Mr. A.K. LAL Sln. Grade Lecturer Department of Electronics, B.S.A.I.T.M. College New Delhi-110018

Mr.PAWAN TEJPAL SCIENTIST –‘C’ National Informatics Centre C.G.O. Complex

Kanwal Singh Roll No: 03138 7th Semester B.TECH(Electronics & Telecomunication)



National Informatics Centre
This is to certify that Mr. Kanwal singh Id.N0-9141 a student of & Comm) from IASE University has done/is doing his full-semester project training at Ministry of Communications & Information Technology,GENERAL STORE, NIC HQs, New Delhi, from 03.08.2006 to 31.01.2007. The project work entitled “Web Based Inventory Control

System(General Store)” embodies the original work done by his during his above full semester project training period.

Project Guide Head, Training Division

Head of department(HOD)


This is to certify that Mr. Kanwal singh, a student of 7 th semester,B.Tech(Elec.& Telecomm.),BSAITM Vikas puri,Delhi has carried out the project on “Inventory control system(General Store)” for the NIC- HQs,New Delhi. This project work has been prepared as a fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of B.Tech(Elec. & Telecomm.) to be awarded by I A S E Deemed University, Rajasthan .This work has not been presented earlier for any other academic activity. I wish him all success in life. (A.K.LAL) Professor In charge Department of Elect & Telecomm BSAITM,Vikaspuri,Delhi

B.) of I.K. I also declare that.A. Kanwal Singh 7 th semester . declare that the dissertation entitled “Inventory Control System (General Store)” is an authentic work developed by me at Patent Division. Vikas Puri .Tech (E & C) BSAITM Engineering College Vikas Puri . New Delhi . any or all contents incorporated in this dissertation have not been submitted in any form for the award of any degree or diploma of any other institution or university. A. New Delhi-110018 .S.Tech (Elec & Comm. hereby. Pawan Tejpal (SSA) and Mr. National Informatics Centre . Grade Lecturer . LAL (Sln.Declarations I do. under the guidance of Mr. New Delhi) and submitted as a partial fulfillment of the degree of B .E University.

I feel privileged to offer my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to Mrs Rachna Srivastava (Technical Director). Training Division . C.O. I express my sincere gratitude and thankfulness towards Mr. Vikas Puri. for expressing their confidence in me by letting me work on a project of this magnitude and using latest technologies and providing their support.Tech . Lal . Pawan Tejpal (SSA) at Patent Division. I regret any inadvertent omissions.O. Kanwal Singh 7th semester.G.A. National Informatics Centre. C. A. Engineering College Vikas Puri. Complex. I am grateful to all our friends for providing critical feedback & support whenever required.K. help & encouragement in completing this project.T. Bali (Senior Technical Director) and Mr. New Delhi. Delhi110018 .G. Complex. I am grateful for the co-operation & valuable suggestions rendered by all the staff members of the Patent Division. of BSAITM. New Delhi. NIC Headquarters and Mr.I.M. B.V.S.Acknowledgement I take this opportunity to express my profound sense of gratitude and respect to all those who helped me throughout the duration of this project. Delhi for his valuable time and guidance throughout the B .TECH B. Department of Electronics. K.

And because of that paper based record authority face lots of problem and if record will misplaced then humble of problem has been occurred. This system help NIC’s employee to know about their due date for the submission of online application. They can apply for the issue of the item according to their requirement one month before of the due date. The current website is hosted at http:/techstore. After getting sanctioned from authority the employee get their item from their concerned authority. they are maintained on paper. The work is developed with more . Items are distributed in three categories according to the rank of the officers in NIC. They can apply for the Briefcase (for man) and Ladies bag (for woman). As we know that our records information are traditionally paper based. Every part has been done online. : Inventory Control System (General Store) in Abstract : The project has been developed to fulfill the requirements of the General Store of National Informatics Center Headquarters. Current website is suffering lack of advanced features and archetypes those are not available in the current hosted site. Officer having rank from Programmer to SSA gets the type A item.nic. So this inventory control system will make the work of authorities bit easy. Those features are available in PHP. Each application will be sent to their concerned authority and then it will sanctioned after checked the record of the employee.Abstract Project Title National Informatics Center’s internal website developed in PHP.TD gets the type B and from DDG to DG gets type c of Briefcase/Ladies bag. General store processes all application on quarterly basis. Employees apply for the next item after a fixed time as intranic content. This system provide the online access to NIC’s employee by which they can apply for the issue of the briefcase and for their NOC (no objection certificate) and also this system help to generate the report of the month according to the data or the available balance of the items . from PSA to Sr. This monthly report will update automatically.

Archetypes provides a simple. Tools & Technologies used : • • PHP Mysql . The Inventory Control System includes the primary data such as employee code and employee name to which the item is provided. PHP is a powerful platform that helps in creating featured website and provides a database handling interface that is very easy to use. The system requires only a few information about the user. Forms will be generated and submitted into the and powerful advanced features. which also can be easily submit by the employee and rest of the work is self generated by the system . An archetype is a framework for developing new content types in PHP. Archetypes will include making references. extensible framework that can ease both the development and maintenance of content types. creating new widgets and transforming contents.The monthly updation of data is generated by control system through calculating the issued and received quantities. In this insertion of archetypes for the forms will be done.

. About NIC 2. Table of Contents 1. Apache2 and Linux. . HTML. About Ministry of Communication and Technology . Mysql.• • • • HTML Apache2 Linux Microsoft Windows 2000 Keywords : PHP. NIC Division : Patent Division.

3.1 5.3 5.1 5.1 5.5 Design of the Component 5.3 Project Description. 3.2 Functional Decomposition Diagram (FDD). 5. 6 System Design 6.2 5.3 5.1 Introduction.2.3. Project Overview.4 Objective of Proposed System Advantage of Proposed System Scope of Proposed System Economic Feasibility Technical Feasibility Behavioural Feasibility Feasibility Study SRS of the Component.1 4. Data Flow Diagram (DFD).2 Existing System Proposed System 5.1 5.3 4.2 5.3 5.3. Hardware Software Software Description System Study and Analysis 5.4 Component Assigned. 3.4 5 System Architecture.1 Database Design .2 4. 3.5.2 Problem Statement. 3. Technology Used 4.5.3. 4.2.2.

1 8. Districts and other Government bodies.2 System Testing System Implementation. UT Administrations.1 6. in close collaboration with Central and State Governments. NIC assists in implementing Information Technology Projects. About NIC :National Informatics Center (NIC) of the Department of Information Technology is providing network backbone and e-Governance support to Central Government. It offers a wide range of ICT services including Nationwide Communication Network for decentralized planning. 9 Conclusion 10 Annexure 10.1 Screenshots 10. improvement in Government services and wider transparency of national and local Governments. in the . State Governments.1.2 Table Design Data Dictionary 7 8 Physical File Description Implementation & Testing 8.1.2 Bibliography 1.6.

NIC Headquarters is based in New Delhi. diverse activities of NIC. Some of the most important note worthy projects. the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament House. touching upon all spheres of e-governance and thereby influencing the lives of millions of citizens of India are given below : Agricultural Marketing Information Network (AGMARKNET) . At NIC Headquarters. At the State level. Many of these projects are continuing projects being carried out by various divisions of NIC at New Delhi Headquarters and State/District centers throughout the country. which offer a glimpse of the multifaceted. NIC has conceptualized. developed and implemented a very large number of projects for various Central and State Government Ministries. NIC has various Resource Divisions at the Headquarters which specialize into different areas of IT and facilitate the Application Divisions as well as other NIC Centres in providing state-of-the-art services to the Govt. and (c) District Administration sponsored projects. a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics Support to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government. (b) State sector and State sponsored projects. Apart from this. NIC computer cells are located in almost all the Ministry Bhawans of the Central Government and Apex Offices including the Prime Minister’s Office. Departments and Organizations. NIC endeavors to ensure that the latest technology in all areas of IT is available to its users.areas of (a) Centrally sponsored schemes and Central sector schemes. NICs State/UTs Units provide informatics support to their respective State Government and at the District level lie the NIC District Informatics Offices.

in/ .Central Passport System Community Information Centers (CICs) Computerized Rural Information Systems Project (CRISP) Court Information System (COURTIS) Department of Agriculture Network (DACNET) Examination Results Portal India Image Land Records Information System (LRIS) National Hazardous Waste Information System (NHWIS) Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (PGRAMS) Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Training Video Conferencing Web Site of NIC http://indiaimage.nic.

the press. films. This Ministry is responsible for international co-operation in the field of mass media. striking a careful balance between public interest and commercial needs.2. television. . Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is the apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to information. in its delivery of services. It also caters to the dissemination of knowledge and entertainment to all sections of society. advertising and traditional mode of dance and drama plays a significant part in helping the people to have access to free flow of information. films and broadcasting and interacts with its foreign counterparts on behalf of Government of India. the press and films. publications. About Ministry of Communication and Information Technology :The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. through the mass communication media consisting of radio. broadcasting.

