Art & Making a Difference

FINAL PROJECT - BEGINNING GUIDELINES 1. Choose the size paper you want to work with (9x12”, 12x18”, 9x24”, or a different size - which you would be responsible for cutting.) From now until the end of the unit, that is the ONLY size paper and/or tracing paper you will use! 2. Create a “final thumbnail sketch” on THAT SIZE paper. Everything will need to look just how you would want your final poster to look. You may incorporate drawing, use printed out pictures, even print out the text you want to use, then cut and paste those things onto your “final thumbnail sketch.” LEAVE A 1” BORDER AROUND YOUR DESIGN!!! 3. After I have approved your final thumbnail sketch, you can start using the RIGHT SIZE tracing paper to create one stencil for each color - just like our process when we worked on our practice multi-colored stencils. REMEMBER: after tracing that color onto tracing paper, make sure you pair it with a piece of the right size paper and cut through both layers!


4. NOTE: we are going to be laminating our stencils for the final project! This makes them stronger and less likely to tear. You will be cutting your stencil into paper, getting them laminated, and then cutting out the plastic from your laminated stencil. If you want, you have the choice of RUBBING your tracing paper onto the right size stencil paper, then getting them laminated, and therefore having less cutting.) 5. Make sure to PUT YOUR NAME on each stencil (and in a place that wonʼt get cut out & thrown away!) 6. Give me your stencils so that I can get them laminated!


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