on the private side so that the dispute is ended at its source and there is no controversy for any tribunal to resolve.it is your court. Since they cannot substantiate the truth and validity in our domain. " which in this case is our ground and truth for which we have exculsive knowledge and authority to speak and concerning which they hae none. i. you have broken the law by pleading ton-existent charges (i.e. write "exempt from levy" on it. Both fight and flight result in losing and not being able to escape the obligation.The way out of the above-discribed catch-22 is the point of this entire treatise.paying with substance and not liability funds. and 3) neutralize the implicit. options result in loss. YOu must satisfy the obligation imposed on your strawman by issuance of the presentment without departing from your own sovereign domain and remaining safe in a realm that they cannot address or access. This resolution occurs by stipulation between the parties as real beings. Accomplishing this end requires acting in accordance with the following prerequisites: 1) do not dishonor/traverse. the authorities cannot arrest you without an order (warrant. this grants the court authority to use your exemption in exchange for release of the property. tkhe court bond gives the court subject matter jurisdiction. then the matter shifts from criminal to the civil(agreement of the parties) for resolution.e. There is no longer anything to drag across the bar and into the public domain. If you are presented with a warrant. which can be enforced against your real being with unlimited uses of deadly violence to satisfy the terms and conditions of hte presentment. what we must do includes: First and foremost understand that the dilemma cannot be resolved on it's own level since all yes/no. and the only way a court can obtain the jurisdiction to issue a warrant is by someone having posted a bond indemnifying the court and granting the court subject matter jurisdiction(with voucher to authorize/substantiate/monetize the complaint) to adjdicate the matters you are being accused of. to discharge(zero out) the obligation and return the bond to you (as the creditor and insurer utilizing substance. page 22 If you enter a plea when no bond has been posted. the way out of a "damned if you do. or "meta level. the court serves the creditor. you must require that they provide the audit trail of the accounting on the bond that allegedly bonds the case. which they cannot provide and you can).

nor facts. the property at stake in a case is the bond. You agree to leave your own ground and domain ango join them on the school yard in their let's pretend cops-androbbers game. color of substance. You surrender to the court's Jurisdiction. . nor charges.e. i. standing up upon hearing the bailiff announce. the Defendent cannot enter or access the private side just as the living principal cannot enter the public domain. You testify that the real you is the strawman/Defendant on the paperwork at which the judge is looking. ad you therefore forfeit title and are ruled as the debtor (loser) in the case. do not say "here" As soon as you give your name you testify that you are in the public side. asset funds or liability funds. if you use FRNs you try to offset an obligation with more debt. which is a reflection in the mirror and a chimera. This is a trap. and color of charges(that is it). then walk towards the bar to speak and don't sit down. or dealt with by the public side. nor substance. color of facts. as the king/creditor. One way or another you must provide the asset that balances the books. You as the living principal. Posting a Court Bond removes all basis fro continuing by discharging the matter immediately. you suggest that either the court waive the public administration fee for registering the bond or secure the fee by performing an adjustment and offset through use of your private treasury UCC Contract Trust Account (EIN) if the court does not do either it is in dishonor of you. "cestui que" trust created by the 14th Amendment) with a duty and the State(Plaintiff) is the beneficiary (i. the living principal cannot be seen. nor evidence. and is keeping the boos/account open by using your exemption while foreclosing you from doing so. Defendent. Stategy concerning court: One of the most difficult positions to be in when inside a courtroom is sitting down. in Blacks Law Dictionary. " and then sitting down when istructed to do so. and if you go through the drill of being in court before the judge enters. This dishonor authorizes you to dicharge the matter by bringing involuntary bankruptcy against the court to discharge the bond because you have established yourself as the owner by your acceptance for value and willingness to allow your exemption to be used for full dicharge. This is not a desirable position. Trustee's are always outside COMMON LAW. not COURTS OF LAW.e. The court will probably try to secure title by asking you to pay a small fee for filing the bond. it requires posting a bond so that the court can have in rem juridiction. "All rise. You must secure title to the bond behind a criminal prosecution if you wish to be immune from conviction. addressed. presumptions. You form a contract with the court by which you agree that the real you may be treated in accordance with the way they treat the strawman/Defendent. you are signaling by your behavior that you are an obedient serf and subject of the court and within its jurisdiction.your strawman on the public side as teh debtor. when spoken it sounds the same as your upper. co-beneficiary of the public. color of law. It is best to wait outside. Maxim of law: "it is immaterial whether a man gives his assent by words or by acts and deeds. There are assumptions. using private commercial paper (FRNs) that do not belong to you. " meaning "same sound". Sitting is inferior to standing. color of evidence. When this happens.and Lower-case name(see "idem sonens..." When your strawman's name is called. If you use your exemption you discharge and eliminate the oblgation and secure title to the case. 4th Edition). actually co-trustee of the public. How do you get title? there must be a agreement between the parties concerning the identity of the creditor on the bond. "cestui que" trust created by the 14th Amendment) who has allegedly been deprived of his trust benifits by the delinquent trustee. The issue is not whether you provide funds. is fictitious and exists on the imaginary/public side. Having a hearing in an admiralty court is not a common-law right. In such courts there is neither law. The strawman.or in the back of the courtroom-until the strawman's name is called. but what kind of funds you provide. are real and exist on the substance/private side. ALL CAPS NAME. Officials and attorneys execute the paperwork and pleadings as if (let's pretend presumption) your strawman is the trustee (Defendent. The courts are equity/admialty/probate/trust courts. therefore.