Complex.1 Introduction to Inventory Control System Inventory control system is the system for the NIC’s Headquarter. Employees can check their application(request) status.O. Online request can form check for the issue date of for items the (briefcase/ladies bag) or for the NOC.G. 4. The objective of the project is to setting up of an on-line enquiry system about the status of the availability of the Briefcase(Men)/Ladies bag(Women) along with the facility to apply online and also to automate the issuing procedure. The Authority of the General store of the NIC Headquarter will be used this system for the better performance of the work. New Delhi.2 Problem Statement The problem definition for the system is to launching the online system for the inventory of General store of National Informatics Centre (NIC) at C. 3. Issue of the items (briefcase/ladies bag) Generate the NOC for the employees. This system will provide the online facilities for the employees of the NIC and also for the Administrator.3 Project Overview 3. 6. Monthly generation of the report. Features of the systems are:1. 3. 5. . 2. Employees their due application.

resulting in a final issue of items. This software system will help in automating all the processes required . Providing the information about the status to the employee (user) so he/she can fulfill the necessary requirement for the item.e. This will enable the individual or the employee to check for the available date and apply his request just by sitting at their sits at various times. Complex. The retrieval of the status of various request at various times is generally a cumbersome process and not very desirable.3 Project Description Managing all the applying request for the Briefcase(Men)/Ladies bag(Women) at the General store of National Informatics Centre (NIC) at C.The concentration will be on highlighting the events starting from the Filing of the Application form by the employee (user). Also maintaining all the records of the details on paper or traditional diaries is incompatible with this age of machines and computers. This software is also developed to nurture the needs of the management of the general store for managing the details of the request and the transaction occurs against the respective details . New Delhi.G. Approval of the application by the administrator. The user i. It is proposed that a software system "Inventory control system for General store(NIC)" may be developed to nurture the needs of an individual employee so that he can easily access to the system and check for availability of the items and also apply while sitting at his office.O. A major component of the online system is the searching of the available dates and submission of the application form for issue online over the Intranet.3. the employee who wants to apply the item to complete all the formalities which is a very time consuming process.

This system help NIC’s employee to know about their due date for the submission of online application. So this inventory control system will make the work of authorities bit easy. Retrieval of all the approved request to check if all the formalities are fulfilled for final process and also the process required for the report generation of the item issued. Officer having rank from Programmer to SSA gets the type A item. Items are distributed in three categories according to the rank of the officers in NIC.for item issuing. And because of that paper based record authority face lots of problem and if record will misplaced then humble of problem has been occurred. After getting sanctioned from authority the employee get their item from their concerned authority. they are maintained on paper.TD gets the type B and from DDG to DG gets type c of Briefcase/Ladies bag As we know that our records information are traditionally paper based. from PSA to as intranic content. Each application will be sent to their concerned authority and then it will sanctioned after checked the record of the employee. These processes are like filling the application form and submitting it. They can apply for the Briefcase (for man) and Ladies bag (for woman). Those . Current website is suffering lack of advanced features and archetypes those are not available in the current hosted site. The current website is hosted at http:/techstore. Employees apply for the next item after a fixed time period.nic. Checking the application form by the administrator for it’s validity for approval. They can apply for the issue of the item according to their requirement one month before of the due date. Any employee can obtain the information regarding the status through the query system made in the software. General store processes all application on quarterly basis.

The monthly updation of data is generated by control system through calculating the issued and received quantities 3. creating new widgets and transforming contents. Main components assigned are: • • Searching of available dates of the items by the employee (user). The work is developed with more security and powerful advanced features. Archetypes will include making references. . Archetypes provides a simple. extensible framework that can ease both the development and maintenance of content types. The Inventory Control System includes the primary data such as employee code and employee name to which the item is provided. An archetype is a framework for developing new content types in PHP. In this insertion of archetypes for the forms will be done. Forms will be generated and submitted into the website. Employee (user) application for the item (Briefcase/Ladies bag).4 Component Assigned The components assigned are the modules by which employee (user) can send their information to the database. which also can be easily submit by the employee and rest of the work is self generated by the system . PHP is a powerful platform that helps in creating featured website and provides a database handling interface that is very easy to use.features are available in PHP. The system requires only a few information about the user. and the administrator can retrieve it from the database.

• • • • • Checking of the application form by the administrator for approval. Issue against approved application by the administrator.All the data are kept in the database. Checking of the application form by the administrator for approval. Applying for item by the administrator on behalf of the employee . The user can query about the status of their request using the intranic website. Generation of NOC for the Ladies bag. After selecting the application from the list the administrator will get the details of the application. In this process the administrator will checks application forms from the list of newly arrived application list. User application for the issue of item In this process the user has to fill up the application form for the issue of the item (Briefcase/Ladies bag). After submitting application form the user will get massage regarding the request submitting in the database . Report generation Description of Components Searching of available dates of the items In this process the user has to provide the employee code and designation code for which the item is to be issued. The .

administrator then checks the details and after checking he will approve or reject the application according to the validity of the details. User have to fill all the . Generation of NOC Ladies bag In this process the user have to fill the application form if user want to sent the application for the noc generation.Administrator check all the condition and dates of the respective applicant’s record. Issue against approved application by the administrator In this process the administrator will get the list of applications. This process changes the user request status from the approved request to the issued request in the database. This process provides the facility of applying for the application like user to the administrator. The process of applying by the administrator is different from the user application as in this case the application form is already approved at the time of submitting the application. If the user has fulfilled all the necessary requirements then the administrator will issue the item(briefcase/laies bag) against the user request. Administrator then approved the application after check the record of the applicant(employee). Applying for issue by the administrator on behalf of the employee.

desired field in the form along with the bill of purchase then after submission of the form Administrator got a request form in favour of the noc .form of the user along with bill. Report Generation In this process the administrator provides the month and the category of the report generation. The three-tier architecture is followed in the development of the system. If the user has fulfilled all the necessary requirements then the administrator will generate the NOC for ladies bag against the user request. In implementing a three tier architecture the number of choices is more than the traditional client server architecture. an application server and a database server. This category includes individual and combined report of the General store’s item(briefcase/ladies bag) availability for the selected month and also the receipt during the month and issue during the month along with balance of the items with respect to the code. Then administrator carfully check the records .1 System Archietecture: The system we have developed is mainly a web based system. A three tier architecture has three separate components: a client. 4 Technology Used 4. The communication protocol used to communicate between the client and the application server can be different from that used to communicate between the application server and the .

restricting the kinds of commands that can be passed to the database server. The workload distribution among the three components can vary widely across applications.database server. The client is a computer with access to the Internet. and return the result to the client. The client communicates with the application server via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP). formats the result in Hypertext Markup Language(HTML). Request CLIENT Reply APPLICATION SERVER Command DATABASE SERVER Result The above figure shows one possible configuration for a web enabled system. The application server can act as a firewall. The application server in turn executes commands against the database. database connection service. Most web-enabled database relies on a three-tier model. the server must be accessible via an external network. a second server is commonly used as a firewall. To make the database available. an existing database server is made available for web-based access. In this configuration. the application server provides authentication services (to make sure the client is allowed to initiate the request). To provide this network access. The client’s role is to initiate the request and display the result returned. running a browser. Typically. and application processing service. while the database serves as the repository for the data .

