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Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Volume 8 Issue 5
Bulletin of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation

In this Issue

• Editorial
• Spiritual Retreat
• Arvind Keerti Mudra for Ma. Didi
• Gita Jayanti
• Vanaprastha - A 20 Days Course on
Organic Farming
• Samartha Bharat Parva & Swamiji Jayanti
• EBVB Maha Samparka Abhiyan From Dec
To Jan
• Yoga Satras By YCC Students
• Regular Activities
• Article By Ma. Lakshmi Didi
Volume 8 Issue 5
-2- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020


The health of our nation is causing grave concern to all. It has been steadily
deteriorating over the years, though during the freedom struggle there was some
semblance of restoration to its old health and vigour. That was when everybody heaved a
sigh of relief. But that was short lived. The condition is steadily deteriorating and today
our beloved Motherland is critically ill.
The most general symptom of the malady presently is an excessive appetite for power,
name and fame followed by an insatiable hunger for wealth and opulence. This was of
course preceded by the usual deliberate indifference to the higher values of life and
attraction towards the easier and indulgent ways. Finally, it has culminated in deep
rooted corruption and total demoralization of the entire populace. In the absence of
doctors with competence and conscience, the malady is deepening and spreading. They
have only been wasting their time by trying all sorts of superficial remedies. The healing
touch is not yet….
They tried to restore health by eradicating ignorance and imparting wisdom, by
creating centres of learning-universities galore, which only helped to spread an education
alien in its content and method. This has aggravated the malady by creating generations
and generations of young men and women ‘angry’ at their ancient culture but
passionately devoted to the imported stuff! The net result is that the allergy towards India
and everything Indian has become more universal and fashionable. An irresistible
attraction to the West and brain -drain are natural sequels.
They built gigantic industrial complexes to provide massive employment. With all care
and concern, they provided supra-sensual comforts for the ‘Supermen’ in charge, but
utterly neglected the teaming millions who were really turning out work. No wonder
quality got delinked from quantity, profit hid itself and this complexes turned into hot
beds of despotism, corruption and goondaism.
Then they turned to agriculture. Mother Earth yielded as never before. Granaries
overflowed, markets became overcrowded with people and produce too. All-time records
were broken in statistical terms. Green revolution became a tangible reality. Farmers
became ‘progressive’. YET, millions went to bed without a morsel of food in their stomach.
Children died of hunger, malnutrition and diseases. Poor mothers found themselves with
Volume 8 Issue 5
-3- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

no milk to feed their little ones. When more than half the nation remained underfed and
undernourished, others were busy building up a five-star culture of super affluence.
Huge dams were erected unmindful of the immense social injustice they were leading
to. Those who traditionally took care of the forest and the mountainsides were uprooted
and made vagabonds. When this custodians of the natural ecological balance were
disturbed, flora and fauna protested. Nature showed her anger and floods and droughts
danced side by side their dance of destruction.
Even places of worship were not left out in the total ‘development ‘that swept over the
Nation. Social thieves among others, found temples the most convenient place to hide
their misdeeds.The Lord of the Milky Ocean continued to be benign and merciful,
absorbing all that was black and turning it into white. The last nail was also hit when
sacred places were crudely converted into arsenals regardless of the finer sentiments of
devout people and turned into ‘dens’ for culprits and national enemies. Terrorism and
divine contemplations coexisted in temples!
The lure for foreign money led to large scale looting of the coffers of the nation. Her
trees, plants, animals- not even frogs are spared----- and human children including
have become commodities to earn ‘valuable’ foreign exchange! The priceless treasures of
our temples and palaces have found homes elsewhere, in drawing rooms and museums in
the West, thanks to the professionals in anti-national activities.
Treatments and counter treatments go on but the malady is getting worse day by day.
Nobody has diagnosed the deep seated malignancy-lack of love for Motherland and faith
in our national heritage and disrespect for the everlasting values of life, and above all lack
of faith in oneself and one’s potentialities today, this sickness is gnawing at the very vitals
of our Nation-at its crown in Kashmir, heart in Punjab and shoulders in Assam. It can,
any time spread to other parts. Intensive care and treatment alone can provide the
healing touch.
Which specialist shall we approach?
Swami Vivekananda had diagnosed the cause of this national malady long back .He
says: “Until the body’s vitality is at a low ebb, the germs even if they enter the body they
cannot do any harm. Only when the body is weak can germs enter and cause disease.’
JUST SO WITH NATIONAL LIFE’. It is when the National body is weak, that all sorts of
disease germs in the political state of the race or in its social state, in its educational or
intellectual state, crowd into the system and produce disease. To remedy it therefore we
Volume 8 Issue 5
-4- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