...fruck them if they cant take a joke.accually many diff senarios i will put out. i. the obligations/charges must be discharged so that the books balance and you have complied with the law(legal)in both domains.... for myself i have to understand somewhat of what he knows so i can deal in the courtroom on my own. and when police stopped me and my little bro..... If i remember i will put anything extra down about canada which there is nothing that comes to mind right now.e.. terminate the presumption of the existence of a dispute... I have accepted for value and .. dont worry i didnt untill i wittnessed first hand in the courtroom.. The public side is bankrupt.. also i will show you what i say in courts.... You cannot win by arguing in lets pretend mirage-land. and cannot charge you in common law. These statements are intended as satisfying all of the above essential elements: "For the record. although now the courts and police have been warned about me as well as the border crossings into the USA as well as CANADA.. so what do you people's think so far are you starting to understand what it is i am putting down. this is why it is crucial to neutralize that presumptionand render it inoperable. now the judge's wont let him in most court rooms . the next few pages will deal with in court PLAYS on what you say and what the judge will probably respond with.It is essential to neutralize the presumption by which the system operates against us. Several possibilities (in lieu of or in addition to the Three Questions approach... me im just the dumb muscle. cause again CORP CANADA is registered in the good old CORP USA.. I am here in my private capacity concerning that matter. Trying to lien public officials is a dishonor and crime by endeavoring to impose a common-law remedy in a sphere that cannot access common-law. which is that the liveing principal is presumed to be attached to and united with the strawman so that whatever is done to the strawman is imposed inthe flesh on the living principal. then i will put out what we as indigenous can say and do.. below) for dealing with the name issue come to mind. i am no where near my little brother because he isthe smart one.tomorrow wont be the same as we knew of yesterday and today once more native's understand what it is i am putting down. and the corperations are the LEGAL. on both the public and private sides.. It is the unrebutted presumption of the union of the real and fictitious that enables the court to access the real you.thats why i probably get into altercations so much with the police..DO YOU BELIEVE IT??? (if you dont . and is bankrupt entities they cannot provide you with a remedy. YOu must not traverse or dishonor. meaning they are in form only without any of the substance... has no capacity to execute a sentence..you will be surprized at the power of what we say "if you know how to say it right" remember we never receeded any of our land and it still exists to this day . This is also (amoung other reasons) why you cannot lien public officals: doing so is a common-law (substance) process(you can say something like"i lein you in your private capacity").and because of what i witnessed i am now a believer lol) The charges are "in the nature of" (meaning colorable) civil or criminal charges in common law.. pg 23 for those of you that are in CORP CANADA most of the material is the same...unfortunautly most natives dont understand the ways of our old ancestors therefore find it hard to understand WE ARE THE LAW.. You must end the controversy..