1. ANY ANY ANY 52x Samsung CD ROM . 20 GB.44 MB.4.70 GHz and Above 512 MB. 100 MB.2 Hardware :Processor Main Memory Hard Disk Disk Space Floppy Disk Drive Keyboard Mouse Monitor CD ROM Drive : : : : : : : : : 1.

3 Software :- Operating System Software Data Base : Windows or LINUX : PHP . HTML : MYSQL .4. JAVASCRIPT .

just as with ASP or ColdFusion. however. Without any process creation overhead. and it can be built as an Apache module and as a binary that can run as a CGI. but it doesn't require the tuning of mod_perl to keep your server's memory image small. PHP runs on Windows NT and many Unix versions. the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor's browser. You can set cookies. PHP can also send HTTP headers.4. In addition to manipulating the content of your pages. . Unlike ASP or ColdFusion. When a visitor opens the page. When built as an Apache module.4 Software Description :PHP:Introduction PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. it can return results quickly. You create pages with PHP and HTML. PHP is especially lightweight and speedy. PHP is Open Source and crossplatform. manage authentication.

PHP even has some rudimentary object-oriented features. there are instructions on the PHP Web site for seamless setup with Microsoft IIS and Netscape Enterprise Server. PHP goes right into your Web pages. If you don't already have a copy of PHP. so there's no need for a special development environment or IDE. .and redirect users. You don't have to declare variables before you use them. and integration with various external libraries that let you do everything from generating PDF documents to parsing XML. Process Benefits Manage our content from anywhere We can access all our information from a normal web browser . providing a helpful way to organize and encapsulate your code. even mobile phone browsers. you can download it at the official Web site. Although PHP runs fastest embedded in Apache.) The PHP engine processes everything between those tags. PHP's language syntax is similar to C's and Perl's. and it's easy to create arrays and hashes (associative arrays). You start a block of PHP code with <?php and end it with ?>.PHP is viewable in all kinds of browsers. (You can also configure PHP to use ASPstyle <% %> tags or even <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="php"></SCRIPT>. You'll also find a manual that documents all of PHP's functions and features. It offers excellent connectivity to many databases (and ODBC).

Limited use of graphics A main goal is minimal use of graphics . employees will be able to utilize it with minimal training. just a web browser.not irrelevant elements. Live editing The web site is updated from within the site itself .This means that we can manage our intranet and public web site from a web browser anywhere in the worlds.adding to the content instead of detracting from it. It even works with older browser. PHP is still usable. we can assign other participants local roles within projects. so even if our organization does not use the latest in web technology. Facilities collaboration When editing and publishing the content. Designed by usability professionals Because much care and thought has gone into the specialized tools are needed. focusing on the information . PHP use the standard paradigms for working with and controlling content. . PHP also supports versioning and staging of contents.

It is also easily integrated with the existing user authentication mechanisms in the company . It . which prevents users from having to log on to each area it LDAP. you don't need a special editor to create pages. however. contact your ISP's support team and ask that they install PHP for you. Single sign-on PHP has a centralized sign-on mechanism. Novell. If an ISP serves your pages. and no access to the files system is needed after the system is set up. CREATE YOUR OWN COMMANDS Because PHP scripts sit inside HTML documents. Accessibility Special care has been taken to let the web design adjust flexibly to users with impaired eyesight and/or motor skill challenges. You do need to be running on a server that supports PHP. Powerful pluggable workflow system PHP has built-in support for administrative workflow and approval mechanisms. Security is controlled centrally. This makes for a very secure system. this is easy enough to do. Windows.Easy management and configuration The administration and configuration of PHP is done through the web. If you run your own server. UNIX/Linux or other database-based authentication system. Active Directory.

Interbase. Modular. and if we want to write richer content types with advanced behaviors. if required. SQL connectivity we can connect PHP to any relational database. powerful search engine . MySQL. components easy to expand. etc). SAP. All the major database are supported .both commercial ( Oracle. Fully indexed. which means that we both get code reuse and a consistent look across different parts of the application. reusable Both the programmatic logic and the user interface construction can be reused extensively in our custom projects. we can easily generate our own custom content types without any programming skills. etc ) and open source ( PostgresSQL. Easy to create new content types By re purposing existing content types. we can do this with the Archetypes add-on.supports both action-based and entity-based workflow paradigms and has a pluggable architecture to allow us to plug in our own workflow systems. MS SQL.

Browsers must include Javascript interpreters. Chinese and Korean. It also supports pluggable stemming and splitter options. It allows the page author to incoporate facilities such as buttons that change in appearance when you move the mouse over them and menus that expand. Javascript :Javascript Introduction Javascript is a technique for manipulating HTML documents in the browser. It also provides facilities to manipulate the browser window in various interesting ways. It should . we can use using hierarchical topic systems to help us grow the knowledge in the system while maintaining structure and control. Topics and Topic Map technologies To enable efficient aggregation of content.All content in PHP is indexed and searchable. and ensures that the content is posted and retired on time. It is used by incorporating programmes in parts of HTML pages known as scripts. This is often called client-side scripting. which enables useful searching in languages like Japanese. Activation date and expiration dates Every content item has attributes that control its lifespan.

1. Extract the HTML from the model 5. but server-side scripting is far more normally done using languages such as PHP. There have been a few attempts to make Javascript usable by servers as well as browsers. History Javascript was first implemented in version 2 of Netscape Navigator (as Netscape's browser is properly called) released in 1995. Build an internal model of the document noted that Javascript has nothing whatsoever to do with the Java programming language. Micro$oft produced an implementation of its own called JScript that first appeared in version 3 of Internet Explorer. Render the model . perl or Micro$oft's ASP/VB Script. MicroSoft have also introduced another client-side scripting language called VBScript which is a derivative of Visual Basic. It is rarely used client-side in practice although it is very widely used server-side and forms the basis of most ASP server-side scripting. most notably by various Netscape servers. Modify the model in response to detected local events 4. Obtain the page (document) from the Internet 2. Basic Model A browser that supports Javascript operates in five phases.

Local events are generated by the browser user moving the mouse. The components of the DOM are often called nodes. The document object model (DOM) is a hierarchical structure that contains object-like representations of the various elements within an HTML document. As well as properties corresponding to the attributes of HTML elements the DOM also includes text nodes and these are also . their properties correspond to the attributes associated with the elements. clicking in various places or using the keyboard. Javascript (in more recent versions) provides facilities for accessing and changing the properties of almost all the nodes (or objects) in the DOM. The document includes the complete browser window and Javascript can modify various window properties and can even create new windows. it also includes a number of objects such as "window" and "navigator" that relate to the general enviornment. where they correspond to HTML elements.

Oddly when you . inevitably. A faulty Javascript programme often simply results in a WWW page in which hoped for effects simply and silently don't happen. like many debuggers. It is also possible to insert and delete nodes into/from the DOM. img. This is powerful but. Debugging Use of Javascript involves developing programmes. This is available via Tools -> Web Development -> DOM Inspector. Certain elements (form.alterable. This is. not the easiest of tools for the casual user. input. This gives moderately helpful messages when something goes wrong. Better browsers provide some assistance. An HTML element can be specifically identified (labelled) to the DOM and DOM aware software by the use of the id attribute. a and frame) can also be identified by the name attribute although this is discouraged in modern practice. under Mozilla Tools -> Web Devlopment -> JavaScript Console activates the Javascript console in a separate window. Another useful tool built in to Mozilla is the DOM inspector which allows the user to explore the DOM associated with a WWW page. Mozilla also comes with a fully featured Javascript debugger. It is particularly useful for spotting mistyped method names. textarea. select. an error prone process and readers who have tried some of the exercises on server side scripting will have come to appreciate that debugging scripts can be tricky.

like when a page has finished loading or when a user clicks on an HTML element. • JavaScript can react to events – A JavaScript can be set to execute when something happens. but JavaScript is a scripting language with a very simple syntax! Almost anyone can put small "snippets" of code into their HTML pages .write("<h1>" + name + "</h1>") can write a variable text into an HTML page . • JavaScript can read and write HTML elements – . you have to enter a URL into the DOM inspector location bar. • JavaScript gives HTML designers a programming tool – HTML authors are normally not programmers. • JavaScript can put dynamic text into an HTML page – A JavaScript statement like this: document.launch it doesn't start with the current page.