must go to the root of this disease and cleanse the blood of all impurities. The one
tendency will be to strengthen the man, to make the blood pure, the body vigorous, so
that it will be able to resist and throw off all the external poisons’’.
“We have to bring out the life giving principles of our common heritage to every man,
woman and child throughout the length and breadth of the country, understand them,
know them and try to bring them out in their lives. This is the first step”.
Swamiji was passing on the healing touch which his Great Master had handed down to
him, for his ailing countrymen, nay for the whole world. That is what we have to apply
with all tenderness and care. What we need urgently is a National identification of some
common factors. How deep rooted is this malady of non –identification can be understood
by a report which came as early as in 1934. Sir Henry Gidney addressing the Anglo-
Indian community has made the following observation, which is as pertinent today as it
was then,….’Your future , your progress and your opportunities will depend entirely on the
attitude you adopt towards your countrymen’…. “Realise that you are the sons and
daughters of this country, that India is your home and that when you talk of going home,
you are really going away from it. Be proud of this, our common Motherland. Remember
that you are one with your brethren”.
Today this is applicable to all those who seek newer identities. “It must be endeavour of
every community not to neglect its duty to the country. The first lesson taught to every
child must be ‘to become a good citizen first’, than anything ele.No good citizen will ignore
the rights of his fellow citizens. The minorities would find the best guaranty for the
protection of their legitimate rights in upholding and popularizing the ideals of good
citizen-ship, in partaking heartily in the social and p[political movements of the country
along with the members of other communities and thereby showing that they are ready
as much as others to shoulder responsibilities “
What we need is a massive dose of the most potent and healing elixir of patriotism, a
non-stop drip of the refreshing and re invigorating spiritualism- a national drive to
eradicate the pollution of Communalism by clearly defining the national of secularism,
while hearted efforts on the part of Government and others to remove social injustices
and above all spread of meaningful man-making education to strengthen the human
character by instilling in him the faith in the Divinity within. This intensive multipronged
care alone can give a lasting cure. No amount of half-hearted treatments can cure the
Volume 8 Issue 5
-5- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

disease. The prayer for a lasting cure should come from the hearts of millions of our
Today, in this land which has preached and practised Universal brotherhood for
centuries, which has given shelter to millions who were persecuted and driven away from
their own land of birth, the meaning of this is being questioned! Those who have not
realised true God-love are using that for dividing their brethren. This self-styled God-
lovers, not being God-knowers, cannot and do not understand the expressions of
Godhood, where and how to seek Him.
Even God-love, delinked from sacrifice and service, is just a blind sentiment which can
do more harm than good. On the contrary, imbued with sacrifice and service it can turn
in top perfect Knowledge, the central core of life. Let us pray for this love of in the hearts
of all our brethren. Constructive affirmation of the ultimate, good and unity by millions
can work wonders and that alone can cure our national maladies. A deep rooted
understanding of Oneness is the only sure and everlasting healing touch.

Volume 8 Issue 5
-6- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Spiritual Retreat
A four day Spiritual Retreat was organised at Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation,
Kodungallur from 18th December to 21st December. Srimad Swami Haribrahmendrananda Tirthapadaji
from Somashram, Uttarkashi was the Acharya and he spoke exclusively on Vibhuti Pada and Kaivalya
Pada of Patanjali Yoga Darshan. Apart from that Man. Lakshmi Didi took two sessions.
The classes were conducted in Malayalam. Swamiji in his unique way of teaching in a gurukula style
made the participants glued to the classes with rapt attention. Ma. Lakshmi Didi took couple of sessions
on Indian culture and Dr. Natesan M.B from Kalady Sri Sankara University conducted classes on the first
two padas of Yoga Darshana. In all thirty participants took the benefit of the retreat. During the one-hour
question- answer session during evening hours, Swamiji tried to satisfy all by answering all the questions
that came to the participants mind by giving practical and in-depth explanations based on his
experience. All participants left the campus with a vow to meet again in the next year along with their

Arvind Keerti Mudra for Ma. Didi

Aravinda Keerti Mudra Award was conferred to Ma. Lakshmi Didi on 19th December for her extensive
selfless service for the upliftment of the common masses especially
women. The award was conferred by the Aravinda Charitable Society,
Palikkathodu, at Kottayam. Swami Saradananda, Acharya of
Chinmaya International Foundation Piravom who was the - Chief
Guest, presented the award in the presence of other dignitaries like
Dr K.P. Kylasanatha Pillai, Senior advocate of Supreme Court of India,
Prof, Purushottaman, President of the Society, Sri Anirudhan, librarian of M.G University and the Principal
Smt Kavitha R.C of Aravinda Vidya Mandiram. The function was held in the mentioned Higher Secondary
school run by the Society at Palikkathodu.