(page 10) It is a cardinal spiritual maxim that victory is achieved through surrender. rather than how we might think or "believe" it is. whole truth. and the charges having been discharged. perceived. and information than one has at the time. and pre-conceived biases). but is superior to other expressions of the same Oneness." Waht certainty. and wholly (free of disorting. The term "Surrender" is intended to convey the concept of expanded receptivity rather then outwarddirected action without first obtaining the benefit of more thought. and nothing but the truth" that might justify slandering or judging someone? Therefore "surrender" really means giving up one's entrenched position in favor of allowing clearer and more holistic understandings to emerge. things are such as they are. does anyone posses about the "truth. I have executed on the matter and have no basis for participation in any public hearing. deluded. To understand this statement we must define the meaning of the operative words: "victory" and "surrender". In this situation an ego imagines not only that it is separate from others. No two perspectives are the same. letting go of the attitude that one already knows the truth.. Further significance of "surrender" inheres in realizing that we see things far more as we ourselves are than what something is in itself. substance side. I consider my public business here . and acted upon in a infinite number of possible ways by an infinite number of possible beings. nor to the nature of hte content we can consciously contain. Everyone observes and experience life from his/her unique nature and position in space-time. "It is impossible to discover when preoccupied with the familiar. releasing pre-conceived ideas about what one is experiencing. Depth always absorbs.. "there being no controversy.. insight. And as a Zen master once said. and depth of our vessel. such as "Thou shalt not bear false witness. clearly. Two futher quotes of Zen masters come to mind: "Do not seek the truth. after all. which is futiliy borne of acting on. And bigger forms have bigger forms. The delusion is a major source of sorrow and suffering that has plagued mankind throughout history." The actal truth of anything is the "suchas-it-is" nature of its existence. that ye be not judged.. merely cease to cherish opinions". " and "Judge not. all. A moment's reflection reveals that anything can be viewed. Using force and artifice is an attempt to get reality to confrorm to a flawed and vain abstraction of it is foregone futility that leaves carnage and suffering in its wake. The ultimate end of this approch is to perceive existence "as it is". things are such as they are. scope. And so on ad infinitum. The bible is ful of admonitions against actin in violation of this vis-a'-vis others." There are no limits or bounds to the <myspace>size</myspace>. The more we live this manner the more grounded in happiness and integrity our life can become.the type of paper is essential. I do not dispute any of the facts in the charging instruments. nor can be. By "Victory" we do not mean physical conquest and domination. If you don't understand.returned for value all of the charging instruments and made my exemption available for discharge of all obligations and charges connected with this case. attemptiong to render durable in some manner. thought about. Receptivity involves opening one's mind. and inwardly expanding the vessel of one's being not only for the purpose of preceiving matters more fully." Remember a bond or Promisary note works just go to the internet to see how to make one up. therefore. "If you understand. and. the illusion of separation and superiority of one aspect of the One over another. but providing the conscious mind with more comprehension than had previously been the limits of one's thinking and consciousness." "I have also filed a bond discharging all obligations connected with this matter by use of my exemption and ended the controversy on the private. and everything. this is akin to a take-off on an old rhyme: Little forms have bigger forms On their backs to bite'em.

the "Three Questions" approach elaborated upon hereunder. the judge is personally liable. you can say: I accept your dishonor and establish your dishonor on the record as your notice that no assessment for the charges has been produced and that any involved contract is dishonored.. In such cases you can ask: "Are you sure?" The first wrong may be regarded as inadvertence. the (3) strikes rule is how the courts work. ignor what the judge says cause it is your courtroom. Consequently. and you can put the contract into involuntary bankruptcy. Thereafter proceed as in the attached piece on the evidentiary hearing. it is possible that the optimum course of action at this point is to undertake the Redemption process.) It is for this reason that in some cases the response of a judge concerning having proceeded in this way-especially if one has filed a bond and evidence of one's standing as the living principal-is that a judge will say either: "We are dismissed (meaning the public side upon recognition that it is your court. If none of the above works." Then turn and leave.] If the judge does not somehow end the matter at this point. you can proceed in any one of a number of ways: YOU can say. made yourself owner of the entire transaction as well as the court. so wait for the answer." "Is the court prepared to make a determination on this matter at this time?" YOu have asked a closing question. Legally and commercially you have ended the matter. they have no Jurisdiction. If the Judge does not honor your position.concluded. At this time will you schedule an evidentiary hearing at a time that is convenient to the court?" This is another closing question. and therefore cover all contingencies here. the third wrong signifies malice. but on the third time it's "three strikes and you're out"). and there is no dispute). If the Judge schedules an evidentiary hearing say: "thankyou. If the judge dishonors this request. "For the record.e. If the judge confirms that he is dishonoring you (which should be at most unlikely since he becomes the liable party).(you may have to say your request three times. the second wrong constitutes intent. " or "It appears there is no dispute and this case is dismissed. i. Does your dishonor mean that you want to be surety for the defendant(all caps name) in this matter?" [It means that the public court forfeits subject matter jurisdiction. the obligation are dicharged. I plan to see you at [the time and day the judge specifies]." It is of course impossible to foresee how a particular judge will respond. . you can say: "YOur honor. are you dishonoring my request for a determination on this matter?" If the judge says "No" you can say: "Thank you. you may have to press your issue (3) times. it may be because he/she is testing you and will press the matter( which he is entitled to do twice. In accordance with the cardinal principle of salesmanship that "after asking a closing question whoever speaks first loses" stand there silent and do not say anything further until the judge speaks. Having honored my position my public buisness here is concluded. at this point I am requesting an evidentiary hearing for the purpose of examining the evidence on file inthis case. and left the entire public sid hanging out to dry in limbo.