• JavaScript can be used to validate data – A JavaScript can be used to validate form data before it is submitted to a server. This saves the server from extra processing • JavaScript can be used to detect the visitor's browser – A JavaScript can be used to detect the visitor's browser.load another page specifically designed for that browser • JavaScript can be used to create cookies – A JavaScript can be used to store and retrieve information on the visitor's computer. and .depending on the browser . One of the main arguments to enhance your markup using unobtrusive JavaScript is to improve the usability of a Web page by supporting these usability attributes. Usable Javascript : The usability of a Web page is often determined by a good information architecture. If you add JavaScript and don't enhance the usability of a Web page. . you should rethink if you should apply it at all. clear and intuitive visual design and well designed functionality.A JavaScript can read and change the content of an HTML element.

it often feels like they are spaghetti-coded. If you work together with other people. Document your code well. easy to be understood and easy to be adjusted for more specific implementations. The following sections list a few tasks that you can accomplish with JavaScript. . Benefits of JavaScript Using JavaScript. create functions. you can accomplish a variety of tasks at the client side without interacting with a Web server. Try to create small pieces of independent code. Unobtrusive behavior introduced a mechanism to easily apply small portable scripts to a Web page: "Just make sure your markup looks like A. or still want to know why you did certain things one year from now. and as a result you have a page that can do C". If you find yourself duplicating code snippets. try to abstract your code to the level that you can reuse it for multiple purposes.Easy applicable JavaScript : Unobtrusive scripting bridges the gap between 'designers' and 'coders'. good documentation is key. The disadvantages of a lot of existing JavaScript code libraries are that you often have to include a lot more code than you really need and that they are harder to understand and maintain if you didn't create them yourself. Because the functions in these libraries are often grouped and reused by other scripts. There is a big group of people in today's industry that does know how to write (X)HTML and CSS but doesn't feel very comfortable with the DOM and JavaScript. like to share your code with others. A library with small unobtrusive scripts has the advantage of being light-weight. Create reusable code. If you find yourself duplicating similar code snippets. include this script B.

this is not really the case if JavaScript is used intelligently to conserve bandwidth. you learn how easy it is to use JavaScript to display messages on the status bar of Web browsers.Client-Side Data Validation JavaScript is ideal for validating user input and making sure that data entered by users is valid. for example. you can use JavaScript to display the URL's description on the status bar of the browser. Later in this chapter. JavaScript can validate the data. for example. Although you can perform various tasks using CGI programs. Conserving Resources of the Web Server JavaScript supports distributed processing by enabling various tasks to be performed on the client rather than on the server. Conserving Bandwidth Although some people might argue that JavaScript-enhanced pages take up more bandwidth. it had to be sent to the server to be processed via a CGI script to validate user input. When a user moves the mouse pointer over a hypertext link. a client-side scripting . Prior to client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript. Before invalid data in a form is sent to a Web server for processing. Managing Browser Objects You can easily manipulate various browser objects with JavaScript. This process was time-consuming and a waste of network and Web server resources. A better way of handling this process would be to set up a JavaScript application to check user input before it is submitted to a Web server for processing. when a user filled in a form with information.

such as the title or relationships to other documents.language such as JavaScript is ideal for performing simple operations that do not require access to information on a remote server. These can be divided into two broad categories -. This choice was made because the same HTML document may be viewed by many different "browsers". Thus. The Last part of the section also describes standard naming schemes for HTML documents and related files. . HTML allows you to mark selections of text as titles or paragraphs. HTML instructions divide the text of a document into blocks called elements. and then leaves the interpretation of these marked elements up to the browser. The vocabulary of these elements and a description of the overall design of HTML documents is given in the rest of Section 2. or Hyper Text Markup Language is designed to specify the logical organisation of a document. It is not designed to be the language of a WYSIWYG word processor such as Word or WordPerfect. HTML:- Introduction to HTML HTML. For example one browser may indent the beginning of a paragraph. of very different abilities. and those that define information `about' the document. while another may only leave a blank line. for example. with important hypertext extensions.those that define how the BODY of the document is to be displayed by the browser.

Another advantage of HTML is its ease of use. stop. how they can be used) are defined using another language known as the standard generalized markup language. called XML (the eXtensible markup language) which has most of the most useful features of HTML and SGML. or maintenance plans for nuclear submarines. The interactivity capability stems from HTML's support of events and event handling. The timing capability is achieved by HTML’s ability to sequence events according to the programmed schedule. In addition to the attributes. HTML is much simpler! However. every element appears immediately when the page loads. and remains displayed indefinitely. and how many times it should . or SGML. Using HTML. Your presentations can be both timed and interactive. For this reason. and how other elements are affected. and was designed for massive document collections. audio. video. In order to add timing effects to your page. Benefits of HTML The major benefit of HTML is that you can synchronize between a wide array of element types. markup language and software experts have developed a new language. Without HTML specifications. how long it stays. images. such as repair manuals for F-16 fighters. you can create Web presentations with synchronized text. SGML is wickedly difficult. Fortunately. and streaming media. all you need to do is add HTML attributes to existing HTML elements. HTML attributes let you specify when an element appears.The detailed rules for HTML (the names of the tags/elements. you can use the AUDIO or VIDEO element to specify when the media should start. SGML has useful features that HTML lacks.

However. They can appear and disappear sequentially on the page. That means that a page can only be shown in one original format and that any change of the page size impossible. thus making your pages more dynamic. which is only one we know of capable of scaling pages. You can instruct a group to appear at a certain time. HTML supports a complete object model that extends the existing DHTML Object Model. or they can do it independently of each other. You can apply HTML attributes to a group of HTML elements. When using smaller monitors and lower resolution. In this way. For those (few?) of you that like to avoid scripting. stay for given period. You can take advantage of HTML with or without scripting knowledge. This is (not the only) important . you can manipulate multiple elements at once. supporting HTML methods and properties. one of the most important disadvantages of HTML will fully apply: browsers cannot scale HTML pages that means a zooming. This model provides a complete set of properties. browsers are clearly inferior to any word processing or DTP software. These media elements have been enhanced to become XMLbased. methods.repeat. and events to add even more interactive features to your Web site. Disadvantage of HTML HTML browsers are incapable of scaling (zooming or resizing) pages – except for the Opera browser. a proportional changing of the presented size of a page is technically impossible. and repeat itself for a specified number of times. You can even specify a relationship between members of a group. Here. you can just add HTML attributes to your favorite HTML elements.

