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Art & Making a Difference
Carefully consider the grading criteria listed below and reflect on your work during this project. Give yourself the grade you feel that you have earned in each category. AFTER you give yourself a grade in each category, answer the questions below (FRONT AND BACK!). Then, place this sheet and your edition into a folder (you may use construction paper) with your name and class period on the front, then turn that in. Objective
• Completed an EDITION of at least 3 spraypainted posters • Your poster design has at least 3 colors (at least 3 separate stencils) • Your EDITION’s colors match each other • Your design/posters have a 1” blank paper border • Posters are properly numbered, titled, and signed (according to EDITION guidelines)

• Your poster’s composition is strong: you spent time thinking about and arranging your design / “final thumbnail” to make sure that your poster is clear and balanced • You used BRIDGES when necessary to maintain the structure of your stencils

Studio Skills
• You used your CHECKLIST, FINAL GUIDELINES, and other resources to make sure you were meeting all project requirements • You used your class time efficiently & productively throughout the unit • Materials were used properly and safely • You participated in cleanup on a daily basis

• Your spraypainted posters are clean and free of smears, rips, smudges, dirt, scuffs, or other marks • Registration of colors closely aligns so that prints and are consistent with one another • Printed areas are free of excess paint (bleeding) and have crisp edges





Reflection Questions (2 points each): 1. What did you like about this unit? (Consider everything we have done, and be honest!)

2. Is there anything you disliked about the unit? (Be honest!)

3. What could I have done differently to be more helpful or clear as a teacher during this unit? (Be honest!)

4. How do you feel about your final design? Is there anything you would change or alter if you had the opportunity? If so, what would you do differently?

5. Do you feel you may use the techniques learned in this unit in another situation in the future? If so, which techniques, and how do you anticipate using them?

6. Briefly list the steps - you can use a bullet-point list - needed for you to reach the end result of this project (include everything you can think of, from the generation of your idea to the final stages.)

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