The court then convicts us for contempt of court and imposes the common-law sentence. They are welcome to put a piece of paper with the Defendant's all-caps name on it on the electric chair. The above statement satisfies all the essential criteria. They need us to volunteer into contraction with them i their public domain. throw the switch. it is up to us to hang ourselves. REQUEST FOR REMEDY.We must remember that problems are not solved on the level of problems: We cannot resolve the imaginary dispute in the imaginary domain. By proceeding in this manner. real. filing the bond. Ideally you have filed before ever going to court your COURT BOND AND NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE. thereby disarming and defusing the matter. convict. wherein you have attached your accepted-and-returned-for-value documents and your standing/status documents that define and clarify your standing as living principal and authorized represenative for your juistic person. and committing treason against the equity court by trying to deal with the dispute as if it were substantive. if they wish toconvict your strawman of something. Technically you could say. They cannot make the legal determination that the Defendant has anything to do with us. Then. you neutralize the presumption that you are attached to and united with your strawman. [ens legis]. You end the controversy by your acceptance and return for value." The point is that if you end the controversy on both the private and public side there is no dispute for a court to hear and entertain. "As the living principal I do not dspute the facts on the private. AND STATUS. whereas in their admiralty/equity courts you are presumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent (which is impossible in their let's pretend/presumption game). now a word of caution on this and that is what i have written here is still "inside the box" what we as Idiginous peoples or should i say "first tribal peoples" are taking it even futher because we are the true or should say DEJURY (thier words they follow) of the land. YOu do not traverse or dishonor. and stating that you are not disputing the facts in the charging instruments. By so doing you commit treason against the courts by trying to secure a common-law remedy where noe is possible. strawman. STANDING. breaking the law.. All attempts to do these things are traversing and dishonoring. are speaking on behalf of. ratify it's force and effect) while admitting that you have been a delinquent trustee and acted in violation of your fiducuary duty. we must not try to prove selves innocent. to be a witness against ourselves. By not disputing the facts (on the private side) you remove the dispute at its origin and leave nothing to resolve in the public arena. as follows: The catch-22 of the matter is that under common lw you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. as the liveing principal on the substanc/private side. leaving no violation to prosecute. the STATE. and discharge the charges through the paper while you are out having dinner wth your friends. your strawman/defendent.as far as so called canada is they are Defacto nothing more nothing less. especially when supported by your notary-witnessed documents. YOU. We must also remember that they need us. dishonoring. . There is no one and nothing to prosecute.. as the living principal. testify. and in common law. and you do not neutralize the presumption (and ndeed. and punish. We must not try to pay with public funds. and make thelegal determination for them that we are the one they are looking for in their let'spretend game and want to prosecute. but not as. private.. and we must not plead "not guilty" (which is argueing. If you try to prove yourself innocent you are in dishonor and are charged with a breach of trust to the beneficiary. By making your exemption availible to discharge the charges you are in harmony with the law. substance side and my client pleads guilty to the charges on the public side. let them find the strawman guilty on their own (leaving them exposed). and telling them that we are joining the imaginarygame and treating it is if it were real). traversing.

... .. what happened about 200 yrs ago in what is now Europe the family devised a system to pull people into its web through the banking system and the Post master... ..... the world cannot let those people know they have to find it out for themselves.They created what was called The league of Nations at one time to munipulate people to believe it was created to help the people (on the contrary) then later on the name was changed to United Nations.. ..and WE now are just doing that....and those peoples are the only people s yet to stand up and take thier rightfull place in the world.. .. and the likes are all apart of the debit and credit system....what robert menard. ..as well crush the UN and start making treaties the way we see fit..Other so called countries are triing to break free of the UN but because it is a binding contract they themselves are struggling to break free......... winston shrout.. ... contracts.and now the world is all trapped into the system .. jordan maxwell and alot of others do is they manuver inside the box to keep from getting "pinned" sort of speak the UCC (cracking the code) .The game of control.the world as a whole now is run by those systems.Inslaveing the Flesh bone and blood...exept one people s...yet when WE step up and know who we are we can break all contracts of the world.. .

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