Therefore. and SQL Server 2000 supports features such as English Query and the Microsoft Search Service to incorporate user-friendly queries and powerful search capabilities in Web applications. The SQL Server 2000 database engine includes integrated XML support. .disadvantage of HTML. availability. It also has the scalability. The SQL Server 2000 programming model is integrated with the Windows DNA architecture for developing Web applications. No vertical text possible in HTML Unfortunately. which is not a problem for DTP programs nor for PDF. of which most people are not even aware when using internet browser on the daily basis. HTML is incapable of presenting vertical text. Clickcathas to convert vertical text to bitmap graphics so that they can be properly used in HTML Microsoft SQI Server 2000 Features of SQL Server 2000 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 features include: • Internet Integration. and security features required to operate as the data storage component of the largest Web sites.

indexed views. . • Ease of installation. multiprocessor servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center Edition. You can replicate a set of data to multiple. while ensuring that the separate copies remain synchronized. and large memory support that allow it to scale to the performance levels required by the largest Web sites. deployment. SQL Server 2000 distributed queries allow you to reference data from multiple sources as if it were a part of a SQL Server 2000 database. while at the same time. The SQL Server 2000 relational database engine supports the features required to support demanding data processing environments. mobile. deploying. and use. SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition supports features such as federated servers. SQL Server 2000 includes a set of administrative and development tools that improve upon the process of installing. and then merge their modifications back to the publisher.• Scalability and Availability. managing. Replication allows you to also maintain multiple copies of data. have them work autonomously. disconnected users. and using SQL Server across several sites. The database engine protects data integrity while minimizing the overhead of managing thousands of users concurrently modifying the database. • Enterprise-Level Database Features. the distributed transaction support protects the integrity of any updates of the distributed data. The same database engine can be used across platforms ranging from laptop computers running Microsoft Windows® 98 through large.

making the use of SQL Server databases and data warehouses a seamless part of building powerful and scalable systems. These features allow you to rapidly deliver SQL Server applications that customers can implement with a minimum of installation and administrative overhead. SQL Server also includes tools for visually designing databases and analyzing data using English-based questions. Register individual servers in a group. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the Microsoft SQL Server™ MMC snap-in. • Data warehousing. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the primary administrative tool for SQL Server and provides an MMC-compliant user interface that allows users to: • • • Define groups of SQL Server instances. Configure all SQL Server options for each registered server. .SQL Server 2000 also supports a standards-based programming model integrated with the Windows DNA. Server applications provide a component called an MMC snap-in that presents MMC users with a user interface for managing the server application. SQL Server 2000 includes tools for extracting and analyzing summary data for online analytical processing. SQL Server Enterprise Manager Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a tool that presents a common interface for managing different server applications in a Microsoft Windows network.

and administrators to: • • • • • • Administer and configure SQL Server. and scripts interactively by invoking SQL Query Analyzer. • Design and test SQL statements. 5. Overview of the SQL Server Tools Microsoft SQL Server 2000 includes many graphical and command prompt utilities that allow users. batches. In addition to these utilities. System Study and Analysis . Design and test queries for retrieving data. Determine the catalog information in a copy of SQL Server. users. • Invoke the various wizards defined for SQL Server. Provide diagnostic information. export. objects. and transform data. Copy. • Define and execute all SQL Server administrative tasks on each registered server. SQL Server contains several wizards to walk administrators and programmers through the steps needed to perform more complex administrative tasks. logins.• Create and administer all SQL Server databases. import. Start and stop SQL Server. programmers. and permissions in each registered server.

When the user submits all the necessary document .The Emplyoyee has to collect the request form by hand from the General store. Since it’s a manual system it has the drawbacks such as time consumption. The information about the item is kept in a temporary register.1 Existing System: The management of the Inventory control system of General store of NIC HQ’s is currently following a manual procedure. 3.Every time a employee queries about the availability of the item the management check their register. The management has to check the availability from the register manually.Some of the items.5. This consumes a valuable amount of time of the employee. The management then checks the validity of the application form and after checking it books the item against the respective request. The user has to check the availability of the required item by querying to the management. inefficient resource utilization. the administrator enters the details of the request in the main register of item details. which are not issued by the General store can be purchase . which is also time consuming. 2. Drawbacks of the existing system The whole process is carried out in a manual order. Some of the drawbacks of the current system are 1. After getting the availability status the user has to fill up the application form manually.

e. Along with the availability status the database also keeps the information of the Issue details and the transaction details against the respective request .The proposed system is a web based online system. The main activities will de performed by the system are. • • Online submission of the application form by the employees.This type of procedure requires the NOC from the General store of NIC .by the employee from any other shops as per their requirements.2 Proposed System: Proposed System From earlier system the employees have to keep in touch with the General store’s management about the availability of the items . Based on all the above information the administrator can efficiently respond all the user queries.This database also keeps the information of user’s personal details. which keeps all the information about the availability status of the items i. The software also allows user to fill up the application form and submit it online which will save a lot of user’s valuable time.Now this system is the part of intranic website . based on which the administrator can check the validity of the user and it’s request. Based on this information the user can easily get the availability status at any time without coming to the General store. briefcase (men) and ladies bag(women). The user can apply online from any place and also at any time. The main base of the proposed system is the database. 5. . Automation of the procedure performed by the administrator.

2. 5.  store. The prime benefits are To create a comprehensive database that provides the  information on the availability details and the issue details along with the transaction details related to item. Development and implement of information retrieval system for the emloyees and the management of the General 5.  only for the administrator but also for the employees from various places.• Report generation.2.  Utilize the IT to increase the efficiency/productivity. This system has lots of advantages over the existing system. The user can log onto the intranic website from anywhere to check the .1 Objective of proposed system The main objective of the proposed system is to overcome the drawbacks of the existing system.2 Advantages of the proposed system The proposed system is a computerized system.  To make the system more user friendly and easy to use. Some of them are 1.  To automate the entire range of activities or processes To put the information on Internet for easy access not that need to be performed by the administrator before a request.

the administrator only. the management can get help from the proposed system as most of the cost calculations are done in a computerized manner and the results are again in the database at it helps in the generation of bills.3 Scope of the proposed system The “Ineventory control system of General store” software is being developed as an accurate and efficient online software for the user such as the employees and also the administrator i. The database contains the cost information of the various items offered by the General store of NIC. In this system the record of the each request details are preserved along with their status and transaction related to them. 5. the management of the General store of NIC. 2. So the management can get rid of the tedious job like manually searching for an available and issue date.availability status and issue the item. The system is also made secured as all the updation of the item and transaction can be done by the authorized person i.e.2. So. This saves a valuable amount of employee time. . All the data relevant to item information are stored in the database.e. 3.

3 FEASIBILITY STUDY The feasibility report of the project holds the advantages and flexibility of the project. 5. This is divided into three sections:  Technical Feasibility  Economical Feasibility  Operational Feasibility ..

The system will have GUI interface and very less user-training is required to learn it.3. The system will provide service to view various information for proper managerial decision making. The cost if nothing changes (i. The cost of hardware and software for the class of application. The system will provide fast and efficient automated environment instead of slow and error prone manual system. iii. Economic feasibility considers the following i. thus reducing both time and man power spent in running the system. The proposed “Invenory control system of General store of NIC Hqs” is economically feasible because i. iv. The cost to conduct a full system investigation. ii. The proposed system is not developed). ii.5.e. The benefits in the form of reduced cost or fewer costly errors. a new system being developed should be a good investment for the organization. iii.1 ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY A systems financial benefit must exceed the cost of developing that system.2 TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY .3. iv. The system requires very less time factors. 5.e. i.

the II. all validation checks. proposed system is technically feasible because of the following reasons:I. ease of access and data security. The application will have User-friendly Forms and Screens. if required in the future. . III. reliability. So the new system guarantees accuracy. if not to what extend it can support organization’s capacity to acquire required additional components. • The system supports interactivity with the user through GUI Technical feasibility centers around the existing computer system (hardware and software) whether it can support the addition of proposed system. Our proposed system is technically feasible because – • The H/W and S/W required are easy to install and handle o The necessary H/W configuration and software platform is already there . if not. to what extent it can support and the organization’s capacity to acquire additional components. So it doesn’t require extra investment to run the proposed application. Expandability will be maintained in the new system.Technical feasibility centers around the existing computer system (H/W and S/W) whether it can support the addition of proposed system. where all the H/W and S/W tools are available that are needed to run the application. New modules can be added later on the application . The site will be hosted by Intranic website of National Informatics Centre on behalf of General store of NIC HQs .

This system is also meant for the general user i. Behavioral study strives on ensuring that the equilibrium of the organization and status quo in the organization are nor disturbed and changes are readily accepted by the users.5. employees of NIC HQs.3. So. The organization is definitely ready to welcome the computerized system. Most of the employees are familiar with the web browser and the process of booking the auditorium will be simplified for the employees. it is not difficult for the user to use the system. Nowadays the Internet is almost familiar to everyone.e. The employees of General store of National Informatics Centre will accept it because they are already acquainted with computers.3 BEHAVIOURAL FEASIBILITY Behavioral feasibility determines how much effort will go in the proposed information system. . in fact they feel comfortable in using this system. The proposed system is behaviorally feasible because of the following: I. and in educating and training the employees on the new system. along with the new ways of conducting the business.