The award consists of a gold medal and a memento.

Volume 8 Issue 5
-7- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Gita Jayanti
15 participants took part in the Gita chanting competition held on 24th December. Children from
LKG, UKG to college going students took part.

A quiz on Bhagavad Gita was kept for the audience too. 30 people participated in the Quiz. Apart
from Sandeepani Sishuvihar, other school children too participated.

Ma. Didi explained the importance of chanting in Sanskrit, how it purifies one's speech. Pronouncing
Sanskrit words brings clarification of speech. Hence in modern days Sanskrit chanting is used as a tool in
speech therapy.

Vanaprastha- A 20 Days’ Course on Organic Farming

Divinization of human life has been a pet theme of Indian seers. In every generation newer and newer
attempts are made by thinkers and social reformers to realise this highly meritorious ideal a living
practice. Sri K.V. Dayal, concerned about the falling standards in human life -nature interaction has
created a package of 20 formulae to rectify our mistakes in agriculture practices,
food habits education and inter human relationships.

On 15th evening Sri Dayal presented his ideas to a discerning audience at

Vivekananda Kendra Kodungallur and invited them to participate in his 20 lecture
course. Through a full day exposition he will deal with the problems connected
with the above four major concerns of an individual's life so as to help one to de addict oneself from the
wrong approaches and strive for happiness in personal and family life, reestablish sustainable agriculture
- rectify the mistakes in the field of education and evolve newer and healthier practices in our food
habits. More than 50 people participated in the introductory session of ' Vanaprastha' as Sri Dayal calls it.
With reactions and eagerness many have come forward to participate in his wholesome program of
Divinisation of life. Classes (20 days course) started on 6th January (Monday) with lighting of the lamp
and offering prayers to Swamiji. A full day class once a week on every Mondays was fixed by the team.

20 people have been enrolled for the course on Health and Organic farming.
Volume 8 Issue 5
-8- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Samartha Bharat Parva & Vivekananda Jayanti

Samartha Bharat Parva started with 2 nonresidential half day 'Know Yoga' camps for 250 students
divided into 2 batches. The students were from Irinjalakuda Govt Higher Sec.School on 23rd December.
Smt Suja C.Nair- Saha Yoga Varga Pramukh, conducted the classes. Classes included theory as well as
practical classes on Yoga.

On 3rd January, there were patriotic song competitions for the UP and High School section.Ma.Didi
lighted the lamp and then blessed the participants encouraging them to take the opportunity as an
offering to the Patriot Saint- Swamiji. 5 schools and a total of 40 students took part.

On 4th January, there were folk group song competitions for U.P. and H.S students. 75 students from
9 schools registered. Total 65 students from 7 schools participated. Folk songs of various districts of
Kerala were presented by the participants.

On 11th January, Sandeepani Sishuvihar teachers organised a 'Go as you like' fancy dress show. It was
like a Deva Sangamam. All the 27 Sishuvihar children dressed up in different costumes as Sri Krishna,
Balarama, Sri Radha, Sri Rama, Sri Lakshmana, Sita Devi, and Hanuman or as Thacholi Othenan,
Unniyarcha, Ayyankali, and Pazhassi Raja, participated. Each of them spoke on different topics based on
Volume 8 Issue 5
-9- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
Volume 8 Issue 5
-10- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

the messages of Swami Vivekananda or values of life. All their parents, teachers and inmates of Kendra,
around 50 people were present to listen to their short sweet speeches.

On 12th January Swamiji's Jayanthi was celebrated in a unique way. It started with, Samatva yoga
Sangamam. 170 yoga students assembled at South nada of Sri Kurumba Bhagavathi temple on 12th
January sharp at 5. 45 am for procession from temple to Ananda dham. Sri Trivikraman Adigal lighted the
lamp and handed it over to Smt Suja Nair, Saha Yoga Varga Pramukh. In the procession along with all
the yoga participants the Chief Guest of the programme, Sri Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboodiri-
Chairman of Patanjali Yoga research training centre, Ernakulum and Retd Major General Vivekanandan- a
close well- wisher of Kendra, also accompanied followed in a line of two chanting Pranava mantra. It was
a treat to watch this all dressed in uniform walking carrying placards with Swamiji's messages, all yoga
students' procession.