4 SRS of the component :Software Requirement Specification 1. Introduction: . 5..

fill up the application form on behalf of the request and generate the monthly report The administrator module also has a sub module of changing the password through which the administrator can change it’s password. The user sub modules are checking the status. The system has following sub module:1. 1.1 Purpose The main purpose of the “Inventory Control System” software is to keep all the information regarding the General store’s item (briefcase/ladies bag). System also help the authority to generate the monthly report after check the available balance of each item. receipt during the month and also the issue part.Issue of item(briefcase/ladies bag) 3.1. filling the application form and checking of the request status. issue the item or NOC. 2. sanctioned the application on behalf of their requirement. The administrator (authority) module and the user (employee) module. The Authority of the General store will be benefited by the software as it keeps all the information online (without paper work).Online submission of form. The user module consists of three sub modules. The administrator sub modules are checking the filled form. The administrator module has four sub module. NOC(no objection certificate) and the online submission of the application of NIC’s employee regarding the issue of the item.2 Overall Description The “Inventory Control System” software consists of two main modules. The employee will be more comfortable while apply for the item or for NOC.Generate the NOC .

receipt during month. 3 The performance rate should be higher.4. issue during month. User requirements R1 Applying for issue of item . check the application form and issue the item. IIIrd part generate the NOC for the employee after check the previous record of the employee. Functional Requirement The functional requirements of the system are divided in to two main categories. IV part generate the Monthly report of the item according to their code after check the balance. Issue part check the availability of the item. Report will be update automatically by the authorities 2.Goals of Implementation The proposed system should be built in such a way that it should fulfill the following goals 1 The code should be easily manageable. In this part employee have to give their user id and password then user have to fill a simple form and also submit it carefully. 3.Generate the monthly report The first part is online submission of form. They are the user requirements and the administrator requirements. It should be fast. 2 The code should be reusable. I.

But make sure that user have to submit the application before a certain time period. User’s request will be sent to concerned authority.3 Submit the application form Input: Filled application. In case of filling up the application form for ladies bag then have to mention in the form. issue date. emp. Processing: In filling up the application form if it is for briefcase the user has to mention if user will need any extra item then user have to mention in the form. The inputs of the forms are the user personal details and the details of the item which user want to issue. The user is prompted to fill the required session if user forgot to fill. .2 Fill application form Input: Item code. requisition no. R1. The user then has to fill up the application form. Then submit it. Output: The balance of the item /requested for NOC.1 Checking the availability status Input: Item name and code with their post in NIC and the date of submission. Output: requested. R1. The system then shows all the available items. R1.Description: The user has to first check the availability of the item which he wants to issue from the General store. code Output: user prompted to enter if more sessions required.

3 Submit the application form Input: Filled application. due date. bill no.designation. R2. id . Output: The balance of the item /requested for NOC. . Processing: In filling up the application form if it is for briefcase the user has to mention if user will need any extra item then user have to mention in the form. shop . type. noc. telephone. The authority will issue the NOC to the user as per record. item code. received. email .billdate.billsubon Output: user prompted to enter if more sessions required.R2 Applying for NOC (no objection certificate) Description: The user have to give their user id and password and then user have to fill the application form which is very simple.. R2.amount .2 Fill application form Input: ecode. It will be transferred to the concerned authority. noc status. R2. datea .1 Checking the availability status Input: Item name and code with their post in NIC and the date of submission. posting. User also fill the item name and code for which user want the NOC And then user have to submit it. noc date. In case of filling up the application form for ladies bag then have to mention in the form.

Output: requested.1 Login Input: Administrator name & password. Output: Administrator menu. The user can check his request status by simply entering the id that is provided to him after filling up the application form. Administrator requirements R4. II. Administrator Login Description: The administrator has to login to it’s own account by using a valid user name and the password to perform all the administrator related work. . R3 Checking the status of the application form Description: This function allows the user to check his request status online.1 Checking the status Input: requestid Output: status of the application form along with the application details. R3. R4.

Output: The above receipt item has been add and he balance is:- R6 Checking of user id and password Description: For the processing of the application administrator and also the user (if user want to see the procedure or performing the task) they have to enter the user id and password in the form . control . rate . po no. bill date. tax_descriptionamount. R5 Receiveing and adding of items of the Vendor Description: The administrator have to fill up the application form for the receiveing of items.. First they have to check the status of the received item and then add the incoming item into the receipt . quantity. Output: checked R5.Processing: If the provided user name and the password against it is correct then the administrator menu will appear. password. item code(kc). quantity type.part no. supplier.1 Checking the availability status Input: check the status of the item. bill no. R5. The administrator have to fill up the application form in the proper manner as the filled required. otherwise an error message will be displayed...2 Fill application form Input: User id. vat . rate per quantity. cost.

system check the id and password in the user table and then if id and password is ok system allow to authority and user to do the task if not then you are unauthorized .billdate Output: If bill no and bill date is new with respective of the item code then continue if not then it show bill already exist R7 Issue of items Description: First administrator check the application of the applicant for the issue of the items then check the previous record of the . bill date and the item code in the form .1 Checking the user id and password Input: User id .item code. .1 Checking the existing bill Input: bill no . R6. R7. Control system check the bill no . password Output: If id and password is ok then continue if not then u r not authorized R7 Checking the existing bill or receipt of item Description: For the processing of the application administrator have to enter the bill no.bill date and item code in the respective table and then if bill no and bill date with respective of the item code is new then system allow to authority to do the task if not then it show the bill already exist .

applicant after checking the applicant side administrator have to check the available balance. This category includes the individual and combined information of the items availability along with the receipt part and balance . Output: The administrator is prompted to enter the month and the category of the record required. Then authority will able to issue the item to the employee. R9. .1 Issue of items Input: Desired field Output: Issued R9 Generate Report Description: This function is available to only administrator only. R8.1 Select Report Input: “Report” option.2 Display Report Input: Name of the month along with category Output: Report. After issue the items authority add the quantity in the account of employee and deduct from the total balance. R9. Once this function is selected the administrator is prompted to enter the month and the category on which the report is required.

.e. The authorized administrator handles all the data i. To do this the software should be monitored at regular interval of time. only the administrator can access the system. The whole system is password protected. 2Maintainability Requirement: A regular maintenance is needed for smooth and efficient performance of the software. To maintain this security every administrator account is provided a password against their user name. If any fault will be noticed it should be reported immediately.4 Non-functional Requirements: 1 Security Requirement: The “Inventory Control System” is a secured system as no one can access the system and tamper the data without an authorized account.

4.2.5Design of the Component 5.4 Report generation 2.3 Check Issue status 2.2.2 Application for Item 2.3 Apply for Issue 2.2 Issued application report 2.2 Apply for Issue 2 Administrator Function 1.1 Availability report 2.4.1 (FDD) Functional Decomposition Diagram GENERAL STORE 1 Employee Function 1.1 login 2.1 Approve application 2.2.3 Cancel Application 2.2 Issue against application 2.5 Change password 2.3 Cancelled application report .1 Check availability

2 DFD Context Diagram USER request reference id 0 General store issue System response request ADMINISTRATOR .5.5.

password 2 Login valid login 3 Issue request update update ISSUE_STATUS ITEMS valid login update valid login 4 Cancel Issue request update Issue status report 5 Report generati on request details APPLICATIONN Employee details EMPLOYEE availability status Items .Level 1 DFD USER request 1 Apply customer details reference id for Items details request EMPLOYEE APPLICATIONN ADMINISTRATOR login info request details Employee details ADMINISTRATOR user name.

1 Check availabilit y new application 1.1 valid login .3 Submit the applicatio n form EMPLOYEE Employee details reference id Level 2 DFD of Process No.2 Fill the applicatio n form filled application APPLICATION request details 1.Level 2 DFD ITEMS availability list request 1.

2 Approve applicatio n form Employee details update ITEMS update update 3.4 Apply for Issue TRANSACTION update as approved update list of approved list ISSUE_STATUS 3.2 Get the details reference id .3 Issue the approved applicatio n update update TRANSACTION balance amount Level 2 DFD of process 3 valid login 4.1 Select form to approve APPLICATION offline forms request details EMPLOYEE 3.1 Get the reference id EMPLOYEE Employee details APPLICATION request details ISSUE_STATUS forms request details Employee details 3.

issued list report Level 2 DFD of Process 5 .1 Select the category availability list cataegory EMPLOYEE Employee details 5.update ITEMS 4.2 Generate the report request details APPLICATION ISSUE_STATUS approved list.3 Cancel the request update Level 2 DFD of Process 4 ITEMS valid login 5.

2 Check the NOC NOC(Ladies bag) NOC details ITEMS update 3.Level 3 DFD APPLICATION request details EMPLOYEE Employee details 3.2.1 Check the form 3.2 Employee details request details APPLICATION transaction details details .3 Approve the applicatio n ISSUE_STATUS update update TRANSACTION Level 3 DFD of Process 3.2.2.

List of approved ISSUE_STATUS application

3.1 Get the details


ISSUE_STATUS 3.2.2 Check the clearance details
Checked application details update details

update details

3.2.3 Issue against the request

Level 3 DFD of Process 3.2

6 System Design
6.1 Database Design 6.1.1 Table Design
1. user
This table holds the information about the administrator who authorized to do the desired task FIELD NAME adminname password FIELD TYPE VARCHAR(20) VARCHAR(20) REMARKS NOT NULL NOT NULL

2. empmaster
This table contains the all information about the employee of the NIC’s from the employee code to the status .

+----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | ecode | int(1) | YES | MUL | NULL | | | ename | text | YES | | NULL | | | desigcd | int(1) | YES | | NULL | | | designm | text | YES | | NULL | | | divcd | varchar(10) | YES | | NULL | | | divnm | text | YES | | NULL | | | std_code | varchar(6) | YES | | NULL | | | phone1 | varchar(10) | YES | | NULL | | | phone2 | varchar(10) | YES | | NULL | | | extn | varchar(10) | YES | | NULL | | | email | text | YES | | NULL | | | state | char(2) | YES | | NULL | | | status | char(1) | YES | | A | | +----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+

3. brief
This table contains the all information about the issue part for the NIC’s employee (issue detail). Filled application status will be add in this table.

+---------+---------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +---------+---------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | kc | char(8) | YES | | NULL | | | rno | char(6) | YES | | NULL | | | issuedt | date | YES | | NULL | | | ecode | int(4) | YES | MUL | NULL | | | id | int(4) | | PRI | NULL | auto_increment | +---------+---------+------+-----+---------+----------------+

This table contains the all information about the receiving quantity of the item. Also about the vendor and the bill. Filled application status will be add in this table

+----------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +----------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | kc | varchar(8) | YES | | NULL | | | part_no | text | YES | | NULL | | | supplier | text | YES | | NULL | | | billdt | date | YES | | NULL | | | billno | varchar(30) | YES | | NULL | | | pono | varchar(40) | YES | | NULL | | | qty | int(1) | YES | | 0 | | | qty_type | varchar(5) | YES | | Nos. | | | rate | decimal(10,2) | YES | | NULL | | | rate_per | text | YES | | NULL | | | vat | decimal(10,2) | YES | | NULL | | | tax_des | text | YES | | NULL | | | cost | decimal(10,2) | YES | | NULL | | | uid | int(1) | | PRI | NULL | auto_increment | +----------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+

This table contains the all information about the employee of the NIC who applied for the issue of the briefcase/ladies bag.
+-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | ecode | int(4) | YES | MUL | NULL | | | datea | date | YES | | NULL | | | desig | int(4) | YES | | NULL | | | duedate | date | YES | | NULL | | | kc | char(8) | YES | | NULL | | | received | char(1) | YES | | N | | | type | int(1) | YES | | NULL | | | id | int(3) | | PRI | NULL | auto_increment | | posting | char(40) | YES | | NULL | | | telephone | char(8) | YES | | NULL | | | email | char(40) | YES | | NULL | | | noc | int(4) | YES | | NULL | | | nocdt | date | YES | | NULL | | +-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+----------------+

This table contains the all information about the employee of the NIC who applied for the generation of the noc for the purchase of the briefcase/ladies bag. noc +-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |

Balance +---------+------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +---------+------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | kc | varchar(8) | YES | | NULL | | | descr | text | YES | | NULL | | | balance | int(1) | YES | | 0 | | +---------+------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ .+-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | ecode | int(4) | YES | | NULL | | | datea | date | YES | | NULL | | | desig | int(4) | YES | | NULL | | | duedate | date | YES | | NULL | | | kc | char(8) | YES | | NULL | | | received | char(1) | YES | | N | | | type | int(1) | YES | | NULL | | | id | int(3) | | | 0 | | | posting | char(40) | YES | | NULL | | | telephone | char(8) | YES | | NULL | | | email | char(40) | YES | | NULL | | | noc | int(4) | YES | | NULL | | | nocdt | date | YES | | NULL | | | billno | char(20) | YES | | NULL | | | billdt | date | YES | | NULL | | | nocstatus | char(1) | YES | | N | | | shop | char(40) | YES | | NULL | | | amount | int(5) | YES | | NULL | | | billsubon | date | YES | | NULL | | +-----------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ 7.balance This table contains the all information about the description of the item(briefcase/ladies bag) .code of the item(briefcase/ladies bag) and also he total available balance of the item( briefcase/ladies bag).


6.1.2 Data Dictionary
The data dictionary provide the following information about the data used in the database  By what name it is referenced in the system  Where it is used in the system

Element Name
userid password

Element Description

Element Source

The user id of the user. User/administrator The password through User/administrator which user/administrator the log

ecode ename desigcd designm

into the system. The employee code. User Name of the employee. User Designation code of the User employee. Designation name of the User


employee. Division code of the NIC User in which the is user(employee)

divnm Std_code phone1 phone2 extn email state status kc rno issuedt part_no supplier billdt billno pono qty qty_type rate rate_per VAT tax_des datea desig duedate received type

working. Name of the division of User the employee. State telephone code of the User employee. Personal phone no. Alternate phone no. Extension no of employee. Email address employee. State name employee User Item code . User Requisition no. User Date of issue. User Part number User Name of the vendor. User Date of the bill. User No. of the bill. User Purchase order no. User No. of items(quantity) User Quantity per piece or per User dozen Cost of the item Cost per piece/ dozen VAT as per rule Description of the tax Date of application Designation of the User User User User User User of of User User the User the User the User

employee This is the next due date User for the issue of the item Status User Briefcase/ladies bag which User

posting telephone noc nocstatus nocdt shop

one is want. The location


the User User User User User User

employees div. Phone no. No objection certificate Status of the noc Date of the noc Name of the shop from where user purchased the

amount billsubon descr balance

item Total amount for the item User Bill submit date User Description of the item User regarding the item code Total available balance User for bag) item(briefcase/ladies


7.Physical Design (Physical files and their descriptions)
The files used in the project can be described by their work. They are the files used for the user interface development for user interaction i.e. the .php files. The .php files used are

brief_avail. Administrator application form for add a new Administrator application form for receive vendor.php noc.php period_query. Details of issued items after a fixed period of Briefcase updation (Eligible) details.php delete. nocprn. Details of issued item.php chgpass. Module for change in password.php quantities from Home page . Generates monthly reports against the Noc status for ladies bag.php issued items .php bagavail.php bill. Ladies bag updation(Eligible) details.index. form for item’s bill details in the database. Receipt_Add1.php issue_query.php Generates noc for ladies bag against puchase. detail.php generation for ladies bag Administrator application form for issue.php month_rep. Administrator application form for noc only. Issue. For deleting the records.php employee to list.php time.php empadd. .