All the yoga students totaling 170 arranged themselves in a short span of time. The programme at
Ananda dham started on dot at 6.45 am with prayer. It was compered by Smt Jayalakshmi followed by
lighting the lamp by the Chief Guest. Ma. Lakshmi Didi in her inaugural address welcomed the Chief
Guest and all the assembled. She said let us try to understand the importance of Swami Vivekananda and
imbibe the spirit of Swamiji. Sri Vasudevan Master in his address stressed on the need for understanding
the concept of disease and how yoga can be a tool for making one's own body strong and also bringing
an all-round development of an individual. Following the talk all yoga students performed yoga practices
guided by Sutapa Didi and assisted by Master Rishikesh, Master Surya and Kum. Anushree. After the
practice Sri Sudhakarji made all of them take a ‘Sankalpa’, to practice and propagate yoga and make it
part of one ‘dinacharya’ or daily routine. The programme concluded with shanti mantra.

EBVB Maha Samparka Abhiyan From Dec To Jan

Total Samparka done during the two months period of December-January, went upto 450 in which
172 were Individual Samparka and 278 collective or Mass Samparka.
Volume 8 Issue 5
-11- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
Volume 8 Issue 5
-12- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Ode To Acchu
“God make my life a little light,
Within the world to glow,
A little lamp that burneth bright
Wherever I may go"
That was what our Little Achhu was born for. Achhu was brought to Anandadham when he was hardly
a month old. Since then he had become a part of the Kendra family, sharing and
caring, affectionate and playful. His very presence added so
much joy. His pranks would keep all happy and joyful.
Entertaining visitors was his duty, he felt.

His love for balls and craziness for balloons was unimaginable.
Evenings were for playing with ball. By turns each day, visitors would bring a balloon
for him and he would go crazy with joy after he got the balloon not allowing anybody
to touch it.

To save the lives of all in Anandadham, Achhu chose to risk his own. On that fateful night of 5th
January, Achhu got bitten by a Viper while trying to kill it. He fought a lot till the last but the venom had
spread and within 12 hours he breathed his last. Shraddhanjali to our beloved Achhu. May he get Mukti!!

Yoga Satras by YCC Students

Of the10 YCC students who have completed six months non-residential course under
V.K.Kanyakumari, Smt Anitha, Smt Shaila, Sri Vighnesh, Smt Silja and Smt Sheela have been able to
conduct classes. Vignesh and Anitha have successfully completed. Sri Vighnesh, Sheela and Anitha are
from Edavilangu village. Their long term goal is to transform the whole of Edavilangu into a Yoga Village.

A strong Samparka sthan will be build up in this area. First batch YCC students Smt Jayalakshmi and
Smt Suja (who is also the Saha Yoga Varga Pramukh) are also from the same area and are coordinating
the yoga related activities. All round assistance and guidance is got from our well-wishers Smt Mridula,
Sri Anilji and family who stay near here. Smt Shilja and Shayla are from Triprayar area. They both have
successfully completed one satra each and have started the second satra. Sri Harish will be conducting
the satras in Ettumanoor and Kottayam area. Vistar work is taking place gradually in a well-planned way.
Volume 8 Issue 5
-13- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Details of the satras by YCC students

2nd Jan – 1st satra 15students

Shayla Pradeep
27th Jan - 2nd satra at SNDP Sakha, Chentrapinni with16 participants
3rd Jan – 1st and 2nd satra Total of 15 participants.
6th Jan – 3rd satra 17 participants.

Nritya Institute – 1st satra 10 participants

27th Jan - 2nd satra at Peringottuka with 15 students
2nd Jan – 1st satra 15 participants
26th Jan - 2nd satra 16 participants
26th Jan – 1st satra 17 participants
27th Jan - 2nd and 3rd satra 12 and 17 participants

Yoga Satras
4 Satras were conducted at Kendra campus during the months of October and November. 10 Participants (5 men
and 5 ladies) got trained.
Yoga Vargas
10 yoga Vargas are regularly conducted at 6 places. Around 180 members regularly attend the Yoga Vargas.

Ganapathi Homam & Srichakra Puja

Every Purnima day regular Ganapathi Homam and Sri Cakra Puja are performed by the priests of Gurupadam,
Karumatra. During October and November too this puja was performed.

Prabhashanam Parampara
Monthly classes on Jyotishastra were held during October and November. Acharya Sri Sethumadhavanji was the
resource person. About 15 people regularly attended.