then the condition under which failures occurs are noted for later debugging and correction. System Testing 4. The relation of faults introduces in different phases and the different levels of testing are shown. Unit Testing. Testing is an operation to detect the differences between the expected (required) result and the actual result. The levels of resting attempt to detect different types of faults. There are many stages of testing depending on the complexity of the software. If the program fails to behave as expected. Testing and Implementation Testing: Overview: The aim of testing process is to identify all defects in a software product. Acceptance Testing. 2. Employee Needs Acceptance Testing . Levels of Testing: The basic levels of testing are:1. Testing is any activity aimed at evaluating the software for quality results it produces and the quality of results it can handle. Testing a program consists of subjecting the program to a test inputs or test cases and observing if the program behaves as expected. 3.8. Integration Testing.

when one module involves another modules. Unit testing is the testing of different units or modules of system in isolation. It is programmer’s responsibility to think of the advantage of doing unit testing before integration testing is that it makes debugging easier. . the programmer can then work with integration it with other programs. The primary objective of integration testing is to test the module interfaces in order to ensure that there are no errors in the parameter passing. If an error is detected when a module is being tested along with several modules. In the current system “Inventory Control System”. INTEGRATION TESTING: Once a program or module has been unit tested.Requirements System Testing Design Integration Testing Code Testing Unit UNIT TESTING: Unit testing has been under taken when a module has been coded and successfully reviewed. it would be difficult to determine which module exactly has an error. unit testing has been exclusively done after finising every module.

In the mixed testing approach.During integration testing. 8. The various approaches of integration testing are: 1. Mixed Approach. Top-Down Approach. the order in which they are combined to realize the full system. 3. all work to verify .e. different. 2. A mixed approach integration testing follows a combination of top down and bottom up testing approach. Similarly. different modules of the system are integrated in a planned manner i. 4. bottom up approach can start only after the bottom level modules are ready. For the proposed we have also extensively used regression testing. testing can start as a when modules become available. In the top-down approach. testing can start only after the top level modules have been coded and unit tested. The mixed approach overcomes these shortcomings of the top-down a bottom-up approaches. Regression testing is the practice of running an old test suite after change to the system or after each bug fix ensure that no new bug has been introduced as a result of the change made or bug fixed. Out of the above four approaches Mixed Approach has been used for the proposed system.1 SYSTEM TESTING: System testing is actually a series of different test whose primary purpose is to exercise the computer based system. Big Bang Approach. Bottom-Up Approach.

System testing represents an external view of the system. This test is conducted in a formal manner.that system elements have been properly integrated and performed allocated function. As far as the proposed “Inventory Control System” is concerned it meets this requirement. Its focus is to prove that the completed system does what it should. Regardless of whether it represents verification or validation. Testing proves that the system meets its requirements. The test results are recorded in structured test logs. System testing should be approached from this perspective. User do not understand nor do they care about how the system works as long as it is usable. The structured test logs and scripts drive the system testing process. This is true because requirements represents the eventual system user’s of the system (an external view). System testing in the strictest sense is a verification process. This is not entirely true unless one considers acceptance testing as a type of a system testing because the purpose of acceptance testing is to demonstrate that the system meets the user requirement. System testing activities are intended to prove that the system meets its objectives. Acceptance testing is validation process. The testers use scenariobased system test scripts that have predicted outputs. PERFORMANCE TESTING: Some of the performance testing done for the proposed system are:- .

2. Monthly Report Generation Since the whole project is not yet developed and only few component are developed yet so only unit testing and integration testing of the developed component are carried out. Approvval of the Online application. processing time. Test Plan and Test Cases The component which are developed are – 1. Conclusion: . The unit testing was carried out by separately operating the component. 2. input data rate. Volume Testing:.1. The Issue and Report portion is also tested by the same data which were processed in the testing of approval of application portion. utilization of memory etc are tested beyond the designed capacity.Stress testing is done to evaluate system performance when it is stressed for short periods of tome. Stress Testing:. 3.This testing is done to check whether the data structures have been designed successfully for extraordinary situation. The online application submit. Issue against Approved applications. The approval part was carried out by testing with the data which are inserted in the database in the online submission part. 4. The testing of online submission part was carried out by checking the all form validation and checking the database after the form submission. Providing a range of abnormal and even illegal input condition so as to stress the capability of the software. Input data volume.

ranging from the conversion of a basic application to a complete replacement of a computer system.2 SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION: Once the system was tested. If is performed properly by following an organization’s standards the end result will be more robust programs going to the system integration testing and finally a system with low maintenance. Implementation is the process of converting a new or a revised system design into an operational one. Proper coding and unit testing are basic steps to ensure that the system being built will work once it is put together. The term implementation has different meanings. 8. the implementation phase started. .Testing is an essential stage of the software development life cycle.

Implementation includes the activities that take place to convert the older system to the newer one. In either case. . proper implementation is essential to provide a reliable system to meet organizational requirements. The proposed system “Inventory Control System” is not fully implemented as development of some modules are not completed. System implementation describes how the different parts of the system are interacting with each other to give us a feasible software solution. The new system may be totally new or replacing an existing system. It will be implemented after the completion of other modules.

Conclusion The web enabled system “Inventory Control System” on successful completion enables the employees of NIC Headquarters to view the status of the records. The security of the system will be one of the prime concerns once it will be made online. . Although it includes many features but still it would not be sufficient as the user requirements are not always same.9. It will also provide the facility to the user so that they can send their request online. which will reduce the workload for the Authority. as it will automate the whole issuing procedure. so the proposed system is also not untouchable in this regard. The Authority of the General Stores will be also benefited by the proposed system. Since every system has some limitations. The change in the requirements will need some changes in the system to fulfill the requirements.

Annexure 10. . Here the user (i.1 Screenshots Screen Design: 1.10. the authorized official) will login by using their right userID and Password.login page: This is the login screen.e.

This screen will show all the functionalities in menus that the application can perform and the functions of my modules.2 Main page: This is the main screen. which will appear after login. .

3.Add new employee: This page is for addition of new employee to the database. As user click the submit button . .it submits the employee information to the database.

4. .Breifcase: This page shows the receipts for briefcases.


5.Issue: This page shows the balance quantity of each individual item. .After submission of data the next page shows information about the item issued to the employee and the information that weather any item is due for the employee or not.


6. Issue Query: This page show the quantities issued against the particular item for the required month as entered by the user. .

.Issue Query (Period): This page show the quantities issued against the particular item for the required period as entered by the user.7.

.NOC: This section generate the status for request wheather it is submitted or not.8.

.Reports: This section generate the monthly report for all the items.9. After print command It will show u the report of the month.


10. Briefcase updation: This section show the status of the employee for the updation. .

.New applicant combined: It show the list of the all new applicants.11. 12.Change Password: This part is for the change of the password for the employee against the id.


13. .New applicant seperate: It show the list of the all applicants according to their designation.


Briefcase not collected: It show the list of the issued briefcase that has not been collected by the employee.14. .


Professional Java Server Programming J2EE 1. Awad (Galgotia Publications—2004). 4. 7.3 EditionApress 6. The Complete Reference Java J2SE 5th Edition—Herbert Schildt (Tata McGraw Hill 2005). 3.php.Perl CGI . www.Sudarshan (McGraw Hill—2002).co. Joseph L Jordan. System Analysis and Design—Elias 3. Some urls used in the development of the project are 1. http://www. HTML.htm .10.DHTML. Fundamental of Software Engineering—Rajib Mall (PHI).2 Bibliography 2.JAVASCRIPT. Beginning Java Server Pages – Wiley Publicaton 5. www.IVAN BAYROSS. Java How To Program—Deitel & Deitel(PHI—2004).Korth. Mastering SQL Server 2000—Mike Gunderly.mysql. 10. 9. Database System Concepts— Silberschatz. for complete reference of php. http://www. 2.

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