3 Samskara Vargas, 1each at Valsalayam and Keleswaram 1 at Anandadham. Average 10 children attend.
Volume 8 Issue 5
-14- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

E = mc2
Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari
(In this issue we are bringing Ma. Lakshmi Didi’s interesting articles on Bhagavad Gita which she had penned in ‘Yuva Bharati’
as it’s editor in the eighties of last century )

Einstein’s discovery that Energy = mass x (velocity of light)2, that is, E = mc2 has revolutionized
scientific thinking and science would never be the same again. It is now well established that matter and
energy are inter-convertible. Matter is highly condensed energy and the truth of the matter is not
matter, but energy. It is also becoming clear that this matter has assumed a kaleidoscopic variety of
forms to become the matter of the entire universe. It then follows that forming the basis or the
substratum of this universe, transcending the forms, beyond space and time, lies the truth expressed as
'E' by Einstein or as Spirit by our ancient seers who had 'seen' and understood this thousands of years
before the West knew or thought of matter, or energy or science.

Einstein's simple formula carried within it the seed that was to take science into an entirely new
realm of search, that of the spirit. Curiously, this 'Quantum jump' would soon land it not at a forward
point but at the feet of the great masters of our Vedas and Upanishads, in Arjuna's chariot in the
battlefield of Kurukshetra where Sri Krishna gave out this essential knowledge to Arjuna and in the lap of
Sri Sankara, who having understood the transient state of matter, cried out, 'Brahma satyam,
jagatmithya'. It would also find itself re-echoing the words of Swami Vivekananda who, just before
science took this U turn had emphatically said, “The finite can find its ultimate rest when it is classified
into the Infinite".

To lift Arjuna out of his sorrow and delusion arising out of his identification with the ever-changing
'matter' or bodies standing on the brink of death and to show him the eternal, everlasting, life beyond,
Sri Krishna reveals this very same truth to him. Bhishma and Drona, on account of whom Arjuna was all
the more sorrowful, were already men who had realised this spiritual oneness and were only waiting for
an opportunity to shed their bodies and merge with the 'Spirit' eternal. Krishna points out to Arjuna that
all that his arrows can achieve is the killing or dissolution of bodies or matter and none can burn, wet or
dry the spirit which is Omniscient, Omnipotent, stable, firm and everlasting. To be sorrowful at the
liberation of matter into spirit or transformation of the transient into the eternal is indeed the height of

Inevitability of change in the world of matter is another law of Nature to which Krishna pointedly
draws the attention of his friend. In the human being it goes through the three 'material phases' of
childhood, youth and old age and then continues the change through a non-’material’ phases before the
cycle is completed and a new material body is acquired.

This, to a man of knowledge, is such an elementary principle of life, as simple as shedding old
clothes and donning new ones, and it should not be a cause for sorrow.
Volume 8 Issue 5
-15- Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

This elementary principle is what modern physics is unraveling today through most complicated
researches and techniques. The wave, the particle, the wave - so goes on the unending phenomenon of
energy-matter conversions. One thing is now certain. Matter is not at all the permanent or true state of
anything. True knowledge lies in the right understanding of this fact of Nature and developing a correct
vision of the 'reality'. All our miseries are due to the fact that we superimpose reality on non-real ceases
to exist and slips away from our grasp.

Why did our ancient seers with their unflinching devotion to truth reiterate this fact again and again
and make it the foundation of the life and philosophy of this land? Because, they were convinced
beyond doubt that this was the truth, the one and only truth, and they were confident too that all
actions, efforts and knowledge are movements towards this ultimate consummation or realisation of the
spiritual essence and oneness of all that exist.

Fear, weakness, doubt, jealousy, greed, hatred, all these which debase human life have their play
only in the world of matter. To instill in oneself a sense of immortality true knowledge of the real and
the relative, would be to move away forever not only from sorrow and delusion, but from all that dwarf
one's personality.

Work, love, life, etc., are bondages for a man who has no knowledge of reality. To one, endowed
with this vision of spiritual oneness, the material world is a world of relativity. He can then stand apart
unaffected by the changes - the dualities of happiness and sorrow and the like - because he is rooted in
the real faith that none is ever born and none ever dies. Birth and death are related with the bodies, not
with the Self, the Atman. In this knowledge, lies the taste of true freedom.

Why should 'E' be converted into 'm' at all? Why should the eternal, immutable self-take on this
transient body? Probably that is a question to which no answer may ever be found. Neither science nor
a knowledge of the spirit can reveal that great secret. One must turn into Spirit and go totally beyond
the matter. THEN, it does not matter at all.